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˪ 2x06 - jasper’s first attempt at holding a motivational speech


Woke up feeling radiant. Yesterday was my trauma anniversary and I spent time with so many beautiful wonderful people and took my self book shopping and had a piece of carrot cake after lunch to celebrate my survival. I also wrote a long thing about it and put it on facebook (I can post it here if anyone wants to read it) and the amount of support I received was astonishing. I really am so lucky and blessed to be alive.


Barry Allen taking the last piece of cake even when you called it. 

“Barry! I told you this morning that I wanted to have it. Now, I have to survive the afternoon without the delicious cake. What do you have to say about that?” Barry shrugged his shoulders, looking at you apologetically. You groaned and lowered your head against his chest. “I wish you didn’t eat it, but I understand that you have to eat a bunch.” 

“Sorry, Y/N… Hey! Wait, I’ll be right back.” Barry gently pushed you off him, then in a blink of an eye was gone. You smiled. You had an idea of where he had gone. In three minutes, Barry was back, grinning broadly, and you could tell that he was holding something behind his back. “Surprise!”  Barry pulled a medium sized bundt cake out in front of him.

“Oh wow, my favorite!” You quickly grabbed the cake from his hands and set it down before jumping into Barry’s arms, pecking him with kisses. “Thank you so much! You’re the best, honestly.” Barry laughed and kissed your forehead.

“No, Y/N, you’re the best. I’m sorry that I ate your cake, so I hope this makes us even.” You rolled your eyes jokingly.

“You’re too sweet sometimes. Here, we can share.” You grabbed the cake and two forks as you headed over to the couch with Barry quickly following you. “I love you, Barry. Even when you do eat my cake.” You mumbled through devouring the delicious bundt cake.

“I love you too. I’ll buy you as many cakes as you want. As long as you’re happy.”

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why am i sending stuff about animals i should be getting existential im??? hm. do u ever realize most fears we develop stem from the basis fear of the unknown. like fesring the dark, or the ocean, or space, or death. its all cause we just Don't Know whats down there or what's gonna happen. humans are weird

it’s 3am and you’re you how did u not get existential from the start???? listen people ought to be curious before they’re afraid like ask what might be lurking in the dark before going to the demons conclusion, do some research.

of course i say this as someone who will sprint up the stairs after turning off the light because fuck that do u kno what could be lurking in the dark? could be demons. could be stink bugs. i am only okay with one of those things

on va en russie !
requested by anon

  1. La Copa de la Vida - Ricky Martin
  2. La cours des grands - Youssou N’Dour, Axelle Red
  3. I Will Survive - Cake
  4. Life - Des’ree
  5. Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65
  6. Alexandrie Alexandra - Claude François
  7. Ces soirées là - Yannick
  8. Quand la musique est bonne - Jean Jacques Goldman
  9. Magic In The Air - Magic System
  10. Don’t Worry - Madcon, Ray Dalton
  11. J’ai déconné - KeBlack
  12. Down The Road - C2C
  13. En feu - Soprano
  14. Laissez-les kouma - Zaho, MHD

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I was tagged by: @iiwaiizumi and @kagekuroo @morisuke–kun thank you guys! Music is my life so this was really fun

here is what i especially enjoy at the moment (no particular order)

1. Royal Blood - she’s creeping
2. The Offspring - dirty magic
3. Tom Cochrane - life is a highway
(ugly dancing and singing included // actually like they dance in the video omg i watched this the first time - AMAZING THATS ME)
4. Muse - undisclosed desires
5. Blind Melon - no rain
6. Cake - i will survive
7. Dean Lewis - waves
8. Of Mice and Men - real
9. Deaf Havana - fever
10. No Doubt - tragic kingdom

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Power Trip

We’ve become cold, our bodies scattered like knives that sat in the drawer too long. We broke our promises, we spiraled. Thought ourselves the chosen ones.

Foolishly, you said. I think you’re halfway to detecting the problem when you realize that everyone thinks that they’re special. And if everyone’s special, then

maybe no-one is. I bit the apple, your thumb, I bit into your nonsense, too. We liked to spend our Friday nights naked, Sundays strangled, we shrugged off

our clothes and pretended they were our skins; slept on railway tracks. You closed your eyes, waiting for impact. Even though, impact never comes. It’s 

okay, it’s cool. Don’t brace for death, you’ll jinx it. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I’m impulsive & lazy, I want everything on a silver platter. I 

would quite like to survive this, I think, I would quite like to have my cake and eat it too. But it doesn’t work that way! No, indeed not. So I’ll suffer my quota. 

