i will weigh 0 pounds

  • Featuring the tragic day Seijoh third years Weighed themselves and got their height measured...
  • Hanamaki: HA! Oikawa you fatass. I'm 0.1 inches taller than you but I still weigh 0.7 pounds less! Better start training harder Chubbykawa.
  • Iwaizumi: OI! Don't use my names for Oikawa! Only I can do that.
  • Matsukawa: you're all fucking midgets
  • Oikawa:
  • Hanamaki:

Hi! I hope this is okay for the sisterhood project! Aside from the selfie im incredibly short at only 5'0" and I only weigh 90 pounds so I’m super petite. I was thinking of a WW2 German mechanic outfit for the robes. Plain and simple. The pose I was thinking of is like Evie with her arms crossed. If you need more then please let me know!

ThePanda: Wow! Very unique design! Quick Question: Do you want the hood or the hat for your Assassin? All in all, very cool references! I have a spot held for you and once I get in contact with the rest of the sisterhood, I will put you on the roster!