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Meeting Aquila~ Charoix

Summery: Croix meets Aquila for the first time (Years later au)



Croix knows she isn’t perfect, in fact she is far from perfect. She is someone who fell from heaven again and again. Somehow, heaven followed her down to earth. For what else can be a logical reason for her predicament right now?

She’s pacing outside a hospital room, waiting for the clearance to go see her wife Chariot and her new daughter. She was waiting to see Chariot, her wife and her newly born daughter that she shares with Chariot. Never in her entire life Croix believed these things would ever come true, yes when she was younger she fantasised being married to Chariot but having and raising a family with her? That was just unheard of.

The door opens with creak, snapping Croix back from her inner monologue as she rushes to the midwife in front of it. “You can come in but your daughter is asleep.” She whispers, opening the door wider for Croix to enter. Croix doesn’t speak, her mind shaken from the overwhelming nerves that are scattered in her system but she breathes out a shaky nod as she steps into the room only to forget how to do so when the door shuts quietly behind her. Her mind just focuses on the sight in front of her trying to capture this beautiful moment, everything else is secondary. She doesn’t even recall walking forward to Chariot’s side with her eyes wide open and mouth hanging in awe at both of them.

Croix watches her daughter rise up and down slowly against her mother’s chest, soft noises leaving her nose and mouth as she sleeps. She takes a mental note of the hair on her head, the plump cheeks and the peaceful expression on her face. Then she swallows her gasp down her throat at she just looks over her child.

She was so tiny. They didn’t tell her how small and fragile looking she could be. She wanted to touch her, just to assure herself that this was real. That this human being in front of her, this beautiful accident was real and alive. But how can she do that when she looked so small and fragile?

Croix looks briefly at Chariot, her eyes gazing in soft reassurance, a mental message to tell her that she won’t do anything wrong. Croix nods again, believing in her silence but that doesn’t stop her hand trembling as it edges closer to her child.

It pauses a few inches above her as the child squirms ever so lightly, the little fist being outstretched, as if she knows Croix was there waiting for her. Croix takes another breath to steady herself and her beating heart. In a small gentle manner, Croix pushes a finger towards the closed fist. Upon immediate contact, several things happen at once.

Firstly, her child doesn’t hesitate to clutch that finger with all her might. Secondly, something in Croix just burst in her chest, a feeling close to euphoria and ethereal happiness as she revels at the touch and contact between them. Thirdly, Croix smiles, the corners of her eyes tickled with tears as she becomes undone.

“She’s beautiful.” She whispers to Chariot, still marvelling on how real this is.

“She’s ours,” Chariot smiles as their eyes catch each other’s. The smile on Croix’s face turns watery as revelation that this happening, that this daughter is theirs, that she now has a family with Chariot just hits hers. She doesn’t even try to stop the tears from flowing anymore, only attempting to make sure none of them goes on her daughter.

Croix knew she wasn’t perfect. But god damn it she will try her hardest to be perfect parent for her daughter. She deserves it.

Five minute ficlet (Blinded, pt6)

“You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever,” you read. You were sitting across from Leonard in his quarters, feet up on his coffee table. You suspected he knew, but he hadn’t chastised you yet. It’d been the same for the past two nights, since he’d had the surgery to correct his vision. M’Benga had declared the surgery a success, but wanted rest. Leonard had wanted to get up and start doing things. The compromise had been rebandaging him to remind him he wasn’t supposed to be straining his eyes.

“This story is ridiculous,” Leonard complained, leaning forward in his chair. “The damned fool has loved her since the first moment he laid eyes on her. He should be so lucky to have her after the jackass he’s been.”

“You get that Austen was a great satirist, right?” You laughed in response. “She’s basically making fun of the stupidity of the class system of her time. To some, Darcy is brought low by marrying Lizzie. And to others, Lizzie is accepting less than what she deserves.”

“Then the both of them are idiots,” he grumbled. You patted his hand and let out a huff of amusement.

“Would you rather I ask Jim for another book?” You asked. He sighed heavily.

“No, finish the damn happy ever after part, Geoff says he’s going to take these fresh bandages off tonight and see how my eyes are, maybe it’ll be the last time you read to me. Wouldn’t want to leave off halfway through a new book,” he replied. “I hate to ask a favour, darlin’, but before we continue can I ask you to walk me over to the head? I tripped over something this afternoon.”

