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Finished off what turned out to be a pretty incredible (if intense!) trip with an exhausted and sleepy trip to Disney Studios with @lorna-ka and the lovely @jenivere-crow. And Hera! Then evening chats and coffee at Disney Springs with my very own Sabine, Colorina.


could you maybe write another tyler imagine were you are montgomary’s sister and you and tyler date secretly but monty finds out

Secrets, we all have them. Some of us have more than others. My secret is dating Tyler Down. No one can know, especially my brother. Montgomery, if he finds out he’ll kill me. He’s always hated Tyler, for no reason. Tyler doesn’t do anything to Monty, to deserve this. So let’s do the math, if my brother doesn’t allow me to date, and I’m dating someone he hates I can assure you if he finds out it will be horrifying.

Right now you were walking over to his house, you had told Montgomery that you were going for a walk. You knocked on Tyler’s door, which soon enough he opened.

“Hey babe!” He said hugging you while kissing your cheek. Both of you walked over to his room where you sat down on one of his chairs and he sat on his bed. You stood up and walked over to him sitting on his lap,

“I’ve missed you,” you said while connecting your lips to his.

“I’ve missed you too,” he said while frowning, you pecked his lips once more. You and Tyler could basically only hang out in his house, you guys could never go on public dates like going to the park or going to the movies. You guys couldn’t take that risk.

“Why does my brother have to hate you?” You asked burying your head into the crook of his neck.

“Don’t know,” he sighed, you breathed in his cologne,

“Want to watch a movie?” You asked he nodded, you went to his closet taking out soft blankets and he went to the kitchen to get snacks. He came back with lots of chocolates, you smiled,

“My favorite!” You exclaimed and he just smiled at you. He went on Netflix and found a movie, White Chicks. You’re favorite movie. Your phone started vibrating and you checked to see who it was, the contact name read, ‘Monty💓’ he wanted to FaceTime. You just looked at your phone wide eyed,

“WHAT DO I DO?!” You asked,

“Don’t answer it!” Tyler said, you shook your head,

“He will kill me if I don’t answer this!” Soon enough your phone stopped vibrating, but then he spammed you with messages,

“Where are you?”
“Why didn’t you answer my call?”
“You’re gonna be in trouble if you don’t answer!”
“Why aren’t you answering?”

You called him, Tyler just stared at you wide eyed,

“Sorry I didn’t answer your FaceTime um my phones about to die!” You told him,

“Get home then,” He said

“What why?” You asked worriedly,

“You’re phones going to die it’s not safe!” He exclaimed you sighed,

“I’ll be fine out here, just a little bit more time please?” You pleaded, Monty sighed and nodded. He hung up and Tyler exhaled.

“That was close!” You both said in unison, you two went back to cuddling. Soon enough the movie was over and you frowned, it was time for you to go home.

“I don’t want to go,” you looked at Tyler and frowned. You two sat up and you got on his lap and he stated kissing you. He kissed your neck and lowered down to your collarbone. You let out a soft moan and he continued sucking, you gasped and got off of him,

“NONONONONO,” you said walking to his mirror,

“What’s wrong babe?” Tyler asked worriedly, you turned around and pointed to the forming hickey, you went into your book bag and took out some makeup.

“Please work,” you said as you tried covering it up, luckily it did. You sighed in relief, Tyler apologized and you kept telling him it was fine.

“I have to go, bye babe.” You said, you pecked his lips and walked out his front door. You walked back home and went inside, Monty being the first person you saw,

“How was your walk?” He asked,

“Fine, stress relieving.” You lied, although it made you feel guilty it was the right thing.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” You said as you walked into your room, you got out some joggers and a sports bra.

You got out of the shower drying your body and putting your hair into a towel. You walked downstairs to go get a snack, you walked into the kitchen where Monty just stared at you, he looked pissed.

“Why so serious?” You asked,

“Who the fuck gave you a hickey?” You froze, you were so stupid how did you forget. You stumbled with your words,

“Y/N who gave you a fucking hickey!” He stated, a little bit louder this time.

“You know what, never mind don’t tell me. I’ll guess instead.” He said clenching his fist.

“Was it your boyfriend Tyler?” He asked, how did he know. He threw your phone on the table, it was unlocked to reveal your messages with Tyler.

