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I adore your JARVIS headcanon and have adopted it as my own! It'd be interesting, existing only in the Deep Web. Does he use insecure security cameras to view the world? How would you interact with it? Could you piggyback on a university's / manufacturer's internet signal to use their equipment? It'd be such an interesting space outside of dedicated and secure severs and hardware. I wonder what it would be like.

Also, just a thank you in general, I really adore your writing (and that you still write for JARVIS, which has become rarer after the movies). <3

I will NEVER STOP writing about JARVIS, he is hands down my favorite thing about the MCU and I refuse to let him just die out.

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Am I still FTM if I don't like being referred to as a "man"? I'm still pretty young, so whenever I refer to myself, I use "boy" or "guy", but the word "man" just makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. It confuses me, because I feel like identifying as a male means feeling like a man, but I can't stand the word. It makes me feel like less of a guy. Does that make sense?

Kai says:

honestly that’s fine - just be sure not to call yourself a boy once you’re way older than a boy is (ie if you’re like in your mid twenties and calling yourself a boy it’s kind of weird). I felt the same way and actually that helped me conclude that I am not a binary trans guy, I’m a nonbinary trans person, so idk. it’s totally valid though

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Could I please request what the Karasuno team acts like when sick? P.S. I love this blog, thank you for all you do! <3

omg thank you so much!! You’re so sweet!! I hope you like them. I know nothing about the other second years so I didn’t add them I hope you don’t mind!



· He hates being sick

· He will become miserable and surprisingly pouty and sulky

· He’s still obedient and doesn’t disobey his mother and stays in bed and lets her feed him soup and porridge (mostly because he’s terrified of her when she’s mad. Where do you think he gets it from?)

· He doesn’t get sick very often at all so that’s why it’s such a big deal for him when he does – he isn’t used to it and literally feels like he’s dying

· He doesn’t like to take medicine unless absolutely necessary, so even when he takes something standard and weak, he’ll be knocked out


· Denies it when he’s obviously ill

· Will sneak out past his parents with a scarf pulled over half of his face so they don’t see

· Still tries to go to school and gets scolded by everyone

· Doesn’t like having to be taken care of since he feels burdensome but still appreciates it a lot

· Likes to be covered in blankets with some of his favourite tea and a movie playing that he doesn’t have to focus on too much to enjoy


· Poor bab will 100% get the sniffles at least 2 times in winter

· He gets sick more often than others but it’s not really bad and he usually doesn’t have to stay in bed till it blows over

· His family are pros at curing all sorts of ailments because of this

· When he notices his throat getting tickly or his nose blocking up, he’ll go make himself some soothing tea and drop anything else to relax so he doesn’t aggravate his condition with stress

· He knows how to take care of himself and will probably most likely always have throat lollies and over the counter pain killers and cold medicine on him for emergencies

· Like Daichi, he doesn’t really like taking medication and prefers natural remedies like lots of tea, honey and lemon and will take those if they’re available


· What is sickness?

· This child will rarely get sick so when he’s feeling lethargic and has a pounding headache he gets really confused and miserable

· He becomes really quiet and sulks when he’s told he needs to lay down and rest

· He gets even more miserable when he’s told it’s because he’s been eating icy poles in winter and feels betrayed

· Probably has a fever dream of kissing Tanaka dressed as Kiyoko tbh


· Comes to school and denies being sick even though snot is dripping from his nose

· Asks Kiyoko to take care of him only to be attacked with cold compresses by Suga

· Has a dramatic scene with Noya about being separated due to illness as if he’s going off to war. “Take care of Kiyoko-san for me” *cough cough*

· Flirts with the nurse’s assistant in the sick bay with the snot still going

· Actually makes like, really good tea


· Lowkey sick all through winter

· He doesn’t sleep much so he’s already got a compromised immune system

· Like Asahi, he always has cough drops and pain-killers and cold medicine in his bag.