You rose and stepped toward him, reaching out to take his hand in yours. Wordlessly, you assisted him to his feet, and led him around the coffee table toward the bathroom. He stopped in the middle of the room, suddenly, causing you to lurch and stumble toward him.

“What’s wrong?” You asked. He tugged you toward him, causing you to stumble again, and he caught you in his arms. Instead of just steadying you, they came around you, wrapping you in the warm comfort of an embrace. You let out a sigh of contentment and leaned your head against his chest.

“I realized earlier I hadn’t thanked you,” he smoothed your hair over your shoulders, dipping his head. You felt his lips touch the crown of your head and felt a trail of goosebumps cascade along your shoulders and down your arms.

“And you’re thanking me with a hug? I shared my secret chocolate stash with you,” you teased, looking up at him. His hand caught your chin, and his thumb glanced across your lips. “This isn’t about the bathroom, is it?”

“You still feel kind, even when that mouth is being cruel,” he taunted in return. You laughed, and leaned back into his chest, drawing comfort from the sensation of the strength of his arms around you.

“Keep that nonsense up, and I’ll stop reading to -”

He cut you off by dropping his mouth to yours. The kiss was tentative, almost hesitant. His hand tangled in your hair, coming to rest at the nape of your neck as he applied a little more pressure. You opened your lips to his, his tongue tracing along your bottom lip cautiously. A soft moan escaped you, and it was the invitation he needed to deepen the kiss, pulling you tightly against him, his tongue tracing along your teeth and across the roof of your mouth. You pulled back, breathless.

“Did I misread this?” he blurted. “It’s harder without being able to see body language -”

“No,” you interrupted. “You just, you’ve never seen me.”

“I don’t need to.” His hands were tracing your features again. “I’ve heard your laughter. I’ve heard your strength. I’ve felt your kindness. You’ve never once treated me like I was broken, you’ve just worked with what I have to offer. A blind doctor, in the outer reaches of the galaxy, like caring for me is just a practical, worthwhile use of your time.”

“Because it is, Leonard. Has no one ever been kind to you?” You asked, your brow furrowing in concern.

“That’s different. You are different. I can feel the weight of Jim’s concern when he is in here visiting. I can sense the worry Geoff has about the surgery’s success,” he explained. “When you’re with me, all I feel is accepted. Whole or in pieces. Like it doesn’t matter if I can see tomorrow.”

“Because it doesn’t. I’ve only ever known you this way,” you admitted. “The captain, Doctor M’Benga, they are your friends, but they also know Doctor Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise. They’re understandably worried.”

“Aren’t you?” He countered.

“Of course I am,” you replied. “But I’m not your co-worker, facing the thought of having to cover your post indefinitely. And I’m not your captain, worrying about how to manage your care on a five-year mission. I’m nobody. I can accept you completely because there is only one aspect to my worry. Are you well? Are you healing?”

“Your mind is beautiful,” he murmured, his lips meeting yours again. “And damn if I’m not completely attracted to it.” His hand ran down your shoulder, along the swell of your breast, stopping at your waist. “Tell me to stop, Y/N. If you’re just the person who found me and put me back together and want nothing else to do with me, tell me to stop before I’m in too deep.”

“I couldn’t if I tried, Leonard.”



I’m just saying you can’t possibly believe there aren’t people capable enough to do Mark’s job.” he paused. “Or an even better job.”

Aaaaalright. When you find that person, please let me know because I’m seriously dying to find someone who eats pussy the way he did.” you were mad. This wasn’t even about Mark’s pride. Who gave a shit about his pride? This was about the little shit lying right next to you.

He looked at you for the first time in the four hours he had been there, serious smoked out eyes boring into your own as he said in the calmest and deepest voice you had ever heard:

I can eat your pussy better than he ever will.”

