i will steal ur cake ok


+ wants u to pet his head sometimes
+ is an actual puppy
+ demands that u two go grocery shopping so he can push you around in the cart
+ will take soooo many photos of u
+ only wears pyjamas
+ is a total couponer i imagine him with a folder full of coupons from wax salons to 50% off australian eggplants
+ will drag u to the couch to watch old episodes of teen titans, phineas and ferb, all that good stuff
+ steals ur eyeliner
+ ‘baek where did my eyeliner go…’
+ ‘i stole it. like how i stole ur heart’
+ ‘ok but can u please return it’
+ enjoys randomly jamming to old kpop songs out of the blue. is personally offended when you say you don’t know all the lyrics to wonder girl’s nobody 

+ SPONTANEOUS DATES he enjoys going to drive-in movie theatres and you two slurp on cup noodles cheetos and cake for dessert. then you two make out in the back seat then go home and snuggle 

+ likes it when you wear his shirts. you don’t even have to ask he shoves his hoodie at you and commands you to put it on after you shower 

+ and sometimes he pulls a romantic move or two but in a discreet manner (eg giving you his jacket without you asking, pulling your hair to the side when slurping noodles, grabbing your hand extra tight when you cross the road)

+ and when that happens you usually raise your eyebrows and give him a teasing smile + and he nudges you and kind of gives you a small shy smile in return it’s so cute seriously 

+ you find out rather quickly that as much as he is a glamorous diva with amazing stage presence and perfect eyeliner he’s a relatively simple guy that loves with all his heart 

+ instead of you treating him to a fancy hotel dinner on his birthday he insists you two visit his fave street food stand and munch on fish cakes on the sidewalk 

+ then you to go to the han river to fool around a bit 

+ you two sit on the grass for a while, not saying anything at all, fingertips brushing gently. the air is slightly cold but you could feel his warmth next to yours 

+ and he slowly speaks up 'thank you for sticking around’ and then 

+ he turns his head and gives you a kiss on the cheek and you chuckle because sinCE WHEN DID HE GET SO SHY + what a long post lol anyways!!! 

+ you tell him that sticking around was the best decision you ever ever made because he fits you like a perfect puzzle piece, he makes your heart soar, he makes you feel wholesome and loved in all ways imaginable 

+ and you wouldn’t trade him for the world. neither would he

brokeboi things

-smoking weed crumbs you find on the floor

-stealing toilet paper from public places cuz ur too poor to buy ur own and u need to Shit

-rice cakes r rly cheap and make u not hungry. like not much more than $1 a bag usually n it lasts a while

-if you let me borrow your clothes i will Steal It bc im cold and hate paying for clothes. rn im wearing a boys shirt that i refused to give back and my friends jacket and hat

-my clothes are falling apart but its ok cause im punk anywa ys

-i still have spotify w ads:/

-i steal lots of little bags of crackers frm the dining hall and stuff my pockets so i have sumthing to eat when im hongry and dont have money to get food