i will stop letting people have power over me

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Can people commenting on stories submitted to this blog please stop describing every shitty manager as abusive holy fuck. Showing favouritism isn't abuse. Physically or verbally attacking someone is but favouritism is not. Please stop throwing the word abuse around it stops people taking a real issue seriously when its misapplied like this!! (Mods, this is totally not your fault, I know you have no control over what people comment on submissions/asks)

Let me set up a scenario for you. I’m a mom of three kids. Let’s say I just suddenly start favoring one of my children, kind of paying attention to one, and completely treating one like shit. You don’t think that’s abusive? Sure, it may be different when it’s a family situation, but in a work place environment the power of a manager is pretty similar to that of a parent. “Do what you’re told”. “Listen to the adults”. It’s pretty much the same as obeying a manager. They’re the “adult”. So what happens when that adult with power over you suddenly starts treating you like shit no matter what you do? It’s an analogy, yes, and perhaps a bit of a reach, but I do hope that it can convey that favoritism is definitely abuse. I don’t mean to downplay child abuse by any means, it’s just the closest thing I could think of on a personal level to how it feels to be treated like less than dirt at work. Abuse takes many forms and is not limited to certain situations or people. -Abby

okay guys so i just watched jupiter ascending and it’s GREAT I LOVE IT A LOT

and i just keep thinking of that moment when caine crashes the wedding, gun out, and goes, “may i kill him?”

and jupiter presses her hand on the book, waits until the ring is executed, until she is the legal wife of titus, and says, “you may.”

caine shoots titus dead, doesn’t hesitate. jupiter looks over all the synthetic droids, away from the blood pooling beneath titus’s cooling body, and says, “i am your queen now. your lord is dead.” and they are used to power struggles, used to loss, so they get on their knees and bow.

everything that was titus’s is now hers, and she’s read the laws pertaining to marriage in the code of conduct, and she’s a smart girl. she’s good with legalese, she has the aegis take her back to the hall of titles first thing. her husband is pronounced dead, and she flashes her executed ring and receives an amendment to her seal. “reclaiming your empire, my lady?” the old man asks her this time, wary of her in a way he hadn’t been before. she’s still in her wedding dress, because what way to make a statement. “something like that,” she answers.

then the missive comes from balem, and she turns to caine. “will you fight for me?” she asks him. she already knows the answer.

“till my last breath, majesty,” he says, bowed low before her.

she half smiles, “good. stay here.” because this isn’t a fight she can win with murder, not this time. so she goes in, alone, to save her family. she plays the simpering, scared bride, which isn’t hard because she’s actually terrified. she spins a lie, says caine killed titus on his own, she tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen to him. how animal. how savage. it’s what she gets for trusting a splice. and he’s off balance enough to listen. tries to persuade her - she can keep the rest of titus’s planets, just give balem back the earth, and they can live in piece. just sign here, darling girl, to abdicate. and jupiter bats those pretty eyes and slams balems hand down on the tablet, reordering the names on the contract with a few flicks of her fingers. “you’ve been a bad boy while i was away,” she says, watching that madness flicker to life in his eyes, baiting him as if she were seraphi, and watches in satisfaction as the seal goes in place and balem unwillingly abdicates his throne to her.

“you work for me now,” she tells the strange lizard people. balem attacks her, but the biggest one intercepts, pinning balem to the ground by his throat. they are loyal to the one with the power, and now that’s jupiter.

“should i kill him, my lady?” he asks, and chicanery’s eyes are wide and pleading, fingers twitching to help his fallen lord.

“no,” she sits on balem’s throne. her throne. “imprison him. i want him guarded constantly.”

and jupiter jones, the reoccurance of serpahi abrasax is now easily the most powerful being in the multiverse. next she has the aegis take her to kalique, and jupiter finds her in that hall with the shrine to her mother. “have you come to kill me too?” she asks, voice hollow. “there’s no need for subterfuge or manipulation with me. upon my death, all i have will go to you as the last remaining abrasax.” she laughs and shakes her head, “i should have known. mother was always - she did so love her power.”

“i’m not your mother,” she says, “and my name is jupiter jones.”

“i suppose forty one thousand years is long enough,” kalique continues, “its been a - a good life, miss jones. i’ve enjoyed it, i think.”

“i’m not here to kill you,” she says, coming to stand besides the woman who is, genetically speaking, her daughter. “i’m not here to take your planets, or your wealth.”

she blinks, “why not?”

“because you didn’t try and use me and hurt me,” she says, “you wanted me to have the earth so balem wouldn’t - fair enough. but that’s it. that was your only play.”

“i loved my mother,” kalique looks back at her statue, “i loved my mother, and we didn’t get along, but i was hoping - hoping that maybe - you are her, you know,” her eyes slide back to jupiter, “every bit of your genetic code is identical to hers. our dna would still name me your daughter.”

“i know,” jupiter says softly, “and i can’t let this - this monstrosity of an industry continue.”

“if you stop it, which you certainly have the power to do, you will destroy the economy of the multiverse, and people will wage intergalactic wars over it. the number of people that will die is - unimaginable,” kalique answers honestly.

“I know,” she answers, “and i don’t want to do that. i want to change it.”


“don’t you think this has been a bit of a waste, the way you’ve been harvesting people?” she asks, “you’ll get what, eight billion lives out of earth? what if you could pluck people from the jaws of death - they live a natural normal life, die as fate allows, grow old or dont - and at the last moment, we snatch them back and harvest them.”

“the technology to accomplish that is -” kalique blinks, then frowns, “theoretically possible, i suppose. but it would take so much longer to implement. not all people are suitable for the formula.”

“yes,” jupiter allows, “but consider this - every one hundred years or so, you gain a couple billion lives. a natural resource that never ends.” it hurts jupiter to talk of people this way, but its the only middle ground she can think of. people have to die. it’s not natural to live ninety one thousand years. a normal life for her people, peace for the universe she’s found herself a royal in. its not a pretty line she’s walking, but it’s a fair one. a bearable one.

kalique looks at her and almost smiles, and this is the beginning of how jupiter jones and kalique abrasax take over the whole damn universe, for better or worse.

