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i’ve posted about 90 high-res screenshots of various places around skyhold, mostly focusing on solas’ rotunda and his murals, but with some detail shots also of dorian’s nook, vivienne’s nook, the inquisitor’s quarters, and the main hall (with the free marches decor).

feel free to use for any purpose idgaf. if you want to see something else let me know i don’t mind screencapping stuff. i have a complete collection so i can change the decor too.

props to bioware’s art department, there are so many gorgeous little details that most players will never ever see, like all the stained glass patterns. or for instance: did you ever notice those little mabari heads carved in the beam underneath solas’ desk? looks like it was made in ferelden.

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hi do you have any fics to suggest??? I'm craving some spirk goodness over here and I really trust your judgement sooo.... 💞

Thanks, Anon! <3 Here’s a rec list with a little bit of everything (and a lot of some things). Every author mentioned here has so many excellent works, so if you like something please check out everything by that writer!! 

Ratings: E=Explicit, M=Mature, T=Teen, G=General, NR=Not Rated

Platinum Faves (like, fics I will never forget) marked with a  ⭐

Note: Some of these belong in multiple categories, or don’t quite fit in any. Authors let me know if you’d prefer your fic listed in a different category! Also if you have a Tumblr and I didn’t tag you, please tell me!

Note 2: I’ve only been collecting the fic I read for a little over a year, so this list should be much longer. Apologies to all the writers I’ve ever loved and never saved links for.


Waiting to Take Flight by @captain-raven-knight: (T, 23k words) “Spock kept the first gift he’d ever received because his mother told him it was a traditional practice. He carried it with him because he hoped to encounter that person again. When he did, the person that gave him that gift did not remember him, at least at first. A story of how a meeting as children affects the lives of Kirk and Spock and leads them back to each other time and time again, until they finally come together years later as T’hy’la.”

⭐ Study in Heat by @greenjimkirk: (M, 14k words) “After the events in City on the Edge of Forever, Spock suggests that he and Jim spend some time on Vulcan. Turns out it’s not a great place for a vacation, but is plenty good for pining.”

Deepest Residing Fears by @cate-adams: (T, 9k words) “On a mission to explore the source of strange energy emissions, the Enterprise encounters a planet where the line between reality and dreams is blurred. As each member of the landing party is tested, they struggle to survive with the knowledge that that they might be trapped forever, held against the edge of their worst fears.”

All These Flashes of White by @flamingbluepanda: (NR, 16k words) “One-half has died. One-half still lives. One-half is still grieving. One-half is not dead. Or, Spock goes missing, and Jim and Spock Prime go and save him, and unexpectedly find someone very important.”

Willing by @sunshine-captain: (T, 2k words)  “Deep in space, far away from anything, Spock goes into pon farr for the second time.”

⭐ And Then I Let it Go by @kianspo: (E, 10k words) “Post-Star Trek Beyond. The crew of the Enterprise gets a breather while they are waiting for their new ship. Jim uses the time to do something he had sworn he would never do.”

Bitter Dregs by @kinklock: (E, 10k words) “ When they had first met, Jim had known not to touch his hand.”


When the Stars Align by @pensive-refrain: (E, 17k words) “Syleese, the jewel of the Kalinae system, is rich in mineral resources and advanced technology of great interest to the Federation … One misstep could destroy the nascent relationship between Syleese and the Federation before it even begins. As Jim navigates these delicate negotiations with Spock at his side, he finds himself closer than he’s ever been to revealing his deepest secret…”

Familiarity by @sunshine-captain: (M, 1k words) “A leisurely morning between Jim and Spock.”

⭐ The Warp and Weft of Your Being by tardigradeschool: (T, 8k words): “When getting legally married to Spock is the only way to keep him on the ship, Jim is more than willing to do so. (In fact, upon reflection, it turns out that there are very few things he wouldn’t do for Spock.)”

Four Times Kirk Noticed Spock And One Time Aliens Made Him Do Something About It (Sort Of) by @thedeadparrot: (G, 5k words) “ Kirk is pretty in touch with his emotions. Except for when he isn’t.”

