i will steal all your women


This is so whack.

‘Afar’ is a comic where the protagonist is an Afar woman but dressed like a Tigray-Tigrinya woman.

Both ethnic groups are found in East Africa, which is their only commonality.

A simple google search (peep the pics I included of Afar women) would have fixed this.

So I googled the creators, Leila Del Duca and Kit Seaton, and Lo and behold they are both white. (I included their pictures too)

It all makes sense.

Source: Riya Jama
White folks really need to stay in their lanes.


Nobody asked you to creator our stories, nobody asked you to write about us or portray us or draw us. We can do that for ourselves. We have our own artists as well as writers, and all your doing is TAKING UP SPACE MEANT FOR US!!!!! You are taking/stealing/appropriating from us.
These culture vultures really get on my nerves.

The OUAT fandom
  • Swan Queen shippers: So, we ship Swan Queen. Isn't it an awesome, beautiful ship? Too bad the writers are still queerbaiting.
  • Rumbelle shippers: We feel you. They screwed up our ship too. We see the chemistry btw.
  • Outlaw Queen shippers: We totally respect Swan Queen, but we ship Outlaw Queen. It was nice to see Regina happy for a change. But, yeah, one of them is dead so that sucks.
  • Swanfire shippers: Sorry you guys have to go through that, our second half also died and we still miss him. :( Most of us now ship Emma/happiness, so we're with you, Swan Queeners!!
  • Snowing shippers: Hey y'all, we just want to send you some love, our ship isn't handled in the best possible way either, but at least they are both alive and canonically true love.
  • Swan Queen shippers: Group hug!!
  • *Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Swanfire and Snowing shippers join in for the hug*
  • CSers: HA!!!!!!!!!! Your ships all suck. So glad Neal is dead, Rumbelle and Snowing only steal screen time from Killy the saint and ew.. two women as mothers of a child and lovers? It's a family show for God's sake! NOW BOW DOWN TO THE GLORIOUS ONE AND ONLY SHIP!!!!
Monster Rp starters

(This is for like monster people and Au’s, not something like a person so horrible they’ve become a monster)

“Hey you got your feathers all through my jacket again!”

“Did you just…eat that mouse…?”

“I just ate a mouse and I feel sick”

“Stop chasing your tail, your a grown (man/women/adult)”

“I know you love me but please let go of me, I can’t breathe”

“Jesus your a lot taller then I thought you were”

“Are you…making a nest? Why?”

“Do you need help putting your contact in?”

“What’s it like only having one eye?”

“So if your stomach has a mouth does that mean it eats too?”

“Your pointy ears are adorable”

“Please don’t steal my soul, I have class in like an hour and the soul stealing thing takes all day”

“Stop scratching the couch oh my god”

“Screw you I’m gonna scratch the couch if I want to”

“Please stop touching the light bulb, I know it’s pretty but you keep hurting yourself”

“Hey can you help me find my (body part)”

“Do you need help looking for (body part)”

“Hey I’ve lost my body! Help me look for it before it does something stupid!”

“Why are you eating catnip?”

“I just ate catnip and can’t feel my legs”

“Hey throw the toy I wanna catch it!”

“I don’t want to throw the toy…ugh fine give it here”

“I know it’s supposed to be cold today but the sun is out and if I go outside I’m probably going to catch on fire”

“I can make snow from my hands! Wanna see?!”

“Wow you can use magic?! Can you teach me!?”

“I know I’m not supposed to like a human, but I’ll make an exception because your cute”

“I just wanna tie you up in my web and cuddle you forever!”

“I need water, I’m getting dehydrated and I’m starting to smell like dead fish”

“I accidentally got slime all over your wall when I tried to kill a fly…I’m sorry”

“Hey it’s okay, it’s just a bit of slime”

“I accidentally set your clothes on fire when I was trying to fold them”

“Hey scratch my ear it’s itchy and you don’t have claws”

“I may or may not have got fur all over your couch when me and (random name) where playing”

“I accidentally broke your door and I’m sorry but maybe get a stronger door next time”

“This is the sixth door this month, stop slamming them please”

“Is it rude to ask if I could ride on you back?”

“What do you mean you want to ride me? I’m not a horse, well I mean, I’m not THAT kind of horse”

“How do you stop yourself from decaying? I mean, you are kinda dead after all”

“What’s it like having six tails?”

“Here, sit down and I’ll brush your wings”

“How did you get flees? Oh well time for a bath huh?”

“I wanna cuddle but I’m kinda scared I’ll crush you, so maybe you just sit in my lap and I hold you?”

“Hey I’m thirsty can I have some of your blood? Just to hold me off until we get home”

“Hey can you turn on the air conditioning? I know it’s like twenty degrees but I think I’m gonna melt”

“Hey pay attention to me! I want love!”

“I came here to get your soul but honestly I feel like if I take it, it’ll just Make me sad”

“Please take my Soul I’m so depressed”

“So I may or may not have accidentally broke my neck when I feel off the roof sooo, surprise! I’m a ghost now”

Time Alone (M)

**Late like freaking always, but I supposed it’s better late than never lol also sorry if it seems rushed- I’m exhausted and a tad under the weather again**

Genre: Smut

Length: 1,300+

Kinks: Daddy kink/hints of dd/lg, exhibitionism, dirty talk

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Though there were tons of people around Wonho couldn’t help but to have every ounce of his attention fixed on you. Everyone else appeared to be so plain and dull in comparison. 

The burgundy dress you were wearing hugged your curves perfectly and the black wedgies booties you had decided to wear made your legs look a mile long. You looked so delicate and delicious- all he found himself wanting to do was ravage you; he needed to hear your angelic moans, he needed to feel your tightness around him.

He smiled brightly the moment he noticed you looking over at him, expertly hiding all the sin that was going through his head. As he watched you talk to the girls his friends brought as their dates, he silently decided he couldn’t wait any longer. Standing from his seat, he made his way over to you. 

Once he was finally beside you, he turned to the group of girls, flashing that cheesy, charming smile of his, “May I steal my girlfriend from you girls for a moment?” And just as they nodded their heads, he took your hand in his and led you to a less crowded area. 

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Eurus vs The Mayfly Man

Inspired by this post: X I had a look at the courtroom deduction - which takes place in Sherlock’s mind - and found this in addition to the quote from the above post. 

SHERLOCK: Your place? ALL FOUR WOMEN: His place. (Eurus as therapist, John coming to her place/Sherlock and John coming to Sherrinford = her place)

Nothing happened. (”That’s all it was, just texting.”)

He listened. (Eurus as therapist listening to John)

Different names, different addresses. (Eurus posing as E, Faith, and therapist with different names and addresses)

He’s stealing the identity of corpses … (Eurus killing the therapist and stealing her identity)

In the courtroom scene we see Sherlock creating a scenario in his mind which is based on information gathered in the “I dated a ghost” forum. The information as such is true, everything else - the room, the looks of the women, John at his side - is pure imagination. 

I wonder if the Mayfly Man somehow inspired Sherlock’s idea of Eurus. 

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Theory: Count Olaf is, in fact, an old Barney Stinson. He has become jealous of the lives his friends now lead, having also lost everything when he got back into gambling. He sets out to regain his fortune and he decides to do that by stealing the money from the very woman who scorned him. The characters he now becomes - Olaf, Stephano, Captain Sham, etc, are all characters he had come up with years before to impress women.


PROMPT LIST — send me a character and a #!