I’ll smile at you through bar windows, across state lines. I’ll be a contractor! Already I’ve built myself a factory of regrets that never goes out of business!

I’ve craved shorter shifts, longer lunch breaks! Planted my grave across your skin, even after you said that my kisses were suggestions of death. Okay, so

here’s the plan. Just stick with me, rummage for stars in my mouth, press my fingers to your lips like they’ve never clawed you, put on your brass knuckles

and sit back, watch the fire as it grows sentience. This isn’t love, it’s pragmatism. You tilt your head back, you laugh. These desperate attempts to

keep me, they define you, darling. Always settling for second best. You said, teach me the disposition of hurricanes but don’t expect me to learn. You pinned

my wrists over my head and told me to stay. I’ll be back, I’m not going anywhere. But your words have expiry dates. I should have known that. 

In hindsight, I should have known.

the end

Pairing: Dean/Reader
Rating: R (for mentions of death)
Based on this imagine.


You’ve been ignoring her phone for the last day and a half, made sure you turned the GPS tracking off. Dean is likely out of his mind with worry, and you hate that you had to do this to him. He’d have never let you come by yourself, but this had to be done.

The demon in front of you is whimpering, tears running down its face. One more dose of blood, and it will be human again. The trials will be complete, and every monster on the planet will be gone.

You feel weak, like you’re going to fall over before you can walk to four feet to the demon and complete your task. You sinks against the wall, slide down it to sit on the floor, your knees pulled up to her chest. Blindly, you reaches out to grab you phone.

You can’t die without hearing his voice one more time.

It barely rings before he answers.

“Baby? Where are you!? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Dean,” you say tiredly. “Are Sam and Cas there?”

“What? Yeah, they’re here.”

There’s a second of silence, and then Sam and Cas both greet you. You’re on speaker phone now, which suits your purposes perfectly.

“Where are you?” Dean asks again. “We’re coming to get you.”

“No, Dean.  You won’t make it in time. Don’t come. Sam…Sam, I’m going to text you the address. Promise me you won’t let Dean see…”

“What’s going on?” Sam asks carefully.

You sigh, wish Sam would just blindly promise what you needs him to.

“The last trial,” you tell them. “It’s almost done. But, Dean- I couldn’t, not without- I had to tell you goodbye. That I love you.”


You expected nothing less, but still, you’re somehow unprepared for the sound of sheer agony in his voice.

“Dean, it has to be this way, baby.”

“No,” he grits out. “No way. Don’t do this.”

“There is no reason for you to make this sacrifice,” says Castiel. “Tell me where you are, and I will come get you.”

“It’s too late,” you say. “I’m so fucked up on my insides…I can’t-”

“I survived,” Sam argues. “You can too. You don’t have to do this.”

“Sam, I love you like a brother, but just quit it, okay? I want you to come get me, give me a hunter’s funeral. I’m counting on you to take care of my man after I’m gone. Buy him pie, Sam. Not cake.”

“You can survive. If I did, there’s no reason you can’t. Just tell us where you are.”

“You survived by having an angel take up shop inside you, which if I remember right, you were pretty pissed at Dean for.”

“So, we’ll find another way!” Dean explodes. “We’ll do something, we’ll-”

“Dean…I love you. More than anything.”

“Don’t do that. Don’t tell me you love me when what you really mean is goodbye. Don’t do this to me. Don’t leave me.”

“I’m so sorry, Dean. But, look, after this is over- You’ll be out of the life. You can have that family you want. Go do whatever you want.”

“What I want is you! Don’t try to make this better. I don’t want out of the life, I don’t want a family, not if you’re not there with me.”

You sigh. “Castiel, promise me you won’t let him make a deal. Promise me you’ll…”

Castiel replies, very softly, “He’ll kill me if I try to stop him. Please tell me where you are.”

You stare over at the demon, at the short distance that seems miles long. You are so, so tired. You want to go home. You want Dean.

