i will talk to you after i wake up if i have the chance

I definitely think that Anne (possibly) getting a tattoo at the age of 49 means something. If you spend 31 years without one (and have Harry Styles as your kid) and suddenly wake up one day, less than a week after one of your closest friends/family passed away, and get a one, chances are it’s related to that, even if it’s just a matching tattoo with your daughter/kids because your friend’s passing moved you to it.

But can I please ask you to lay off her? I’m not talking about speculation on your blogs. That’s your issue. I’m talking about her and Gemma’s social media. Please, leave them alone. This is a moment of grief.

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Hello !! I'm completely addicted to your blog and I just really love your writing ! <3 I was wondering if you could do a hc of the RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having Sleep Paralysis? It's something I terribly suffer from.. I know it's a really stupid request haha, but I was just curious ^^ ! I hope your having a great day/night, my pal ! Thanks for taking the time to read my request ❤️

hi hi, thank you so much, you´re super sweet?! <3 aah sorry, had that half a year, its terrible. now i just have nightmares where i know im dreaming, but whenever i try to wake up, i wake up in another dream.. 

i hope it will pass soon <3 


-will definitely overreact and call his doctor and demand he do something about it. 

-after talking to the doctor about it he will straight up make a schedule to reduce the chances of getting it, like

-go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time every day

-buy you equipment so you can exercise every morning, and never before bed time. 

-will make you tea instead of coffee, and other things with caffeine in them

-he´ll literally stop drinking coffee altogether to make it easier for you. 

-taking a hot bath before going to bed is also a good idea, and jumin will be sure to draw a bath for the both of you before bed ;)) 


-with his irregular sleep schedule and smoking, it would be a wonder if he hasn’t experienced sleep paralysis at least once

-his idea of a “cure” is more cuddling, and also hair petting till you fall asleep 

-it doesn’t really help much, but he´s trying his best and just him knowing, helps a bit

-he´ll come home with bags full of tea claiming to be “stress reliving” 

-and make you both a cup every evening, he puts wayy too much honey in both tho, it´s always super sweet 

-”dont you worry, if you get scared just remember your knight is right beside you, ready to fight of any monsters who dare show themselves, in front of my princess!” 


-is terrified when you tell him about the things you´ve seen while having sleep paralysis 

-he´ll make you food that is super healthy, because he read somewhere that it helps a lot. 

-will bring home a huge teddy bear claiming that the bear will ward off the “nightmares” 

-whenever you have a new period of experiencing sleep paralysis he´ll bring home a new stuffed animal

-eventually your bedroom is filled with teddy bears and stuffed animals, its super cute and does seem to help a bit 


-oh my she is the best caring girlfriend ever

-she will make you hot cocao every single evening, and draw a bath for you, coming home with tons of bathbombs so there´s a bit of excitement

-will remind you she´s a black belt everyday, its a bit silly but she´s so cute you go along with it 

-playing pretend in that way eventually ends up actually helping you, and the periods between your sleep paralysis episodes stretches longer and longer 


-is so silly about it, his way of comforting you, is by joking about it 

-he´ll install weird traps in your bedroom, claiming the monsters will get caught in them. 

-will put a sign up at the door saying “no monsters, trespassing means DEATH!!!” 

-will put christmas lights up in your room, so it isnt dark. and glowing stars on the ceiling.

-”I defender of justice 707, will protect you from any trespassing monsters! fear me!” 

-whenever you´ve had a full night of sleep, without paralysis he´ll loudly exclaim “HAH, told you they are cowards, mc!” 


-will encourage you to tell about it bc “they dissapear when you tell people about them”

-will also buy a night light for you, hoping it´ll help. 

-he´ll buy ridiculous amounts of herbal teas! 

-and offer to set up a camera filming at nightime bc “anything that doesen´t show up on camera doesen´t exist 


-same. he has it almost every night as well.. ‘

-you two put together a better sleep schedule, as well bathe together every evening, with bath bombs….saeran loves bath bombs

-you two will wake each other up whenever one of you has had an episode, and talk it out before going back to sleep 

-just knowing you´re not alone in it helps a lot.

