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I spent 81 orbs for Nephenee when the banner came out and the best thing I got was a Ninian (rip 3.50% pity rate). Everything else was trash, so many Ests, Subakis and Donnels ugh. After I got my pity rate back to 3.50% (or was it 3.25%?) it got broken again, but this time Elincia broke it (there were no blue orbs). I renamed myself to "NepheneePLS", I hope she comes home because of my name...

I’m about to do the same I’ve gotten two 4 start Oscar’s and that is bothering me. I have closer to 40 orbs and will try again in a few days

text messages.

[ 📲 • sms ] —— what are you doing?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you trying to drunk text me rn?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey what are you doing?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— didn’t you get my last text?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you ignoring me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i’m so bored!
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey you 😉
[ 📲 • sms ] —— blue is definitely your color 😉
[ 📲 • sms ] —— ugh i wish you were here!
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i think you’re going to like what you see 😉
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you’ve been on my mind all day today.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i can’t stop thinking about you.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you gonna fall asleep on me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— NO don’t fall asleep on me again tonight!
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you fell asleep on me last night! you owe me now
[ 📲 • sms ] —— send me a picture 😉
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey cutie! haven’t talked to you in a while!
[ 📲 • sms ] —— why did you stop texting me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey can i call you now?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— call me rather talk on the phone
[ 📲 • sms ] —— sweet dreams….with me in them 😉 jk
[ 📲 • sms ] —— oooooh, i like the sound of that 😉
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what are you doing tomorrow?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— do you wanna hang out tomorrow?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what do you wanna do tomorrow? ☺️
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you looked really good today.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— can’t wait to see you xoxo
[ 📲 • sms ] —— talk dirty to me
[ 📲 • sms ] —— maybe i can stay the night with you tomorrow
[ 📲 • sms ] —— dang you take long enough to text back.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you are the slowest texter ever. 😒
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i hate texting you sometimes. you take forever.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you take forever and a day to reply.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i was wondering where you went.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what happened? where did you go?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— k.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— ok that’s cool.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what’s wrong with you?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey where was you today?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— do you wanna come over?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— why are you texting me? i’m standing right beside you…
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i hate one word texters.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— stop one wording me. 😒
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you mad at me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what do you wanna talk about?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— do you like me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i love you 😍
[ 📲 • sms ] —— miss you 😘
[ 📲 • sms ] —— stop sending me that wink face.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you okay?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i’m gonna take a shower brb
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hold on i gotta do something real quick.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you trying to sext me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— my dog/cat said he/she missed you.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what’s your dog/cat doing?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what are you watching?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i see how it is 😜
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you can’t text me but you can be on facebook/twitter/instagram/
[ 📲 • sms ] —— how come you never text me anymore?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i gave you my number so you could text me punk 😛
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you never text me back anymore ☹️
[ 📲 • sms ] —— sorry didn’t mean to bug you
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you only text me when i text you first.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you never text me first!
[ 📲 • sms ] —— wanna go catch a movie tomorrow?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what do you mean by that status you posted?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— guess what emoji is next to your name in my phone?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey stranger. stop being a stranger.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— did you miss me? 😆
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i’m looking through your pictures right now.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i saw that selfie you just posted.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you text me after i upload a bomb selfie i see.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— it’s okay you don’t to lie to me.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— aww, that was so sweet. ☺️ 
[ 📲 • sms ] —— aww, that just made me smile. ️☺️☺️ 
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i s2g i’m punching you so hard the next time i see you.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i s2g you get on my nerves.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey there ! remember me ?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you going to ignore me again tomorrow?

CHARACTER POSTERS - renee walker, all for the game

Sleepless nights

As I mentioned in my post for Nursey Week, I’m from New York City, and by that I mean Manhattan. But I go to school in the mountains, where the most noise we hear at night is the occasional truck passing by. What this all means is that I can barely sleep on breaks now, because it’s too noisy and there are always lights shining through the windows. If Nursey lives on the Upper East Side, he doesn’t have the lights problem, but I’m still going to project my exhaustion on him (with some NurseyDex because of course). Here’s to 4 hours of sleep a night.

It’s the first night of summer break and Nursey is in his childhood bed glaring at the ceiling wondering why his mind is refusing to let him sleep. Maybe it’s the incessant honking of taxis, maybe it’s the way the streetlamp shines directly through the slit in the curtains that can never be fully blocked. Maybe it’s the fact that the smell of cigarettes is filling his room from the assholes smoking on the stoop right below his window. Either way, Nursey’s done. He just wants to sleep, damn it. Heaving what he knows is an overly-dramatic sigh, he rolls onto his back and pulls the sheet over his head.

The phone’s light is harsh against Nursey’s eyes, but he squints at it anyway. 4:37 in the fucking morning. Nursey scowls and goes to Snapchat. If he can’t sleep, he might as well see how other people spent their first night of break. Ransom and Holster are unsurprisingly together, at a motel somewhere along the way to Ransom’s house. Bitty’s Snapstory shows a cute fully-stocked kitchen with a cobbler cooling on the counter; the timestamp says 1:12am. Farmer decided to practically livesnap her and Chowder’s trip to California, and the last photo is of Chowder passed out on the seat of a plane, captioned “we literally just boarded.” Shitty sent Nursey a series of videos at 12:43, smoking, ranting about a case he recently read, and telling Nursey to “get a night of some real sleep you fuckin’ beaut.” Nursey scoffs. Sleep. Right.