“Baby.” Dean’s voice is gentler now. “Baby, please don’t do this. I need you. Life ain’t worth it without you. Tell me where you are.”

And you want to so.badly. You’re exhausted, and you’re not sure you’ll make it the last few feet, but you have to try.

“Dean, I’ve come so far,” you say, let out a shaky breath. “I’m so tired. I need to finish this.”

“I know my brother,” says Sam. “He’ll never get over this. That life you think he’ll have after the demons are all gone? You’re gonna take away the only prayer he would have ever had at coping with your death.”

“He’ll have you,” you reply. “And Cas. He’ll…It doesn’t matter. You’ll never get here in time.”

“Cas can be there in a matter of seconds. Just tell us where you are.”

“I wish I could, Sam.” You sigh. “I just called to say goodbye. I love you, Sam. You too, Castiel. Thanks for everything.”

“Baby, wait. Just- One thing. Answer me one thing,” Dean pleads, and you can’t refuse him, not with what you’re about to do.

“Okay, Dean.”

“Do you want to die? Or do you want to come home? To me? Cuz you will die if you do this, but if you want to come home- You can.”

You’ve been trying hard not to focus on the death part of this, preferring to think of it in terms of finishing the trials, not finishing yourself. The idea frightens you.

Home. Dean’s arms. Soft sheets. A decent night’s sleep.

“Baby, answer me. Do you want to come home?”

“Yes.” Your voice chokes as your tears spill over then. “I love you, Dean.”

“I love you, too. Just tell us where you are, and I’ll come get you.”

You hesitate. Look again at the demon in front of you, think about the miles behind you that lead back to Dean.

End others’ suffering or end your own. You can’t have both. Your eyes drop shut, the sound of Dean’s breathing in your ears as he waits.

When your eyes open, your decision is made.


What if Orihime turns out to be the Soul King’s daughter?

As requested by anon. :)

We’ve already imagined what would happen if the fan theory about Aizen being the Soul King’s son were true. Now it is time to pretend that this other theory - which I happen to be a huge fan of! - is true. What would Bleach be like then? 

1. Orihime and Yhwach would be siblings.

We already know that Yhwach is the Soul King’s son. So if Orihime were the Soul King’s daughter, then Orihime and Yhwach would be brother and sister. 

Orihime: You’re my big brother! You’re supposed to be taking care of me, not trying to MURDER OUR DAD!

Yhwach: D-don’t try to use little sister guilt on me!

2. Sora would be Orihime’s adopted brother.

It would also turn out that Orihime’s human family just adopted her - Sora is not her blood realtive, but her adopted brother. Presumably after the Soul King sent Orihme away (for whatever reason), a human family adopted the tiny baby girl.

Orihime: I-I can’t believe he took such good care of me, even though I wasn’t really his sister!

 Sora was the best brother ever!


3. Orihime’s powers would be explained.

My favorite aspect of this theory is that it would explain Orihime’s truly unique powers. Unlike everybody else’s powers, which fit into a box (shinigami, Quincy, hollow, fullbringer, a crazy mix of them all), Orihime’s powers remain unexplained. They are truly unique, and also godlike - nobody else can fucking undo the past like Orihime can. But if her father is the Soul King, then the uniqueness of her powers would finally have a reason.

Hachigen: …

Hachigen: Okay, so admittedly my powers aren’t *that* similar to Inoue’s. 

4. Her five fairies would be parallel to Squad 0.

Yes, yes. Orihime has six fairies. That’s not what I mean. But the thing about Squad 0 is that they are endowed with the Soul King’s power - their bodies are the oken, which are made from the Soul King’s bone and hair. Similarly, the fairies are endowed with Orihime’s powers - they are a physical manifestation of her abilities. In that sense, the Soul King’s creation of Sqaud 0 would be similar to Orihime’s creation of her six fairy buddies.

Orihime: Wow! The fairies! I almost forgot about them - it’s been so long since they appeared!

Orihime: …I kinda thought Tite Kubo decided they were stupid-looking or something.

5. Orihime’s rejection powers would be parallel to Yhwach’s. 

Yhwach has the ability to foresee (almost) anything, and to repel any attack that he has foreseen. Basically, he can reject the future. Orihime can reject the past. So as siblings, Orihime and Yhwach would cover the full spectrum of rejection abilities. 