  • “PLEASE put your shirt back on. please don’t make me laugh at you.”
  • “THIS place is fancy and i don’t know which fork to kill myself with.”
  • “YOU like me? you like my personality?”
  • “YOU my boo. you my boo and i’ve been missin’ you. i’ve been missin you so long.”
  • “YOU know what’s weird? i don’t find this weird anymore.”
  • “GOD, you’re about to say something stupid, aren’t you?”
  • “GIRL, imma marry you.”
  • “I see him and my heart explodes.”
  • “WE all…need to meet new people.”
  • “IT’S kinda stupid how much i’m in love with you.”
  • “SO if any of you have anything else to say to my boo, i will drag you outside and we will handle this la style!”
  • “I’M sorry about the whole kissing thing.”
  • “OH, you don’t have to apologize. i did…kiss you back, a little.”
  • “I hope that you don’t remember that i said any of these things tomorrow.”
  • “YOU’VE been taking care of me my entire life.”
  • “WHEN you’re going through ‘a taylor swift-like range of emotions,’ i should come over, right?”
  • “YOU were the only one that i could talk to. being brown, you have the wisdom of a thousand white women.”
  • “I’D really like to start calling you shawty in public.”
  • “THEY’VE made me weak in my stupid knees.”
  • “I want to spend the rest of my life hearing all your stories.”
  • “IF you hurt her, i will let myself die. and then i will haunt you.”
  • “I am a grown woman that is in love with her ex that has a girlfriend. and i’ve been stealing my neighbor’s wi-fi.”
  • “I’VE made out with half of the guys in this room.”
  • “THEY are not exactly what my mom had imagined for me. you know, she wanted someone maybe not so…white?”
  • “YOU look like a prostitute for wizards.”
  • “YOU look like a homeless pencil.”
  • “YEAH, i’m nervous. yeah, i’m really nervous. i mean, she’s beautiful and she’s super cool…”
  • “YOU know i have a boyfriend, right?”
  • “I hate your ideas. i hate them almost as much as i love you, which is so much.”
  • “NOTHING is more important to me than your future.”
  • “I’M never gonna stop trying to make you happy.”
  • “SHE’S never gonna be happy with someone like me.”
  • “CAN we just take a moment to appreciate them? i mean, the effect they have on people…it’s really incredible. i can’t believe…they’re dating me. i mean, like, whaaaat?”
  • “IF you tell anyone we held hands, i have two people on my phone who will kill you.“
  • “I may be an idiot, but i’m smart enough to know what i lost.”
  • “YOU and i not being together does not make sense to me.”
  • “I’M really gonna need you to step it up tonight, okay? when i see you, i wanna be thinking, ‘who let the dirty slut out of the slut house?’”
  • “I simply want a demographic breakdown of all the guys that hit on you.”
  • “AS my best friend, i expect you to be willing to sacrifice everything for me at a moment’s notice.”
  • “WATCH it, buddy! ‘cause i will calcutta bitch up in here. i will cal. cut. a. bitch.”
  • “YOU’RE not the only one that’s hurting.”
  • “YOU’RE the smartest, ballsiest, bitchiest, truly terrifying woman that i have enjoyed in a really long time.”
  • “YOU don’t deserve to be treated like that.”
  • “YOU don’t know my pain.”
  • “IF i was doing something stupid, you would definitely be involved.”
  • “AND those shoelaces must be tied together ‘cause you are straight trippin’, yo.”
  • “DO i regret it? yes. would i do it again? probably.”
  • “SHE makes you weak and penis dumb.”
  • “I don’t think i can even look at him without getting pregnant.“
  • "I’M gonna ask you to get out of my girlfriend’s bed, man.”
  • “I think i’m getting my period.”
  • “I don’t want nobody to eat me! i got thick thighs! i got a fat ass!”
  • “THEY love me so much, and to be honest, it scares me. i don’t think i deserve all of that love.”
Chapter 1: De Temps En Temps


1897 Paris, France

           June in Paris is exquisite. Everything seems to breathe with life, and count every breath as if it was the last. The way the golden sun kisses the tops of the buildings each morning to rouse them from their slumber is by far the best way to wake. However, any true Parisian knows that nights in Paris are what the soul really desires. The full moon that sits languidly above the Eiffel Tower, watching all of Paris laughing through the night, lets you know that you are never alone. It is definitely easy to understand why people fall in love in this beautiful city. It is as if every piece of Paris was made just for you, especially in June.

           Well, unless you’re being dragged a half hours walk to the 18th arrondissement after every decent person in the city has locked up their homes for the night by someone who is supposed to be your best friend. Then it is quite easy to be disgruntled in the face of beauty.

           If that is the case, then it really depends on the person. If you are the sort of person to enjoy a nice midnight adventure, traipsing through dangerous neighborhoods in your finest, then this experience visiting a different kind of…market, would surely be an enjoyable one.

However, Draco Malfoy was not the sort of person to stick his nose into the *ahem* business practices of anyone else. Especially this sort of business practice. He would much rather spend his time back in the 9th arrondissement… where it was safe, and sanitary. June in Paris for him, at the moment, seemed very unattractive indeed.

           Blaise on the other hand…

           “Draco, honestly, hurry up. I don’t want to miss anything.” The beast tugged on the jacket sleeve that was pressed within an inch of its life, wrinkling the fabric. You would never guess that they were from the same ilk with the level of excitement he was displaying. If Draco hadn’t known him all his life, he would have thought the handsome gentleman tugging on his arm had grown up in Montmartre itself, instead of the beautiful Italian manor house of which his family was so proud of.

           His temper was climbing to alarming levels as he followed his bouncing friend in the direction of the foul subsection. There were few reasons why a person from proper breeding would make their way to this part of the city, and Draco did not think they were here to peruse through the artwork of the locals.

           The cobbled streets below his feet caused him to stumble and curse, nearly falling into the tall man clutching his arm. The walk alone was murder if one was not wearing the proper shoes.

           “Will you unhand me?” he snarled “I gave my word that I would accompany you out tonight, even when you insisted that we spend the evening…” a sneer lifted the corner of his mouth as he realized exactly what street they were on. How could he have not noticed? The crowded streets filled with women in far too much makeup, men leering openly at everything with a pulse, Bohemians strutting about in their garish ensembles. “at the Moulin Rouge.”

           Draco could feel his pulse thundering in his temples, not that he let it show on his face. “Blaise, pray tell, what exactly do you not want to miss at the Moulin that is perfectly available on any existing street corner? There,” he gestured to an open corner where a very large woman was shaking her overly large breasts in an offensive manor. “Why don’t you venture over there and pick up that beautiful… creature. Preferably, without me being present whilst you…dally.”

           His dark features stretched into a predatory grin that made Draco’s stomach cramp with anxiety. There were two people who frightened him when their features took on that particular look; the man currently standing in front of him, and Pansy. Pity, that they had married each other. Surely their parents felt their match was appropriate, but Draco felt that if they had chosen someone more… demure then it would have saved everyone a headache in the long run.

 “Oh, my dear friend, do you not honestly expect me to believe that you have no understanding of what takes place at the Moulin? It is more of an experience than a simple rendezvous with Constance.” Of course he knew her name, the wretch. He pressed his hand into the other man’s shoulder. “Do not fear, my naïve friend, you are in my care now. You may drop the act of innocence that is surely only there to impress Ms. Greengrass. She is nowhere in sight tonight.” His grin stretched wider “Unless she too is somewhere inside, you have permission to live as you wish until morning.”

Draco clenched his jaw muscles and looked into the face of the other man.

