i will totally marry that man one day

I like Rogue One.
I like Cassian not being a morally perfect hero but a man sacrificing himself for what he believes in.
I like watching K2SO and Jyn’s salty banter.
I like squealing over Bodhi’s goggles and Cassian’s jackets.
I like Chirrut and Baze being totally freaking married all the time.
I like being amazed at how Chirrut takes out a unit of Stormtroopers with his staff all by himself.
I like being amazed at how Jyn takes out a unit of Stormtroopers with her baton all by herself.
I like laughing when Baze tells Chirrut, No, he did Not take them out all by himself.
I like Jyn being brave enough to admit and say she doesn’t want to be part of this fight.
I like that Bodhi is scared shitless the whole time he’s in Saw Gerrera’s hands, but is still speaking up and throwing it in his face That He Defected.
I like Baze saying that Cassian has the face of a friend.
I like hearing Cassian telling Bodhi to go back so he won’t see Cassian shooting Galen.
I like Cassian dragging Jyn away from her father’s body to save her.
I like K2 and Cassian being a perfectly synced team when maneuvering that ship through horrible conditions.
I like realizing that Cassian smiles for the first time after Bodhi comes back to himself.
I like Jyn quoting Cassian showing that she now understands what this fight is about and respects him for it.
I like seeing Bodhi never having been a fighter but a cargo pilot, and using his knowledge against the Empire to bluff their way through the shields.
I like Cassian giving his men strength and courage despite a clear disadvantage.
I like Cassian telling Bodhi he’s their only hope to get the transmission through.
I like Bodhi throwing caution in the wind and giving his damnedest because he needs to plug that cord in.
I like K2 sacrificing himself for his companion. For his longtime friend. For his only friend.
I like witnessing Cassian’s emotional reaction to the cease-of-existence of his companion. His longtime friend. His only friend.
I like being impressed by Cassian forcing himself up that entire tower while being injured just to help Jyn with the plans.
I like crying over Baze chanting Chirrut’s prayer in reverse as he holds him while breathing his last breath.
I like yelling Nooo! when the grenade rolls to Bodhi’s feet.
I like seeing the dead-set resolution in Baze’s eyes as he shoulders his blaster.
I like watching Jyn and Cassian hug at that beach and give each other strength and comfort in the face of death and disaster.
I like feeling my heart break as the whole planet goes down in flames.
I like hearing Leia tell me they gave us hope.

I like reading and writing stories where Cassian and Bodhi fall in love.
And I still like all the above.

Dear Y/N

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It’s been a couple of days since our fight and I’ve never regretted something so deeply in my life. I am going crazy baby, I can’t live without for a single second longer.

We were made for each other Y/N, what one us lacks the other excels in. I love video games, you love video games. I love cuddling, you love cuddling (to the point I think you were a Teady bear in a past life) I have no piatence with most things, you have the patience of a saint. (How do you manage to keep calm I have no idea. I’ve been convinced your some sort of a wizard for a long time)

While we balance each other out but we also like the same things, I like to work out you like to work out. you love to cuddle, I love to cuddle. I like to kiss you, you love it when I kiss your face. Baby there’s so much I could say but I need to get to the real important things.

I need you more than words could ever express, your the better half of me. You make me a better man. You can calm me down whenever I get frustrated, you know exactly what to do whenever I begin to lose my temper. You know exactly what to do whenever I’m angry or sad. You’ve been there through the highs and the lows and I know that we’ve still got a lot to work to do but I promise we are going to get through it.

I want to grow old with you, get married and have a family because one day we’re going to look back and tell our children about fighting for something is totally worth it.

Your my moon of my life.

Love you always,

Seth x

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Percabeth AU where they're single parents at a birthday party their kids were both at

  • it was Samuel Beauregard Beckendorf’s 6th birthday party and anyone who is anyone in Ms. Gardner’s kindergarten class was in attendance 
  • Percy was there with his daughter Jane 
  • him and his ex Rachel had never been married and broke up when Jane was 2 
  • Percy is head of the Community Outreach Department at Poseidon’s Palace, one of the largest aquariums in the country, and spends his days going to schools and hosting field trips, teaching people of all ages about marine wildlife conservation 
  • Annabeth was there with her son Marshall 
  • her and her now ex husband Luke had gotten together in college when their mutual best friend Thalia died in an accident and got divorced when Marshall was 4 because they realized their grief no longer bonded them the way it once had 
  • Luke had somewhat faded from the picture and Annabeth had to make sure to not let her job as a very in demand architect get in the way of being there for her son 
  • they bump into each other at the snack table, both grabbing for the last plate of nachos 
  • Percy graciously gives it up and Annabeth insists that they share 
  • they spend the next three hours chatting away, with several interruptions by their respective children 
  • when the party is over Percy thanks Annabeth for her company and carries a sleepy Jane away 
  • Silena, Samuel’s mom and Annabeth’s childhood friend walks up behind her, “That’s the DILF I was telling you about, isn’t he a total babe? I wouldn’t mind seeing his birthday suit” 
  • “Aren’t you happily married?”
  •  “Oh, very. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a beautiful man when I see one. Actually, it helps keep Charlie on his toes.” 
  • weeks go by and Annabeth can’t stop thinking about those beautiful sea green eyes, and Silena’s incessant questions about whether or not Annabeth has run into him don’t help 
  • then one day Annabeth gets caught in a meeting and is quite late to pick Marshall up from school 
  • all of her texts asking Luke to pick him up go unanswered and her uncle Chiron who raised her is out of town at a family reunion 
  • when she gets to the school she sees Marshall running alongside Jane, being chased by Percy 
  • she apologizes to Marshall for being late, though he seems unfazed and thanks Percy emphatically 
  • “No problem at all. It’s my day to pick up the munchkin and when I saw Marshall I just uh..” his face gets bright red 
  • “You what?” she asked, and she can’t stop to think too much about the hope that swells in her chest 
  • “I was hoping to run into you.” 
  • before she could respond, Jane tackled her dad, asking if Marshall and his mom could come get ice cream with them 
  • “I love ice cream!” Marshall interjects 
  • “I guess we’re getting ice cream” Annabeth says with a smile 
  • that ice cream turns into weekly ice cream which turns into weekly dinners and then that becomes dinner whenever they can see each other 
  • by Samuel Beauregard Beckendorf’s 7th birthday Annabeth can confirm that Percy’s birthday suit is quite wonderful 

