i will watch it when i'm not dead from working

Family names dying out
  • Herondale: Jace and possibly a descendant of the mysterious Tobias.
  • Lightwood: Alec and Magnus better work something out with adoptions.
  • Carstairs: Tessa, watch your kids grow older than you again, for us. Otherwise there is only Emma and she will die with Jem and the name in just a few decades
  • Fairchild: Clary and Jocelyn both will loose/have lost that name when they get married. Sorry Charlotte.
  • Morgensten: unless there's another Gotcha' I'm not really dead, or an unknown child from Sebastian maybe with the Seelie Queen, it is finished
  • Blackthorne: not gonna happen. There's more of them than all the other families combined.
  • Penhallow: Aline and Helen, work something out with adoptive children. Somehow I doubt there will be a baby at the Counsuls home soon. ;(
  • Lovelace: George from Shadowhunter Acadamy better survive ascension.
  • Update: thank you to people who talk to me. Yes, the daughters could keep their own family names. I hadn't thought of this previously because it is traditional for the woman to take her husbands name, in America at least, and shadowhunters make a big deal out of family legacies so I had simply never thought that maybe the girls would keep their name and divide the two names among the children or hyphenate them together. But because shadowhunters already have the double name thing the hyphenation probably won't happen BUT I COULD BE WRONG.but if Clary or Isabelle or Emma or whoever wants to keep your name, then do it. Be you own person and save and make your own destiny and legacy.

Guys……. I just got up early to watch the new walking dead episode before work and I regret every moment of it. Please comfort me. 

Can you believe I went from feeling physically sick when seeing Eren’s mom get eaten for the first time to willingly watching my (real people show) fav being beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat :—–D I am dead inside.