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tru tbh :t like delaware is so fucking weird u could drive just a lil and suddenly ur in delaware? but i feel like delaware just shifts like places somedays like the location hops around :/ no one place is truly delaware

like honestly this is true ???? and probably the major reason why i cannot navigate for shit like i’ll just be driving and be like “shit idk where this leads to…” but i never panic because i know if i just keep going i’ll end up on a road i know…..i never used to think about that but now…..

new cryptid: the entire state of delaware

I was checking relevant tags to my interests and accidentally stumbled across what I think might be the blog of my doppleganger time clone, a teenage Canadian girl posting a bunch of stuff about wrestlers, beefy dudes, motorcycles, and Hex. I just wanna be like “Hello, it’s me, your days of future past self. Someday you can have all the things I have, a motorcycle and a beefy wrestler husband and a job getting paid to draw Hex”

Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all, knew of her light.

— ​Nikki Rowe (via kvtes)

Introducing The Hero of Ferelden, Warden-Commander Elizavetha Cousland. (and Queen of Ferelden depending on my play, ;} )

She received her scar on her lip as a ‘gift’ from Fergus while they were training. It only made her more determined in her training to better her brother and those of the castle warriors.

Her loyalty is absolute and she do anything and everything to help her friends and family. She romanced Alistair because of the corny love at first sight.

Her dress is inspired for the Halamshiral ball that I imagine she gets invited to. Representing the Wardens and Ferelden all in one go.

I was so so so lucky that @cocotingo added to me to her commission list!! When I wanted things changed to match my vision they were more than accommodating to do it for me! The warden emblem, the lip scar, HER DRESS AND HER HAIR!!! Like everything is 10000000000000% perfect.I sent some dresses and said to pick or design something they liked. I could not be happier.

Thank you once again! :D

Please don’t tag as your own Warden or use for your character! That’s not cool. :<

pure relief

A story in which Harry and Ron talk about bisexuality and chat about who they fancy one rainy Friday night…

inspired by this post

It was their fourth year at Hogwarts, and Hermione was dating Viktor Krum. This, naturally, did not sit very well with Ron Weasley.

One rainy Friday afternoon, he was sat in the Great Hall next to Harry, who was pouring his eyes over that morning’s Daily Prophet. Across the hall, Hermione leaned in toward Viktor, pointing something out in the book that was open on the table in front of them. Their heads bumped slightly, and the two of them laughed. Then Viktor leaned in to kiss Hermione on the cheek.

Ron couldn’t look away.

It was as if his eyes were glued to the two of them, and a hole was burning in the bottom of his stomach.

Harry noticed, and nudged Ron’s arm with his elbow. “I’m sorry, mate.”

Ron snapped his head toward his best friend, swallowing the dread in his throat. “It’s fine,” he muttered, rubbing his eyes with his knuckles. “It won’t last, anyway.” 

When Harry didn’t respond, Ron suddenly stood up, nearly knocking over the glass of water in front of him. “I’m gonna go upstairs,” he mumbled, clutching his stomach. “I’m not feeling good.”

“Okay,” Harry said, looking up at him. “I’ll come up soon.” 

Ron took one last look at the happy couple across the room before turning and shuffling out of the Great Hall.


When he finally reached the boys’ dormitories, Ron found his school bag and rifled through it until he found what he was looking for:

The Viktor Krum action figure he had gotten at the Quidditch World Cup, just months earlier. 

He snapped it in half and threw it on the floor.

Flopping down on his bed, he sighed deeply as his head made contact with his pillows. (They much more comfortable than the ones he had on his bed back home.) He looked over at the wall, where he had hung a small poster of Krum, as well.

He felt an urge to rip it down. But in all honestly, Ron was too tired to get up.

It was then that Harry entered the room. “Hey, how’re you feeling?” He sat down on his bed and looked across the room, at Ron. 

The red-headed boy sat up, clearing his throat. “All right. It’s my stomach again.” His stomach had been bothering him for about a week now. After letting go of the denial he had held onto for a few days, Ron had accepted that it was something more than just abdominal pain. He didn’t know what, exactly - anxiety, worry, stress - but it was not something he was enjoying.

And it was undoubtedly something to do with Hermione and Viktor.

George and Fred suddenly bursted in, laughing about something Ron couldn’t care less about. “Hey, guys,” said George, before bending to pick something up off the floor.