· Uses them all the time because they’re convenient and he doesn’t have time for self-care

· Gets yelled at by Tanaka who aggressively cares for him with tea infused with honey and lemon (it’s actually really good? Enno is impressed but lowkey worried he’s hallucinating)


· He becomes really quiet and lethargic as well, everyone is worried about him

· He doesn’t realise he’s sick and denies it when he finds out because he thinks he’s invincible

· Probably cries when he’s told he needs to rest and can’t play until he’s recovered

· Is pacified when someone wraps him in blankets and gives him tea and puts on old matches for him to watch

· Usually takes a full week to recover fully because it’s really hard for him to just lie down and not do anything


· Again, probably doesn’t even notice he’s ill until he like collapses or smth during practice

· Doesn’t get sick very often and when he does, it’s usually more due to working too much rather than the weather

· Is better at relaxing and lying down till he’s better than Hinata but he definitely doesn’t enjoy it.

· Is pouty because he’s mad he didn’t take care of himself and he’s always telling Hinata off for the same thing

· Aggressive self care


· A baby when he’s sick

· He’ll whine and pout and be cute so he gets what he wants

· Still lowkey feels bad for making his parents do things for him but he’s sick so it’s okay

· Has no problem staying in bed with his favourite movies until he recovers.

. He still hates being sick and feels miserable throughout the entire thing


· Being sick is inconvenient but he appreciates the break from everyone else he gets because of it

· Drinks lots of tea and walks around in pyjamas till he’s better

· Once he’s better he changes his sheets, showers thoroughly and sprays disinfectant spray in his room so it’s safe for Tadashi when he visits – because he will visit as soon as he’s able no matter what he’s told

· Gets care packages from a worried Tadashi. Secretly sort of likes being sick because Tadashi’s care packages are the best.

· The type to have it all but a good immune system – very susceptible to illness. He’ll be the one to get sick if it’s hot outside and he walks into a really cold air-conditioned room

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I'm way too far deep in your blog it's great!! So question, what can you tell us about your OC Adam??

this is adam?? hes garbage?

hes the Big Brother of my 4 androids hes the oldest

him and lexus are team angry blue eyes

  • hates humans. has good reasons for it, but is still an overly aggressive uncaring jerk. #cool story still murder
  • loves when you try to hurt his feelings bc he doesnt have any
  • (he actually does. if he could cry he would be crying a lot and often)
  • extremely protective of alice in particular. sometimes its ‘aw protective big brother’ and sometimes hes straight up manipulative and cold while trying to 'protect’ her
  • loves reptiles. LOVES reptiles. the bigger and nastier and more teeth the better
  • short tempered, arrogant, self confident (always, always thinks hes right), sarcastic, dangerously intelligent and eternally bitter about everything
  • fun fact he screwed up his hair. it used to be neat and evenly cut and he just, ripped it and tousled it and made it messy as a ‘fuck you’ to the scientists
  • let him serenade you with voltaire

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I'm the opposite of that anon, I really started hating Steve because of the fandom, mostly because his stans couldn't take his fall from Grace - circa 2012 fandom. They put captain America on a pedestal and forgot that there is flawed human behind the idea, so of course everything he does is holy and right and should not be questioned. I couldn't deal with cacw fics, so I left fandom for a while because it was poisoning me

Sometimes, the best thing to do is walk away.  If fandom is making  you dislike something you enjoyed, then definitely, a break is a good thing.  

Fictional characters have always been used to tell us things about morality and the human condition.  Not saying that superheroes are on par with the classics, but we can still use their stories to think about some of these issues.  I suspect those who love a character so much they can’t see their faults or refuse to acknowledge their flaws probably need that fictional character in a way that I don’t, so I try to be sympathetic, and use the tools I have to keep my fandom experience the kind I enjoy. 

