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Host: So, something you can say about season two?

Cole: I get a dog!

Roberto: Nooo spoilers!!!

Sarah: Cole has asked about Hot Dog more than anyone has ever asked about anything!

Roberto: The biggest fight I had with any actor on this stage, was with Cole, about Hot Dog. I was like, this is gonna break the artistic collaboration that I have with Cole. We didn’t talk for like three days. I was like, are we ever gonna get past this dog thing?

Cole: There was a breed issue.

Roberto: It was pretty intense.

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how about an enj who just kinda assumes that everyone's attracted to r so he doesn't really care that he is? like he genuinely thinks everyone wants to bang r, and he can't let himself think about one of his friends like that. then one time he's talking to courf and courf asks him who he'd kiss out of les amis and enj is like 'well r obviously, but who wouldn't' and courf stares at him. blinks. 'what.'

This is hilarious because I personally think that everyone would high key be down to do anything with Ferre like if you ask anyone they’d be like “yeah I definitely would”
But Enj is just
“What? No? I’d definitely kiss R tho I mean JUST LOOK AT HIM”

And like yeah maybe a few of them have made out or done something with Grantaire but no one was really


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i really don't see anything wrong with bill nye's show, the cringe is pretty funny. the message might be liberal but it's hardly wrong lmao.

You didn’t see anything wrong with how they treated anyone who had a differing opinion of them?

You didn’t see anything wrong with them talking about humanities on a science show?

You didn’t see an issue discussing limiting the number of kids people have, like China’s one-child policy?

You didn’t see him not actually doing science for the vast majority of the show, provide proof for his statements, etc, and think it might be something wrong?

You saw nothing wrong with an Indian guy standing up on a SCIENCE SHOW and mock white people for being gullible, stupid, culturally appropriating idiots?

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I don't understand why anyone would want Archie/Betty over Bughead? They're okay as friends, but they don't really have anything in common or have any romantic chemistry. Also, they don't really talk about anything real.

Preach, nonnie! I can understand especially if people were fans on the comics how they could want this iconic Archie and Betty relationship they’ve been in love with since they were young, but in this canon it was a fleeting crush, a nod to the original. You said it so perfectly - when they talk they don’t SAY anything to each other, and that’s the biggest difference for me when it comes to Betty and Jughead and why I love their relationship so much

Branches - Wicked Dragon Queen family

for @geeky-galpal who gave me all the Zelena thoughts last night. Lily and Zelena talk about Regina and Maleficent. 

also on Ao3

She thought if her sister fell in love again, it would be someone heroic: noble, foolish, endearing, disgustingly good. 

Not a villain. Especially not a villain who already has a child who happens to look a heck of a lot like her sister. Not that anyone else seems capable of noticing. 

Her little sister hasn’t, of course. Never really thinks anything through. 

It started when Regina was sick. Tonsillitis, which is funny really. Her foolish little sister gets thrown against walls, beaten to a pulp being damned heroic against whatever villain the stupid town has managed to antagonize this week, but it’s tonsillitis that makes her stay home. Ridiculous.

Of course, she doesn’t even tell Zelena. No, she hears about her sister being sick third hand at the diner from the not-so-Charmings and her nephew (who is still a bit jumpy because she did try to strangle him last year.) Can’t blame him for that. Still haven’t figured out how to apologize properly. Sorry, really hated your mum at the time didn’t know we were actually sisters who cared about each other. Blame grandma. She’s a piece of work that one.

“Well, it makes sense. Maleficent can’t catch strep throat.” Snow makes it sound perfectly logical that a dragon makes a good nursemaid and Zelena’s relieved there’s no space at her table so she can’t be expected to sit there.

Zelena rolls her eyes and shifts baby Robin to the other arm so she can eat. Bloody diner only has two high chairs and little Prince Neal basically has one on reserve. 

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ID #39874

Name: Paulina
Age: 21
Country: Germany

Hi! My name is Paulina ♥ I am polish but I live in Germany. I just got into penpals so I am very excited. I like animals and cute things. I am interested in learning languages(currently: German, Japanese, Korean, Swedish and Greek). I love to make friends so we can talk about anything that u want! I am very open-minded person.

Preferences: Anyone +17 would be perfect, preferably woman.

