i will watch it again and again and again


“It was ad-libbed as we were shooting,” Vallée says of filming Gyllenhaal’s dance moves, set to the sounds of “Mr. Big” by Free. “I showed a clip to Jake. I said, look at this guy dancing. You know, what’s it like to dance in the streets of New York like this, and just go wild? And he went, ‘Oh, yeah. Fuck yeah. Let’s do this.’” (x)

the fact that chas´ old boyfriend, the one who ended up marrying the girl that chas pushed into a pond out of at the time unfounded jealousy , was named sebastian, but “called himself seb, because he thought it sounded harder” is somewhat hilarious in retrospect.

oncest only existed because y’all weren’t brave enough to ship the onceler with the lorax