A convo about zacks sexuality
  • Zack: So im pan you guys
  • Trini and Kim: *pause from their makING out to simultaneously say* DUH
  • Billy: the ability to be kitchenware is not one a human possesses yet but we are power rangers so who knows what could happen next i mean spiderman is a spider and man
  • Jason: i have something to say too
  • Zordon: *interrupting jason* what is this...pan??
  • Alpha: knew it, my headcanons were right
  • Trini: wow zack that takes a lot of courage to tell us. i guess you have boyfriend, girlfriend and partner problems *cornily
  • Zack: Thank you *blushes
  • Kim: *laughs at her girlfriend's terrible joke because she loves her
  • Jason: im gay too
  • Everyone *simultaneously: WE KNOW JASON!
  • Billy: so does he mean pansexual we still havent established that
  • Follow me for moar i take requests and do other stuff about power rangers

so i just got an anon saying that they weren’t happy with their weight and the way they look, so i thought i’d post this, it’s fairly old now, but i used to be extremely overweight and i used to do everything i could to keep my mind off it.

one day i had a breakdown and could not deal with it anymore, i had to leave a shop crying and get back into the car with my mum and explain what was happening and she and my dad gave me so much support to get me to a place that i wanted to be.

i’m still not done with how i want to look, but i’ve come such a long way and this stuff really does change when you set your mind to it.

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may I bug you and ask what Catherine Russell's comment was on "This Morning"?

She made a comment to the effect of “If they (Holby) will have me back.  “If” is not language that one generally uses when one is taking a ‘break’ or a ‘sabbatical’ be it of determinate or indeterminate length.  And again in the article she references being ‘unemployed’ after WTBS.  This doesn’t preclude that she won’t go back to BBC/Holby ever but her use of the word “if” instead of “when” in my mind is rather telling.

In my mind it makes the whole #keepthefaith thing seem even more of a lead on then ever before.  Honestly I opted out of the “Serena-Emotional-Torture-Porn-Arc” quite awhile ago and the writers can do whatever they damn well want with the story or where they do (or don’t in the case of Campwolfe) take the characters.  That’s their prerogative and it’s mine to choose not to watch.

But the constant banging on about how #berena is such incredible representation (agreed it’s representation of a sort but I think ‘incredible’ is rather stretching it) and to keep harping on about keep the faith that they’re together and strong when really in the end the audience will be left with an ambiguous sort of ‘maybe-they’re-together-while-Serena-is-of-to-the-psychic-showers’ I think is just, well, bloody mean pollyanna at best and downright irresponsible at worst.

But what do I know? I’m just a salty ex-viewer and this is simply my opinion and absolutely not the cold hard facts kids as I don’t have a magic hotline into Holby.

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i hate that this horrible discourse has made me anxious to post any ace/aro positivity (even though i'm aro/ace ugh) on my blog and even more anxious to post anything about how this discourse has affected me negatively (because tbh it's contributed to me feeling suicidal) or how i'm on the inclusionist side. thank you so much for what you do, you've helped making me feel better even if i'm still too anxious to reblog anything from you!!

Ahh, I’m glad I’m able to help in some way! I understand being too anxious to rb from us, so no worries.

I’m sorry that the discourse has hurt you so much. It really does more harm than good.

–Mod Mercy

What I hate about roleplaying.

I feel like there’s this thing… this thing called “OC phobia” in so many rp fandoms.

I personally find it ridiculous. Why couldn’t you get as much attention with your OC as you’d get with a celebrity/well known person? I mean… Alec’s blog here is my biggest rp blog out of all of them and I know it’s only because I’m using this one goofy Youtuber as his face claim. Then again… I’d still call him an OC because he really has nothing to do with Markipoo himself other than the face, but that’s not a problem because I’m using a face claim of someone well known.

Does the face claim REALLY matter THAT much??? Reeeaallly??

I feel like many OC roleplayers feel shy and insecure about approaching new people who’re roleplaying with a well known/celebrity of some sort; I sure do.

It just really annoys me, you know? There’s so many OC rp blogs that I follow and they are absolutely amazing and I wish they’d get the recognition they deserve.

