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Prince On Every Tour: Parade

Alright peoples. It’s been a little bit since the last POET post (heh, I love that the acronym for this series is a real word). I intended to watch and rate my enjoyment today, but last night I somehow ended up watching the entire show. If you happen to be one of the few who pay attention to anything I do here (and I LOVE you for it because honestly, I am a real mess), you’ll know that I also just watched the Detroit ‘86 birthday show at the Cobo Arena while physically in Detroit this past Friday. Two shows in one. With that, here we are. Our next stop(s) on the POET train:


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Oh Parade Prince. Probably amongst the most infuriating iterations of our beloved Prince. He is so unapologetically arrogant and there is nothing any of us can do about it. He changed up on us in a major way after cutting the PR tour short and putting out ATWIAD so quickly afterwards. 11 months after that, this man has another album AND feature film. Visually, he has forgone the curls that are near and dear to my heart for short, slickback that I cannot argue with. And it might have left some of us confused, shocked, wondering why he would take a complete left when the PR era was still in full swing. It’s because he could. He’d made it to megastardom and afforded him the flexibility he needed to REALLY throw us for some loops. This was the time for him to push the boundaries of his creativity in his music and his visual presentation of himself without too much worry of how it would be received. He already had us, and he knew it. 

Parade Prince is that guy that knows he’s fine, that knows YOU know he’s fine, and will exploit it to no end. Because no matter how much you might protest to his face, the reality is this: the the moment he makes eye contact with you during that particularly rude rendition of Do Me, Baby, you both are fully aware that you will be patiently waiting for him in his limo at the direction of his security guard after the show. Against all better judgments. And he delights in the fact that you (try to) resist him. He loves the conquest, especially when he knows he wins. It’s fine. Let him win. Enjoy the life changing. Cherish it for the rest of your life thereafter.

ESSENTIALLY, that is what the entire Parade era is. Prince having a grand ol’ time as he quite literally does whatever he wants with no regard for our sanity. Meanwhile, we just try to pick up the pieces of our life as he continues to ruin it with each new era he ushers in. He’s running around looking like a vision out of a 1940′s noir, giving us new music that is very different but oh so great, throwing hip chains into a crowd of unsuspecting onlookers after what might be the most infuriating performance of Head known to us, and we are expected to deal with it. As if Purple Rain didn’t just take place. And no matter which side of the spectrum we fell on when it came to this new era - utterly opposed or completely on board -  we were still here for it in some way, willingly or begrudgingly. Just like he knew we would.

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Prince starts these shows shirtless, so you know you’re in for a ride. ATWIAD is GREAT live and a great song to open up with. It set the pace for the rest of the show: fun and full of grooves. And he does not hesitate to get into them. Christopher Tracy’s Parade, New Position, I Wonder U, Raspberry Beret are all in the first 15 minutes. We get songs spanning his entire career up to that point in both shows, and he is well aware of the fact that he has HITS ya understand? 

His confidence has transformed into unabashed cockiness ( *sings* I ain’t go no money - THAT’S A LIE). It’s in the way he moves, the way he sings, the way he plays with the audience, everything. I’m frustrated just sitting here thinking about it all. And yet, here I am, unable to resist the overwhelming charm of Parade Prince. One, because his face. Two, he’s earned it if we want to be 100. The boy has put in insane work, and it finally skyrocketed with PR. Now he gets to enjoy it all. He deserves to be gassed. We’ll allow it.

Boyfriend didn’t get sloppy or plateau here either when he probably could have gotten away with it. A true professional, after having reached that level of stardom but deciding not to just phone it in or coast. Production value is still great, although less busy than the PR tour. No poles to slide down on, no bathtubs to take a shower of pearls in. Costumes are still great, albeit, again, not as busy as PR. Band is even tighter now with the expanded Revolution. Their sound is more dynamic with the addition of Eric “Sith” Leeds, Atlanta Bliss, and Atlanta’s God-awful ponytail. He was playin’ tho, so I’ll relax about it. They have proven that when it came time to execute on stage, they could handle the constant changes in sound and personnel quite well. But again, testament to his leadership and dedication to excellence. 

