i will watch absolutely anything with him

My Mum and I get invited to lunch or dinner once a week by a good friend of ours. Mostly on weekend, he lets me decide if I want to eat Italian, Asian or something else, and then we go there.

My absolute favorite is a little Italian restaurant in our town. Not only because the food there is so tasty it should be illegal, but also because there is that one elderly waiter – Italian himself- who always makes my day.

The first time we went to that restaurant, we were not served by that guy, though, but by a younger, unlikeable young waiter. He didn’t greet us, brought the wrong drinks and didn’t once smile or anything.

The whole time, I felt quite uncomfortable around him, but I got a glimpse of that elderly waiter in the background, watching with a frown. He caught my interest because he looked just as uncomfortable by the younger’s display as I did.

And then, the young one made one last misstep – he turned towards my Mum and said, “What does the boy want to eat?”

There was a long pause where we all exchanged confused gazes, before I said, slowly but clearly, “I’m a girl, sir.”

(I wasn’t angry, mind you. It happens quite a lot to me – I close to never wear tight clothes, my hair is cut short and I never wear makeup. I see where it’s coming from, really.)

But what came then made me grit my teeth, because instead of being baffled or even embarrassed, the guy looked at me and said, “You’re kidding me, right?”

Before I could say anything – or calm my mum, because she gasped loudly in outrage – the elder waiter swooped in, bristling as he basically tore into the younger one. I couldn’t understand what he said, because he talked Italian the whole time, but my Mum later said that he had been outraged that “A beautiful young Signorina” just as me had been insulted like that.

All in all, it didn’t take very long until the young waiter vanished back in the kitchen and the elder waiter turned towards me, basically bowed to me and apologized over and over again. “I’m so sorry, Signorina, that you had to hear that! Please accept my sincere apology…!”

“No, please,” I managed, not knowing if I should be embarrassed or amused by the sight of him being so dramatic. “This happens a lot to me, please, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Ah, Signorina, such a gentle soul you are!”

At that point, I laughed out loud because he beamed at me with such a delight, it was just funny how passionate he was about all that.

Since then, the dear waiter always insisted on being the one who catered to us whenever we come to this restaurant. I didn’t complain at all, and also my mum and our friend were quite amused by that. The elderly man would take my jacket off, pull my chair back for me and give me a kiss on the hand once we left again, insisting that I had to be treated like “the gentle and nice Singorina” I am.

Honestly, such behavior is strange to me, since I didn’t really grow up with gentlemen, but I let him have his fun, since he always pouted when I wouldn’t let him tend to me. It was his way of showing me his respect, and if that was what he wanted, I would let him.

Today, we went there for lunch, but I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I was still deep in thought about school and that dumb group project, and the only reason I did leave the house at all was because my Mum basically pleaded me to do so.

So I was kind of staring into the air instead of making conversation, and didn’t even realize that I had taken off my jacket alone before the waiter could help me.

Once my mum left to go to the toilet and our friend went back to his car because he had forgotten his wallet there, I was startled by the waiter appearing next to me, putting down a little plate with chocolates on the table next to me.

I blinked, frowning. “Excuse me, but we didn’t order that.”

“Ah, but Signorina,” he winked at me, smiled crookedly. “That’s a little present on the house.”

I managed a little smile, thanking him.

He hummed, refilling my glass and explaining. “I missed your smile today, Signorina.”

“I’m sorry. I’m a bit… lost in thought, I guess.”

“We can’t have that, no, no.”

I shot him a glance, guessing that he was already planning something again, but he just took my order with a wide smile and disappeared in the kitchen again.

Let’s just say that he exceeded himself that day.

The pizza I ordered was not round as usual – somehow, he had managed to convince the chef to make it heart-shaped this time. In between bits of conversation, he would appear at our table, refill the little plate with chocolates again and again, shooting me a grin every time. And when I followed my Mum out of the restaurant, he waited already at the door, surprising me with a bowl full of chocolate mousse – “on the house”, he explained with a wink.

Etiquette or whatever be damned – I straight out hugged him then and there. And based on his delighted laughter and him cheering “There is your smile, Signorina!” I don’t think he really minded.