“What’s this, Ron?” he said, holding up the Krum figurine, which was now two separate pieces. “Finally broke up with your boyfriend, did you?”

“Ha!” Fred laughed, clapping his hands together. “Good one, George!” 

Ron groaned, ignoring the swirling feeling in his intestines. “Would you two bugger off?” 

“Fine,” George said, dramatically dropping the action figure pieces next to Ron and following Fred out of the room. He started a new conversation with his twin as they walked out the door, Ron and Harry already forgotten to them.

Ron could feel his skin burning with heat. He hated that about his complexion - his skin turned red when he was angry, or embarrassed, so people could always tell how he felt. It made him feel vulnerable.

He turned slightly on his bed, so that Harry couldn’t see his face. His cheeks were on fire, and Ron was pretty sure that was due to the fact that his brother had just referred to Viktor Krum as his boyfriend.

He had been confused about the whole thing for a while. It took him some time to realize that when he was looking at Viktor and Hermione together, he wasn’t just jealous of Krum.

He was jealous of Hermione, too. Or maybe their relationship altogether. 

That made his stomach churn. 

“Ron?” Harry said, from across the room. Ron squeezed his eyes shut. “Are you okay?”

After slowly exhaling and blinking his eyes open, Ron turned to face Harry again. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” he said, shaking his head, and focusing his eyes on a spot on his bed quilt. “I’m used to it.”

Harry slowly stood up, and moved toward Ron’s bed. He stopped at the foot of it, as if he didn’t know if Ron wanted him so close. “Just so you know, it’s okay if you like Viktor like that,” he said, wrapping his hand around one of the posts on Ron’s bed.

Ron’s heart rate seemed to increase rapidly inside his chest.

“W-What?” he stuttered. He had never talked about this out loud with anyone - not even himself. To hear Harry say that was like someone shaking him out of a dream. 

“I’m just saying… there’s nothing wrong with fancying boys,” Harry continued. “In fact, I think Cedric is quite attractive.” 

The two boys finally locked eyes. “Really?” Ron said, a wave of relief crashing into his chest.

Harry moved to sit down on the edge of the bed, and Ron let him. “Yeah,” he answered, nodding his head slowly.

Ron processed this. He couldn’t fathom a better way for the two of them to be talking about this. He felt as though a blank page was open in front of him, and now he could say whatever he wanted. And someone would understand.

“That’s great, Harry,” was all he came up with, because he wasn’t ready to pour his entire heart out just yet.

A bit of pink rose to Harry’s cheeks. “Thanks,” he muttered, looking into his lap. And then, “And Draco’s not too bad either.”

“Okay,” Ron said, his eyes wide. “Now that’s crossing a line.” 

“I’m not gonna do anything about it!” Harry said, a hint of a laugh under his voice. “He’s just nice to look at,” he said, shrugging. 

“Blimey, Harry,” Ron said, shaking his head. “I can’t believe you just said that.” 

A small laugh escaped Harry’s lips. “Are you telling me that you’re more put off by the idea of me and Malfloy than the idea of me being with a boy in the first place?”

“Yes,” Ron said, immediately. The boys were silent for a moment after that. 

The rain knocked loudly against the window.

Ron took a big breath before admitting, “I think I might fancy Dean a bit, as well.” He had said it barely above a whisper, with the paralyzing fear that Dean was anywhere near their shared dorm.

Before Harry could respond, Ron added, “But I also still like Hermione… Is that okay?”

A warm smile spread across Harry’s face. “Of course that’s okay. You can like both, Ron.” 

One side of Ron’s mouth upturned into a grin. “I can?”

His heart was still pounding, just from talking about this.

“Yes,” Harry reassured, smiling again. “It’s called bisexuality. I think I’ve fully accepted it, in terms of myself.”

“Oh, that’s right. You and my sister.”

Harry suddenly looked flustered, and brought a hand to the back of his neck. “There’s nothing going on between me and Ginny!”

“Uh huh,” Ron replied, giving him a sarcastic smile. “And now you want to throw Malfoy into the mix too.”

“Merlin, Ron, would you let that go?” Harry said, rolling his eyes. “I fully regret telling you that.”

Ron laughed. A full, whole-hearted laugh. And for the first time in the entire week, he felt like he was going to be okay.

i don’t normally do tags,(and i’m not going to do them in the future), but a lot of people responded on the post with my idea for this, so i’m going to tag all of those lovely people :)

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Thank you for reading this! It includes two things that I think deserve way more attention than they get: bisexuality and Ron Weasley.

