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I was checking relevant tags to my interests and accidentally stumbled across what I think might be the blog of my doppleganger time clone, a teenage Canadian girl posting a bunch of stuff about wrestlers, beefy dudes, motorcycles, and Hex. I just wanna be like “Hello, it’s me, your days of future past self. Someday you can have all the things I have, a motorcycle and a beefy wrestler husband and a job getting paid to draw Hex”

AGES ago I started making this thing for the miraculous ladybug singing in the rain au, but I never finished it (and I have a feeling that I never will oops). It kind of feels like a waste of effort to not post it though! so here you guys have it! enjoy :)

IF you guys are interested in my art (non miraculous ladybug fanart), check out my art blog! @sannartsies

i don’t know what love is,
she whispers,
i don’t think i ever knew.

i always thought love
would feel like fireworks
…until i met you.

and i won’t call this love yet,
but it’s not fireworks,
and it’s not a flame.

but it does make me feel soft and warm
and i’m hoping, someday,
to give it a name.
—  firsts. m.g.
One out of Three-Sixty-Five

He is three when he gets his hat.

He remembers that day. It was full of people and food and laughter. There were balloons, so many of them, and the kids played with them while they waited for the cake. Up in front, Boboiboy sits with his mother, tiny hands adjusting his party hat while his father rolls a small tray over.

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We know that all of them will fall in love with someone, someday right? They would end up with someone, who molds onto them. Like he chose them because they’re strong willed, at heart, in effort and love.

They make him laugh, even when he doesn’t think he can, even when he doesn’t want to, feels like to, don’t know how to, especially when has no motivation too.

And he loves to share his love for music, his family and friends. They’re not perfect, but in his eyes they are perfect because they remind him every day how much they mean to him and how much they love him. They were the missing puzzle piece in his life.

And how his eyes light up when they call his name, with his heart pounding as they come closer to him. Rest assured that his kisses would wipe away the anxiety they have. His smile would brighter than the stars.

And even if the stars are beautiful tonight, he would still look at you.

He chose you, because you did.


My collection! Someday in the distant future, I can’t wait to have my own house so I can display it all properly. (Actually, I’m thinking about opening a Pokémon museum someday!) Obviously, you can’t see nearly everything, but it’s fun to post collection overviews sometimes and watch people react.

A request: Please don’t talk about hoarding in the tags or comments. I know it’s messy and an intense amount of items, but everything is totally clean, there is walking space, and I regularly sell items. I would absolutely have it all displayed neatly if I was able to. Despite the bed, this is a collection room, not a living space.


Post with sketch - (X)

Did it!
Not dare to say “nailed it” cause, well, it could be much better. I guess. 
Already see some things will need to correct in colored version, that hopefully will happen someday.
And than I will print and laminate this for personal needs.

Thanks for you kind words!
Commissions will, also hopefully, be open after I will get things done with making giveaway prizes :)

And speaking about hair, for what I may or may not have a Thing ©
Envious snek Fulgrim :>


Doing that 6 selfies of the year thingy again.

tagged by: @frappucinus

*I honestly thought I wouldn’t have enough to post lol + y’all know I gotta include a drag photo because fuck gender norms and masculinity.

Updates since then: 

  1. My favorite tank top (in the 2nd picture) is currently not in my possession and I hope I can get that back someday.
  2. I’ve quit smoking cigarettes because one of my friends/coworkers said that I should stop because she cares about me a lot, which is quite surprising because we’ve only known each other for almost half a year now.
  3. I still don’t know how to glue my eyebrows down for drag, but for boy-brows, I still look fine.

I don’t know who else to tag because y’all may have done it already? But let’s see…: @polysyndetons @cloudcharm @ccaesarsalad @durianseeds @spiceburrito @javsyferr @abstractazn @butternutcream

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I could theoretically write a Mary and Jed meet her Boston Abolitionist friends fic and no one could stop me.

“You’re friends with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow?”

“Well…. kind of. We obviously don’t run in the same close circles, but he’s best friends with Senator Sumner, and-”

“You’re friends with Senator Sumner?”

“Yes? We’re not particularly close, he’s a difficult man to become close to, much like someone else I know……… but naturally our paths have crossed many times. My minister introduced me a few years ago, and besides, he only lives a few blocks away. Now, Mr. Garrison’s office is this way-”

“You know William Lloyd Garrison?”

