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5 Times When Peter Parker had a completely obvious crush on you

1) He anonymously sent you a copy of your favorite book

Peter overheard you talking to one of your friends in the hallway of school. “I just cannot believe,” you were saying, “that A Tale of Two Cities is my favorite book and I don’t own a copy of it!”

Gwen, the friend by your side, shrugged. “Buy it.”

“Ugh, but that’s so much work,” you sighed. “I’d have to go all the way to the store and talk to someone to purchase it.” 

Peter closed his locker, eyeing you from the side. You had moved on from the topic, slinging your red and black checkered bag over your shoulder and walking away. 

He waved to you nervously and was delighted when you smiled to him. “Hi, Peter,” you say before continuing on. 

The following morning shocked you because there was a package inside your locker. Well, more of a present. 

It was wrapped neatly in gold paper with a ribbon on top and a note card with your name on it. 

You looked around the hallway-it was still just morning time, students still filing into the school. You supposed it couldn’t have been hard for someone to break into your locker seeing as you spend every minute you can spare by sleeping in. Who, exactly, thought it would be a good idea to start high school at seven in the damn morning? 

Either way, you hesitantly unwrapped the paper. 

You couldn’t help but squeal in delight when you saw the contents; a book! Not just any book, but your favorite book! 

You’d been talking to your friend, Gwen, about how you had yet to own a copy of it just the day before now. Perhaps she had something to do with it? 

You grinned while you held the book to your chest, retreating to class. 

Peter waved to you from his locker and you waved back. 

2) You were gushing about your crush on Spider-Man

Michelle laughed at you from her side of the table. “You’re utterly insane, [Nickname], you know that?” 

You pouted. “I’m not. I’m just saying that Spider-Man and I will probably ended up making out at some point. It’s bound it happen. I’ve read the fan-fiction on tumblr, Michelle, and I know at least one third of it was written by you.” 

She rolled her eyes when you pointed at her with a plastic spork. “Hey, so on a totally different-and normal- note, can one of my friends sit with us today?” 

You put her hand over your chest in mock terror. “You have friends other than me? That’s bull,” you laughed. 

Michelle leaned back on her cafeteria seat. “Nah, he’s a little and helpless puppy-nerd. Yo, Peter!” 

You looked back and smiled when Peter Parker made his way over. He set his bag beside yours and you pulled a seat out for him. “[Y/n], you know Parker, right?” Michelle asked, gesturing between you both. 

“Yeah, sort of,” you replied happily. “You were in my biology Freshmen year! And we have lockers close together,” you told Peter, as though he didn’t remember it himself. Trust me, he did. 

“So Peter, enlighten us both with your ever so smart nonsense,” Michelle purred, resting her chin in her elbow. “Do you think [Y/n] has a chance with Spider-Man?” 

Your eyes widened and you promptly kicked your friend underneath the table. “Why?” you hissed. 

Michelle laughed over her wince of pain. 

“Uhm. W-why would you want a…chance…with Spider-Man?” Peter asked, looking at you. “Because,” you replied slowly. “He’s-well he’s the type of guy who just-”

“Because [Y/n] has a huge crush on him,” Michelle answered for you. 

The rest of the day, Peter imagined what it’d be like for him to swoop you up in his arms while wearing his suit. 

3) He offered to be your date when yours stood you up 

The Midtown High School committee always held a party right smack in the middle of the year. It acted as a fundraiser and a survey for student interests at the same time. 

This year, the theme is super heros! Everyone that would show up was meant to be dressed as a super hero, whether real or fictional. You would get to take pictures with little kids who showed up and what not. Plus, when the photography portion is over, there would be a marathon of hero movies in the theatre of the school-food and drinks provided. 

Someone had ended up asking you out to this school event. You supposed he was cute enough. The plan was that you’d buy the tickets and he’d pay you back at the end of the night. You guys even decided to go as a super hero couple! 

So you now stood in line at your school, handing money to Gwen. Gwen is the type of girl who is in ever single club at the school so it didn’t surprise you that she is also apart of the committee. “So,” she grinned, “I hear you’re going with Dreamy Danny?” 

You blushed, looking away from her as she counted the money and tickets. “Yes, I guess.” 

“You guess?! [Y/n],” Gwen said, all serious now, “Dreamy Danny has been the number one wet dream boat for everyone ever since he transferred. I’m going to be the sister-in-law of Dreamy Danny!” 

You took the tickets from her hands. “You are not because we aren’t getting married. And Dreamy Danny isn’t all that, you know,” you grumble back. 

Gwen nodded. “Oh, yeah. I’m sorry, I forgot you were only into nerds like Spider-Man and Peter Parker.”

You wanted to scream at her to shut up. “I don’t like like Peter, okay! All I said is that he happened to be really cute and I’m happy we are starting to be friends…and Spider-Man isn’t a nerd!” you added before walking off. Gwen called out to you, something along the lines of “Nerds are so your type!” 

You tried to forget Gwen’s comment on Peter-especially since you are headed to the library to spend free period with him. 


He greeted you with a cute smile, as usual. He had the seat pulled out for you and you happily took it. 

“Ooh, you’re going to the fundraiser?” he asked, spotting the tickets in your hands. 

“Yep! Maybe Spider-Man will be there,” you joked. Your crush on Spider-Man became an inside joke between you guys now, since it was the first thing you two had actually talked about. 

Peter had quickly become a good friend. You enjoyed his company. 

“Are you going with Gwen?” he asked, biting into an apple. “No, Danny Rand.” 

Peter stopped in the middle of his bite. Danny Rand?! As in the guy everyone in school thought was really hot? Hell, his nickname is Dreamy Danny!

“I thought the same thing when he asked,” you admitted. “It’s all very weird. I actually thought he liked that girl, Colleen. But whatever, right? Peter, you said you’re going to the fundraiser tomorrow?”  

He opened his mouth to answer but noticed your phone light up. The number hadn’t yet been saved. 

“Oh. That’s Drea-Danny,” you say, unlocking the phone to read what he had sent. “Oh…” 

Peter leaned in towards you. “Wait, what’s wrong?” 

Your face had fallen, just a bit, and you wrinkled your nose with discomfort. “I’m getting stood up,” you announced, putting your phone face down. “And I already bought his ticket…do you want to come with me to return this?” you asked, waving the other one in your hand. 

It didn’t totally bother you; Dreamy Danny isn’t your boyfriend, anyways, and you hardly knew him, so why should it bother you? But on the other hand, you’d gotten a bit excited. Maybe the idea of having a date was why you’d been excited.

But now you’re going alone. It made you a little sad. 

“Uh, no,” Peter said, clearing his throat. “You don’t have to return it. I’ll go with you to the fundraiser,” he said, a small smile drawing the corner of his mouth up. 

You raised your eyebrows. “Don’t you already have plans?” 

He shook his head, leaning down on the table. Peter tapped his fingers on a textbook rhythmically. “No, I was going alone too. And besides, I didn’t buy my ticket yet. I’ll just pay you right now for it.” 