Sorry I had to correct my original post. I’m not too savvy yet on TW and perfectpotts corrected me and said that Cait did not like this but was tagged by the tweeter. But this boy is so adorable that I’m wishing that he will come true someday for Sam snd Cait!

If somebody posted this already, my apologies for the duplicate .

anyway speaking of that look at this really great commission of one of my characters i got from @nanneichii

i haven’t named her yet but she’s super cute and i love her. she’s an aspiring idol and a wizard and i really should find something to do with all of my dnd characters since there’s no way i’ll ever be able to play them all

i. Somedays I can feel the sunshine kiss my cheek as the birds of summer rejoice in their symphony.

ii. But most mornings I am visited by Seattle rain and the burdening weight that is life with depression.

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flangrande  asked:

What about a guy that already has a programming background in web development? this guy has no university degree, just some superior degree on multiplatform development (2 years degree). He goes to the interview presenting a humble CV and a website containing his own works (maybe an android game or two, some game maker studio small games, nothing fancy though). This guy can demonstrate he has programming skills, no art skills at all and a lot of will. Can that guy get into the industry?

Once again… doing what? We’re not going to hire people who’s only qualification is wanting to be here. We need people who can do a job for us. You need to be honest with yourself about what it is you want to be doing. Web development? Gameplay programming? Combat design? Concept art? Production? QA? What sort of work do you want to go into the office and do each day? Unless you can answer that, I really don’t know how to answer you.

Do you want to be a programmer? If so, you should be knowledgeable on common algorithms and data structures. You should be able to come up with efficient code, and that includes knowing which data structure to solve the problem with great run time efficiency. You should understand terms like “Big O Notation” and “Object Oriented Programming”. If you want to get into AAA dev, you should probably know C++ very well, because it’s the go-to language for consoles and most PC development. You probably should also know your linear algebra - you should be able to demonstrate mastery of matrix math, vector operations, and how to represent objects in 3 dimensional space. You should understand what the word “virtual” means with respect to computer science. The term “cache” and “multithreaded” should hold special meaning for you.

Do you want to be a designer? Then be prepared to demonstrate your ability to craft experiences with the tools you’ve learned. You need to show that you understand how to represent complex processes and manipulate the awareness and feelings of the player. You need to show that you can build content and systems that are intuitive and require minimal amounts of hand holding, but are still engaging and fun for many types of players. The content the designer creates is what the players will directly be interacting with, so you should be able to demonstrate that you can construct engaging and interesting quests, conversations, lore, items, and/or systems.

Do you want to be a producer? If so, show us that you can manage tasks for a team of people working together. We need to understand that you can prioritize tasks for everyone, that you can communicate with people working on different parts of a project and keep everything coordinated and on schedule. Be prepared to talk about problems that your team encountered, and things you did to deal with those problems. Even better, tell us about how you empowered others on the team to solve those problems. 

I’ve been getting a number of these questions lately, but I can’t give a real answer unless I know exactly what sort of job it is you want. It can’t just be “I want to work in the industry” because there’s a lot of different roles in the industry, each with a skillset and knowledge base. The different roles exist because the work that they do needs specialists and experts, which means that anyone who is going to do them needs to be a specialist and/or expert. I’m not the sort of person who will pat you on the head and say “Keep dreaming big and one day you can do it too” because I don’t think it’s particularly helpful advice. If you want to work on games, you need to have a clear idea as to what it is you’ll be doing day in and day out to contribute to the project. If you don’t know what sort of jobs there are, I heavily suggest you read my past posts tagged with [roles in the game industry] to help figure it out. But you have to bring something useful to the table - some sort of skill that we need that you’re so good at that we’ll want to pay you for it. I’d be more than happy to tell you “You should know this, this, and this” if you ask “What do I need to know if I want to be a _______?” However, if what you’re looking for is reassurance that you might someday have a place here if you just keep dreaming, I’m the wrong person to ask. “Game developer” isn’t an actual job description, it’s a collective descriptor. If you want to work with us, you need to know what it is you’ll be doing.

Got a burning question you want answered?

