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Top 5 reasons to love Zendaya


1. She stands up for herself, what’s right and who is right - despite any negative backlash she knows she will receive. 

2. She’s very socially aware and she looks out for younger audiences and takes in mind the demographic she has + she uses her platform for good, to spread awareness.

3. She stepped up Disney’s game and demanded there be representation in her show. She didn’t settle for them making her stereotypical, she didn’t want them to give her talents that a teenage girl wouldn’t exceed in while in high school. 


5. Actual Feminist - cares about all types of feminism 

in conclusion: i love zendaya

I love you! (ノ´ з `)ノ I love your works! I’m so happy to have found your blog!  I give you these doodles of mine ヽ(o_o(・_・ )ゝas a token of appreciation and as a tribute to the ship! I might be playing too much dating sims games .  Anyways! thank you tolerating me and take care! don’t stress! eat sweets! and get lots of hug!

SM TOWN OFFICIAL JAPAN NCT describes other members: DOYOUNG

TAEIL: (Oldest hyung) In my point of view, he has the biggest heart and body. Reliable hyung.

JOHNNY: (Mate) He’s a precious mate who I want to talk various kind of things with for a long time. Johnny hyung.

TAEYONG: (Best friend in 10 years) We are already good friends but I think we are getting closer as time goes by. I know it’s gonna be you in the end. (laughs)

YUTA: (Healing) He heals me just staying by his side. He gives me an energy.

TEN: (Friend) The only friend of the same age. He’s funny. I feel relaxed when I’m with him.

JAEHYUN: (CUTE!) Jaehyun is cute. His personality, heart, everything about him is cute. He’s a little brother who I want to take care of.

WINWIN: (Love) “Winwin is love.” This phrase perfectly fits him.

MARK: (No need of explanation) THE BEST. I need only these two words to describe him.

RENJUN: (Charming kid) Versatile and full of charm. Cute Renjun.

JENO: (My little brother) He’s really like my cute little brother. I appreciate his pureness. I’d love to pay for his meals whenever it is. He’s so gentle.  

HAECHAN: (Roommate) He’s the easiest to be with. Thank you for always listen to me well, Haechan.

CHENLE: (Real CUTE) Chenle, you are seriously incredibly cute. Your heart aegyo never leaves my mind.

JISUNG: (Forever maknae) I think he’d be always cute no matter how much time passes.

source: SMTOWN OFFICIAL JAPAN (20170818 updated)

translation: NCTimezone

there was one cop though, when i was institutionalized because of my mom’s abuse, who was stationed in the hospital to watch us in the room to make sure we didn’t try to do anything, who sat there and listened to me talk about my mom for a good hour or so…

… and then he handed me a tiny piece of paper with a number and a name on it, and he said that it was a good friend & lawyer he knew who could help me, and to not tell anyone he gave it to me because it’s against the law for him to do that.

and that’s what i think a cop should be, if we have to have them. seeing injustice and taking the time to lend a hand because it’s what he thinks is right. i won’t ever forget that kindness and it was a crucial point in my life to realizing that there are people who care and people who believe me about my mom’s behavior… which, at the time, was completely foreign to me. i know better now, but it kept me going for a while & gave me hope.

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do you ever get overwhelmed by how complex dean is. i love him.


That’s why I have so many gifset series going on I can’t even keep up anymore. :P And honestly, it’s why I started my misconceptions series because Dean is so freaking complex that I think people misunderstand what they’re seeing or start getting confused by fanon Dean vs. canon Dean. He’s deep and layered and complex and it’s the reason I immediately fell in love with him. He comes off cocky and devil may care when we meet him in the pilot, but that’s destroyed five second later when he tells Sam he doesn’t want to look for John without him even though he can. We get this guy who seems like a huge flirt who could never keep a relationship and yet we are shown over and over again that he knows what it takes to make a good relationship work (tells sam right in the pilot in fact that dishonesty is a no go) and fact, Dean is a monogamist if I’ve ever seen one. Hell, we already see him having loved and lost a serious relationship by the 13th episode. 

People see him as someone who hates to talk about his feelings, and yet we have him telling Sam he can’t trust people since Cas betrayed him, asking advice about his mom, telling his brother sublimation is his thing, admits his loneliness since Sam went off to college. And yet, he builds walls upon walls to protect himself and isn’t at all in denial about it. He loves hard and knows he’s fucked up in so many ways but he keeps loving just as hard even though he knows it has the potential to destroy him. 

Dean is an enigma, wrapped up in walled-off riddles and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“X is as important as Y!!! X deserves the same amount of support/content/exposure Y has!!!”


Then go and do it. Start it yourself.

Give X exposure. Make content for X. Support X. Take care of X. Love X.

If you think X is under-rated for any reason, then go out there and give it what it deserves.

But for the love of god stop using that ^^^^ shitty formula for guilt tripping people and creating a disgusting antagonizing comparison because you know what? Some people might not be interested in X not because of some localized social or moral prejudice, sometimes people are not interested in things just because; and they are neutral about those things, no more no less. Sometimes people can also like both Y and X  but Y more because people happen to like things in different degrees (unbelievable right?).