Names are important. Names hold power.

At what point does a name lose its power? When you transition? When you have it legally changed? When you stop responding to it?

False names are common when people live with or near the Gentry. If I gave one my deadname, what would happen? At what point does my true name gain power?

And what of those with many names, over many years? Not those who hide, for one reason or another, but those whose very identity is so unstable that they cycle through names like pages on a calendar?

If a Fair One knew my name before I let it go, would they still have power over me?

I just want to wraps this up and wanted to thanks to those who were very supportive and helpful with the whole situation. But let’s all move on from this negativity and stop tormenting on both sides. I already let tumblr know about the situation and waiting for them resolve the matter.

You are bound to encounter people like this on social network and sadly, you can’t do much about it but to be a bigger person and move on. I’m taking this as a lesson to think critically before making any move or just simply ignoring it.

It’s not going to stop me from doing what l love to do, because their words don’t matter to me. Words only have powers over you when you agrees to them.

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My ears are burning, kitten. *raises an eyebrow, corner of my lips tilting up* Have you discussing our little arrangement with other people? *my eyes flash black and fiery as i use my power so you feel a phantom hand stroking up your chest, an invisible finger lifting your chin up as I stalk over* Sharing fantasies that you've never shared with me before? ~Chase

*I shiver, your powers gently stroking my chin as you stop before me* It- We were just talking, I didn’t… They came up in discussion, I hadn’t thought about them before, or I would have shared. *letting out a shaky breath, I place my hands on your chest* Please, mr. Collins, I promise I’ve been good.

The lesson I have learned in the past few months is that whatever you do, it is never enough for some people.

But I also learned that it shouldn’t deter you from stop doing things for others.

You shouldn’t let the people who make you feel less exercise that kinda power over you. You shouldn’t let them change who you are. It will be tough, but let me tell you a secret - It will all be worth it at the end.

—  The paradoxical woman | changes sometime need not bring change.

The Alpha Shield Collection Master List

“I’m useless.” You sighed and glanced over at Stiles who was sat at his desk franticly researching while the others continued the fight at the school.


“You know you’re not the only one that feels like that, I’m here to.” Stiles span to look at you.

“You know Talia didn’t make a lick of sense when she spoke to me.” You groaned.


“Well maybe she was just trying to give you some I don’t know, motherly advice or something?” Stiles wasn’t really paying attention.


“It doesn’t make sense.” You sighed again.

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Part 2 - as for haters/people who bitch about someone's hard work I've always considered their opinion as one of those annoying pop up ads, don't even bother to read it completly just click the x mark. I know someone can be more sensitive to words they get online, but honestly negative people on line are so irrelevant, dont give them power over you. Your art is awesome no matter what its like, dont let anyone stop you in creating it :) - anon333

Maybe it gets to me a bit more because I really love these characters, and i’m always trying to put them in different situations for fun, and since i’ve been having a few bad days reading those asks just made me feel tired. Like i didn’t want to draw them anymore.

But after reading all these asks and remembering why i started this blog in the first place brought all the motivation and feels back! so thank you dear. I really appreciate every single word!

Natsu & Zeref Theory - FT 516

First —> WOW that chapter :O

Second —-> I was correct in my prediction (yay! link)

Ok onto my theory for this chapter. 

It’s important to remember that these are memories within Natsu’s heart. Therefore I’m not taking everything literally. 

My understanding is Natsu’s “death” will be a “rebirth”. Natsu will die as he is now and become someone/something new. Let’s be honest, Mashima isn’t going to kill off his main character (alongside Lucy). 

I don’t believe this will be purely E.N.D or a dragon form. It is possible that Natsu will lose himself for a while, the entities inside him may warp his consciousness. 

I also want to know if Zeref pre-empted the change occurring inside Natsu. Zeref did say at the end of the Tartarus arc that if he survived he would make Natsu suffer more. Perhaps trauma is the key to making the combination of draconic and demonic powers successful? Zeref did talk to Natsu as if his demon entity was separate, a choice Natsu would have to make (which I found weird initially, but if Zeref knew this entire situation would occur, it now makes sense).

Which leads me to the prediction that if Zeref is still serious about defeating Acnologia he will want Natsu to combine his powers (Especially since Larcade was defeated by Sting- he doesn’t have high odds of Acnologia not being able to find a way around his powers). Considering Lucy was the one who triggered his partial transformation and Zeref were to figure this out. Lucy could be in danger as a key to accelerating the merging of Natsu’s powers.

Plus, I remember seeing spoilers (sketches) of Lucy kneeling in front of Zeref (I don’t know if they are credible or not)?

Another theory is that Natsu will be too destructive if he can burn magic itself. So his powers will have to be sealed or he will have to be disciplined(which is doubtful with Natsu but he does have a respect for life). The reason for this is when Natsu was using the dragon king mode, he was able to burn through Zeref’s attack. Essentially, he burned magic itself. Natsu called it the last of Igneel’s power but what if it wasn’t just that. The seed growing inside Natsu started to rear its head because he was over exerting himself. Igneel said his presence ‘should’ have stopped dragon transformation process, but the demon seed could have disrupted that process. 

Let me know what you think (or if you think I’ve forgotten something)! I’m so excited! 

(Please note: I’m thinking outside of my OTP. Just because I like NaLu doesn’t mean I’m not interested in hearing the thoughts of people who may have a different opinion on what could happen -within context, this isn’t a post about ships-) 

Fate (F)

Rated F for a huge ball of fluff

@taehyung-the-baehyung requested Taehyung + medieval (prince/princess) AU + “He is your destiny, and your doom." 