But then he gets to Dex’s Snapstory and is surprised to see a timestamp of 4:29am against a black background, captioned “it’s too early for this shit.” Nursey switches over to text and types with one eye open, hits send, and promptly drops his phone on his face.

Me: too early for what?

Nursey isn’t expecting Dex to respond, but a few seconds later his phone is buzzing against his nose from where he left it.

Dexyyy: tf are you doing awake Nurse

Me: idk man what are YOU doing awake

Dexyyy: You’re gonna chirp me and it’s too early to be chirped

Me: awww dexy you take away all my fun

Me: pinky promise i won’t

Dexyyy: Ugh fine. It’s the beginning of lobster season. Gotta start waking up before the spirits go to sleep.

Me: damnnn dex, cant catch a break can you

Dexyyyy: You promised

Me: that was hardly a chirp

Dexyyy: Whatever

Dexyyy: So what the fuck are you doing awake

Me: lol

Me: couldn’t sleep. Too many cars, too much light, too many thoughts

Dexyyy: City boy.

Me: is that supposed to be an insult?

Dexyyy: Don’t know. Maybe?

Me: gotta step up your game, poindexter

Dexyyy: Shut up Nurse

Dexyyy: I gotta go

Me: have fun killing innocent life forms

Dexyyy: Fuck off

Dexyyy: Just go the duck to sleep nursey

Dexyyy: *fuck. Ugh.

Me: lolll

Me: yessir

Me: gnight

Dexyyy: sleep well

Me: zzzzz

It’s 4:48 in the morning. Nursey is contemplating just getting up and starting his day. The pre-dawn light is starting to filter into his room through the curtain, casting a hazy rectangle onto the wall. Nursey gazes at it, thinking about how somewhere a few hundred miles away, Dex is preparing to get on his uncle’s boat and spend the morning hours on the water. Nursey wonders if the sun looks different from Dex’s amber eyes than it does from his own grey-green ones. He closes his eyes, thinking about how he and Dex went from nearly killing each other during the seniors’ graduation ceremony, to texting before the sun came up.

When Nursey opens his eyes, six hours have passed. He stumbles out of bed and stretches until his shoulder pops. Glancing at his phone, he sees three texts from Dex: the first two are sent at 6:26 in the morning, and the last at 11:39.

Dexyyy: Don’t tell Jack but I’d almost rather be doing suicides than fucking fishing for lobster. I smell like bait.

Dexyyy: Didn’t realize how used to cushy college life I’d gotten. I’m getting new blisters.

Dexyyy: Are you still asleep

Nursey realizes he’s smiling at his phone. And since it’s the first day of break and he has nothing to do all day, he’s pressing the call button before he can talk himself out of it. Dex picks up on the third ring.


“Finally get your ass out of bed?”

“You realize that you have to text me every night now? So I can go to sleep? I only was able to sleep because you told me to.”

“Nursey, what the fuck.”

“C’mon man.”


And then they’re off, Nursey asking about Dex’s morning and listening to Dex complain about ‘going soft’ during the year while Nursey rolls his eyes and gets dressed, then Dex grouching about how Nursey doesn’t have anything to do for the summer, and an hour later Nursey finds himself booking bus tickets up to Maine while talking about how they’re going to celebrate Chowder’s birthday that year. He pauses just before hitting the ‘book tickets’ button.



“Uh. You sure it’s cool if I come up? I mean, like, dude, this isn’t really…”

“What we do?”


“Well. I don’t know. Maybe we should try being friends without Chowder playing middleman.”

“Okay, yeah, that’s chill.”

“Ugh, if say ‘chill’ ONCE I will throw you off a pier.”

“You just want to see me wet.” (Nursey nearly smacks himself for that one.)

“Fuck off, Nurse. We literally see each other soaked in sweat like six days a week.”

“Okay, well, tickets are booked.”

“‘Swawesome. See you in a few days?”

“Yeah man, see you soon.”

And then Nursey is left in a New York City brownstone grinning madly in the middle of his room, thinking how much better this summer has suddenly become.


A few days ago I said I am going to start conceptualizing a new virtual pet sim. I have been working madly between work to bring this concept to life. For now, I’m calling it Project Octavo! this name will definitely change at some point, as the game develops I’ll have a better ideas for the title. 

I wont go into specific details about the pets/creatures players will keep at this moment as things are still very early, but I want to share every step of the journey with you all and that’s exactly what imma do. 

Right now, I am trying to find a concrete art direction. Art direction, in my opinion - is one of, if not, the most important aspect of any game. I want to nail down specifics of the art before moving into other territory. The first two are experiments, backgrounds and illustration renders.