Honestly, bless this angel of a person, please. Bless him and all his descendants.

kevin and neil headcanons because i dont see nearly enough for them

☆neil: what is ‘dabbing’ kevin: absolutely not
☆kevin has to chop vegetables into tiny pieces and sneak them into neils dinners because his eating habits are shit
☆they go grocery shopping together and neil keeps putting junk food in the cart and kevin keeps shoving it back onto random shelves with varying levels of rage
☆neil: do i even weigh anything to you? kevin, holding him a foot off the ground: no. its like holding a bag of grapes
☆whack each other w their exy racquets when they get too Extra during practice
☆scary movie ride or die fans
☆kevin curls up and watches through his fingers and neil punches kevins leg when a jumpscare gets him
☆kevin: *mentions anyone who has even slightly inconvenienced him* neil: you should kill them
☆kevin can always sense neils bullshit and he will, inevitably and invariably, be able to tell when neil is doing Something Stupid
☆neil photobombs kevins interviews at/after games ALL THE TIME
☆kevin: it was a tough game but our hard work paid off
☆neil: in the background wearing 3 pairs of sunglasses and dumping an entire gatorade over his head while maintaining eye contact with the camera
☆neil can suplex kevin
☆they are savage at dragging like god help whoever brings down their Roasting Session upon themselves bc they will taste the wrath of a god
☆neil makes a game of how many outlandish claims he can make and still have kevin believe him
☆neil: did you know i once spent a week in australia and had to eat nothing but jellyfish and twinkies to survive
☆kevin, wide eyed and scandalized: how are you alive
☆neil WILL pick a fight in a fast food restaurant and kevin has to bail him out
☆kevin listens to 80s pop music when he works out and neil finds out. neil Finds Out.
☆neil plays 21 loops of tom jones’ ‘whats new pussycat’ and kevin tells him to put in 1 ‘its not unusual’
☆kevin will send neil a million texts until he gets a response. like in a row, in the span of 15 seconds buzz buzz bitch where are you
☆neil watches chopped and kevin loses his mind because neil will drag a contestant for mixing caviar with peppers while at the same time eating like mac n cheese with nutella
☆they get too into laser tag and get kicked out

thanks i love them

People writing articles about how Moriarty set this crazy thing up for Sherlock after his death, like…did you even watch the show?  This had nothing to do with Moriarty’s plans.  He didn’t set shit up.  Eurus invited him to Mindfuck Palace and said “here make some reaction gifs and sound bytes for me so i can fuck with my bro in like five years” (why wait five years??????) and because she can control minds and idk possess people apparently he did what she wanted. Like…he had literally nothing to do with anything that happened in this godforsaken episode.  Moriarty’s presence was absolutely unnecessary.

happy birthday to my fave twins!!
  • aaron and andrew’s birthdays were usually quiet
  • they spent their days with their respective partners, received gifts and an overload of texts, ranging from “happy birthday!” to “give your brother a fucking hug for once.” 
  • (promptly returned with a grudging “thanks” or a blunt “fuck off.”)
  • it was like this for years: andrew and neil sharing lazy kisses as they watched some shit show, katelyn and aaron holding hands and exchanging soft “i love you”s under the covers
  • it was simple. 
  • until, of course, it wasn’t
  • no one knew why the rest of the foxes had chosen this birthday, why they absolutely insisted when asking neil and katelyn’s permission, but they put up one hell of an argument anyway 
  • katelyn nodded eventually. “i think it’d be good for aaron.”
  • neil just shrugged. “whatever. it’s not my fault if anything happens to you guys.”
  • which is how nicky ended up calling aaron, telling him that he needed a ride back to his place since he was too wasted to drive, and allison calling andrew, telling him neil set one of their cats on fire by accident.
  • “why do you even need me to pick you up from neil’s place, get a fucking ca–wait, why are you even at neil’s place?”
  • “is that nicky’s voice? the fuck, reynolds?”
  • they both grunted their responses and seemed well beyond irritated, but it got them to show up no more than twenty minutes later at the door, realization dawning on both their faces once the door opened
  • instead of a burning neil+cats, or a wasted beyond belief nicky, there was a beaming dan, a good amount of foxes, a few vixens and trojans, and a shitload of food and drink, and a “happy birthday” sign taped sloppily over one of the beverage tables
  • worst of all, however, were the faces of their respective partners in one corner of the room, not looking the least bit repentant
  • but before anyone was killed, or one of the twins decided to run for it, they were hauled inside 
  • “happy birthday, you fucking weirdos! we love you!”
  • silence followed for almost a solid two minutes, and no one dared to say anything 
  • neil was staring hard at andrew, and katelyn bit her bottom lip, as if anticipating an outburst 
  • but instead, they saw a quick, shared glance between the brothers, a short nod from aaron, a barely there smirk from andrew
  • and together, a quiet “yeah. thanks.”
  • and just like that, the world seemed a bit more right
  • they were not happy, per se, but they were here
  • they survived and they are living and they are loved
  • they’re okay
  • and that’s more than they could have ever asked for
  • it was a happy birthday indeed
Bucky’s Baby-Girl