Genre: Romance. Smut.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Rating: Mature (face riding and just a lil of spanking because damn)

Length: 3.2k

A/N: so ok, i used to write a lot when my blog url was slutmi and they were all fics about demi so i wasnt sure whether to post this or not. wrote it out of nowhere.  and idk listen this is trash like nowhere near as good as any other kpop/bts writer so i sincerely apologize so stOP judging right NOW istg sorry yes the outfit  jungkook is wearing here is THAT outfit. yall know which one. lets not ok? ok.  also btw listen to my queen jojo’s edibles for real invented r&b like queen of legendary comebacks she really did THAT

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Dean and I have a lot of different interactions so I’m gonna try to organize the posts about them a different way.
Thursday was kinda eventful if I say so myself.

On my way to fill up my water bottle between first and second period, Dean caught a glimpse of me and literally RAN to the water fountain to keep me from filling up my bottle.
“No water during class transition.” He said with stupid smug look on his face, even though I fill up my bottle during every transition everyday.

I use the bathroom every period to catch a glimpse of him sitting in the hall since him and another administrator chill in the hall all damn day. When I went to use the bathroom during second period he walked by me with a weird look on his face.
“You look good.” He mumbled as he passed by me.
I immediately giggled and turned to watch him walk away. He’s an idiot.

When I went to use the bathroom third period, I stopped to talk to him and the other administrator, we’ll just call him Admin, at their post. Admin got up and walked to their office, leaving just Dean and me. I had a cherry flavored lollipop in my mouth.
[SIDENOTE: I eat a lot of lollipops around Dean.]
“Let me get some of your lollipop.” He said, leaning forward in his chair.
“It was in my mouth, though. You sure?” Knowing he wouldn’t care.
He shrugged in response so I held the lollipop out, smirking. We weren’t alone in the hall so he ended up shaking his head.
“Nah, it would be inappropriate.” He grumbled, obviously a little disappointed.
I just kinda laughed and told him I’d give him one later.

While we were at lunch he walked by my table and pointed at me saying “Ms.[my last name], I need to talk to you.”
Needless to say, I got scared and was worried about it all lunch long.
At the end Of lunch I held back so we’d be the last ones up the steps and I could ask him about it. Long story short, I’d given one of my teachers attitude and that apparently isn’t very student government like behavior. (I’m the head of community service)
When I went to defend myself he immediately rushed to say “I can see you giving Mr. D sass.”
“Ok have you actually seen me give him sass or is it that you can picture me giving him sass?” I shoot back

He replies with, and I swear this is true, “I know you give him sass because I stick my head in the back door to try to get your attention all the time and have, in fact, witnessed you giving him sass.”
Which of course gave me a mini heart attack.

My fourth period class is a computer based one so I always make up excuses to get out and wonder the halls in hopes to bother Dean, who just so happened to walk into my class when I was getting my note written.
“How are you getting out of class this time, nerd?” He started to peer over my shoulder at the note.
I didn’t wanna tell him since it was a teacher he’s always joking about me having a crush (even though he knows that it’s himself I’m crushing on) on and saying that that particular teacher is my favorite instead of he himself.
So I didn’t let him see it and went to wait in the doorway of my class.
When Dean walked by me to leave the room, he tried to snatch the note out of my hand. I’m lowkey a ninja tho so he was unsuccessful.
“[My name], let me see the note.” He was all stern like and put his hips and it was super cute.
I sighed and held the note up in his face.
“Oooooh of course it’s a note to go to his room. That’s crazy considering I was abouta ask you to come hang out with me in my office.”

I literally have no shame cuz I was all “WELL IF THATS THE CASE forget said teacher I’ll just go in your office.” like super fast.
He shook his head and started walking away but gave me the universal hand sign for “wait a second.”
I waited for more than a second though I waited all fuckin period and the dumbass didn’t come get me.

When I went to use the bathroom during fifth period I went over to his post and started bugging him to let me use his pen.
“Where are you going with my pen?” He asked after finally giving it up.
“To the office to sign something real quick.”
“Oh damn well I was gonna take you somewhere but guess not.”
Which also made me show that I have no shame cuz I was all “Where you tryna take me cuz I mean we can go.” all fast n stuff.
He just shrugged though and was all “Oh too late ya lost your chance.”
At this point I was pissed cuz that was the second time today so I just tossed him his pen and went to class.