Translation: Myojo June 2017 – Yabu and Hikaru

Please credit if sharing.

Q1. How high is your percentage of being an “owl-like boyfriend”?

Yabu: Probably close to 100%. Especially the nocturnal part. To me, sleeping at 3am in the morning is considered early and for a later time, I sleep at 5am (laugh). I often reach home at 11pm at night, then it’s the bath right? After that, I do things which I like, like watch soccer matches or read manga. I also play games. And then it’s already 5am.

Q1. How high is your percentage of being a “reptile-like boyfriend”?

Hikaru: I am shy so I will give off a cool image to others when we meet for the first time. I think it is good if I could be like Takaki or Dai-chan and speak cheerfully to anyone but I can’t think of anything to talk about…. Even with people I am close with, rather than me talking, I prefer to listen. But I don’t think I have a dark characteristic of myself like a reptile (laugh), so about 70%. Recently I have started playing sports, and I have many interests and hobbies. Table tennis, tennis…. and sometimes I go to the batting centre too. Rather than doing muscle training alone, I prefer training and enjoying sports with others.


Q2. What kind of personality-like boyfriend do you think suits you with your character?

Yabu: Unexpectedly, I am a lonely person. So, probably a rabbit-like? When I eat with my friends and it seems to be ending soon, I say “Let’s order one more dish” and casually extend the time. And when it ends, I always talk on the phone with someone while returning home. I have a friend who is studying in New York, and so I can just call him in the middle of the night without worrying. Thanks to the time difference, it’s the daytime for him♪

Hikaru: Even though I say I am currently into sports, in the end I am still an indoor boyfriend. I love playing games and on my off days, I stay at home and watch American dramas like “The Flash” and “Walking Dead”, I also often watch anime with a sports theme.

Q3. The member who is most carnivorous?

Yabu: Everyone in the group is shy~ For the person who seems like an S and seems carnivorous, Yuto. He has appropriate interactions with people and he also talks on good terms with the staff.

Hikaru: Yuya. He is wild and because he likes the sea, generally his “male level” is high.

Q4. The most herbivorous member?

Yabu: Yamada I guess? He stays at home recently and does not have any interaction with the outside world. But rather than herbivorous, he is like a hibernating badger.

Hikaru: Chinen. He is shy just like me and doesn’t seem to be able to bring out his feelings well.

Q5. If you could provide as much as you could for your girlfriend, what would be your limit?

Yabu: As long as I like her, I will listen to all her selfish requests!

Hikaru: I wont complain even if she restricts me. I will be obliged to have constant contact, and even if she restricts who I meet with I am totally fine with it. In the first place, I don’t meet such people (laugh). But if it is a situation where she tells me not to go to an important meal which is related to work, it will be an obstacle to my work and I will think “Isnt she going abit too far?” And from there if she asks “Who is more important, me or your work?” I will probably get angry (laugh). I will tell her “Both are important! If my work doesn’t go well, I don’t have money to spend on a date!”


Q6. Something which a girl does to put you in a good mood?

Yabu: Rather than being in a good mood, if she cooks for me, I think I will be really happy. I am not fussy over food and I will eat everything while saying “delicious, delicious” so even if her cooking is not good, its okay!

Hikaru: It hasn’t changed since before, but I like girls who can cook well. I am not particular about the menu, and even if the taste is normal, I will be happy with her action of cooking for me.

Q7. Something which a girl does to put you in a bad mood?

Yabu: I probably hate it if she touches my face. Like pinching my cheeks. When something comes near my face, I will unconsciously dodge.

Hikaru: Burping or farting (laugh)

Q8. You are on a first date with a girl you like, and you found out that it is her birthday. How will you celebrate for her?

Yabu: If it is a girl I like, of course I will know about it before that day right! If I remember it on the night before, I will write a letter to her telling her about my feelings. I have stickers of soccer balls and shortcakes which I had collected when I was a kid, and I can use those! I will decorate the letter cutely. And when we are returning home from the date, I will pass it to her as a surprise.

Hikaru: We were supposed to go for a movie for our first date but I will suddenly change the plan and go shopping. Then I want to give her clothes which she likes as a present. Lastly, I will treat her to a meal at a good restaurant.

Q9. You don’t know the reason but your girlfriend looks sad. What will you do to make her happy again?