A Shot in the Dark by @rosegoldspock: (G, <1k words) “Just a little slice of life ficlet of our favorite space husbands being cute.”

A Man His Age by @noodleinabarrel: (G, 3.4k words) “Jim tries to carry a heavy box up the stairs. Despite his husband’s objections, Spock insists on helping him.”

Whatever A Sun Will Always Sing [Is You] by @starfleetdicks: (G, 2k words) ““Captain?”There is a soft touch to his upper back, just under the collar of his shirt. He wonders if Jim is mindful of his exposed skin. If he purposefully avoids such intimate contact or the whisper of transferring thoughts.”

The Pillow Thief by @spirkian​: (T, 2.7k words) “ It is perfectly 100% logical to sleep with seven big fluffy pillows on your bed, absolutely. But when those pillows start disappearing from Spock’s bed one by one… the list of likely suspects is fairly short. How exactly does one accuse their captain of such an absurd act? :[”


Walking in my Dreams by Qleo: (E, 3.5k words) “When Spock meditates, he gravitates towards his Captain….”

Blood Heat by @belladonnaq: (E, 3k words) ““According to your read-outs, the Captain has similar symptoms to what my people call plak tow.”“Plak tow?”“The blood heat. It has been said that one that has been empathically bonded with a Vulcan one can experience partial Pon Farr. I believe that is what the Captain is experiencing.”“Pon Farr?” McCoy gaped.”

Jim Topping from the Bottom by @ussvulcanbooty​: (E) No summary because it’s on Tumblr, but it’s delightful and filthy.

⭐ ride that into the sunset by @waldorph: (E, 3k words)  “Jim wants to ride that (and by “that” he means “Spock’s dick”) into the sunset.”

Just One More (It Couldn’t Hurt) by summerofspock: (E, 2.5k words) “Spock starts sneaking Vulcan kisses from his captain and once he starts he can’t seem to make himself stop.”

Relieved of Command by @captain-raven-knight​: (E, 11k words)  “Spock had never done something like this with him. Was this real? Kirk didn’t dare voice the question.”

Carving out a Moment by nix_this: (E, 9k): “Written for the kink meme prompt : Kirk/Spock. Established relationship. Kirk spends a not-so-busy day on the bridge getting constantly distracted by thoughts of Spock… .And then finally their shifts end and Kirk persuades Spock to not do whatever else he was thinking of doing, and they Make Everyone Else Go Away, and fun sexytimes happen.


Lovers by @frappuccinio: (M, 62k words) “The first words your soulmate will say to you are tattooed on your arm.Jim spends his life keeping his eyes peeled for a Vulcan. Spock spends his life with the goal of Earth in mind, as he knows his soulmate is human. They find each other, but it’s not in the way either one expected.The fact that they are treading on the territory of a professor/cadet relationship keeps them apart, but how can you ignore it when your mind, body, and soul becomes attached?”

Next Best Destiny by @rabidchild: (T, 58k words) “AU in which Spock is Captain and Jim the (geeky) new officer in Sciences.Science Officer!Kirk - it had to be written.”

⭐ Logical Erotics by @entrenous88: (E, 63k)  “ Just returned from a difficult space mission and about to begin teaching at Starfleet Academy, Spock chooses a logical way to relieve stress: a sexual encounter with someone he’ll never meet again. But when Spock discovers his partner of one night is Jim Kirk, a promising new cadet at Starfleet, he’s torn between his rational decision to avoid intimate relationships and his increasing fascination with Jim. As Spock’s normally orderly life starts to spin out of control, will his obsession with Jim prove his salvation or his undoing?”

Screw by zjofierose: (E, 3k words) “what if Jim were a mechanic, and Spock just needed to get his hands on a new part? I mean, what if?”

Doubt Thou the Stars are On Fire by @flamingbluepanda​: (G, 5k) “ In which… Jim is a theater nut, Spock is a theater critic, Bones is still a doctor, I-Chaya is a service dog, And somehow everyone falls in love.”

Loveboat by @yeaka​: (G, 2k) “Spock meets with an alien prince for official negotiations.”

