i will stan you until the end of time

Imagine complimenting Sebastian on his thick, built up body.

“Damn Sebastian, you’re pretty ripped. Nice thick legs by the way,” You smirked.

“Oh my God, you’re embarrassing me,” He laughed while blushing.


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Stay strong!!! Dont stop making content we need u more than ever lets make it throught this

after the crazy storm today, man, i wish all 101 the best and the top 11, despite the fact that not all, or not even 2 members of nu’est made it :( i also hope that minhyun, baekho, ren, and jonghyun maintain the recognition that they deserve and get the most out of everything after what they have been through! even aaron lol even though idk where he’s hiding lol come out pls 

also i wish i can provide more new content for you guys to watch but i’ve been busy, i’ll try to finish up sat practice hw earlier this weekend in order to sneak in some time to make videos. however, if i cannot make it in time, i’ll reblog the vids i’ve made already on this blog for the next couple days! stay strong everyone, please keep supporting nu’est no matter what happens!  ❤



It’s already KNK’s first birthday ~! Their debut is still fresh in my memory, and I’m really proud of them for what they did this year. They worked so hard even when they couldn’t release a MV for U, even if they didn’t have the best mediatic exposure… They maybe didn’t win a price this year but I’m already proud because I stan a group like them. 

A talented group with amazing vocalists and original choreographies. A group who can bring you back this old kpop vibe. A group who share a lot with their fans, who want to be close with them. A group who love us equally regardless our genre. A group with members who are caring, funny, talented, precious

Until the end I want to be by their side, and I know they will grow bigger and bigger with time and the support of Tinkerbells. KNK Mansae ~!

Title: Tidal Waves 

 Summary: Stan and Ford sail to the Pacific to take Dipper and Mabel on a little summer trip. It can be an interesting, spending a few months on rough waters.

 Chapter: 1/?

Words: 1,061

 (AO3) (ff.net)

 A/N: I long for some Pines family fluff. This story is something I’ve been planning for a while and I hope it does well! Here’s the first chapter.. 

 Stan isn’t what one would call an early riser. 

But as the ocean’s waters shift and contort restlessly, and the gulls chant their dismay toward the furious breeze, he groans.

 Unfortunately for him, Ford has developed a habit of awakening at ungodly hours for the past week, dragging the whole world with him in the process, and this fine morning is no different. 

 It’s an added insult to injury. Stan jolts awake as the other end of the mattress dips, and releases a disturbing squeeekk, followed by the sound of Ford’s heavy footsteps, and eventually, some clanks and clatters several feet away. 

 "Do you mind?“ Stan mumbles, "Some people are are trying to sleep here.”

 "Sorry, I’m trying t-“

 "Scare the dolphins away!?" 

 "I didn’t mean to wake you up, I just like to get up early and get stuff going.” Ford exclaims. 

 "Obviously. I don’t know how you function without sleep. It’s too early for this.“

 Stan burrows himself in the comforter and attempts to block out any disturbances.

 "Are you gonna research the effects of insomnia?” He mumbles. 

“No,” Ford replies,“ I’m actually trying to see how much more food and other essentials we can stock here.”

 "You think we’re running out?“ 

 "Not yet, but we will with two more people staying with…” Ford pauses rapidly, “it’s not important. I was just curious. We may need a little extra just to be safe.”

 An awkward silence ensues.

 Stan is beginning to wonder if Ford’s lack of sleep has taken an actual toll.

“Come back to bed and relax poindexter, you’re delirious.”

 "I am not,“ Ford grumbles, ” you just go back to bed while I uh-research. Anyway, we should be heading toward Panama. We’ll stop there to get a few things.“

He disappears to the deck, leaving Stan a tad bewildered, but none the less, exhausted. 


 “You’re saying we can sail with you guys?” Dipper asks.

“For three whole months!?” Mabel cheers. 

The teens sound absolutely dumbfounded, and Ford feels jittery just talking to the twins about this.

 "Yes, as long as your parents agree,“ He responds quietly, worried the twins’ voices may be caught by Stan, and muffles one end of the payphone with his palm,” if they allow it, you two will be able to see Stan and I this summer.“

 Just in time, Stan’s incessant footsteps draw close.