Yabu: Bring her to a place where the stars can be seen really beautifully, and say “Look at the sky. As compared to such a wondrous sky, our problems are just small! The universe is huge! So its okay” and comfort her! Somehow, it seems more like a car commercial (laugh)

Hikaru: I will call out to her “Lets play games!” When I feel annoyed, I play games to change my mood and I recommend enjoying yourself in a different world to escape reality for the time being.


Characteristics of an “owl-like boyfriend”

-He is nocturnal and so he can answer your calls and mails immediately even in the middle of the night

-Intellectual and intelligent

-When he is engrossed in something, he forgets about the time

Characteristics of a “reptile-like boyfriend”

-Very cool character

-Particular about individualistic interests

-Bad at a change in environment or situations he is not used to

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My friend just messaged me. How do I go about telling them that I can't talk right now without hurting their feelings because all I wanna do right now is curl up in my room and be dead to the world for a few hours. They get pissed at me if I ignore them because they know what I'm like but I really don't want to talk in depth about anything right now. Or talk at all. I love them but I physically just can't rn. I don't want to lose them as a friend. Please help

Just be like “hey, I’m not in a good place right now, I really love talking to you but I can’t really talk to anyone right now, I just need to be alone.”
Or lie and say you’re taking a nap or going to the movies

Be careful online

I feel paranoid going online now. Why? Well, my ex friend says they know where I live because of an ip tracker…I don’t know if what it told them was 100% correct but I still feel paranoid and I just want to say to everyone else, you should be careful about who you talk to and what you say. Not trying to scare anyone. Just letting you know.

Anyways. I am going to delete this blog after all. Please understand. It’s for safety reasons and not selfish reasons. I just don’t feel comfortable at all having this blog, knowing that this person used an ip tracker on me. And the fact that they know so much about me…I don’t feel safe…

[Edit] If you know who I’m talking about in this, don’t message them about it or anything that involves me. That will probably just make things worse.

Book festival invites be like:

Other authors: Oh, wonderful! Yes, I’d love to come and engage with the readership and delve with them into the deeper recesses of my very layered and important work!

Me: Okay, some things right up front:

1) Does this mean I have to know what I’m talking about? Because I’ll be honest, I usually just make shit up as I go along. I’m not a real writer, not one of those proper ones who have big ideas and things they want to say. I just pretend to be one for tea money. I don’t actually have any gems of genius to impart, or anything. I honestly don’t know why anyone would want to listen to me blather on. Am I selling myself so far? Yes? Oh good, my publisher will be pleased.

2) I am going to get one of these stab vests to wear, right?

3) Are you expecting me to actually speak? Like, out loud? To people? Who are in the same room as me? Can’t I just… Skype? On audio only? That would probably be better for all concerned. Let’s do that. Or how about we get an actor to play me? That’s a good idea. Get Kate Mulgrew, she’s awesome. And also, a fantastic writer. So hey - why not just ask her? There you go. Much better idea. They’ll actually know who the hell she is, for starters. Sorted. 

Well, the hands are mine. And the boots are also mine. They were just kinda poking out. There’s not anything too crazy. I think that’s fun though [people putting too much thought into the cover], I like when people do that. I think that’s why I never tell anyone what it kinda means. I think it’s nice for people to kinda take away what they see and things.
—  Harry talking about the “Sign of the Times” cover

I miss you.

You’ll probably never see this but, I miss you. I really do. I miss you more than anyone I’ve ever lost. I miss you so much it hurts. I miss you so much my heart aches. My head hurts from thinking about you all the time. I just miss you so much.

I miss us. I miss how we used to be. I miss our eight hour long conversations on the phone and our little secret adventures we’d go on that only we knew about. I miss us together. I miss the days where we were to lazy to do anything but hold each other. I miss waking up at 3 am to talk to you because your mind wouldn’t let you sleep.

I miss your smile. Something about the way your lips would curve ignited something in me. Whenever you’d glance at me and smile, my heart would skip. I miss that. How you’d sneak glances at me whenever you could. Even though I never understood why, I loved it. I miss our energetic mornings and our lazy evenings or the days where you’d drag me to some new restaurant because, like you’d say “The food is to die for.”