You held the extra ticket close to your chest. “I don’t want your money, though. I’d feel bad!” 

“Why?” Peter asked. “Wasn’t Danny Rand going to pay you back?” 

You slowly nodded your head. “Well, yes, but isn’t his family super well off? Not that you’re poor!” you quickly apologized. Peter only laughed at that. “Hey-think of it like this! I bought my own ticket, you just picked it up for me. Okay? Say ‘Okay, Peter,’” he coaxed as he switched the spare ticket in your hand for a five dollar bill. 

“Okay, Peter,” you nodded. 

4) You showed up as his superhero S/O 

Peter insisted that he should have picked you up for the fundraiser, but you told him no and he’d already been enough of a big help. Peter, you texted him, you don’t have to go out of your way to do that! I’ll meet you there, don’t worry! :)

So he waited, bouncing on the balls of his feet while playing on his phone. His costume was a Nightwing one, black and blue with his hair slicked out of his face. 

A taxi eventually rolled up and he watched curiously to see who would get out of the car. 

He almost screamed out loud when he saw your costume. 

You had decided to come to this thing as Starfire. 


Since the event was a school function, you’d opted for a more modest take of the alien’s outfit, seeing as the comic version involved as little cloth as possible. But your hair was curled the way Starfire’s was and you looked absolutely gorgeous. 

You happily skipped over to Peter and admired his costume. “Hey! We match! You know, Nightwing and Starfire are da-”

“Yeah, I know,” Peter quickly interrupted before you could say it. Dating. 

After some chatting, you guys decided to head into the school. All Peter could think about was the fact neither of you planned this. 

What a coincidence. 

5) He saw you in an unexpected place

Summer had finally come for New York. The school year ended with Peter romantically confessing his feelings for you then giving you a hard, passionate kiss. 

Haha. Not. It’s what he would have liked to have happened, but instead you guys went back to his apartment and ate ice cream with his Aunt May. 

The intense July heat gave Peter much more of a reason to ask Mr. Stark to help him train and learn more at the facility. The air conditioning there was so cold and perfect. Not perfect for winter, anyways, but it would be just fine for this time of year. 

Tony escorted him around the place again for good measure. “Hey, so when can I meet the other Avengers?” Peter asked eagerly. “I mean, you know, officially meet them.” Peter wouldn’t call getting his ass kicked by Steven Rogers a ‘proper introduction.’ 

Tony hesitated. He wasn’t completely over the incidents with Steve-i.e the time when everyone on the Avengers split into side and tried to beat each other up-   but gave in. “I guess you can meet some of them now. Come on, kid, follow me.” 

Peter cheered to himself and followed after Tony. “You can meet a few of the softies first. You know, to ease your way into it. Let’s start with Banner.” 

Peter paled. “How is he a softie?! He-he could kill me,” Peter said quietly, as though if he said it louder he would actually die. 

“A lot of people could kill you, kiddo, but Banner won’t. You can also meet his kid. She’s about the same age as you and has some weird powers. Probably something to do with Bruce’s bio~hazardous sperm.” 

Peter wanted to point out that if Bruce did sleep with someone without a condom, his ‘bio~hazardous sperm’ would most likely kill the poor woman. 

There was a wide set of tinted glass doors, a few words of warning printed onto them. “This is our playground,” Tony explained. “The science lab. If the Big Guy is anywhere, he’s here. You wouldn’t have seen him yet, but his kid, you have. She was at the airport.” 

How could Peter forget? She pummeled him into small Spider-Boy pulp. And all because he said her mask was a bit unreasonable( his exact words were “I mean seriously, how do you breathe with that? And purple? Not a good color on you.”).

Tony pressed a few buttons and then pushed the door open. “After you,” he grinned to Peter. 

Peter stepped in, cautiously, and looked around. There wasn’t anything absolutely crazy like he’d expected. In one corner of the room there was a couch with a new looking book on the armrest and a knit blanket sprawled over the cushions. 

In another corner, a cabinet of glass beakers and other items; beside that, a door that led to a storage room-Peter thought to himself that it probably held chemicals. 

In the very center of a room was a wide table. Expensive looking computers and the same hologram screens Tony used were littered about it. Behind the table was a man with scruffy dark, graying hair. He has thin glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, buried deep into his work.

Although that wasn’t what made Peter gasp in utter shock. 

There was a girl standing on the ceiling. 

Standing. On. The ceiling. Her hair didn’t fall out around her head, and her clothes weren’t slipping off of her that way it should have when someone is hanging upside down. She was humming to herself, occasionally doing flips and spins. She even landed perfectly back onto the surface! 

“Kiddo, Big Guy, why don’t you stop being weirdos and say hello to the guest,” Tony says. 

The girl didn’t bother to look at Tony and huffed. “Yeah, yeah,” she mumbled. Peter watched in awe at how she got down from the ceiling. She simply walked down the wall and to the floor. 

But Bruce had already moved over and blocked Peter’s view of the girl’s face. “Tony, who have you kidnapped now? He’s only a teenager.” 

“Maybe Tony should be kidnapping teenagers if you guys intend on locking me up here and raising me hidden away from society.” That voice-

And then she pushed past her dad. Her [e/c] eyes widened in complete surprise. “Peter?!” Bruce’s eyes narrowed at Peter, then. “You know [Y/n]?”

“Wait,” Tony interrupted. “You know Peter?” he asks you. “Well duh, I know Peter,” you say, though your eyes don’t stray off of your friend. “Why do you know him?” The question was directed at Peter now. He realized you had meant ‘Why do you know Mr. Stark?’

Tony proudly pat Peter’s shoulders. “Kiddo here is Spider-Man!” 

It was then that you realized not only have you once beat up your favorite hero-but also your crush.

What If I Told You

Warnings: Just Dan’s potty mouth

Genre: Fluff


    Dan angrily stomped through the halls, his heavy backpack slowing him down, and a short girl, with blonde curly hair, rushing at his heels. He’d been trying to push off this conversation for days, however he knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid it forever. Especially with his friend, Louise, basically being his second mother,

   “Daniel,” she called out, equality frustrated with Dan as he was with her, “you can’t keep avoiding the situation! It’s tearing you apart,” Louise smacked her hand on his shoulders and turned him around, “you need to tell him the truth already,” she spoke with a more gentle tone. Dan sighed and turn to his locker, turning the lock a few times, then pulling it open.

   “I know Louise, trust me I do, it’s just-” Dan bit his lip nervously, “Phil is my best friend, he has been since the beginning basically. I don’t want to ruin what we have now just because I have a selfish little crush on him,”

    Unfortunately for Dan, a little crush, was an understatement. In fact, Dan can barely stand close to the black haired boy without drooling everywhere. If anything Dan could ever love more than Phil, it would to be able to call Phil his. However, there was one small problem, Phil was straight.