 "Remember, this is a surprise for Stan. He doesn’t know about my plan. I’m sure your parents won’t mind, but until we know for sure, don’t say a word to him.” Ford whispers.

 "We won’t, we promise!“ Mabel exclaims. 

 "Alright, I’ll put Stan on." 

 Stan takes the payphone from Ford’s grasp and looks a bit concerned. 

 "Is this Soos? I hope he didn’t set the Shack on fire again.”

 "It’s the kids, I called them.“ 

 "Oh,” Stan stammers,“h-hey kiddos, it’s me. How are you two goobers doing?”

 "Grunkle Stan! We heard you guys were in Panama City. Is it pretty?“ Mabel responds.

 "Eh, it’s mostly just a port area, but it’s okay. The people are pretty nice, though Ford is a bit rusty on his spanish.”

 "Grunkle Stan, how long are you guys staying there?“ Dipper butts into the conversation. 

 "Only for a few hours. Ford is turning into a doomsday prepper, since he stopped to get us extra food. I mean, it’s the ocean we’re sailing on, we could survive on fish and crabs but no, he’s all paranoid I guess.”

 Stan can hear the twins giggle on the end of the line, though he doesn’t think too much into it. 

 "Anyway, are you kids doing well?" 

 "Yeah! Waddles one a pig contest at the county fair, and Dipper got straight A’s throughout the eighth grade, so he gets to go to honors classes this next year." Mabel says. 

 There is a unique pride in her voice that sends warmth through Stan’s body.

 "And our parents are doing well. They always say how great of a job you did getting us to be more outgoing.” Dipper exclaims. 

 The old man feels as if he’s going to collapse from sheer happiness right on the spot, but Ford places a hand on his shoulder and soothes him. 

 "That’s uh-that’s great! You kids sound like you’re doing great. Mr. Genius and I gotta get goin’, so you guys take care alright?“ 

 The teens say their goodbyes and Stan hangs up gently, his shoulders hunched, and his own sense of pride intense. It’s one of the best feelings in the universe, but as he turns to face his brother,something else brews within. He can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but it’s not pleasant. 


"Stan, you need to eat.” Ford insists. 

 His face boasts impatience, but it’s in the form of concern rather than annoyance. 

 "I will, I’m just..thinking.“ Stan sighs. 

 A seagull caws deviously overhead. It circles over his plate of rice and swoops down, attempting to steal any amount it can get. 

 "I guess the birds and I are eating alone tonight. What’s bothering you?” Ford says.

 "When…it’s stupid, don’t worry.“ 

 "Ignoring a problem never helped anyone.”

The men send each other a sharp glance. Stan caves in and groans.

 "When I talked to the kids earlier, I just felt so happy to hear them and hear how excited they were about things. It felt nice, but I guess-,“ He pauses, and sighs deeply, "I guess I just really miss them." 

 Ford sees the hurt on his brother’s face and longs to tell him that the twins are coming. He wants to get into a spiel about the adventures they’ll all have, but he can’t. Instead, he grabs Stan in a warm embrace and tries to reassure him. 

 "You will see them again, I promise." 

 "But when will that happen?" 

 ”…Soon.“ Ford is careful not to let more than an oblivious hint drop. He pats Stan’s shoulder, "Come on, let’s go inside. It’s too warm out on deck.”

They head inside the Stan O’ War to wind down and catch some rest. 

When you promised yourself you wouldn't ship anyone romantically until you knew they actually did exist...but end up being an unloyal shipper between Jikook and Vmin...BTS is changing my morals..

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Hello! How do you think the main 4 and Craig's gang would deal with a break up from a very serious relationship???? I really like what you have done so far.


  • Would lock himself in his room.
  • Lots and lots of crying, but only in private.
  • Would switch back and forth between blaming himself and his ex until ending in utter confusion.
  • Would stray away from relationships for a long time.


  • Would pull his hood on tighter.
  • Would find little to no joy in various sexual jokes or innuendos, a huge shift from the norm.
  • Would tend to be much quieter, both in frequency and volume of speaking.
  • Would quickly try to find another relationship, but would fail to feel the same, causing him to flit from relationship to relationship looking to find the same emotions.


