i will stand alone

Sometimes I take a photo, like this one on Portobello beach, and I think to myself, “I’ll remember this moment, standing here alone, with my camera”

And when I go into the folder an look at this photo, it really does feel like yesterday.

9 September 2015

anonymous asked:

at this point the yoi fandom could stand to leave everything and everyone alone. i've had enough of uglies

things the yoi fandom should leave alone 

  • mlm 
  • Trans men 
  • wlw 
  • me 
  • my mutuals 
  • sex workers
  • Phichit 
  • Yuuri
  • me
  • my liver
  • lgbt history
  • lgbt history IN OTHER countries 
  • poc
  • my cat whose sceaming at me as i type this 
  • victor and yuuri
  • Otabek
  • Yurio

okay but what if the pictures in the dark room were all of tyler’s possible targets. it’s clear that toward the end of the series Tyler is being pushed toward violence and anger. On top of bullying the came along with clay’s picture he is also being pushed around by Monty. this could possibly be why alex’s picture is torn down because we see him in the ambulance before it is confirmed who it is. that’s why the head wound left alex alive but in critical condition, because he didn’t do it himself. the odds of someone surviving a self-inflicted gunshot to the head are usually unlikely. plus after we see the ambulance we see tyler stashing away his guns probably after fleeing his crime scene as he has gotten good at stalking. he is probably planning on targeting the school and everyone mentioned on the tapes. BUT LIKE THATS JUST MY THEORY IDK I JUST KINDA HOPE THERES A SECOND SEASON. I LIKE THE SHOW AS A STAND ALONE AND THOUGH ITS VERY CLOSE TO THE BOOK AND I LIKE WHEN THINGS STAY ACCURATE ID REALLY LIKE A CONTINUATION

i’m sorry for all the blood i left on your lips / for loving you into ruin.

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one weird human thing i don't think i've seen discussed yet is that sometimes we mangle our own languages as a form of getting things across? like, from little things like not capitalizing our sentences in order to get across a quiet tone, to straight up keyboard smashing to show laughter or frustration?? like, in a text conversation, "hdiuhdiuhDHIUDHIDH" "kelly what does this sequence of letters mean?" "i just found what you said funny!" "...what"


I look for you everywhere. Even in places I know you won’t be. I still look because i keep hoping that maybe one day you just might come back to me.
—  D…








apropos of nothing but just saying

scott pilgrim, canonically:

  • has a friend group almost entirely made up of bi and gay people
  • plays and sings in multiple rock bands
  • won’t get their hair cut because the last time they did it made them feel like garbage even though others thought it looked cute
  • has to confront deep-seated denial about what kind of person they are, most of which seems to date back to high school
  • said this shit in both the comic and the movie:

Draw Your Own Conclusions Is All That I Am Saying

Heaven In This Bed

Bitty gasps when he sees it.

It’s loud enough that Jack drops Bitty’s overnight bag at his feet.

“This bed,” Bitty says and Jack scoffs.

“You scared me. I thought it was something serious.”

Bitty twists towards him from where he’s standing at the end of the bed.

“It is. I am serious about this bed,” he says before he starfishes across the mattress and buries his head in the pillows. “It’s heaven.”

“It’s alright.”

“Alright?” Bitty looks at him through one eye and Jack shrugs.

He bought the first one he tired. It was comfortable and the salesman said it would be good for his back. He didn’t give it much thought.

“This is the most comfortable bed I have ever been in. Certainly the biggest.”

He stretches his arms out to his sides. They don’t quite reach the edge but the movement does pull his shirt tight across his shoulders and Jack is suddenly a lot more interested in this.

Bitty sighs happily then rolls over into his back and looks up at Jack who’s standing between his feet.

“Should I leave you and the bed alone?”

Bitty flexes his wrists then arches his back and sits up. He hooks his fingers in the belt loops of Jack’s jeans and tugs.

“Not alone.”

It’s one more tug and Jack carefully topples over and onto his boyfriend.

Bitty kisses him and slips his hands beneath Jack’s t-shirt.

Jack’s not expecting it when Bitty hooks a leg over his thigh and flips them. He straddles his hips and smiles down at him.

“We couldn’t do that in my bed at the Haus. You would’ve fallen right out,” he says and when Jack rolls his eyes Bitty presses down harder with his hands on his shoulders. “How can you be so blasé about this bed?”

“I don’t know.” He runs his hands up Bitty’s thighs and holds them tight around his hips then drags them back down again. “I like it a lot more now.”

Bitty grins down at him and dips in for another kiss.