He texted me after school asking if I was excited for prom and who I was going with.
I told him not really but I’m going anyways and also some girl that we’ll name S. (Not to be confused with my lesbian Best friend J)
He knows I’m Bisexual and knows S has a boyfriend so he was all “Ooooh you home wrecker. Try not to seduce her.”

I replied: “Lol I’ll try not to I don’t think it’s my strong suit anyways.”
Dean: “You’re okay at it. Could be better 😉”
Me: “Wow ok I’ll keep that in mind.”
Dean: “I’m just messing with ya nerd.”
Me: “Hmmm yeah ok.”
Dean: “Was gonna pull you aside today but then thought better of it yanno.”
(I don’t know why he types y'know like that)

I was complaining about getting into trouble and I was all “So when I gonna get perks for being your favorite student.”
And he goes
After you graduate

So I was sucking my nigga dick yesterday for the first time. Im sucking his soul out while he’s smacking my ass and shit. Then he stops moaning and stops smacking my ass. So I look up at him because I’m confused. He has this big ass grin on his face and he says “Damn, this shit feels so good, I damn near want to smack my own ass.” 😂😂😂

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I made a post to show the answer, but 2D answered on twitter that Murdoc is the one that the nail polish he's wearing is from. Now I can't stop imagining Murdoc painting nails, struggling with 2D to get his hand to stay still so he can get them right. It was a hard task.


“If y’don’t stop that shaking you’re gonna end up with nail polish all over your damn face.” 

“Muds, my hands aren’t anywhere near my face!”

“I’ll SLATHER it on there to prove a point!”

Dirk Style Analysis

I got a ton of requests for different characters! You’ve all been pretty polite about them so thx. The first request was Dirk, so here you go:

The Sprite- Pointy, no arms to show off the :Y 3/10

Limbs- has some good potential to show off that tattoo if he wants. Still spiky, but more simplified, and doesn’t make me wonder of the V on his forehead is meant to be bangs. 6/10

A Fucking Disaster- The gloves are fine normally, but he looks like a douchebag with the gloves AND tank. There’s no way his hands are cold or he’s wearing them to ride a motorcycle with all that arm out. I suppose the gloves make holding the sword better, and he’s gotta show off that sweet tattoo, but he should cover up to limit exposure to the fumes. Next, I can’t ruminate on those shoes for more than a second without making the exact face that surely anyone who encounters him wearing these must make so moving on. The Batman belt- IS absolutely something I would do so moving on quicker, he’s wearing his sunglasses over a gas mask and it’s dark so I’m sure he can’t see a damned thing. Dirk this is why Jake stopped talking to you. 7/10

Soft edges- this Dirk is not pointy- his edges have been curved and he looks like a friend. 7/10

“my face” - Dirk is actually more worried about his glasses 6/10

There’s no other way out of it- this Dirk is my favorite; good expression around the glasses, good mouth and hair.. idk it’s a well drawn Dirk 10/10

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i love your writing, and its been alot of smut recently, so can i request some hurt/comfort? preferably with hurt aaron? whenever you have the time!

“Shh, Baby, you got to breath so I can understand you, okay?” Hercules whispered as gently as he could to a sobbing Aaron, holding him close to his chest whilst the man in his arms shook and blabbered, clearly crying and fussing over something that Hercules couldn’t comprehend. He tried to focus harder, tried to pick out the words Aaron was saying. It came out muffled and mushed as he whined into his shirt, voice frail– it pained Hercules to hear him like this. To hear his normally calm and loving and funny and beautiful boyfriend so scared and sad. He tried looking back on what he knew about

Aaron that could be bothering him, but he couldn’t recall anything. All he knew was that Aaron got overwhelmed while hanging out with Alexander, and Hamilton hurried to get him to Herc’. Alexander tried to explain, but Hercules told him it’s okay and that he could go. Evidently, he should have just let Hamilton talk because he can’t get Aaron to speak himself.

“Aaron,” Hercules whispered, trying to cut off Aaron’s consistent mumbles and sobbing. He could feel a wet spot on the front of his T-Shirt. “Baby, you need to stop talking and take a breath. I want you to hold it for ten seconds, then breath out, okay?”

