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Jeremy Shada, the voice of Lance in DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender, tries out the new DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles Game.


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Did Obi-Wan start writing down stories of his padawanship in order to help Anakin learn to read?

That is indeed what I was getting at in this post, anon.

I feel like it would be a good way for him to grieve? He’d be able to work through some of his feelings privately first, and then share his memories of Qui-Gon with Anakin at his own pace. Anakin would probably still blindside him with questions sometimes, but at least he’d be a little more prepared?

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So I began reading makuroshi’s fanfic “click here to suscribe” and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I’m just so thrilled with the whole youtubers AU, and the beautifully awkward RinHaru relationship going on there and my god I didn’t know I could ship SouMako.

I just love it. I might draw more fanart for it in the near future.

If you are a fan of RinHaru embarrassing themselves with fluff and whatnot I highly recommend you read it <3

I was working on a project for the past few hours and I came home to see this. I’m so happy I finally reached 1000 followers!!!!! It amazes me that there’s this many people who actually like what I post and care about block b. I made this blog last August just as a way to interact with other BBCs cause I had noone else to talk to about them. I don’t gif or create content I only make text posts and now I’m at quadruple digits! Shout out to the blogs who boosted me this much you guys know who you are. And thank you all for being such a great community cause I wouldn’t have stayed this long if it weren’t for you guys.

Dear Jungkook,

This is your LAST time to be pelvic thrusting, grabbing your dick, and doing all that grinding shit. I havent suscribed to Life Alert yet and you are making this very difficult. Ive been noticing it alot and Im real close to losing whats left of my shit. I kindly ask that you stop being rude and shortening my breath ‘cause I cant deal.


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Maybe I never talked about it, but I DO love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures.
Dio is, maybe, my most favourite nemesis in a manga (because saying in all the comics published or to be published in the future is a little bit exaggerated).
This is another drawing for the next business cards I plan to print.

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here it is as promised! my cover of the Steven Universe extended theme

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“I will color your sky”

J-hope angst scenario-1 444 words

Please replay this song by yourself till you’re done reading.


~J-hope’s POV~

 I’ve just finished to pack my things, cheeks stained with tears. I’ve been turning around every second to look her sleep so peacefully. I will miss her messy hair, her eyes, her smile, her voice and her scent so much. I will miss her lame jokes, or her babyish questions, I will miss every little thing about her. But I have to do it. I have to go. I can’t continue anymore.
I kissed her forehead and walked to the door then turn around to steal one last glance to my beloved (Y/N). Tears still falling down.

I walked down the stairs and leave her house with a sob.

~(Y/N)’s POV~

 When I woke up, Hoseok wasn’t by my side. He must be downstairs, he told me he will be home today. Finally he is here after weeks that passed by not being able to see him.
I got up, the brightest smile on my face.

“Sunshine?” I first called. “Where are you?” I asked again but I didn’t get any answer.

I searched everywhere in the house saying his name. But he wasn’t there. There wasn’t his jacket or his shoes anymore. He has even taken his few t-shirts that were still in my wardrobe. I started to cry. Where the hell was he? Why the hell did he betray his promise? Has he even slept with me tonight? I laid down on my bed looking for his scent. I took his pillow and dug my face in it till I got asphyxiated by his cologne.

After a few minutes, I tried to call him. He wasn’t answering even after billion calls and texts. Maybe was I overreacting? Maybe he will be back in a few hours. But if he will, why isn’t he answering me?

After days, I was still calling him but he wasn’t ignoring them anymore, he was declining them. I tried to call his hyungs but they didn’t pick up the phone either.

“What the hell is going on? Is he breaking up with me?” I asked myself while pacing back and forth in my room.

[Flashback (neutral POV)]

 Jung Hoseok and (Y/N) were laying down on the grass by a hot summer night. It was approximately 3 am and they were talking about anything and cuddling while staring at the stars lightening up the sky.

“Do you think the sky is the limit as everyone say?” the lovely girlfriend asked.

“I don’t thing so…The sky is your limit only if you limit yourself. I guess we are our own limit.” the boyfriend replied after a few seconds of reflexion.

“I think you’re right. I actually feel the same.”

Few minutes flew by while they were both thinking about what they just affirmed.

“Where do you think the stars get the energy to always shine this bright?” the young women asked.