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What's gatekeeping? .w.

When someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity.

“I love punk bands like Green Day!”
“Ugh, they’re not even punk. They totally sold out.”

“Oh man, I love Harry Potter. I am such a geek!”
“Hardly. Talk to me when you’re into theoretical physics.”

“Erika Moen is my favorite queer cartoonist.”
“She’s not queer, she married a man!”
“Quit your gatekeeping. No one died and made you Queen of the Gays!”

Rubiam Wedding Masterpost

curtesy of me, liamdarlinstewart and styleswift1989 in our rubiam squad group chat (special mention to rubysgem who was asleep and will have 934234234 texts tomorrow morning)

  • •rubiam wedding les do dis
  • •ruby suspects he’s gonna propose soon
  • •she even talks to chubs about it like pins him to a wall “TELL ME IF HES GONNA DO IT I NEED TO PREPARE” but he won’t talk
  • •she’s gettin ready to propose to him tbh she knows they both want to get married like wtf is wrong with him
  • •until liam shows up one day like “hello yes we’re going to the beach pack a bag”
  • •and rubys obv like ‘k’
  • •and she’s revving herself up to do it
  • •and then he gets down on one knee
  • •and she’s like 'nO’
  • •and then they cry
  • •both of them
  • • a lot
  • •like nerds
  • •chubs is the best man 
  • •zu is the flower girl 
  • she complains because ruby wants her to wear yellow or some shit but it clashes with her blue hair so she totally shows up in a sexy-ass floor length blue gown with spiky heels and ruby is almost mad but vida looks hella
  • and there are plenty of closets to build shelves at the venue
  • mixed with an open bar= chubs and vida building lots of shelves 
  • vida sticking her hand in his pants at the table AAHAHHA
  • chubs would be so bad at keeping a straight face too 
  • he would straight up moan or something and ruby would be like “sTOP THIS" 
  • liam would be crying during the ceremony and ruby would pull tissues out of her bra and hand some to him and he would be able to stop laughing the rest of the day 
  • LIKE fuck this where my flannel at
  • he makes ruby keep it in her purse like "this is essential" 
  • he tries to wear a flannel tie 
  • he would spend the whole time like "we should maybe disappear for a minute…” and rubys like “that sounds great but it’s our wedding and people would notice" 
  • "and then they would come looking for us" 
  • "do you really want chubs to find us having sex" 
  • and then they fly somewhere for their honeymoon and ruby falls asleep on him and the old lady sitting next to them sees her ring and is like "you’re a lovely couple how long have you been married” and liam checks his watch like “6 hours" 
  • 10 dollars he keeps a timer to the second on his fone
  • like he had chubs find the exact second she said i do
  • vida makes a drinking game out of how many times he says darlin
  • she gets very drunk 
  • vida catches the bouquet and she’s like "sHIT NAH” and throws it at zu and nails 
  • she still ends up getting married next
  • all their friends consider calling/facetiming them at some point but then they’re like “did they even bring clothes with them better not”
  • and vida tears up when chubs proposes and liam leaps from the bushes like “pAYBACK MOTHERFUCKER ARE THOSE TEARS I SEE" 
  • ruby is laughing so hard through all of this she can’t hold it together
  • okay but how many times has liam made a complete idiot out of himself just to make ruby laugh 
  • honestly ruby’s dress would be satin
  • I feel like it would be kinda simple but really pretty 
  • definitely satin okay you cant fuckin take that away from meE WITH A HUGE BOW IN THE BACK SAVE ME
  • OKAY BUT imagine her wearing a red dress that looked a lot like the one she wore in tdm to prom just modified to fit the situation more and Liams like "you look like you want to throw that thing in a fire" 
  • the amount of time liam lovestruckedly says the words "mrs. stewart” probably gets to the point where chubs is like “eNOUGH IM GOING TO THROW UP" 
  • when it came time to cut the cake there would be a platter of cupcakes too and liam would use his abilities to smash one into rubys face along with a piece of cake 
  • imagine them during their first dance Liam is just holding her really close and they’re barely even dancing just kinda swaying and he whispers in her ear how much he loves her the whole time and he’s just so lovestruck 
  • "liam stewart has always been a dumbass. at least, for as long as I’ve known him" 
  • "ruby is also a dumbass" 
  • "but I’m really glad they found each other because they really deserve each other" 
  • "I remember the day they met" 
  • "he called her darlin once and suzume bet me $7,000 they would be married someday" 
  • "I’m now out $7,000." 
  • oh my god liam dancing with zu would be so cute
Mise en Place