Summary: Drabble. You used to think that you were the only person that Bucky would ever look at as if you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, until her.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Bucky or anything related to Marvel (god I wish I did though)

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

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You watched him, a gentle smile curling his full lips. Blue eyes following every movement as you sighed ever-so-slightly. His metal arm gleamed in the moonlight as he rested it on the wooden rim.

You couldn’t deny she was absolutely gorgeous, more beautiful than you could ever imagine to be, but you couldn’t fault him for watching her like she was the most precious thing on Earth.

She was…so much more.

She was the most beautiful thing you had ever laid your eyes on too. Her beautiful blue eyes that caught the moonlight and shined, dark hair that framed her cherubic face.

She was just so beautiful and you could understand why he was so enamoured with her. 

Because you were too.

She was gorgeous as she lifted her arms in the air, her fingers grabbing at the stars as if she could capture them in her grip.

Bucky chuckled softly as he watched her. “So beautiful,” he whispered to nobody in particular.

You walked deeper into the room and rested your hand on the muscular expanse of his shoulder and you smiled gently up at him. 

“Looks like I’ve been replaced.” You joked softly, chuckling as he sighed exasperatedly. 

“You could never be replaced, doll. But she…she is something else entirely.” Bucky reached around and rested his flesh arm around your waist, his thumb tracing little circles against the soft skin of your hip.

“Well, I should know,” you smiled, reaching down and you swept a wispy dark lock of hair away from her tiny forehead, “because I gave birth to her.”

“I was there, remember.” Bucky smiled, pressing a soft kiss to your temple.

“I distinctly remember you crying like a baby, more than Jules did.” You teased, resting your back against his chest. 

“Hey,” Bucky chuckled, “my daughter had just been born and my wife had been so brave that day. Any man would cry after that.”

The little baby in the crib gurgled, her eyelids drooping slowly as she started to doze. 

“Our little girl,” You whispered, smiling, “our Rebecca Barnes.”

“She’s the only other one that is just as beautiful as my wife.” Bucky whispered, his metal fingers gently caressing the front of her little onesie. “The only one.”

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Hell yes, Kim! You deserve every one of your followers as you are absolutely amazing and a fucking fantastic fanfic writer. An early congrats is in order and for the Wincest fun how about a bit of knife play with the boys?

“Come on, Sammy. I need it.”

And Sam’s done for. He’ll give Dean anything he wants when he begs like that. Plus, Dean looks fucking gorgeous right now, spread out on the bed, creamy skin glowing from the effort it’s taking him to stay there while Sam is standing still, just watching.

Sam nods and brushes his fingers through Dean’s hair. “Sure. Whatever you want.”

The look of relief of Dean’s face makes Sam’s chest tighten, and he wants to stop, wants to hug Dean instead, wants to hold him and make it all go away. But that isn’t going to make Dean feel better tonight.

So instead, he picks up the knife from the nightstand, flips it in his hands a couple of times for Dean to see.

“Where?” he asks.

Dean doesn’t  hesitate. “Anywhere.”

Sam raises an eyebrow and smirks. “Even here?” He presses the metal to Dean’s throat, sees the movement as Dean swallows hard.

“I trust you” is all Dean says.

“Even…here?” Sam drags the sharp point down Dean’s chest, not stopping until he’s past his stomach and pressing in on Dean’s dick.

Dean groans. “Fuck, Sam, yes. I trust you.”

Sam slides the knife around a bit more before deciding on Dean’s chest, right underneath his tattoo.

At the first scratch, Dean’s coming, letting all of the tension and fear and guilt flood out of him in a rush of blood and come that will leave him wrecked, leave him a gooey, sappy mess.

And Sam’s happy to do it, if it means Dean gets to feel a bit lighter for a while.