“Jed, do you even have to ask at this point?”

“Alright, very well. A stupid question. So what next? Shall we meet Frederick Douglass too?”

“At Garrison’s office? Certainly not. Quite a bit of bad blood there, but Douglass has been in town rallying for the formation of a new regiment, so I am sure introductions could be made.”

“…………………………….. you know-”

“Yes, Jed. 

what i’m currently writing

@loveloveolivia @afirethatcannotdie and @a-writerwrites have tagged me to post my ever-growing list of writing projects, and i need a good bit of self-flagellation via my embarrassing long list of WIPs every once in a while. 

1. big bang – official title is Say Hallelujah, Say Goodnight. y’all have seen this before, i think i’ve mentioned it once or twice (lol). i’m 70k in, aiming for 90k when it’s finished. 

2. hiding place sequel – hahahahahahahahaha  haha ha. someday….. yeah. someday. 

3. haunted apartment au – literally the first thing i ever started writing in this fandom, still unfinished. funny enough, i named louis’ OC ex-boyfriend danny and had to change it once danielle came into the picture in real life lol. 

4. the bad-at-sex-harry fic – i haven’t put anything more than thought into this, but i’m soooo excited. @artisanallymoistenedasparagus is the brains behind this prompt, which you can see here but basically boils down to harry the inexperienced virgin spouting off sex advice to his friends because they just assume he gets a lot of action, turns into his actual job (like Hitch), then he meets louis and after they sleep together, louis is like “bro… really?” so then he has to train harry up so he’s not quite so terrible at the sexin’. 

5. the cliche poet/barista au – based on this post by j that caused me to have a meltdown in the tags. poet harry falls in love with louis and loses his muse, so he has to decide between the boy he loves or his art. 

6. the outside POV fic – harry and louis through the eyes of two confused drunk girls who think they’re on a double date, only it turns out harry and louis have been in a relationship for years and assume they’re doubling with a nice lesbian couple. i posted a snippet here, it’s utterly ridiculous. 

7. bdsm scene from true love’s gold – i promised like 15 people i’d write a scene with harry’s collar based on that one line in the proposal fic lol. so… that’s coming! someday. 

8. one of two different harry potter aus – one would be a (relatively) short one, where louis went to hogwarts and when he finished there, he auditioned for x factor and got put in one direction, cue the shenanigans as he tries to hide his magic. the other would be a lot longer, and i don’t have the exact details worked out but harry would be a werewolf who goes to hogwarts and unwittingly becomes the poster boy for Dark Creature Civil Rights, and louis is a pureblood whose family would disown him if they knew he was dating a werewolf. 

and then, of course, the various other random possibilities i’ve tried to focus on over the past few years – the modern peter pan au, the girl direction knights tale au, the extra inconceivable scenes, and then i’ll be doing something for the reverse bang and the high school au challenge. 

idk who’s done this and who hasn’t, so i’ll tag @paynner and @floralrry and @mediawhorefics because whatever they’re writing next is sure to Kill me 😊