The second few are concept variants for the pets/creatures themselves. The sketches at the bottom might hint to my ideas for the sim, but again.. early days. I’ll keep posting more things as they come~

some Ravi headcanons

•  I imagine he always smells very nice and manly
•  to the point of having multiple people asking about the cologne that he’s wearing
•  which probably leads to you hugging him for what seems like hours bc it’s so intoxicating
•  and you stealing his clothes
•  bc even if you wash them a million times, they’d still somehow have that signature ‘Wonshik’ scent lingering on them
•  not that he ever gets mad about that tho
•  bc dang how can anyone look that attractive in a big ass hoody while eating cereal
•  he’ll let you babysit Butt when he knows he’ll be working at the studio for a while
•  and still gets jealous when he cuddles with you instead of him
•  “I’m your dad wtf…………y/n, you keep stealing everything from me is2g”
•  speaking of working in the studio
•  this man will work some magic on his new tracks if you’re there to inspire him
•  cannot and will not go to sleep once he feels the engines working in his brain again
•  ugh this sucks so much bc you’d just wanna spend some time with him and Butt, esp when he’s supposed to have days off
•  but it’s all worth it when he sits you down and plays his new track
•  lots of kissing in the studio when no one’s around I am 100% down with this idea
•  but you’re still scarred from that one time Jaehwan caught yall
•  “lmao oops I guess this isn’t the restroom……I guess I got lost again……….I guess I should leave now :’)”
•  when you’re trying to go on a public date and be all incognito, he’ll give you one of his big hats and face masks so yall could be low key
•  and tbh this a bad idea bc everyone could see 2 penguins approaching and they’d know
•  sometimes he puckers his lips when he’s thinking or writing
•  and you’re like ?? Is this an invitation for me to kiss you all suddenly without asking bc I can’t help myself  ????
•  I’m not saying he’ll hold your hand and cry during dramas but that’s exactly what I’m saying
•  like he laughs when you laugh
•  gasps when you gasp
•  suffers in silence as you both try to hold in your tears
•  there are times when he likes to sit in the dark all by himself and just thinks
•  threw a shoe at you one time bc you got in late and he thought you were a burglar
•  and spent the whole night apologizing / laughing about it bc he never thought to turn on the light
•  “like I don’t understand why you wanna live in the dark”
•  Wonshik giggles when you run your fingers over his stubble bc he rarely grows it out
•  having endless nights of playing board games and drinking
•  probably cries if he lost at Life or Monopoly
•  btw he’ll always want to be the car
•  letting you wear his best and most expensive headphones when listening to his music “to get the real experience u feel me”
•  he constantly tells you that he’s thankful to be with you and my hEart can’t take it he’s so genuine
•  “you drive me crazy but in the best way. I wanna push you off a cliff sometimes, but Butt would never forgive me, so I guess you’re stuck with me forever lol”
•  won’t let go until he’s poured out his heart and left at least 28 kisses on your lips
•  keep this soft hearted man with you 5ever 💗

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Have you ever wondered what you’d do in a stressful situation? If you saw something terrible, how you’d handle it? As the clock strikes 12:03am I am so thankful yesterday is over, as yesterday I found out. 

Ashley, Angela and I had spent the day together wondering the ravines of Toronto. We scooped up nearly 20,000 steps searching for salmon heading upstream to lay their eggs this season. It was a gorgeous September day with the sun shining and a light breeze.  We had laughed and walked and admired how green everything was (except for the few orange trees!).   We even met a 92 year old lady who spoke to us for a while about how she bought her house for $25,000 (today it’s well over $3mil!), and the life she’s had. She said the secret to success was “make love, not war, and if you can’t make love, remember you have a right hand!” She was a hoot to say the least. 

As our feet started to hurt we then headed back to the closest subway station to head home.  We were standing just inside the doors of the station, when we heard something loud outside, and a terrible scream.  

We looked outside and saw a streetcar. I looked at the people’s faces on the streetcar and knew something was wrong. Then I saw the driver’s face and my heart sank. He was in shock and crying and shaking.  

There was no one in front of the street car though, so suddenly I thought omg he must have hit a dog, and the dog must be under it. Heart already broken I ducked down nervously to see if it was alive, when I then saw a hand. 

The next few minutes are awfully blurry to me. I remember yelling call 911, only to realize we were the only people right there, and I was clutching my phone, so I did. I then scrambled to the streetcar and crawled as far under as I could. 

It was a girl about my age under there.  I can’t really remember what happened but I held her hand and told her my name was Elizabeth. I was also talking to 911 at the same time telling them to send an ambulance, but trying to be quiet when I said, there’s a girl trapped under a streetcar, please send an ambulance! as I didn’t want to scare her. 

There was blood coming from the back of her head and a little from her mouth. I kept checking to see if she was breathing. Kept talking to her and asked her to questions (she never answered any) and to squeeze my hand (which she did). I’m pretty sure I learnt this from TV - not to let someone who’s been hurt shut their eyes. Every time she did I’d panic, but then she’d reopen them thankfully.

Her eyes were a beautiful blue. Even now, hours later, it’s her blue eyes sketched into my memory that I remember the best.  She couldn’t talk so I started to tell her about my day. I’m Elizabeth and I was just heading home from a walk with my friends. Can you squeeze my hand? (she did) My friends and I went to find salmon. They migrate upstream in the fall to lay their eggs, and it’s cool to see them go up rapids and rocks.  Can you squeeze my hand? (she did)  It looks like you do yoga (she was in yoga clothes, and there was a pink water bottle next to her) I should do yoga more. I’m super inflexible, but then again I tell myself that I’ll do a lot of things.  It’s a beautiful day today. It’s Saturday. Can you squeeze my hand? (she did)  Help is on the way…

I don’t have a sense of how long, but was told it was about 15 minutes until the emergency services arrived.  I also remember people trying to lift up the streetcar to get her out (which was horrible to feel it lift, and then fall back down). And at one point a hand came under the streetcar holding a phone asking if it was hers (!!! ugh. who cared!)