This is for @devereauxsdisease based on this post.  What was the cooking staff thinking when that entire pre-dinner party scene went down between Hannibal and Will in Sorbet?  Written from their POV.  Also on AO3

There were catering jobs and then there were Catering Jobs. And anytime Doctor Hannibal Lecter threw one of his over-the-top dinner parties, the staff of Prodiguer clamored to be selected as his sous chef for the evening. Everyone knew that a single night under the supervision of Chef Doctor (as he was playfully known) was worth an evening of dealing with 100 covers, three 10-tops, and a million VIPs. Hell, it was even worth more than one-month’s experience at any of Baltimore’s finest restaurants.

Estefania, Rebecca, Jorge, James, and Sam were the lucky picks this time around – Estefania being specifically requested by Chef Doctor for her exemplary work during his last event. She’d taken the part-time job at Prodiguer with the sole purpose of getting to work at one of Lecter’s events. She’d busted her ass to get to where she was, and a position at the Charleston was just within reach – if she could play her cards right.

Packing the van, the crew prepared for the event. The envious eyes of the others on them as they secured their food carts with plastic wrap.

“We’re not taking much stuff, are we?” Rebecca asked as Estefania looked over her list one final time.

“Chef Doctor always provides the protein, and a lot of the smaller, harder to find, items,” she replied.

“I wish he’d give us the name of his butcher,” James sighed as he carried in some hotel trays.

“He doesn’t wanna give it out?” Sam asked.

“No, it’s not that. We’ve never even asked. Too rude. Chef Doctor has a thing about rudeness,” Estefania replied, closing a cooler.

“Hey, why did he only hire sous chefs and no chefs?” Jorge asked as they began to walk toward the back door.

“Because he’s the goddamn chef,” James replied with a smirk.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you undoubtedly one of the strangest Rejected Princesses: Corn Maiden, mythological Native American figure. 

Corn Maiden figures into a vast number of tribe mythologies, all of which are slightly different from one another. This much is generally agreed upon across most of the stories:

  • Corn Maiden was a pretty neat lady who settled down with the tribe in question, a long time ago.
  • Somehow, whenever she was around, the corn storehouses would overflow! Corn for everyone! It was pretty great!
  • But, she warned, never try and check out why or how that’s happening.
  • Eventually someone did, only to find Corn Maiden secretly rubbing corn off her skin in the most delicious case of leprosy ever recorded. 
  • In some versions, it’s hinted that she was actually pooping it out into bucket after bucket, bag after bag, like a chunky firehose.

From there, one of two things happened:

1) The tribe chased Corn Maiden out of town, subsequently ran out of corn, realized their terrible mistake, and attempted to find her/make amends, or:

2) The tribe decided to kill her for witchcraft, at which point Corn Maiden was like, “Okay cool, but after you kill me, drag my gruesomely-murdered corpse around the field, and corn will pop up wherever you go. Taking one for the team here, guys!”

I probably don’t need to tell you which one is my favorite.

The variations across this legend are innumerable. In the Arapaho tradition, to get rid of her, they tied her up and tossed her in the river. In the Zuni telling, instead of the tribe as a whole driving her off, she was frightened off by the erotic gyrations of the male dancers – only to be later found, after the head rain priest climbed a giant tree to look for them, hiding underneath the shadow of a duck’s wing, deep in the ocean.

Undoubtedly the absolute zaniest Corn Maiden tale is the Tepecano version. Due to a lot of exposure to European cultures, their legend got warped into a sort of hyperactive medieval fanfiction that was easily twice as long as any other tribe’s version. Try and follow me here.

This guy, let’s call him Joe, is lazy and stupid. He finds Corn Maiden in a clearing and is like, “Hey God!” – yes, we’re talking Christian Jesus here – “can I marry her?” and God is like, “Sure why not.” So he marries Corn Maiden, despite never having seen her face or apparently talked to her. On the way to their house, a personalized cloud forms around Corn Maiden’s head, obscuring her features. She then retires to a private room the first night in his family house, and in the morning, it’s full of corn. How mysterious!