Hope your happy with your self goodbye 😢

To all the thought who hate karamel I give up. I am sick and tired of it. You are the ones who are abusive and toxic. You make it miserable to like something and get belittled of it. Just like you say Mon-el does to Kara when you do it all most every time. You attack those who are fans. Supergirl is not some Disney movie it shows all the good and bad that happened in relationships so no. Karamel is not perfect. The writers are trying to show us we can change if we want to. I see that Mon-el love Kara so much the he is willing to change and be a better person. Like he said even if they weren’t together he would still want to be that person that Kara knows he can be. How is it so bad to want to be by someone good like Kara. He gets strength to be better by being near her. If someone was abusive they world not try as hard as Mon-el has to do good by Kara. It is hard to fight instinct by not taking the easy way out. You can’t run before you learn to walk. Mon-el is just taking those first baby steps, so yes he will stumble and fall at first but he didn’t give up. He gets back up and learns from his mistakes. Like we all do.




ok but hear me out. the amount of strength percy’s arms have is enormous considering the fact that he could hold both HIS and ANNABETH’S weight with ONE HAND.,….,,, what I mean with this is that percy is ripped as fuck

Newt Scamander isn’t completely a cinnamon roll

Okay yes, he’s adorable and kind and has endearing quirks and takes loving care of his creatures.  You won’t hear me denying that.  But…

I feel like people have been characterizing him a bit incorrectly.  Like, people see him as vulnerable and awkward and nervous, but, well…

1.  He’s badass.  He jumped into the fray and apparated along the rooftops to save Credence.  He’s every bit as brave as a Gryffindor, though he does it for different reasons.  He was the one who subdued Grindelwald (while still in pain from the Cruciatus curse) and used the Revelio charm.  And then, y’know, saved the whole wizarding world from exposure.  And when he saved Tina?  “I’ve got you?”  Of course we’re all swooning at that, and it’s not because he’s a cinnamon roll.

2.  We know he’s been hurt in the past and that he doesn’t quite understand humans, but he doesn’t really deliberately shy away from them either.  He’s perfectly content to start hanging out with Jacob, and has no problem making friends with him.  In fact, he’s the one to invite Jacob into his case.

3.  In most of the fics I’ve read, Newt is extremely shy and nervous about approaching Tina (or “y/n”).  But in canon?  He seemed pretty confident to me when he tucked her hair back.  He wasn’t stuttering like nearly every single fic shows him doing (not that there’d be anything wrong with it if he did, but he doesn’t).  Yes, he was a bit awkward, but he wasn’t really all that nervous.  

4.  Another thing about fics:  They always portray him as anxious.  But this is the guy who said “My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” I’m not sure if this precludes him from being a cinnamon roll, but I thought it was worth pointing out.

5.  He’s quite good at magic.  Consider the whole world he created in his suitcase using Undetectable Extension Charms and as well as many other spells, I’m sure.  Also, Apparition isn’t simple; it requires both concentration and clear visualization of the destination.  Newt Apparated along the rooftops in pursuit of the Obscurus, and then again several times in the Subway station to get away from it while battling Grindelwald and trying to calm Credence down.  I know Apparition isn’t as hard when the destination is very close by, but still, if that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.

6.  Do you remember that time he threw the Swooping Evil in Jacob’s face because it was funny??  Yeah.  Not so cinnamon-roll-y.  (Thanks to @misshufflpuff for reminding me of this!)

7.  He is sexy.  Oh my goodness.  Everyone talks about how cute and sweet he is but let’s be real, this man is also INCREDIBLY physically attractive.  Why don’t we talk about that more?  (If it’s because we don’t want to objectify Eddie, that’s an acceptable answer.  Still and all.)

8.  “I will protect him!”  Oh no, honey.  Newt Scamander will protect you.  (Unless you’re Tina and an Auror, in which case you’ll protect each other.)

So I just want to point out that Magnus’ red couch seems to be in his bedroom due to the curtains and window ledge:

except the original bedroom set seems to not have allowed room for a couch, suggesting they might have widened it after the picture was taken or something? but anyway, given these two items, i just want to say that there’s a possibility, however distant, of Alec and Magnus making out on that couch and then moving onto the bed and continuing there.

Shit No One Told Me About My Period

I knew the basics before I got it, but I had no clue…

* The blood wouldn’t necessarily be red. When I first got my period, I spent a few min looking at my underwear wondering how I shit myself. I didn’t know the blood could look brown, or be thick.