Eventually a fireman asked me to step back. I returned to Ashley and Angela and then started crying. We watched the emergency crews add a brace to her head, pull her out, and put on a stretcher and then into an ambulance.

The news reports currently say she’s in “serious” condition, which I’m thankful for (as it’s not critical). I keep thinking of her eyes. And I keep thinking about how her family and friends must have got terrible phone calls.  I didn’t see it happen, so I don’t know how she get pulled under like that, but with all my heart this evening I pray and hope that she’ll be okay.  So on the off chance someone in Toronto knows a Jessica who was in this incident, please let her know the crazy girl under there with her is thinking about her.  ♥

(I also don’t write this post to get praise at all, as it did come natural to me, but had you asked me last week what I’d do, I’m certain I would have said nothing. So you really never know how you’ll respond until it’s happening right then and there.) 

ML Fluff Month Day 17: I’m looking fur a pet (and fur you)


lol I said I wasn’t gonna do it but I did it

Animal Shelter AU

Marinette piled in the fifth load of laundry she had started that day and checked the time. She sighed. People seriously underestimated the amount of laundry that needed to be done at an animal shelter. 

She re-did her pigtails as she made her way to the front of the shelter. Normally she wasn’t a greeter, but Lila had called in sick last minute, and she had time in between laundry cycles any way. 

She smiled at Rose, who was currently manning the front desk, and grabbed a clipboard. 

“Oh Mari, thank god you’re here,” Rose nodded towards the full waiting room, “The only other greeters today are Alya and Eleanor, but we’ve got a busy day today apparently.” 

“Don’t worry Rose, I’ve got it.” She winked at her friend and checked the list. “Okay…Adrien, Adrien Agreste? You’re up next.” 

A young man stood up, and Marinette had to stop her jaw from dropping. Jesus Christ he was gorgeous. She blinked, noticing that he was much closer to her now. 

“Oh, um, could I see those?” She held her hand out for the paperwork. 

He smiled, and gave them to her without a word. 

She took a deep breath. She could do this. She had been volunteering at this shelter since she was freaking sixteen years old. Gorgeous clients were Easy-peasy. “I’m Marinette, so if you could follow me,” she started making her way towards the rest of the shelter as she checked his questionnaire. “I see that you’re looking for a cat today to adopt, but you’ve left many of the other fields blank. Do you have any preferences?”

Adrien shrugged, “I’ve never really had a pet before but I’ve always wanted a cat. Other than that, I don’t really know. Maybe not too high maintenance?” 

He smiled shyly. Oh no, he’s cute.

Marinette grinned. “I’ve got just the cats in mind.”

She led him to the largest of the free roaming cat rooms, where three towers scattered across the open floor. “Wait here,” she instructed as she pushed open the door, “I’ll bring them out to you.”

Adrien watched the volunteer kneel down by a black cat, hand extended in a placating gesture. Her mouth formed words, though he couldn’t here behind the glass, and she scratched behind the cat’s ears. 

Damn, she was cute. 

He watched her face intently as more cats crowded around her, obviously used to her presence in the room. The black cat let Marinette pick it up, and she gently nudged a pale ginger one to follow her. 

In a second, she was out of the room with the two cats. 

“This one’s named Plagg,” she said, gesturing to the the black one, “Don’t ask me why, his previous owner named him. He’s such a sweetie, though he does have a sassy streak and an odd diet. But as a new pet owner he shouldn’t give you too much trouble, seeing that he’s the laziest of the bunch.” 

Plagg meowed. 

Giggling, she pointed the the ginger one. “This mush is Tikki. She gives the best cuddles.” Marinette lowered her voice, “I swear she can read minds. Whenever I’m feeling down, she just knows.” She winked.

He gulped. Damn, she was cute.

Adrien knelt down by the two cats, and extended a hand out. Plagg completely ignored him, but Tikki softly butted her head against his palm. 

Marinette smiled. “She likes you.”

“I like you.” 


“Crap, I mean, um, you know what, we’ll just forget I said that.” He chuckled nervously and stopped petting Tikki. 

“Um…okie dokie.” Crap she was cute. “Well, uh, you can play with them more, that way you can figure out which one you like better.”

He felt more heat rise to his cheeks. “You know what, I’ll take both.”

Marinette blinked. “Both?”


“Oh. Well, are you sure? Not that I’m questioning you or anything, but you said you’ve never had a pet and I don’t want you to be unprepared.”

“Maybe you could help me be prepared.” Why was he continuing to make an ass out of himself? 

She blinked again. Then a smirk made its way onto her face. “Why Adrien, are you trying to hit on me?” 


From the floor, Plagg meowed again.

“Unfurtunately, I have to finish my shift, but maybe by the time you’ve finished the paperwork, I might be able to swing by and help set you up with these cuties. Help them get comfurtable with your house.”