           He could feel the throbbing in his temples increasing at an alarming rate. Blaise was many things, but never would he have considered his friend to be stupid. If he thought that this lurid display of…. promiscuity was going to do anything to calm his nerves from his impending engagement to Ms. Greengrass, then he does not understand how they have remained in acquaintance all these years.

           “How do you—never mind.” He shook his head “Blaise, please tell me this isn’t some sort of scheme to take my mind off of my engagement.” He looked the other man in the eyes.

           A loud, undignified, guffaw erupted from his friend’s lips. “Oh Draco, dear heavens no! This trip is purely for educational matters. I just figured that you might as well get some practice in before you wed, that way when the time comes— “

           “Blaise!” He was going to murder him, right here. At least this way he can blame the atmosphere for his willingness to commit such a crime when they haul him for trial. Surely his father’s lawyer would understand. “Can we not discuss my upcoming marital affairs in public? Actually, let us not discuss them at all. Just because you and your spouse decide it is fine to jump into the bed of anyone within 300 yards, does not mean that my marriage will be the same!”

           He knew that was a low blow, as well as hypocritical. What Blaise and his wife did behind closed doors was none of his business and he preferred it that way. The heat of embarrassment fills his cheeks at his outburst. Curse his fair skin.

           Blaise lifted an eyebrow “The difference in the relationship between Pansy and I, and the one that you and Ms. Greengrass will be establishing in a two years’ time, is that I am attracted to my wife.” His eyes glinted in the lighting cast from the glow of the buildings, giving them a frighteningly shiny gleam. “I do not require the ‘practice’ to get through my husbandly duties.”  

           Perhaps he deserved that.

Draco suddenly found that the Moulin was a much more complex structure than what he had though upon first glance. He could feel the heat in his cheek spread to his neck.

           Ah, yes. That particular… abnormality of his would pose a problem with his future spouse if he could not err—perform up to par on the night of his betrothal.

           “Draco,” Blaise’s face softened with his words “You know that Pansy and I do not mind, and would never betray your confidence.” He gave a kind smile. Sometimes, Draco felt he was lucky to have a friend like Blaise. Other times, like now, he understood why his father thought them unnecessary. “Besides, it is perfectly legal.”

           He inclined his head toward his friend. He did know that, but that didn’t mean he would… advertise this information. He was supposed to sleep with his wife after they were wed. That is what he had been taught all his life. You procure an heir, and your husbandly duty was fufilled. When his affliction presented itself when he reached of age, suddenly the husbandly obligation seemed more daunting. He had trouble enough imagining how to go about doing it, so how would it be possible if he—well… For arguments sake, the theory was if he could deny his abnormalities, then when the time arrived for him to fulfill his duties he would do it to the best of his ability without the memory of what he could have lingering in the back of his mind.

           A theory Blaise might not have agreed with, but had jumped onto if it meant that he might accompany him out.

           Some things, like deflating at the sight of your exposed wife on your wedding night, were just not on. Something he knew was in the near future no matter how much ‘practice’ Blaise insisted he have.

           “Besides, I did not bring you here to fraternize with women and steal all my opportunities.” His grin returned to its previous state of decadence “I brought you here because Zidler has proven to us all that he is completely insane.”

           Draco allowed an eye roll to cross his features as he released the tension in his shoulders. Mollified that Blaise wasn’t going to convince him to sleep with some terrifying woman.

Everyone has always known that Charles Zidler was a mad man. A genius in all things to do with the sins of the flesh, but a complete nutter. “What has he done this time, given his girls polka-dot knickers?”

           “He hired a male can-can dancer.”

           The heat that had finally ebbed from his face, relocated to his abdomen. Suddenly the Moulin’s complex structure was no longer a source mild interest; It was absolutely fascinating. Almost compelling him inside to see if the grand ballroom matched the exterior walls in their indecent shade of red. Images of a man with hard muscles wrapped in girlish garters, kicking his legs into the air along with the other dancers flitted through his mind. The red windmill on top beckoned like a sirens call, promising the inside to be filled with mesmerizing objects and creatures that Poseidon, himself, could never imagine finding.

           Draco swallowed audibly.

           “Oh, did I get your attention then?” he smirked.

           He physically shook himself out of his trance “But… why would I be interested in seeing him? It’s not like I could ever stoop to, you know.” His cheeks would have warmed again if all the blood in his body was not currently making its way to his groin at the mere thought of what that statement entails. He most certainly could not ‘you know’ with the can-can dancer, but oh god, he wanted to.

           Blaise’s eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of his head and roll onto the cobbled ground beneath their feet. “What do you mean you are not going to ‘you know’ with him? You can’t not ‘you know’ with him! You know?”

           Draco did think that he knew, but one could never be too sure with his friends.

           How could he explain to Blaise that he just couldn’t? It would be too much like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Once he would have the knowledge of what is out there, he could never go back without driving himself mad.  For Blaise, it’s easy. He might, upon occasion, enjoy a tryst into the deviant Bohemian lifestyle of sexual freedom, but that is all they are to him; trysts. They don’t haunt him with realities of his ailment, nor do they taunt him with the knowledge that legality has nothing to do with familial obligations. “I can’t Blaise. I’m engaged.”

           “And I am married.” Blaise laughed. “What of it?

           The image of the man in garters returned “You, you just don’t understand.” Draco hissed. “You’ve a wife that does not mind you messing around with other people. You both are honest and open about who you are with each other. Don’t you understand that if I were to sleep with this man tonight, I could never allow my wife the honesty she deserves? I could never look at her and promise her that I would hold her above all else? Because I couldn’t Blaise, you know that I couldn’t. I would return here, every night if I could.” He looked into his friend’s eyes.

           Judging by the sadness he found there, he might now understand what he was feeling. But the steel in his eyes promised that the disagreement was not met. “Draco, listen to me. I know that I cannot fathom what it is to be in your situation, but you have got to let go. It is not healthy for a young man to repress his very nature.” He lifted his chin “Ms. Greengrass is not your wife as of yet. You have not even announced your formal engagement and this opportunity presents itself at just the appropriate moment, and you have decided to live your life never knowing? What would Pansy say if she could hear of you being a coward? This is a sign, Draco. One telling you that you must take care of your needs, which you do not do often enough, if at all.” He gave him a stern look. “If you choose to ignore this as a sign, then fate itself will punish you if my wife does not get to you first.”

           Draco looked at his dearest friend and saw the genuine concern that lay behind his words. As his courtship with Ms. Greengrass loomed in the near future, he became more withdrawn. Barely speaking to any of his former friends. He had spent all his energy on appearances, so worried that if he dared lose his footing in the proceedings, that everything would be revealed. Pansy had finally had enough of his distance and demanded his return to the land of the living, or she would make Hell seem like a sauna. It had worked, and he had promised her from then on to take care of himself.

           It seemed like an easy compromise. Pansy, for her part, would rather it if he would live openly and find himself a nice young gentleman to settle down with, the tart.

           “Fine, but you will stay with me Blaise Zabini, or you will find yourself on the end of your wife’s shrill descant.”

           The Cheshire cat grin reappeared. “Excellent.” He straightened Draco’s jacket, and pushed him inside the doors. “I promise you will not regret this.”