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some kenkage if you have time? i love them so much ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

i jump at ANY chance to talk about KageKen, my first rare pair, my love, my awkward babies, my kageken OTL


  • (I’ve shared this HC before) Kageyama sleeps really early (for his height!!!), and Kenma sleeps pretty irregularly, either super early or super late.
  • When Kenma sleeps really really late, he’d crawl into bed and wrap his arms around Kageyama’s middle and rests his head on Kageyama’s back
  • Kageyama would wake up with a cat attached to his back
  • Kenma is usually the big spoon though. I have this mental image of Kenma playing games late into the night while Kageyama snores softly in his arms. Like after a long day of volleyball practice, Kageyama would literally collapse (super satisfied) into Kenma’s lap or arms.
  • but sometimes when Kenma is having a bad day, or when he’s been stimulated too much during the day, Kageyama would be the big spoon, and wrap Kenma up in an excessive amount of blankets, and give him a milk box and even offer to run out to buy him pork curry rice, even though Kenma isn’t really that interested in food.
  • Kenma appreciates the sentiment though.
  • They’re both pretty shy when it comes to showing affection in public,  but Kageyama shows more.
  • When they meet up he’d lean down and kiss Kenma’s cheek lightly before pulling away with a blush (he, eventually, can do it without blushing right down to his neck, but it takes a bit of time)
  • He really loves carding his hand through Kenma’s hair. It’s soft and long, and sometimes Kenma snuggles against his palm and it makes Kageyama’s heart go boom
  • Kenma not stuffing his hand into his pocket so Kageyama could hold it if he wants. The first time he does this he doesn’t look at Kageyama and Kageyama doesn’t catch on. But the second time he brushes his fingers against Kageyama’s and then he gets it
  • Kenma stretching up slightly to kiss the side of Kageyama’s neck, right near his pulse (ʘ‿ʘ)  he’d then press his forehead against Kageyama’s collarbone, the tips of his ears tinted red

I freaking love this ship so much


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1. I would love to dye my hair 50 different colors at the same time. But right now I’ll stick to red.

2. I was born in Poland. I have family in the UK, the USA and Germany.

3. My BFF and I didn’t like each other at first. Only after 7 years at the same school we bonded over BSB. ^^

4. Music (especially KPOP) is a HUGE part of my life. I listen to music NON STOP. On my way to work, when I am out and about, at home. I hate the silence. I dance every chance I get. ^^

5. I draw from time to time. More or less. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not. LOL

6. My workplace is 120 km away from my home. I wake up at 5 am every morning and go there by train.

7. Sailor Moon 4 LIFE.

8. I still have my teddy from when I was 4 years old. His name is Teddy.

9. I would love to have pets, a dog, a husky (maybe one day), but rn I am too busy and my apartment is too small. ;_;

10. I love cooking. Rn I am very much into the Asian cuisine and I make ONE HELL OF Ramen. :D

I tag everyone who wants to do this! Please do this! It’s really fun! I would love to know you better! :D

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✈️ what is your dream city and why?

mmm idk im actually more of a small town person?? like cities are Very Cool but they stress me tf out

☕️ talk about your ideal day

wake up at 11, go to some pretty place (like the ocean, forest, anywhere nice) with a person i love, hang out there for a while and talk about stuff, maybe listen to some chill music and have a picnic for lunch, then find some cool local shops and hang out there some, nd then come home and eat pasta (with cheese, bc after a Rlly Nice Day like this i wouldnt want a depression food like plain pasta yknow?)

🌸 are you an introvert, ambivert or extrovert?

ambivert i think

🎵 name 5 songs you love at the moment

outside with the cuties - frankie cosmos

fool - frankie cosmos

cocoon - milky chance

true sadness - the avett brothers

just like heaven - the cure

⚡️ if you had any superpower, what would it be and why?

teleportation obViously its so cool and convenient man

💛 if you could talk to your younger self, what would you say?

