i will still use you doe

i really hope this Ramadan was a blessing and cure for your little broken heart. i hope this Ramadan gave you a taste of what it’s really like to worship Allah and what our purpose actually is here on earth. i hope you have new love to give and new happiness to share. i hope you had the chance to get to know who your Lord is and what He wants from you. this coming year will show you if Allah excepted your fast and prayer. and i hope for you your year will change completely in a positive way and doors will open for you you’ve never imagined they’re existing.
always have in your mind that we’re not perfect, it’s completely okay if you still have to work on yourself! because we all have to.. Ramadan was there to remind us again as it does every year. and so many things happened during this blessed month for our Ummah.. may Allah have mercy upon all these souls who had to leave it too early. and may we all thank Allah from the bottom of our heart that He wanted us to reach its end and to be alive during Laylatul Qadr. i hope all your secret wishes get answered and that Allah wrote Jannah for you during this night.

Eid Mubarak my dear sisters and brothers.
we are people of alhamdulillah, never forget that

thank you Allah, forever.

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Can you do prompts for two 12yo kids that were turned into cats and are waiting for someone to come rescue them and turn them back?

I can try: 

1.”What happens if someone can’t turn us back?”

“We get stuck as cats forever..” 

“That sounds really cool and really bad at the same time..”

2.”Being a cat wouldn’t be so bad…All my cat does is eat, sleep, and destroy stuff and everyone in the house still loves it to death… Sounds like a pretty good life to me.” 

3.” On one hand, we won’t have to go school anymore, on the other, there’s cat food and litter boxes…” 

“That’s a really hard choice…” 

4. “Well, it’s better then puberty at least.”

I hope these work, and if you need anything else, feel free to ask. 

So, Time Lords have evolved beyond gender.

But still have a gender binary, as explicitly pointed out when the General regenerated from a man into a woman, and the exact moment that happened, one of the other Time Lords went ‘sir, whoops, I mean, ma’am.”

And, also, as the Doctor is saying that they evolved beyond gender, he also says that Missy used to be a man, so clearly he does think of Time Lords as having a gender binary.

Moffat, if you want to be progressive, actually do it. Don’t just say you will in a single line, while not actually doing it.

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Omg what is "shiro loves you, baby" day??? It sounds so cute

Hey nonnie! It does sounds pretty cute doesn’t it? : 3 I’m not 100% sure, but I believe its just become a ‘fan made’ day to celebrate the time that Chr//s Pa//mer, a former director and storyboard artist for Voltron, first blessed us with the infamous “Shiro Loves You Baby” image, and even more important, the accompanying tag “he’s looking at Keith”. This was one of the first times of the early VLD fandom days that Voltron staff appeared to openly support the sheith ship. I try not to fanatically read into it, but its still pretty darn cute <333

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Can I ask how does the 100 days of productivity work? My holidays is coming to an end and I still have unfinished homework but I don't know how to start being productive so I thought I might use it, but I might need some help. Thanks! x

Hi! It is basically a challenge where you attempt to do something productive (not strictly study related) each day for 100 days. You cross off each day and usually take a photo to share! Most people who do them have a studyblr or studygram to share what they’ve been doing and keep a visual log of their 100 days. It’s a really good idea to tag or caption it with “1/100 days of productivity” and change it every day so you and others can see how you’re doing! I actually made a printable for people download and cross off each day. You can see it here. If you start it and are posting photos, feel free to tag #emmastudies so I can reblog them :-) x

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Matchup for MTMTE please! No preference for mechs or femmes. My positive traits are that I'm creative, kind, and organized for the most part. But I also have low self esteem, am terrified of change, and I tend to overthink Everything (I Have to have a plan before I do most things, I can't stand not knowing stuff before it happens). I love to draw, watch cartoons, read comic books, write, read, and swim! I zone out a lot, but I still try my best in everything I do. Also I love making new friends!

MTMTE: Rodimus

He appreciates your organisational and creative skills if you’ll help him plan stuff so Magnus stops breathing down his neck. He’d also confide in you when he isn’t feeling at the top of his game, as well as listen to your own insecurities, even if he can’t help think of any solutions. That being said, he does try to help you get used to changes by introducing you to stuff that may be outside your comfort zone. He might mess up and push you too far at first, but he quickly learns to tell when you start to feel overwhelmed and need to Escape. Overall, you can help him to stay grounded and on task, while Rodimus can help you come out of your shell a little bit. He might not admit it to anyone else but he does love watching cartoons with you.