Oh, she punned too. Oh lord she’s cute

“Come on, let’s go do the paperwork.”

Nathaniel groaned as he checked the table posted to the door. Marinette, superhuman she was, had already finished all the laundry and washing tasks for the day, which meant he had no other excuse for avoiding the waiting room. 

Ugh, he hated interacting with people. 

He smiled tightly at Rose, who was tapping away at the computer. The earlier rush had died down, so only a handful of people remained in the waiting room. 

He glanced at the list. “Chloe Bourgeois? I can help you now.” 

A blonde stood up, not looking up from her phone. “Jeez, I’ve been waiting for ages.”

“Sorry miss, we’ve had a rather busy day.”

She looked up, and Nathaniel was suddenly assaulted by blue eyes that sparkled like diamonds. She blinked when she saw him. “Oh, that’s okay I suppose.”

He swallowed. “I’m Nathaniel. How can we help you today?”

She smiled at him.

The help I didn't ask

Everything was fucked up for the paladins of Voltron the galra empire took advance of them they where fighting to help the balmereans so they wouldn’t be slave again and after all this chaos the team didn’t have time to interact with each other Lance was always the team clown but he couldn’t be it now even if he tried he was annoyed by the situation like everyone else but he was also feeling more than anyone else after loosing touch with his partners he become homesick he couldn’t saw a family of aliens without getting upset or depress and this continue for months the Galra empire always appearing out of nowhere the team didn’t knew how they find them every time and the attacks just turned more and more frequently at the point that they couldn’t sleep to calm himself down Lance always walk around the ship one night he found pidge sleeping in her computers she looked cold so Lance take his jacket off and put it on top of her to warm her up and he walk off but not even a tick later shiro run in and wake pidge up “pidge wake up did you hack in?!” Shiro ask loudly “oh god I fell slee- is this Lance jacket? Ugh there’s no time I’m on it” pidge say and stared to hack again some codes after the peace return everyone turn at Lance “WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME UP?!” Pidge yelled at Lance “THAT HACK WAS NECESSARY LANCE YOU SHOULD HAVE WAKE ME UP NOT COVER ME WITH YOUR STUPID JACKET!!” Pidge throw the jacket at Lance “HEY! Relax! I was just letting you rest we all have been awake for days and I didn’t knew about that code or whatever” Lance answers trying to be calm “you didn’t knew? HOW you didn’t knew we talk about it yesterday…you weren’t paying attention like always!!” Keith yelled at Lance he was confuse Lance really didn’t pay attention he was too tired too homesick and too depress for that “well guys I’m sorry” Lance apologize shiro knew they all where under stress so he had to be the mature there “it’s ok Lance next time just-” “Next time do your job as a paladin and pay attention!! If you’re gonna be that bad at being a paladin then you should just stop being one” Keith cut shiro with those cruel word words that made Lance break his eyes turn watery and he just run off to his room “KEITH!!” Shiro look at Keith as hunk run off following his buddy “you should have NOT yelled that at Lance we’re all stress but that does not give you the right to take it out on Lance” shiro said Keith just role his eyes and leave meanwhile hunk was knocking Lance door he lock it “Lance buddy you ok in there?” Hunk didn’t got a respond so he put his ear on the door to listen at any sound of Lance after a couple of seconds he just hear some gasp and sobs yep Lance was decently crying and hunk felted like Lance needed a hug asap but he couldn’t get in there “Buddy if you need anything you know where to find me ok Lance?” Hunk didn’t got an answers again “oh and I’m 100% sure Keith didn’t really mean that” with those final words he leave Lance continue crying for hours he was feeling like a seventh wheel again ‘they would’ve never treat me like this back at home’ Lance thought the castle alarm sound and everyone got ready for battler they land on a planet to defend a race of aliens who where being attack in a could of smoke they got split up and then there it was Lance was face to face with the prince Lotor.

“So this is the new blue paladins huh?” Lotor said scanning Lance with his eyes “yeah so what with that?” Lance answers without stoping at pointing Lotor with his gun the galra prince was no fool he notice Lance red eyes and his eye bags “blue paladin can I ask a question?” “To whatever is your question the answers is NO” Lance said immediately “oh…I’ll ask anyways even tho I know the answers already but…are you alright?” Everything inside Lance make circuit why did Lotor care why he was asking? ‘Oh god no no no no no I’m about to cry damn it McClain keep it together’ Lance was doing everything he could to not cry he hold his breath he blink faster and Lotor notice “I’ll take that as a no so care to explain why the blue paladin of Voltron is so….broken..?” Lance couldn’t hold it anymore so many feeling bottled up he had to let them out with someone and at this point Lotor was the closed person to talk to “I….I” Lance let his Bayard fell “i just feel so alone and even when I’m surrounded by people I just feel like I’m floating alone in space sometimes I can’t help but feel that I never belong with the paladins that blue made the wrong choice when she chose me like a paladin in all the time I’ve been a paladin only one time shiro told me I was the sharpshooter of the team but c'mom he doesn’t believe that NO ONE BELIEVES THAT and I just can’t I just wanna go home I just wanna be on my moms arms I just want to STOP FEELING THIS WAY!!!” Lance was showing his most vulnerable side to his enemy but Lotor listen he just listen to everything Lance had to say ‘well now this is a great opportunity’ Lotor thought he open his arms offering the blue paladins a hug 'I have to grab my bayard’ Lance thought while he was walking to Lotor 'I have to go back to my team I can’t do what I’m doing’ When Lance was close enough Lotor surround him with his arms by being a galra he was taller than Lance and for a moment just for that moment Lance felt like he was at home.

