i will wait lyrics

my best friend listening to dear evan hansen for the first time

anybody have a map?

  • who’s connor
  • connor isn’t evan
  • evan is the main dude

waving through a window

  • dude i love this song

for forever

  • so this is a made up story?
  • fksksjshs
  • this song is emotionally significant

sincerely, me

  • wait ok so who knows they weren’t friends


  • awhh

if i could tell her

  • i like this song
  • DEAD
  • dldlsksksjhshs
  • his voice is the voice of an angel


  • YES

you will be found

  • may or may not be already kinda crying
  • i’m dead
  • wow this song is good

to break in a glove

  • then why do the lyrics say connor and jared
  • this is sincerely me reprise right?
  • oh i’m an idiot
  • i was wondering why the lyrics didn’t match
  • cute

only us

  • who is heidi
  • wait what is this
  • oh i clicked the wrong lyrics
  • it’s adorable i’m gone

good for you

  • fkskdjshs
  • how did it start
  • like them being all pissy

words fail

  • i’m gone
  • gmskdksjs
  • idk what lyrics you’re referring to exactly but holy crap meaningful
  • yes yesyes
  • very gone


  • vkskdksjsjsjdakjdd
  • holy wow
  • i’m 
  • idek what to say
  • that was the most beautiful hour of my life

anonymous asked:

i don't get the significance of jonas throwing the milk, help a girl out :S (and yes, i get what milk means :))

Sorry it took a while for me to get back to you, been a bit of a busy day!

So what I meant about it being significant that Jonas threw the milk (x) is fairly straightforward actually. We had hints through S1 that Isak had a crush on Jonas, and so combining the symbolism of the milk with the lyrics of Nils Bech’s “Waiting”, I thought the fact that it was Jonas who threw it felt like a very fitting choice. But I’ll try to be a bit more specific….

Alright buckle up I’m gonna dissect some cinematography *rubs hands* (yes I totally made this gifset so I could properly look at the shots with lyrics)

Closeup of Isak “I am the last one”
We see Isak watching the water fight “Everyone knows how I tried”

A shot of Jonas “Love, let me meet you.”
cut to the guys fooling around “When everyone has to…“

Isak has averted his gaze, a forlorn look on his face “…have someone to love”
we see Jonas reaching for the milk “I never met one”

Jonas grabs and flings the milk towards Isak “What’s so strange about me?”

The milk explodes cascading down… “Can’t I be loved? loved…”

The milk here is definitely suggestive of homoerotic imagery (confirmed by Julie that she was inspired by the line “penetrators come on your face, it shall rain cum” from the Penetrators song x) but the lyrics and visuals make it feel almost threatening, as if the milk will expose him. Isak seems aware that his attraction to Jonas is one-sided, and Jonas throwing the milk doesn’t look homoerotic until it hits Isak’s face.

Ultimately everyone is wet, but Isak’s wetness is different from everyone else in the locker…. and the lyrics paired with this imagery talks of Isak feeling strange, like an outsider, more specifically his fear of being perceived as gay. But in the end he sits there, ‘outed’, drenched in milk wondering if he can be loved…

Hope it made some sense!!

I’m gonna plug @ravenclawisak, she has written awesome meta about this trailer and she can surely also elaborate better about the significance of it being Jonas throwing the milk if you ask her nicely. ✌


A Cresswell-Tangled crossover! I started this thing over a year ago, but it wasn’t working out so I stopped and was like I can always get back to it later, knowing that that would probably not happen lol. I still had the unfinished piece in my drafts, so every time I went to drafts it was there glaring at me. And now I finally finished it because the shipweeks gave me a reason to pick it back up :p I finished most of the line-art last time, but I had to redraw a lot because it’s been over a year and I’ve improved since then, and obviously something wasn’t working out before. That I was able to make it work this time means I actually learned things last year, which feels good :) 
Anyway! Today’s shipweek theme was ‘lights’ and this thing accidentally fits because of the lyrics, so I waited till today to post it.


And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy