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All of You - Part 2 (Dad, This is Daryl) | (Part 1) | (Part 3) (Part 4)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: As requested, here is part 2. Post-Negan era smut piece. The reader (Negan’s Daughter) convinces Negan to allow Daryl to be her bodyguard while he is away in Alexandria for a few days. Smut and romance ensue. When Negan returns, he finds out that they are sleeping together and loses his shit.


You awoke the morning after your close encounter with Daryl, you awoke feeling wonderfully satisfied, yet hungry for more of him. You could taste his lips on yours and your hands roamed your body, in bed, wishing they were his. You felt them wander lower and lower down your stomach and grip your hips roughly, moving over to touch yourself, thinking of how fucking good he was to you last night.

There was a sudden pounding on your door and you grunted.

“What?!” You scream out, frustrated.

“Y/N. I gotta talk to you, wake the fuck up and open the door!” Negan yelled from behind the wooden door.

You grumpily threw the blankets off you and walked to the door, unlocking it and opening it harshly.

“What?? Can’t a girl get any fucking sleep around here?” You cried out, disgruntled.

“Shit, Y/N. It the fucking apocalypse, no one gets any fucking sleep.” He said playfully and sauntered into your room, making himself completely at home.

He wandered over to a small two person table you had set up in the big space, next to a big window that overlooked the gates of The Sanctuary, and beyond it sweet heavenly freedom. Your father sat down on one of the chairs and gestured for you to do the same. You plop back down onto your bed and stare at him from across the room, awaiting whatever the hell it was that was so damn important.

“I have to go to Alexandria for a few days…. Don’t know how long I will be gone. You gonna be okay here for a little while without me?” He asked with a hint of both concern and sarcasm.

I scoffed at him and smirked. “Yeah, I’m sure I can handle it, dad.”

“If any of those fuckers give you a hard time….” Negan says with a low voice and reaches for something tucked behind his back.

You see him pull out a small automatic handgun, pointing it sideways at you, nodding, and setting it on the table beside him.

Your father had been a big believer in self-protection for his little girl, even before the world went to shit. He took her to martial arts training as a child, self-defense classes, and eventually the shooting range. There was no doubt that Y/N could handle herself in combat if she had to. But Negan was also aware that here she was highly outnumbered and he wanted her to be safe.

Suddenly, Y/N got an idea, a way to use this concern to her advantage. She changed her demeanor and put a slightly worried look on her voice, nodding solemnly to her father.

“Actually Dad, I know how worried you get, me all alone with all those pigs who could easily overpower me.” You lean forward and put your face in your hands, rubbing the sides of your face.

You look up at him with curiosity, “Do you think, there would be anyway you could get me a bodyguard? Someone to make sure no one bothers me while you are gone? … I know I talk a tough game, but sometimes I do get a little nervous.”

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Nothing warmed my heart more than this scene.

Raven has given herself up to fulfill the prophecy of her birth, having left her friends behind because she doesn’t want them to be hurt unnecessarily

Then the Titans track her down and find her just moments away from her giving herself up, and Raven tells them that she wanted them to be happy and that she’s upset that they worried about her instead, and…

Robin just walks up to her and takes her hand and tells her, “That’s what friends do.”

And this little moment means so much to me because he didn’t have to hold her hand. He could’ve put his hands on her shoulders, heck he didn’t even have to touch her. It could’ve been a wide shot of the other four all smiling and agreeing with him.

But it’s this little extra step that just screams, “I care about you and I always will.” that makes me smile and cry because it’s so genuine. All throughout the first three seasons we see Robin and Raven showing care and concern for each other, and when season four came along everything felt real.

Robin puts himself in harms way time and time again in order to protect Raven, and this moment of them holding hands, and the moment of them hugging in the season four finale, felt so real and honest that I still get struck with the feels no matter how many times I see it.


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Title: Uh-Oh

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 566

Warnings: none!

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this little extra Cas fic that I wrote today! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

This was requested by @super-river-walker: I was wondering if you could write a Cas imagine where it’s Dean’s sister and he gets pissed that they are together and yeah, really basic.

It wasn’t easy being a Winchester.  It was even harder when you had Dean and Sam as older brothers.  Sam was more lenient than Dean, but he still had his moments.  You told Sam about your relationship with Castiel a few weeks ago.  He was okay with it as long as you were happy.  You asked him not to tell Dean.  You would tell him on your own accord.  Except, that’s not how things happened.

You pressed your lips to Castiel’s, smiling into the kiss.  Whoever this pizza man was, you’d have to thank him one day.  As the angel’s fingers got lost in your hair, your door was rudely swung open.  You broke the kiss, your eyes growing wide at the sight of a very pissed off Dean Winchester.

“Cas!”  Dean shouted, pulling you away from the angel.  “I told you that my sister was off limits.”  Dean kept his grip on your arm tight as he held you by his side.

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The first televised Larry moment…I cri

Little baby Hazza picked up Louis and was all “THIS IS MY DADDY. MINE.”

Since 2011 I’ve been a fan and I’m still going strong every single day. I wouldn’t be here without these boys. All 5! {Just couldn’t find a comparison thingie of Zayn}

~All my love, J xo

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A/N: Hey, guys! My first prompt from > this list < is with DiNozzo. I chose him because I’m still not confident in writing LaSalle but I’ve been writing snippets here and there, practising so it could be in the near future! Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: About Time

Requested by: @imagicana - “55, 43 and 46 with either Lasalle or Dinozzo”

Word Count: 898

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

43. "I think I’m in love.”
46. “Can I kiss you?”
55. “Are you hitting on me?”

The first round, of course, was on Gibbs, it was your fifth year with the team and everyone had decided to come out and have a couple of drinks, even the Duck Man had taken up on the offer of a ‘beverage or two’. You leaned over Gibbs arm and pecked his cheek, “Thanks, Boss.” You smiled, speaking just loud enough over the music in the bar so he would hear.

He gave you his trademark smile. Gibbs had really taken you under his wing these five years. Sure, you had made mistakes a couple of big ones and a few small but it was all a learning curve, you had become a fine special agent. The team had their ups and downs but ultimately you couldn’t ask for a better group of guys - and Abby, to be around. Tonight was celebrating five years of that.

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BRUISES (part eight)

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They could hear the raging battle outside all the way from the basement.

“Who do you think is winning?” Emily asked in answer to a distant scream.

“Malachai,” the girl responded, more hopefully than confidently.

She shifted in her chair, tugging at the ropes that bound her wrists with a small cry of pain.

“No point,” Emily frowned, her blue eyes scanning the girl.

“You have magic, why can’t you get out?” she grunted, heart thrumming in her ears.

“Joshua Parker put some hex on the ropes,” she said, “there’s no use.”

The girl’s look of concentration melted away as she slumped back, shaking her head when another noise sounded from the garden.

“You’re hurt,” Emily breathed,

“My wrist,” she strained through a ragged breath, “broken.”

“And your head,” Emily said with worry, “it’s bleeding.”

It looked like her fall to the ground earlier had done more damage than she knew.

“I’m okay,” she ignored the dizziness that made the ground spin beneath her feet.

“No you aren’t, that looks serious, you need help,” she said urgently.

“YEAH WELL I’M NOT GOING TO GET ANY, AM I?” she snapped loudly, the anger flaring forward unintentionally.

Emily withdrew a little in surprise, curls bouncing around her gentle face.

“I’m sorry,” the girl breathed, “I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay,” Emily soothed lightly.

The pain in her body consumed her, red hot fire devouring her from the inside out. Ruby red blood dripped down her forehead, sweat gathering, eyelids fluttering from the drowsiness. At last, she sighed, a single tear escaping her sad eyes and rolling across her cheeks, her voice quiet. A ringing filled her ears, and she could feel herself slipping already.