Razer Headcanons

We all knew I was going to make A List someday I mean c’mon

  • Autistic
  • Trans guy
    • Parents’ response to coming out as trans was “Alright, how do we help with this ‘dysphoria’ thing?”. Uncle’s response was “Here are some of my old clothes. And knives. Lots of knives.”
  • Fangs secrete poison. Yes, both rows, on the top and bottom of his mouth
  • Ears are pointed like a Stereotypical Elf, and move around depending on his mood like a cat’s
  • Used to fidget A Lot when stressed, but dropped that habit when he joined the Red Lantern Corps
  • Bipolar, bisexual, will smack you if you make a joke to the effect of “Bi-bi”
  • Kept all those weapons from Babel in little pockets he sewed onto his shirt and binder 
    • Did not let Hal and Kilowog know he can sew because he’d rather not be bothered every time they get a rip in their civilian clothes
  • The list of people who can touch him without asking is essentially just the Interceptor crew and Saint Walker. Everyone else has to ask or he’ll get very angry
  • The only Red Lanterns he got along with? Bleez and Skallox. Bleez because she’s the same flavor of bitter as him, and Skallox because he’s quiet and doesn’t like Zox
  • Speaking of Zox, they were cordial until Atrocitus started visibly paying attention to Razer. Zox then started being the antagonistic jerk we see
  • Fastest way to tell if he’s comfortable around someone is if he’ll do other things while they’re in the room like
    • Hal/Kilowog/Aya alone with him? He’ll tinker with a robot he’s building, read something, fix something, etc. 
    • Sinestro is alone with him? He’ll Just Sit Over Here Thank You, No He Is Not Glaring At Sinestro What Are You Talking About That’s Nonsense
  • Doesn’t swear that often unless startled, at which point he will turn into a bundle of profanity
  • Likes video games, especially fantasy games. Sci-fi games about saving the universe are a bit too close to his actual life to be enjoyable
  • Can, has, and will operate on One Hour of Sleep.
  • Can, has, and will never admit to getting stuck in his binder and needing help
    • At least he isn’t binding with bandages anymore bc hooo buddy was that a disaster. Constant pain, he needed a Very Tired Bleez to help him into it if he had rib or arm injuries, it was a mess
  • Super Into Mythology, which is why he knows the legend of the Orange Lantern offhand
    • Hal: Yeah mythology on my planet is kinda weird?
      Razer: You have my attention.
    • He likes them for the same reason he likes video games; they tell the story of worlds full of magic and power, and do not have Universe Endangering Shenanigans
  • Comes from a carnivorous species. Most plant matter is inedible to him, but anything with citrus is toxic.
  • If he dislikes someone he is not above doing things he knows will annoy them specifically to be obnoxious.
    • Source: Directly insulting Kilowog all over “Into the Abyss”
  • Has eye damage, which is why his pupils are discolored compared to Ilana’s (Alana? Elana? Who Knows We See Her Like Once)
  • Cannot swim. Does not want to learn from Hal or Kilowog, but Aya can’t swim either.
  • Trusts Hal up until he hears anything along the lines of “Watch this” because that is usually followed up with things going horribly awry
    • Trusts Kilowog up until he starts doing the Dad Friend Thing because he. Does not like talking about his emotions
    • Trusts Aya up until anything like “I can handle this” comes out her mouth because she is overconfident and he is bad with loss
  • Read the Harry Potter books (digitally) because Aya figures they’re culturally significant to humans. Threw the data pad he was reading on every time a character he likes died.
    • His favorites are Hagrid, Hermione and Sirius. Certainly Not Because They Remind Him Of The Interceptor Crew What Are You Talking About
  • Good at calculating things in his head

Happy Birthday, @pixlokita

I would like to make another post today and to dedicate it to say happy birthday to this wonderful DC (and not just DC) artist!

Be sure to check out those links and enjoy a wonderful style and amazing and interesting AUs ^_^



Have a great birthday, and a lot of hot chocolate ^_^/

Also I wish your small wings will grow and will lift you to the sky someday! 

Maybe today is the day?

Happy Birthday ^_^

Change - RM & Wale [LYRICS]

**This isn’t 100% correct or official, I’m just going by what I understood. Please, feel free to correct me/this post if you think differently.

[Rap Monster] 

Oh, tell me that dark can never win the light
Oh, tell me that wrong can never win the right
Baby tell me that we goin’ to someday stop the fight
And tell me that every everything goin’ be alright
Oh, tell me, who’s stupid baby, is it me or them?
Just tell me who’s insane baby, is it me or them?
In this crazy world, after patience could we get the pearl?
But this world always teaches me, preaches me how to curl

Oh fuck the school
All we got is mad teachers and some visible classes
Divided spaces and forever lasting stresses
Everybody’s mad, kill people with fingers in Twitter
More than a gun, more than another tip of your tongue just glitter
Will the pain always bring you gain? (No)
How could you bet, it’s a damn chicken game (Yeah)
We’re losing again, homie we losing too many things
What should we tell our sons?
You know that they will be the man 
Like you and me

If hope is a taste
What is yours, what you eat all day (what you eat all day)
And if your love is a game
Are we losing, losing, oh


World is gonna change
World is gonna change
World is gonna change
World is gonna change


Yeah, tell me what is really real
I’m tryna buying a new Ferrari for my newest deal
Baby girl, say, the world really hate us, huh?
Pray a lot and maybe god give you Saint Laurent
Wish that I could change the world, but they hold back
When it’s time to go, the people, they’ll be mad again
And what if I could change the world with a pen and pad
When it’s time to vote, the people turn to mannequins
Challenge that