Then there is the addition of official dancers in Jerome, Wally, and Greg. I know some may have felt “but why” about them, but man, do they add a really fun element to the show! We have full on routines now folks, and there are few things I love more than to see Prince work it out on stage in a routine. Yes, we saw some minor coordinated steps previously, but we hadn’t really had routines. With these three though, we see choreo that gives the show some more life,  Prince being part of some of them (the 1999 album medley in which they did the PR balcony dance to Lady Cab Driver is A+), and even incorporating the band into them. It’s a real treat. 

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Favorite Number:
There are a few numbers I love from this tour. Detroit clearly has some great ones. Controversy/Mutiny is ALWAYS a fave, if not for the fact that they are good songs, then for the dancing during those numbers. Head…for very obvious reasons. It is already a jam, and Prince decides he has to one up himself every time he decides to perform it live. Of the four Parade shows I’ve seen, Detroit’s Head is by far the best. Paris gets an honorable mention though because there is a breath hitch that stopped me cold in my figurative tracks. It was…so authentic. Even if it wasn’t. Life Can Be So Nice was also another jam from the Detroit show, which was a nice surprise for me because it isn’t my fave from Parade. In the end though, I can confidently say that Pop Life is my favorite number from this show. I adore the live arrangement of this song so much. And he is incredibly cute during that performance, so there’s that. 

Stockholm’s lineup is very similar to this one. But instead of Mutiny (sad about it), we get 17 Days, which, surprisingly I really enjoyed. 17 Days is one of my favorite songs ever, but it’s one of the few I prefer the studio version over the live version. It’s perfect the way it is, and for some reason, to me, the live versions don’t really capture the magic of that song for me. However, this one came close. And throwing in the I Wanna Be Your Lover instrumental at the end was a nice touch. However, vocally, visually….Do Me, Baby wins. It’s a song that P can never not SANG on, so it usually wins vocally for me. But then the addition of the horns and the breakdown at the end just really pushed me over the edge. 

I would like to give a shoutout though to that 1999 album medley I mentioned earlier because it JAMMED and I might have yelled when I heard Automatic. Also Anotherloverholenyohead from this show was phenomenal and deserves to be mentioned. Lisa unleashed an insane piano solo that really showed off her skills. The girl is bad.

Favorite Outfit:
While I do love Prince in a crop-top, I am a huge proponent of the suits from this era. Even the unforgivable shoulder pads aren’t enough to deter me. Something about Prince in a tie….. The yellow suit from Detroit is iconic. Period. In Stockholm we were greeted with a nice blue one. Both 100 cuts above. Honorable mention to the polka dot vest from both shows. The man looks like a 5 course meal in polka dots. 

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Still Would Rating: Angrily. Begrudgingly. Without a shadow of a doubt and no hesitation, honey. 

Overall Rating: If you’re looking for something to lift your spirits and also groove extra hard to, either of these shows are what you need. His carefree spirit during them is contagious, and you can’t help but share in the joy he puts on display. He’s serving us some LOOKS, some ridiculous and quite frankly irresponsible onstage antics, and some of my favorite music from him (I adored both ATWIAD and Parade). As the creator of the gif directly above so eloquently put it: “ Yellow suit and the band were rocking. What’s not to like?” Indeed. 

PREVIOUSLY, PURPLE RAIN                                            NEXT UP, SOTT

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ooooooh "4. Wearing each other’s clothes." + our darling Warren pretty please!

4. Wearing each other’s clothes + Warren Worthington III

You can tell he’s enjoying it as much as you are. His scowl doesn’t fool you - not when his wings are in a frenzy like this. He’s never been a good liar.

Laughing softly, you step closer, hands wandering over the exposed skin of his stomach; courtesy of your shirt getting stuck in his beautiful wings.

“Very funny.” he mutters, voice holding nothing but fondness and amusement. Your eyes raise to meet his and he sighs, shaking his head before offering you a small smile, breaking his facade like he did every time you were around.

“I think crop tops suit you, you know. I’m gonna ask Jubilee to buy you some.” you comment, smile widening at the way his body responds to your touch. His warm breath fans over your face as he lets out a huff, a hand hesitantly coming down to place itself on the small of your back, testing the waters.

You pretend not to notice.

“And what do I gain in this, exactly?” he asks, voice raspy and unusually quiet for him. He’s Warren, after all. Biting down on your lower lip in thought, you tap your chin, humming a little.