Ma sunshine boii~<3 He is calling you to say ‘happy valentine’s day’ to you~

cheritz he deserves a happy ending too

Well it’s kinda a self-indulgence because I wanted to draw him in a suit sometimes hehe It’s kinda different from my previous posts tbh I wanted to add him too in chibi series but something happened so I can’t do it but I will do it someday so it could be completed u.u that’s why this is very late to submit 

The last but not least I want to thank @mysticmessimagines for doing their best hosting this wonderful event. I also wanted to thank all people who have reblogged, put a nice tag/comment I read it all, liked my submissions and even followed me through this event. Thank you that made my day and gave me encouragement <3

Thank youuuu~ Hope you all have a wonderful day~

See all of my submissions below:

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Young Amy vs Dr Amy Farrah Fowler @missmayim @groknation #tbbt #fanart #bigbangtheory

You loved my Young Sheldon vs Sheldon I did some days ago about the spinoff. Well here’s Amy.

Shy dork little Amy vs our brilliant and successful Dr Amy Farrah Fowler. The smart scientist (on what is she working on btw?). The popular on campus. The one who have a real boyfriend now (and what a boyfriend uh fandom?)

What will she tell to her younger version if a multidimensional portal will open in front of her?

Yesterday, I almost cried for a moment to see her so vulnerable and having worries and doubts. Will Sheldon propose someday? Amy is waiting. The fandom is waiting (and be careful with the fandom! the fandom is watching you writers… we want the best shamy-ish proposal ever)

Loved the girls scenes so much. We can relate so much to them, not same situations, but yeah @jessicaradloff14 really nailed her thoughts about this moment on her article ( @glamourmag )

And well, what can I say? the tag scene OH MY! wooohooooo we are all on board of Amy’s daydreams. Faster, Amy, don’t be late to the party *wink wink*

So today, my post is for Amy. Because she deserves more and we want more for our lovely cinnamon roll. 💕

Thanks @jimparsons_philippines for the brainstorming. And yes, agree with @nerdforestgirl , I want to know Amy’s past. we need to know more about her. Amy spinoff for the fandom please 😀

Have a great friday! Waiting to see which artist will be featured today on Mayim’s #fanartfriday !! I love this so much.

REMEMBER: LIVE SESSION TOMORROW —> comment what do you want me to do 😀 ideas are welcome!

olimarina is now sara-plutonium!

this is a change I’ve been wanting to make for a long time and finally did it! I am naturally a very nostalgic person, which was part of my hesitation for making the change. but I decided I wanted to go with something more personal and isn’t fandom-specific. Plus, I always sign my art with my initials, and using this handle will allow me to still use the same initials even when I get married someday!

“Sara Plutonium” is a combination of my real name along with my favorite element! It also matches my current initials - SP. I’ve always been fascinated with nuclear and radioactivity and stuff like that, which is why my persona is styled as some kind of nuclear space ranger or something, haha.

I’ve updated as many links as I can except for on deviantART which is a whole other animal I don’t want to tackle right now. if you’ve tagged me in anything, please update your posts accordingly!

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Could we ever see a step by step of your art someday ??? Or maybe you already sorry i just love the way you draw so much 😭😭😭

hey! i have some OLD tutorials from like a year or so ago in my art help tag, but here’s some process gifs! i don’t always post these to tumblr but you can usually find them on my artstation :’) 

my “im sorry, finn” post got ovr 4.5k notes nd i got ovr 200 followers (wayyyyy more thn i expected @ ths point so early in2 art bloggo) nd im ovr here like Hold The Phone, Friend, Hold Up, Wait a Moment, blease pause and reconsider, hold on,

i am a wee baby artist nd like 2 of my fave artists reblogged it wit good tags nd someone said “dont do that to my son you idiot” or smthn nd that brought me So Much Joy nd all th tags got my shit ass weepin all ovr da place like holy shit

ths blog got so many text posts its a wonder ppl stick around. i am a Rambley Overshare Person nd i make all my posts on mobile so idfk how 2 readmore anything. its messy.

anyways hi im robin i hav adhd and i am not super rad @ art yet thx 4 bein here feel free 2 leave like Whenevr

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Ack sorry about sending another pitch question (I know you said something about people sending those) but you mentioned you pitched a show twice, and since I'm a creeper, I read the tags and you said the pitch wasn't how we'd think they'd be; how were they, then, out of curiosity? If I ever pitch a show, in your position, what should I expect? What exactly happened? Sorry for asking all these questions; you've been my inspiration for a while and I hope I can pitch my own show someday!! Thank you

Oh no, that’s fine!  I don’t mind telling my experience with it, and I’ve even given pitching tips before, but this post is about the extent of my knowledge.  (You can also just search my blog for “pitch”, ‘cause I’ve reblogged stuff from other people that actually KNOW what they’re talking about, haha)  I just don’t want people under the impression that I’m super experienced with it, or that I’ve ever pitched to a big deal network or producer.  I absolutely haven’t.  