The Mystery Lay by @noodleinabarrel​: (T, 2.3k) “After having the best lay of his life on the couch of the sleazy club he bartends at, Jim comes home starry-eyed. Bones, however, couldn’t give a shit about his roommate’s swooning. All he cares about is his half-made guacamole and the avocado Jim promised to buy, but conveniently lost when his mystery man accidentally stole his jacket.”

Enterprise Alpha by @stuffimgoingtohellfor (T, 14k) “ Pacific Rim!AU. Spock was a jaeger pilot before Vulcan was overrun by the kaiju menace. Now he must find a new co-pilot and help protect Earth from a similar fate. But is James T. Kirk, the Federation’s best and brightest, really meld-compatible with him?”

Work in Progress:

⭐ Paths in the Starlight by @plaidshirtjimkirk: (M,  91k words)  “When a field of white flowers suddenly splits the path he walks, Spock is forced to choose. Either decision will drastically affect Jim. And either way seems wrong.”

 Malleus Maleficarum by @perphesone: (M, 24k words) “In the summer of 1976, a man with pointed ears moved into the old abandoned Grayson house up on the hill just north of town. Right around the same time, strange things started happening in Riverside—even stranger than when Amanda Grayson mysteriously disappeared back in 1948. Jimmy Kirk has always wanted to know the truth. Leonard McCoy just wants to make it through the summer alive.”

⭐ The Truth by @falsepremise: (E, 26k) “ During a diplomatic mission to establish relations between the Federation and a new planet Spock participates in a local cultural ritual that involves taking a truth serum and confesses that Jim is his t'hy'la. What does this mean for Spock and for Jim? Can they face their own truths and find each other?”

 I bet my life on you by @burning–amber: (T, 128k words) “ Set in TOS Academy, year 2252, follows Jim and Spock’s lives, for the first year - my take on how they became what they did…”

⭐ Home by Lanea: NOTE: this one has been abandoned and will probably never be finished, but it’s one of my favorite fics of all time. (T, 222k words) “K/S, but slow-building. A misshap brings the Enterprise back to Earth for a while.”


Written in the Stars by @plaidshirtjimkirk:  (T, 67k words) “A collection of space husbands short stories ranging from the five year mission to old married bliss. <3 Each chapter can be read as a stand-alone work.”

Space Husband Ficlet Collection by @rageofthenerd: (M, 10k words)  “My little tumblr ficlets about these two space bozos.”

⭐ Star Trek: Mirror (The Movie) by @leifor: (T, 48k words): “ Leaked screenplay for the next Star Trek movie! …No, just kidding. Although that’s what I wish the next movie was like. Basically, I imagined a realistic situation where the plot of the next AOS movie is loosely based on TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror” and combined the limits and unspoken rules set by the movie-making industry, general tone of AOS to make it seem like a true sequel, plots and feel of TOS, wishes of the audience, and my own wishes.”

I imagined them dancing awkwardly to Elvis

It’s only taken my 50 years but I’ve finally gotten around to doing this wonderful hair template by against-stars ! Kivari doesn’t really do much to her hair so this is mostly different styles of rat nests. I do have some lil wee artists notes under the cut if y’all are interested bc heck if i don’t love rambling about my fluffy knife child

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I was checking relevant tags to my interests and accidentally stumbled across what I think might be the blog of my doppleganger time clone, a teenage Canadian girl posting a bunch of stuff about wrestlers, beefy dudes, motorcycles, and Hex. I just wanna be like “Hello, it’s me, your days of future past self. Someday you can have all the things I have, a motorcycle and a beefy wrestler husband and a job getting paid to draw Hex”

pure relief

A story in which Harry and Ron talk about bisexuality and chat about who they fancy one rainy Friday night…

inspired by this post

It was their fourth year at Hogwarts, and Hermione was dating Viktor Krum. This, naturally, did not sit very well with Ron Weasley.