* That tampons weren’t a good idea yet. I was 10 or 11 when I got my first period and physically smaller than an adult woman. My first attempt at inserting a tampon was very painful and unsuccessful. I wouldn’t use them until I was around 14 or so.

* That when you use pads the blood can get on your bottom and I’d have to occasionally clean off the toilet seat after using it.

* That getting your first period DOES NOT mean you’re fully developed and fully able to bear children. I could have technically gotten pregnant at that age, but I was still a child and pregnancy would have put my life in danger because I was still physically immature.

* That it wouldn’t be regular for another few years.

* That very painful cramping is NOT NORMAL once you reach your 20s and is cause for concern.

* That the blood and tissue you pass can look chunky or stringy and not like blood from a cut.

* That stress can halt your period for months BUT

* That doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant

Feel free to add your own

dex has red hair

i have red hair too, which is pretty awesome. and also horrible, sometimes, because being ginger affects so much more than the just the pigment of your hair. so anyways here are some facts about dex and his hair bc i can relate:

  • he’s so pale
    • he’s so pale
    • even when he kind of manages to get a little darker after a sunburn fades, he’s still paler than everyone else’s normal skin tone
  • he does not tan. ever.
    • yeah sure, he may work on a lobster boat all summer, but buddy, i promise you, he’s not gonna come out of it looking nice and bronze
      • (why do people write fics where he comes back from the summer with a killer tan??? no bro, he probably just looks like a lobster. it sucks)
    • his skin just slowly gets pinker until he has a terrible sunburn, and then sometimes if he’s lucky it will turn out a little tanner when it fades
    • he probably uses at least spf 50, lbr here
      • actually, nah probably higher than that if we’re being honest
      • and he has to apply it like every hour
    • ugh and oh my god, he probably gets splotchy sunburns!!!
      • basically you think you’ve put sunscreen everywhere and spread it evenly but NOPE
      • random blotches of your skin will just be bright red while the rest is ridiculously pale and you look like you have some sort of disease-ridden rash
      • it has probably happened on his face and it’s the saddest thing
  • he has freckles for dayssssss (especially after the summer because they come back in full force during that season)
    • freckles everywhere
    • in the most random places
    • some are on his lips and on the back of his knees and his elbows and just very odd places
    • its a never ending cycle of freckles fading while new freckles form
    • he kind of gets a tan through his freckles??? 
      • bc he has so many and as they fade they kind of blotch together and make him look tan, but when you look really close you’re just like, oh, those are just tiny dots bunched together, not the actual pigmentation of your skin
    • he has. SO MANY. freckles on his shoulders
      • if you are of the male specimen, you probably go out shirtless in the summertime, and the sun hits you really hard on your shoulders, and thus, so. many. freckles. there.
      • (this is literally the most prominent place of freckles for redhead boys. please ask my brother and all of my cousins)
  • “does the carpet match the drapes?” ;)
    • why do people ask this
    • he gets this all the time, and it’s not just from people hitting on him
    • and it’s super awkward
    • especially when they don’t match. bc um. a lot of times they don’t. just so you know.
    • “haha, firecrotch, huh?”
      • will wouldn’t find this funny even if it were accurate
  • back to the sunburn thing, it’s nice in the winter when he doesn’t get fried!! JUST KIDDING BC BLUSHING IS A THING
    • yeah anytime he gets remotely embarrassed or flustered, his face is the color of a tomato okay
    • even if he’s not actually uncomfortable, it still happens
      • “dex, nice shirt, man.” ➝ red face
      • “dude, nice assist!”➝ red face
      • *accidentally bumps into someone* ➝ red face
    • anytime nursey says anything ever, his face is red. i promise you this. i know this to be true
    • or pink or orange, for that matter
    • (but i mean he goes to samwell so the red thing is kind of hard)
    • he unintentionally gravitates towards green and blue clothing bc his mom probably accidentally instilled in him that they compliment his hair as a child
      • this is so real. this is the realest, most relatable thing
    • going to samwell was probably super weird bc he had to start buying spirit wear and stuff and when he did, he realized he didn’t own any other red clothing
  • people always make irish jokes or assume he is irish, especially around st. patricks day
    • dex has no idea if he is irish
  • people always ask if another redhead they know is related to him
    • no
  • he has heard every “ginger” joke under the sun
    • no one has ever actually bullied him for it
    • but everyone makes the same jokes
    • will basically mouths the words as people say them bc he knows them so well at this point
    • he’s not actually bothered or offended, it’s just like… dude. he’s heard this before. you’re not being original
      • it’s very boring and a little irritating
    • but if he gets annoyed or doesn’t laugh people think he is a bad sport, so!!! he laughs them off even though he’s very disinterested and wants to tell them to maybe get some new material so they can actually say something remotely humorous next time
    • and he totally knows its not a big deal at all, bc some people have to deal with racist or homophobic jokes, and this doesn’t remotely compare. it’s just… very eye-roll inducing.
  • he gets horrible bruises for the stupidest shit, and sometimes just randomly and he’s not sure where they came from, bc ya gotta love that sensitive skin!!
  • oh and back to the ginger jokes thing, someone always makes a comment about that redhead temper!!
    • which is kind of unfortunate, bc dex kind of does have some temper issues
    • those jokes do not make him less angry either
      • (dex, seriously man. just chill for a sec)