  • Would whine to his mom, often asking her why love sucks.
  • Would claim he was right that love never works out and that he knew it all along.
  • Would make lots of jokes and snide remarks about love, dating, and his ex.
  • Deep down, he blames himself for everything and is immensely distraught.


  • Would most likely end up with the goth kids again, at least temporarily. The goths would welcome him back and act as if nothing had changed since last time he was with them.
  • Would lose interest in life for a span before becoming a workout addict to preoccupy himself.
  • 100% convinced that there is no one else out there for him.
  • Would swear off relationships forever. Obviously, he breaks this vow to himself with little to no thought much later.
  • Would go out of his way to violently flip off his ex.
  • For a short while, he won’t stop talking about the break up and how he can do just fine without his ex.
  • Will quickly cut off anyone else who brings up his past relationship.
  • Only voices his sadness and distress to Stripe late at night when he’s sure no one else can hear.


  • Would claim he wasn’t hurt and he was happier now because he could get with any girl he wants to. Absolutely no one is convinced.
  • Cries in the shower, usually singing cliché love songs.
  • When his fits of sadness set in, he is entirely inconsolable. Each of the others in the group have tried and failed to help him quell his tears. He will persistently deny these occurrences.
  • Resorts to begging his ex to come back a few times.


  • Would remain gentlemanly to his ex and still treat them as a friend.
  • Would most likely be set up with Nichole immediately after his breakup (ahem, Cartman) and would end up dating her for a short while, afraid to say no and break her heart. The relationship would quickly dissipate back into little more than friendship.
  • His grades slip for a short while after the breakup until he finds that utter overachievement is a good distraction from sadness.
  • Manages to stay quite normal until his parents, who he neglected to tell about his break up, bring up his ex. He suffers his only breakdown at the dinner table that night.


  • Would have to rewrite sets of jokes to avoid any on the topic of love for quite a while.
  • His usual jokes would lose much of their effectiveness due to his sadder mood. Other than this, he tries to remain optimistic.
  • Would often get lost in sad music.
  • Much, much later, he is able to put a positive spin on the experience and write a plethora of jokes about breakups.


  • Caught between needing coffee and trying to avoid it for the memories he and his ex made in the coffee shop. Inevitably gives in to his caffeine addiction, but makes sure to steer clear of his ex’s favorite drinks.
  • His threshold of tolerance for pressure decreases greatly; he often finds himself freaking over even simpler tasks than usual.
  • Would have to keep away from his ex, finding that even close proximity sends him into fits of twitches.
  • Worries that he’ll never again find someone who can put up with him.

meninas que chamam jeon jungkook de biscoito não me add

lost in jungkook’s eyes

omg jungkook its so cute he makes me wanna die/cry

eu digo homem bonito vocês respondem jeon jungkook

mama i’m in love with a international playboy

o dia que vc for jeon jungkook a gente conversa

world {n}: earth, our home, jungkook’s arms.

a+ jeon jungkook biased do site

pOxA JuNGkOoK (inspirado no poxa croshe kkkkj)

전정국; I promise to love and protect you until the end of the times

#1 dentinhos d jeon jungkook stan

~~ OI MEUS AMORES< queria agradecer pelos 200 seguidores, (que é pouco pra muitos mas um grande avanço pra quem nem gostava de entrar no tumblr). Meu Muitíssimo obrigada, por ver que a maioria de vocês estão gostando e usando minhas bios feita com muito carinho sz. Like or @hyukiesoft 


(Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: I wanted to write something where you guys are filming an avengers movie or something and Seb’s totally smitten with you and then everyone teases him about it. So in that case if that kind of stuff interests you, I hope you enjoy!

Everyone, from the directors to the actors, sat at a large conference sized table inside a room you’d never been to before. It was pretty hidden being tucked in the corner of the studio, and from all the dust it looked as if it was rarely used. An emergency lunchtime meeting had been called by your directors for Captain America Civil War to talk “Important Business”, as the email stated. You looked around and all your fellow cast memebers were here except for one. Sebastian.

“Okay guys so I’ve got some bad news-” Joe begins however is interrupted as the door swings open abruptly.

“Sorry I’m late.” Sebastian exclaims out of breath with sweat glistening on his forehead.

“That’s alright just grab a seat.” Joe smiled at him.