“Hm, well… I think if we are able to see them shining it’s all thanks to the darkness. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars. Stars can’t shine without darkness.”

“But oppa, you are always so cheerful and I never saw you sad. So you aren’t really my star as you told me before, are you?” she asked looking right in her boyfriend’s eyes.

“I’m still your star, I have been through hard times you know? Like everyone…” he sighs caressing the hair of her beloved.

“Then if you’re my star, I’ll be your sky. Okay?”

“You’re so sweet (Y/N). I will make sure to color your sky enough with bright hues and make you as happy as I can!” he kissed her girlfriend’s head, squeezing her a little more against his chest before adding “I love you so much (Y/N). Don’t you ever go away from me!” his voice trembling, a salty liquid threatening to roll down his cheeks.

“Why would I do that?”

[End of the Flashback]

~(Y/N)’s POV~

 The butterflies that were flying between us, in our stomachs just flew away like the time did. I was breathing, my heart was so light and cheerful it allowed me to fly. I guess it’s just the reflection of the past now.

“I have to move on… But I really can’t. I’m trapped in our memories. I have to talk to him again. I need him. It’s like I’m not living anymore, not breathing and flying anymore.” I said out loud.

Everything is dark, the sky is so dark since he left me I can’t even see where I go. I want the colors back, I want his light back I want the light of my sunshine back. The bright colors that were here in the begining of our relationship. The bright colors that were also here just before it ended are now remplaced by scars that are printing in the sky like planes’ traces. I really don’t understand why we drifted away from each other like clouds in the blue sky usually do. I can barely understand how we fell apart so fast. Everything was passionate, but I guess when we are so on fire, the ground may melt and collapse.

I really miss the colors that are now remplaced by darkness. I missed the way I blushed the same hue as the clouds do when their sun say hello. I miss the way I blushed so easily when I see Hobi.

Is love like gravity? The closer we are to our beloved, the better it works. The further we are from our beloved, the more we head to other horizons? I don’t want to leave him and go somewhere else. I want to be stuck with him forever. Will he come back to me now? All I want right now is him beside me staring at the night summer sky while cuddling like the old days, that would be perfect. Would it be too perfect to be real?

I’m calling him while I look up and lost my mind in our used to be universe. He isn’t picking up the phone. Let’s call him again till I fall asleep, or at least till he decide to answer. I decided to leave a voice message.

“Hoseok, please answer me I… I need to know. Is it over? I need you. I miss you so bad” I stopped to sniffed and wipe my tears away.

“I’m beg- I’m begging you Hobi. I don’t know where I went wrong but I’ll try my best to fix it. Please answer me.” I sobbed one last time before hanging up.

I collapsed to the ground, crying my heart out. I was so lost when my phone rang in my hand. I could read “My star <3”. I immediately answered, drying my tears.

“Hobi?” I muttered still not realizing that he called me back after weeks.

“(Y/N) I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you would have been suffering this much. I’m so sorry to be such an asshole.” he cried.

“Why didn’t you answered my calls?”

“I was doing it on purpose. I wanted to give you a normal life. I wanted you to have a nice boyfriend. A boyfriend that could have been here whenever you wanted him to. Whenever you were feeling low, whenenver you were happy. Whenever you missed him.” he couldn’t stop sobbing.

“But Hoseok, I love you. I really do, how do you want me to do that?”

“I was thinking you would have hate me so you won’t be in love with me anymore… That’s why I kept on ignoring your calls and your texts. I’m so sorry (Y/N). Please forgive me… I can’t live without you!

“You remember our conversation that summer night?”

“Yes…” he sniffed.

“You asked me to never ever go away from you. And I nodded.”

“Does this mean you are forgiving me? You don’t have to do it this fast…You must have suffer so much to do so.”

“Yes I have suffered Hobi but I can’t help it. And you have suffered a lot too. You may have been in pain more than me actually.”

“I don’t think so…”

“Still, are we back as sky and star now?” I asked.

“Yes we are. I’ve missed your voice so much!”

“When will we be able to see each other again?”

“I’m driving to your house right now and I will stay the week-end if you’re okay with it.”

“I’m okay with it but…”

“But?” he cutted you off.

“But this time you’ll have to be there during the whole week-end and not only a night!”

“I promise. And I promise to never hurt you again. You’re so precious to me.” he said with his sweetest voice before hanging up.


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