Word Count: 8.3k 

Beta read by: BTS Beta (btsbeta.tumblr.com)

The willows whispered through the dreary night. The distinct sound of hooves against the uneven ground stirred the royal carriage that rode through the somber forest. The queen was held fondly by her loving husband as they made their way to the kingdom’s fortune teller. It was a tradition that the royal family couldn’t bear to abandon and one the king was excited to experience.

The king’s parents always bragged about how the teller believed he could do great things, lead the kingdom on the path of light. He expected his heir to be nothing short of that. He hoped that one day, his fateful heir wouldn’t be overshadowed by him but rather walk alongside him as one of the greatest leaders in the kingdom.

“How much longer,” the queen groaned.  “I cannot bear any longer in this howling night.” She was restless in this night with the full moon shining through the canopy of the forest. The night hid many creatures, and with such little protection, it made her uneasy.

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How I lost 30+ pounds. (Dieting tips)

These are some personal tips that help me lose weight. Everybody has their own system, so this may not work out for you, but if it does then I’m glad to help!

As some personal background history, I’m 5 feet 4 inches, and my heaviest weight was 154 pounds - which is overweight for that height btw. I started dieting in April 2013, and by the beginning of September 2013, I had lost 32 pounds and was 122 pounds. 

I let myself go during the school year, however, and managed to eat my way all the back up to 140 pounds which was so not cool, so I’ve decided to begin my dieting again to go down to 120 pounds by the end of September. (I’ve already lost 5 pounds so far.)

First of all, people always tell you not to lose weight for other people but to lose weight only for yourself, and personally I think that’s some bullshit. Personally, I lost weight because I wanted to raise my self confidence. I wanted to be able to fit into the all too small cute clothes, and I wanted to be one of the “pretty” friends and have the cute fairy tail romance that exists in all the books. 

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

People call it shallow and unhealthy, but honestly just tell them to go to hell. If that’s what motivates you to lose weight, then use it! You just can’t let it control you, you can’t let that take over your mindset and force you to always look at yourself in a disgusted manner. Personally, I have a strong will, so I used my imperfections as motivation to work at them, and once I reached my goal I was perfectly fine with stopping. This doesn’t work for some people, however, and they end up letting their imperfections dictate how they live. Again, I’m only telling you guys things that helped me lose weight personally, and this isn’t something that everybody should take into consideration if they don’t have the proper will power for it.

Anyways, enough with that, let’s get to the tips! 

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Let’s suppose that you’re a technically legally elected head of state with some authoritarian tendencies and the feeling that you should be able to do whatever you want. Golly-gee, it sure would be nice to just make whatever laws or orders you want and see them happen. But there’re these annoying things stopping you, like public opinion and a constitution with seperation of powers.

If only there were a tried-and-true way to increase your own power while maintaining a democratic facade…

Oh wait! There is. You just gotta make your people scared enough to let you protect them by any means necessary. Unfortunately for you, a bit over half the people in your country really, really doesn’t like you. Now I know this sounds pretty tough, and you’re not so good at intricate plans, but bear with me.

First things first, you need to convince what supporters you have that they can’t trust anyone but you and your government. This shouldn’t be too hard, because they already like you. You’ve been losing supporters, but you’ll still have enough. Luckily, you’ve surrounded yourself with people who tell you what you want to hear and are happy to have you give them more power, so you probably won’t hear about any losses anyways.

Once you have a significant portion of your country trusting you and only you, you’ve gotta convince them that everyone who isn’t them is an enemy. Now this could be tricky, because the people you’ll be telling them to dislike are also part of your country or have diplomatic and economic ties with it. Just lie about it, it’ll be fine. Deny ever saying anything bad about anyone, then go right back to spewing divisive rhetoric. It’ll work like a charm.

Of course, you can’t have pesky intellectuals, journalists, or other voices you don’t like doing anything silly like telling the truth or exposing your corruption. So you’d better discredit them as much as possible, while blatantly supporting sources that support you. That way you can point to them and say you have legitimate support!

Next you gotta manufacture a conflict to strengthen your side’s trust and get the other side to start wavering in their opposition. It’d be mighty convenient if there were a rogue state that is almost globally despised with whom you could pick a fight without risking any diplomatic ties. 

Well, lucky for you, there is! And what’s more, they have nuclear weapons. Oh, boy!

The closer people are to total annhilation (real or imaginary), the more power they’ll let you take. And the more power you have, the easier it’ll be to strengthen your regime. It’s just that easy!

Now, obviously, you don’t want nukes reigning down on your country, because that tends to weaken your power. But if some other country (that you’ve said or implied your nation can’t trust) gets nuked, it’ll scare your subjects enough to finally let you do whatever you want!

Why, if you play your cards right you might just be dictator for life.

A Banished Warrior Pt. 1

Summary: Jungkook has been banished from Mt. Olympus and somehow finds you. Letting him stay with you got a little… complicated. 
Genre: Mythology- Ares! Au
Member/Band: Jungkook BTS
-Admin Zar  
I got some inspiration from @hobieful demon! au

Originally posted by kookie-bts

“Jungkook for the last time,” Seokjin started, “Stop causing wars between the common people. You are the god of war, you can’t abuse your power. Your power is reflected on them, if you have so much fighting between people-”

“I know, I know,” Jungkook started, “Eternal war among the common people, No one trusting anyone, world domination. You’ve told me this over and over. I understand.”

“If you understand, then you will understand your punishment.” Seokjin spoke with power.

“Punishment?” Jungkook questioned. He’s never had a punishment out of his 3,000 years of life.  

“I, Seokjin god of the sky and King of the gods, condemn you to living 2 weeks among the common people. Then after that you can come back to Olympus. You may keep your godly strength and physicality. Your time time starts now.” As he spoke thunder clapped in surround sound and the skies of Mt. Olympus got darker.

Jungkook then disappeared from Jin’s sight. Namjoon- god of wisdom and Yoongi, god of wine, theater and madness then walked up to Jin side.