From there, it is a comedy of errors how poorly things go for poor Corn Maiden:

  • Joe’s mom makes some corn tortillas and burns the shit out of them, which in turn burns the shit out of Corn Maiden’s clothes and skin.
  • Joe starts cheating on Corn Maiden with a turtle, whom I cannot tell is actually human or a literal turtle. For hilarity’s sake, I am imagining a literal turtle.
  • The turtle makes some corncakes, burns the shit out of them, which, again, burns the shit out of Corn Maiden.
  • Joe then cheats on Corn Maiden with a raven. Again, picturing a grown man screwing a literal bird here. 
  • The raven then steals some grain, which pisses off Corn Maiden some more.
  • Corn Maiden, sick of Joe’s shit, runs off.
  • Joe goes to God on bent knee, promises he’ll be better, and God is like, “Okay, I believe you. Hey Corn Maiden, get back with Joe.” And she does. I mean, what you gonna do?
  • At this point, Joe is pretty curious as to what Corn Maiden actually looks like. So, despite being told – by God – in no uncertain terms NOT to look at her face, Joe waits until she’s asleep and lights a lamp. She is, of course, beautiful.
  • Joe then drops the lamp on her face, again burning the shit out of her.
  • Corn Maiden gets the fuck out of his house and runs off before someone else sets her on fire.

From there, it gets EVEN WEIRDER. Joe goes searching all over the world for Corn Maiden, but nobody has seen her, not even God. Eventually Joe finds her in the magical city of Merlin, where the wind does not blow. He then has to bust her out of Merlin prison, fighting off the palace guards in the process, alongside his buddy, Wind – who is an anthropomorphic embodiment of the concept of wind.

Told you it was like medieval fanfic.

Immediately after exiting the citadel of Merlin, Corn Maiden turns into a bunch of corn in a field, and says, “Hey Joe! Look after me for one month, I’ll be back, I just have to do this one thing.”

Joe makes it a whole fifteen days before getting married to some other girl. Who, presumably, was yet another form of wildlife.

At the wedding, Corn Maiden shows up, drags Joe up in front of God, and is like, “THIS GUY IS A TOTAL DICKBAG." 

God finally agrees and turns Joe into a weird vegetable-man-thing, with his head planted in the soil and his feet dangling in the air. 

Art notes:

  • Her dress is designed to look like corn, with the skirt being the eaves and the shirt being corn-patterned. In many versions, she was responsible for blue corn more than other colors, so I made the kernels blue.
  • Joe is visible on screen right.
  • Ducks are flying overhead, as she was found underneath their wings in the Zuni version.

Lastly: I would like to thank the inimitable Kate Johnson for suggesting Corn Maiden. Without her, this illustration would not exist.

Good Night Calls

Chapter 6

By @johnlockedslashprincess and @weetiebel

Chapter 5:http://weetiebel.tumblr.com/post/151310676700/good-night-calls-chapter-five

Delirious sighed with the door closing behind him. He just got back home, his bag hitting the floor with a silent thud and he heard the sound of his dog, Ted, jumping to the ground, his claws scratching the wooden floor.

“Oh, finally. Where the fuck have you been for so long?” Luke called from the living room; he had been looking after Ted whilst he had been away. Del was sure Cartoonz was going to kill him for not telling him anything about the fact he was staying longer than planned. Jon smiled when Ted came running to him and jumped onto him, licking at his hands.

“Hey, Teddy, how have you been? I know, I missed you too. I won’t go anywhere again, I promise.” He said, even though he knew he was lying as he was going to Evan’s wedding in just a few weeks time. Luke appeared in the doorway frowning at him.

“Do you know you were supposed to be back like a week ago? You could’ve at least let me know.”

“I’m sorry, Luke. I… had some troubles.” Jon looked at him with apologetic smile, not wanting to go into any further details.

“Oh yeah, like getting plastered at Evan’s and forgetting your phone there, I’ve heard something.” Luke said sarcastically. “You look like shit, dude. What did Ohm do to you?”

“Nothing.” Delirious sighed again, picking up his luggage from the ground and walking away.

It was the next evening when he decided to let it all out. He was at Luke’s house, sitting next to him on a sofa with a beer in his hand. They were playing Mario Kart just for fun and he couldn’t keep his thoughts off of Ohm.

“I think we almost had sex.” He muttered.

Luke turned his head towards him. He was used to Del talking random shit, but this caught him off guard a little. “What?”

“Me and Ohm. I got drunk at Evan’s party and he came to pick me up. I had no idea why actually. But I woke up next day, totally blank, with hickeys all over my body.” He took a gulp, feeling the crimson on his cheeks.

“Are you kidding me?” Luke raised his eyebrow.

“He told me he didn’t fuck me. And that I didn’t fuck with Vanoss. That’s all I know. I don’t remember anything.”

“That happens when people get drunk, Delirious. You say it like it’s the end of the world.” Luke said with a reassuring smile.

“And we also made out. Just a night before. With his sister and niece sleeping just a foot next to us while we were both sober. But we never said a word about it. Jesus Christ, it sounds fucking awful saying it out loud.” He wanted to slap himself for everything he’d ever done.

“Oh my god, you’re both idiots, you know that? You’re acting like you’re fucking fifteen, Jonathan. Why did you do that? I thought you were crying your eyes out because of Vanoss and now you’re… what? Sucking Ohm’s dick?”

“Yeah…” Delirious sighed, feeling a bit broken and a lot more confused than he’d ever been before.

“And how does Ohm feel about it?” Luke asked, and Jonathan’s gut twisted. He looked up, meeting Luke’s eyes. “Oh fuck off. Did you even talk about it?” He was raising his voice.

“No, he hates me. He doesn’t even want to talk to me.”