   Louise sighed as she watched her close friend slump his shoulders in defeat, “Dan, honey, remember that we don’t know for fact that Phil is straight. He’s never said anything about his sexuality, and we know that he doesn’t have anything against homosexuals, considering both of you nerds cry over that silly ice skating anime together,” she finished her sentence with a giggle, knowing that would cheer Dan up slightly.

   Dan let out a weak laugh at that memory. Louise did have a point, but would it be worth it to have a possibly in ruining their friendship forever? No, not at all. Louise softly smiled at Dan,

   “Hey, Phil’s coming over to yours after school, correct?” Dan nodded, “Well, how about you tell him your feelings today,”

   Dan’s eyes got wide and he quickly shook his head, “No way Louise! I can’t lose him as a friend. Trust me, I’ll be more beat up if I don’t have him in my life rather than not having him in my arms,” Louise gushed at that,

   "Oh Danny, the love bug has bitten you hard in the arse,” she laughed as Dan’s cheek became flushed, “but listen, if Phil decides to not be your friend after you tell him, he’s not a very good one, is he?”

   He’d never thought of it like that. If Phil was really a good friend, he wouldn’t walk out on Dan after he just confessed his crush, “You’re right Louise,” Dan took a deep breath and closed his locker, “I’ll do it,”

   Louise jumped up and down excitedly, “Finally Dan,” she paused and the smile on her face turned into a serious one, “now don’t be afraid to call me if something goes wrong alright hun,” Dan smiled down at her and gave her a hug,

   "Of course Louise, and thank you,” Louise giggled and pulled away from the embrace, "It’s my job as your mum Daniel, it’s just the least I could do,” suddenly the bell rang, “I’ve got to get to class. I’ll see you tomorrow and please don’t chicken out Dan,” Dan rolled his eyes and waved goodbye as Louise began back down the hall. Was he really going to do this? Was he really going to confess to his best friend? Dan was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt his phone vibrate in his back pocket, he pulled it out and a smile was suddenly glued to his face,

Phil🦁: Am I still coming over to yours after school?? (^ω^)

Dan: of course you spork Dan put his phone back into his pocket and sighed, this was going to be so hard.


   Dan rushed inside his house and frantically began to pick up any mess that had been left there. Phil would be here any minute and to say Dan was terrified, would also be an understatement. He quickly made his bed, knowing they would be up in his room playing Mario Kart 8 the whole time. He quickly rushed down the stairs into the kitchen and poured a bag of chips into a plastic bowl.

   Then there was a knock at the door.

   Dan froze, “What is there to be scared of? He’s my best friend. It’s not like he’s coming over for a date…yet,” Dan thought to himself. He took a deep breath and walked towards the door, not before checking his hair in the hall mirror first.

   Dan opened the door, and his mouth dropped. Phil was wearing his ladybug sweatshirt, black skinny jeans, and his glasses sat almost perfectly on his nose. His black dyed hair was still straight even after a long day at school. This man was perfect, and Dan hated that he loved it so much. Phil smiled warmly at him and stepped inside, his hands gripping the straps of his backpack,

   “Let me guess, Mario Kart for two hours, then an anime marathon?” Dan grinned, this is why they were best friends,

   “Fuck yeah,” he closed the door and ran up the stairs, Phil following behind. Maybe the confession could wait until after video games.


   The time they spent together went exactly how it did every time they hung out, however Phil could sense something was up. Considering he’d actually won at Mario Kart against Dan, and that never happens.

   As Dan walked back into the room after using the bathroom Phil sat up on Dan’s bed, his back resting against the head board, “Dan,” he said with a soft sigh, “what’s up? I can tell something’s wrong,” Phil saw Dan tense up and he frowned, he hated seeing his best friend in a mood. Dan shrugged,

   "Nothings wrong, why would you think that?” Dan spoke quickly and he began to fidget with his fingers.

   Phil motioned Dan over to the bed, urging him to sit down, “Because Dan, you’re my best friend I can tell when something’s on your mind,” he paused and giggled a little, “plus I won at Mario Kart. If Dan Howell loses to Phil Lester at Mario Kart, there must be a problem,”

   Dan smiled at his friend, “You just got lucky this time Lester,” Dan’s eyes darted across the room, “umm, so what anime do you want to watch?” Phil crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow,

   "Daniel, don’t try and change the subject. You can’t hide anything from me. I know you better than I know myself, and I know for fact that something is bugging you, now sit down and talk to me,” Dan’s eyes went huge, he hesitantly walked over to his bed and sat next to Phil, who was now criss crossed and staring right into his eyes. Oh how Dan could just get lost in his eyes.

   Dan shook the thoughts out of his head as he watched Phil looking him up and down, “I don’t want you to feel like you’re going through something alone, please talk to me Dan,” Dan took a deep breath, should he tell him the truth or make up a lie? No, Phil would easily be able to tell if he was lying…I guess he’d have to come clean now, “Phil, I have something I really need to tell you,” Dan examined Phil’s face for any sign of rejection, the only thing he saw was a loving, soft smile, and caring eyes. He could do this.

   Phil placed an encouraging hand on Dan’s knee as he tried to collect his words carefully, “I have a strong attraction towards someone,” Phil’s eyes suddenly lost all of their beautiful glow. Dan raised an eyebrow. Wait, what does that mean? Dan slowly placed his shaking hand on top of Phil’s, which was still resting on his own knee, “I’m so nervous to tell him though, because he’s my best friend and I’m fucking terrified of losing him. Plus I don’t even know his sexuality, so I’m probably taking things a little to far right now,” Dan said with a nervous chuckle, he started to remove his hand but was startled and he felt a smaller hand wrap tighter around his.

   Phil’s eyes were bright again, in fact, it looked like he might cry, “What if I told you, I was having the same problem?” Dan’s mouth dropped, this was too good to be true, “What if I told you that everyday I woke up terrified that I would never be able to kiss the person I liked because I thought they were straight,” Phil grinned and Dan blushed.

   Neither boy realized they were both leaning in, “What if I told you, that I really liked you and that I’m totally gay,” Dan whispered and giggled softly.

   He could feel Phil’s hot breath on his face, as he opened his mouth to answer, "What if I told you that I really liked you too and that I’m totally Bi,”

   "Then I guess I’d have to ask you to be my boyfriend,” Dan smiled. Phil tapped his chin in thought, then leaned his forehead against Dan’s.

   "Hell yes,” Phil said and Dan quickly brought their lips together. Both of them knowing that they’d probably spend the rest of their life’s together.

anonymous asked:

For the followers milestone prompts, could you do Keith and Pidge and their sibling relationship, with Keith being overprotective and Pidge being either quietly resigned, or not-so-quietly annoyed with him. Thank you for opening prompts like this and congrats on your new milestone!

y’all got me I love these gremlins so much

Most of team Voltron was, to varying degrees, a bit protective of Pidge. Most of it was because she was the smallest physically, and the worst hand-to-hand combatant of them. She, like Lance, was most effective from a distance, with time to plan. That wasn’t an insecurity; it was objective fact, and she was comfortable with her strengths. Some of their protectiveness had to be because she was a girl, but Allura had done a lot to mitigate that particular sympathy.