“I’m going to die, aren’t I?” she shook lightly, her voice wavering.

But Emily didn’t need to respond, for the empty silence was enough an answer.

“I’m sorry, this is all my fault,” Emily mumbled. “If I hadn’t been caught, we could’ve all been free.”

“Don’t say that, I fell for the fake letter,” she shook her head, seeing stars flash in her vision.

“He found out, kidnapped me before I could send you the last letter, and now you and Kai…” she shifted in the wooden chair, boots clacking on the ground with agitation. 

“Do something for me?” 


“When you see Kai, I want you to tell him,” her voice broke, a fresh wave of tears staining her flesh as she was unable to finish.

“I will,” she promised.

The girl nodded, sniffing lightly and trying to keep the room from blurring around her broken body. She blinked through the moisture in her eyes, landing on the blood filled vial Kai had given her what felt like so long ago. She leaned forward, and her chair shifted lightly with the movement of her body.

“What is it?” Emily asked.

“A gift he gave me.”

Kai had taken down each and every one of the witches, their bodies a mess on the blood stained grass. His eyes had assumed a coal blackish color, fingers drenched crimson. There was only one person he had to take care of now.

“What, scared?” he chuckled bitterly at his father.

Joshua aimed a silver slivered spell at Kai, who simply vanished and returned a foot beside the target.

“You wouldn’t kill your own son, now would you?”

“You doubt me,” he sent a flaming ball of fire at Kai, who extinguished it midair with a flick of his slender fingers.

“I don’t have to hurt you,” Kai’s voice wavered lightly, his empathy brimming for a second.

“Is that actual care I hear in your voice?!” his father laughed out loud.

“I-I’m just,” Kai paused, hand lowering. “I don’t need to do this.”

Joshua Parker paused, a strange look flashing across his worn features for the briefest of seconds.

“But that’s all you know how to do, Kai. The only thing you do well is harming everything you touch,” he sneered.

“You know I didn’t choose to be like that that,” Kai whispered sadly.

There was a moment of absolute stillness between the two, and then Kai went blasting backwards and crashing onto the grass. He groaned in pain and pulled himself up, feeling an instant rush to his head. The little sparkle in his bright eyes vanished, sad pink lips settling into a hard grimace. 

“Fine, you wanted this.”

His head cocked lightly, and a simple twitch of his wrist was all it took to snap the bones in Joshua Parker’s right leg. He cried out and went sinking to the ground in anguish, a scream emanating from his throat. Kai apparated beside his father, leaning down over him with a cruel smile.

“How does it feel?”

His father blinked up at him, shocking him when the look of pain dissolved into a smile, body shaking as he began to laugh a twisted laugh. 

Kai’s smile faltered, voice dropping in worry, “what?”

“You’ve just wasted time on me, when you should’ve been with her,” he rolled to his side, wincing but still letting out a chuckle.

“Tell me where she is then,” Kai said, his brows furrowing.

Joshua Parker pulled himself up, wiping a smear of blood from his mouth.

“She’s okay,” Kai mumbled frantically to himself, “she’s ok?!”

His father tilted his head, “I’m afraid not,” he said with mocking sadness.

“What did you do?” Kai said, slamming his father back, rage and fear settling on his face, “TELL ME!”

He screamed so loud it sent a force of energy blasting back and knocking his father into the faded white wall of the house, instantly sending him into unconsciousness. Joshua Parker did not stand again, his head slumping onto his shoulder. Kai screamed so loud that his throat went raw, that it could be heard from down below in the basement. At once, a sudden white flash in his mind sent him a still picture of where she was, almost as if someone was trying to telepathically send it to him. There was magic connected, someone unknown trying to tell him where to go, and so he followed. Kai’s eyes burned with tears, heart hammering as he bolted through the front door and went sliding around the frame. Nightfall had settled, the sky was an inky canvas blotted with stars, and the only noise was the heretic’s ragged breathing and hard footsteps on the stairs. He went bounding through the hallway, in which a single candle illuminated the musty walls and scattered cobwebs. He froze outside the basement door, breath caught in his throat as he bit at his cheeks and slammed the door open with his foot, eyes opening to see the exact thing he’d feared most.

A girl, presumably the witch who had failed to help them, was bound to a chair, her blue eyes solemn as they flickered up to Kai’s. The room was unlit aside from a swinging and blinking lightbulb that barely brought color to the dusty room. And there, on the concrete floor, surrounded by a halo of her own blood, she lay. Her hands were tied behind her back, but she’d fallen from the chair and crumpled into a fetal position on her side, and not a single movement came from her.

“No,” Kai shook his head, voice breaking as he stepped back, hitting the wall with his behind as he shook his head in denial. “No, oh god no, please,” his lips trembled, hands sliding through his brown locks, and tugging them as if to awake from the nightmare. Emily said nothing as she watched every piece of the boy’s heart shatter into thousands of fragments in that moment. 

Kai took a step forward, unable to walk properly as he dragged himself to her side and crumpled down beside her. It was terrifying to him to see her just as beautiful as she always was, but all he could do was wait for those eyes to blink open, that little laugh to tinkle in his ears. But it didn’t come.

“Wake up,” he begged softly, hands wrapping around her waist as he nudged her gently. “Please, wake up. I-I need y-you,” he sobbed, burrowing his head into her neck as he scooped her lifeless form into his arms.

“Kai-” Emily tried.

“Don’t,” his body shook as he tried to take in fresh gulps of air, but was unable to find oxygen.

“But-” Emily said.

“SHE’S GONE,” he screamed, tears spilling down his red face and over his lips. He looked down at the girl, gently brushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear as he always did. She felt cold as ice, her skin paler then snow, aside from the red stains on her face.

“Snow,” Kai said quietly to himself, remembering that day they’d kissed in the flurry of snowflakes, her cheeks pink from cold, the taste of her warm lips on his. “I never said it back, not the right way at lest,” he mumbled, snapping back to reality. He brought his lips to her forehead, crying into her, “you told me you loved me and I couldn’t believe it, I thought nobody could ever feel for me, and I didn’t believe you.” He sobbed with more force, now unable to breathe at all as his body convulsed, begging for air. “I love you,” he said.

He couldn’t move.

Couldn’t breathe.

Couldn’t think.

But he could hear the soft voice that rang out in his ears.

“She loves you too.”

(The Chris Evans Mini Series Spin-off - One Shots)

Imagine you and Chris helping your two best friends fall in-love.

A/N: Here’s a little bonus piece for all those who are shipping Seb and Ava. I am too, so this piece is 😍 It was so much fun to write, I am so glad I did it. But yes, after this I’ll be taking a short break to get Chapter 4 ready. I might get a few one shots in, but I am not making any promises as the series will be my main focus. Anyway, I love you all. #SebAva2k17, am I right? ❤️(You know I love you, @chrisevans-imagines) You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C/5D/Epilogue’)

Ava and Sebastian watched you and Chris at the dinner table, smiling at how sickly sweet the two of you were being. You and Chris were so lost in your own world, with the heart eyes and the whispering of sweet nothings into each other’s ears. It made sense; not only were the two of you soul mates, you were both still caught up in the post-engagement glow. It was probably little overwhelming for the single people around you, but the only two that were around at that moment were Ava and Sebastian. They were your best friends after all and they could only feel joy for the both of you, as well as bask in the romantic vibes you were radiating and use it to their advantage.

At least- that was Sebastian’s plan. After months of texting and calling and FaceTiming, he finally met Ava in person. He got to hug her, sit beside her, and talk to her without being miles away. There was no longer a device, or a screen- it was just him and her, and it was everything he’d imagined it’d be. He closed his eyes and could picture doing this- being with her and making it like you and Chris had. He knew that meant something, and so he decided he wasn’t going to leave LA without first taking Ava out on a proper date.

“Do you want some?” Chris asked you, scooping some of his tiramisu onto his spoon and holding it out in front of you. You smiled and ate off his spoon, then you both turned when you heard Ava and Sebastian groan. “What?” Chris asked with a unshakeable smile, taking your hand under the table. You met each other’s gaze, smiles reaching your eyes. “Can’t a man feed his fiancée?”

“She has the exact same dessert right in front of her!” Ava gestured to your plate of uneaten tiramisu, drawing laughter from everyone on the table. “God, I know you’re in-love, but can the two of you be less sickening? There are other people at the table, please remember that before you sweep your fiancée off her feet and take her right then and there.”

“Ha ha ha,” Chris laughed sarcastically.

“You’re only acting like that ‘cause there’s some truth behind it, Chris,” Sebastian egged it on and you threw your napkin across the table at him. He laughed and dodged it, “did you redo your blush, or is that all natural?” He teased you and you scoffed with a smile, pressing your hands against your red hot cheeks.

“Screw you, Seb,” you giggled, leaning into Chris as he wrapped an arm around you. You felt his lips press against your hair and you heard him snicker. “You’re just jealous you don’t have what we have.” Sebastian rolled his eyes at you then shared a cheeky smile with Ava. “You know what,” you began when you suddenly remembered that you were trying to get them together. “If the two of you find us so sickening, we’ll leave you alone.”

Ava’s breath caught in her throat and she widened her eyes at you and Chris, subtly shaking her head. “What, no.” She managed a shaky laugh as she pretended like she wasn’t on the verge of hyperventilating. “We’re just teasing, you don’t have to go anywhere.” She was not ready to be alone with Sebastian Stan in person, she needed you and Chris to buff the situation. “We’re just teasing. Right, Sebastian?”

“I wouldn’t mind finishing the rest of my dessert without having to deal with a sickly sweet couple,” Sebastian answered, subtly beckoning the two of you out with his eyes and his head. You and Chris nodded, biting back your smiles. “And from the look on their faces, they’re just using our mistreatment as an excuse to be alone.”

“Yes we are,” Chris nodded, taking your hand and pulling you to your feet as he got to his. “C'mon, sweetheart. Let’s grab a blanket and have cake under the stars.” He took his plate and you took yours, walking out to the backyard. You both glanced back at Ava and Sebastian as you did, each giving your respective best friend a smug smile. Chris earned a grateful smile from Sebastian, whereas Ava shot you a death stare. You giggled as you turned away. Chris swept a blanket off the back of his couch and you both disappeared out the sliding doors, leaving Ava and Sebastian alone for the first time, but hopefully, not the last.

“So how’ve you been?” Sebastian asked, turning full body to face Ava. She held her breath and nodded with a nervous smile, spooning more of her dessert into her mouth. He could sense her nerves and thought he could calm her with his touch, so he placed a hand over hers. “Ava-” He cut himself off and withdrew when he felt her tense up even more. “Sorry,” he winced with a soft chuckle. “I’m as nervous as you are, does that notion calm you a little?” He quizzed, biting his lower lip like he always did as he watched her with hopeful eyes.

“A little,” she nodded after a moment of hesitation. “Only because I feel like you’re just saying that to make me feel better.” He responded to that with a hand gesture that said “kind of, yeah.” She managed a smile, “I don’t know, this is all very surreal. There are days where I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my best friend is engaged to Chris Evans. I feel like I’m living in one of her stories, y'know? It’s weird, I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or if it’s actually happening.”

“It’s happening,” Sebastian confirmed with a nod. “And I’m glad it is, I’ve never seen Chris so happy before.” His gaze fell behind Ava’s shoulder, and Ava’s gaze followed. “Look at them,” he chuckled. “I feel like I’m watching a romantic comedy, it’s ridiculous how cute they are together.”

“Cue the montage music,” Ava agreed, smiling.

You and Chris were outside on the grass and on a blanket, laughing as you fed each other cake. Chris scoffed when you booped his nose with some of the cream, then pounced and tackled you under him. He nuzzled his creamy nose into your neck, making you shriek with laughter as you tried to push him off you. He stopped nuzzling, but remained on top of you as he dipped his head to kiss your lips. Your arms snaked around his neck and you smiled when he broke the kiss, lifting your head to kiss him again.

“I guess there is a perfect someone for everybody,” Sebastian said as his gaze returned to Ava.

Now Sebastian didn’t know if Ava was perfect for him yet, but it sure did feel that way. They had a lot in common; the same interests, principles, values, and personality traits. On paper, they were perfect for each other. In theory, they could last a lifetime. But love wasn’t something you could figure out scientifically, there were other things to consider like romance, chemistry, and passion. Sebastian and Ava definitely had that, they had a connection that couldn’t be ignored even over the phone. All that was well and good, but neither could really judge how well they would work together until a date happened. A date was always going to be the deciding factor to whether or not two people could work. Would sparks fly when their lips touched? Would his heart flutter when a smile broke out on her face? Would her laughter sound like music to his ears? Would he have her to stand by him through everything? Would he be able to wake up next to her for the rest of his life?

These were all questions that could only be asked when he started dating her, or should one say when he summed up the courage to ask her out. He’d been contemplating for a while now, afraid if he asked too soon he’d seem pushy, or cocky- like he expected her to say yes because she was a fan of his. But then again, if he wanted too long there was the chance of her getting swept off her feet by another man. That feeling was not a fun one to feel, even if it was only for thirteen hours. That was what Chris told him anyway, when he thought he lost you to Sam. He then asked Sebastian to turn to his heart and listen to what it had to say about Ava, and to trust his heart. Chris did with you, from the moment he approached you at the airport to the moment he decided to propose to you. It worked out well for Chris, so why wouldn’t it for him? After all, this was your best friend he was planning to date. There was a reason someone like you called her your best friend; there was a reason Chris was supporting your decision to get them together; and there was a reason Sebastian liked her from the first time he heard you talking about her.

Sebastian’s head cocked slightly as he watched Ava watch you and Chris. He refocused his gaze onto the two of you, smiling when he thought back to what Chris told him: “My mind was convinced I was making a mistake, but my heart? It told me that not taking the chance would be the biggest mistake and it was right. Look at where I am, look at who I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. She is my everything now, Seb, all because I trusted my heart. Do the same with Ava, take a chance.” Sebastian wasn’t going to do what Chris almost did, he wasn’t going to let his mind get in the way of a possible happily ever after. He was going to do what Chris, and his heart told him to do instead, and that was to take a chance.

“Hey, um- Ava?”

“Yeah?” Ava turned to him.

“How would you like to join me for dinner tomorrow night?”

“Like-” Ava swallowed her nerves. “Like-” she cleared her throat when she heard it quiver. “Do you mean like dinner here with Chris and Y/N?” She held her breath when she saw him smile, lowering his gaze and letting his long lashes flutter as he chuckled. “Or do you mean a- a…” She trailed off breathlessly, unable to speak as her dreams were finally coming true.

“A date,” Sebastian finished for her. “Would you like to go on a date with me, Ava?” He asked and felt his heart flutter when a smile broke out on her face. That was one question answered, one feeling checked off his list. “So…” He pressed when she didn’t say anything. “Is that a…” He trailed off, and her smiled widened as she finished for him.

“A yes.”

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8 & 76 with happy! Lol            

“You’re seriously like a man-child.” “Please put your penis away.”