Things that the Shepherds aren’t allowed to do anymore.
  1. Chrom, please stop spinning the Falchion and stabbing it into the ground after every victory. We’re still patching up holes in the training room.
  2. Whoever’s putting bear meat in Frederick’s dinner needs to stop. He will kill you.
  3. When someone asks for the time, “Vaike Time” is not an appropriate response.
  4. Tharja is the queen of Robin’s heart.
  5. Tharja, stop cursing my pens.
  6. Sully, Vaike, no more arm wrestling. We’re running out of tables.
  7. Cherche, you may not let Minerva eat Risen anymore. Last time she threw up a live zombie in the barracks.
  8. Stop switching the men’s and women’s bathing signs. Lon’qu is pale white.
  9. Virion, while I’m sure shooting arrows at apples impresses the women, it’s a waste of food.
  10. Nowi, please don’t tell Kellam to play hide-and-seek with you anymore. We couldn’t find him in time for the march last time.
  11. Anna, no more selling Owain “special rare swords”.
  12. Gerome is not a Dark Knight. I don’t get why you all call him that.
  13. Gaius, you can’t steal candy from Nah and not expect retaliation.
  14. Nah, you can’t melt Gaius’ candy and not expect retaliation.
  15. Libra, prayer on the battlefield is natural. Please do not drop to your knees mid fight to pray though.
  16. Inigo, stop using your left hand to fight. You don’t need a handicap in battle. I don’t care if the village girls swoon.
  17. Panne, no hiding Lon’qu’s potatoes.
  18. Lon’qu, stop hiding Panne’s carrots.
  19. Miriel, you can’t just light random things on fire for “science”.
  20. Frederick, you can’t just light random things on fire for…reasons.
  21. Cordelia, I understand you’re trying to be good at every skill you can. But stop trying to out eat Stahl.
  22. Please.
  23. The next person to tell Kjelle that it’s her turn in the mess hall is dishonorably discharged.
  24. Do not tell Morgan fake memories of the past. Morgan did not once “slay thirty Risen with a single belch.”
  25. Stop pretending Ricken is one of the children who came from the future. You’re going to make him cry.
  26. Lissa, stop pranking other Shepherds. Especially Gangrel. He will cut your other twintail off.
  27. Walhart. The entire army can’t live off vegetables alone. Cancel the shipment of 3,00 potatoes. We don’t have enough gold for that.
  28. We’ll find gold.
  29. Go away, Lon’qu.
  30. Priam. I know you only eat meat. I didn’t think I needed to say this but…not everyone in the army can eat rabbit.
  31. Whoever painted a Brand on Lissa’s forehead needs to stop. She was really excited.
  32. Severa, stop trying to “teach Olivia to have a backbone.” I don’t think she can handle any more of your…”training”.
  33. Gaius, stop spreading rumors about Chrom eating an unpeeled orange.
  34. Gregor, you can’t offer mead to the children. Especially Noire. She’ll either pass out or get angry and I don’t know which is worse.
  35. Stop asking Basilio “what makes him a good demoman.” He doesn’t even use pyrotechnics. That’s a ridiculous accusation.
  36. Flavia, your drinking contests with Gregor have got to stop. We’re out of ale already. We bought some yesterday.
  37. Brady can’t help what makes him cry. Inigo, no singing sad songs as you pass him.
  38. Yarne, one meal without carrots will not make you go extinct.
  39. We are not placing bets on whether Emm or Morgan will get their memory back first.

Inspired by http://guywiththeface23.tumblr.com/post/145211586861/things-corrins-army-is-no-longer-allowed-to-do


Can you please do the rfa reactions to a jealous mc? Pretty please



  • He’s a cute dork
  • so ofc he’s gonna have girls coming up to him often on campus
  • and he’s so oblivious to their obvious flirting PROTECT HIM
  • Today one girl was offering freaking muffins to Yoosung
  • She flirted with him frequently
  • Oh boy, were you pissed off
  • Not wanting to make a scene, you stormed off and went to the cafeteria without him
  • It took a few minutes, but he took note of your absence and excused himself from the conversation he was having
  • (hah he forgot her muffins)
  • He found you sitting alone at a table, violently stabbing your lunch with your fork, and a cute pout on your face
  • He sat across from you and shot you a worried look, “Are you okay, MC?”
  • “…Do you ever notice those girls flirting with you?”
  • “Wha-? I just thought they were being nice to me!…MC, are you jealous?”
  • You dropped your head in shame, “Yeah.”
  • He panicked and stumbled over to your side and hugged you
  • “Gaaaah! I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to feel that way! I’ll be more aware, I promise. FORGIVE ME”
  • Nnnngh you can’t stay mad at him


  • You visited her a few times at work to drop off lunch and chat
  • Today you decided to hang out in the break room and get some coffee
  • “Oh, there’s no more lids for the cups. I’ll get the ones from the other break room, Jaehee, I’ll be right back.”
  • You went and got said lids
  • and when you came back there was this guy talking to Jaehee
  • and eyeing her up and down
  • “So, you busy after work today? Because I was wondering if–”
  • He didn’t even get to finish his question
  • and then you threw your scorching hot coffee at him
  • He ran out immediately
  • “I was going to refuse him either way, MC. There wasn’t a need to be so jealous.”
  • “Well if I don’t protect you, creeps like him are gonna get you!”
  • “I appreciate your motive, but we’re in major trouble for doing that.”


  • Fangirls never bothered you
  • It was her that bothered you
  • Zen brought you along to see one of his rehearsals
  • and there she fucking was
  • Echo Girl
  • Her mere presence just bothered you to no end
  • The fact that Zen was working with her even after the whole ordeal made you irritated
  • You didn’t even want to see them act together
  • So you just decided to hang in Zen’s dressing room
  • About an hour later he finally came in to clean off for the day
  • “Oh? You weren’t out there watching me? What’s wrong, babe?”
  • “Why don’t you go back out there and hang with Echo Girl?”
  • Your mouth immediately clamped shut; you really hadn’t meant to say that
  • Zen chuckled, “Is that what this is about? It sounds to me like someone’s jeaaalouuss!”
  • He wrapped his arms around you and kissed every part of your face
  • “You’re so cute.”
  • “You’re an ass.”
  • “I’m a gentleman, excuse me.”
  • “Just kiss me, you idiot.”


  • “Stupid dinner party…stupid dress…stupid fancy women…” you grumbled as you walked onto the balcony for some fresh air
  • You were talking with Jumin until a group of women stole him away, and he left without saying a word
  • It wasn’t fun always being outshone by such…lavish women
  • “Hm? MC, what’re you doing out here? It’s cold.” You heard him shuffle off his coat and place it around your shoulders
  • “I’ll be fine, Jumin, just…go talk to those women or something, they’re much more interesting than I am.”
  • “……”
  • “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • “Nothi-”
  • “MC.”
  • You sighed, “Alright, alright, I’m jealous okay? I’m jealous of those women for having your attention, I’m jealous of how…elegant they are! They’re so elegant and–and graceful and poised! And me? I was microwaving a Hot Pocket at midnight in my underwear last night!” you took a deep breath after your rant
  • “MC, I’ve been around refined women all my life. If I liked those type of women, I would have been dating one a long time ago, but I don’t. I like you just how you are.”
  • He pulled you into a hug and rested his chin on your head
  • “Sorry, I was just kinda worked up.”
  • “It’s alright. I’ll try to be more attentive so this won’t happen again. Now let’s go back inside.”