“Of course. And that’s why you got hickeys on your neck.” Luke shook his head. “You know, Delirious. You should try to get your head out of your ass for once and sort the mess both of you made.”

Delirious looked at him again, feeling like a child after an ass whooping. Luke was right, there was no sense in crying about it. But there was no way he was talking to Ohm right now. He was too much of a bitch to do it himself.

The days were passing by, Delirious was slowly getting back to his normal life, playing video games, recording and editing videos, keeping his mind away from the things that happened. He and Ohm haven’t played or even talked since he left the apartment and it was getting harder and harder every day to make himself talk to him. So he didn’t, and Ohm had never contacted him, so Jon presumed it was what Ohm wanted. To get rid of him.

It was kind of nice, to be back to his old life. Being able to talk to Evan how he used to before, their friendship had never been as strong as it was these days and he was actually happy to be his best man. He couldn’t wait to see him again, to see Sydney and all the guys.

He wasn’t letting himself wonder about what could’ve been different if he didn’t act like a total dick to Ohm. But he was missing him and hearing his voice every day before going to bed.

“So what’s the plan, dude?” He asked Evan one day after a long GTA gaming session. Evan’s marriage was just in a week’s time and they never talked about it since they saw each other at E3.

“Hmm?” Evan mumbled, his voice barely there. Delirious laughed, Evan was amazing but sometimes he was just fucking incredible.

“Earth to Vanoss. You’re getting married, you asshole. And you asked me to be your best man. I just wanna know what to get ready for.”

“Well, you know. A suit, nice pair of shoes and some pin up flowers. But I will probably take care of those. So your task is just the suit and shoes. And maybe a few words about how awesome I am and how much you owe me.” Evan laughed cheesily and Del laughed with him.

“I think I can manage that. Can I wear a clown’s mask?” Del joked and snorted slightly to his mic.

“You can do whatever as long as you come.” Evan said softly, Del could almost see him smiling and he couldn’t help himself but laugh even more.

“I was just joking, man.”

“Yeah… Hey Delirious. I was just… it may sound a bit stupid, but you never told me… Uhh.” Evan was mumbling to his mic and Delirious was frowning at his screen as he started editing the new material.

“Yeah? What?” Del asked.

“You know. About you and Ohm.” Evan explained.

“Oh.” Delirious breathed out, his head blank out of nowhere. He was trying not to think of him and his rabbit friend so hard he might’ve freaked out a bit, thinking about his glowing eyes that were piercing his mind and the strong hands that had touched his body so many times. “Uh, we… well. Nothing much happened, you know. Except me being a colossal brainless idiot and him being… angry.”

“I’m sorry, Delirious. I was just thinking, cause I haven’t seen you playing together since you got back from LA. And you seemed to be really concerned about him back then.”

“I was. I still am. But I don’t think he wants to talk to me anymore.” Del sighed, squeezing his temples.

“You haven’t talked to each other?” Evan asked in surprise.

“No. The last thing he told me was…” Delirious paused and laughed before speaking again, the irony washed over his body. “He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me in your bed.”  

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“No, I’m fucking serious, man.” He said when a message from Bryce popped up on his skype, inviting him to play some Rainbow Six. He said quick bye to Evan, glad he had an excuse to end the conversation, taking a few minutes to man up a bit before joining Bryce’s skype call.

Ohm slumped into his desk chair, Buddy following quietly behind him. He popped his headphones on and beckoned his poochie pal onto his lap, cuddling into him.

It had been almost a month since E3 where Ohm had done just as Del had suggested, and gone home after the fight. They hadn’t spoken since then, and it aggravated Ohm. He felt like he needed to apologise, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so, scared of even more heartbreak and rejection. So he had left it hanging, and by the way things were going, so had Del.

Bryce had asked him to join him in a game of Rainbow Six Siege. So he had agreed; the little gaming session definitely needed after his stressful day at work. However, what he didn’t consider was the fact that both Cartoonz and Delirious were in the call when he joined.

“Hey dude!” Bryce joyfully jeered into his mic, almost deafening Ohm as his sound was on full blast without warning.

“Hey.” Ohm replied, Bryce never failed to amuse him. He was always so happy and cheerful.

“We all decided to do another ‘dream team’ thingy, as we haven’t done one in ages!”

“We?” That’s when the realisation hit. He hadn’t even bothered taking a look at the list of names in the call, assuming it was nobody he had to worry about. But there it was, ‘H2O Delirious’. He took in a sharp breath as he read the name, and then read it a second time. He had been trying to avoid that name, telling his fans when they asked ‘why?’ that it was just coincidence they hadn’t played together, and that they would soon.

“Yeah, Delirious and Cartoonz, you idiot.” Bryce laughed, tutting afterwards causing Cartoonz to laugh.

“Are we really that unimportant to you!?” Cartoonz joked, pretending to sob. There was no way Cartoonz didn’t know about the ordeal. Why was he even talking to him?

“No, you’re not!” Ohm exclaimed a bit too loudly, causing Buddy to jump off to try and find a quieter place to nap. “You’ll matter.”

Bryce giggled, it sounded like he was shaking his head in disgust. “You’ve done it now, Ohm, they hate you.” Ohm knew he was joking, but it hurt. They probably did after what he had said to Del.

