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Ben: Harry, my dude. I love you man but you need to stop telling everyone you’re Ruby’s mother. 

Harry: oh. sorry. it’s just we’re so bonded it feels that way sometimes. 

Ben: just no more, k? 

Harry: got it! no more mommy talk. 

Harry: hey adam, have you met Ruby? 

Harry: isn’t she beautiful? 

harry: …I birthed her. 


I am so pissed off right now I can spam with posts about how BTS is a Korean boyband and they don’t need to make an English album—WE!! ARE!! HAPPY!! WITH!!! BTS’S!!!!!!! ORIGINAL!!!!!!!! MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! GENRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For Love (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Princess!Reader (Royal AU)
Word Count: 1430
Warnings: none

Summary: Being the princess never stopped you from pushing the boundaries of the rules of your land. Now you are being forced to find a prince to marry but instead meet a commoner. Will you do what’s best for your kingdom or follow your heart?

A/N: This is my submission for @a-splash-of-stucky Elsa’s 1K celebration! Congrats Elsa 💖 My prompt was #9 Medieval/Royalty AU I think I have this planned out for 6 parts. It takes some inspiration from Aladdin. Hope you enjoy it! Tags are open gif not mine (x)

The morning sunlight gently kissed your eyelids as it peered in through the stained glass window. The scent of fresh lilacs filled your bedchamber gently stirring you awake. Every morning was the same, you woke up rather slowly, not very eager to commence yet another monotonous day.

Wanda quietly entered your room to help dress you, though you only needed her assistance to lace the awful corset you had to wear. It was frowned upon by some on how close you were to your handmaid but you never saw her as a servant, she was your best friend. She had come to the castle at a young age when her mother began working in the kitchens. She was a curious girl who quickly learned your castle’s secrets, the hidden passageways for servants to tend to their duties, seldom being seen by the royal family or other noblemen.

One day you stumbled upon one of the passageways, finding yourself lost. Wanda heard your cries of distress and helped you find your way back. Your governess balked at the sight of you playing with a peasant girl, but all you saw was a friend. As a child being a Princess was a privilege you did not fully understand, and when you were told you could no longer see Wanda you did the only rational thing you knew, protest. To be fair it was more of a tantrum, arguing and pleading with your parents, threatening to denounce your title if it meant you could not be friends with Wanda. They gave in, much to the dismay of your father’s adviser.

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White Roses

A new imagine for my 500 followers event. Thank you, dear anon, for your request, I hope you like it.

The following prompts were asked for Caspian :

35. “Stop giving me this cute pout of yours…”

36. “You’re too pure for me.”

39. “Give me a kiss.”

This is just cuteness, cuteness, and even more cuteness.

Hope you all like it.

Gif not mine.

Word Count :2654

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anonymous asked:

What exactly has changed in Ramin's potrayal of Gleb? Thanks.

Not much! There’s just some new blocking, some of which was added by him (he points the gun at himself after he stops aiming it at Anya). He’s also kind of amped up both the scary and humorous aspects of Gleb. Like when he’s playing him as intimidating, Gleb is really intimidating and he seems a little more relaxed in the funnier scenes now.

I’ll actually be making some gifs of some of the new blocking soon!