“My gratitude?” you reply, letting your lips brush against his ever so slightly. You smile at the way his breath hitches.

“Okay.” he whispers, trying to calm the racing of his heart. It doesn’t help that you’re wearing his clothes - and that he can smell himself on you.

“Come on, let’s show the others the result.” you tug on his arm, pulling him out of the closet and towards your awaiting friends.

This dare was going to be the death of him.

You were going to be the death of him.

But for the first time in his life, Warren Worthington III was more than okay with letting his walls down.

I know summer can be tough for people with dermatillomania (like me)

I know how it feels to suffer through the heat in pants and long sleeves because you don’t want people to see your skin

I know how it feels to work up enough courage to wear shorts or a t-shirt or a bathing suit and then people ask “oh what happened” or “what are all those spots/scabs/scars/etc. from” or “are you ok? your skin doesn’t look so great”

So this is for me and anyone else who needs to hear it:

My skin isn’t ugly, my skin isn’t gross, my skin isn’t ruined. And neither is yours.

I can wear whatever I want to this summer. I can wear shorts and a t-shirt, I can wear a bathing suit, I can wear a crop top or a shirt with a low back or anything else that shows my skin. And so can you.

And if I don’t feel comfortable showing my skin this summer, if I need to cover up to feel safe that’s ok too. I don’t need to be ashamed of doing what’s best for my mental health. And neither do you.

And if people make comments about my skin, I will do my best to remember that that reflects poorly on them not on me. I will try to remember that even though their words hurt there are people who think I am beautiful and perfect even with all my spots and scabs and cuts and scars. It’s really really hard but I will try to believe the words of those who care about me over the words of strangers who feel a need to comment on my appearance. And I truly, truly hope that you can too <3


My lats have ripped a few dresses and I can’t really wear crop tops anymore. My only suiting that still fits are jackets that used to be too big and pants with spandex. I feel uncomfortable in most of the formalwear I would’ve bought off the rack in high school. I’ve gained about 15lbs since freshman year of college.

And my relationship with myself and my body has never been better. I want a bigger squat more than I want to look good in pants and I want a big deadlift more than I want to wear spaghetti straps. I worked really fucking hard to get here.

When I was a teenager, I desperately wanted to be tall because I wanted to wear Cheap Monday jeans–being a size 0 didn’t change that. Getting fucking strong did.

WELCOME TO JADEROSE WEEK EVERYBODY. day 1: young love/post @jaderoseweek

 I thought the best way to to kick off this week would be my edit one of the most iconic lesbian moment  in homestuck history, this probably could’ve fit in day 2 but i do have an idea what i want to do for that day. i actually pot allot of thought into what jade would wear to their wedding, i decided to wild girl who grew up on an island with a dog wouldnt rlly care abt wearing a white wedding dress or black suit, so i gave her gray shorts and a crop top, with a green silk toga because why not?

On another note like I am honestly so fucking proud of Zendaya……like baby is popping out here!!! She has her app and her clothing line!!! Her edges are always laid, she has an amazing body, she’s beautiful, she has a great mind, she’s independent, she’s a great mother to Noon.

Like y'all we watched her grow up in front of our eyes and I am honestly so proud to stan the fuck out of her!!!

(Time for me to get this weight off of me because I real deal want one of those like crop top pant suits thingy)

All hail Queen Z 👑👑👑

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How do you feel about women having body hair? Bc I have hair all over me lol sometimes it makes me feel insecure. Is it normal to have hair all over? (Not like insane amounts) I have hair on my stomach and I won't dare wear a crop top or one piece bathing suit. I also have thin strands on my boobs lol I'm very self conscience of certain clothes I wear. I feel like a freak sometimes and shaving is too much sometimes. I only shave my legs and vagina area lol

there is absolutely nothing wrong with your body hair, its just some lame ass standard that was forced on the public years ago. i feel you on the whole shaving thing cuz i bet it irritates your skin afterwards and leaves you feeling hella uncomfortable,you should feel at peace with your body and let that hair flourish… fuck what anybody has to say, and if you’re ever in a relationship with someone who doesn’t accept your body hair then fuck em cuz they’re weak. and boob hair is fine in my opinion, its never a real problem cuz the strands of hair are really fine and never really noticeable at first glance so don’t stress it. if u don’t like your hair much then maybe you should get a wax maybe that’ll slow the growth of hair down. PS DON’T CALL YOURSELF A FREAK!! this is normal it happens to men and women alike. 