Cartoonz laughed. “We always have!” He joked again. Ohm was surprised Cartoonz wasn’t more forceful actually, being the older protective brother he was to Del. It was weird how mild the insults were. Maybe he didn’t know?

“Anyway, let’s get into this Goddamn game.” Del suddenly interrupted, causing Ohm’s heart strings to tighten a little. It had been so long since he had heard his voice over Skype. The only connection he had left with him was being a fan and watching his video. Not saying it was a bad thing, but it was definitely a demotion.

The gaming session became more tense as they started playing, like usual Ohm got ignored, but this time intentionally rather than in pure obliviousness. It hurt. Bryce ended up being the only one to call him out on mistakes and cheering him on, and after a while Ohm became quiet. Letting the other’s chat amongst themselves.

Del seemed to be his normal self, being silly and laughing his unforgettable laugh. God, Ohm wanted to see him again and hear his laugh in real life once more. He wanted to touch him again, brush arms with him, hug him, kiss him.


“Yes?” Bryce voice cutting through his thoughts. “What?”

“Weren’t you listening to me!” He exclaimed, giggling slightly under his breath.

“Well!” Ohm mumbled, trying to think of an excuse. But Bryce was having none of it.

“Who are you going to pick?”


“Yes ‘Who’, Ohm.” Cartoonz cried, chuckling. “I swear you literally lose your brain sometimes.”

Ohm scoffed, smiling to himself as he continued to listen to their moaning. There was a reason why he loved all of them. They were his best friends. He had forgotten what it was like to play in his little gang and he had forgotten the main point of it, friendship.  

They played well over 3 hours before saying goodnight; Ohm had been quiet for at least 2 of them. He hadn’t really had anything to say and was scared he would flirt by accident. However, this lack had caused Bryce concern.

‘Hey dude, you feeling alright? You were pretty quiet.’ He read the text message Bryce sent him.

Ohm wasn’t sure whether to tell him the reasoning behind it. He was scared for the first time in his life by Bryce. He didn’t want him to ignore him like Cartoonz and Delirious had through the video. Bryce was too nice to lose. But, he didn’t want to lie to him, didn’t want to disclude him from the group like he had been so many times. He didn’t know how much he could tell him about what had happened.

‘Look, I fucked up. Me and Delirious had a fight, like a big one.’

‘Oh, what about? It can’t be that bad dude… Can it?’

‘It was pretty bad… We haven’t spoken in a month, Bryce, a month.’ Ohm swallowed harshly as he read their conversation back to himself, scared he had made the wrong choice. What was he going to say if Bryce asked more questions? Bryce didn’t know about the whole Vanoss thing, hell, he didn’t even know they were at E3.

‘Oh, well, talk to him? Idk, I’m not good at this stuff.’

A sigh of relief left Ohm’s lips as he read, thank God Bryce wasn’t asking any questions about it. Bryce was such a nice person. Everyone knew it. Ohm had no idea why Bryce even hung out with him, he was like a beautiful flower among a field of boring grass, he really was.

‘Yeah, probably. Thanks Bryce, for being understanding.’

‘Sure, and just remember, no matter how bad it was, Delirious could never hate you; nobody could, Ohm. I’ll always be here for you, and so will our little team. We’ll have your back, even if there is a bit of conflict within. Okay?’

Ohm stared at his screen, amazed by the younger boys compassionate words. He didn’t deserve this, they didn’t deserve Bryce.

‘Okay! Thank you, Bryce. For being here. Anyway, I better let you go to bed. Have a good night, buddy, and thanks again, you have no idea how much you have helped already. Night :)’

‘Night :)’

And with that the green outlined tick disappeared into blank space and Ohm was left alone once again, however he didn’t feel so alone after Bryce’s kind words. Maybe this was going to be okay, maybe he could just say sorry and it all be better, maybe Del wasn’t as mad at him as he thought.

Ohm grabbed his phone off the side, scrolling to J - Jonathan.

‘Hey, you probably don’t want to hear from me tonight after that awkward gaming session, but I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for everything. I know I had hurt you, and I hope you can come to accept you did the same to me. But this isn’t about that. I don’t want our friendship to get ripped apart by all of this, and I sure as hell don’t want Bryce’s or Cartoonz’s relationships to falter either. I know you told Cartoonz about it, just as I have told Bryce something ‘happened’ between us. Luckily he didn’t ask questions and just accepted the fact something was wrong. I’m sure he was thinking how childish we were being, let’s be honest, this is Bryce we are talking about. Anyway, I’ve let this go on too long; this silent treatment and this text. So, yeah. I hope you can come to understand that this isn’t just about us, but about our little group. I don’t want to hurt anyone else.

I’m sorry.


Ohm added the final word, even though it was quite obvious from the text’s context who it was, in case Del had deleted him from his contacts. He sat there for a minute, maybe even an hour, checking through it to make sure he was conveying the right thing, and making sure it wasn’t too forceful; that was the last thing he wanted to be.

Finally, he called it a night, sending it and hugging his phone close to him just in case of that sudden buzz. But nothing happened. Not even a sound. So he popped it on his bedstand, and snuggled into his blankets, before drifting off to sleep.