It was nice, most of the time. Advantageous. Whether it was Hunk lifting her onto his shoulders so she could see, or Shiro allowing her more leeway in training, or Lance making sure she had enough food while she was working on a project, she was impartial enough to realize that it just made her life a little easier. And it wasn’t that she didn’t return the favour: synthesizing thunderstorm sounds for the nights when Lance couldn’t sleep, or working with Hunk to make a replicator, or doing maintenance on Shiro’s arm, or helping Keith tweak the training room to run specific sims. They were a team; they were supposed to help each other.

She’d never expected that the most overprotective of her team would be the one who was also the most standoffish, but there it was. Keith had taken responsibility for her welfare in a way the others didn’t feel the need to. In the beginning, it had been funny. Now, his helpfulness was starting to push the line into obsequiousness, and that behaviour grated on her.

Most of the time, she bore it in resignation. Sometimes she did not.

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My thoughts on Turn Season 4 Episode1

Short pants + long socks = fashion
Oh gross Benedick Arnold (it’s a pun)
No HERCULES so soon?
Mmmmmmmmmm that theme song
Those Alexander eyebrow wiggles
Anna Strong. MY GIRL MY GIRL
Finally talk about Selah
For once I agree with Abe
Bois going to be blazing(the rations)
Why Simcoe? WHY?!
Ben is no traitor! George!
Simcoe just burst in like the queen of the castle
No Rob is not going to be put in jeopardy not by Simcoe
Anna know best Ben just accept it
“Knockin?”- Caleb Brewster 2k17
Oh no CALEB!!! He’s in trouble oh god. Hurt him I dare you Benedict!!
Lady Washington is so sweet and kind
Caleb the actual sass master
wow ummmm okay….walking in on That must be awkward sorry Anna
Caleb telling Benedict the truth about himself gives me life™
George freakin out about renovations gives me life
I love the spork so much
George and Martha are relationship goals and I love it
I love this Caleb/Simcoe interaction it’s brilliant
Oh god Simcoe suspects Abe oh my god oh my god
Anna is so pure
Caleb!! No Caleb!! Simcoe go die in a hole!!
You’re asking with your eyes I can tell
Simcoe backstory? Nope he still sucks still not redeemable
“Now I know what Mary has to deal with”
Oh god seeing the human side of the redcoats was such an important thing. I wish we got more of that like with André
CALEB!!! Caleb no!!

Brave on like the stars

Summary: How cruelly beautiful is the universe. Through childhood, two children, into the adulthood, a single man with a torn heart.

TRIGGER WARNING: Major character death. 

Word count: 3.6k

Read it on ao3!

A/N: THIS IS UNEDITED WORK. Mostly because I actually cried while writing this and I couldn’t bear going back to edit it. I’m sorry, maybe I will edit someday.I have no excuse for writing this.

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microfic for @paladinpuppypile, who’s having a bit of a rough time lately. She asked for some soft Hance, which I am quite happy to oblige with. My Hance tends to be platonic, but I hope you enjoy it anyway and that things start to turn around for you!

“Lance,” Hunk says. “You gotta eat, dude.”

“What do you think is out there?” Lance asks wistfully. He’s lying on his stomach on the floor, chin propped on his forearms as he stares out the window. The peaceful planet they’re orbiting looms out the entire view screen, wispy blue clouds drifting across a distant green surface. It’s almost like Earth, but not quite.

“Alien beings of all sizes, shapes, and temperaments,” Hunk says helpfully, tapping the bowl of space goo onto Lance’s head. “Lots of Galra. Here. I brought you dinner.”

“My favorite,” Lance grunts at the offering, but sits up anyway.

Hunk settles next to him on the floor. He and Lance eat in silence, shoulder to shoulder facing the window. The rest of the ship’s pretty quiet. Shiro and Allura are planetside with Keith, on Day Two of negotiating something-or-other. Pidge is working on cryopod maintenance with Coran, learning about the pods’ programming. Even the mice have disappeared somewhere. The quiet’s been nice, if strange. Hunk takes a contemplative bite of his space goo. The planet spins below them, steady and slow.

“Do you think we’ll ever find people like us?” Lance asks, after their bowls are mostly empty.

Hunk considers his response for a tick. If Lance has been left to his own devices for most of today, no wonder he’s broody. That will never do. “Gee, I hope not. One Coran is hard enough to keep out of the kitchen.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Lance says, but he’s rolling his eyes and that’s a smile quirking at his lips. Mission accomplished.

Hunk grins too, digging his spork back into his goo. “Other humans? The universe is pretty big, Lance.”

“I know.” Lance stirs his goo around absently, taking another bite. “Not - maybe not humans, I guess, but. The whole wide universe? It could happen. There could be others like us out there.”

His eyes are nostalgic and quietly hopeful.

“Not exactly like you,” Hunk teases, nudging Lance with his shoulder. “You’re one of a kind, man. You almost done? Pidge left your video game plugged in and I want a turn.”

“You’re one of a kind too, you know,” Lance teases right back, and the two of them finish up their dinner with laughter and with ease.

Always Look in the Background

Genre: Small amout of fluff I suppose

Warnings: None except for one slur at the around the end

Summary: The clues were always there; whether it was the two rings in the background or the save the date cards left on the floor or tables accidentally. Even tweets started to give away that something was up. But to Dan and Phil’s surprise the entire phandom appeared completely oblivious to these clues for nearly an entire year, up until the middle of 2016 when the two men decided it was time they tell their fan base that not only was “phan” real but they were both in fact engaged and getting married by the end of 2016.

Word Count: 3,161

A/N: So I’ve this idea in my head for a while but had trouble deciding how to give it more of a plot I suppose you could say. Either way I finally ended up writing it. I would like to mention these future video mentioned are obviously just written for the story. Other than that, I hope you all enjoy : )!

The Day of What Would Soon be Known as “The Video”

Dan’s POV-

I feel a hand lightly prod at the side of my stomach and groan, snuggling closer to the owner of the hand and ignoring his attempt at waking me. I soon come to the realization that ignoring Phil’s pokes was useless and instead let out a louder groan than before and open my eyes slightly to be greeted by the same blue eyes I have the privilege of getting lost in everyday and can’t help but allow my lips to curl up in a small smile at how even though I was trying to be woken up Phil looked just a groggy as I was. “Phiiiilllll, it’s too early to be poking me. Just five more minutes?” I plead, pressing my head to his bare chest and bringing my eyes closed once more, too tired to get lost in eyes I’d stared at millions of times over the past eight years.

I feel Phil’s chest rise unsteadily as he lets out a quiet chuckle at my childlike behavior. “Not this time Dan, it’s already almost half past eleven, we already slept in later than we were suppose to.” He mumbles into my hair, kissing my forehead before lifting up my head so he could greet me with a smile once my eyes opened back up.