To be continue

(This was an idea I had long time ago and I finally write it down I hope you like it)

EXO Reaction when they call you noona and they find out you're younger but they still do it

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Acts like a baby so he can continue doing so* “Please take care of me noona~”


*Mentally slapping himself because he didn’t realize sooner you were younger* “I can’t not call her noona now… what do I do…”


“But but… I’m the maknae…. pretty please???” *Who would say no to him tbh*


*Embarrassed and nervous giggling* “I’m so sorry…. I just… you seem so wise I can’t help myself… please tell me every time I call you like that..”


“Noona is so pretty…” *Probably won’t even realize you are younger unless you tell him or something*


“Well… you know… I like noonas… so I hope you don’t mind”


*He might not be able to call you noona but he can sing Replay by SHINee to you all he wants” *Noona neomu yeppeo..~”


“Wait… you are not my noona? But… I’ve been calling you noona for three months… why didn’t you tell me… does it bother you if I continue doing so?”


*Honestly he’s a baby and you don’t mind at all he calls you noona because you somehow always seem older* “kekekeke sowwy noona, but you will always be my noona, noona or not” *What xD*


*Mental breakdowns at the end of each day* “I called her noona again… what was I thinking… I bet she thinks I do it on purpose… how am I supposed to win her heart this way.. ugh Kyungsoo… concentrate!”


“I am really sorry Noo-ehh.. Y/N… I didn’t mean… eh… I’ll be more careful next time! You can call me oppa if you want.. maybe it’ll be easier that way for me to stop calling you noona…” *Trying really hard here*


*Honestly why telling him you are not his Noona when he looks like this* “I swear I’m not a baby noona! I just.. like doing… things children do xD”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

I want her

I Want Her Masterlist

Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count: 656
Jensen x Reader
A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Random idea I had to disperse.  Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Dean/ Jensen tags only:

“(Y/N)?!” you’re best friend Rach practically shouts into the phone.
“What Rach?” you ask
“Are you even listening to me? Did you hear anything I just said?” she demands.
You really weren’t listening to closely as you went over your patients charts, if you were being honest.
“Something about some TV show you like and something about auditions next weekend.” You reply after going over stuff in your head. You had a gift, well you saw it as a curse but that was you, could remember everything. By everything you meant everything ever minute of every day. Even things you weren’t paying attention to you could recall and go back over. You hated, most people were jealous but they wouldn’t be if they were as damaged as you were, for everything you knew.
“Ugh (Y/N) are you doing work again?”
“Yes I’m finishing patient charts.”
“You need to let loose a little. I don’t care what your opinion is you’re coming with me to those Supernatural auditions next weekend no argument.”
You felt bad for not listening so you gave in, “Fine I’ll go to support you.”
“No way you’re trying out to! You’ll love it!”
You grit your teeth, “Fine if it’ll make you happy.”
“It will thanks (Y/N/N) you’re the best!” she squeals.
You were much to Rachs dismay, in your camo pants and combat boots and brown t-shirt tucked in. Everything about you screamed Marine, which would be accurate you were a former Marine.
“(Y/N)! What are you wearing?!” she screeches in horror.
“You wanted me to go to this you aren’t choosing what I wear too.”
“Do you every have fun? Dress up a little, wear make-up try to get a man.”
You roll your eyes, “Let’s go before I have a panic attack unbecoming of a Marine.”
She just rolls her eyes and the two of you get in line where you’re supposed to be. Before long you’re separated to do line readings and whatever else.
“We’ll give you a few minutes to look over the script, try to get a feel for the character and sort of memorize her lines.” Some aid says
You glance over the script already having a feeling for it and had the lines know by once glance, “No need I’m ready whenever.” You toss the script back on the table and lean back.
“Are you sure you barely..” you cut her off
“Yes I’m sure thank you.”
She nods and goes to the door, “I’ll tell the producer and actor you’re ready.”
You nod and watch her go half wishing you knew anything about this TV show.
The aid comes back and shows you in.
“Please sit miss..?” an older gentleman says.
“No miss just (Y/L/N) will be fine thank you.” You sit.
“Alright (Y/L/N) run you’re lines with Mr. Ackles here” he gestures to his companion.
“Ready when you are sir.” You face him.
The Ackles guy immediately shifted and got into his character.  
“Alia! Stop this isn’t funny.”
You scoff, “I’ll do what I please Dean.” You couldn’t sit still anymore so you got up, nobody seemed to mind as he continued his lines.
“You could get hurt!”
You laugh coldly, “I could get hurt!” you spin and face him brining your hands down on the table in front of him. “Says the infamous first half of the Winchester duo! You and Sam always pull this shit so piss off” you seethe pushing a little into his space without thinking.
The scene ends and you pull back straightening up, “Sorry”
“What for?” he asks slightly bewildered at your passion running the lines.
“Personal space, I invaded yours” he waves you off kindly
“No big deal” he smiles and you can’t help but return it.
“Thank you that’ll be all we have what we need.” Mr singer says and you nod.
Once your out the door Jensen turns to Bob, “I want her.”  

part 2?