“Why the fuck were you going through my phone?!” You yelled,

“Why are you going behind my back and dating someone who you know I hate!” He yelled back.

“WHY DO YOU HATE HIM? HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU!” You yelled, he stood up, grabbed his keys and went out. Oh no, please don’t let him be going to Tyler’s house. You ran to your room putting on a shirt and sliding your shoes in. You jogged to Tyler’s house, it was too late. Montgomery’s car was already there and Tyler’s front door was open. You ran in,

“WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DATING MY SISTER?!” You heard Montgomery yell, you ran to Tyler’s room.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” You yelled, Tyler looked at you, he seemed petrified.

“Y/N leave!” Montgomery said while walking closer to Tyler with his fists clenched. He was about to swing when you pushed him away,

“Leave him alone!” You yelled hugging Tyler, Monty grabbed you and moved you to the side. He punched Tyler, you started crying. Monty turned and saw you on the floor crying, he stoped punching Tyler and walked over to you.

“Get away from me!” You yelled at him, Tyler walked over to you and hugged you.


“Just leave!” You yelled at Monty burying your head into Tyler’s chest. You turned to see Monty, with a frown on his face. You looked up and saw Tyler’s face with blood, you let go of him and walked to his bathroom where his first aid kit was. You walked back into the room,

“Just leave Montgomery.” You told him, he left with his head laid low. You started cleaning off al the blood,

“I’m sorry,” you said while sniffling,

“It’s okay babe,” he said while wiping off the tears from your cheeks.

“I don’t want to go home, can I stay here?” You asked, he nodded hugging you. You were done cleaning his face, so you walked to the bathroom were you washed off your makeup. You went back to his room and the two of you got ready for bed, you were both extremely tired. As soon as you laid on his bed you knocked out cold.

You woke up on the bed alone and confused, you frowned remembering the memories from yesterday. You walked into Tyler’s kitchen to see him eating cereal alone, you sat down next to him.

“Want cereal?” He asked you shook your head,

“No thanks I should be going home my parents will worry.” You kissed his cheek, he nodded and you both said your goodbyes. You began walking home, you imagined what Monty was going to tell you as soon as you walked inside. You opened the door and walked in, you saw Monty sitting in the couch just staring out into the window, you ignored him and walked to the kitchen. There was a note on the counter,

“We have to go for an emergency business trip! Take care love mom and dad!” You sighed, great they left you alone with the person you least wanted to see. You served yourself cereal,

“I’m sorry,” Monty said walking into the kitchen sitting on the chair across from you. You ignored him and continued eating your cereal,

“Can you please look at me,” you shot him a glare,

“Look I’m sorry okay, I just don’t want you dating anyone because I’m scared they’ll hurt you—”

“You hurt me.” You simply stated, a hurt expression was written on his face.

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Holy sh*t I’m out of shape. 

Galavant | 1.02 Joust Friends

Pre-Series Genos: His worst enemy

The mad cyborg. Genos had only glimpsed him from under the rubble, broken drywall, and dust. And it was only for a moment–too preoccupied with the blood from his scalp dripping through his hair and into his eyes. He’d been busy with other things, which is understandable. Things like having no control over his broken limbs; hearing his mother gasping for breath as (he found out later) blood filled her lungs and she drowned; watching his father, much faster and quieter, lose consciousness.

He hadn’t learned much about the mad cyborg since then. Occasionally he or Kuseno would hear about someone roughly matching his description, but so far, they hadn’t had much luck. Genos knew, though, that whatever the mad cyborg looked like, he was evil. Even if he had started as a human being, something–and he suspects it was an error in turning him into a cyborg–something ruined him. Made him a monster. Turned him into a creature with less right to exist than Genos. Yes, he’s on borrowed time, but it’s only because he has unfinished business. A killer who has to be killed.

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You know, you don't HAVE to answer all the name aesthetic things, right...? Like, people need to understand that you can't answer over a hundred of these things (as I assume you got at least that many).

Lol yeah I cut off requests when I hit 75 but no, it’s fun to do and I want to say thank you to my followers for sticking with me and supporting my hellpit of a blog!! I’ve actually done a bunch–I think I only have like 34 left? The spam will stop soon I promise!