“ can you write a fic with lots of little kisses and cuddling and flustered calvin pretty please <3 “

I loved this request so much! I hope you enjoy this. Sorry for it being so short, and it kind of got a little smutty? Oops. (: 

Cuddling with Calvin was my absolute favourite thing to do. The way his arms would tighten around my waist as he would fall into a deep sleep. Or, the way he would place little kisses in the crook of my neck as I’m telling him about my day. I loved Calvin more than anything, and he was one great cuddler.

I’m cuddled up against him, watching some old horror movie. His arm is slung over my waist and his head is resting on top of mine. I feel his chest rumble every time he laughs at something in the movie. At least someone was paying attention to it. “(Y/n), are you even watching the movie?” he asks me, chuckling because he already knows the answer. I giggle, turning around in his arms.

“Totally am, such a good movie, I rate it ten stars,” I smile up at him.

He laughs, leaning down and placing a kiss on the end of my nose. I scrunch my face up, smiling because he knows how much I hate that. It tickles, okay? I scoot closer to him, his arm tightening slightly holding me close to his chest. I rest my head against his hoodie, nuzzling my way into it, trying to get as much warmth as possible. I tilt my head up slightly, kissing the underside of his neck near his adam’s apple.

I hear Calvin groan slightly, so I place an opened mouthed kiss to his adam’s apple before kissing my way up to his ear. I run my tongue along the side of his neck very lightly, smiling at the effect it has on him. He tilts his head a little, giving me more access. I reach his ear, gently taking his earlobe between my teeth and biting at it with an incredibly light touch. His groan is louder this time, making me smile wider.

“Stop teasing me, fuck, this isn’t fair (Y/n),” he states, whining a little.

I just giggle and looking into his dark brown eyes. I run my hand up his arm, to the side of his neck before I move my head up a little bit, planting my lips against his. His lips are working slowly against mine, and I can’t help but let out a little moan at the intimacy of the kiss. His hand slowly moves from my waist to my ass, grabbing it and squeezing softly. I bite his bottom lip gently, pulling back with a mischievous smirk. Looking at him, I notice how flustered I’ve gotten him. A rosy tint to his cheeks, nothing but lust in his eyes.

Before I know what’s happening, I’m being lifted up from the couch. I’m in Calvin’s arms and he’s walking us towards the bedroom. His lips are leaving little kisses along my neck, accompanied by a few hickeys here and there. I’m moaning out softly, knowing exactly what’s to come.

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Oh man, now I just have an image of Noctis' and Prompto's heats syncing up, and Gladio and Ignis being forced to split them up because they keep going all primal- bickering, hissing and clawing at each other

Hmmm (I need to go back and edit all of this to get it in the same tense. I can’t remember if it’s past or present from one fill to the next.)

It was absolutely not Prompto’s fault. He hadn’t been trying to push up on Ignis or anything like that: sure he was am really seriously hot and everything but Prompto knew when a person was taken. Even if Ignis didn’t seem to know it yet. Which was crazy because he seemed to know everything else but Noctis trying to crawl into his skin seemed to have him completely flabbergasted.

Gladio wasn’t being helpful, watching Ignis futile attempts to get Noct to stop scenting him with an expression that alternated between amused and…even more amused. Prompto didn’t get Gladio either; an alpha like him, who practically oozed strength and power and dominance, should have been all over an omega in heat. Yet he’d looked ready to bolt when Noctis had gotten into his space and relieved when the omega had turned his attention to Ignis.

Prompto tried to get Gladio to do something at about the point where Noctis was trying to slide hands under Ignis shirt while licking his advisor’s neck. Gladio was the best person to get involved, he was an alpha that Noctis wasn’t interested in, thus he might as well not exist to the prince, and it wasn’t like Ignis was going to try to fight him. Gladio, being the occasional scumbag he was, had just cocked an eyebrow and shaken his head.

“Hell no. The Six themselves couldn’t get be involved in *that*.” He jabbed a finger at the pair; Ignis looked mortified, a hand on Noct’s shoulder as he tried to lean out of scenting range. “And what do you mean I might as well not exist?”

“Highness!” Ignis’ face was bright red and, for the first time, Prompto had no problem believing Ignis was only two years older than him. “Please. You need to- you’re agitating the daemons.”