“The kid isn’t even going to last a day down there.” Namjoon spoke with a slight pity on his younger sibling.

“He deserves it. He’s going to learn is lesson very quickly.” Yoongi spoke as he sipped on a glass of red wine.  


You pushed the heavy door to the convenience store open and made your way to the frozen aisle. You stood there for awhile before finally deciding on a bottle of lemonade. You then found yourself wandering in the candy aisle. In your hand was packages of Swedish Fish, Twizzlers, peach rings and so much more. Finally you found the chip aisle. You picked up a bag of salt and vinegar chips and tucked it under your arm.

“Don’t you think that a little bit too much candy?” A voice resonated from the side of you. You looked up to find a boy, dressed in all black. He had large doe eyes and hair that fell over his forehead.

“What do you think?” You retorted and made your way to the cash register.

You were finally out the store. It hasn’t been your best week. You got in a fight with your best friend, you lost your kitten and your period started. You groaned and threw your head back as you tried to deal with your stomach pains until you got home.

“So where are we going? Are we going to your house? Are you in pain? Is it that thing that women get on a monthly basis? My hyung once told me about it. Is it as painful as he says it is?”  

You looked over to see the same boy from the convenience store. You stopped in your tracks to stare at him. He stopped walking as well and gave you a confused look. You squinted his eyes and he jerked his head back a little.

“Have you been following me?” You asked.


You were about to say something when you heard your phone ring. You sighed and reached inside your pocket to look at the caller id. The slim phone was snatched out your hand and he observed it with scrutinizing eyes.

“Hey, what are you doing? Give it back!” You tried to reach for your phone but he held it over his head. You eventually had to put your bags down to jump and reach for it, but it was no use. He was holding you off with his superhuman like strength.

“Human, what is this?” He asked.

You shook your head in confusion. How does he not know what a phone is?

“It’s a cell phone,” You spoke slowly, giving up on trying to get it back, “You use it to talk to people and play games.”  

“Take me to your home… please?”  

“No!” You yelled, “Why would I take you to my house?”

“Because I have no where else to go. Please, I beg of you. I really have no where to go.”

You picked up your bags and sighed, “Why can’t you go to your ‘hyung’ or whatever you called him or her.”  

“They’re the ones who kicked me out.” He looked down.  

“What’s your name?” You sighed.


“Jungkook, I’m Y/N.”

You stood there in the middle of the winter’s night, debating if you should let him go home with you. He didn’t seem to make eye contact with you, as if he didn’t want you to feel bad for him. You shifted to your left leg and thought about it for a while.


“So this is my apartment.”

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (A Harry Styles One Shot)

Summary: Harry Styles has been your best friend for years, and over the recent years you had developed some attractions for him, but his job as left him that he has little time to spend with his friends and family. But when he get back home from L.A your feelings for him return stronger than before. So you decide to tell him how you feel, and you never thought you would have got this reaction….




Y/N’s P.O.V:

Going over to your friends house may seem easy enough, doesn’t it? Not me. Going over to my friends house takes so much effort, through screaming fans to the paps, but its worth it to see his face in the end. Me and Harry had met through mutual friends at a party a few years ago, who is the friend you may ask? James Cordon is one of my best friends and he invited me a while ago to go to one of his parties, which the curly haired man was attending also, and we have connected and got along ever since. I never let the fans or the media get between us because lets face it, does it look like i am fazed by their opinions? No. They are just jealous. Anyway.

Harry had just got back from a trip to L.A and he promised me that he would meet up with me because we hadn’t seen each other since the day after Christmas. To be honest even though it was only two weeks, i had missed him so much. And a small part of me wished we could be more than friends, but i couldn’t put him through all the hate he would get and the media going crazy, just for me to be happy. My phone started to vibrate on the kitchen island as i walked around to get a drink of water. I climbed to take a seat on the island to answer the phone, just knowing he was on the other side of the phone wanting to talk to me just made my heart flutter. “Hey Y/N, its Harry” “I know, i do have you saved on my phone” I giggled, continuing on. “What’s up?” “Im just in the car driving back to London now, is it okay if i just call in to yours for a bit?” He asked. “Of course you don’t need to ask Harry” “Okay well ill be there in a hour or so, thanks love, ill see you then” “No problem, bye” We both hung up our phones. You know the longer he has been gone has made me grow feelings for him more and more everyday, and its killing me inside that i cant share those feelings with him. I rushed off of the island and ran upstairs to take a shower and wash my hair. Harry’s coming over in a hour, and i don’t know what to wear or how to have my hair or makeup.. Wait, this is Harry we are talking about here, we are not dating, he has seen me without makeup. What am i thinking? Ive got it bad.

I take a shower and dry my hair, then putting a few curls in it, and pinning it up in a messy bun with a few bits of hair falling, framing my face. I put natural makeup on, the usual, foundation eyeliner, mascara, the norm. Then i shoved on my yoga pants and a white t shirt. Looking at the clock, it has been a hour since we have talked on the phone, so he shouldn’t be too long. I walked into the living room and made sure that everything was tidy and looking nice, i didn’t want him judging me. C’mon Y/N what are you doing, its Harry, your best friend, as if he cares what the place looks like. Hearing the front door opening with a slight creak i knew he had arrived, but i didn’t want to jump right up, i need to look not desperate. Omg no its just Harry, he is my best friend, isn’t he?