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I want to make a studyblr and a studygram but I don't have much homework and not much notes to write. Also I've seen many accounts that do swatches as part of their studygram but I don't really have much money and I only get stationery on my birthday and Christmas. So I feel like I don't have anything to post what should I do?

it doesn’t matter what other people post. all that really matters is what you want to post. so by all means, go for it and do what you want to do. the items you have / the amount of money that you have does not define your studygram / studyblr nor what you want to make of it. if it makes you feel better, i rarely post swatches. i also don’t post original content on tumblr as much as i used to, but i’m still running my studyblr through reblogging + answering messages. don’t stress too much about it. you do you.


They told me to sent some picture registers of my content and followers, and all my accounts and urls to see what they could do about it, and that they were investigating the accusations. But told me to not have much hope, because when it’s reported and not a bug or unintentionally deleted it’s really hard to recover it. But I don’t know I’m still talking to them and waiting. 

did they say what you were reported for? it is absolutely ridiculous that they just deleted your blog without investigating or letting you know first, and that they possibly can’t recover it. there are wh1te supremacist and creepy po/rn blogs on here and they’re deleting harmless fandom blogs? does that mean we should all be worried about some troll reporting us and losing everything we worked hard on? 

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Ayyyy~ Gratz on the new blog! Can I request some head cannons on Fernand's quirks/flaws. Like we all know Alm is a goofball pun master. I want similar stuff with Fernand.

thank you, friend! and indeed you can – some grumpy Fernand quirks / flaws coming right up!:

  • ever since his family’s death, Fernand has trouble sleeping. it’s been years since the fire, but he can still see the flames once his eyes shut. thankfully, he’s gotten used to it. Fernand uses his time wisely, reviewing battle strategies, memorizing maps (and thus familiarizing the terrain), and even a little writing about the day. it helps him relax. he usually ends up passing out after all these habits, anyway.
  • carrying off the last quirk, Fernand does everything twice. he reviews everything to make sure it’s pristine, whether it’s polishing his armor or going after battle strategies. he’s very critical of his work, and thus, leaves very few mistakes (or blemishes) behind.
  • Fernand is desperate for attention. he’s so critical of his work because he wants to be recognized. this is not exactly out of pride, though; as the last living member of his family, we wants his family name to be remembered.
  • that said, he’s always negative. this can range from himself (like his performance or who he is in general) to flaws in strategies. he’s a negative Nancy yes, but it’s also to continue pushing himself and those around him to be better.
  • we know that Fernand is quite blunt. he’ll say what’s on his mind regardless of who he’s talking to. still… would you believe me if i said he’s also a really bad liar? Fernand can’t lie to save his life. if his s/o asked how their outfit looks, he would say it looks lovely through gritted teeth and a forced smile. it got so bad to the point he decided that being mercilessly honest was the best way to go. there’s no reason to beat around the bush, anyway.

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Hi! I'm really interested in getting into witchcraft and I'm agnostic. I don't believe that crystals/herbs/moon water/etc. are "magical" per se. (For example I don't think mint will give me good luck just because it's mint) With all these doubts, is it at all possible to be a witch? And if it is possible, how could I practice it? Could I use these things as symbols? Would that still be witchcraft? Thank you so much!

heck yeah it’s possible to be an agnostic witch! 

use them as symbols, sure! i like to think of my witchcraft practice as hands on psychology. i can try to instill good habits and good thoughts in myself using witchery

the cleansing witchbottle i have charging in my window may or may not cleanse my apartment as the sun shines through the window. However it does remind me when i look at it to tidy up my space and open up the windows to get some fresh air when it is not too hot. and it looks cool and witchy

The cacti i own and have drawn protective sigils on might not be a spiritual guardian of my apartment, but i still keep it in a handy place to throw at any physical intruders that might come in. and its a fun conversation starter!

the essentail oil blend i wear might not be as effective as my anti depressants, but when i smell it, i remember all the positive affirmations mantras i chanted when i mixed it up, and that helps me cope.  