Giant: Ch. 7

Make my messes matter.
Make this chaos count.
Let every little fracture in me
Shatter out loud.

“Dammit, Kara,” Lena growled from the living room as she tripped over something.

The culprit smiled to herself before taking a sip of her coffee and resumed her amused appraisal of the absolute wrath to which she’d exacted upon Lena’s poor refrigerator. She cocked her head and tried to figure out how she did, and even more impressively, how Lena survived it.

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Perfect - Request

Requested by @fandom-queen-of-the-world:  may I request a Sherlock (BBC) and reader fic where the reader has trouble liking her body (as in she is slightly plus size) and sherlock shows her how much she means to him?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,116

Warnings: Insecurity (?)

A/N: Tiny and fluffy, just for you. Also, to whoever feels related, know that you are beautiful. The fact that we are beautiful in different ways doesn’t make us less or more beautiful from one another. We are all snowflakes, and snowflakes are gorgeous no matter what.


Originally posted by sherlockspeare

She was once again standing in front of the mirror. The magazine laying at her bed was full of women with bodies so fit they made one feel like starting a diet right away.

They were beautiful, skinny, tall… Everything a woman would love to be.

She looked at her own body. Stretch marks, a bit of cellulite even, and her love handles were huge, as well as the fat rolls on her belly that had once been un-existent. She was ordinary, not a gorgeous face, so her looks didn’t work to dissimulate her extra weight.

Suddenly, Sherlock’s face appeared on the mirror behind her.

He placed his warm hands on her shoulders and then slid the down to her waist. “So beautiful.” He whispered on her ear as he placed a feather-like kiss on her cheek.

She sighed heavily. “Mind knocking next time?”

“And miss the chance to see you in your underwear with a lot of light? I’m afraid I can’t do that.” He replied and wrapped his arms around her waist. “What’s wrong?” He asked, noticing the sad look on her face.

“I’m wrong.” She answered bitterly.

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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 19

<<…Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 /  Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15 / Chapter 16 / Chapter 17 / Chapter 18 / Chapter 20…>>

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

In this chapter: Talking, finding excuses, hiding the truth. But the truth can’t remain hidden, so are my feelings for someone.

Word count: 2308

A/N: Ugh again a day late I was sure yesterday was Sunday because I watched the new episode yesterday! Again I hope you enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think of it! Thanks to @maddie110201​ who proofread it for me (None of the gifs are mine!)

Originally posted by trappixi

It was still raining when Scott and I went home. In the time that it took to walk from Stiles’ car who had kindly driven us home, to the door, we were soaked. All I wanted was to go to my room, go to bed and try to forget what had happened. Forget all the problems I had, the alpha pack, the darach, the classes I didn’t even pay attention to and especially the growing feelings I had for Stiles. Basically, I wanted to forget them. But I knew I couldn’t, I couldn’t let myself love him, I didn’t belong here.

So many questions remained unresolved. Why was I here, what about my world and my family? Did they miss me? Did I only disappear or was my body inanimate in the real world? And why the voice that was taunting me and forbidding me to speak was in my head? I couldn’t afford to love Stiles. It was dangerous, impossible.

Yet I knew it was too late for that.

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Staring Game

AN: I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!! midterms just finished and i barely survived lmao 

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist //

Originally posted by dailyspiderman

The teacher droned on and on about who knows what at this point. Every student in the room was either on their phone, asleep or about to fall asleep. I was quietly doodling pictures of Spider-Man (my current obsession) on the corner of my notebook when I felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned my head and met the eyes of Peter Parker. I smiled at him. His eyes went wide before averting his gaze from me and pretended to write on his notebook as if he wasn’t staring at me just a few seconds ago. I giggled and turned back to my drawing.

“So to get the measurements of each side of a triangle, you have to…”

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Sparks Chapter 16

Originally posted by livvy1800

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: Bucky helps y/n put together her new dresser. y/n begins to experience the stress of the job. Bucky finally begins to move on from his feelings for y/n.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Not That Easy

length: 1,087 words

genre: fluff

requested by: @igot-scenarios ; I’m gonna do a part 2 of this for you at some point since tumblr was a bum and deleted the like 3,000 word + hella cuter version of this :\

summary: you get paired with johnny on we got married

Originally posted by woojaeibsul

You still weren’t sure how this was happening. But here you were, about to meet your ‘husband’. So many thoughts running through your mind, and you were so nervous you thought you might puke.

Would he like me? Would I like him? What if I know him?

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Exo Reacting To You Being Worried About Them


You were both laying down in bed and you thought he was sleep so you slowly cuddled closer to him and whispered “ Please stay healthy Jagi.”

Once he heard those words, he then pulled you as close as you can be and whispered back “ I’ll be healthy because I have you.”

Originally posted by asstheticsuho


You were both walking along the streets late at night when he accidentally tripped on the uneven pavement. 

“ Are you okay ?” you ask him, slightly panicked.

“Im okay babe, I only tripped on the sidewalk. Nothing big” he said, brushing it off.