He passed plenty of open seats until he finally reached the one he wanted; the one next to you. You greet him with a short smile before you focus your attention on your directors. He sits down the brown drink tray he had in his hands and settles back in the black leather office chair.

“So what I was saying is that it looks like we’re going to need an extra month to finish filming.” Joe sighs expecting everyone to be upset.

“That’s great!” Chris says enthusiastically.

“What?” Joe asks, clearly puzzled by the the reaction he was receiving.

“Yeah I think it’s great. It’s fun to film when you’ve got great people around you.” Sebastian says while winking at you.

“You’re talking about me right, Vanilla Ice?” Anthony inquires jokingly causing scattered laughs throughout the small room.

“C'mon Mackie, we all know you’re not the only person he’s happy about spending more time with.” Robert adds while pointing at you causing everyone in the room to laugh even more.

“Alright, well thank you guys for being so understanding, we’ll continue filming in thirty minutes.” Joe says letting out a chuckle and sighing as if there has been a weight lifted off his shoulders.

The directors leave, however your cast members remain seated indulging in the food they have brought for lunch.

“Hey is that a cool lime refresher with my name on it, sexy seabass?” Anthony asks from across the table.

“Not today Chocolachino.” Sebastian laughs while handing you the drink Anthony thought was for him.

“Thanks Seb.” You say gratefully with a hint of surprise considering you never asked him to pick anything up for you.

“Wow Y/n you’ve got him whipped.” Anthony yells jokingly imitating a whip noise resulting in ‘ow ows’ and ‘oohs’ being thrown about the room quietly by your cast members.

“I am not whipped. I’m just being nice, she didn’t even ask me to get it for her, it was just an act of kindness.” Sebastian says partially defending you, partially defending himself.

“I believe it, he is so smitten with Y/n. We’ve all seen the way he looks at her.” Chris says smirking, adding to Sebastian’s existing embarrassment.

“Yeah seriously Stan, when are you going to ask her out?” Robert questions tilting his head slightly to the left, “Y/n he talks about you all time.” He says directing his attention towards you.

You however were looking down at your salad trying to avoid this conversation for yours and Sebastian’s dignity’s sake.

“Okay enough already, leave the lovebirds alone.” Scarlett laughs hitting Robert in the shoulder gently.

Exasperated sighs were let out as Jeremy let everyone know they have to be back on set in five minutes. The room begins clearing out as everyone packs up their things. You stand up and collect your belongings and begin walking towards the door when you hear Sebastian call your name quietly.

“Y/n?” He says while running his hands through his hair.

“Yeah Seb?” You answer politely, turning around to face him.

“I’m really sorry about that, I know that must have been really embarrassing for you and I kn-” He rambles adorably until he is interrupted by your soft lips on his.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a really long time.” He whispers breathily once you end the kiss, “I’d like to take you on a date Friday night, I’ll pick you up at 6?”

“That sounds wonderful.” You grin back at him.

The rest of the day he could not wipe off the huge smile that was plastered on his face. He finally got the girl of his dreams, and little did he know, but he was the guy of your dreams too.

  • Deadpool has killed innocent people and he’s an Avenger now.
  • Penguin is a fan-favorite in the Gotham fandom. 
  • Klaus from The Vampire Diaries/The Originals slaughtered an entire pack and plenty other innocent people and he got his own show.
  • Regina Mills from Once Upon a Time is one of the heroes now and she had an entire village massacred.

There are plenty of characters who have killed people and were redeemed and you come to my house to try and make me feel bad for being a Ward stan? If you like watching boring, one-dimensional characters every week then that’s your problem. But I don’t, so I’ll stand with Ward until the end. 

agent-jaselin replied to your post: I thought of another prompt! First time ever on…

Ah man poor fidds having to take care of his trouble making siblings. (Though not on purpose this time.) i wonder if Lute or Angie dare the other to try bread and end up sick.

Omfg yesss

the next time they go on land, that’s when Lute and Angie dare each other to eat bread.  they get sick for three days and regret everything.  Fidds is v tempted to say “I told you so”, but doesn’t, bc his younger siblings are as green as his scales.  he doesn’t like seeing them miserable.

after the bread incident, Lute and Angie decide that the human world isn’t worth it and don’t turn into their human forms again until they meet the Stans.  