Witches can make anything magical. i love witchcraft cause it gives normal things an extra layer to consider. 

check out @asksecularwitch and @upthewitchypunx uh… there are probably some other good resources, but i <3 those two. They’ve got some great guides for figuring out your own magical paradigm. 

how do you measure time? it’s a hard thing, i think. the other day leaving work mariam and i were standing in the hallway saying time is fake to each other and then the star history teacher walked past and made fun of us, charmingly, kindly, in the way he does, and we laughed, but we still yelled time is fake!! at him as the elevator doors closed. i’ve lived in california almost three years now. almost as many years as i was ever in college. there is no weather here, as i am always saying, forever and endlessly to anyone who will listen, there is no weather here, so i track the passing of the seasons with astrology instead. i tweeted it: if the atmosphere won’t give you what you want, look beyond it. it’s a new moon in cancer, that’s why i’m so maudlin today. new moon in cancer, two weeks into summer break. except i work through those now. i’m beginning to think that as you get older the intervals used to measure personal growth slip loose from the regimented schedule of birthdays and semesters and new leases until the whole calendar sags, loose and random, huge swathes of time pinned only at the moments that shatter you. you can’t keep perfect records of every season. maybe it’s just how scared i’ve been lately, how preoccupied, but i feel the past yawning behind me and i’m nervous at how much space i can’t account for. last night in a lyft home we drove past the safeway where i once agonized over whether two-dollar iced green teas were too extravagant and i thought, huh. when did that quit happening. i was wearing a dress i’ve owned since i was eighteen and a borrowed sweatshirt and, after a single enormous gin and tonic, felt simultaneously sunbleached and shivery, like i’d come from a long day at the beach instead of nine hours sitting behind a desk. i felt young –– and i want to write again there, felt young again, as though i could claim to have ever stopped. though, and i have been thinking about this: where’s the boundary? when will it stop making sense, thinking of myself as a young person? what changes will i have to make before that happens? will it, in fact, require no changes, but merely more of the same? does young disappear when you acclimate to the lack of surety, the lack of regularity, in when and how you’ll find the opportunity to transform? when the car crossed over the bay bridge i stared at where the dusk-tinted fog swallowed oakland’s skyline and it seemed as though we were heading straight off the edge of the earth. i guess that counts as weather. even after three years, i’m still not used to it.

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X-files S11 will be affected biggie as far as rating is concerned. Does Fox still have to continue this last season even this happened, you won't see the same DD and GA (just my feeling!).

I agree with you

I believe that it will be a different kind of promotion than we are used to and I also believe that it will affect the view rate and so forth. 
Unfortunately, I do not think there will be much DD and GA interaction, I hope I’m wrong, but I do not think so.
They will start filming that season unless something completely unexpected happens

Seriously, some of y'all maknae line stans are so annoying. This could be the chance for J-Hope, the best dancer of BTS (that was literally said by all of them) to go to Hit The Stage but no. The maknae line has already a lot of opportunities compared to the hyung line and you don’t even want to give the hyung line a chance to show what they can do.


The day they moved in was the best day. It felt like the start of something new. Something good. After everything that had gone so wrong with my life, they walked through that door and they brought possibility. When you look back at your life with a person, sometimes you wonder ‘would we be friends if we met now…or did the path that we went on together lead us to this place?’ Did every triumph or mistake along the way make us fall in love? I think that everything happens for a reason. Love. Life. Even death. I hold on to this place for a reason. And that reason is now.

BEING HUMAN (US) [January 17, 2011 – April 7, 2014]

A rare snake-related post by me-

I have had Vision, a dwarf BCI and my youngest snake, for roughly 9 months now. He will be a year old in July, so by snake standards he is still very much a baby. In the past 9 months, he’s gone from, for lack of better words, a bitey defensive asshole to a relatively passive and trusting creature who simply has Rules ™ on how, where, and when he can be touched. I used the same method to produce these results as I do with all of my reptiles, including my young snake of a notoriously aggressive and defensive species (Amazon Tree Boas) and have frequently been asked how I manage to get these animals that instinctively bite first and ask questions never to allow handling and pictures without drawing blood.

On my dog blog I’ve mentioned the concept of body autonomy a few times in relation to training dogs, and how it crosses over into husbandry in other species. In these posts I’ve detailed how I tame the larger birds at my job, how I teach my snakes not to bite me when I take them out, how I can successfully convince a thrashing dog to accept grooming without a fuss, how I teach cats to not turn into screaming demons for nail trims, and more. I also cover this in many of my dog training lectures at work as my students teach their dogs to allow grooming, nail trims, and medically related handling to prevent injuries and incidents when interacting with these animals. All of this relates back to body autonomy, and how we as humans have consistently ignored other species’ instinctive need to be autonomous.