What you gain from using this mindset ^^^^ is that people who are into Y will now naturally antagonize X to the object of their interest/affection and now they’re not neutral anymore, you just won people that will now actively or passively go against X.

me gently grabbing the dash after being gone 5 days  :  hello it’s me,  outlawiism from the christmas of  1986.

university is cool bc your profs are all Giant Goddamn Nerds who have to stand there and excitedly & exhaustedly talk abt their interests for 3 hrs straight and also you’re all adults and you just get to sit there and take notes and watch them get excited when people ask questions and it’s like “oh my god you care so much about this. you’re the biggest nerd. i appreciate u so much. tell me more abt this what are some extra things i can check out in my free time to know more abt this thing u love”

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Do you know of a toner that's good for combination skin? I'm prone to blackheads and occasional pimples and my skin is on the redder side. I'm trying to get a good skin care routine going on. My skin is pretty bad and its really dry but oily and I can't wear any makeup even BB cream bc it looks horrible on my dry patches idk if its the moisturizer or the cleanser I'm using or what but I just keep spending/wasting money on products and nothing works. Help please? :(

mine is the same way! i use the mario badescu facial spray, the rose one! it’s so good, it hydrates and tones and takes away redness but isn’t heavy or greasy. it’s so good! and pretty affordable as well, and it smells like roses which is amazing 🌹 you can even spray it over your makeup to take away some of that dryness/powder

or i use tea tree oil mixed with water (i fill a spray bottle with water and then add a few drops of tea tree oil and mix it up) and then i spray that, and it’s helped with my acne and redness a lot! but it’s more drying so i have to use a heavier moisturizer when i use that. but both of those are great options! 💕

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If you're exhausted, go take a nap. Then you can work on the artwork. We can wait. But I wanna make sure you're taking care of yourself first

i dont want to nap lmao. napping is for nerds and people with a good sense of self preservation lmao

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I hope this clone situation is taken care of quickly, because seeing Keith in black, lance in red, and allura in blue makes me extremely uncomfortable. I just want that clone outta here so black can have the rightful leader again, and if black doesn't take shiro even when the clone is gone. I'm gonna be pissed, like what lion is Shiro good with if it isn't the black lion? Why go through all the bonding if he's going to be with another lion?

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bless you anon, this is exactly how i feel

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hey mom i was just wondering how ur days are going? i hope ur taking good care of urself!


bless you.
thank you for asking, sweets.

i’m doing okay.

today i fainted, went to see a doctor, found out i have a kidney infection and got a shot of antibiotics and a shot for my nausea.

i am currently laying listening to a crappy playlist i made yesterday and playin’ disney crossy road.

i love you.

also reminder: DRINK WATER

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47. turn ons & 48. turn offs

oh geez here we go

turn offs:

  • like?? not having good hygiene? why is masculinity so fucking fragile that they cant just fucking ??? take care of themselves
  • if all you do is talk about how you drink and smoke and snort shit like its the crux of your personality im tired already
  •  im sorry im so tired of seeing supreme logos on stuff i thought we were done with this in 2012 its just a personal issue im sorry sorry sorry
  • “not like the other guys” “girls dont like nice guys anymore”
  • outright cockiness / superiority complexes

turn ons:

  • lil smirks and half smiles
  • when u hug n they do the thing where they rub ur back bye
  • crewneck sweaters / just big?? sweaters?? sakdhjldjs
  • good cologne (ive shitposted about this so much its just unfair like perfume aint shit but good cologne & suddenly im fucking dying) / alternatively when ppl just smell good??
  • when theyre passionate abt a thing and then they do it or talk abt it (but not in a “im better than u” way!! just in a “i love this thing” kind of way!!)

this sounds cheesy as hell but sobriety has really motivated me to start eating right and to start taking care of myself bc im still trying to heal my body and also it just gives me something to care about and get excited about? like making recipes and learning how to enjoy food again after eating ~200 calories a day or less for more than half a year is just like a good way of focusing on taking care of myself idk

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hello dearest angel ♡ I want to ask you for some crystal advice is that okay? my mom recently bought a rose quartz crystal and a white crystal pyramid for me to put in my room. how do I take good care of my crystal? is there any specific place in my room I should place them? how should I connect with it? or use it? thank you so much and I love you ♡

greetings, sweet darling! firstly, i’m so sorry for my insane lateness in replying and i hope you still see this! 🙏🏻💕 there are several methods to cleansing and energizing crystals, many of which can be described in depth right here! :-) there’s no rule to where you *must* place your crystals; as long as they are safe from the sun and in a place that feels right to you, they should be fine. although, many witches choose to place their crystals in the northern area of the room, correlating to the elemental direction of Earth. 😊💕 i keep some near my bed, on my vanity, and in my bag! connecting with your crystals is usually something to best be done once you’ve cleansed them. hold them in your hand, meditate with them, bring them with you in your purse or pocket, place them underneath your pillow while you sleep. become aware of their energies and how they resonate with you. 😌 pick up on their ways of affecting, and utilize these emotions when you feel you need them most - keep them around when you need some loving feelings, a clearer head, or a stronger positive attitude. i hope this helps you! quartz and rose quartz are absolutely some of my favorites, and very wonderful standard stones. :-) wishing you the best of luck with them! 💗💫


Look at what @tifablog just sent me!!

It’s so CUTE! I’ve wanted a Tamatoa Mystery Mini for so long and now I have two Tama’s for the price of one! <D Not to mention all the pictures she sent me! Two of her drawings, three of mine, and some with motivational quotes from wonderful characters!

Thank you so much Tifa, this was so kind of you and I can’t thank you enough. I promise I’ll take good care of mini Tama and hold onto the box full of pictures and other wonderful things forever and ever. ♥

Thanks again! 


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Hi! Sorry for bothered you but... Can I adoptable the little fox? ;w; he is really cute >//w//<

[ Yes you may~ He is a lazy n’ squishy one. You will have problems with him every now and then but he’s tolerable. Name him whatever you please and take good care of him ~ ]