i will wear it often

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you're transgender right? i don't know how to feel about my gender. i identify as mtf but sometimes I want to dress more masculine. i feel like i'm not actually transgender because of this ..

This has been sitting in my inbox for a couple of hours and I’m sorry for that. I am trans, yes. I can’t really tell you what you are and can’t possibly know if you are transgender or not. Only you know that. But I can tell you that clothes and style have 0 impact on the validity of your identity or even in determining whether or not you are trans. For example, I am without a doubt a trans guy, yet I do occasionally wear female clothes (not very often and nothing extremely feminine but that is a personal preference) that however, does not in any way make my identity not valid. It’s just clothing. It has no actual gender, it is simply labeled by people who are obviously close minded. You can wear whatever you want. So if you identify as a woman yet want to wear clothes that are labeled as male clothing, do it. It does not make you any less of a woman. And if you are questioning your identity that’s okay too. It’s okay not to be sure. It’s okay to realize things after some time of identifying as something else. It’s all okay. Just take your time and wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

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I love seeing bts barefoot cause you can see their actual heights compared to each other 😂 they're so cuteeeeee

I…I never really thought about it like that. Well now I’m gonna be on the look out for it more. ESPECIALLY WITH THE NEW BON VOYAGE I expect them to be barefoot more often. They are always wearing platform shoes and shit *side eyes jimin*


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‘Describe yourself using pictures saved to your computer/phone’
I don’t know if I right understood the task… but I tried)
so, you say that save pictures…

1) Cute handsome boy. Probably, 60% of  my saved photos are cute handsome boys. It means… I like handsome boys, I think x))
2) I very like different bracelets, rings and pendants and often wear all of that (especially leather bracelets)
3) sometimes my friends and I get together at night chat and do something stupid all night) For example, my friend Olha found the best husband for me and after that we did him better in turn)
4) when I have bad mood I always draw the blood. I don’t know but it really calming.
5) I always say that the best thing in my appearance are my glasses)
6) posing for the camera is real problem for me))
7) and Dane DeHaan just because he is AWESOME! (and looks like Andrew here, I just want to show it for you ))) )

sooo I tag @deadlilmoon @akadare @lio-zehel @imnotapipedream @rath08 @ginevre @wickedica (if you want of course)) )


Hairstyles and realizations

Me in-game: calm, collected, patient, and unintimidated

Me irl: what do i do what do i do help he is tall and i am intimidated, *inwardly screaming*, a problem has been detected and the operating system has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer

more self-insert

was just thinking that if i actually was the MC in Jumin’s route, i would have screwed things up so badly 

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do you talk to yourself out loud, and then realize that other people are around and can hear you?? i do this so often it's ridiculous, and a little embarrassing

I do indeed! It’s partly the reason I wear headphones so often! I just pretend I’m on a phone call using the bluetooth haha XD