  • You weren’t jealous of a person, per se
  • You were jealous of that white, furry fluffball he was playing with
  • A few days ago Saeyoung managed to steal Elizabeth the 3rd out of Jumin’s penthouse
  • Jumin panicked at first, but he trusted you to make sure Seven didn’t abuse his cat
  • What a mistake
  • Saeyoung literally hasn’t done anything other than play with her during those days
  • So after she had to be forcefully returned, Saeyoung wanted to ask you to go eat or something, but instead you were sulking
  • “MC, why the looooooong face?”
  • “How could you love a cat more than me?” you pouted
  • “Oh~? You’re not jealous of Elly now, are you~?”
  • “Maaaaaybe…”
  • He immediately pounced on you and tickled you to no end
  • “How dare you think that, I, God 707 would forget his Goddess?”
  • “What’s the magic word~?”
  • “P-PLEASE”
  • As soon as he stopped, you lodged yourself on him and began tickling him
Hamilton songs in a nutshell

Alexander Hamilton: everything goes wrong 

Aaron Burr, Sir: everything rhymes also BRRAH BRRAH

My Shot: hype af also plot

The Story of Tonight: raise a glass to freedom

The Schuyler Sisters: aND PEGGY also enter Eliza and Angelica

Farmer Refuted: fuck u britain and u too samuel seabury

You’ll Be Back: king george is a yandere

Right Hand Man: haMILTON WE NEED YOU

A Winter’s Ball: fuckbois everywhere

Helpless: Eliza x Hamilton otp

Satisfied: heartbreaking regret™

The Story of Tonight (Reprise): the act I shitpost also aaron has a british wife

Wait for It: deep af™

Stay Alive: fucking charles lee

Ten Duel Commandments: this song is cool now but wait until later in the play

Meet Me Inside: alexander you had ONE JOB jfc go home

That Would Be Enough: literally don’t die that’s all I ask of you

Guns and Ships: lafAYETTE also we’re screwed we need alexander back

History Has It’s Eyes On You: hamilton I’ll let you fight but don’t be an idiot


What Comes Next: lol good luck by yourself

Dear Theodosia: Aaron tries his best, Hamilton shows off his son

Non-Stop: alexander hamilton shut the FUCK UP

What’d I Miss: thomas jefferson in the FUCKING HOUSE

Cabinet Battle #1: epic rap battles of history af

Take A Break: un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf

Say No to This: alexander does a massive bad

The Room Where It Happens: Compromises are made

Schuyler Defeated: alex: what the shit burr?? burr:  ¯\_ ツ _/¯

Cabinet Battle #2: we cannot square up

Washington On Your Side: we gotta expose hamilton

One Last Time: washington more like washingdone

I Know Him: John Adams for president? lol you wild

The Adams Administration: bye hamilton 

We Know: yeah I cheated on my wife but I didn’t steal money

Hurricane: it’s a bad idea but an idea nonetheless

The Reynolds Pamphlet: he exposed himself?? yo he wild

Burn: the heartbreak of act II

Blow Us All Away: nononononononono


It’s Quiet Uptown: sadness squared

The Election of 1800: jefferson wins and burr is salty

Your Obedient Servant: yknow what fuck you hamilton square up

Best of Wives and Best of Women: shit’s going down son

The World Was Wide Enough: hamilton is fucking dead

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: crying ensues

Got7 reaction to you previously dating a female idol

A/N - Anon requested reaction~ I loved doing this one bc we need way more lgbt+ representation in fanfics. I do want to say that I think all the boys wouldn’t really care if you had dated a girl before, whether she was an idol or not and they’d be supportive of you no matter what. Also for some reason this request kind of reminds me of the song ‘She’ by Dodie Clark haha. Hope you all enjoy!

Mark: Hearing that you had dated girls before would just make Mark love you even more. He’d be so happy that you were comfortable telling him about such a big part of your life.

JB: JB would probably get more protective over you since you were attracted to both men and women. He’d want to make sure no one steals you away from him because he loves you too much.

Jackson: Jackson would be so supportive and would find it awesome that you had dated a female idol before. He wouldn’t care at all but would want to know who you had dated just so he knows not to fanboy over them around you!

Jinyoung: I think Jinyoung would be similar to JB because he’d be a little more worried about you becoming attracted to someone else. Obviously he’d trust you but he’d still have a little worry in the back of his mind since you liked both men and women.

Youngjae: Youngjae would be curious as to who you had dated no doubt their gender so finding out you had dated girls wouldn’t really bother him. He’d just be happy that you could trust him enough to tell him.

Bambam: Knowing you had dated girls would probably mean that Bambam is more open about his idol crushes. No doubt the two of you would fangirl and fanboy over your female celebrity crushes together as you snuggled in bed.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom wouldn’t mind at all if you had dated girls before. He’d just see it as another part of you that he loves and accepts without hesitation. No matter what he’d always care for you and previously dating a girl wouldn’t change that.

The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen

They say the Ice Queen’s beauty is only rivalled by the Targaryen Queen. Her hair is long, red as flame. Her skin is fair as the snow she was raised in. Her eyes blue as the ocean. They say she is tall, graceful, and when she moves it’s like all fades away. They say that her beauty is that etched of the Northern cold, but her fury is as sharp as the Dragonglass that was used to kill the Others. Sharp, and cold, in the North.

She had one sister, the first female Northern War general in the North. They say that she’s as sharp as a Valyrian blade and vicious as a wolf. It’s said that a pack of wolves follow her into battle, howling for the North to rise again.

And her younger, Wildling brother, would never be King. He was far too wild, far too vicious, and far too broken. But they say he fights like a Wildling, and that he rides his Direwolf into battle, like the Young Wolf had.

The Northern Queen, the War General, and the Wildling Brother. Those are the stories they whisper of the Starks.

Jon doesn’t know how they could be true. But then again, it had been so long since he’d seen his siblings (no, cousins now) that he doesn’t know if his memories are real.

But he remembers the sweetness of Sansa, constantly tumbling between wanting to be his sister and making her mother happy. (And he remembers, quite bitterly, how that ended.) And he remembers little Rickon, wild and fun, sweet and wanting so badly to be like Bran and Jon.

And he remembers Arya, too. He remembers her wildness and her daring personality. He remembers how it felt to hold her, how happy she had been to just be accepted. He remembers her grey eyes and dark hair, fair complexion and her hard edges with softness underneath. Insecure, softness beneath.

He wonders how the world managed to turn them all into stories. But then again, here he was. A crow who loved a Wildling and fathered a red haired son with one. The crow who fought against his honor. A crow who couldn’t decide who to fight for. He tried to warn them, and they killed him for it. A crow who was killed and rose again, but not as a Other.

A crow who was waiting for his sister, (no-his Queens) word to give the Free Folk passage through to the Gift.

He wouldn’t hold his breath. But he had little Ed by his side, so he prayed to the Gods he wasn’t sure he believed in anyways.

Arya rode to him. And when he laid his eyes on her he nearly fell from his horse.

She was beautiful, with long hair, a long face, pretty eyes and full lips. But so much more than that: she looked and acted every inch a warrior. Soot marked her face, bringing stark attention to her eyes. She dressed comfortably, but smart. And her cloak was pieced together with Stark colors and a single symbol: the Wolf of the Northern Army.

Tormund, beside him whistled, but a wolf stepped forward, a Direwolf. Nymeria.

“Fucking hell, that’s your sister?”

“Cousin,” Arya says sharply, slipping from her horse. “How many women, children, and old do you have?” She looks around, assessing hard and he feels disappointment set into him.

“Five thousand,” he says, and Ed appears, in awe of her. He steps towards her and she levels a look at him. “And two and a half thousand men and women able to fight.” She nods, but the boy keeps moving around her, until he finally moves through what he assumes is awe.