“Y/N” He shouted has i heard his foot steps getting louder. I sat down on the sofa, trying to look nonchalant, no i wasn’t waiting for you. “Harry” I said as i seen his frame coming into the room, looking at me. “Hey” He smiled that perfect smile that i missed so much. I walked over to him, wrapping my arms around his neck, embracing him in a friendly hug, well so i thought. His arms wrapped around my waist so securely, that it made my head tilt into his neck, smelling his hair as my hands wrapped into his chocolate locks. Stop Y/N stop. I have to let go now. I quickly unravel myself from him, seeing the upset look on his face. I cant do this anymore, i cant look at him and not tell him how im feeling. I smiled at him feeling a little awkward, walking out of the living room and moving straight to the kitchen, smacking my head doing so. Harry soon followed, bringing the atmosphere with him. “It defiantly feels good to be home, couldn’t wait to come back” He commented, leaning on the island while i walked around to dry a few dishes that where sitting beside the sink. What am i doing? Why am i acting like this? Stop Y/N stop. Say something, now. “Um yeah im sure you are, i know i would” I replied as i set the dishes down, drying my hands on the dish cloth. “Y/N is everything alright?” He walked around to face me, but keeping his distance. Shit. “Yeah, no, everything’s fine” He looked puzzled at my statement, coming closer to where i was standing. “Are you sure, because you know you can tell me anything, please don’t hide it from me” “I cant talk about it right now” “Ah-ha so they’re is something up, tell me” He waved his hands in front of me, making his point valid. “I cant talk about it with you, especially with you” “Why not?” He started to look a little confused, leaning on his right shoulder facing you.

A heavy sigh came from my mouth as i rubbed my temples trying to figue out how i am going to put this. Here we go. I’m doing it now. Oh shit. “Y’N, are you okay?” Harry came closer holding your elbows as your hands are touching your temples. “Look Harry” I removed my hands, lowering them to my side as his hands still were touching my triceps. “Ive missed you so much through out this whole year” “I’ve missed you too” he smirked looking into my eyes. I cant look back at them, the level of attraction is too much for my body to handle. “No, i mean ive, ive really missed you, more recently. I missed you so much that I started to, i don’t know, feel certain things that maybe have changed the way i look at you” I look up at him, his eyes burning into mine, searching. “Everything changed when you kissed me on Christmas Eve. I know you were drunk and it wasn’t intentional, but i felt something that ive never felt with anyone before, it felt amazing. And when you said you were on your way over, i couldn’t contain my excitement” His face frozen in thought, his eyes still looking into mine, his gaze becoming intimidating. “I didn’t want to say anything and keep it to myself, but when you walked through that door, i just wanted to kiss you and tell you how much i missed you, and it hurt me that i couldn’t do that. I didn’t want to tell you because i didn’t want to ruin what we have, i mean i love our friendship, and i don’t wanna have to bring you through what the media would say”

Harry’s hands never left my arms, his eyes never left mine, but finally blinking for the first time in minutes. “Y/N…” He looked away then back to me, slowly loosening his grip on my arms. “I didn’t… I didn’t know that’s the way you thought of me, you know, in that way” “I didn’t look at you in that way until a few weeks ago, as i said. I never want it to be complicated with us, and i understand if you wanna leave” I slowly walked back around the island, picking up my water, and his gaze never leaving my site. He walked around meeting me around the other side of the island and his hands immediately went to my waist, pulling me in closer to him. He slowly removed my water bottle from my hands and placed it on the island, then slowly and delicately pressing his lips to mine. That spark that i felt on Christmas Eve came back only stronger, knowing that he was holding me close to him, kissing him so intimately, just made the butterflies go crazy within. He slowly let go of my lips and looked into my eyes, reaching out to hold my hands in his large ones. “Y/N… Ive never stopped thinking of that kiss, everyday i wonder what you are doing, what your hair smells like, what your wearing, what your lips taste like. It was hard being on the other side of the world, not knowing if you felt the same. But it killed me inside because i couldn’t tell you. I couldn’t do that to you. I know what the fans and the media are like, and i know if they found out, they would tear your self esteem down so quickly and easily, i couldn’t bear to see you being hurt because of me.” “Harry, don’t you ever think that that’s ever going to stop me from wanting to be with you. People have said multiple things about being your friend and that hasn’t stopped us being close friends, has it?” I asserted, staring at Harry’s calm yet confusing emotion. “Of course it hasn’t, but i couldn’t do that to you, i couldn’t let them take you down to that place where i was when they where saying things about me, believe me i know how it gets” His gaze over powering mine as i looked to our intertwined hands. “Well Harry im so confused, what do you want?” I got agitated at what he was implying because i wanted to be with him more that anything, but damn this is so confusing. “I want you” His face came closer to mine, placing his lips back where they felt most at home, on mine.

His lips felt exquisite on mine, i couldn’t illustrate it any other way possible. His lips slowly opened to express a moan i know he was holding in, also taking that to my advantage, letting my tongue slide in to adventure his. His acceptance was enough for me to get completely lost in him. His tongue explored my mouth as i comfortably wrapped my arm around his shoulder, and the other pulling his head closer to mine as we kissed. Feeling his embrace as his arms wrapped around my waist tightly made my stomach flip a million times, this felt so right that i knew he felt the same. He then removed his lips from mine and quickly moved to my jaw line, his large hand came up to my left cheek to help tilt my head the other direction, giving him more access to my jaw and neck. A low moan escaped my lips, making his kisses appear deeper and more meaningful to me. My hands lowered from their place around his neck, and lowering down to his lower abdomen, reaching out underneath his motorbike t shirt. “Y/N…” Harry moaned into my neck. “I have to have you now, you have no idea how badly ive wanted you” His face still stuck into my neck worshiping every inch of me. “Then have me” I whispered into his ear, edging him on. I never want him to stop in a million years. I never knew how badly i wanted this too until this moment right here. I honestly cant believe this, I’m dreaming… I have to be.