Ohm bundled balloons into the back of his car before attempting to close the boot, only popping one in the process. It was Alex’s birthday, and Ohm was excited. He loved birthdays, he loved seeing people happy, especially Alex. She meant everything to him and more.

He jumped in, exhaling before starting up his vehicle. It was 5 am in the morning and he knew he had a long journey ahead. He wanted to surprise her before she got up - Susan’s idea - so he had gotten up extra early despite the ridiculous time he went to bed.

The drive wasn’t what was frustrating about it, it was the morning traffic around his home. Everyone seemed to get up early for work in the city, so he took a different route as he tried to make it in time, up a lane, along a housing estate. It was quiet, peaceful almost. Everyone still tucked under their covers, sound asleep. He felt bad for driving through the undisturbed neighbourhood.

Suddenly, this all came to an end in the moment he was driving through a crossroad and another car had come speeding along from behind a turn on the untouched morning road, plummeting into Ohm’s car as he drove around the unexpected corner. He saw the car by just a glimpse of his eye before he felt the energy of the two vehicles colliding into each other, his face getting hit by an air bag. All he could hear was the sudden crunch of metal against metal and then there was just a silence.

Dizzy from the unexpected turn he raised his head which had collided with the steering wheel to see a young man in front of him, around late teens, with blood running from his forehead and his body smashed in between the cars as his corpse had launched from his unbuckled seat. Ohm wanted to scream in terror, but he couldn’t, his voice was stuck. All he could do was stare, his blurred vision capturing the scene.  

His own head was bleeding, and his glasses smashed into the side of his face. He couldn’t feel his lower body as it was wedged, almost so tight he thought he was cut in half. His front windshield had smashed causing a rain of glass to fall over him. Everything hurt, he didn’t know what was wrong, and that was the worst thing of all. He started to panic, the dread of dying falling over him as he heard the shouts of people coming out of the houses to see. He didn’t want to die now, he couldn’t, not on Alex’s birthday. He didn’t want this to be the memory of him on her fifth birthday. This was just a dream, a cruel, messed up dream.

He began to feel sick, the blurred world spinning around him and black dots clouding his vision. He grabbed his phone, going to his emergency contact - Susan.

“Hey big bro, don’t tell me you’ve overslept and you’ll be late.” He heard her voice when she picked up, it was sleepy, but it was his sister’s voice and it made him feel so much better.

“Hey Sue, I’m not going to be able to make it to Alex’s birthday.”

“Ry-Ry? Why? Are you okay?”

“I….” He stumbled, choking on his words, what was he gonna tell her? “I had an accident.”

Susan choked on her morning coffee but Ohm couldn’t hear it anymore as his face hit the steering wheel and he let the phone slip to the floor, his body was submitting to the shock it had just gone through.

Susan was screaming at him but he didn’t know it, he was blinking to the darkness that was slowly embracing his vision and he was muttering the last words just for himself to hear before he lost his consciousness: 

“I love you so much.”

Part 7 coming soon 

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ok imma stop talking in anon just cuz. but like characterization and plot are my weaknesses so that's great. so are word choice and fluff and just writing so yea. men in lingerie is totally my kink like omfgggggggg if i was straight i wouldn't marry a man who wouldn't wear stockings and a corset once in a while holy shit but what if one day brendon and ryan decide to take that 30 day nsfw smut challenge but irl like omfg

Lingerie is the best……elaborate on the challenge thing please omg

n-wusman replied to your post: “I had a fucking terrible night, so I hope y'all had a better one. Does…”:

Renperor reacting/reflecting on his mother with rey?

I like this one.

Parents weren’t something they spoke about often. Hers were dull aristocrats from a boring, sun-filled planet. They had raised her with the sole purpose of marrying her off. His were both long-dead, ripped from his young adulthood by coup.

She sat with her back to the footboard, across from him. He had his lamp switched on though the sun had risen already, casting warm light into the room. He was frustrated, as he was every year this day came around. Moody and unpredictable, she knew better than to tease him.

“Do you want to talk about it?”


It was after dinner when he opened up just a little. 9:21 in the evening, the exact minute all those years ago when the messenger arrived. 

“It’s been almost twelve years.” He was standing at one of the windows, the bright lights of Coruscant outlining his dark robes. She stood at the door having just walked in, now feeling like an intruder to a private moment of grief.

“Does it hurt less?” She approached cautiously, fearing one of his moods.  To make peace, she offered him the warm cup of chocolate in her hands.

“Never. The feeling of helplessness expands.” He didn’t turn to her, eyes fixed on the outside buzz. “I was just barely fourteen. They’d been assassinated off-world and there was nothing I could have done. That war to follow was quickly over, but it didn’t bring either of them back.”

This was more weakness than she’d ever seen him display. “I remember hearing about it,” she said softly, unsure if she should take his hand for comfort. She had been eight when it happened, still too young to fully grasp the concept of death. “I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about now.”

“What were they like?”

He sighed and looked down through the glass, down into the bowels of the city. “My father was quick-witted and unable to sit still for more than a few months at a time. My mother was soft but stern. Commanding. She sat on that throne like she was born for greatness, and she proved she was.”