“Anna, this is your idea of Easter fun?”

“Yes Elsa, now go get ready.”

“Why am I wearing a bunny suit and you get to wear a crop top and shorts?”

“Because you’re the decoy. We gotta do this egg hunt thing right. Besides, I’m also wearing bunny ears. See?”

“That doesn’t count! The kids would be all over me! I’m gonna get ripped to shreds!”

“That’s the idea, Els. You’re a decoy. That leaves me to collect all the chocolate eggs in peace. Now let’s do this thing! We’re gonna win.


“…Fine, I’ll share my chocolate 70/30 with you. Best offer.”

“Anna… this is the annual easter egg hunt for the neighborhood kids.

“Yes, why?”

“You’re trying to participate in an egg hunt with toddlers and the kids from the local elementary school.“

“Yes, why?”



1 hour later.

“Well… that didn’t go so well.”



Happy Easter peeps!

The other day (on the 4th of July, because it’s now July 6th) I wore high waisted shorts and a crop top over my bathing suit, because it was like 98 degrees and my mom, aunt and I were going to the beach. We decided to stop at a Bob Evans to get something to eat for breakfast and I started to get this real bad feeling in me, but I ignored it. We walk into the restaurant and I instantly feel all eyes on not me- but my outfit. I can literally feel the older women judging my outfit. All of a sudden the hundreds of tumblr posts I’ve read before pop into my mind about how people wearing similar outfits to mine, have been told that they were ‘asking for it’ and being called 'whores’ for wearing clothes that were 'too revealing’ because older men were looking at them.

But I ignored them.

After the beach we went to Wal-Mart and as we were walking to get some fireworks, I made eye contact with a woman who’s eyes went straight to the 1 inch of bare midriff my shirt allowed and then as I gave her a friendly smile, she gave me a nasty glare. I then tried to keep up with my mom, but felt as if I was being watched and turned around and saw the man the woman was with, staring at me. I immediately turned our cart into a checkout line to leave.

Anyway, the point of this is that I’m 19 years old and I live in a world where no matter what age, how you look, or what ethnicity you are…you will always be judged on what you wear.


I think that’d be nice..

Naya Rivera's Pinterest Board Reveals Her Maternity-Style Inspiration

What’s been your favorite part about dressing around your bump? Showing it off! I have been loving being able to rock my baby bump with my outfit choices. It’s the best accessory! I am going to feel so different without it afterwards.

Do you think your style has changed at all since becoming pregnant? Is there anything you won’t wear now? My style has changed since I became pregnant. For starters, I can’t wear my beloved crop tops anymore. Bathing suit tops as shirts (à la my Kimmel appearance) no way! I think I’ve found a healthy balance between what I used to love wearing and what I can wear now.

From looking at the board, it looks like you favor clothes that are more formfitting. What about that appeals to you? I do! That silhouette appeals to me for many reasons. Gone are the days of yesteryear where you had to cover up in a baggy [muumuu] during pregnancy. Being a young, hot mama means getting to wear form-fitting clothes that show that you still have a great figure with an added umph in the front! I found that wearing oversized clothes made me look and feel a lot heavier than I actually was. However, I will say that in my first trimester I was all about the baggy sweater. Until your bump pops it’s kind of all bloat where your belly used to be and it’s not really flattering. People might mistake your little bundle of joy for a little too much beer, so stick to loose clothing until you get the goods then show it off!

What are the things you can’t live without now that you’re an expectant mom? I can’t live without my arsenal of body products that help prevent everything from cellulite to stretch marks. My prenatal masseuse, chiropractor, and acupuncturist are a must especially when you travel as much as I do while pregnant. Also froyo, can’t live without frozen yogurt now.

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This blog is the reason I'm comfortable in a 2 piece bathing suit again. Not only that, I feel sexy in crop tops and high waisted clothes, have learned to love my legs and chest, and when's boyfriend calls me beautiful, I can believe him

I love this! Thanks for sharing :)