I let out a small sigh continuing the childish persona and open my eyes, shooting Phil a weak smile. “So it’s eleven thirty then? I don’t understand what’s stopping us from just laying in bed for half the day. It’s not like we haven’t done that before.” I say, tracing random shapes onto Phil’s chest, feeling oddly cuddly today.

“Because we’ve got that video to film lazy bones,” He says with another small chuckle. He sits up, interrupting the current invisible heart I was drawing on him. I pout slightly as he gets out of his bed and heads into his closet to get a shirt. “So what shirt will it be? I’ve got an entire rainbow of clothing plus I think our fans definitely won’t be paying much attention to the shirt I wear as we’re announcing our engagement.” He asks, glancing back at me.

I scoot to the edge of the bed and sit criss cross, smiling down at my finger and then Phil’s to see that yet again this wasn’t a dream. Me and Phil were engaged and had been dating for nearly as long as we’d known each other. Me and Phil were getting married and if everything went to plan we’d be getting married October 19th, the day that me and Phil first met in person and when my life went from me to us and “I’s” to “we’s”. Today, me and Phil were coming out to all our subscribers whether they were the crazy or anti-phan shippers. They would all find out the truth today.

I lean back, propping myself up with my hands. “Wear a button up shirt or something red. You look especially hot in both those things.” I reply sending him a devious smirk.

I notice the slightest amount of blush approach his face but it’s quickly covered up with a playful eye roll toward me. “ Thanks hobbit hair, now go get dressed so we can film this thing before either of us end up wanting to bail like we usually do.” He tells me picking out a red plaid button-up and slipping it on.

Suddenly I’m overcome with the need to hug or kiss or show some kind of affection to the man stood in front of me and I stand up and carefully walk myself over to Phil. I grab the top of his shirt that had yet to be unbuttoned and trace my hands down to the hem of it. I scan over his bare chest longingly, surprised I hadn’t been interrupted by Phil, then just begin buttoning it up. “Y’know Phil, I don’t know whether it’s the fact that you seem especially sexy today or that I was yet again woken up in your embrace but I have never been more ready to tell anyone that we are about as straight as a circle.” I inform him, stepping closer to Phil yet still buttoning up his shirt. I shoot him a look that is too unfamiliar for me to name that only appeared on my face a few times during the past few years we’ve known each other.

To my surprise Phil doesn’t even flinch and only shoots me a devious grin back that contained a bit of humor to it. “Yeah?” He raises his eyebrow suggestively, still letting me button up his shirt, allowing him to rest his arms around my waist. “Well Howell, I don’t know if it’s because you appear to have woken up especially horny today or that as much as I’d love to find out what ideas are going through your head right now but I have never had the hardest time trying to tell you to stop being cute and go get dressed.” He lifts his head up and plants a soft kiss on my lips before removing his arms from my waist and replacing my hands on his third to last button with his own finishing clothing himself.

I shoot him a small pout disappointed that he had been right about everything that he’d just said. “Alllriiight. I suppose if there’s no way I can convince you that a small make out session is essential right now I’ll go change.” I mutter, leaving his side and heading toward my room feeling his amused smile burning into the back of my head.

After about fifteen minutes of getting completely ready I walk into the lounge greeted by a Phil who was currently eating some cereal. My cereal to be specific. I sit down beside him at the dining table and nudge him playfully. “You know you still have some of your cereal left right?” I ask, pushing my fringe out of my eye.

He nods. “Yeah, your cereal is just better.” He replies simply taking another spoonful of the cereal into his mouth.

I roll my eyes and laugh lightly. “So you’re saying my cereal is better even when we have the same exact kind?”


“Alright you spork, if you say so,” I pause staring over at the save the date cards sprawled out on our table. I pick one up and closely exam it even though I know I’ve done this about a hundred times just as another reminder that this was actually happening. “Why do we have these, like all over the place since the beginning of the year anyways? You just proposed to me the day we got them and the wedding isn’t even until around the end of 2016.” I ask just to start up conversation while I waited for Phil to finish eating.

He shrugs in response.” I don’t know. If I recall you’re the one who suggested we get them already anyways.”

“What, that is not true. If I remember correctly we were in town shopping and you saw them and wanted to buy them. I insisted we wait to buy invitation cards for at least until like, August but you pulled that cute face and you were all “please Dan, we need these cards now” and of course I can’t say no to you when you’re like that.” I reply, recalling the day in the shops almost quite clearly.

Phil grins, picking up his bowl and drinking the milk out of it, wiping his mouth before speaking. “Alright, maybe it was like that. But whatever, at least we have them to remind us that this isn’t some kind of dream y’know.” He states picking up his spoon and bowl then heading into the kitchen to clean it.

I follow behind him. “Yeah, but we have our rings to remind us don’t we? Plus we’ve got each other to remind us that we are actually engaged so who needs save the date cards so early?”

I notice a small grin tugging at his lips. “Well our subscriber base does apparently,” He answers simply, glancing back at me for a moment before focusing back on the bowl he was washing at the moment. “Do you think anyone actually saw any of the hints we gave them or got our tweets and stuff? I mean, we have a lot of subscribers, surely one of them would have noticed.”

I shrug leaning against the kitchen counter. “ I don’t know, maybe someone found out but they aren’t the type of people that ship us to the point they’ll share their theory or “proof” that we’re together to the world. But I would’ve thought that surely they at least would have spotted something. I mean while you were vlogging that video about us on the US tour we didn’t even bother to take our rings off and one of those wedding cards even somehow managed to get on the bus and into the shot. Maybe they just saw it and didn’t care to share it since it’s so obvious.” I suggest, sounding doubtful.

“Maybe they all just pay more attention to us and how we act around each other rather than the background. Because in every video we filmed together after the tour had at least one hint about the engagement. I even recall one of our undertale videos before we left to have your ring in the shot too. And that april fools video was oh so too easy to find that we lacked the care to take off our rings in it and clean up the dining table, and it was almost clear that we didn’t even care to act as if we were just best friends. I guess that’s just the power of April first, huh?” He asks rhetorically, putting the spoon and bowl on the drying rack and turning towards me. “Anyways, I’ve already got the camera set-up upstairs in the gaming room. You ready to do this?” He asks shooting me a hopeful and reassuring smile.

I nod. ”Yeah, as ready as I’ll ever be.” I reply turning and heading up stairs towards the gaming room, knowing that he’d be closely following behind me. Once we got there we both took a seat on the sofa bed and shot each other a smile. “Alright, let’s make the phan shippers pass out due to shock.” I joke getting a small laugh out of Phil.