“Yeah, nothing big until you fall and hurt yourself really bad. What if you fell and broke your arm? Or your ankle? Then what? What if you then couldn’t ma-” you said, ranting 

“ Jagi,” he said cutting you off, “ Im going to be fine. don’t worry your pretty little head over me.” 

Originally posted by exo-umin


He was sitting with you on a bench over looking a pond when you asked the question

“ Yixing, if you were to get seriously hurt, would you end it all?”

“What do you mean by end it all?” he asked, gazing over at you, realizing that you had tears flowing down your face. 

“ If your waist…. if it gives out, would you stop performing or would you keep going?” you asked, turning to him. 

“ If my waist gave out and there was still a possibility to perform, I would. Not for me, but for my fans. Im sure they would understand why I would stop but I couldn’t give up like that.” 

“ I just… I just don’t want you to get hurt. I don’t want you to end….the love of your life like that. It’ll always be a bittersweet ending” you said, looking down at you hands.

“ Jagi, look at me..” he said, pulling your face up with his index finger. “ I understand how worried you are for me but you don’t need to be. I know that an injury could possibly take me out of performing, but you need to understand that the more we think of what horrible things can happen, we can’t enjoy the good things that have happened. Its okay to be worried but jagi, lets just enjoy it while it lasts, okay?” 

Originally posted by ygyixing


You were sitting around on the couch when Chen decided to pop out of nowhere and scare you. 

“ KIM JONGDAE, that shit isn’t funny.” you screamed at him once you  calmed down. 

“Haha, It was so funny babe, you should have seen your face. It was like you saw a ghost.” he said, holding his stomach as he laughs

“ I swear you’re gonna do one of those jokes and get hurt one day. It inst funny. “ you said, grabbing your phone as you get up from your seat. You start to make your way towards the stairs when you feel his hands go around your waist. 

“ C’mon babe, you cant be that angry over this. Why are you so worried?” he asked into the side of your neck. 

“ Im not worried.” you said, as you turn your head away from him, trying to hide your face. 

“ I can tell that you’re worried but babe, its okay to play around. Don’t stress so much. Lets live a little. “

Originally posted by fandomseykpop


You and Channie were both laying down in the park, staring at the stars when you finally tell Im things you were worrying about. 

“ Channie, i want you to know that I really care for you and I will always support you but, are you sure being an idol is where you should be?” you asked 

He turns his head towards you and gazes at the side of your face.

“Why do you ask that? Do you not like what I do?” he asked softly

“ Its not that , its just that… with your job comes side affects. I just don’t want you being an idol and you’re constantly hurting or sick.” 

“ Every job comes with ‘side affects’ babe and I understand that being an idol worries you but its what I love. I try to make sure i don’t do anything to crazy that could threaten my well being and health but… Its what I love and I just learned to take the good with the bad.” 

“ Maybe I should start doing that.” you said, lowly

“We can do it together,” 

Originally posted by ayoalons-y


Kai was resting from his ankle injury 

“ Jagi, can you get me some water?” he asked you

“ Sure” you said, making your way into the kitchen. 

Once you’re in the kitchen, you grab a bottle of water and make your way to get  a cup. Along the way, you start to think of all the pain he has been going through for the past 5 years and you feel yourself tearing up. 

“Why can’t he just be safe?” you cry to yourself 

What you didn’t know was that Kai walked in behind you because he forgot to tell you something and he sees you breaking down. 

He slowly walks behind you and wraps his arms around your waist. 

“ I know you worry about me baby and from now on Im going to try everything I can to make sure I don’t get hurt again.” he whispered into your ear.

“ Im sorry” 

Originally posted by jonginorjongout


“ Ugh, I Think I hurt my arms doing the choreo this time around” he says, rubbing his upper arms. 

“Are you okay Kyungie? DO you need anything? I can get you some heating pads! What about…” you said, rambling off helpful tips to him.

“ First off calm down hone, You don’t need to be so… attentive. Im okay, just a slight ache. Calm down.” he said, grabbing your hand. 

“ I know Im sorry, Im just worried that you will get hurt really bad one day.” you said, gazing towards the ground, 

“Well. If i do, I know exactly who to go to. My beautiful attentive girlfriend”

Originally posted by exoplathot


Baekhyun and you were eating out at a restaurant when he brought up his curiosity towards your motherly instincts. 

“ Sooo, why do you get so worried when I get hurt?” He asked, taking a drink of his wine. 

“ I just feel like if you get hurt, we get hurt. I cant always catch you when you fall babe” you said, twirling pasta around on your fork. 

“ Well, thats good because then I can show you that i can catch myself. You don’t have to be worried.”

“ If thats what you think then okay.” you said, laughing. 

Originally posted by grinding-on-baek


“ You’re worried” he said, picking on you 

“ No Im not” you said, pushing him away from you in the bed.

“But I heard you say it. You’re worried” he continues as he tries to see your face

“ I thought you were asleep though.” you said, face palming 

“ Asleep or not, you still said it.” he jokes, now reaching to tickle your sides

“Sehunnn-a , stop it,” you laugh out loud “ Okay okay, I may have said that I’m worried about you.” you said, finally getting his hands off you. 

“ Thats all I wanted to hear you say.”

“ Fine, are you happy now?” you asked. 


Originally posted by sehunicorne