i will wear this everyday

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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go,to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it!

Thank you so much!!! AHHH, you’re such a babe ;~; 💕

  1. I’m a pretty messy person :-)
  2. My boyfriends cooks more often than I do!
  3. I love bread a bit too much..
  4. I wear a Polar Flow watch everyday!!
  5. I also always wear a golden bracelet that I got from my grandma when I was 12 :D
Cute summer camp story

There’s this kid at camp who asked his mom to paint his toenails last night and she said he was so excited then he got nervous and had mom was telling me he was scared that other kids would make fun of him. And I was like “well I like your toe nails and I would paint mine but nobody would see them!”(cause I wear tennis shoes everyday) And then a girl counselor like “look see my toenails are painted!” And then the boy was like “(his head counselors name) look!” And he was just so happy about his painted toenails and like 1) good for him 2) good for his mom who painted his toe nails 3) good for counselors who encouraged him


- ̗̀ april 16th 2017 ̖́-

april favorites! i know it’s too soon to do this but i felt like it so here we go 🌸 1. muji gel pens (0.5 & 0.38) ; every studygram account loves these pens and i’ve recently started using them and holy shit they’re amazing!! 2. six of crows by leigh bardugo ; i read this book in two days honestly it’s AMAZING you should totally read it 3. steven universe ; i started watching it last month and i’m in love i love my crystal gems so much 4. now or never by halsey ; i didn’t like the song when it was released but now i can’t stop listening to it??? 5. my oversized bomber jacket 6. plants/flowers doodles ; as you can see on my recent posts i draw them EVERYWHERE 7. my black oldskool vans ; i wear them like everyday // follow me on instagram: @carlostudies


Growing up I never had a perfume. I was like oh, one day when I’m grownup and have money I’m going to wear perfume. I had one perfume and I would save it for really, really, really special occasions. Which meant I never actually wore it. So now it’s one of those things like, I can wear perfume everyday. I can afford to buy another one, I’m really lucky that I can. Now when I have nice stuff I don’t save it anymore, I try to use it.


Shadowhunters Halloween Costumes

Alec- Magnus (many people tried to claim this including Jace, Simon and Maia but Alec pulled the boyfriend card)

Jace- Sexy Firefighter

Simon- Vampire Stereotype

Clary, Izzy, Maia- The Powerpuff Girls
(Clary- Blossom, Izzy- Bubbles, Maia- Buttercup)

Magnus- Alec (he only decided this after hearing Alec’s costume)

Luke- Old Spice Guy

Raphael- *wears his everyday clothes*
“I’m a homicidal manic. They look like everybody else.”