Just the beginning

The TM was blasting with the loud music, everyone was drinking and having an overall good time. Croweaters walked around the place flaunting their shorts skirts and barely there tops, others were dancing around to the rhythm of the old rock n’roll tunes. I was seating right now in between my family, my brother Opie by my side and my best friend Happy on the other, we were talking to some guys from another chapter about stupid moments in between runs and dumb stories. We had been drinking for a while now and someone thought our old asses needed a bit of high school fun playing dumb games.

I was talking to Chibs when a very drunk Happy approached me immediately making grabby hands at me but I pushed him off playfully making him pout before leaving to bother someone else, we were seating at one of the sofas at the club house when Happy approached us again, moving his private parts in both of our faces in a “seductive” matter.

“Oh c’mon brother” said Chibs and I couldn’t help and start laughing.

“Please put your penis away” I said smiling at him and trying to push him off of us, making him pout once again. It was definitely a sight to see the Tacoma killer act so needy. Sadly for me it wasn’t long before he came looking for me once again like a lost puppy, so I said my goodbyes to the guys and took the annoying Son to his bedroom at the back of the house, he smiled at me like a child and I couldn’t help but giggle, I couldn’t imagine the scene of a relatively small woman like me carrying that man away to his room.

I helped him in bed, taking off his shoes and looking in the closet for a blanket to put on him. I took the blue flannel and tucked him in bed, his dark eyes never leaving my face making me slightly blush at the sight of the man known as the killer looking so innocent.

“Please stay with me until I fall asleep” he said before moving to the side. I took my shoes and leather jacket off before lying next to him, his head immediately finding a place in the crook of my neck.

“You’re seriously like a man-child.” I said softly making little patterns in his tattooed arms that were putting me as close as possible to him that moment.

“You still like me though” he said in a groggy voice, touching my hair with his fingertips.

“Yeah, I think nothing can change that” I said closing my eyes with the soft touches he was leaving in my hair and all over my face.

All I can say about that night is that even with the odor of the alcohol in the room and the loud music blasting just a few meters away that moment was the best moment of my life until that point and oh life had a lot of those times coming to me. It was just the beginning.

Title: Over A Drink or Two

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Requested by: Anon - “17 and 19 with Tony DiNozzo”

Word Count: 448
Pairing: Tony DiNozzo x Reader

17. “Are you okay?”
19. “I’m worried about you.”

You noticed things. It was all art of your job but it was part of you. You noticed things that not everybody would - it helped at a crime scene or brainstorming in the squad room but this time there was no crime scene it was Tony that had caught you eye. After his stint undercover to help take down ‘The Frog’ it wasn’t a secret to anyone on the team that it had hit him hard, however, his body language and lack of talking concerned you - normally you couldn’t shut the special agent up.

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Your body trembled at the thought of asking him to do it. Your wings were becoming an issue for Finn, no matter how much he tried to accept it. You wanted him to cut them off to curb him of his suspicions, but he absolutely refused to do so. Balor had also declined to partake in such a thing.

The libraries held many books on angels, demons, and the various wars and compromises between heaven and hell.

Ultimately, you were created to bring balance. Balor wanted a queen, a beautiful one, that had purity…just so he could crumble it. Corrupting a pure soul satisfied his most carnal needs.

You would be his holy grail. All the events that needed to take place happened, including your selfless sacrifice that had lead you into heaven. To corrupt you now would be one of the Demon Kings crowning achievements. He wanted to be the one to prove that even the purest angel could be defiled.

The way he would have to do it, the details made your face turn red. Balor and Finn had a thing for dominating in bed, but this seemed to take it on a whole new level.

But you had to ask for it.

When you had reached the throne room, your heart began racing, so rapidly that you could hear it in your ears.

As you approached the throne where he sat, looking sinfully beautiful and mighty, things seemed to go in slow motion.

“Balor.” You bowed your head slightly, still wanting to show your husband respect. A few corpses lay at his feet. Your nose crinkled at the smell and sight of them.

Balor took a slow swig from his goblet which you assumed had blood from one or all of his victims and sighed contented.

“(Y/N)..love you know I don’t want you in here. Not a pleasant place for a lady.” He stated. His heavy accent echoed through the hall. For a few moments you just stared at him, still in awe. It hit you suddenly…you were fucked. Years ago you would have fought against something like him and now here you were ready to ask him to basically go against the laws of something that at one point you believed to be a fantasy.

“(Y/N)..” Balor spoke up. “You need something? You look a little lost.” He gave you a bemused look before drinking again.

Your stomach was churning.

“I want you to do something for me..” you said. Balor’s interest peaked. You hardly ever asked him for anything.

‘This should be–’ he was in midthought when you finished.

“Corrupt me..”


Gratuitous hand holding because I love this little moment so very much ♥︎

The way Jaal takes Ryder’s hand is so gentle and deliberate and it says so much about them. After all the things they’ve been through Jaal knows that Ryder isn’t fragile, but still he takes hold of their hand like the most delicate and precious gift.

Because this moment isn’t just about Ryder giving him their hand (or their body later on). It’s about Ryder giving him their love and their trust and their heart and Jaal takes it with this gentleness bordering on reverence that shows how deeply he feels this moment and how much it means to him.

I got you

Word count: 998

You’ve been missing for a month so Kai tries to find you

‘Any signs of her?’ Kai walked into the house, everyone looking towards him. He sat down on the  couch and leaned back, crossing his arms.

'No. There’s nothing new. We know nothing, not even who took her. How the hell are we suppose to find her?’ Damon said, taking a sip of his bourbon. You’ve been missing for a month and no one knew where you were or who took you. There were just empty ideas and suggestions where you might be.

'I don’t know, but I do know that I’ll do everything to find her because she is somewhere out there and still alive.’ Kai stated and looked at Bonnie, who was looking at him in a very suspicious way.

'Damon, can I talk to you for a second?’ Bonnie said, pulling Damon to the side and far from where Kai was sitting.

'Can we really trust him? I mean, he might be holding her somewhere and just acts like he’s worried about her. Don’t you think it’s a little suspicious he’s so interested in her all of a sudden and so worried?’ Bonnie whispered and looked towards Kai, who was now staring at her and Damon. He was more angry than sad at that moment and Bonnie completely forgot Kai could hear them no matter where they were.

'Yeah, Bon, I can hear you perfectly and thank you so much for believing in me, it means so much.’ He said it sarcastically and rolled his eyes at Bonnie, not believing she was starting again with all those things about not trusting him, even though he showed her multiple times that he cares about you more than she could ever imagine.

'I’m just stating the facts, that’s all. I think I’m the only one here who still doesn’t completely believe you. A person doesn’t change just like that so excuse me if I would rather rely on people I trust and know than on you.’ Bonnie stated, turning her back to Kai. Kai let out a sigh and got up, rubbing his hands together. He thought about what he was going to say, Bonnie’s back still facing him.

'Ok, since you all still think I’m someone who can’t be trusted and you clearly know something but don’t want to tell me because you think I might screw you over, I will find her on my own.’ Kai said and walked out of the house, anger and sadness taking over him.  He screamed out and ran as fast as he could. He roamed through the streets and looked through every building there is, the abandoned ones, hoping he would find you somewhere. Even after a month, he didn’t want to give up. He couldn’t shake the fact you might be dead somewhere, his body giving up slowly from all the running and the stress accompanied by fear. He stopped right at the path that was leading straight to the woods, begging to find you there. Even though he doubted himself, he went into the woods anyway, searching through every corner, his body feeling you were close to him, but you were nowhere to be seen.
He stopped by an old oak and leaned down, placing his hands on his knees and tried to catch his breath. With every breath he took, he was closer to losing his patience. He got up and looked around, starting to panic, tears forming in his eyes. He was desperate to find you, wanting to hold you in his arms again, even if it meant going through the entire town over an over, searching through every corner there is. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a second, trying to calm down. After a few moments, he opened them and focused on one spot in the distance, but it wasn’t what he expected. He squinted his eyes for a moment trying to figure out what it was, but when he finally did his eyes went wide as he ran in that direction.