“You’re a Queen?” He asks, and around him, the Free Folk laugh. He feels the tension set into him. She smirks, though.

“No.” She says leaning down to look into his eyes. She turns back to Jon, and she pierces him with a sharp stare, before turning back at him. “A general. My sister is the Queen. She’s far more beautiful than I.”

Ed is four, with long, curly fire red hair and a round face. But he looks like Jon, his red hair is all Ygritte, but only that. Arya reaches for him and lifts him. She fits him on her hip, carefully and turns to Jon.

“The Queen has fought and bought your favor through the Wall. The Free Folk will be given the Last Hearth, under stipulation.”

The Free Folk bristle and shift in confusion.

“What stipulation?” Tormund asks.

She tilts her head. “You do not steal women. You do not murder. The Last Hearth is stocked well with everything you will need. Food, clothes, armor, weapons. We ask only, until we can sit down and discuss an official treaty, that you do not murder or steal women.” Ed picks at her cloak, and she mostly ignores him, but lets him play in awe of her.

“That’s our culture,” Tormund argues. She raises a dark, daring brow.

“And ours is to keep you North of the wall. We’re all making adjustments.” There’s a fury in the people, but they’re tired. Very, very tired.

“Why the Last Hearth? That belongs to the Umbers.”

Arya raises her brow. “You’ve not heard, then?” He frowns. “They turned against the Starks. Gave the Boltons Rickon. So when Sansa killed Ramsay Snow, Shaggydog tore apart the last of the Umbers. The Last Hearth has been abandoned since Sansa seized the Crown.”

The men and women around him are unsure of Westeros Politics, but Jon steps forward.

“Sansa killed?” Arya smiles a cruel smile.

“Oh Jon Snow, you’ve missed so much.”

When they’re alone, she hugs him, tighter than she used too. She clutches onto him like she’ll lose him. But when she pulls away, she punches him.

“You’re still my brother, you brooding twat!” She snaps. “I don’t care you have a Dragon for a Father, you and I will always be brother and sister.” She’s angry, furious, and full of an ice storm.

“Then why cousin?” He asks, a bit stupidly as he rubs his face. She had a good swing, too.

“Because,” Arya says, sighing. “Sansa says it’s best we treat you as cousin. The Northern Lords are wary of your arrival. Especially with the Free Folk. But fortunately, with word from both you and the Wall of the Others, it’s given them the push to accept this arrangement. But they can’t fuck this up, Jon.”

He nods, sighing “I know. Tormund is speaking to the Elders and they’re trying to push for control. It’s different for the Free Folk, they’ve always been Free.”

“Yeah, well this is South of the Wall Jon. We face war with the Lannisters while the Dragon Queen rages war with them. And we have a war to the North. We can’t have a civil war, Jon. We won’t survive it.” She tells him urgently, and he smiles.

“You’ve changed, Arya.” She pulls away and nods.

“We all have.” She tells him, and then moves over to look at Ed as he sleeps.

“What was she like?” She asks him quietly.

Jon hesitates, remembering her face. Remembering her bitterness as she’d died. Things between them had always been complicated, but his time as a Wildling had tainted him. He was too Wild to bow now, but still too loyal not too. “She was Wildling to the bone. A spearwife. And she died.” Arya turns to see his solemness, and nods.

“He’ll be taken care of. No matter what. Sansa’s already made sure of that.” She promises him. He watches his son as he shifts in bed, still unaware of all the darkness he could face.

After all, he’s a Targaryen and a Stark bastard, just like him.

Sometimes he still dreams of Bran. He knows it’s Bran, the three-eyed raven watches him in these dreams. Sometimes he appears as a boy nearing a man. He’d been the one to tell him.

And it had all fallen into place, in understanding.

“Tell them I love them.” Bran asks him. Jon nods.

“I will.”

Sansa is beautiful, more beautiful than any woman he’s ever laid eyes on. Tormund beside him, even looks a bit shocked. She’s tall, his height. Her hair is deeper than Eds, but long and falls in beautiful waves. Her eyes remind him of her mother’s, but there’s a warmth there that does not. She does look like her mother: but she’s so much more beautiful.

She sits in the Throne of the Last Hearth. The town was nearly dead, with very few inhabitants. She looks very much the Queen she was, as she sits there with warm furs wrapped around her. Two wolves at her side, one black one speckled with white and the other white speckled with grey.

She stands, and so do the wolves.

“Please,” she says smoothly. “There is a stew ready to be served and ale. The Journey through the storm must not have been easy. Warm yourselves here. I am Sansa Stark.” She doesn’t say she’s a Queen, and he’s glad. Though she wears an Iron crown, she does not force herself onto the Free Folk any other way.

They are weary of her, though, and Sansa watches Jon with apprehension and a guard he’s not sure he likes. Sansa, when he was younger, had two expressions. Anger and happiness: but this mask was delicately created and used.

Arya shoved Jon forward, hand in Eds.

And Jon moved forward, and he bows in respect.

“Your Grace.” Ed, sweet little Ed, copies his father.

“Your Grace,” Sansa lets out a small laugh.

“Please, both of you stand.” They did, awkwardly, for Jon, as Sansa steps forward and presses a kiss to his cheek. She kneeled down and pressed a kiss to Eds forehead.

This isn’t the Ice Queen they talk of in the North.

Rickon is more Wildling than anything. But he’s smart, in his own way. In a survivor’s way. When he sees Jon, he runs at him, throws his arms around his neck.

“You look like father.”

It hurts Jon, but not in a bad way. “And you look like Robb.”

Rickon and Ed get along well, but Ed follows Sansa and Arya around. Arya finds it amusing, but Sansa takes him under her wing in a way that makes him feel strange.

She brushes his hair, bathes him, reads to him.

Tormund always looks at him knowing, but Jon doesn’t.

Sansa is kind to all, but rigid when it comes to protecting the North. Sometimes, in the Council he’s been invited too, he sees glimpses of the Ice Queen.

“Your Grace, children should not be punished for their father’s actions.”

“Then they’ll be raised as bastards. The name Frey is dead.” Her voice echoes across the room and Lord Manderly nods, because he lost a son too.

“Yes, your Grace.” And the meeting concludes sharply, and Jon sees a burning white storm growing in her.

She spends the rest of her day sewing.

He finds Sansa with Ed on the throne of Winterfell. He’s resting against her chest as she sings to him. A sad song, of the Night King. But the boy sings the pieces he knows, and she brushes her hand against his hair gently as she does so.

That’s when Jon knows.

It’s a dance, he realizes after nearly a month. Arya smirks and Rickon pushes, leading him down a path he isn’t sure of.

“Just steal her,” Tormund says, rolling his eyes.

“I love her,” Ed tells him honestly.

And Sansa’s eyes become more expectant, they linger on him longer and Jon’s not quite sure he can push it off any longer.

When he appears in her room, she sets down the needle and cloth she’d been working on and raises an expectant brow at him.

He hesitates before he comes to sit next to her.

“I don’t see you as a sister, anymore, Sansa.”

She turns to him, with a careful look. She’s always guarded with men, he knows. And he’s learned enough about Ramsay to know it’s warranted. Jon wishes that he had given the chance to beat the life out of him, cave his face in with his fists, but he hadn’t.

Sansa had done a well enough job, he things. Cut off his cock, and then stabbed him in the throat.

But not without scars.

Ed had seen them. He’d run crying, about how someone had hurt his Sansa. Jon had seen red, and Arya had glared at him for it.