Aaron gave a louder wail into his shirt, though he felt a subtle nod and choked off noises to conform into silence. As Burr followed his instructions, Hercules listened intently and slid his arms around Aaron more, pulling him in and locking him in place. He never wanted to let Aaron go, he wanted to hold him and keep him safe from whatever hell he can lose himself in. Hercules counted to himself, waiting however long it took for the smaller man to grow calm and quiet- save for the few times his breath hitched and he gave another soft sob.

“I love you, Aaron.” Hercules whispered, closing his eyes and shivered when Burr raised his hands from their post at his sides to hug him back. He waited patiently in the silence, deciding that Aaron was still not ready to handle talking.

“I love you so much,” Hercules continued whispering, “you’re the light of my life. I want to keep you happy, because when you smile your whole face brightens and it damn near stops my heart, Aaron. I’ll protect you from anything, sweetheart. I’ll protect you from anyone.”

When he stopped talking to give Aaron an opportunity to process what he said, he heard him whisper something into his chest. Hercules strained to try and grab the words to examine them, but they slipped through his fingers and he was forced to ask; “What was that, sweetheart?”

“H-H-He… Timothy was there…” Aaron said shakingly. Instantly, Hercules kept him close and gave an overwhelming amount of kisses to his face, washing away another strife of tears. He didn’t need to hear more, he understood.

You know I really wish positivity posts, like, did anything for me?

Stuff like “trans girls with square jaws are valid!!” like yeah I’m valid as shit but I’m still scared that I’ll never ever pass cause my face is a bunch of angles and I’ve got a huge adam’s apple.

Trans women who got their hopes up and can’t stop feeling disappointed in how much hormones did for them are really damn valid.

Trans women who’re scared they won’t ever be able to look how they want without being misgendered are so fucking valid.

Trans women who feel like they’re just barely on the edge of being passable but don’t have the slightest idea where to begin going forward are valid as hell.

Trans women who just want to say fuck everybody else but just wish they could pass to themselves are the most fucking valid of all.

Me: All right, I love Cinder, but let’s be reasonable, she has done absolutely horrible things, reveled in all of them, and shown zero remorse for any of it, so even though she’s going through awful things too right now it’s nothing she doesn’t deserve and I shouldn’t feel bad for - 

Cinder: (makes this god damn fucking face)


Imagine Me and You (I Do) — A Single Dad!Ashton AU

Summary: Ashton is a father to twin boys, a YouTube vlogger, and also your best friend. 
Rating: T
Word Count: 4,858
A/N: This is the result of a series of text messages sent back and forth between Rachel and me. We’re kind of obsessed with Dadshton. I hope you like it, @gladsyoucame​!!!

It’s 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday when Ashton decides it’s time to wake his boys up so they can start their day. He himself has been up since five, long since finished his daily routine of checking his schedule for the day, powering through some yoga and meditation, followed by a few miles’ jog on the treadmill. 

His hair is still wet from the shower when he creeps up to Frankie’s room, pushing the door open to find the four-year-old tucked up beneath the blankets, eyelashes fanned out against his round cheeks as he snuffles softly in his sleep. Ashton walks over to the edge of the bed and sits down gently, leaning in to press a soft kiss to Frankie’s cheek.

“Frankie,” he whispers gently, nudging Frankie’s ear with his nose, “it’s time to wake up, Pal.”

Frankie grumbles tiredly, turning his head so he can bury it in the pillow.

He’s always been a light sleeper, and Ashton knows after all this time that if he doesn’t wake Frankie gently, he’ll be cranky all day.

“Gotta get up, Frank,” Ashton tries again, “I need you to help me make the pancakes.”

“Pancakes?” Comes the garbled reply, Frankie lifting his head to look at Ashton.

“Oh yeah,” Ashton grins, lifting Frankie from his sheets and cradling his slight frame against Ashton’s own. He knows Frankie’s getting too big for it, but he wants to hold onto his babies for as long as he can. 

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For the final day of Fenhawke Week and the theme of Hope, have a snippet from the post-Inquisition Kirkwall gang reunion fic that I will hopefully someday actually get around to writing. :)

Anders smiled at her, chuckling slightly.

“Are you daft? I just told you I’ve been throwing up every day for a week. Stop laughing and either do something about this damned stomach bug, or get out of my face!”

Anders just kept smiling softly at her, and she scowled right back.

“Hawke, you’re pregnant.”