I have exactly 2 pitching experiences.  The first one was a few years ago at an event in Nashville called “Film-Com”, which is an annual trade show/expo event for financing and distributing filmmaking projects.  Basically you get a booth, and you set up in this convention center with all these other aspiring creators (filmmakers, documentary people, a few video game/new media folks, all sorts), and they’ve invited a WHOLE SWATH of producers and industry professionals to come mull around the show floor with you so you can make connections and get your product out there EAT FREE MEALS and then idk, maybe fuckin’ walk around a bit and look at your dumb shitty projects if they fuckin’ feel like it but they probably wont, so what ends up happening is all the creators just walk around and look at each others’ shit, which for me—being the only animator there—means that a bunch of other jack-knobs who have some vague idea for a shitty cartoon end up giving me THEIR card so that maybe in the future I can work on THEIR dumbfuck ideas.

ANYWAY, to get to the point, they selected certain projects and scheduled them to actually go up and pitch in front of a whole room full of producers.  This happened over the course of the whole day, so I suspect the reason none of the producers were walking around interacting with people is ‘cause they were stuck in a room all day hearing 30 different suck-ass pitches and when it was all said and done they were probably exhausted.  I was scheduled as the last pitch of the day.  I enter the room and wait patiently; the person before me is running about 10 minutes over their allotted time.  I scan the room… everyone is MISERABLE.  They’re anxious, they’re uninterested, they’re sighing… the main guy who’s sort of monitoring the whole thing is pinching his brow and trying his best to keep up the pretense of politeness in telling the current pitcher to wrap it up.  NONE of these people want to be here anymore.  It seems like everyone’s spent the whole day “warming ‘em up” for me, but now they’re all sweaty and miserable, so I can either go up there and give another mediocre pitch, OR I can go up there and try my goddamn hardest to make them laugh. 

I go up on stage, just IMMEDIATELY force myself to get over any fears I have, and I pitch W2H.  I screen a short mock trailer I made (no way I’d force them to sit through that whole fucking thing), and it’s sort of like a fever dream, because I can see all of the life returning to their faces, they’re WAY into it, I’m doing fucking GREAT somehow, despite literally zero experience… and when it was all said and done, it became abundantly clear that even though they all LOVED it, not a single one of them could help me.  None of them were animation producers.  None of them KNEW animation producers.  One guy suggested I go into comics, because “comics get turned into film and tv shows all the time”.  I just had the PERFECT fucking pitch, and I pitched to people who couldn’t fucking help me.  As I was leaving, many of them came up to me and actually thanked me for sending them off for the day on a good note.  There was a big dinner at like, the fucking Governers’ mansion or something that night, and again, some of them were coming up to me and thanking me, wishing me the best and all that.  I guess if nothing else, I learned what I’m capable of.

The second pitch was an ACTUAL disaster.  When I’d first graduated I thought I could pitch W2H to Frederator, ‘cause it seemed like a good fit.  They told me (understandably) that they couldn’t reverse-engineer a show from something I’d already produced, and also that it was inappropriate (despite having a show at the time called “SuperFuckers”, but whatever; language and subject matter are different things).  Later on I got an email from them, saying that someone in their office was familiar with my work, and they invited me to come pitch them something that wasn’t W2H.  They also said that I was free to swing by their office any time, even “just to hang out”, and that if I had any questions “whether it be pitching or where to get the best burgers in Burbank”, to hit them up.  How friendly!  How perfect!  I was JUST about to move out to L.A., so I started working on this idea tentatively called “Gayliens”.  I swung by their office once, you know, just to pop in, like they said; thought I’d make myself known or whatever.  They looked at me like I was nuts.  They still invited me in and we chatted for a bit about the history of early Disney studios, but when they asked why I was there, and I reminded them about the email they’d sent, they seemed to have no idea what I was talking about.  I told them I was working on a pitch for them and that I’d be in touch so we could schedule something.  