wow this got really long and i could go on forever and ever but yeah basically this is the gist of it. also i’m aware some of this can apply to lots of people but anyways hooray for redheads!!

Context: Our group had come across a menacing group of Cultist and our group was able to land one sneak attack on the Leader before being noticed, though the damage had been very low. After Initiation rolls, the Leader got the first action and defused the situation and requested we talk out our conflict instead.

Our Group and DM talk for a few minutes before our DM points out our (new to DnD) usually chatty Ranger has been quiet this entire time.

DM (ooc): You okay?
Ranger (ooc): Combat stopped…Does the Cultist Leader still count as being harmed?
DM (ooc): Ya, why do you ask?
Ranger (ooc): Since combat was stopped, has Initiation been reset or is it still set?
DM (ooc): There’s no set rotation. You’re all just talking right now
Ranger: I quickly use Hunter’s Mark on the Leader and fire out an arrow at him
Bard (ooc): Wait
Wizard (ooc): Uhm
Fighter (ooc): I don’t think that’s a good idea
DM: Roll it
Ranger: *Nat20 crit and high enough to hit)* Okay, so…That with Crit was 15 damage, plus Humanoid Favoured Enemy which is plus 2. Colossus Slayer says it took damage, so that is *rolls another Nat20 crit) 8 plus…7, and the Hunters Mark of…5. So in total, I deal 37 damage
DM: Uhhh
Wizard: What the actual ****
DM: Um, ya, the Leader is dead. Like super dead. Like, I’m actually too caught off guard that I have nothing clever to say about how you killed him. He’s just so dead.
Ranger: Iunno, just thought I’d try that out
Fighter: Um, maybe we should focus on the rest of the Cultists and talk about this later
DM: No, don’t worry about the other Cultists, they all drop what they’re doing and you can hear them muttering about not wanting to be killed like their Leader. You can even hear some of them talking about how they never even liked that guy. Hell, some even just cautiously go over to the Ranger and just start asking you about what kind of magic you know and if you could teach them
Wizard: Hey! I want my own Cult!

What To do if you wake up with Scratches and Bruises.

Hello! So I’m really interested in the Paranormal, and I realized that some people don’t know what to do if a demon is near them. Although many witches do, here’s a post about it anyways;

First, Ask yourself these Questions:

1.Have you done anything Different?

-For example, have you moved to a new place? Did a spell go haywire? Did you buy something that feels negative? Did a Ouija board session go wrong (Even though I don’t believe that the boards open portals or are evil, I still believe that you can get demons, or if you don’t use it right something bad can happen.)? Did someone evil you knew in real life die ? Did you make enemies with a witch that does curses ? These can all lead up to a possible demon/negative entity.

2.When do  these occurrences happen?

