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School Days

Genre: Slight angst, fluff

Word count: 8k

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Drifting lazily above your head, you laid back on the grass and watched the puffy white clouds go by, finding the different shapes within them. One was obviously supposed to be a dragon, releasing a wisping breath of steam as if it were tired of holding it in all this time. It’s eyes were the pale blue of the sky with the smallest fleck of white that seemed to be staring at you. You never tore your eyes from it. What am I supposed to do now? You silently asked the dragon. His eyes seemed to search yours as you waited for the answer to come to you.

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Twin Winchester

Imagine you are Sam and Dean’s little sister and you have a twin.

“(Y/N)! (Y/S/N)!” Dean yelled at you “we have to hit the road!”

“Yeah, yeah!” You sister replied.

Since you two are very close and you always did anything together, you never minded to change at the same time in the bathroom, especially when you are in a hurry.

“I wish we could just stop going to school” you whined putting on your shirt.

“Come on, it’s not that bad, a new school means fresh meat” your twin laughed.

You roll your eyes, your sister is really like Dean and you are more like Sam. You are shy and prefer to study, read, write, watch TV shows and draw. Your sister, look out for boys, party and having fun teasing you, but you don’t mind, you love her like that.

“You know, we could ditch” she proposed.

“I heard that!” You heard Sam’s voice said out of the door.

“Nah, it’s okay” you smiled.

“Do you want me to do your make up and make your hair? Maybe I can make something-“

“Stop!” You laughed “you’re such a princess”.

“I am a princess” she winks at you “you are the tomboy, maybe you want to be my prince dear sister”.

“You are such an ass”.

Dean behind the door, hears his two little sisters laughing and can’t help to smile even though he knows he should be screaming at you two to hurry up.

The two of you get out the door, both wearing outfits which resemble, but were completely different. You are wearing black ripped jeans, a black t-shirt, a blue denim jacket and black convers. You’re sister, black ripped jeans, a black t-shirt tucked in her pants (when she goes to school she changes for a black crop top where we can see a little of skin, too much for Dean) and the same pair of convers.

“Finally” Dean sighs “let’s go”.

Arrived at school, you can’t help the scared feeling in your stomach. This feeling is always there when you start a new school. You are scared of people, seeing how they look at you how they judge you. You don’t care of what people think, but you hate it.

“Okay, you two will have to walk tonight, Sam and I are probably going to come late at the motel” Dean said.

“Okay” you nodded getting out of the car.

“See you later, Dean” your twin said and follows you.

Seeing the look on your face, she knows that you are afraid, like always. She is the one who knows you the best.

She takes your hand giving you a small smile “come on, (Y/N)! It’s our last year of high school, let’s make something good about it”.


“Oh. My. God!” Your sister laughs “did you see that guy!”

You look up, a boy walking with his friends inside the school.

“Well, he does look good” you admitted “go talk to him, I’ll try to find our first class and text you, okay?”

“Okay, go, go, go!”

Your sister walks to the boys and fakes falling down on the ground, and luckily for her the first boy to help her is the one she saw.

“Class, this is (Y/N) and (Y/S/N) Winchester, they are new here” she looks at you “want to present yourselves?”

You grab your twin’s hand, looking down on the ground, you really don’t do publics.

“No thank you, Miss” your twin said and drags you to the back to two empty desks.

If you didn’t have a twin to help you through this, you don’t know how you would.

Your sister gives you a smile and leans on her desk “at lunch we ditch, I want to go eat some candies”.

anonymous asked:

how do you stay motivated to draw? like whenever I try to draw something a part of me always say it's gonna be a waste of time and will turn out terrible and it's sorta made drawing less...fun I guess. Have you ever had days like that?

definitely! every artist has those days where nothing they draw is turning out how they want and they’re just not feeling it! at this point for me i don’t tend to go into a piece thinking that it won’t turn out well or that it will be a waste of time. i’ve come to be very confident in my skills as an artist so i tend to think that things will work out! going into projects or drawings with a positive attitude like ‘let’s just try this and see what happens!’ will help keep up your motivation.

don’t go into things thinking it’ll be a failure, and don’t go into things expecting a masterpiece. be patient with yourself!

and it’s okay if things don’t end up turning out well! there’s no such thing as time wasted drawing. every single thing you do is practice, even if it’s the worst thing you’ve ever made in your life. maybe you drew a super terrible ugly face but you realize when you make 50 super terrible ugly faces all bunched up on the same canvas it looks pretty cool! maybe you drew a squiggly line and it led to nothing, but still gave your hand more practice moving across a piece of paper or a tablet! that’s important!

to get out of this way of thinking it helps to do something that you’re not used to. sometimes when i’m tired of my own stuff and i’m feeling discouraged, i’ll do an exercise! drawing something at all is better than quitting before you try. try some of these to get you out your funk:

1. panel/character redraws - take something that already exists and make it your own

2. copy something - this helps a LOT for me. basically find a photo of a character or a scene or something and try and copy it as closely as possible without tracing! match colors the best you can, match the line width, and look into negative spaces to make sure your proportions are the same as your subject (this is more fun when you’re not working realistically and you pick a show or something and try to copy how they draw stuff)

3. switch mediums - if you’re doing something digital, try traditional! if you’ve tried both then switch up your traditional medium to something else. maybe instead of paint, use markers. instead of markers, use crayons. try to copy a panel of something by ONLY using crayons!

4. watch something or look at something that inspires you - i like to go through art blogs when i need a break from my stuff or if i’m not sure what to do next! look at blogs/artists you like, watch a show or a movie that inspires you (maybe draw some of the characters or scenes!), read something you love to get you in that mood of ‘i want to make something as great as this!’

5. work more academically - draw from a model, work from life, make studies from references! 

exercises that restrict your freedom tend to help get you in the drawing mode because there’s less room for you to make your own decisions and possibly ‘mess up’ ! it takes some stress away from drawing and helps get you back into your drawing groove

if none of this works then don’t worry either! be patient with yourself and forgive yourself when you can’t get things to look right. sometimes there are periods where i just don’t draw and i do other things, and eventually the drawing groove always comes back to me!

i hope this helped!! :)