When I finally finished putting my pitch together, I went in for a meeting with them.  It was just 2 folks, we were in like a board meeting-type room (which I imagine is probably standard).  They made some small talk with me first, which I’m sure was an attempt to loosen us all up a bit and set the mood, but all of their questions really caught me off guard.  (I guess they asked where I was working, and when I told them I didn’t have a studio job, they asked how I was making money, and I’m sure it wasn’t meant to put me in an awkward position, but people asking me how I make money literally ALWAYS puts me in an awkward position, because my income sources are scattered and weird.  Try explaining how youtube ad revenue works to your social services worker, it’s a blast.) 

SO okay, I let myself get tripped up a bit.  I go on with the pitch; they don’t really want me to pitch the concept, they just have me show them my storyboards and read through the whole thing.  They’re DEAD silent the whole time.  I can’t get a read on them at all.  When it’s over, they ask me some more questions that trip me up.  Some of them are 100% my fault; they asked for a title, and I wasn’t ready to say “Oh, it’s tentatively called GAYLIENS,” out loud to people who I couldn’t get a read from.  

It’s all kind of a blur, but the few topics of discussion I remember them bringing up were that “the storyboards look almost TOO good”, like it was TOO polished or well-developed (which is sort of a backhanded compliment I guess???), because see, “when they made Adventure Time… blah blah blah it just started off as this loose idea, and once they were a season or so into it, they started expanding on the universe and developing the characters a little bit more…” — AS IF ANYONE doesn’t understand why AT got so popular???  You don’t have to TELL ME, I WAS WATCHING IT, I FUCKING KNOW.  No one gave a shit about AT until they got Rebecca Sugar and all these talented writers working on it a couple seasons in, and doing all this character-heavy shit.  I tried to present them with something that had all that character shit baked into it already, ‘cause I knew they were gonna’ use AT as an example.  But it seemed like they’re not looking for something that’s already developed with it’s own voice or sensibility, they’re looking for a vague idea that they can mold into something as they go.  

They also told me–and I still can’t get over this–that they’re looking for “”””””characters that people will want to cosplay as””””””, which is funny to me for a plethora of reasons; namely that they have no way of knowing that PEOPLE DO COSPLAY AS MY CHARACTERS, but also that I spent half of my time in college working on ridiculous magical girl Adventure Time crossover group cosplays (don’t fuckin’ laugh) like trust me I’m ALARMINGLY familiar with cosplay, and ALSO, that looking for a new property with the guidelines that it should be “the next big thing that some fucking nerds will dress up as at comic con” just seems like such an out-of-touch-but-trying-to-be-hip, capitalize-on your-fandom-doing-all-the-legwork-for-you, fucking executive thing to say.  I know I sound like a whiny art school kid saying that but my animation instructor was so anti-establishment, and I carry a lot of that with me still, and something about that statement–insignificant as it may be–kind of epitomizes how I feel about the industry?  It’s a hard thing to explain. 

I walked out of that pitch with my mind feeling like TV static.  My friends were waiting for me next door at a bakery and they were super excited, asking me how it went, and I was just like “I mean… BAD, for sure, but I don’t know where to even start.”  Hahaha.  I don’t know.  It just seems like everyone wants to play gatekeeper I guess.  They want This Thing™, but it can’t be too This Thing™.  They want the thing to have A Fandom™, but they don’t really understand fandom ‘cause they don’t participate in fandom.  They want Your Idea™ but they want to make it Their Idea™.  I don’t know.  I’m just angry and bitter and that’s my experience with pitching.  Admittedly some of what went wrong in these pitches was my fault, or there were circumstances beyond my control, and regardless of how that pitch went, I don’t actually dislike Frederator (I’m on their youtube network), and Fred Seibert has actually done a ton of iconic shit.

I don’t think I’ve ever AIRED MY GRIEVANCES in such great detail before, but there you have it.  If you want some tips on pitching, you can check out the links I provided at the beginning of the post; there’s tons of people out there who actually know their shit too, and they’d probably give more proactive advice.  I don’t know if this helps at all, but hopefully you can glean something from it!  That’s just my limited experience with it.  Haha.  Good luck!  

“In the fairy tales, the poor girl smiles when she becomes a princess. Right now, I don’t know if I’ll ever smile again.” 

GUYS my friend @red-queen-em-for-a-dream made this edit of me as Mareena Titanos (Mare obviously) and it makes me so happy! I hope something like this becomes a reality someday. Thank you lovely for making my day! @red-queen-em-for-a-dream

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