“Leave her alone, she doesn’t want to talk about it.” She hadn’t moved out of his way either, in fact, she’d punched him.

He didn’t blame her either. He was too reckless then.

“Nor I,” she says smoothly. Sure, and practiced.

Jon nods, taking a deep breath.

“I’m not ready for marriage yet, Jon. Or to share a bed with another man. I still…” Her voice fades and Jon shakes his head vehemently.

“We can go slow.”

“There’s a war coming, Jon.” She chastises him.

“I’ve died once, risen again,” he says honestly. “I’ll do it again, if it means making you happy.”

Her mask breaks, and she gives him a smile that’s both heart breaking and real.

“Thank you.”

She’s not the Ice Queen they say she is. And she is. Arya’s not the General they say she is, but she is. And Rickon, well, Rickon is the Wildling brother they say he is.

Jon will be remembered as the man who died and rose. A child of the North and South. A crow that betrayed his vows and fathered a child. A crow that was killed by his men when he came back to save them. A crow who rose. A crow who brought the Wildlings past the wall.

They remember them as the Kingdom who’d brought peace with the Targaryens and Greyjoys, who had fought the Others and drove them back. Who brought peace between the Free Folk and Northerners.

They remember the longest peace in History that fell after that. Ninety years without a war.

They remember Ed Stark, who married and gave up his name for the Southern Queen, daughter of the breaker of chains. They remember Bran the Rebuilder, the first son of Sansa Stark and her crow husband. They remember Robb Stark as a picture of his namesake.

They remember Torrhen Stark, the best smith in all of the North.

And they remember the Wildling twins, Pycelle and Cat, who led the exploration of beyond the Wall after the Great War.

They call the tale the Ice Queen and her crow.

six of crows sentence starters
  • Every act of violence was deliberate.
  • They were all bruisers and brawlers.
  • If I see a single scratch on those, I’ll spell forgive me on your chest in bullet holes.
  • Old women must know something or they wouldn’t live to gather wrinkles and yell from their stoops.
  • I’m not going to bet on my own death.
  • My ghost won’t associate with your ghosts.
  • When everyone knows you’re a monster, you needn’t waste time doing every monstrous thing
  • I will have you without armor or not at all.
  • Trickery is my native tongue.
  • I’m beguiling you.
  • The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true.
  • The easiest way to steal a man’s wallet is to tell him you’re going to steal his watch. You take his attention and direct it where you want it to go.
  • Greed may do your bidding, but death serves no man.
  • Stay till the end.
  • Men mock the gods until they need them.
  • Greed bows to me. It is my servant and my lever
  • You wouldn’t know a good time if it sidled up to you and stuck a lollipop in your mouth.
  • Being angry at (him/her/them) for being ruthless is like being angry at a stove for being hot.
  • Scheming face.
  • Brick by brick, I will destroy you.
  • I have been made to protect you. Only in death will I be kept from this oath.  
  • And then there are the ones who stay awake, running through the trick again and again, looking for that skip in perception, the crack in the illusion that will explain how their eyes got duped; they’re the kind who won’t rest until they’ve mastered that little bit of mystery for themselves. I’m that kind.
  • His/Her/Their breath catches every time, like they’ve never seen you before.
  • What did you do to me in you dreams?
  • You’ll get what’s coming to you some day.
  • I wouldn’t wish love on anyone. It was the guest you welcomed and then couldn’t be rid of.
  • Maybe I liked your stupid face.
  • Do you have a different name for killing when you wear a uniform to do it?
  • I practice the art of ‘pull his shirt over his head and punch till you see blood.
  • If your god is so delicate, maybe you should get a new one.
  • None of us moves on without a backward look. We move on always carrying with us those we have lost.
  • We are all someone’s monster.
  • The trick is not getting knocked down.
  • The trick is in getting back up.
  • Any other impossible feats you’d like us to accomplish?
  • If it were a trick, I’d promise you safety. I’d offer you happiness.
  • I am a collection of sharp edges.
  • Next time you plan to impress me give me some warning.
  • We’ll be Kings and Queens.
  • How did you survive the world? When they took everything from you, you found a way to make something from nothing.
  • This isn’t a job for trained soldiers and spies. It’s a job for thugs and thieves.
  • Shame holds more value than coin ever can.
  • You do not argue with a man covered in blood and a knife up his sleeve.
  • A good magician wasn’t much different from a proper thief.
  • It’s not natural for someone to be as stupid as he is tall, and yet there you stand.
  • I’ll acquire expensive habits in the afterlife

I love that you are celebrating women’s beauty and wanted to shoot you my selfie with a quick bio!

@goblackhatwithme I see you lament over your beauty in confusion because you are gorgeous and intelligent and want you to know that we all come in different shades but that doesn’t steal our truth.

I’m a 28 young professional from CO who is obsessed with Ben Barnes and writing (though work steals me from it so it’s just turned into photos lol) I’ve struggled all my life with self confidence and beauty to always land that someone will either think your beautiful or not and all that matters is that I think I am. Don’t let anyone ever steal your outer or inner beauty❤️

Avenging Angel: Part 3

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1550

Warnings: None

Part 1Part 2

The pulsing light of the nightclub tempted you to forget your life for one night and just let go. It had been a long time since you allowed yourself to have any fun. You always had to be on your guard.

But the thumping bass and flashing rainbow of lights had a pull that was too strong. One night couldn’t hurt. After all, you didn’t know how to get in contact with anyone in the Covington family. There were too many small details that pointed to that family to be coincidence. Somehow, they were involved with your father. They might even be the key to finally proving his innocence

Keep reading

A Message To Jimin Haters

*W A R N I N G ; R A N T A H E A D*

How horrible must a person be to hate on another person for their body??? Jimin is, always has been, and always will be a lot more than abs. Did you forget why he was added as a member of BTS in the first place? It wasn’t to pull his top up and expose his rock hard abs, it was to sing. I thought we chose biases based on their personality and our individual tastes of what kinds of personalities we like, but ya’ll stupid lil fake A.R.M.Y are proving me wrong. Would you ever date a guy irl just cause he has abs? Even if he’s a jerk? No I don’t think so. So why are you body shaming a sweet and kind man? This is a topic that I’m very passionate on as I think it gets over looked way too often. You’re probably all thinking “Society talks about body issues and insecurities, what are you talking about??” Well yes it does, but about women’s insecurities, not men. A lot of people seem to think “Well a man is stronger-willed. Females are naturally more emotional so only they care about the way they look.” NOT TRUE. Look guys, this isn’t even fully about Jimin it’s just ya’ll need to start realising that MEN HAVE INSECURITIES TOO. Am I a man? No. So how do I know this? Cause it’s fucking common sense. People say “The media gives a bad message to girls cause it has unrealistic beauty standards.” Well guess what? It’s the damn same for men. In today’s society, if a man doesn’t have a six pack and giant arms, he isn’t attractive. Plain as that. Jimin used to be attractive by these standards (because he was starving himself and working out way too much which is extremely unsafe and unhealthy) and now he’s eating again and is actually healthy and ya’ll are gonna say this crap about how you hate him now just cause he lost his once super hot physique????? Have you at all stopped to think what Jimin feels about this?? He has stated before that he’s extremely self-conscious and that he only thinks he looks good when he’s ultra thin. How dare you???? Can you confidently pull your shirt from your body on a live TV broadcast like Jimin did at the MAMAs??? Can you think how nerve wrecking that must have been for him when he has these body issues???



