i will talk to a founding father at all costs


Merry Christmas, froggydarren!

This is my very first secret santa and I’m so happy I got you! I wrote you a fluffly sterek drabble that’s slightly a fix-it piece for the angst of season five. I really hope you life it!! Happy holidays <3 :)

The fall has passed with bloody hands a broken heart. He’d lost his pack and almost lost his father. Thanksgiving had been spent in the hospital, waiting to hear news on the sheriffs condition and avoiding Scott at all costs. He wasn’t ready to talk yet, after Scott had obviously found out that Theo is in fact a sociopathic little shit after his pack. Usually Stiles would’ve relished in being right, he was definitely an I-told-you-so kinda of dude, but all he felt was numb.

He went to school even though he knew they would’ve excused his absences given the circumstances but he needed the distraction. Plus he’d been doing pretty horribly all year so he needed the time to make up for his shitty academic performance.

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