She blinked once, her mind going blank and then kicking into overdrive in the span of one second.

“I’m… what?”

Anders chuckled again, but she found this time she felt less like strangling him.

“You heard me. I suppose congratulations are in order,” he said, still smiling warmly at her. “You’ll be a great mother.”

“Do you even know me?” she asked, incredulous, but couldn’t help the matching smile that crept across her face. Anders laughed again.

“I mean it, Hawke. I’m happy for you both,” he murmured, sounding utterly sincere. Hawke tilted her head to the side, studying her friend’s face.

“You know, you really are much nicer without Justice,” she said. He laughed, and it was a warm, rich sound, carefree and light. She could see it in his face, too; the heavy lines of his brow had softened, the corners of his mouth quirking up instead of down. He looked so young, she thought.

“So I’ve been told, Hawke. So I’ve been told,” he said, still chuckling slightly.

Hawke stared out the window of her bedroom, waiting for Fenris to get home. She had made herself stop pacing a while ago, not wanting to freak him out when he got back. Would he freak out? It occurred to her she had no idea how he would react.

There was an awful fluttering in her gut, nerves and excitement all mixed up at once.

The soft sound of bare feet against the tiled floor alerted her to Fenris’s presence just before the bedroom door opened and he walked in. She turned towards him, smiling in what she hoped was a normal manner.

“Hi,” she said, voice going just a little too high for normal. She chuckled nervously.

“Is everything alright?” he asked, quickly closing the distance between them, reaching a hand up to brush across her cheek and into her hair.

“Yes, everything’s fine. It’s… um. Oh, Maker,” she muttered, “This went so much better in my head.”

“Hawke- Marian, calm down. You can tell me anything,” he said. His thumb rubbed soothing circles into her temple. She looked into his eyes, heart beating erratically like she was standing atop a cliff. Well, nothing for it but to jump.

“I’m pregnant, Fenris.”

His hand stilled in her hair, his face going slightly slack. Oh, Maker. What if he wasn’t happy? They’d only ever mentioned children in vague hypotheticals, to wary of the dangerous lives they’d led to entertain the notion seriously. What if he didn’t even want children? The floor was suddenly falling out from under her feet, so overcome was she by the uncertainty.  

She took a deep breath. She ought to give him a moment to process the information before she started jumping to conclusions. Maker knew she was still processing.

“You… you are certain?” he asked, bringing both hands to cup her face.

He was still gaping at her open-mouthed, shock plain on his face. No- not shock, she realized. It was awe. As she watched, one corner of his mouth twitched upwards in the beginnings of a disbelieving smile. She let out a shaky breath and her feet hit solid ground again.

“A child,” he whispered. “We’re going to have a child.”

“Yes, Fenris,” she said, smiling at him teary-eyed.

He laughed, and it was the most joyous sound she had ever heard. A warm rumble that filled the room, infectious and all-encompassing until she was laughing too, unable to contain the emotions welling up in her chest.

Fenris pulled her to him, his arms wrapping tight around her, fingers weaving into her hair as he cradled her head with one hand. Without warning he lifted her, spinning her in a circle with another carefree laugh before setting her gently back on her feet and leaning back to hold her face in his hands.

“You’re happy, then?” she said with a wild grin.

“Happy? Hawke, I…” He stared at her, eyes bright with emotion. “I had never dreamed…. I am to be a father,” he murmured, wide-eyed, mouth turned up in a smile even though he still hadn’t quite managed to close it. She blinked back the tears that were pooling in earnest in the corners of her eyes.

“Start dreaming,” she said. “If it’s within my power to give, it’s yours.”

Fenris laughed, a soft chuckle that spoke of joy but also of contentment that ran deeper than this moment alone.

“Hawke, you have already given me the world.”

He pulled her into another kiss then, clumsy for the grins they couldn’t keep off their faces, and when their tear-damp cheeks slid together she couldn’t even say who was crying.

So Max Riemelt has a mild case of sectoral heterochromia and it’s so beautiful I’m dying.

I saw the below picture of him and thought, “Wow. His eyes are beautiful.” but I needed further proof that he really does have sectoral heterochromia..