He absolutely was. The noises in the darkness had reached a fever pitch and the smell of burnt flesh, of daemons dying against the runes with shrieks and tearing each other apart with stomach churning crunching and snapping noises, were so loud they were making Prompto’s teeth ache. Noctis being out of the tent, and pouring out his scent like he was, seemed to be driving them even more crazy.

Not that Noctis seemed capable of caring. Prompto could understand that; if he was used to heats in isolation than having people around had to be overwhelming. Having alphas around, especially, had to be frying his brain and sending his body into overdrive as it tried to cope with something completely new. Alpha pheromones, reacting to Noctis, making Noctis react to them, in a kind of feedback loop.

Prompto was feeling it too, a warmth in his belly, a itching under his skin, sweat starting to drip from him brow. But he was capable, lived near alphas and betas, had an alpha adoptive mother who’d checked in on him when. He was young. He knew how to deal. Noct’s heat, and the alpha response and the daemons out there, screaming their desire…none of that was going to get to him.

Except it must have because he couldn’t imagine what else made him try to drag Noctis off of Ignis. He’d clearly snapped from the pressure. He wasn’t made for this kind of stress. (Or sudden onset heat, because stress combined with another omega cycling in close proximity but that was something he’d figure out later) Is what he thought, somewhere in the rational part of his brain that was snapping and snarling at his best friend.

Noctis rounded on him when he grabbed him arm to pull him away from Ignis, bared his teeth in warning. Prompto, mind fraying because that noise, he just wanted the noise to go back to how it had been before, and because his heart was beating too fast and his hands were sweating and-

He growled back, leaned in close and hissed. “Stop. Get away from Ignis. You’re making it worse.”

Noct’s brow furrowed and Prompto could see him struggling, trying to right his thoughts and pull himself together. He swallowed then turned back to Ignis, who was watching them like someone would two wild dogs about to fight.

“Iggy.” It was a whimper, pleading and needy. Ignis’ mouth dropped open and Prompto saw his pupils stretching.

Alphas were useless.

The daemons somehow got even louder and the earth shook under the force of dozens of beasts beating against it. Prompto’s ears were ringing. He slid around, put himself between Noct and Ignis, and put a hand flat on his friend’s chest to try and push him back.

Noctis shoved him, hard. Prompto shoved back. Someone snapped their teeth. It might have been Prompto but he wasn’t willing to admit to that. He would, perhaps, admit to being the one to knock Noct to the ground and turning a stare down into a fight, full of snarling and nails digging into flesh and teeth, but only because Noctis shoved him again.

It was an obvious challenge and Prompto couldn’t not respond to it. Instincts demanded he do it, stake out his own territory however he could.

They were pulled apart pretty fast in the grand scheme of things. One minute Prompto was on top of Noctis, howling because the prince was a dirty fucking cheating biter and those were his fingers! And the next he was in the air, a thick arm wrapped around his waist, being carried away.

“What the fuck is wrong with you two?” Gladio demanded, loud even in comparison to the daemons, as he carried him away. Prompto hissed and flailed (outside help wasn’t fair! Noctis was such a cheater) but Gladio gave no sign that he’d even noticed.

His only consolation, when he was finally dumped on his ass on the far side of the camp, was that Ignis had all but dragged Noctis away and forced him back into the tent. Prompto was pretty sure that meant he had won and now everything outside of the tent was his.

He wasn’t a total tyrant so he’d let Noct keep the tent. He said as much to Gladio who just stared at him. Then pinched the bridge of his nose, breathing out slowly, before crouching down in front of him. He leaned in, smelling of sweat and agitation but also something warm and wonderful that part of Prompto insisted was for him only, and scented him.

“Prompto, are you in heat too?”

Prompto scoffed. Alphas were useless and dumb. Everything was about heats to them. “No. Do I have to be in heat to not want Noct’s funk all over…my…fuck.”

i feel like carl would go w enid to Sephora and he’d let her swatch lipsticks and eyeshadows on his arm, like he knows the drill, the second she picks something up he rolls up his sleeve and is like “i got u babe”

he’d make commentary even though he has absolutely no fucking clue what anything is.  he just wants to feel included.

“yeah enid that eyeshadow is pretty but is it really your shade??? :// doesnt match your skin” all matter-of-factly. 

“carl, this is highlighter…and, eyeshadow isnt supposed to match your skin.”