alright so first of all ur fuckign gay as shit. also be honest w ur mom abt ur dad. hes an asshole and deep down u know how bad he is but ur too scared to do anything. but u gotta. trust me. also be nicer to topaz. shes really great and the best friend youve ever had DONT take her for granted esp when ur dating rozzi (also jsut dont date rozzi u never loved her) u fuckin FOOL cant u see shes treating topaz like SHIT and ur not doing ANYTHGIN got dam use ur fuckin eyes man. ur mom loves u and she never tried to do anything to hurt u. ur dad is lying. yell at him more. take no shit. the stuff u think might be weird and a lil messed up abt ur dad is DEFINITELY fucked up and u should do something abt it. and that thing u think miiiiiiiight be sexual abuse is absolutely sexual abuse tell ur mom. jeremy is really nice. 2016 is gonna be a real bad year but youll be okay. grandma dies and its really sad. mom gets fired. its really hard. you might think u have to stay w ur dad bc of financial stuff but dont worry u dont itll work out. ur dads not gonna change. u gotta get away from him man. itll be really really hard and u might have to go into an outpatient mental facility but the people there are really nice and itll be a Good Time and ur gonna b okay. ur gonna b great bruh good luck.

His fingers mindlessly traced small circles onto my knees as he asked about my day, wanting to know everything that happened from the moment I woke up to the present. After rambling off all boring aspects of my day and apologizing for the drag of a story, he smiles a brilliant smile that makes me blush furiously. “Nothing you say is ever boring, I love talking to you.” Before I have a chance to speak he leans forward a presses a long kiss against my lips, leaning back with a lazy smile. “I miss talking to you.” He breathes before kissing my cheek.

A shiver wakes me, dragging me from the dream that had felt so real. Tears pooled in my eyes as I sat up, bringing my fingers to touch my cheek.

You’re not over him after all.

—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write - “when you think that you’re over him” // E.I.C

I’m not someone you fall in love with.
I’m the girl you find in the Fall and get sick of by winter. I’m the girl you make empty promises to. I’m the girl who holds onto those promises. I’m the girl who wakes up every morning missing you not knowing if you miss her instead. I’m the girl you stay up until 3am talking to and then the same girl who doesn’t get a good morning text. I’m the girl who gives you second chances because I believe we can make this work. I’m the girl who’s not brave enough to tell you that I’ve loved you since November and still loved you in February…even after you told me you had feelings for him. I’m the girl you use. I’m the experiment. I’m the trial and also the error. I am the girl who breaks her bones while crying into a pillow. I’m the girl who smiles at strangers because they might have it worse than me.

But I’m the girl you fucking leave.

—  I don’t want to love you anymore

for tegoshiyuya because ♬ everything i do, i do it for youuuu.♬
also for kuraikurage because you’re such a great person.
This is set in season 1, before and after episode 12?

The witch tells him, “Boy, you have pain coursing through you. Every single breath you take is made of sadness and despair. Let me help you.”

The witch tells him, “Let me help you find happiness.”

The witch tells him, “The lost chance you regret, let me give it back to you.”

He wakes up in his 13 years old body, at the side of the road, in front of a familiar railway. He knew exactly what date it was, knew exactly what he was supposed to do.

When he sees Haruka on the other side of the railway, he pastes on a huge smile, a smile he wouldn’t have been able to make if he was really 13 and lonely from being away for too long. He smiles and shouts, “Haru!”

He watches the way Haruka smiles, the way he pouts, the way he so obviously misses Rin.

He says, “I’ll be staying in Japan for a few days. Wanna hang out some time?”

When Haruka smiles, eyes shining, Rin knows he’s got this.


He spends those days with Haruka, going jogging with him in the morning, swimming with him when the swim club is about to close. There, he sees Makoto and Nagisa, and promptly asks both to hang out, too. Gou sneaks into their conversations, and before long, Sousuke is in on it too. Rin can’t help the blast of happiness he feels when he thinks about how even when he goes back to Australia, the people he loves would be waiting for him together right here.

The morning before he rides his plane, he tells them, “I’ll write to you. Make sure you write too, okay?” He offers them a cheeky grin, a peace-sign and then he runs off.

He writes himself a short letter, because he’s not sure how much of this was his memories and how much would be the younger Rin’s. He doesn’t want to backslide now when it’s so crucial.

He falls asleep on the plane.


When he wakes up, it’s to the feeling of lips on his forehead. And when he opens his eyes, he sees Haruka’s blue eyes staring right at him.

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