So I kept looking for high resolution pictures of his eyes to confirm and found the below one and almost kissed the screen. A dark blue spot in the Iris of his right eye as well as hazel/golden spots in both eyes.

I’ve always believed that Max has beautiful eyes. It’s not just the colour, although blue eyes are my Achilles’ heel, it’s also how they can shift from being innocent, kind and sweetly playful …

… to being so intense that your clothes would probably disintegrate, leaving you naked without him even touching you. I mean, damn it, Max!

Originally posted by netflixsense8gifs

Also, let’s not forget his smile. I don’t mean the sexy as hell one…

I mean the one that turns his face into that of a 10 year old boy that you want to hug and protect at all costs. My precious child.

And don’t even get me started on how he kisses btw. You won’t be able to stop me.

Ok this post started out about his heterochromia and is slowly evolving into everything I love about Max so I’ll shut up now.

Oh! No, this picture has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. I just love how his thighs look here, and his arms, and … ok. I’m gonna go sit in a corner and think about this a bit further. Not ashamed.

Just Breathe

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Hey can you do a oneshot where the reader is the brother’s little sister and she get’s an asthma attack on a hunt, but her inhaler is back at the bunker?

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Pitch Prompt

PROMPT: What about a fic that takes place when Lawson is retired and Bawson is now officially dating. Ginny is asked to pose for the sports illustrated swimsuit issue or the Maxim’s #1 of the sexiest female celebrities cover. Mike is so excited and proud. In his very “Mike Lawson way"brags to everyone and proudly, Instagrams, Twitters, Facebooks the pics to show off his girl.

-Bacon and Bikinis


“Yea?” Mike called over the sound of sizzling bacon and the morning news. He was licking his fingers and reaching over to cut down the volume when Ginny came around the corner in his sweatpants and a sports bra. She’d half assed a bun and so a lot of pieces were falling out but she was more interested in her phone. “Babe?”

“Could you stop posting statuses about my photoshoot? The countdown was awful enough?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She read from her screen. “On Twitter you said, and I quote, ‘who has two thumbs and a girlfriend posing for Sports Illustrated’ with that stupid grinning emoji. How did you even manage this? Last week you couldn’t even find your own profile.”

“They make those buttons so damn small.”

“On instagram you just posted a picture of your face with a thumbs up, and wrote 'G is gonna be on the cover of Sports Illustrated! It’s like my birthday and Christmas came early’ as the caption.” She said before looking up at him again with pink stained cheeks. “Has retirement gone to your head, grandpa?”

“You want me to stop showing my support for you?” He replied in mock offense and she rolled her eyes at him.

“You show your support when you show up for my games. Not by telling everyone that your girlfriend has to prance around half dressed for the cameras.”

She said this while reaching over his shoulder to grab two pieces of toast before moving to the opposite counter to butter them.

“Why not both?” He smiled and she turned.

“Because everybody knows the only reason you’re so supportive is because I’ll be rolling around in sand wearing different bikinis.” She said with a smirk and his smile only grew bigger as he closed the distance between them to take her by the hips.

“What’s wrong with that?”

She bit into her toast and blinked, unmoved by his efforts to be cute, but her eyes were pinched in amusement. “Because” she began while swallowing the remaining food. “I don’t understand the excitement. You see this every day. If anything I thought you’d have on that grumpy jealous face you pull.”

Ginny rose on her toes to kiss him before pushing around him to save the forgotten bacon. Mike’s eyebrows narrowed in confusion. “Why would I be jealous?”

“Because now anybody who buys the magazine will see it too.” She chuckled, oblivious to Mike’s slow realization of this truth. How had he not thought of that? He’d had to restrain himself from lunging at a valet who’d accidentally swiped her backside while stepping out of the way of crowding fans.

She’d started walking back to the room and he searched for a reply that would make him seem relaxed about the whole thing. “It’s not that bad. It’s sports illustrated, not maxim.” He said nonchalantly only to hear her scoff loudly. She threw a look over her shoulder.

“Babe, I thought they were the same magazine until I was like twenty.” She said. “Don’t burn the bacon. I’ve gotta go find something to wear.”

“Make it baggy!” He called as she waded out of view, and only her voice floated back to him.

“I knew it!”

He made a face at the open air and then went back to finish the bacon and brood.