I am no master animal trainer and do not play one on TV. I train pet dogs and service dogs and have begun to venture into competition, at one point I specialized in rehabbing aggressive and reactive dogs. I have trained various common pet animals in occasionally unconventional ways to do things that make life easier for the both of us, but I don’t claim to be anything special, because what I’m doing is not all that special. It is, however, uncommon for people to make these considerations with their pets and then they call in someone like me to fix a problem that didn’t need to start in the first place.

An example being: frequently on this website and others, the solution for convincing a biting snake not to bite you is to hold it still until it stops biting you. The snake will learn that biting you does not produce the desired result (you letting the snake go or putting it back in its cage) and thus will eventually stop biting you when you pick it up.

In the dog training world, we call this flooding and learned helplessness. It “works” because it produces what we wanted it to. The snake no longer bites when you pick it up. But it failed to address the root of the problem, and frequently if regular handling is not maintained the snake will return to biting you every time you touch it. The snake had learned that there was nothing it could do in order to make you stop doing what it didn’t like, and so had learned that it was helpless against the much larger human. The snake in this situation still doesn’t really want to be handled, it is merely tolerating it because it sees no other option.

While snakes have a much more primitive brain than dogs and thus a much more limited scope of emotions, aggression and violence are always expensive measures to use and thus are frequently considered last resort measures to make an unpleasant situation stop. They are costly in body resources- they take large amounts of energy, stress, and time to resolve, and wounds obtained from violence can become deadly with infection or severity. As a result, a bite should always indicate that whatever you are doing is so unpleasant to the animal you’re doing it to that they’re willing to risk their life in order to make you stop. The common pet snake knows it cannot win against an animal as large as a human. It is hoping you have not come to the same realization, and will not call its bluff.

This creates a problem. Like with dogs, backing off from a situation that is required after a bite will teach the snake that all they have to do to get you to leave them alone is to bite you. If I need to trim my dog’s nails, give him a bath, brush him, or have him examined by a vet, sure I could put him in a muzzle and force him to do it anyway, but it is counter-intuitive to teach him that all he has to do is bite me in order to get out of doing those things he may consider unpleasant. I need to be able to handle my snakes. This is not negotiable, just like the above things I do with my dogs are not negotiable. If I cannot handle them, I cannot check them for injury, disease, or distress. Backing off because my snake, or dog, has threatened to bite me is thus not a viable option. I must be able to complete the task, and the animal in question must let me.

Dogs, by comparison, are relatively easy to convince in this problem. I need to be able to do my dog’s nails. If I give him amazing treats on a good reward schedule, shower him with praise, listen to his body language to give him a chance to calm down and destress before pressing on, and remove my own negative emotions from the equation, he will learn to let me do his nails and even offer the position required for the task within a relatively short amount of time. He does not have to like having his nails done, but I can convince him to like he benefits he gets out of it. Cats and birds and small mammal pets like ferrets, rabbits, and rodents may be slower, but follow much the same way.

I can’t give a snake a treat. That’s not really how snake digestive systems work. I can’t give them a toy. I can’t give them praise. The subtleties of snake body language are much harder to read due to a lack of eyelids, ears, and limbs. Dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, all of these are social creatures that practice social bonding and feel an emotion similar to love (in the dog’s case, actually do feel love). Snakes are not social creatures and their brain is not capable of producing the chemicals involved in the emotion we call love. I cannot convince a snake to love me or to like being handled. That is not something their biology is able to do. Does that mean I have to rely on flooding and learned helplessness in order to get them to let me handle them?

I keep stressy species. While all reptiles are more than capable of stressing themselves to death, my current list of exotic pets includes a special needs ball python with a severe neurological condition, a brazilian rainbow boa specifically purchased from someone who breeds minimally stressy snakes because he got tired of the species’ reputation for being bitey assholes, and a dwarf bci locality (read: like a subspecies, but not different enough to get their own scientific name) known for being defensive bitey assholes. Previously, I had a special needs corn snake that was a defensive bitey asshole, an amazon tree boa that was remarkably handleable despite the species’ reputation for being aggressive and defensive bitey angry assholes, and a few foster ball pythons that came from neglect situations and had never been handled before leading to them being defensive bitey assholes. Stress is common in situations where aggression or violence is utilized, even if it is being utilized by the animal and not the human. If the stress from moving can kill my beloved ATB Hydra, why would I intentionally expose him to situations where he would feel required to use violence again and again until he learned that that was not a way out of the situation?