“pfft, i knew that. youre talking to a makeup expert here, Enid. dont i watch you put it on every morning? y’know, you use the brush…and the spongey thing….and the..um, the eyeliner…and the powder…” which makes her laugh bc hes so adorable. 

I absolutely LOVE sitting and listening to Sean talk about anything. Livestreams are so nice. That was so nice just listening and watching him answer questions. It was so fun. I hope he does more soon.

Quiet Afternoons

((i was inspired by @aurigaearts‘s sweet and soft kurokens HERE so i decided to write a little something))

The train rocks gently on its tracks, its passengers listing back and forth to the rhythm. Tetsurou watches them absently, his focus mainly on the boy beside him. Kenma’s head keeps nodding, though he stubbornly refuses to turn off his phone.

“What is even so interesting that you won’t nap until we get home?” Tetsurou asks with a soft laugh.

Kenma makes a noncommittal noise, his drooping eyes still focused on the screen in his hands. Without another word, Tetsurou takes the phone away swiftly, ignoring Kenma’s disgruntled mew of protest. He checks the screen only to laugh again at the photos of various cats he sees.

“This is what has your captivated attention?” Tetsurou shakes his head. “I’ll keep a hold of this while you nap. We still have another fifteen minutes until we reach our stop.”

“Mmnot sleepy,” Kenma murmurs around a yawn.

Tetsurou’s about to tease him, but the words catch in his throat, as Kenma tilts to the side and rests his head lightly against Tetsurou’s shoulder. Tetsurou’s chest tightens, as he looks down at the top of Kenma’s head. Can he hear how fast his heart is pounding? Kenma’s warm, soft, and although it’s not like Kenma hasn’t rested against him before, there’s something about this moment that sends tingles down Tetsurou’s spine.

Swallowing hard, he turns his eyes to the phone in his hand, scrolling through the cat pictures. Slowly, carefully, he reaches with his other hand, stroking his fingers gently across Kenma’s head where his hair falls against his forehead. For a moment, time seems to stop, as his throat closes, and Tetsurou fears Kenma will pull away.

Instead, Kenma seems to settle in deeper, his breaths becoming slow and even. Tetsurou continues to pet him lightly, resisting the urge to turn on the camera to see what Kenma looks like sleeping against his shoulder. His chest aches, and there’s a strange fluttering feeling in his stomach that isn’t entirely unpleasant.

This is … really nice.

He can’t help but hope that the train ride will continue, long into the night. That they can be frozen in this moment, with Kenma’s warm breath against his arm, his hair like silk against his fingertips. Eventually, though, exhaustion from the day takes over him as well, and he drops his hand and closes his eyes, his fingers itching to reach for Kenma’s. He keeps them at his side, however, the motion of the train knocking their knuckles together.

It’s subtle, but after a moment Kenma shifts his finger, just slightly, to slide it against Tetsurou’s palm. His heart in his throat, Tetsurou curls his fingers around it and holds it, fighting a smile.

They remain like this for the rest of the ride.

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22? 55? 76? Any at all?

i’m going to do 55 anon because i got other requests for the other numbers (so technically i’m going all three!)

“you’re a nerd.”

Aaron raised an eyebrow as he watched his husband browse the shelves of Lego, absolutely fascinated. He’d never seen Robert so engrossed in anything before, and Robert had dragged him to see the new Star Wars film three times. 

Robert’s eyes lit up as he spotted the Star Wars section of the Lego store, making a beeline for the millennium falcon. Aaron picked up their masses of bags, following Robert across the shop.

“Are we going to spend our entire weekend shopping?” Aaron inquired, Robert not even turning to look at him, his excited gaze on the box in his hands. “Robert? Hello?”

“Yeah, sorry?”

“Are we going to be here all weekend?” Aaron repeated his question slowly, getting frustrated now. “Robert, come on, you know I hate shopping, and we’ve been at it all morning.”

Robert looked at him, childlike wonder plastered across his face. “But it’s the Lego store, Aaron! Come on, this is exciting.”

“Yeah, if you were five.” Aaron rolled his eyes, but his heart melted at how excited Robert was. He knew Robert hadn’t really indulged in these hobbies when he was with Chrissie, preferring to play the part of the wealthy husband. This Robert, the one who had an obscene amount of Lego in their house for a thirty three year old man, the one who’s pyjamas were all Star Wars themed, the one who actually went out and bought every new  DVD, book or comic of his favourites series, well - that was his Robert.