'Omg.’ He muttered and kneeled down, not believing he actually found you. You were wounded and covered in blood, your body cold like never before, the warmth Kai loved about you was gone, and your eyes that always shone were closed, your body fighting to keep going. Tear rolled down his cheek and fell on your still body as he took you in his arms and pressed you against his chest. He bit his wrist, allowing blood to come to the surface, bringing it to your mouth.

'C'mon, you can do it. Please, drink.’ He muttered, another tear rolling down his cheek when you weren’t moving. 'Please.’ He gave you a kiss on the top of your head, his wrist still pressed against your mouth, hoping you would wake up. He refused to let you go so he kept checking if you woke up and when you didn’t he bit his wrist again, fresh blood trickling down yor throat. When he least expect it, your lips started moving as you grabbed onto his arm, drinking his blood, letting it flow down your throat. His eyes went wide when he felt your grip on his arm, his face lighting up immediately, the feeling of happiness in his body indescribable.

'Kai’ you whispered, reaching out your hand to gently touch his cheek. 'You saved me.’ He smiled at you and kissed you deeply as he brought you up, his strong arms wrapping around your body, that was healed because of his blood.

'Always. Remember that.’ He cupped your face, looking deeply into your eyes. 'I’m not letting you out of my sight ever again.’ You smiled at him and hugged him again, locking your lips with his, knowing you wouldn’t be able to thank Kai enough for saving your life and that moment when you felt his arms around you again changed everything, you felt safe and happy, knowing he was there to stay and keep you with him forever.

It Hurts Like Hell
                                 - Part V

Kai Parker x Reader
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
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Y/N stared at her phone , unable to speak.
“What is it ?” Kai asked leaning in to see but Y/N turned off her phone and left it back on the nightstand. She could tell him in the morning.
“Nothing.” she said. “I’ll tell you tomorrow.. Right now I just want to be with you.” ***Not telling Kai straight away that Bonnie was back wasn’t the best idea but Y/N realised it too late. The next morning she woke up in Kai’s arms but instead of the usual good morning kiss and heart eyes he usually gave her , the Kai who was holding her was furious and anger was flashing in his eyes. Somehow he always knew when she was awake and there was no point in hiding it. Y/N reached to kiss him but he turned away.
“You know.” she said simply. “I was going to tell you this morning … I’m sorry.”
Kai’s silence was deafening and seemed to stretch on forever.
“Why?” he finally said.
“Because I am selfish.” she said grimly. “And I just wanted to be with you after spending nearly the entire day not knowing where you were or what had happened to you.”  She couldn’t even meet his eyes , whatever happened next was going to be her fault.  A few moments passed in complete silence , then Kai lifted her chin up to make her look at him.
“I’m not mad.” he said. “Well , I am but I also understand why you did that … it doesn’t make it OK and we will talk about this later , but now I have to leave.”
Y/N was more confused than ever. This was bad very very bad but at least he had waited for her to wake up before he leaves , unlike the day before.
“What ? Why ? Were are you going ?” Y/N asked curious , getting up right after Kai.
“I’m going to see Damon. Apparently Bon-Bon stumbled another Prison World…” he said while putting on his shirt. “I’ll be back soon.” Y/N took a few steps towards him and wrapped her hands around him quickly before he has had time to push her away.
“I really am sorry for not telling you earlier.” she mumbled. At first Kai didn’t hug her back and just stood there , then sighed and wrapped his arms around her , burring his face in the crook of her neck. Y/N didn’t want to let go of him but in the end there was no choice , she had to. She walked him to the door and watched him leave , just as she was about to shut the door Kai rushed back and pulled her into a kiss sweeping her off her feet.
“I love you.” he said , turning around and rushing down the stairs before Y/N has had a chance to say a thing.

                             *   *   *  

Classes that day felt like Hell.  Y/N couldn’t concentrate on the lecture and just kept glancing at the clock on her phone waiting for the day to be over. When finally that happened she just couldn’t wait to get home and completely decided to skip over the rave on campus. Last thing she needed was encountering Caroline who had shut her humanity off after her mother’s death.
Kai came home late that night , looking completely crushed. He had seen Bonnie and tried to apologise to her for everything he had done to her in 1994 , but things hadn’t gone well.  Bonnie had refused his apology.  He didn’t even seem to be mad at Y/N anymore.
Later that night she woke up only to find Kai starring at the ceiling with and empty expression , his eyes a little watery. He didn’t notice she had woken up , for a moment she wondered if she should let him know or not.  Kai turned towards her and without saying a word , just pulled her closer to him.
“You can talk to me about it , you know.” she said in a hushed voice. “Sometimes talking helps.”
Kai caressed her cheek and gave her a small smile.
“I can’t stop thinking about Bonnie…” he said.Y/N felt a little crack in her heart as Kai said those words.  She knew there was nothing there , but it still hurt her a bit. “All the things I did to her back in 1994… How I lied to her and left her all alone…” he trailed off.
Y/N snuggled closer to him.
“I want to try apologising to her again. I need her forgiveness…” he said , sadness in his voice. Kai fell silent for a long moment.  "Do you think she’ll ever forgive me?“ he asked.
Y/N thought about it. Bonnie was a forgiving person , but this time Y/N had no idea what her friend would do. There was a high possibility that Bonnie wouldn’t forgive him after all the things he had done to her.
“I don’t know …” she said finally. The next morning she found him in the living room buried in a bunch of old looking books.
“Morning.” Y/N said , resting against the door frame still in her pj’s which were one of Kai’s t-shirts.
“Hi.” he said smiling. It felt so nice to see him smile again. “Sorry , I’m a little busy babe , be with you in a jiffy.”
Y/N smiled and walked towards him to sit on the couch. She waited patiently until he was finished before talking to him. The books he was looking through looked somewhat familiar - latin writing , pentagrams and symbols drawn on the pages. Suddenly it hit her - those were grimoars. She brought up her knees wrapping her hands around them gazing at Kai. He looked nothing like the broken person he had been the night before. A moment later Kai turned towards her noticing how she had positioned herself on the couch.
“That’s very distracting.” he said smiling and leaned in to kiss her , putting his hand on her clasped hands, slowly trailing down her knee and sliding under her shirt his fingertips trailing on her tigh.  
“Oh … Kai…” she said , pushing him back on the couch climbing on top of him. His hands on her hips.
“Can’t help it.” he said pulling her closer to him. “You look so sexy wearing my shirt.” he whispered. Y/N felt her cheeks blush.
“So , what is all this about ?” she asked curious.
Kai sighed and pushed her off him , a serious look on his face.
“It’s about that other Prison World. You friend Caroline forced Stephan to shut off his humanity and Damon wants to get his mother out of 1903 so she can get his brother to flip it back.” he said , flipping another page. “Just have to find the right spell and the Ascendant… ”*    *   *
“You don’t have to do any of this , Kai.” Y/N said as he was about to leave for the Salvatore house. Kai and Damon had come to an agreement of sorts - Kai will do the spell to send them to 1903 as long as Bonnie goes along so he can prove to her he has changed. “I don’t want you to do this.” she said finally.
All day Y/N has had a pit in her stomach and a bad feeling about this whole thing. She knew her friends and their sudden behaviour change towards Kai seemed more suspicious to her than anything.
“I want to.” he said placing his hands on her waist pulling her closer to him. “I’ll be back in no time. Stefan will get his humanity which will lead to Caroline getting back hers and … maybe then Bon-Bon will that I have changed and forgive me for all the things I did to her.” he sounded so optimistic for a moment Y/N forgot about that bad feeling she had. Kai really wanted to make things right, she just hoped her friends had pure intentions towards him.
Y/N put her hands on Kai’s chest , feeling his heartbeat.
“Come back to me …” she whispered as Kai lifted her chin to make her look at him. Kai smiled , the most beautiful smile in the world capable of turning even the grayest day around. He pressed his lips against hers , burying his head in the crook of her neck.
“I will. Its a promise.” he said softly. “I love you.”
“I love you too , Kai.”
Y/N didn’t want to let go of him , she just wanted to for them to stay frozen in time - together.  Kai let go of her hand and she watched him go through the door , a part of her heart shattering. Something didn’t feel right.     
                                                     *   *   *