Leia, daughter of Vader. She’d been quite a force during her reign, so much so that Rey had read about her in history classes, had become very familiar with her late mother-in-law’s successes and defeats. She was more diplomatic than her father and son, but there was no shortage of her temper. Rey hoped they would have gotten on well, but there wasn’t a way to know.

“Every day, I try to be a little more like her. Take a little bit more from her style of rule, her policies. Perhaps one day I’ll be as strong as she.”

She took his hand now, moved in closer to his side. There was so much more to the man she married than he showed her, whole strings of dreams and wishes and feelings. Hopefully one day he’d open all the way up. “I think she’d be proud of you.”

“Thank you,” he said and kissed her brow. “That means more to me thank I can express.”


Joël: I’m over her. But I’ll never get over what she did. That’s why I hate her. Between her and my other ex I’m going to have trust issues for the rest of my life, and that shit really, really sucks.

Raj: Have you had any serious relationships in the past five years?

Joël: The longest was three months. Anyway, it’s better just to keep it casual. It’s not fair on them either if it’s always in the back of my mind that they’re going to cheat on me. I did meet this one girl the other day who I could totally see myself marrying, though-

He tells Raj about Nico. 

Raj: So you were doing her cousin? Man, that’s messy. No wonder the cousin was pissed. So what do you think she meant when she said you deserved each other? Maybe this Nico chick’s a convicted criminal or something. Hey, maybe she murdered her last boyfriend. Or chopped his dick off because he looked at her cousin. You’d better watch out, my friend-

Joël: It doesn’t matter because she’s not going to call me. I thought she was hot for me the way she kissed me at the festival, but she didn’t give me that impression today. She was friendly enough but I don’t know…something Abby said to her probably scared her off. Who cares. You know what? She’s probably just a prick tease. 

Raj: You know where she works. Go and ask her out. What have you got to lose?

Joël: Nah. Too stalkerish. She probably already thinks I’m a creeper. There’s plenty more fish in the sea, anyway. Like that blonde over there-

Raj: Which one?

Joël: The one on the couch. With the flowery dress.

Raj: I know her. She’s a waitress at one of the beachfront restaurants. From what I hear she’s very…friendly.

Joël: Good. I need friends.

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oooooooh okay steve/bucky fake married au, clintasha fake married au, hell jupiter/saturn fake married au cheesy fake marrieds bring me life

stevebucky always trumps any other pairing (also idk the timeline dont fucking ask me i wanted happy stevebucky)

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I Go Ahead and Smile

It’s midmorning and I’m posted up at the register book next to the double doors of the main chapel. It’s an hour before the service starts, which means the old part of town has started their arrivals. Visitations, rosaries and in-house services are a good excuse for chatter, gossip, and just generally checking in with one another. We see a rotating crew of the same cast of characters regularly. I try to compliment as many old ladies on their jewelry as possible when I’m working up front – their surprised grins always make my heart melt.

Half an hour later, I’m shifting uncomfortably in my blue suede heels. Pointy toed heels aside, my bunion has been acting up lately whether I’m wearing shoes or not, and my entire left foot feels like it’s on fire. I hear the ding of the side door open and spy a slightly stooped silhouette backlit in the doorframe.

I blink away sunlight through the dim as he approaches, his blue shirt the color of the sky right after a rainstorm clears. His watery eyes are a faded version of the same color, crow’s feet radiating out and hinting to a lifetime of full-faced smiles.

“Morning, sir. Are you here for Mr. Jones’ visitation?” I step towards him, wishing the movement would make the pain in my feet abate instead of causing it to flare white-hot up my shin.

“Yes’m,” he replies clearly.

“Right this way, then.” I extend an arm towards the register book, feeling like hotel concierge without the bellhop.

“Okay then,” he answers, reaching around me and cupping my elbow in the palm of his hand. “I’d follow you anywhere! You’re looking awfully gorgeous today.” The sentences run smoothly together, my octogenarian playboy squeezing my arm gently.

“Oh, thank you, you’ll make me blush,” I reply, feeling the heat rush across my collarbone and into my cheeks. With my funeral director pallor, you don’t need the eyesight of a teenager to see the red run rampant across my skin.

He lets go of my elbow and reaches for the pen, palsied hands shaking slightly. “You married?” The loops of his signature cross several lines, confident even in his handwriting.

“Not anymore,” I grin, acutely feeling the lack of wedding ring on my finger for the first time in months. Most old people – especially the ladies - cluck like hens at this point in the story, shaking their white curls (and hoping for the lurid details.) He just meets my grin with another one of his own. He must have been quite the troublemaker in his day.

“Wanna get married then?” He sneaks a peek at me with his baby blues as he finishes signing with a flourish, placing the pen back in my hand.

“Nope.” I’m firm on this, steel in my voice. “Not even a little bit.” The answer slips out before I can think about what my tone will sound like to a little old man.

“Great! Let’s go have some fun!” I can’t hold back a barking bellow of laughter at his total sincerity and he immediately joins in. The gathered hens in the foyer look over at us, our heads thrown back as we crack up. He winks and slips through the doors into the service, and for a moment, my feet don’t hurt even a little bit.