Namjoon, I’m the man too
I’m out like Chevy Chase, they teach us use the lampoon
I sing songs, haikus over rap tunes
High IQ, looking for a song like you
Hey cutie girl
I’m trying to keep it a hunnit
Got no faith in the government, that’s why we need each other
Hey, laughing to keep from crying
For long as there’s Rap Monster BTS is the ARMY

Now it’s on me
Imma keep the peace until I see some more peace
Imma keep it G, forever keep it low key 
Take a trip to South Korea with some DC OG’s 
Chief and OG 
I’m chief and OG 
Hated by alt rights and racist police 
Say whoop whoop 
Means we all coming 
And making kids really freeze when they say freeze, freeze

World is gonna change (ah, ah, ah)
World is gonna change, (ah ah ah)
World is gonna change (ah ah ah)
World is gonna change (ah ah ah)

World is gonna change [x3]
World is gonna change [x3]
World is gonna change [x3]
World is gonna change [x3]
World is gonna change

Praying for better days for you and I
I see progress via my daughter’s eyes
I think I think too much now and drink too much now
And numb it ‘cause I don’t wanna cry

[Rap Monster]
Praying for a better place for you and I
I see some grass growing in winter’s eyes
I think I think too much now and drink too much now
And numb it ‘cause I don’t wanna die

And I believe that real friends love you to no limit (yeah)
I believe that real change lies in the mirror (yeah)
Since I was a little one wasn’t supposed to get my status
Got they hands up for me like a stickup

[Rap Monster]
Said hands up, hands up, like a stickup
Hands up, hands up, like a stickup
Since I was a little one wasn’t supposed to get my status
Got they hands up for me like a stickup

Check it
Day by day, night by night
It’s on you and me
If I’m gonna shine

[Wale & Rap Monster]
I’m talkin’ day by day, night by night
It’s on you and I
Moonz and ARMY, right

Calling it Hope - Chapter 3
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Someday, my posts will end up in the tag the first time I try and I won’t have to tag them again. :/ Anyway, this is on AO3 now! Special thanks to @shefollowedfires for beta-ing and providing me with accurate quotes. :) 

Summary: After learning some unexpected news, Abby Griffin struggles to hold the weight of the world on her shoulders. Trying to solve various problems related to nuclear radiation is one thing, but keeping a secret from all of Arkadia is another. A.K.A. -  the mostly canon-compliant S4 babyfic no one asked for.

This chapter: Becca’s lab! Walkie-talkie conversations! Mutual longing! And, a surprise appearance from a member of the Abbykru squad who stumbles upon an unexpected secret.

Sooo I mighhht be writing an AU/s4 fic in which Kilgharrah is unable to take care of Aithusa for a period of time (but really just needs a break from the over-active young dragon) and Merlin ends up babysitting! Aithusa is transformed into a human child and the antics begin, haha… I did this quick sketch while getting some ideas flowing. 

I don’t consider myself a writer in the fandom, though I’ve posted a one-shot and some drabbles to accompany my art, but I’m having a lot of fun with this plot… Hope you guys will someday enjoy it! I’ll be sure to update my followers here if I ever actually post anything. 

If you have a suggestion for this story, hit me! I can’t promise to use it, but will credit you if I do! :)

(My Art Tag)

I’ve been assuming that if there are people who follow this blog who plan on watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine someday and do not want to just read the entire series in advance, then they are not reading my Star Trek: Deep Space Nine posts. Or put another way: I haven’t tagged “DS9 spoilers” on anything because I figured spoilers were just understood for notes and recaps on episodes of a TV show that aired over 17 years ago.

But I’ve also been trying to avoid direct talk about any big ticket Reveals on anything that isn’t immediately broadcasting its spoiler-ness with a “Star Trek: DS9 Notes” or “Deep Space Nine RECAP” headline, just as a probably pointless courtesy. Many of you don’t actually mention what it is I’ve most recently Cassandra’ed myself over in replies and asks, so mostly it’s been easy!

However, the anon ask I’m replying to here is nothing so vague, so the whole lot is going under a read-more!

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Iwa-chan is a tiny planet that circles around his favorite star’s orbit.
It’s like his personal center of the universe.

anonymous asked:

Joseph, what's your favorite music Genre? I know you have a walkman but what do you listen to on it? Jazz? Folk music? Sweet Synth Beats? ENKA?