Y/N waited and waited for Kai to come back that night. She called him a few times but it said “no signal” . Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and headed for the Salvatore’s , anger building up inside her with every passing moment. She pulled over and got out of the car trying to calm down - anger wouldn’t accomplish much.“Bonnie Bennett…” Y/N said walking into the Salvatore house. “Care to explain what you have done with my boyfriend?” she could barely contain her anger. 

Ever since Kai didn’t come home and Y/N had tried to call him over a dozen times without any luck … she knew something had happened. Specially considering Bonnie was standing before her , along with Damon who was pouring himself a drink.
Bonnie glanced at Damon who just raised his glass and drank it all at once.
“Where. Is. He.” Y/N nearly hissed at Bonnie.
“He is gone Y/N. You are not going to see him ever again.” Bonnie said calmly.
Y/N scoffed and rolled her eyes. Unbelievable. All Kai had wanted was to help them and earn Bonnie’s forgiveness and what did he get in the end ? He got stabbed in the back.
Y/N gave Bonnie a slap on the cheek so hard the sound echoed for half a minute in the house.
“I can’t believe you Bonnie , you too Damon. How could you do this to him? To me ?” she yelled at them. “All he wanted was your forgiveness and you had to stab him in the back because you couldn’t get it through your skull that he had  changed!”
“Kai hurt people , Y/N. He hurt me and even you ! People like him never change.” said Bonnie with the same calm voice not even phased by the slap she had just received.
Y/N shook her head. “You are such a hypocrite , both of you ! Judging him as if you’ve never done a bad thing in your life. Unbelievable. Damon gets what he wants no matter who gets hurt in the process , isn’t it ?”
“It’s for your own good too , Y/N.” said Damon. “Bonnie is right -”
“Shut up , Damon! I don’t want to hear another word from any of you.” she snapped back at him.
“Need I remind you he kidnapped you , stabbed you and left you for dead and if it wasn’t because of the merge you would be dead right now.” Damon said. “Then that time at the bar when he nearly killed that guy for looking at you the wrong way. Or maybe when I had to pull him off of you because he had his hands wrapped around your neck ready to kill you.”  
Y/N scoffed. Kai had a temper , yes , but the time Damon had pulled him off of her was an accident. Kai had felt so bad about it later , he was willing to do anything to make her forgive him and she had. Their relationship had had a rough beginning but Kai had proven over and over to her that he had changed … and whatever else he did - he wouldn’t hurt her. Not intentionally. Never.
“You are both absolutely delusional ! Kai is different around me , he would never hurt me , he might be new at feelings but I know he cares about me and loves me in his own way. And I love him just the way he is.” she said , trying to fight tears back. “Either bring him back or give me the Ascendant for 1903 and I will find someone to bring him back.” Y/N said starring at both of them , her hands crossed on her chest.

“They can’t.” said a female voice behind her.
Y/N turned around to find a middle aged woman with red hair dressed in clothes from the previous century.
“Who are you ?” Y/N asked confused.
“I am Lilly Salvatore. Damon and Stefan’s mother.” she said calmly.
Oh so that’s her. Great. Another problem to deal with. she thought. Kai had told her about the reason the 1903 prison world was created. Lilly and her friends - vampire witch heretics , had left so many dead bodies the Gemini coven had felt obligated to put a stop to all the bloodshed and had sent them away.
“Look , Lilly was it ? I need that Ascendant. Your son and his little sidekick ditched my boyfriend there and I want him back.” Y/N said slightly annoyed.
Lilly smiled at her. A genuine smile which caught Y/N a little of guard. She had half expected Lilly to jump at her and threaten her or something.
“That won’t be a problem. My friends are still there and Damon promised me we’ll to go back to get them. We can get your boyfriend back when that happens.” Lilly said with a smile.
Y/N turned towards Damon , eyebrows raised and a sarcastic smile on her face.
“Oh did he now… ” she said. Unbelievable , Damon was willing to cross his own mother just to get rid of Kai.  Y/N turned towards Lilly. “Good luck. Your son is a backstabbing l-”
She didn’t get to finish the sentence because Damon rushed over to her , putting his hand on her mouth.
“Excuse her , mother. She is upset about her boyfriend - the murderous psycho we left back in 1903.” Damon said.  Y/N tried to move his hand from her mouth but couldn’t. Finally she stepped on his foot with such a force he backed away a few steps , groaning in pain. She shot Damon a glare , wishing she could strangle him and turned towards Lilly.
“My name is Y/N.” she said picking a piece of paper from the desk near by. “Here is my phone number. Call me when your son decides to get your friends out of 1903.” she said and left the house closing the front door with a bang so loud it knocked over a painting near the door.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017 


imagine in order to protect you, Chib’s sleeps with a crow eater. You leave not knowing your pregnant. Now you have returned to Charming to come clean about your son
(Gift not mine)
(Y/H/C = Your main color)

I sat in the parking lot of Teller Morrow Automotive, looking for his bike out of habit. It sat in his designated spot. Second to the left, right beside Jax’s. It had been almost a year since I had left the place I had once called home after finding my old man Chib’s under some random crow eater. Alec let out a startled cry from his car seat as the sound of more bikes pulling into the lot filled our ears. “Shhh it’s okay darling, you’ll soon learn to love that noise” I cooed. He was getting hungry, I knew I would have to feed him soon. Hopefully Filip wouldn’t mind me using his apartment. My breast tingled at the thought of that amazing release. Not yet girls we have a confession to make first I thought to myself. Checking what little makeup I had applied in my rear view, I got out and grabbed Alec. “Come on love time to meet your daddy”.

The clubhouse hadn’t changed at all in the year of my absence. Chuck was still behind the bar, and the chapel door was closed. A cigar box full of cell phones on the pool table. Guess the guys were in church. My anxiety had rose from a three to a eight the moment I walked through the door. I had no problem raising Alec on my own, but Filip did have the right to know he was a father again. “Y/N”? The familiar voice came from behind me. Gemma Teller was standing in the doorway, manilla envelopes resting on her hands. “Hey Gem” I answered back. My hand automatically tightening it’s hold on Alec’s car seat. I felt Gemma’s eyes move from my face to the car seat. “Guess you came here to come clean” She asked laying the papers on the bar. I silently nodded as she walked over and engulfed me in a hug. “He was all to shit when you left baby. But you know that stubborn old goat. Once he sets his mind to something he follows through, and his mind was on protecting you.” “I know Gem. I found out about Alec when I was two months along. By then I was off the grid and I’m sure Chib’s was under someone else”.

