i will wait acoustic

calm / romantic

1. London Gammar - Rooting For You
2. James Arthur - Say You Won’t Let Go
3. Liz Longley - Rescue My Heart
4. Dean Lewis - Waves
5. Tom Walker - Just You and I (Acoustic)
6. Andreas Kümmert - Beside You
7. Nicole Cross - Worth the Wait (Acoustic)
8. Niall Horan - This Town
9. Ed Sheeran - This
10. Alicia Keys - Holy War
11. Sam Smith - How I Will Know
12. Passenger - Beautiful Birds
13. Jude Young - Cold
14. COSBY - As Fast As You Can (Acoustic)
15. Michael Kiwanuka - I’ll Never Love
16. Gnash - i hate u, i love u
17. Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own
18. James Bay - If I Ain’t Got You
19. Ruth B - Lost Boy
20. Adele - Water Under The Bridge


As a huge TØP fan I died waiting for a full-length, acoustic cover 😍

for daisy, 

- drive // halsey 
- girls your age // transviolet 
- technicolor beat // oh wonder 
- video games // lana del rey 
- never let me go // florence + the machine
- born to die // lana del rey 
- still sane // lorde
- trndsttr (feat. m. maggie) // black coast
- starring role // marina and the diamonds
- without you // lana del rey 
- waiting game // banks 
- never gonna change // broods
- i found (acoustic) // amber run
- twice // little dragon

“i wish i had done everything on earth with you.” 


(radio) 170113 day6 @ cool fm hongkira - i wait (acoustic ver.)

How’s it going friends?

I should address the fact that I’ve been really bad at keeping up with my tumblr for the last while. Sorry about that! Allow me to give a quick update ^^

So I’ve finally moved into my new home about two weeks ago, and I’m still in the process of settling in. As you guys can see, I am back in the swing of making videos again, but it will still be a little while until everything is fully sorted out. I’m going to be doing tons of things with my room/office in order to make it the best recording space possible. I’m just waiting for my acoustic foam panels (”soundproofing”) to come in the mail, and then once those are set up, I’ll be putting up my posters and lights to make the rest of the room pretty again! It’s been a long while since I’ve recorded in a room that actually looks cool, so I’m really stoked about finally having that back. This will probably be done around Tuesday or Wednesday.

For those of you who saw my little update vlog thingy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_7fHKgaRMQ), you know I was attempting to get a pass for PAX West, which is happening in Seattle in a couple weeks. While I wasn’t able to get a pass, there is still a good chance that I may be attending, but I’m not giving any official say until I know for sure!

I’ve been waiting to put out RobertIDK merch for a super long time now, and I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long! I have zero experience in selling things online and/or setting up any sort of merchandise system whatsoever, so I’ve been putting it off to an extent, sorry about that. I need to contact an artist, have them create designs for me, create an online store with proper payment info, ensure that the designs actually come out well on the final products, etc etc. I know that there’s a high demand for merch, so I just want to make sure that the stuff I put out doesn’t suck. Also, in case you weren’t aware, I’m incredibly lazy with setting up payment info online. Like, I literally have been doing Youtube for a year and I haven’t even bothered to claim any of the money that my videos have made. Obviously that’s going to have to change before I wind up homeless, but I’ve always wanted to avoid being motivated by potential money to do what I love to do.

I constantly feel very lucky to have the kind of support that you guys have been showing me over the last while. As someone who’s never had the greatest self-esteem, I tend to undervalue the worth of myself and my work to other people, and I usually am never proud of things that I do until they are in the past. Anyways, that’s a topic for a video in itself. I’d just like to say thanks for getting excited about the things that I do, and being a more positive community than I could ever ask for. There’s so much negativity in the online world these days, so I’m extremely happy knowing that we don’t contribute to that.

Anyways, that’s about it for now! If I come up with anything else that I think I need to update you guys on, I’ll let you know! Have a good one!

Sucker for Anything Acoustic//a bunch of acoustic songs because who doesn’t love acoustics?

01.visions//the maine|02.there is a light that never goes out (cover)//citizen|03.yoke (acoustic)//basement|04.no one does it better (acoustic)//you me at six|05.au revoir (adios)//the front bottoms|06.ever enough (acoustic)//a rocket to the moon|07.about a girl (acoustic)//the academy is…|08.puppy love//this wild life|09.late nights in my car (acoustic)//real friends|10.running from lions (acoustic)//all time low|11.toes (acoustic)//lights|12.stick around//state champs|13.living dead//have mercy|14.you//the pretty reckless|15.ripped away//this wild life ft. nilu madadi|16.i will follow you into the dark//death cab for cutie|17.i’m sick of waiting (acoustic)//citizen|18.the end//silverstein ft. lights|19.can’t help falling in love//twenty one pilots|20.i’m already gone//a day to remember|21.three cheers for five years (acoustic)//mayday parade|22.clairvoyant//the story so far|23.all i love//the hundred acre woods|24.boston (acoustic)//moose blood|25.the boy who blocked his own shot//brand new|26.whole lotta you (acoustic)//a rocket to the moon|27.peach//the front bottoms|28.misguided ghosts//paramore|29.pennsylvania//the hundred acre woods|30.stay with me (acoustic)//you me at six|31.where the fence is low (acoustic)//lights|32.inch by inch//have mercy

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“But I can’t wait to go home…” 

Here’s my cover of “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran. I hope you like it! 


Emarosa - I’ll Just Wait (Acoustic) - Real Feels