Overall, I miss you. Everything about you, from your smile to the mole on your thigh. I miss the shade of your eyes and freckles on your cheeks. I miss everything thing about you, but the one thing I miss the most is your heart and your mind.

—  quotes-134, I miss you.

I used to be the kind of person who whenever people told me they didn’t like girl groups, I was like, “Oh okay, I can respect your opinion,” but I am honestly at the point where I can’t do that anymore. I’m so tired of hearing my fave idols get slandered because someone made a judgement based off of two girl group songs they heard 10 years ago. If anyone said anything remotely bad about boy groups, those fans would lose their shit, but girl group stans are expected to sit there and take it. They have to listen to people calling their faves sluts, untalented, etc. They have to listen to people complain about sexy and cute concepts when boy groups can do bad boy concepts out the ass and not get any shit. They have to listen to people talk about how their faves “can’t dance” and how “annoying” their voices are. And if a girl group stan says anything about it, the rebuttal is always, “Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)).” I’m not respecting an opinion that is based off of poor judgement and ridicules women. I’m not respecting an opinion that is hypocritical and disrespectful to another human being. Female idols deserve respect and I’m so tired of having to fight for people to see how talented they are. I’m so tired of having to say this shit over and over just because people refuse to treat female idols like humans. Girl groups deserve so much better.

Christopher Robert Evans is dangerous okay, he’s a dangerous man, because look at him, he’s annoyingly handsome, he’s built like a firefighter, he’s capable of growing a truly magnificent beard - he’s intimidatingly good looking. But he also is 35 years old and organises game nights with his friends bc he genuinely loves game nights, he gets so overwhelmed talking about his sports hero that he knocks over glasses of water, he’s smart and woke as hell and constantly educating himself on issues, he says things like “anything can be romantic, a nice sunset, y'know”, his dog shares a pillow with him and they wake up face to face,,,,like Chris Evans is dangerous bc I don’t think there’s anyone else quite like him out there but I don’t want to settle down with anyone unless they approach life the way Chris does

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*slams hand down on table* hey I like ur voltron head canons can u plz post some more thank u

ur welc

  • [anyone does anything] “nice power rangers reference”
  • lance is actually a really good listener
    • he doesn’t really look like it?? but even when he seems like he’s zoning out, he’s at least half-listening
    • and since he’s surrounded by geniuses who usually talk through complicated problems out loud, he sometimes picks up bits and pieces that come in handy
    • so sometimes someone’ll be complaining to lance about a problem and he’ll be like “well have you tried (x)?” and it’s like. what. how did you know how to do that
    • *lance voice* “i have an approximate knowledge of many things”
  • hunk is a steely-eyed missile man
  • several weeks into her altean education pidge can identify a bunch of obscure (and terrifying) altean animals but still doesn’t know how to say “hello my name is pidge”
  • shiro doesn’t care or anything but lowkey whenever coran calls him “number one” he’s like- he’s not smug about it but–
  • keith tries to figure out how to bond with red by watching hunk with yellow
    • rumor has it that if you wander the castle at 3am you’ll hear keith going “uh… who’s a good kitty?? you are!!… am i doing this right are we bonding red”
    • but that’s just a rumor of course shut up lance you have no proof
  • someone: [wiggles their ears] allura: “……what the fresh hell”
How to keep someone safe through drug addiction

Here are a few things I have learned to keep my partner safe while using. This may be controversial to some people or described as ‘enabling’ but I think knowing what to do and what not to do will save lives for sure.
Drug addiction is a crippling, awful thing and I do not advise anyone to take any drug without extensive knowledge and precaution.
However if you want to keep the people you love safe then these things may really help, especially in life saving situations.

This has caused deaths in many cases because when using opiates the body goes into respiratory depression (slowed breathing) and it makes it much harder for them to breathe and much easier for them to choke if they sleep on their backs.
Wake them up if you have to. Turn them into the recovery position (on their left or right side, hands away from the face, legs crossed) and make sure there is no obstructions in their mouth. Keep checking up on them throughout the night, if you can, invest in a blood pressure monitor just for peace of mind to check their pulse isn’t too low. I know the normal range for my boyfriend, and can see on there if it’s anything abnormal.