Orihime: So you don’t want to ask either of to the dance, ha ha!

Orihime: …

Orihime: Tough crowd. 

6. Orihime’s name would turn out to be highly significant. 

“Princess” is right there in Orihime’s name, perfect for the daughter of a king. Hiyori once lampshaded Orihime’s name, and called her princess. Actually, so does Chizuru, come to think of it. Anyway, Orihime’s name is good not only because of the “princess” part, but also because Orihime is the daughter of the Sky King (=Soul King??) in the Tanabata story (see below).

Hiyori: Wow! So the princess is actually a princess, huh?

Hiyori: …

Hiyori: That doesn’t bode well for “monkey” and “lewd”.

7. The Tanabata story could be mined for clues.

So the Tanabata story was mentioned by the anon who requested this list. Basically, there’s Orihime, the Weaver Princess, daughter of the Sky King, and her lover, Hikoboshi, the cowherd. Their love caused both of them to neglect their duties, and so the Sky King seperated them. Now they can only meet once a year (the seventh day of the seventh month), and only if it isn’t raining. So there’s Kubo’s fav “rain = sadness” imagery. I’m not sure how the story will map on to Bleach, but basically if you can come up with a way for your preferred Orihime ship to be like a cowherd, you’re golden!

Ishida: I-I fix stuffed animals, including cows!

Rukia: I draw cute animals, and I could start drawing cows!

Ichigo: I always go after lost friends, and that’s what a cowherd would do with his cows!

Orihime: …

8. Aizen’s kidnapping of Orihime would not have been about Ichigo.

Remember back when Aizen kidnapped Orihime because her power was interesting? If Orihime’s power turns out to be related to her identity as the Soul King’s daughter, then no wonder Aizen was so interested! He must have only been *pretending* to just care about Ichigo. 

Aizen: That’s right!

Aizen: It was a double feint!

Aizen: I pretended to be interested in Inoue, and then pretended that I was lying about that and was only interested in Kurosaki, but actually I was lying about THAT and am interested in Inoue after all!!

Orihime: You’re a, um, complicated guy.

Aizen: Thanks!

9. Orihime may have been sent away because of Yhwach.

Okay, but why was Orihime sent away all those years ago by her father the Soul King? Well, since the Soul King has precognition powers like Yhwach, maybe the Soul King sent her away to protect her, knowing that Yhwach would invade the Royal Real many many years in the future. 

Soul King: I just really hope I survive all this somewhow. I have cake.

 I-I love cake!

10. Orihime may be the only one who can restore or become the new Soul King.

Or maybe the Soul King sent Orihime away not so much to protect her, but as a final backup plan, so that Orihime could save him. Maybe, because she’s his daughter, only Orihime’s power can restore him. And yes, yes, I know that Orihime already tried to use her powers on the Soul King and they didn’t work, but maybe that’s just because Orihime didn’t know her origins, just like Ichigo couldn’t really access his power until he knew his. Or maybe only Orihime herself can replace the Soul King. Remember that “separated lovers” motif from the Tanabata story? Maybe Orihime will end up being separated from everybody she loves, when she is forced to become the new Soul King to save the universe.




Orihime: G-guys…

Soul King: I might not be winning “Father of the Year” here.

I fucking hate when people say “Don’t treat yourself with food, you’re not a dog”

No, I’m not a dog I’m a fucking grown ass woman who loves the little things in life like dark chocolate, creamy lattes, deep red wine and fucking french fries.

When I celebrate a birthday I have greek food and cake. When I celebrate surviving midterms or being accepted to grad school I get red velvet ice cream because it’s fucking delicious and I deserve it.

Screw you and your belittling and condescending sense of self righteousness because you can’t take simple pleasures for what they are.

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what do you do when you have loved someone for so long but they don't love you back

loving someone and not having that reciprocated is honestly i think one of the most painful things in the world but u have to move on !!!!!!!!!!!!! & now im saving all my loving for someone whos loving meeeee. … listen to i will survive by cake and find someone who is better for u. its ok to be sad

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I can't wait for the time when we can look back on this and be like "lol oh man, remember that weird ass month in 2015 when everyone were supposed to think louis knocked up that chick? Man those were some fucked up times"

The ‘I survived babygate 2k15’ tshirts will be selling like hot cakes