He leans up to click the record button on the camera and since we literally had planned how this would go for a while. I started to speak sounding as if I were on a script. “Hey guys!” I said with my signature smile, waving my hand toward the camera, obviously using my left hand that showed the engagement ring wrapped around my ring finger. I jump at the noise of the moose Phil had bought last christmas and made it our official “announcement moose” and hold back a small chuckle at the randomness. I sit up straighter, looking over at Phil who had the moose held in his left hand sporting his ring slightly to the camera as well. “I uh, see you’ve blown the butt of the announcement moose Phil.”

“I did, I’d say I missed doing that again but I blew into it not long ago on our gaming channel.” He states simply shooting the camera a smile.

I nod persistently, laughing. “Haha, yeah, yeah you did. But this isn’t our gaming channel. It’s mine so uh, do you wanna tell the people why uh, you blew the ars of our announcement moose Phil?” I ask, already knowing the answer, awaiting the words that haven’t been spoken once on camera throughout the entirety of our videos.

“Well Daniel, we have an announcement to make,” He pauses letting me roll my eyes at the obvious statement. “But, before we announce something I think there’s some footage we need to show you. Here you go, and pay attention to the background!” He says, pointing his finger in the air. This was where we planned to show numerous videos with evidence of our engagement.

The first clip is of an undertale video, a video posted before they’d gone on tour. They showed a small part where Phil is covering his mouth as an over reaction of what he had realized and Dan rolls his eyes and pulls Phils hand back down. The clip comes to an abrupt pause and Dan’s hand is circled in red and is zoomed in, making it clear there was a ring around his finger.

The next clip was of their U.S. tour vlog. They showed the first few minutes without pausing and then as Phil turns around to show Dan in the background who was holding back a laugh. As the clip paused there were several circles appearing on the screen. One was once again showing the ring around Dan’s finger, since he completely forgot that he was on camera. Another was circling a card laid out on the table where he was sat at, more specifically a wedding invitation. The third and less obvious thing that was circled was a small red mark peeking out just barely from underneath Phil’s shirt. If the shirt would’ve been pulled down any more the camera would’ve caught something more than just a small red mark due to the fact that they’d been stuck on the tour bus for almost a month now and there wasn’t much to do there but browse using the sucky internet connection, play a limited amount of video games, and use the only private space they had from the driver for small things when they were in the mood to do so.

After this there is a large compilation of the videos after the tour showing the wedding invitations and engagement rings and other small hints hiding in the background.

The plan is to cut back to the footage we were filming now, confirming what our subscribers just saw. I smile over at the camera and clap my hands together. “Well, if you didn’t get the gist of those few clips it appears all you crazy ass phan shippers out there were right. Actually… You were kind of wrong in a way..” My eyes drift over to Phil who had his leg pressed against mine, expecting him to finish my statement.

“That’s right,” He quickly grabs my left hand, entwining my fingers with his and brings it up for the camera to view, showing my left hand and ring to the camera. “We are actually engaged! And we have been since like, December.” Phil says with a sheepish smile, glancing over at me.

I let out a quiet chuckle at his sudden embarrassment and take his look as a sign to wrap this up. I bring our hands down from the camera, not taking my hand away from his, and then shoot the camera a cheeky grin as I do most times. “Well uh, there isn’t much to add to this but uh, we won’t be telling you the date of the wedding due to privacy reason and we also want to let you know that just because “phan” is real does not mean we will be doing any “fan service”. We aren’t going to lean on each other or kiss or anything like that by request. Just because we are out does not mean we are going to be reenacting your fanfictions or something.” I pause, seeing a nod of approval from Phil.

“Exactly. Overall me and Dan will probably just remain the same as we usually are in videos, maybe on occasion mentioning our relationship but we most likely will just act casual. We don’t want to force our relationship onto anyone and this is also something we want to keep at least somewhat private since it is kind of personal,” He takes a deep breath and shoots the camera bright smile. “Anyways, We’re sorry if this video is a bit short. We hope you all are alright with this announcement and uh, we’ll see you later. Bye!” And with that he stands up and shoots his hands to the lense, turning it off.

I let out a sigh of relief as we sat there shortly after editing the video. We both sat at the computer as we watched it take a few minutes to upload to the site. Neither of us announced this in a live show or even in a tweet after it was uploaded. We kind of both agreed this was something that was a huge announcement on it’s own so it really didn’t need its own warning that it would be uploaded. The comments on the video were overall positive. We had a handful of comments calling us “faggots” or saying they were unsubscribing and they’d see us in hell which I honestly had to hold back a laugh at that comment. The rest were either major fangirls who appeared to have smashed their heads onto the keyboard and clicked comment or fans who just commented saying they should’ve know and saw this coming.

I can’t help but smile warmly while leaning into Phil as we scrolled through all the comments. “We did it Phil,” I sigh happily, not taking my eyes off the screen. “They know, and majority of them are okay with it.”

“Yeah,” Phil says, wrapping an arm over my shoulder. “Isn’t it great that we don’t have to sit around and hide it anymore?”

I nod, realizing in that very second that these people were people who cared deeply about both him and Phil. These were people who I had inspired to do so many things. These fans would be the last people that we should’ve worried about not accepting us for who we are. It was then that I realized I was so, so lucky to be where I was then and to have such a huge fan base to support me and Phil through thick and thin. “Yeah. Yeah it is.” I answer simply with a large toothy grin on my face.

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Hey Sam, I have a fic prompt for you if you don't mind :) Steve/Tony hurt/comfort ficlet after one of them is either kidnapped or presumed dead

“You should go talk to Steve,” Clint said, when it was all over.

Or rather, it wasn’t over – with two sprained ankles and a broken wrist it would be a while before it was over for Tony – but the bad guy was behind bars (or foot-thick shatterproof plexi) and everyone was safe, now, so. Beggars, choosers.

“Well, I would,” Tony said, laying down four of a kind to Clint’s pair and pulling the tongue-depressors they were playing for over to his side of the tray table. “But I can’t exactly jog down the hall and say hello. What, should I phone him?”

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chocolate pudding

“did you see taeyang sunbaenim’s new music video?” jimin prattles on excitedly, not even bothering to check before grabbing blindly at the mystery meat sandwich and unceremoniously dropping it on his tray.

jeongguk wrinkles his nose delicately, sliding his own tray over and carefully selecting a greek yogurt with honey and juice box instead.

“yeah, it was pretty good,” taehyung nods, eyeing the mystery meat curiously before poking the bun. the cafeteria lady’s nostrils flare, an angry gush of air exhaling through her nose. taehyung smiles widely, picking up the small paper plate and settling it on his tray.

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summary: just simple ‘ol story about how a dan picks up the courage to ask out a phil.

info: fluff, fluff, reality, fluff, drabble

a/n: i’ve written too much fluff so i’m gonna make this fluff a drabbly, clichè fluff :,) enjoy


One of the worst things to happen to any human is to have feelings for their best friend.

Wether it’s a boy/girl or boy/boy or girl/girl situation, it’s all the same when it comes to the agony.

You want to be more than what you already are.