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Synopsis: Oneshot Negan has been hitting on a girl in the sanctuary for a while and they have little banters and he blatantly flirts with her until one time she tells him “you do realise I like girls right?” ,he’s like oh shit sorry but they become good friends. -Via Anon

Ships: Negan x Reader (Platonic)
Words: 973
Warnings: Curses, Sexual talk
Category: Fluff

You had been bending over to pick up a heavy box that had just slipped out of your hands when you felt a presence just behind you. A small smile played on your lips as you finally picked up the box, after lingering a few seconds in the near touch, and turned to face the person behind you.

Negan was wearing a plain white shirt with his always spotless, black, leather jacket slung over it. He was wearing plain jeans and his characteristic large boots. He had his lethal bat swung over his shoulder as he dampened his lips with his tongue, eyeing you with dark, hungry eyes.

Negan had been flirting with you for about two months, playful banter, and the occasional hand on an ass. You had gone along with it because you enjoyed the banter but then you realized that he may have a thing for you. And that was not good.

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You Can’t Have Him


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: You becomes jealous and worried when Malia begins to take up all of Stiles time with teaching her how to adjust to human life. However Stiles reassures that nothing is going on, and that his fully committed to you.

Ever since Malia got turned back into a human and joined the pack, something about her annoyed you. Maybe it was the fact that she was technically still mentally 9 years old, or maybe it was the fact that she constantly spent so much time with your boyfriend Stiles. For some reason he had taken it upon himself to teach her the ways of society, how to behave, how to handle her emotions, how to not tear someone’s throat out during a full moon etc. All of it irritated you, because you knew about the supernatural long enough to know that coyotes grew attached to their “mate”, and apart of you was fearing that Malia has chosen Stiles to be her mate, even though she’s already aware that his taken.

The entire pack were gathered in your living room since you thought it was a good idea to catch up on school work, considering falling behind was so easy when the supernatural kept taking up so much of everyone’s time. You were sitting next to Lydia who was helping you with this complicated math equation, while Scott was working with Kira and of course your boyfriend just had to be next to Malia. Lydia’s mouth was moving but you weren’t hearing one word, since your eyes never left Stiles and Malia. You felt Lydia nudge you which turned your attention to her.

“Y/N did you hear a word I just said?” she asked placing the math book down.

“Sorry Lydia, I was just distracted” you replied.

“I know, ever since we all sat down you haven’t taken your eyes off of Stiles”.

“I just want to know why he always has to help her, why not Scott or you or even Kira? Why does she have to cling onto Stiles like her life depends on it”.

Frustrated and not in the mood you threw the pen you were holding on the ground. Lydia placed her hand on your shoulder and gestured that you and her take this conversation into another room, following her lead the both of you went into the kitchen to grab a few snacks and drinks.

Leaning up against the counter while Lydia poured a packet of chips into a bowl,

“Am I being paranoid Lydia? Or do I have the right to be genuinely concerned?”.

“Y/N Stiles is your boyfriend, so naturally when you see another women stealing all his attention you panic. But Stiles loves you, and he wouldn’t ever cheat on you with Malia. His just helping her out, just until she gets used to being a human”.

Walking over to the cabinet, you grabbed a few glasses and helped Lydia pour soda in each. “But she’s a coyote, which means she is most likely looking for a mate.”

“Okay let’s say that she does pick Stiles to be her mate, it doesn’t mean that Stiles is going to choose her to be his. He is with you, not Malia. No matter how hard Malia tries to insert herself between you and Stiles, he wouldn’t let her ruin yours and his relationship”.

Lydia was right, you and Stiles have been through so much already and not even Malia could tear you guys apart. You had to believe in your relationship and you had to trust Stiles. Hugging Lydia and whispering thank you to her, the both of you grabbed the snacks and the drinks and entered the living room.

“Oh thank god some food” Stiles said looking up from his notebook. He quickly got up, kissed you on the cheek and took the bowl of chips. His actions brought a smile to your face, despite the worry you had mere seconds ago.

“Aren’t you going to share those chips Stiles?” Scott asked, leaning forward to grab some but Stiles moving the bowl away. He grinned but eventually handed the bowl to Scott.

“So does anyone else understand this math work, besides Lydia” Kira asked.

You didn’t hear anyone’s response because Malia leaning towards your boyfriend and taking chips from his hand altered you. The action alone seemed innocent, but the intent behind it wasn’t so innocent. Even a blind man could see that Malia was enjoying herself, and loving being so close to Stiles. At this point you had to force yourself to look away and pay attention to the conversation that was going on.

“Hey Lydia could you help Malia with this formula, I don’t exactly get it?” Stiles said.

Lydia got up and swapped places with Stiles, so now he was sitting next to you. He pulled you closer and it felt nice to be in his embrace. “Are you okay?” he whispered.

You placed your head on his shoulder and mumbled a “Yeah I suppose”. His hand started playing with your hair and it soothed you slightly. Feeling a pair of eyes on you, you looked up and saw that Malia was now staring. You knew that she wasn’t happy, although why was beyond you when Stiles was never hers to begin with. Lifting your head, Stiles smiled at you and it took everything in you to return one back.

“Hey could we go up to my room for a second?” you asked him, nerves running through your entire body.

“Yeah sure”. He grabbed your hand and the two of you made your way to your bedroom.

Opening the door, you had so much you wanted to ask him but now being alone with him away from everyone else you had no idea where to begin. When you got nervous you had the tendency to play with your hands, and not have any eye contact. Stiles obviously knew this and guided you to sit on the bed so you could relax a little bit.

“Y/N what’s wrong?” he asked, with worry in his voice. Stiles hated when you were upset and especially when he didn’t know why. He always wanted to make sure you were happy and smiling, and it killed him when you weren’t.

"It’s going to sound silly” you mumbled.

“Nothing you can say to me would ever sound silly” he reassured you, rubbing your back in the process.

Taking a big breathe you made eye contact with Stiles, “I’m not okay with it?” you said.

Stiles raised his eyebrow in confusion, “Not okay with what?”.

“With you constantly helping Malia adjust to human life. I mean why does it have to be you? Why does she have to always turn to you for help! Stiles I’m terrified that she thinks that your her mate, and god knows what she’ll do to show you that”.

This was a new side that Stiles was seeing, you normally had everything together and he had never seen you this jealous before. “Hey Y/N, no-one is going to take me away from you. Malia and I are just friends, and nothing will ever happen between her and me. I love you, only you. ”

Feeling worn out you snuggled closer to Stiles side, “I know that you would never hurt me like that. But apart of me doesn’t trust her, I can’t help it but I just don’t trust Malia”.

“How about we have a night in, just the two of us. I can tell the pack to go home and we can watch your favourite movie and binge on junk food.”

Smiling you said, “That sounds perfect”.

He got up from your bed and stopped right at the door, “Y/N don’t be worried about Malia, she knows that her and I are just friends. And she knows that I’m with you, I hate seeing you like this so worked up.”

You nodded and made yourself comfortable on the bed. Within a few minutes Stiles came back and informed you that the pack was okay with leaving. He had all your favourite movies in hand, and a few snacks in the other. The two of you spent a peaceful night in each others arms, with you forgetting about any worries from earlier and Stiles placing light kisses on you whenever he got the chance.

This is what you missed, you missed just being with your boyfriend, you missed this feeling. And you would be damned if you let Malia come between the two of you so easily, there was no way she was going to steal Stiles….you wouldn’t let her.