Aaron nudged at Robert’s shoulder. “Half an hour, then I want food.” 

Robert beamed. “I love you, you know. Will you decide for me though? I don’t know if I want this one, or the one that’s of the Enterprise.”

Aaron looked at him, unable to hold back his affectionate laughter. “You’re a nerd.”

I watched the beauty and the beast movie and it’s absolutely a homophobic mess so anyone claiming it’s great can shut the fuck up

it used le fou’s gayness for LAUGHS, on the rare moments that gaston wasn’t exploiting his feelings for him to manipulate him, he literally never fucking talked to the guy he danced with, the guy he danced with was an ableist asshole with no redeeming moments who was the subject of a transmisogynistic joke, and you literally had to look for anything ~gay~ b/c I watched it with my whole family and none of them had a single clue

Holy fucking shit damn it show.

Steven is the only thing the gems have, the only person they care about, and he is going to die infront of them, and they can’t do anything except watch him die.

Fuck, i never thought this show would have so much impact on me, just watching them is making me sad as shit, even if i know that Steven won’t die, the gems don’t know that, they are completely lost and it’s so fucking sad.

Even Garnet, the leader, doesn’t know what to do. She is fucking crying because even she is absolutely helpless in this situation. I never thought i’d live to the day to see Garnet cry, and damn it this is almost making me tear up. The background music adds up to that.

This episode is so fucking excellent in every way, i love it so much.

I love Cecil’s character arc bc like I’ve seen people say “omg we thought he was dark and mysterious and he’s actually just a huge dork” which is sort of true but i relistened to the September Monologues recently and the fact that Steve mentioned that Cecil never used to do anything besides hang out at the station is so interesting?? bc im remembering back to [Best Of?] and he was obviously SO dedicated to being the best reporter he could be but he also seemed really fucking detached when I think about it?

I think at some point, the whole immortal deal just got to him, yknow? It’s established in that episode that he’s been around since the fucking beginning of Night Vale (not that he remembers much of it, I guess). dude watched Josie grow up and I think he just kept himself separate from people in general to avoid being absolutely wrecked by their mortal existence and inevitable deaths. it’s not like he was miserable or anything, he was just super fucking invested in his work.

and then Carlos comes along and out comes the dorky emotional radio host we know and love. this theory also ties in with how devastated he was when Carlos got stranded in Desert Otherworld because god dammit, he finally let himself get attached again and now he’s lost it all so soon.

tldr; I want to give Cecil Gershwin Palmer a really big hug.

EXO Reaction To Meeting Xiumin’s 12 Year Old Sister

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Anonymous said:

How would Exo react to meeting xuimins 12 year old sister thanks bye!

A/N: This ended up being more of a reaction to them babysitting the little sister…

Xiumin: Absolutely no one is to be doing anything perverse or stupid and with that, Byun, I’m watching you.

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Luhan: *awkwardly waves hello at first, not sure of what to make of her or what she’s going to think of him. Ultimately they bond after playing football in the park*

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Kris: *awkward in that I’m-a-big-person-and-she-is-a-little-person kind of way, unsure of how to move, feeling too big for the situation, but they’d get along because he is actually good with children and he’d let her try to style his hair*

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Suho: *going into mom mode, making sure she has everything she wants and needs, then they start talking about their interests in toys and video games and manga*

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Lay: *he’s shown himself to be amazing with children and Xiumin’s sister would be no exception, he’d love playing with her and playing music for her, making her laugh, which might just make Minnie jealous as her older brother*

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Baekhyun: *He’d be in bubbly cutie pie mode, probably offering to play video games with her and such, play with plushies or more, and let’s all take a moment to remember how he was with the boys in Return of Superman*

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Chen: *Definitely playing games with her, possibly with Xiumin as a target of games like tickle wars or nerf fights. He’d enjoy letting his inner child and inner troll out with her*

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Chanyeol: *Definitely very conscious of his behavior to avoid a snaffu like this one. It’s not like he’d swear in front of her but he might just end up letting a more adult topic come of his lips, which wouldn’t make Xiumin happy.*

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DO: *he would bake or cook for her, obviously. He’d be happy to watch her. Kyungsoois someone I would describe as quietly caring, and he’d be like that with her. He wouldn’t be as lively as some of the others but he would be kind*

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Tao: *pretend the cat is Candy y’all, he go with her to the dog park and let her play with candy. More than likely his adult side, not his whiny kid side, would be on full display* 