Sometimes they work out, and sometimes they just don’t. And when they sometimes just don’t- you start to realize you just lost the one thing you’ve been holding onto.

That’s what Dan’s been feeling for quite some time now.

Of course, for Phil.

Now, this was a bigger deal than any other. If Dan messes it up, not only will they break the friendship that they’ve had for seven straight years, but also he will upset millions of people.

But Dan was Dan, and stuff like this isn’t something he keeps to himself.

Pacing 'round his bed, he planned the exact words he would tell Phil once he walked into the lounge and sat down next to him on the couch.

You would think that he would portray some romantic story to get him on board- but no. Dan was straight forward, and he didn’t have the strength at the moment to do that.

He felt as if he was going to throw up. The nervousness that was flowing through his veins reached his hands, as they had started to shake in pure, unadulterated fear.

Dan muttered a few curses under his breath, as he stepped outside of his room.

Taking small and quiet steps of what felt like terror, he made his way to the lounge in a few seconds.

Phil was sat on the couch browsing through Tumblr. He looked up at Dan, “Good morning! You’ve been in your room since breakfast. What’s up?”

Dan chuckled. Of course, Phil had been worrying about him.

“I uh, wanted to talk to you about something that’s been sitting in the back of my mind for quite some time now.” He replied back, somewhat calmly. Sitting down next to him, like he planned, he let out breath that he didn’t even know he was holding.

Phil realized the seriousness of the situation and put down his laptop. He nodded, “Oka-ay. Go ahead.”

Dan shuffled. “Right. So, you know how I’ve been really confused on my sexuality?”

“Yeah, you decided not to worry about that until later on in your life. Is this later?”

Dan smiled. He understood him like no one else. “Indeed it is.”

Phil clapped his hands together, “Oh, good! Are you asking for my help?”

Dan’s eyes widened, “Te-Technically, yeah.”

Phil tilted his head to the side. “Technically?”

He nodded, “I wanted to see if you’d  …”

He was trailing off. He didn’t know if he wanted to say it. Dan was starting to panic.

“If you’d what, Dan? I’ll do it, whatever it is you want me to do. Set you up with someone-”

He cut him off. “-If you’d go out with me.”

There was a silence for about five seconds, and in that five seconds Dan was already planning his life without Phil. It was terrible, to say the least.

Phil, on the other hand, was simply confused about it all.

“I-I understand if you,” Dan eyes were starting to well up with tears, “Don’t want to be my friend anymore or something along those lines-”

“Oh my god, no- Dan,” He saw Dan wiping them away. He took this chance to hug him tightly.

Bringing Dan closer to him, he wrapped his arms around his small, shaking body and rested his head on his shoulder.

He rocked them back and forth, gripping onto Dan’s hair, and not wanting to let go. He whispered in one breath, “I will always be your best friend- Nothing in the whole wide world could ever make me not want to be your best friend- You’re nice, smart, talented, beautiful-”

Dan stopped him there. Quickly reaching up out of Phil’s tight grasp, he grabbed his face forcefully with both his hands, and cut him off with his lips.

Pulling his face closer to his, he tangled his fingers in Phil’s hair, not giving a single flying fuck that he was too surprised to be able to kiss back at that moment. He wanted this, so badly.

Phil stayed still as Dan kissed him, his arms still around his body. Slowly bringing them around the front to Dan’s chest, he let his hands rest there, gripping onto his loose sweater with his fists. He started to kiss back.

He had his eyes closed, just letting the blissful moment take its path. But soon, Dan had pulled their lips apart.

He quickly said, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have-”

“Are you seriously apologizing for my first kiss?” Phil smiled, cutting Dan off with a joke.

He pushed him jokingly, rolling his eyes, “Shut up, I already know that you’ve had your first kiss, you spork.”

Phil chuckled softly, lightly tracing Dan’s arms that were hanging on his shoulders with his fingers.

Dan responded, his eyes closed, nuzzling his face into his shoulder and purring out, “That feels really nice.”

Phil continued then, until there was a comfortable sigh that escaped Dan’s mouth.

“You’re all relaxed now?” Phil muttered, rubbing circles into his back. He nodded, letting all of his weight come down onto Phil. They fell back onto the couch, Dan just lying on top of him.

This wasn’t a rare thing for them to do, as Phil loved to watch movies with him late at night. They would fall on top of each other asleep and wake up the morning morning with a terrible ache in their backs.

But this time, it felt like it meant something more.


“Yeah?” Phil replied.

He paused for a bit, “Will you go out with me?”

He chuckled slightly, smiling. “As in going on a date, or date-ing?”

“Which ever one you want. I’m fine with both as long as you’re still here. With me.” Dan lazily murmured, kissing Phil’s bare shoulder that was next to his mouth.

“I’ll always be here. No matter what.” He consoled him.

“Oh, and I’ll choose both.”

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Calum Imagine: You’re a Youtuber Part 2

Author: Rhine

Part 1


“Cal, what are you doing?”

You pinch your eyebrows at the boy behind the large lens of your camera, trying to grab it out of your hands, reaching for it in futile as he looms over you.

“Remembering this moment.”

He puts the camera down for a moment, revealing his large grin and messy hair.

“There’s going to be many more of these moments to come, Cal.”

The words are out of your mouth before you have the chance to catch them, a faint rush of warmth in your cheeks at the indication of more with Calum – the more that you’ve always wanted with him, the more that you’re hoping he wants with you.

His grin stretches wider, if possible – he loves these little slipups, these little hints to show that he wasn’t the only one who was dreaming of this very moment where it was you and him and a future as something more than casual friends.

“I’m savouring what I can before Ashton completely slaughters me when I get back. So please, allow me to film my last memoir before I’m declared missing.”

You scoff a little, rolling your eyes at Calum’s over-dramatization.

He was calm for the most part throughout the date – or at least, calm for someone who got terribly lost in the city and ended up having to camp out at a pizza parlour for the first date with the girl of his dreams – but now that the night was ending, the nerves of returning to an angry brother was more than the nerves he had for asking you out.

Needless to say, he was dreading this last walk of the night that he’d have with you – sending you back to your hotel – before returning to his own.

“Ash isn’t going to kill you, Cal – “

“Did you see the way that boy was glaring at me? He looked like he was going to butcher me with a spork then use my skin to make a new set of drums to eternally beat. Melodically, but still beat the shit out of me – does it look like my face can handle a beating?”

He pouts and you laugh, instinctively covering the camera as you do, hiding your open-mouthed chuckles and squinted eyes.

“I won’t let Ash touch you.”

“Good, because that would be kind of weird, if I had you and Ash touching me – “


The screen of the camera goes shaky as he tries to dodge your playful smacks.

“You hit hard – did you gain some muscle since I last saw you?” He whines a little, rubbing his sore arms.

You stick your tongue out at him, though you can’t stop the smile that was ever-present on your lips.

“What do you expect from Ashton’s little sister?”

“True. But just so you know, I’d prefer a beating from you any day.”