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I remember when you used to be casual about Xanya, but I'm curious to know why did you end up extremely against the ship now.

It was a combination of factors. Seeing endless praise posts, further contemplation on how both make each other miserable and bring out the worst in the other, the bashing of Xandelia by people who Ship Xanya, and all the people who praise and stan Anya like she’s perfect and deserves like a billion times better than Xander - she’s massively, epicly slumming it to even deign to notice him, if you believe some of her hardcore stans.

I grew increasingly bitter about the ship the longer I was on tumblr until I saw a Xanya post and realized I hated the ship

Finding Out

Set in @marypsue‘s Vamp!Stan universe. Also this is for Mary because she absolutely wonderful and deserves it.


The bus came rolling to a stop, and Stan mentally checked over everything one more time. There was a reason for the blood in the fridge, for his slowness during the day, for any potential reactions to the Star of David…. everything was taken care of. 

Lazy Susan had expressed doubts about him having a pair of kids for the summer, but he had waved off her concerns. He had fooled his customers, fooled this town (well, most of this town) for going on thirty years. It was going to be a piece of cake to keep two snot nosed brats from finding out any of his secrets.

Later, Stan would recognize how wrong he was.

Keep reading

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What i meant by she got nothing is that nothing big came to her. Yeah she got attention but what did the attention get her? Not much. They dated for almost two years, he ignored her up until the last few months by posting like two pics, one he's since deleted. Her stans and friends dropped her every other week so the attention was pointless. The attention didn't actually turn into something until right before they broke up when she made YouTube, started modeling, etc. and now everyone hates her

You have a point, but she spent all that time building up her “fanbase”, so even though it didn’t show until the end, the attention would eventually amount to something and she always knew it. She was aware that she was gaining throughout the whole thing. You know what I mean?


140412 | happy birthday oh sehun ♡ the light of my life

It’s been two years and two birthdays ever since I discovered a baby angel who introduced himself as “EXO-K’s maknae!”.

There’s so many things I wish to say to you„ like how you always smile the brightest ;; how bright you always shine on stage ;; how much of a flirt you are at the official fanboard ;; how you never forget to thank the fans no matter what„ and how thankful you are towards them. The sentimental and caring sehun who once cried because of his hyungs fighting„ the maknae who prays for his members every night before going to sleep„ the first one to help your members when they were pushed over at the airport„ these moments proved us all that you are a sincere and kind boy. I hope you’re aware how much an impact you’ve become to the lives of many and that you are the one of the big reasons for the joyful laughter and tears we’ve gone through. You are an admirable person and a great inspiration to many of us. The times where we fans all bonded through live streams„ staying up until midnight„ the tears we shed when exo releases something„ there wasn’t one single moment that I’ve regret. Not even the slightest bit. Because of you„ I have something to look forward to every day„ and even through stanning you and exo„ I’ve met the most wonderful people here who are also your fans. It’s amazing how the way you never failed to cheer us up just by watching you talking smiling and being the big ball of sunshine you are. Therefore, I’d like to thank you, so much, for letting me love you, and support you. 

There are times where you’ll miss your family dearly„ how desperate and eager to see them and hug them„ but it’s okay„ because you’ve got 11 amazing hyungs by your side to accompany you and cheer you on ;; There are bound to have times where you’ll get tired from intense practices during late nights„ but I’ll know that the talented and strong oh sehun will go through this ;; Mistakes are bound to happen„ but I’ll know you’ll learn from it and become a better and improved oh sehun ;; Even when haters tries to pull you down„ fans will be there to protect you ;; Because you are oh sehun„ and we’ll trust you and support you no matter what. 

 happy birthday, oh sehun! We’ll be anticipating a lot from our charming maknae who is the most passionate and happiest when he’s dancing under the spotlight. let’s go until the very end! 에헷! 오호랏! 


Anonymous said: I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the song called Drop Candy Pop. But if you have could you possibly draw Stan and Ford singing it together on Mabel’s karaoke? Like it’s Dipper and Mabel’s birthday and Mabel wanted Stan and Ford to sing for her and bond. And they do so (reluctantly) both aren’t happy until halfway through the song then Stan starts getting into it and soon they are just singing together, laughing and having fun for the first time in years and when the songs ends they hug. 😊

Man, Anon sorry this took like forever and a half. Kind of not all for drawing happy times for a bit there. Too serious for my own good. I’m over that now yay.

But yeah, I sort of heard of this song without realizing that was the song.

And since I like to think Ford can speak a few languages (if not fluently, at least basic) he probably tried to sing some of the original Japanese. It ends up being really horrible and really hilarious. 

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What's the plan for when the little ones are old enough for school? Gravity Falls Public Education or Homeschooling?

: Sadly both. Stan insists they need friends while I insist they’re going to be wasting their time in public school. I went through it! I could have learned much faster if I had-

Stan: [From the other room] Are you going off about schooling again??

Ford: I have valid points, Stan!

Ford: Oh…well, we either come to an agreement like this one, or we stay mad at eachother for days on end until one of us gives.
Ford: Which is usually me because Stan is a stubborn mule.

Stan: I heard that!
Ford: Good!

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Hi! i just found out about the werewolf stan au and it is fantastic. Curious question: is it possible that he got bitten either during his time in prison or during his run-in with Rico (like a big werewolf clan went after him or some)? Also, I just imagine Mabel finding out about this werewolf trait and being all excited about Grunkle puppy.

( renmorris’ werewolf stan au!)

I’m not quite sure! I’m thinking maybe when he’s on the run from Rico and his gang- Stan living on the edge after his prison stay, frequently getting chased by those gang members and going for various routes to throw them off.

He often encounters the supernatural without ever realizing it- ghosts, sprites, any of the local folklore of the town he’s staying in. Stan’s headed for various directions– Anywhere But Here– and any time he’s headed west, weirder things happen.

It was a good idea to hide out in the forests, there weren’t much people there. Less human beings. But more creatures.

One night he tries hunting for food the old fashioned way. Man’s gotta eat. It just happens he unintentionally lures a werewolf, makes them mad and tries to wrestle them-

ALSO OH MY GOSH YES- Stan is so huge and fluffy, he’s like this gigantic teddy bear for Mabel to cling on to and it’s precious- 

Ford doesn’t find out until near the end of summer

“You never told me you were a werewolf! When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Geez, pointdexter, I don’t know! We had no time to sit down and talk. Before you told me to sail away. Less than an hour I arrived here.”



Sebastian Stan Request

Can I request a Sebastian Stan imagine? The reader is wearing a revealing outfit & he gets overprotective? Or jealous ? ❤️

“Meet you at the club,” the text from Sebastian had said hours earlier. You, he, and the cast from Civil War were going out to celebrate the end of filming and he told you to meet him there since he’d be on set until it was time to meet up. You gave yourself a once over in the mirror, checking on your hair, makeup, and the tight red dress that clung to your frame. You slipped on your black heels, grabbed your purse, and made your way to the club.

You walked through the packed club and went back to the booth that the cast had all reserved for tonight. “Hey guys,” you yelled over the music to Anthony and Scarlet who were sipping on their drinks in the booth. “Where’s Seb?”

“He and Evans went dancing,” Mackie laughed. “Look for two people looking like they’re having strokes, that’s them dancing.”

“Will do,” you smiled and went to find Sebastian on the dance floor. You grabbed a drink on your way and found the two in the middle of the floor dancing like no one was watching. “Would you like to dance,” you said into Sebastian’s ear. He turned around and smiled seeing it was you…until he looked down at what you were wearing. He looked back up and around you and saw all the men eyeing you in the short, tight dress.

“I’d love to,” he took you into his arms and started dancing with you. “That’s a….tiny dress,” he chose his words carefully.

“I thought you like it.”

“I do, just not here.”

“Sebastian are you jealous?”

“How can I not be when every guy in here is looking at my girlfriend?”

“I guess we’ll have to make it clear that I’m with you and that’s not changing,” you suggested and he let out a chuckle.

“I guess we will, huh?”


“Where are these ideas coming from? Who are you working with?”

“My brother is a dangerous know-it-all…”

“Trick or possess anyone…”

“Then it’s a deal. From now until the end of time.”

“Let me into your mind, Stanford.”

“Please call me a friend.”

Ford’s PTSD nightmares thoughts, 2.15 The Last Mabelcorn