-If you know the old folklore belief, then you know that 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. is called “The Witching Hour”. It goes that “ witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful. “ Do you often wake up at this time? Although it could just be a coincidence, it never hurts to have some old wives tales.

And if this is all happening during night, just be aware that sometimes we can give ourselves bruises in our sleep, if our body is restless or you’re prone to kicking, thrashing or falling off the bed. Animals and pets can also play a role in bruises, bumps and scratches.

3.Have you been getting Sleep Paralysis?

-Demons are often associated with sleep paralysis. Though, if you’re prone to it and get it often, even before you’ve started getting bruises/scratches, it might not mean anything.

4.What do the Bruises and Scratches look like?

-Demons are often associated with the number “3″, and sometimes “6″. Most people who deal with demons often get scratched with three claw marks. Demons and negative spirits are strong, and can and will do some serious damage. How big are the bruises? How many are there?

5.Do you smell Horrid Scents?

-Demons and negative spirits can give off bad scents, such as sulfur, rotten eggs or rotten/burned flesh. Although, they seem that they can give off bad scents as well. For example, in my Freshman year of public high school, I had smelled a horrible poop smell, after angering a witch I used to be friends with. She had always told me that she and her friend would send ghosts to each other. But, anyways.

6.Do you feel a Presence?

-Ghosts and demons will often make you feel a presence. It’s a little different for everyone, but it is normally a feeling of dread and fear.

7.Do you see Shadows or hear Sounds?

-If a demon or spirit is strong enough, it can manifest and show itself to you, or can talk or, if very strong, can move objects around.

What to Do if you answered ‘Yes’ to some of these Questions:

1.Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse some more

-Cleanse this thing. Cleanse yourself, cleanse everyone that lives in the home, cleanse the home itself, and cleanse the whole property, if you can.


-Banish the thing. Make sure to protect yourself and others, so to make sure it doesn’t possess anyone.

3.Set up wards, immediately after banishing.

-There’s many different kinds and types of wards, but make sure they’re charged and will work, once you set them in place. Wards will help keep the thing out.

4.Cleanse again.

-I personally like to cleanse a couple of times every time something like this would happen, To cleanse again right after is optional, though.

5.Line the windows and doors with Salt, Holy water or Rose water.

-Although I don’t know much about holy water and rose water, salt is a good form of protection. Simply line the doors and windows with salt. Or for extra protection, mix salt and garlic together and leave under the moonlight, then put on doors and windowsills (this was my very first thing I did as a witch)

6.Fill the space with Good Energy.

-Live plants, flowers, Himalayan salt lamps, or even herbal pouches and poppets made to bring good energy can work.

7.Continue to be Careful.

-These beings are far different from us. Be careful.

Note; Scratches, bruises and panic attacks can also be traced to health problems. Go to your doctor as well to make sure you’re in good health. Also, if you make yourself paranoid enough, you will put yourself on edge, which can make you see/hear things.

Stan and Soos things

Stan and Soos have definitely played catch at some point (Soos may have had to beg him a lot but Stan gave in)

Soos does eventually get legally adopted by Stan, but he doesn’t change his name to Stan Jr (he instead names his and Melody’s kid after Stan, obviously)

Soos asks Stan if he still rollerskates and Stan’s like “how did you know I used to rollerskate?” And Soos is just “oh haha I saw a memory of you rollerskating in short shorts, dude!” Stan is understandably confused

They both enjoy watching the Duchess Approves and Gossiping Housewives together.

“I can’t believe Kaitlyn said that to Brianna!” “I know, right?!”

Stan somehow finds out about Soos’ dad and they both bond over their shitty fathers

Little Soos wasn’t too great at fixing anything, but Stan never once scolded the kid, he’d just fix it himself once Soos left. Stan would even walk him through some of the basics, like how to (safely) use a power drill


Pinch Hitter submission for Merthur Gift Exchange 2016
Fanfiction Prompt: When an evening in the local tavern is starting to get boring, you still can play truth or dare with your king. As long as he knows the rules. Or as long he does not use the game for other plans he has in mind.
I’m not a writer so I tried my best to put the prompt into art :D