He quickly turned my body so my bum was hitting the edge of the island, and he pushed my body into him, also pushing me against the island. Wow this is hot. His hands placed on my hips as his mouth went back to my lips, sighing into me, relief and pleasure rushed through my veins. My brain is over thinking everything and i just need to shut off, i need this. My hands continued under his t shirt, which is so sexy i could rip off in a second. His toned muscle hardening at my touch was driving me crazy. His hands moved around to my lower back, bringing my tummy close to his, damn can i get any closer to him? Now i know his plan. His hands quickly moved to my bum, squeezing and kneading my cheeks in his large hands. His own action made a shiver go down my spine, man how can this get any better? His mouth was once again removed from mine, and moved straight to the base of my neck, marking his territory on me. His hands moved quick as they moved under my yoga pants, feeling my underwear on my cheeks. “Baby, your wearing a thong?” I nodded in agreement, not wanting to hear myself speaking. I was too in the zone of Harry. “That’s so hot, baby that’s so hot” He babbled into my ear as he started to get hot and bothered. His hands started to lower my yoga pants, and i was getting the feeling that maybe he was waiting for me to give him a sign that it was okay. Damn right it was okay.

 I removed my hands from his torso and moved them straight to my yoga pants, lowering them to my ankles. My feet stepping on them to get them off in record time. His eyes lowered to my lower half, but they didn’t stay there for too long before his hands moved straight to my top, raising the bottom over the top, immediately removing it altogether. His eyes went dark taking in my body before him, gawking at me like i was a painting. “Baby your so sexy” His large hands engulfed my boobs, rubbing them in circular motions. “I love you bra and knickers, they are such a turn on” His eyes met mine, wow, a lot darker shade of emerald looking into mine. “Well you still have to see what’s under it” I smirked up at him, rubbing his hands that were over my breasts.

Not wasting anytime with another comment, his right hand went straight to my panties, cupping my heat within his palm. A slow moan came from me as his fingers slowly moved my thong to the side, and he moved his fingers to my most sensitive area. He slowly rubbed into me as my wetness stuck to his fingers. “Y/N you are soaking” His fingers removed themselves, making their way to his mouth, licking all of my wetness off of his fingers. He removed his fingers from his mouth and put his fingers in my mouth. Not wanting to waste anytime i accepted his fingers in, and my tongue swirling around them and sucking on them slowly, making a low groan come out of Harry’s closed mouth. I quickly let his fingers go from my mouth and i brung my hands to my thong, removing it quickly. I put my hands around to my clasp of my bra, when i felt his hands protesting mine. “No, keep it on, it really is so hot on you, but im glad you took off your thong, it would have got in the way” I giggled as i took his t shirt in my hands, and removed it from his torso, making it land to out feet. Wow his body is so amazing, it is just a piece of art.

 I slowly kissed his chest, small sweet kisses. I kissed his swallow tattoo’s, and i made my way down. His butterfly, his leaf tattoos, and i stopped at the v line of his torso, looking up at him. “Please, you can suck me later, i need your pussy now Y/N” His dominance made a pool occur inside of me, wow, this is so hot. He grabbed my waist turning me around so my back was faced to him. His hands moved up my back, making me lower so my chest was level with the island. I heard his belt and zip being undone, then his hands returned to my lower back, rubbing it over and over. I looked around to get a view of him, and his hands then removed from my back, and manoeuvred to his clear hard on. His right hand pumped a few times as his other hand grabbed my waist, pulling me to him. Oh my god this is actually happening. C’mon Y/N focus, don’t freak now, i gotta be in the moment. “Oh shit i forgot a condom” He blurted as he let go of his length. “Oh don’t worry Harry, im on contraceptives” “Why?” Oh god that kinda sounded wrong. “Oh no not like that, i take them to help my time of month cramps, you know” I felt my face going red as a beetroot. “Oh i see, i thought you were a slut or something” “Im your slut” I winked, giggling as his smirk came back to his face. “Yes you are mine, no one else’s” He quickly grabbed his dick once again, and moved his tip to my entrance, moving it up to my clit and back. “Please Harry just fuck me” “Happy to” He then slowly pushed into me, stopping half way because of the pain. Wow he is big, this is a different kind of big. I mean i had sex before but not with this size, oh no hes going to destroy me. “Im sorry baby, you tell me when i can go deeper, your nearly there” He sat there for about a minute or so, and i told him to push in further. And so he did. “That’s a good girl, taking my dick so nicely. Your tight little pussy just eats me up yeah?” “Yeah Harry” I cried as he went fully into me. Wow this is fucking amazing.

He slowly moved out of me, them rammed back in with ease, hitting the right place for me to scream. His hands returned to my bum, squeezing it and guiding it up and down on his hard on as he was slamming into me. His thrusts got harder and deeper as my screams and moans got louder, getting lost into each other. This feeling I’m getting right now, is the best feeling in the world. My right hand went straight down to where we connected, and i started to rub my sensitive nub to help me clench around him as he pulled out of me. “Y/N I want you to ride me, fucking ride me baby” He quickly removed himself from me, and quickly turning me around to face him. “Living room, now” His hands came to my waist, pulling me into the living room like he said. The nerves started to kick in because ive never done this position before, but id do anything to please Harry.

Harry’s P.O.V

I cant believe this is happening, within the matter of an hour we went from being best friends to what, fuck buddies? I would love to be more than that, defiantly. I really like Y/N and i always have. Ive literally dreamt about this moment, getting her begging for my dick in her. Seriously you don’t know how many times ive fucked my hand thinking it was her mouth. She is as tight as i wanted her to be, she is utterly perfect. I led her to her living room as i quickly sat down on the cotton sofa. He body came to mine, slowly sitting on the edge of my lap. Hesitantly? I’m getting the feeling that maybe she is regretting this? Shit. “What’s wrong?” She looked to me, her hands on my chest as she slowly comes closer to me, then looking down at my butterfly tat. “I just… I have never had sex this way before so ima little nervous that’s all” Her face became red from embarrassment. This girl continues to amaze me. She is nervous because she has never done this position before, oh god she is making my dick leak. That is so hot that she has never been fucked this way before, this just makes it all better. “Baby, i promise i will go slow okay?” She nods in agreement. I would never want to make her feel like she would be in pain, i would never live with myself if i hurt her. “I promise your guna love it this way” He sent me a sexy smile my direction as she leaned on her knees, bringing herself closer until she was hovering over my overly-erected dick.