Gemma looked down at my son then back toward the chapel door. Alec took this opportunity to let out a cry. I watched as Gemma leaned down to pick the car seat up and place it on the bar. Alec, intrigued by the new face was quiet again. “He has Chib’s eyes, and smile that’s for sure.” she laughed as Alec began to move his little mouth in a sucking motion. “he on a bottle or the boob” she asked unclipping his buckle. “Boob” I replied as she took him out of the seat. “Go on and go into Chib’s apartment and feed the little guy. I’ll send him your way when church is over”. She carefully handed Alec to me and grabbed a towel out from under the bar. “Here, in case you need to clean up a little.” Gemma gave me a quick smile before hugging me again. “I don’t know how long your home for, but I’m glad your back baby”. I laughed into her shoulder. “That all depends on how Mr. Telford reacts”. I called over my shoulder as I headed toward his room.


Jax slammed the gavel down, signaling the end of our meeting. I needed a drink and a strong one at that. Walking towards the bar I noticed a car seat sitting at the other end. “Where’s Tara and the wee one”? I asked Chuck as he slid a shot toward me. Thomas had been a bright light in my dark life the past year. Just holding the little lad was a sort of therapy. “Tara’s not here. Some (Y/H/C) headed lady came in and talked to Gemma, told her to go to your apartment”. My heart sank a little bit at the mention of a (Y/H/C) head. The only one I wanted back in my life was God knows where. Taking my shot I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Gemma standing beside me. She pulled me into a quick hug and whispered in my ear. “if you hurt her again you’ll wish you had never met me”. Before I knew what I was doing I was running down the hallway toward my room. When I opened the door I swear my heart stopped. Sitting cross legged on my bed with a baby to her bosom was the love of my life. Y/N glanced up from the baby and met my eyes. “You going to let the whole club see or close the door”? She asked bringing me out of my shock. I stepped into the room and quickly closed the door.

Not knowing what to say I pulled a chair up in front of my bed and straddled it. In the year since she had been gone, Y/N’s hair had grown about six inches, her boobs had gotten bigger for obvious reasons, but her (Y/C) eyes were still as beautiful as always. The little lad at her chest was trying to fall asleep. He lost his grip on his mother and was slowly blinking up at her as she sat him up and placed his head on her shoulder, patting his back until he burped contently. “Will you hand me the diaper bag Filip”? she asked as she nodded toward the desk by the door. I hadn’t even seen the bag when I entered. Getting to my feet I quickly abided and she dug out a wet wipe and wiped the wee lads lips free of milk. “Is he mine” I asked, my words barely above a whisper. She laid him between two pillows at the head of the bed before turning toward me.

“Biologically, yes he is yours Filip, if you claim him as yours is a whole other story.” (Y/N) sat back down at the foot of the bed. My fingers ached to touch the skin that was showing underneath the holes in her jeans. “You know, I never thought I would be able to step foot back into the clubhouse, matterless, into this room.” I watched her as she looked around. I hadn’t moved anything since the day she left. “I don’t even think you’ve cleaned anything in here since I left.” Her eyes finally landed on me again. “Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant before you left”? I asked, trying to hide the anger in my voice. “I missed your entire pregnancy, hell knowing you, you were alone when you delivered him!” I exclaimed. My voice being louder than I intended. A small noise came up from my pillows accompanied by the sound of movement, before finally settling down again.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant when I left and I didn’t find out until I was already a month and a half along. By that time I was away from Charming, and you were probably fucking every crow eater in this place so don’t try to guilt trip me Filip!” her words stung. Yes I had fucked some crow eater when I knew she would be stopping by, it was the only way I could make her leave. but I hadn’t been with anyone since. “If you must know” her words caught my attention again. “Yes I was alone when I delivered him. I was in labor for seventeen hours, and in case you didn’t notice he has a big head just like you which let me tell you we not a joy to push out”. I tried to speak but she continued talking over me, like she always did when she was pissed off. “He was born on our anniversary, which is October 13th in case you’ve forgotten. He weighed eight pounds and three ounces, and his eyes are brown just like yours.” tears were starting to form in her eyes, and I felt my heart break all over again at the thought of her having to go through this alone. “He has a birthmark on his right wrist that looks like a star, and I swear to God Filip Telford, if you ever hurt that boy I will kill you a thousand times over do you understand!” I quickly drew her into my arms, not being able to hold back any longer. Her tears were falling freely now and mine were as well.

“Yes I claim him as mine, and I want him in my life love, I want you back in my life. I did what I had to do at the time in order to protect ya, can’t you see that? After what the Irish did to Fiona did you really think I would let them do anything to you? I had to push you away love.” The words were out of my mouth in a gibberish rush. Before I knew what was happening my lips were on hers.

Your POV

His kiss sent a jolt of electricity through my body. I had longed for the feel of his lips on me again for longer than I wanted too. I could feel the heat coming off of his body as he pulled me closer to him. His hands found my hips and he dug his nails in. He knew that drove me crazy. A moan escaped my lips as I ran my fingers through his hair. Chibs hands had just made their way to my ass when Alec began to cry. Chib’s quickly pulled away from me and walked over to his son, taking Alec into his arms for the first time. “What’s all this fussin’ about then lad”? Chib asked his son as he cradled Alec to his chest. “He probably needs to be changed” I commented trying to take action from Chib’s arms. “He smiled and shook his head. “I can handle it lass, this isn’t my first rodeo ya’ know”? I handed over the diaper bag as Chib’s laid Alec down on the bed and changed his diaper. Once our son was clean again, filip, cuddled him to his chest as if he had been doing it Alex’s whole life. The sight of him holding his son made my heart sore. I had imagined this moment so many times and never had to details been this good.

“Look lass, I know our relationship isn’t perfect, and it may never be. But I wan’ to be there for you and the barin. I will’ support you and the wee one in any way I can. Just as long as you let me. Then maybe, after we adjust to being parents together, we can start workin’ on bein’ a family” His voice filled my ears and I felt the faintest trace of hope for our future. “I would be delighted with that Filip”. Chibs leaned in close to me and placed a quick kiss on my lips. “Come on mum’, let’s go introduce the newest member of SAMCRO to the rest of the fella’s”.

Jax Teller Imagine.

House of the Rising Sun. Part I

There’s a thing about loving an outlaw, you are always charged with emotions. There’s no breaks, no peace, no calm. It’s all destruction, heartbreak, pieces scattered everywhere, pain and tears but there’s also love, protection, trust, companionship. It’s a big big family that comes with a price.

At first managing your work and private life with a relationship with the club’s VP wasn’t a problem, at the end of the day you only saw each other a couple times a week and barely anyone knew about what was going on, but retaliations, drug and guns traffic even fucking crow eaters happened and I was officially in for the long run.

“Sorry, baby” was my old man’s favorite phrase, I’m not going to lie it accompanied with blue deep eyes did wonder in a woman’s heart. He had me hooked like a drug addict, I couldn’t let him go even when days passed without seeing him, even when he came home all I saw was a troubled man with guilt in his eyes and blood in his hands. I loved him, hell I still do but I can’t forget what happened.

“Mornin’ sleeping beauty” said Jax, his beard tickling my neck. I looked at him while the sun hit his beautiful features, his blue eyes shining only got me, purplish tones covering his cheek from last night’s fight yet he was still the most beautiful man in the world. “The club needs me today, babe. I’ll be home as soon as I’m done.”  I just growled against his soft touch and kissed him. “I love you”

“Love you too” I said while holding him a little longer. No longer after that he left me underneath the covers of a bed who would only get colder after that moment.

A lot of business if not all of them in Charming don’t like Harley’s with outlaws coming every day to their front door, they scared the clients or gave a bad reputation according to every boss you had in the last 2 years I’ve been with Jackson, yet a small business gave me the chance to work for them from the commodity of my own home. A lot of writing, documents and even appointments had to be done today yet I got a call from the office to get there as soon as possible. I didn’t hesitate for a minute to get there fast enough, what I wasn’t expecting was to find an empty office and my boss with a gun against his head. He had long tears running from his cheeks while he asked for forgiveness and an opportunity to live.