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Kai: *He would definitely be using hanging out with her as an excuse to go out and eat all the food. He has to make sure she is fed, right? He’d be another one to really enjoy letting loose with her, not really having to maintain the idol image.*

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Sehun: *Much like Tao, he’d spend his time with her going out with Vivi and having fun. He’d really like spending time with a normal girl, someone who wasn’t really in the entertainment industry, it’s nice to have a break from that.*

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I want to take a second to just appreciate Ardyn from a writing standpoint, because dear god, what a fantastic character.  I could go on about him all day, I’m a shameless fangirl.  I know he can be really easy to hate, he can be absolutely horrible, but you have got to appreciate him as a well-written villain:

-This two-thousand-year-old son of a bitch has managed to establish himself as Chancellor and gets the Empire to play right into his hands.

-He has such charm, but almost sickeningly so.  He maintains this charm without doing anything to hide his sleaziness.  He just exudes confidence in every action.

-He’s a master manipulator, and every action he takes serves a purpose.  He comes across as laid-back, but he’s constantly watching and calculating.

-He is so damn collected, but it becomes more and more apparent that he is holding SO much back.

-You can almost empathize with him.  He’s pretty much motivated by pure salt, but almost rightly so.  His backstory doesn’t in any way justify his actions, but it makes him so much better than a “I want to destroy the world” villain. In the end you can see a glimpse of the pain in his eyes.

I could go on for days, and I’m sure a lot of this has already been said, but it’s early and I need to get some Ardyn feels out.

anonymous asked:

this is gonna sound SO dumb, but abt the anti thing, I'm both excited, and a little, wary of it, i love what anti is, and what he's become, but i also love dark, and it kind of feels like i don't want to choose between them?? like which one i like more?? i also don't really want a canon "showdown" between dark & anti bc to me they're separate, they were separate before dark came back on vday n they're still separate now, i just don't want ppl to be comparing the two, if that makes sense

if anything, NEVER feel like you have to choose between one or the other. it is absolutely okay to like both characters!

i love dark and i’ve been a fan of him since when i first started watching mark, back in 2013. that’s why i’ve always had a bit more preference towards dark, since i was a fan of him longer than i was a fan of anti. but don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love anti as well! his character is actually very loose inspiration for a character i have in my novel i’m working on.

to be honest, i like just what they have going on now, with the subtle prodding at each other and them just being two little shits that we all love. even though they may not interact face to face, this is still just as entertaining! they’re both so extra, and i freaking love it. 💙

Hold It

Square Filled: Gun Play
Ship: Dean x Reader
Rating: Mature
Warnings/Tags: Gun Play, Almost Smut
Word Count: 578
Summary: Reader asks Dean if they can hold his gun
A/N:  Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo. And for @sarcasticfoxfox with the prompt “I’ve been checking you out” as part of my 2k Kink Celebration drabbles. Sorry, I didn’t feel comfortable going all the way with the gun play kink and I wanted to keep this drabble sized so this is almost smut.

It was entertaining to watch Dean do pretty much anything but watching him with his guns was absolutely mesmerizing. There was a comfort of his calm concentration and an admiration of his expertise as his strong hands cleaned and reassembled his guns without a beat. He simply made the task look so flawless.

That night in the bunker you were sitting on a chair across from Dean’s bed, keenly observing him with his guns as the smell of gunpowder and oily sweet solvent wafted in the air.

You weren’t certain what prompted it but curiosity got the best of you.

“Can I hold it?” you blurted out, instantly blaming a combination of insomnia and the smell of gun oil for your lack of filter.

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  • this is why you don’t let me binge watch reality cooking shows
  • so, eric bittle on masterchef
  • it all starts with the battle for the white apron
  • if u, unlike me, haven’t spent roughly twelve hours watching masterchef, this is the first episode or two of a season when the chefs have to cook their specialty dishes to see if they’re good enough to even get on
  • gordon ramsay roasts people before they even get in the competition..damn
  • anyway
  • bitty obv makes pie. 
  • he wins, obviously. it goes awesome.
  • bitty, talking to his competition before getting judged: good lock :)
  • bitty, talking to the camera: that pie looked fucking disgusting. i spent four years in changing rooms with college jocks, and i have literally never seen anything that absolutely awful
  • so the season starts. 

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