I put my hands on her hips as she slowly glided herself on me with the help of her hands guiding me into her slick hole. Her head rolls back in pure pleasure as she is completely sunk on me. My god she is so tight, i could just cum in her like this if i had to. She is utterly beautiful, i cant believe this. “Fuck, Harry, oh my god” She loudly moaned as she slowly rocked her hips back and forth, her clit grinding on my pubic bone as i slither back and forth in and out of her. I slowly raised her hips a little higher, letting her eyes look at me in confusion, and i quickly bashed into her, feeling all of her around me, so tight. I hit her deeper as i went faster, making her moan even louder. Haha, my plan is working. I wanna make her cum so hard that she cant even walk. I fucked her even harder on my dick when she suddenly screamed in pain, making me stop my movements. I held onto her hips as i looked into her eyes, searching for any kind of sign or emotion in her face, nothing. “Baby are you okay? did i hurt you?” “No no, it just, when you thrust up really hard, it just felt really deep, it felt amazing actually” This girl continues to amaze me, i hit the spot that i was finally searching for and she screams in pleasure. “Sorry, i had just never felt that before” Damn, no one has ever made her cum during sex? Ima make her cum all over me in a minute or so.

 I started thrusting just as hard as i did the first time, only harder, if possible. I need to find that spot again. “Oh god Harry, that’s it baby” Ah-ah, that was easily found. I continued to hit that spongy spot deep inside of her, then i suddenly felt the familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. “Baby im gonna cum pretty soon, oh god your so tight!” I mumbled into her ear as we continued to rhythmically thrust our hips together, trying to reach each other’s highs. My hands over to her chest, wrapping my large hands around her breasts as they jumped with our movements. “C’mon Harry, cum for me, fill me up daddy” Daddy. She called me Daddy. I didn’t know that i would have liked that so much. My dick twitched inside of her when the words slipped from her mouth. “Daddy? Say that again” “Cum in your pussy daddy, she’s ready for your cum baby” Hot spurts of my cum shot out inside of her as i loudly moaned her name over and over again. I started to feel her walls clenching around my still half hard length, now knowing that she was so close to euphoria. “C’mon Y/N baby i need you to cum all over my dick, feel me baby” She suddenly grabbed my shoulders in her small hands as i continued ramming into her with incredible force, helping her reach where she needed to. Her walls clenching around me so tight, it was helping to milk me from my orgasm properly, also her screams of my name erupted her whole house, it felt amazing. I still slid in and out of her after she came to make sure that we had both reached our highs. Wow that was the best sex ive ever had.

 Her head slowly rested on my chest as our heavy breathes took over her house. After a while she lifted her head off of my chest and looked into my eyes, her eyes darting to my lips then back at mine. I took that to my advantage to her kiss her ever so passionately. I let go of her lips to look at her, her crazed sex hair, her swollen lips and alert eyes made me want to fuck her in so many other ways. She slowly removed herself from me, making me hiss at the sensitiveness, and she set next to me looking at the ceiling, still keeping it silent, trying to get our breathes back. “Wow” She whispered, looking back at me, smiling. “I know” I looked back at her in awe. I placed my hands over her hair, tucking a few strands around her ear. “Right, we need to put some clothes on” She begin to get up, but my hands pulled at her wrist, letting her fall back into me, laughing. “No your not going anywhere just yet” I whispered into her ear as i lowered my hand between her legs…


I once had a guy tell me I was a sociopath for not letting him hurt me (emotionally) anymore. just because I stopped allowing his hurtful words and mansplaining to make me feel like shit, does not mean I don’t feel or empathize with people. I do feel. but I will not let him have such negative power over my life. (sorry if this seems a bit undirected - this submission is really something I just needed to get off my mind)

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My Asylum 16 Report

A bunch of random snippets culminating in J2 awesomeness…


Registration queuing nightmare frustration hell.
Robbie announces he’s leaving the show, which puts a massive downer on my evening.
Jenn and Mads get hilariously drunk. We don’t get much sleep.

In panels all day - only got called for one auto.
Asked Ruth a question (Which was her favourite dress? The red one.) and got two chocolates, a badge and a hug in return. I love her so much.
Ty pleading with the audience to prank Mark by only asking questions about Benny.
Jason Manns gig, with Gil popping in for a couple of songs, is excellent.
Top Heavy are badass. We stay all the way until Carry On Wayward Son.

Emily’s queue was quiet in the auto room, so gave her my VanCon adventure story from last September to amuse the guests in the green room - I will forever wonder if any of them ever read it.
Crying with laughter as fan after fan after fan asks Mark questions about Benny.
The whole hall chanting ‘Gracie, Gracie, Gracie’ as poor Gracie tries to stop giggling long enough to get her question out. Mark milks it and makes it even more hilarious.
Bumped into Cleo, who had to leave early to catch her flight so gave me her unused Jared auto, and refused to let me give her any money for it. #SPNfamily <3
Rachel Miner and Nicki Aycox being all about women supporting each other.
The Hillywood girls being actual delightful chipmunks.
Just made it back from the auto room in time for Jared’s panel, which was largely him telling his train story. Even though I’ve heard him tell it before, it was still absolutely hilarious.
And now the main event…