He winks cheekily at you and it’s the Calum that you knew, that you missed, that you loved – and all of the stony silence and awkward tension from just hours before is gone, the memory already erased.

You remembered his bashful offer for dinner with the red on his cheeks and the sweat still clinging onto his skin, adrenaline from the stage still buzzing in his eyes mixed from the nerves of asking you out at last.

And this – you remembered, but you wish you filmed it all the same – walking up to the rest of the band who was still chattering away with Dan and Phil, your fingers laced with Calum’s as you dragged him towards the group –

Michael and Luke’s smirks at the sight of the two of you, Ashton’s wide-eyed gaze at his bandmate so close to his little sister, Dan and Phil exclaiming not-so-subtly at the sight of your wide beam.

Cal and I are going out to dinner – don’t wait up for us, yeah?

It was priceless, the sight of Luke and Michael punching a red-faced Calum in the arm while Ashton realized he’d been interrogating the wrong boys all this time, Phil loudly whispering I knew she was dressed up for a date while Dan stepped on his foot with a clenched not now Phil.

You tugged Calum away before Ashton had time to form a response – and before Calum could melt from the heat in his cheeks – hearing a faint oi wait how are we going to get back to the hotel now from Phil as you left.

“Don’t worry about Ash. He’ll… he’ll understand.”

“Yeah, after he gouges out my eyeballs.”

“Not on my watch.”

“In that case, you’d better watch me all night long.”

You hate how the camera catches your flustered stutters.

“Are you seriously going to record me with my own camera, Hood?”

You try to change the subject, time for your blush to cool.

“You’ll thank me for this one day. After all,” he pulls at one of your cheeks, “you’ve been recording me for so many years and this is only the beginning of me trying to pay it off.”

“Recording you and the band, Cal. You’re making me sound like a creep.”

“Whatever. But professional Youtubers like you should have a whole crew recording your videos,” he grins, “and I am happy to volunteer my time and effort.”

“You’ll get the lighting all wrong.”

“You look perfect to me.”

How does he always manage to make you so embarrassingly flattered all the time?

And in a sudden, swift motion, Calum leans down to your height, twisting the camera to the both of you.

“Hello, Youtube – this is Calum Hood from the band 5 Seconds of Summer, and this beautiful girl that I’m sure you’re all very familiar with – she just agreed to go on a date with me. I’m recording this now for the police to use as evidence when I go missing twenty-eight days later – I’ll tell you now that the search is over and that Ashton Irwin did it.”

“Calum! What are you doing?”

He ignores your words, staring into your laughing eyes and pressing a quick kiss to the top of your head, arms still outstretched and holding the filming camera.

“But it’ll be worth it, because I’ll have spent the best night of my life with this lovely girl.”

He stops the recording, quick to check the footage with eager eyes.

“What was that for?”

“Our announcement video.”

“You’re not even done this first date and you’re already planning an announcement video?”

He grins lopsidedly and loops the camera back around your neck, the familiar weight settling on your chest.

“I want to remember,” he says, “the way you are right now. How you haven’t stopped blushing since we left the stage – god, I love that, you’re so fucking cute – and how your hair shines underneath this streetlight, how you smudged cheese all over your nose from the pizza – “

“ – not my finest moment, I ask that you erase that from your memory.”

“Not happening anytime soon. I want to remember this moment, here with you.” Calum curls a strand of hair behind your ears. “I want to remember the first moment that you felt like you were mine – “

“Do you want me to be yours?”

“With all my heart. I want to remember this first date at – “ he checks the time on his phone “ – eleven-twenty at night in some city we both don’t know, where Dan and Phil are probably sharing stories about this date and Ashton is plotting thirty-two different ways to kill me, this moment right before you have to leave for Vidcon and I have to leave for a flight.”

“Cal – “

“We’ll be going different ways tomorrow and god knows when we’ll see each other again. And all I can give you is this moment,” he smiles, tapping the camera around your neck, “and that video.”

He looks at you sadly and he wishes he could’ve had you for longer than the span of time it took to say goodbye.

“Can I give you something?” You ask, trying to prolong the moment you had to leave even as you were standing in front of your hotel.

“Anything, love.”

After a breath of hesitation, you stand on the tips of your toes and press your lips lightly to his.

His hands are shy on your hips like a boy with his first dance, and the bashful gesture from the ever-cocky Calum Hood makes you smile into the kiss.

When you finally part, your eyes are closed and you can feel his breath on your lips and his taste in your mouth, his arms now fully wrapped around you like a shield from the wind.

His beautiful eyes open with the glaze of a man who’s just seen all his dreams come true.

“I’ll remember that, I think.” He whispers the words against your lips, nose rubbing yours. “Thank you.”

“Anytime. All the time.” You smile, lightly pecking him one last time before dropping from your tip-toes, holding on to his touch for just a moment longer before you let go.



But he knows he’ll see you soon, a small grin as you walk back into the hotel – he’ll be watching those little Youtube videos of yours and the longing he has will be different from how it was all the times before, now that he knows the taste of your lips.

And you know you’ll see him soon, a blushing smile that your mouth can’t help as you replay the video of Calum’s grinning words and shining eyes as he looks at you.

You suppose you both left with the best gifts and a memory to cherish.


more imagines here!

A Very Carmilla Halloween! Chapter 1

A little bit of fun leading up to my favorite holiday – some of my new favorite characters dressed up as some of my other favorite characters. (Headcanon: After episode 17, the Scooby Gang confirms that Carmilla is a vampire, but she isn’t the one kidnapping the girls on campus.)

Fandom: Carmilla (Webseries) – Word Count: 1,373 – Rating: Teen and Up

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3,Chapter 4, Chapter 5

*V V* Chapter 1 *V V*

Okay, let’s get one thing straight. I went to that stupid Zeta costume party to keep an eye on Laura, because that’s my job.

It had nothing to do with the fact that when she stepped out of the bathroom, she was wearing La Fontaine’s lab coat, or that her hair was pulled back into corn rows and fake dreads, or that her eyes were smudged with thick, black eyeliner, or that a pair of thick black glasses sat upon her nose.

It had nothing to do with the way she raised her hands in the air and squealed, “Ta-da!”

“What the hell are you supposed to be?” I grumbled from behind my well-worn copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Madness.

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brittanyjannell  asked:

A kid I go to school with was given an ARC of Blue Lily, Lily Blue (I think he was trying to wow me, but we go to art school for writing so I've seen a few), and this just got me to wondering how you feel about your ARC's circulating in the chain of giving?

I’m totally fine with physical ARCs being handed around — they can only get handed around so many times, you know? — so long as people aren’t selling them for $150 on eBay. It’s when I see the eARCs being shared about on the internet without limit that I want to spork my eyes out, give up writing, and instead go paint dragons on my basement walls until the end of my days.

But physical advanced review copies, yes, share, share; allow that manchild to believe he has wowed you, if you like, if it will get that ARC into your hands.