One rainy Friday afternoon, he was sat in the Great Hall next to Harry, who was pouring his eyes over that morning’s Daily Prophet. Across the hall, Hermione leaned in toward Viktor, pointing something out in the book that was open on the table in front of them. Their heads bumped slightly, and the two of them laughed. Then Viktor leaned in to kiss Hermione on the cheek.

Ron couldn’t look away.

It was as if his eyes were glued to the two of them, and a hole was burning in the bottom of his stomach.

Harry noticed, and nudged Ron’s arm with his elbow. “I’m sorry, mate.”

Ron snapped his head toward his best friend, swallowing the dread in his throat. “It’s fine,” he muttered, rubbing his eyes with his knuckles. “It won’t last, anyway.” 

When Harry didn’t respond, Ron suddenly stood up, nearly knocking over the glass of water in front of him. “I’m gonna go upstairs,” he mumbled, clutching his stomach. “I’m not feeling good.”

“Okay,” Harry said, looking up at him. “I’ll come up soon.” 

Ron took one last look at the happy couple across the room before turning and shuffling out of the Great Hall.


When he finally reached the boys’ dormitories, Ron found his school bag and rifled through it until he found what he was looking for:

The Viktor Krum action figure he had gotten at the Quidditch World Cup, just months earlier. 

He snapped it in half and threw it on the floor.

Flopping down on his bed, he sighed deeply as his head made contact with his pillows. (They much more comfortable than the ones he had on his bed back home.) He looked over at the wall, where he had hung a small poster of Krum, as well.

He felt an urge to rip it down. But in all honestly, Ron was too tired to get up.

It was then that Harry entered the room. “Hey, how’re you feeling?” He sat down on his bed and looked across the room, at Ron. 

The red-headed boy sat up, clearing his throat. “All right. It’s my stomach again.” His stomach had been bothering him for about a week now. After letting go of the denial he had held onto for a few days, Ron had accepted that it was something more than just abdominal pain. He didn’t know what, exactly - anxiety, worry, stress - but it was not something he was enjoying.

And it was undoubtedly something to do with Hermione and Viktor.

George and Fred suddenly bursted in, laughing about something Ron couldn’t care less about. “Hey, guys,” said George, before bending to pick something up off the floor.

“What’s this, Ron?” he said, holding up the Krum figurine, which was now two separate pieces. “Finally broke up with your boyfriend, did you?”

“Ha!” Fred laughed, clapping his hands together. “Good one, George!” 

Ron groaned, ignoring the swirling feeling in his intestines. “Would you two bugger off?” 

“Fine,” George said, dramatically dropping the action figure pieces next to Ron and following Fred out of the room. He started a new conversation with his twin as they walked out the door, Ron and Harry already forgotten to them.

Ron could feel his skin burning with heat. He hated that about his complexion - his skin turned red when he was angry, or embarrassed, so people could always tell how he felt. It made him feel vulnerable.

He turned slightly on his bed, so that Harry couldn’t see his face. His cheeks were on fire, and Ron was pretty sure that was due to the fact that his brother had just referred to Viktor Krum as his boyfriend.

He had been confused about the whole thing for a while. It took him some time to realize that when he was looking at Viktor and Hermione together, he wasn’t just jealous of Krum.

He was jealous of Hermione, too. Or maybe their relationship altogether. 

That made his stomach churn. 

“Ron?” Harry said, from across the room. Ron squeezed his eyes shut. “Are you okay?”

After slowly exhaling and blinking his eyes open, Ron turned to face Harry again. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” he said, shaking his head, and focusing his eyes on a spot on his bed quilt. “I’m used to it.”

Harry slowly stood up, and moved toward Ron’s bed. He stopped at the foot of it, as if he didn’t know if Ron wanted him so close. “Just so you know, it’s okay if you like Viktor like that,” he said, wrapping his hand around one of the posts on Ron’s bed.

Ron’s heart rate seemed to increase rapidly inside his chest.

“W-What?” he stuttered. He had never talked about this out loud with anyone - not even himself. To hear Harry say that was like someone shaking him out of a dream. 

“I’m just saying… there’s nothing wrong with fancying boys,” Harry continued. “In fact, I think Cedric is quite attractive.” 