Whilst using, they are not in a normal frame of mind, ie: breakfast lunch or dinner aren’t going to be a priority when they are withdrawing or high / fully sedated. The ideal amount of water to consume in a day is 2.2 litres so try and get them to have a few glasses of water every now and then. Check their temperature and if needed get a cold flannel to cool them down, this can help with withdrawal.

This may seem obvious, but those trips to the clinic or the hours trying to score can be really draining mentally as well as physically for someone, especially when they are withdrawing. Knowing you are there for them, holding their hand and being there will make a world of difference. Your love and support will encourage the person in recovery because it will give them something to fight for if they know you are there helping them and shining a small light on a really dark situation.

These are a list of basic symptoms my partner experiences and are common as well.
- irritation/irrational anger
- sweating
- nausea and diarrhoea
-panic attacks
-high blood pressure
-severe migraines

What I mean by this is, most people using drugs have pretty bad mental health and are struggling mentally foremost, but this is a catalyst for poor hygiene, bad physical health and emotional withdrawal.
Try and get them to go for a walk every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Fresh air and exercise is the best medicine next to good nutrition.
Help them tidy up, wash and clean themselves. It’s likely their living space is going to be dirty so where you can, put things in the bin, get rid of any used needles or bloody tissues and make sure they are tied up in a big rubbish bag and disposed of. Get them any deodorant or nice products to help them with good self care as this can be a real help in recovery as well. When I’m not feeling good a shower and a shave always makes me feel better.
Try and get them to talk about how their feeling, if it’s good or if it’s bad, and just listen. I’m not asking you to be a therapist, just be there when they need someone to share their pain and to emotionally support them. It will do wonders for their self esteem and also recovery.

Drug addiction is a life long battle this person is going to have to deal with. Just like any disorder or addiction it is going to take a lot of work and a lot of time and effort and a want to get better. This means their needs will have to come first when they are seeking help, especially in the beginning. If you want your loved one to get better you are going to have to accept your me time will be put on hold for a little while and things you have to do will have to be moved around in order to help the person suffering. Remember it is them going through this, but also you, so when you get a chance do take some time for yourself and remind yourself what a great job you are doing by taking care of them in this time if need. You are literally saving a human beings’ life, I don’t know anything more rewarding than that.

What I mean by this is, don’t shout about it to everyone you know that this person is going through drug addiction. It’s terrible enough as it is, without people talking about it and making them feel even worse about themselves. They will be much more likely to use / hurt themselves if they are made to feel ashamed or guilty about their problems. That’s not a place I would wish anyone to be. The people they care most about will be informed, and if that’s you then consider it a privilege that they have chosen you to be someone they can confide in.

If you see any signs in your loved one which worry you or make you feel concerned, do not hesitate to call the emergency services. That is what they are there for.
If someone is nodding out on opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine,
oxies etc) check their breathing and shake them a little just to make sure they are okay. If they go anywhere by themselves whilst high be sure to check on them for example in the bath they could nod out and drown if left alone for too long.
If you know they are on drugs and have passed out on the floor and aren’t responding, check their pulse and immediately call an ambulance. This is when it is essential to get help. Do not hit or try and shake them vigorously as this can cause brain damage. Wait for the emergency services to arrive.

If your loved one is an opiate user, CARRY NALOXONE! And learn how to administer it. Naloxone will completely reverse all side effects so if they are not responding this will bring them back to a sober state but they will be fully withdrawing. Call emergency services straight after administering the naloxone.

I can’t think of anything much more to add other than just to love these people and to treat them as you would anybody else who is suffering and in pain. Your love will help them, no matter how tough it seems, no matter how many sleepless nights and no matter how drained you may feel, I promise you it is worth it when you keep these people safe and alive.

From A, with love x
P.s my ask box is open for any questions or help with keeping your loved one safe through drug addiction.

Voltron's Josh Keaton, Jeremy Shada, & Kimberly Brooks
Voltron's Josh Keaton, Jeremy Shada, & Kimberly Brooks told us their favorite character moments from Season 2. * ‘Voltron Legendary Defender’ Gets Season 3; ...

Ok…not to freak out or anything but did anyone else hear that last part Jeremy Shada said? 

Specifically the “shoot first ask questions later” part? 

Sound familiar?

Right. And it was in reference to him flirting….so i’m not freaking out you’re freaking out this is fine.