I did not flood my snakes. I hold them. They do not bite me. It has been a long time since any of them have even struck at me, and the majority of the bites and strikes I have received have been from when I was learning the snake in front of me or from me intentionally ignoring their body language and handling them a way I knew they didn’t like for whatever reason. Snakes do not bite without cause. Whether you, a human, can see that cause or not, snakes do not bite because they are vindictive or mean. As said, their brains are far too primitive to feel such complex emotions. Even wild snakes do not bite without provocation- whether you intentionally provoked them or not does not matter, simply whether they felt provoked enough to need to defend themselves possibly with their lives.

Vision came to me unsure of my intentions and of whether I could be considered safe. He certainly didn’t believe I should be picking him up. At two months old, the world is a scary place to a baby snake where nearly everything is bigger than you and nearly everything wants to kill or eat you. I do not blame him for doubting the warm giant cooing over him with grabby hands. To him, I’m sure I am some baffling mixture of hawk, bear, and wild canine. All of these things readily kill and eat snakes, all of these things may be persuaded to not kill and eat this particular snake if he bites them.

Instead of picking him up and allowing him to spend precious resources stressing himself to the point of repeatedly biting me- which hurts, by the way, so I don’t really want to be bitten any more than I need to be- I allowed him to show me things about him. I let him show me what he does when he’s nervous, when he doesn’t want to be bothered. I let him show me what he does when he’s curious and feels like investigating what’s in front of him. I let him show me how he does and does not like to be touched. Like many snakes, he seems to enjoy being scratched lightly under the chin. Like many snakes, he doesn’t seem to appreciate being tickled on the stomach. He prefers to create a “foot” about 2/3 down his body and use it as an anchored perch when exploring my hands. He does not want his tail to be touched. When he is nervous or unsure of potential danger, he will retract and coil himself into a loose ball. If pressed before he recovers, he will “expand” the “ball” quickly and vocalize. If he continues to be pressured, he will threaten to bite and will begin to try. If he is allowed to relax, he will recreate his “foot” and resume quietly investigating his surroundings.

Today, I took the lid off of his enclosure and lifted him out without a fuss. While this is not a first- we accomplished this task about 4 weeks in- only in the past few weeks has he not immediately retracted into his loose ball and required me to wait a few minutes for him to relax before touching him. Instead, he immediately made his “foot” and began to investigate, leaned against my finger as I scratched his chin, and maintained his confidence throughout the time I handled him. Sure, I could possibly get a similar result through the first method of flooding and teaching him that he is helpless against me, but I don’t need to. I can get a confident content snake that is not only tolerating my handling but also showing curiosity and intelligence without forcing him to accept my hands as things he has to deal with in his life.

The people espousing these methods always ask me how I managed to take such nice, interesting pictures of Hydra without bleeding- or joke about how much blood they think I lost inbetween shots- and are always surprised when I tell them that I don’t get bit because I understand a snake’s need for autonomy and allow the snake to tell me their “rules” for being touched and then follow those rules or understand if I break them I will get bit. As a result, I don’t break their rules unless I have to, and thus I don’t get bit unless I have to. This allows me to handle and investigate my snakes, look in their mouths, check their vents and between their scales, touch their heads, and rescue them from fluke accidents such as Quetzal’s injury with his decor without the snake taking their frustrations out on me. It also allows me to take some pretty pictures of them outside or on props without worrying how I will retrieve them without being bitten when I’m done. 

Alternate DEH song titles
  • Anybody Have a Map?: Parenting? Don't know her.
  • Waving Through a Window: Relatable
  • For Forever: Does Evan Is Bi
  • Sincerely Me: The Insanely Queer Jared Kleinman
  • Requiem: Why are my eyes sweating
  • If I Could Tell Her: I Am Also In Love With Laura Dreyfuss
  • Disappear: Sad boys with feelings...wait. Is that? Hope?
  • You Will Be Found: I'm crying. You're crying. Everyone is crying.
  • To Break In A Glove: I Still Don't Like Larry
  • Only Us: Awwwwwwww
  • Good For You: Evan Done Fucked Up
  • Words Fail: I Am Crying As Much As Ben Platt, If Not More
  • So Big/So Small: Parenting? I Know Her.
  • Finale: Recovery? I know her.