The two boys finally locked eyes. “Really?” Ron said, a wave of relief crashing into his chest.

Harry moved to sit down on the edge of the bed, and Ron let him. “Yeah,” he answered, nodding his head slowly.

Ron processed this. He couldn’t fathom a better way for the two of them to be talking about this. He felt as though a blank page was open in front of him, and now he could say whatever he wanted. And someone would understand.

“That’s great, Harry,” was all he came up with, because he wasn’t ready to pour his entire heart out just yet.

A bit of pink rose to Harry’s cheeks. “Thanks,” he muttered, looking into his lap. And then, “And Draco’s not too bad either.”

“Okay,” Ron said, his eyes wide. “Now that’s crossing a line.” 

“I’m not gonna do anything about it!” Harry said, a hint of a laugh under his voice. “He’s just nice to look at,” he said, shrugging. 

“Blimey, Harry,” Ron said, shaking his head. “I can’t believe you just said that.” 

A small laugh escaped Harry’s lips. “Are you telling me that you’re more put off by the idea of me and Malfloy than the idea of me being with a boy in the first place?”

“Yes,” Ron said, immediately. The boys were silent for a moment after that. 

The rain knocked loudly against the window.

Ron took a big breath before admitting, “I think I might fancy Dean a bit, as well.” He had said it barely above a whisper, with the paralyzing fear that Dean was anywhere near their shared dorm.

Before Harry could respond, Ron added, “But I also still like Hermione… Is that okay?”

A warm smile spread across Harry’s face. “Of course that’s okay. You can like both, Ron.” 

One side of Ron’s mouth upturned into a grin. “I can?”

His heart was still pounding, just from talking about this.

“Yes,” Harry reassured, smiling again. “It’s called bisexuality. I think I’ve fully accepted it, in terms of myself.”

“Oh, that’s right. You and my sister.”

Harry suddenly looked flustered, and brought a hand to the back of his neck. “There’s nothing going on between me and Ginny!”

“Uh huh,” Ron replied, giving him a sarcastic smile. “And now you want to throw Malfoy into the mix too.”

“Merlin, Ron, would you let that go?” Harry said, rolling his eyes. “I fully regret telling you that.”

Ron laughed. A full, whole-hearted laugh. And for the first time in the entire week, he felt like he was going to be okay.

i don’t normally do tags,(and i’m not going to do them in the future), but a lot of people responded on the post with my idea for this, so i’m going to tag all of those lovely people :)

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Thank you for reading this! It includes two things that I think deserve way more attention than they get: bisexuality and Ron Weasley.

 So. Like some of you might have kind of expected (mostly because I did a countdown through text posts) I’ve reached 2k followers! Yay.

Now I know this sounds cliché as hell, but man when I created this shit ass trash blog I thought “okay I have a tumblr now. I’m just gonna stick around for a while, see some beatle butts and maybe 9 or 10 kind souls might follow me, someday.” And now there are like 2 thousand people and I’m just. Wow.


Bold is for my favorite blogs and italic is for my favorite people \o/


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space mum, dear, you are a darling <3

send me drawing or writing prompts

“It should only take a few vargas,” Shiro said.

He kissed the top of Ulaz’s head, and Ulaz turned toward him for a real kiss. Shiro smiled, an expression that still sometimes caught Ulaz off-guard, and leaned over to comply. Their noses touched briefly, just a small nuzzle, before Shiro straightened and pulled away. Ulaz stopped himself from follow after, but only reluctantly. 

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You guys today I researched someone who is such a rank evil motherfucker that the person who was going to meet them to ask for money came over to my desk after seeing my research and was like “What a rank evil motherfucker.” 

And I was like I DIDN’T EVEN PUT THE WORST OF IT IN BECAUSE WE CAN’T PROVE THE WORST STUFF SINCE IT’S ALL TECHNICALLY SPECULATION BY LIBERAL WATCHDOG GROUPS BUT I KNOW THEY DID IT. They gave millions of dollars to climate-change denial (which I learned today is referred to as CLIMATE INACTIVISM) two weeks ago. 

