i will stop making these posts soon i swear!!!!

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whenever we open (hopefully soon!), can we make ooc intro posts? (ps. you are sososo lovely, i can't)

oh, stop it, you ! i swear, i have the cutest members ever – how did i get so lucky ? and yes, darling, absolutely ! introduction posts to let us know about you and your character are so much fun ! i’m thinking within the next hour or so, how’s that sound ?

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I love your blog, and I swear I'm not usually this kind of person (like way too sensitive about stupid stuff) but it's been a lot of times recently. Could you stop saying she could just choke you? Really makes me uncomfortable.

Of course love! I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable. Sometimes I gotta check my humor, especially as it relates to others. 💜I’ll also delete that post as soon as I get off mobile.

otpwhatever replied to your post “Thank you Dan Deakin, for giving Louis the great idea of hosting his…”

this is week-long stag party i tell ya

SHUT UP! If they’re going to pull some secret wedding shit I SWEAR