As I already have Jared’s auto in my special SPN auto book, I decided to ask him to sign my Sam Winchester Top Trumps card from the pack that Jenn made me for my birthday. I didn’t expect him to look at it, but just to sign it and move on - it was the end of the con and the queue was really long and J2 must have been exhausted. However, not only did he sign it, he then paused to read it. Again, I kept waiting for him to give it back and move on. I was gobsmacked when instead he said ‘Can I see the Dean one?’
Me: I haven’t got it out. It’ll take too long to find.
Jared: That’s OK. Come back when you’ve found it.
Me: What just here?
Jared: Yeah. (to the steward) She’s good.
So I’m standing next to the auto table, hunting through my bag for my Top Trump cards while Leo, next in the queue, is talking to Jared. I manage to pull out the Dean card pretty quickly, wait for Leo to finish, then hand it over. Jared stops and considers both cards. He makes some comment about Sam beating Dean in almost every category. I’m still expecting him to hand the cards back and move on. But oh no.
Jared: (shouting over) Hey, Jackles! Look at this. I beat you pretty much across the board. (to me) Hand them over, let him see them.
So now I’m handing the cards over to Jensen, who’s auto I don’t even have. Jensen stops signing to read the cards, frowning. And then the J2 banter begins, with me standing awestruck in between.
Jensen: Why do you have more power than me? What does ‘power’ even mean?
Jared: Like special powers.
Jensen: I beat you at ‘humour’.
Jared: You know what ‘humour’ means. You have a funny face.
Jensen: You know what is most important to people when they’re looking for a partner, a relationship? A sense of humour.
At this point Leo has finished with Jared, the steward has made him pick up my bag, and they’re trying to usher us away, but I can’t go because Jensen still has my cards. I finally wrestle them from Jensen’s hands and run away, on rather wobbly legs, not quite believing what just happened.

anonymous asked:

Hi so I am a lesbian who is still mostly in the closet I am just not ready to come out just yet but there is a guy in my class who has a big crush on me. I don't like him at all but I don't want to be rude he keep's asking me out on date's and I keep saying no. How can I get the message to him nicely that it's nothing personal I just don't like him without coming out as gay?

Kristin Says:


Oooooooooh, Anonymous, I am sorry for yelling, but your question fired up all of my feminist gears and pistons and engines and superpowers and whatever else comes in this box labeled “Feminist Powers, Open With Care.” Let’s just take a moment to go over what you said here:

- A boy asked you out on a date

- You politely said no

- A boy asked you out on a date again

- You politely said no

- A boy. Asked you out. On a date. AGAIN.

Now, and I understand where you are coming from, I DO, you are asking how else to fucking politely say no again but GUESS WHAT… this boy isn’t getting the message. Guess what else? Your sexuality doesn’t need to have anything to do with this exchange, because who you choose to go out with isn’t anyone’s business but your own.

I am mad, Anonymous, not because of this one boy in your class who has a crush and who might just reaaallly think that you saying “no,” means “maybe.” However, read that last sentence again and you’ll get where this kind of behavior is super fucking dangerous. When people think “no” means “maybe,” other people – and especially women – are put in really shitty, dangerous, fucked up situations. This boy in your class, and lots of other boys (and other people, not just boys!) need to be taught to listen to what others say, and not assume that they know what others might want despite what they say.

Does this mean you have to walk into class, open up your own box of feminist-power and smash this boy over the head with it?? You certainly CAN, but that isn’t the only solution here.

If I were you, the first step I’d take would be to speak directly and clearly (which is still polite!), letting this boy know that I’d like him to stop asking me out. I’d say something like, “Listen. I don’t want to go out on a date with you, and I would appreciate it if you didn’t as me any more. It’s important to me that we have the ability to be friends, and the more you ask, the less that becomes possible!”

Now, you’ve drawn your line. Clearly.

If this boy asks you out again after you say these words to him, I don’t know that he even deserves an answer, and that much is up to you. If you’re feeling it as much as I am feeling it though, turn to him and say, “I didn’t have interest in going on a date in the first place, but I can tell you very clearly that I would never, ever want to date a person who doesn’t trust the words that I share with them. I’ve repeatedly told you I wasn’t interested in dating you, and I also tried to be polite. You have disrespected me by ignoring what I’ve said and what I’ve asked for, and I think that if you are looking to date anyone in the future, you should really think about being more respectful to start with. THANK YOU AND GOOD DAY, SIR.”

Then, blast a Beyonce song in your mind and go back to your work.

*flips all the furniture in the room*

anonymous asked:

I've lost all hope. Any advice?

I’m upset too, so I completely understand. This person, once considered a joke. This person, who has continuously ridiculed and abused people. It’s no longer a joke, and it’s no exaggeration to say that I am highly disappointed in what has occurred thus far. However, I will not let this stop me. We can’t give up and simply accept our fate. We still have our voice, and the president does not have absolute power over everything. There are still laws and processes in place. It may prove to be a harsh 4 years, yes, but we must look towards the future. There are actions to take, and he will not be president forever. There is still hope; this is not the end. If you feel unsafe because of your identity, we are all here for you. Do not give up.

Reclaiming Dyke, Faggot, Tranny etc

Most likely the first thought that pops into your head when you read the title was “omg. how dare you?!” And that’s not because of the word, but because of how you have been taught to interpret it.
That doesn’t say that a lot of people who say it aren’t trying to cause us harm…but why let them? Why are we giving them power by allowing them to be the only ones who use that word? To me that makes no sense.

Let me make this clear. There is no such thing as a “bad word.” All that exists is what we are taught to believe that word means.

And if that word upsets you…are you really going to let a word upset you? It probably came from some idiot anyway. That person should have 0 influence in your life. Don’t let them control you. YOU control you. And only you can control your feelings.

I think by “taking back” slurs, we are reclaiming a little power. I always refer back to Eminem in 8 Mile during his final battle. Instead of letting the other rapper talk shit about him, he just said everything about himself. “Yea I am a dyke. And?” To me, there’s so much power in taking ownership over a word.

I know we all want no one to use these words, but the truth is, you can’t stop people from using them in a negative way. So the only way to help this is to use it differently. In saying all this, I do think the only people that should be reclaiming words are the people they’re trying to belittle.

I saw this quote from someone on Tumblr…“reclaiming slurs means you’re turning a weapon into armor, not turning that weapon against other, usually weaker members of the same community.”

I think it’s the perfect way to end this