But I am heartened that a) the fundraiser saw through my VERY CAREFULLY professionally neutral report to the truth of the matter and b) they called their boss and were like “I’m not taking this meeting” and THEIR BOSS read my report and said “Yeah this is a PR disaster waiting to happen, don’t take the meeting.”

And normally I’d be like “yes take their money, take it all, take them for everything you can wring from them” but what makes this one so unsettling is that their donations always come with creepy post-contract strings. If we take the money, we’re gonna pay for it down the line, so I’m just as glad we aren’t. 

Once in a while in my profession I come across someone who is such a force for destruction on an international scale that I genuinely hope they will die in some very public and ironic way. I yearn for the day I read of their demise.

Zutara Week 2017: Day 6- Soulmates 

“…..They’re Soulmates. They are. Did you watch the show?

But this is the thing, like, in life… you don’t always end up with your soulmate.

And that’s alright.

They still teach you things that are like… very important for the rest of your life….”

Dante Basco (Zuko Voice Actor-2013)

I got inspiration from @rufiozuko post, for this prompt. :D

Oh and also the Akai Ito (the red thread of destiny).

They probably not Canon in this Universe but they are soulmates!…so they will be together in their next live and of course Fanon in another universe (let’s made a lot of fanarts and fanfics all!! XD)

PS: BTW the betrothal pendant that being held by Zuko is the same with the one I draw for day 1. (Needs to draw the details someday)

tag: @zutaraweek

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Everytime i find a new ship i like i get to enjoy it for like less than a minute before theres a whole new swath of antis flooding the tags, calling me straight and fetishizing and abusive. Everytime i think ive blocked enough there is more and im just getting so tired. its never ending. fandom isnt fun anymore :(

anti-shipping has become its own type of fandom experience, hasn’t it? people get interested in a new canon, identify the ships that they don’t like are Bad, and preemptively start warning everybody that if they ship the Bad ship they are Bad People.

fandom really isn’t fun right now. I think it will get better someday but for now it’s pretty stressful. The good news is that you can get to a point where you’ve blocked most of the vocal antis, though it might take a while! After about 500 blocks on my main, I’ve reached the point where even though I regularly browse the search (not even the tag) for one of my favorite pairings I only see a lone hate post every 3-7 days.

(pro tip: if you see a hate post, block the blog and refresh the page. antis usually post waves of hate and a single block will often eliminate the next 3 or 5 nasty posts at once.)

Dear god this is awful.

Hi yes hello I’m obsessed with my own AU and if that isn’t the story of my entire goddamn life, I don’t know what is.

Please Do Not Edit/Repost, Thanks!

Kwami Swap/Reverse Crush AU, A.K.A. Lost to the Rain

Anywho, a while back, I started thinking about what might happen if Marinette got the Black Cat Ring and Adrien had received the Ladybug Earrings, and basically this AU happened and consumed my soul and every waking moment of my day. So yeah, I got to designing, and this… thing… happened. There are a few design elements I’m wanting to change, but as far as first drafts for their costumes go, I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished. I’m still working out a plot and backstories and everything, but that’s why I have this blog! I’m essentially trying to keep all of my posts for this AU in one place, since the tags on my main blog are shit and don’t even work half the time… so yeah. I also really want to write a fic for this AU someday, but until I finish the timeline and, you know, actually writing it, I plan on making some art and maybe give a little more detail about the lives of our beloved superheroes.

Please, dear god, someone hold me accountable for this, I’ll literally never get it done on my own.

Anyways, yes! So that’s that, I hope you’ll stick around for these two dorks and the stuff I have planned for them! Again, the link for my side blog is here if you’re interested.

Bug out!

Special thanks to @jellojolteon, @stellalights, @alazic02, and @minimeenii for helping me keep my sanity while developing this, and for letting me scream about how clueless these lovebirds are. Ily guys!!

Forgot to post this here just like everything I do lol but here’s my birthday gift for my lovely wife @greenmantle !!! Happy birthday again darling 💕

Here’s alien nerds sarchengsey from Jessica’s gansey loves aliens au which is the best au :^)