“Hello, darling. We haven’t met yet but I’m sure you know who I am” A tall man with a swastika in his arm looked at me deadly in the eye. “I’m sure you know how this is going and I kindly ask you to come here before I blow both your brains out”

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Just one more thing that I love about these guys:

Even after all this time, and who knows how many creature adventures, they still have these little moments where they just look at each other and go, “Can you believe this??!”

I love that they have never lost that sense of wonder – and the fact that their first impulse is to share that excitement with each other makes it even sweeter.

Cute: KL.M Part 1

Warning contains mild violence

(At an original ball and she  is forced to be apart of a salvatore plan which involves dancing with Klaus however things don’t go as planned.. )

Word count: 1536

Two hours I had spent wandering the ballroom and I still couldn’t see him, granted the entire town had showed up to the party and it was hard to spot one individual in such a well dressed crowd but I could spot him from a mile away usually and right now he was nowhere to be seen.

I didn’t know what to do with myself- I was supposed to be the ‘distraction’ as Damon had put it but how was I supposed to distract someone I couldn’t find? So here I stood. alone on the dance floor, it had become apparent to me that neither Damon nor Stefan were here either and I only hoped that they weren’t with Klaus. I never agreed to do this- I didn’t want to be apart of the Salvatore’s evil plan- but I owed them, however I didn’t want to betray Klaus and I wasn’t going to.

I gazed around the room again, twirling as many couples danced around me to the loud, classical music. My eyes crossed over the stairs and saw nothing but after doing a double take his figure came into view and there he was, standing at the top of the staircase looking like a king. He was incredibly attractive in his pearl white suit, his well kept hair and rustic stubble brought out his true dapperness.

All air hitched in my throat when his mesmerizingly aquatic eyes peered into a mine, shortly after a smile formed at his plump lips and everything else around me became a blur. Klaus began his descent from the staircase, his eyes never left mine while doing so- I couldn’t help but check him out, with each confident stride I drifted more and more into overwhelment.

I tried to calm myself and control my rapid heart beats which I’m sure he could hear. Instinctively I gulped when he stood directly in front of me, his frame towering over me as he took in my attire (which he had picked out).

“Y'N, you look gorgeous” he complimented before taking my hand and bringing it up to his lips to place a sweet but tender kiss upon it. Goosebumps shot up my arm like fireworks as the scratchiness of his chin met with my skin.

I was at a complete loss for words but managed a few, “H-hel-lo Klaus” I stuttered as the heat rose to my cheeks. His grin only widened as he stared at me intently, he always has this affect on me, in my mind I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to act but the messages would always be misinterpreted, however throughout all our meeting he never seemed to mind.

The silence between us created an immense connection while all the talking was done with our eyes. I gave him an anxious smile and turned a darker shade of red. “Care to dance?” he questioned offering his hand and a mischievous smirk, I nodded slowly and placed my hand in his.

Klaus lead us to the middle of the dance floor before he spun around, one hand found my waist while the other slipped into my palm. We began to sway slowly to the music, with each step Klaus pulled me closer until I could feel his exasperatedly hot breath on my face. I studied the few yellow specks in his blue eyes as we danced, he had a way of hypnotising me without even trying.

I had gotten so adrift in his eyes that I lost my footing and stepped on his shoe causing our once smooth dancing to stagger. “OH! I’m so sorry” I apologised, stopping us and bringing both hands up to my cheeks. A worried look sprouted upon Klaus’s face before he burst into a small fit of laughter, he reached up to my face and bought my hands back down but I forced my eyes closed.

“It’s fine, not everyone has a thousand years of experience when it comes to dancing” he reassured, placing his palms on my cheeks which made me open my eyes, his face was a mere few inches away from mine and with every second I was fighting the urge to gaze at his lips. Our stares were interrupted by the sudden change of song as everyone around started to dance in a more casual and upbeat manner, however we stayed the same.

“Come with me” he encouraged removing his hands from my face and entwining one with mine as he lead me through the crowd and out to the backyard. I was taken back by it’s wonder, the cobblestoned patio was decorated with many flowers that shone brightly against the glowing moon and stars illuminated across the sky, stealing my attention.

Klaus let go of my hand and took a few steps forward as he admired the the nights aire feel, there was not a noise to be heard and if not for the situation I would find the silence worrisome. “It’s lovely isn’t it?” he questioned as his back faced me.

“B-beautiful more like it” I replied causing Klaus to look back and chuckle at me.

“Ah yes but it’s certainly not as beautiful as you” he added while I slowly walked to stand next to him. My eyes widened momentarily and I silently thanked the darkness of the night for concealing my obvious blushing. We turned to face each other as Klaus took a hold of both my hands.

“Thank you Klaus, really, this dress and the invitation- I couldn’t ask for anything more”.

“You don’t need to, you deserve it all” He assured placing his thumb upon my cheek.

“Why did you invite me?” I asked holding his tepid hand to my face and rubbing it. His smile dimmed slightly as if my question was unexpected.

“My dear, I invited you simply because you intrigue me with everything you do, I’ve never felt the way I do with you before and-”

His words were cut off by a prominent flesh crushing noise, Klaus’s lips parted as he groaned loudly in pain. I gasped loudly jolting back to see a wooden stake piercing through his chest.

“KLAUS!” I yelled in panic as he dropped to his knees in front of me, I flicked my head around to see Alaric holding a crossbow and Damon at his side. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” I yelled at them both before kneeling down to Klaus and supporting his torso while he grunted. My hand reached around to pull out the stake but I was stopped by hand.

“We are going ahead with the plan” replied Damon who nudged me away roughly and stood in front of an angry Klaus. Damon kneeled down in front of him and smirked “Sorry to ruin your fun Klaus but we have business that needs attending to and-”

“Damon let him go!” I interrupted shoving him out the way and running towards Klaus, my hands gripped the stake protruding from his back and I heaved it out of him with one big tug which sent me flying back on to the patio. Klaus regained his footing and lunged at Damon without a second to lose, Damon looked taken back but dodged him.

“Alaric could you deal with her while we chat business?” Alaric nodded and grabbed a hold of my arm.

“What the bloody hell do you want Salvatore?” barked Klaus, his eyes turning yellow and teeth protruding. I couldn’t help but stare at his blood soaked suit.

Damon smirked, he always played these stupid games “Well… You. Dead.” he retorted, a smirk appeared upon Klaus’s face.

“So you come here, to my families party and disturb our lovely moment all so you can kill me?” he asked looking between Damon and Alaric who was still holding me back from beating the shit out of Damon.

Damon chuckled “You really think Y/N has feelings for you…” he challenged making Klaus’s smile disappear as he looked at me.

“Damon don’t!-”

“She was apart of this plan- our little distraction”. Klaus stared at me for a moment, his eyes showing a touch of sadness before they hardened lie instant dry concrete.

“Klaus! It’s not true!-” I cried but Alaric clasped a hand over my mouth.

Niklaus smiled at Damon "Hit me with your best shot!” he demanded. I began to panic as I saw Alaric aim the crossbow towards him, within seconds I jerked myself out of his grasp and ran towards Klaus, blocking him from any harm. The sound of swooping air drew closer to me until my breathing hitched in my throat and I felt a painful jab in my back sending me falling to the floor on my hands and knees.

I let out a piercing scream as I felt for the the wound and sure enough my fingers made contact with the foreign object which happened to be the blood soaked tip of a wooden stake.

Everything around me became blurry and I heard the faint shouts of Damon and Alaric but as I looked up the last thing I saw was Klaus’s lean figure running towards me and shouting my name- then everything went black…

(Stay turned for the next part :)