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BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o wearing an ugly picture of them on a t-shirt

Anon Asked: Can you do a BTS Reaction to their s/o wearing an ugly selfie of them on a t-shirt in public? I ALWAYS wanted to do this with my boyfriend but he’s too photogenic uGH

Okay, I’ve totally done this before. Showed up at a friend’s birthday party wearing an ugly snapchat pic they sent me on a sweatshirt lol.

- Admin Dayna


Jin is handsome. He knew it, his fans knew it, and obviously, so do you. But with great beauty, comes great responsibility, and it seems like your boyfriend abuses his good-looks. Jin oozes narcissism. At times it was funny, charming in fact, but there’s only so much of it one could take. Sometimes consequences need to be dealt out to the arrogant. With just enough persistence and creativity, you’ve came up with the perfect plan. You awaited his arrival at the airport, your hoodie zipped up hiding your brilliance. Jin and the boys’ plane had landed and now they were only a few feet away from you. When you were absolutely positive Jin was looking right at you - and you could tell he had by the way he suddenly picked up his pace to a brisk jog your direction - you unzipped your hoodie, revealed your t-shirt with a rather… unattractive picture of him that his Army has turned into a meme printed on the front. You lifted your arms up high, allowing Jin, the boys, and the lucky bystanders to bask in its glory. As Namjoon, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all erupted into laughter, Jin struggled to reprimand you between fits of giggles.

“Wha - jagiyaahh~! How could you betray me?!”

“What have I done to deserve this?!”

“Do you think this was right?! I demand respect!”

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new exo-l

  • probably just watched mama and identified themselves as exo-l
  • bias is either baekhyun or chanyeol or sehun
  • what is an exo-m and can i eat it the harsh reality still in my heart to this day
  • can name 3/12 members
  • haven’t stepped foot into tumblr territory
  • thinks baekhyun’s eyeliner is so extra
  • probably hasn’t listened to winter songs
  • deserve a warm welcome to the fandom

old exo-l

  • 169% done with exo
  • “what has exo done to me”
  • managed to stay with exo till now
  • seen members leave one by one and seen all of the drama surrounding relationships and really doesn’t know how to feel at this point
  • sassy and special
  • probably has a soft spot for junmyeon
  • can identify the 12 members based on pictures of their big toes
  • choking when exo’s comeback is as hot as fuck

stan exo-m exo-l

  • i’ve literally only seen like four of you
  • underrated puppies that need love and just want to be relatable
  • actually precious lil muffins i wish there were more of you
  • still get kicked in the balls feels when thinking about the old ot12 days
  • cried when luhan/kris/tao left and still feels like rummaging through their old merch box wanting some sort of content feeling
  • why !! are !! the !! chinese !! versions !! so !! under !! rated !! tell !! me !!
  • prefers the chinese versions ??<///????>>>>
  • mature and content and soft

stan exo-k exo-l

  • screeching
  • they’re so loud and wild and i just love them so much 
  • fell in love with exo-k and loves exo as a whole now
  • singing along to the korean lyrics making their friends think they’re fluent in a foreign language 
  • they like “baby don’t cry” and listen to it when they’re sad
  • listened to an exo-m song and was like “oh this is nice”
  • they’re literally the definition of what an average exo fan sounds like but x1000000 more intense

emo exo-l

  • monster is their aesthetic
  • anthem is probably something from mama or wolf era
  • actually soft on the inside but hide it
  • needs to be loved

shooken exo-l

  • when exo made their comeback they were the people that were like “oH HOLY SHIT WHAT THE IAWUZFHSUGSEZGRIOFVCJN KAI HAVE MY CHILDREN”
  • they’re basically just internally screaming and need to let it all out because they’re just that enthusiastic about the fandom and need someone to talk to because aREN’T WE ALL THIS WAY
  • always shook
  • can be found in the youtube comments section of m countdown, music videos and on tumblr questioning their life

dead inside exo-l

  • so done with everything but keep coming back for more
  • scrolling through tumblr looking for a sense of hope but only being pulled further and further into the fandom
  • don’t even bother trying to leave the fandom because they know that the boys have already killed them by breathing and are too lazy to leave and come back
  • “why”

multifandom exo-l

  • mature and resolve fanwars
  • love exo along with their other respective fandoms and are a great pleasure to see on your typical monday evening
  • respectful of others’ opinions
  • but when exo made a comeback most of their posts were about this great historical event which is understandable

smutty exo-l

  • constantly coming up with new smut ideas and hoping they won’t get kink shamed for doing so
  • literally the most creative people i’ve ever seen
  • usually great writers that just need to unleash their creative writing skills so others may feel the same way
  • actually cute fluff balls

emotional exo-l

  • constantly crying over exo
  • crying because of old departure news, ot12 feels, old ship feels, new ship feels, their bias died in that fanfic feels, etc
  • just need to be loved
  • we should feel concerned

tumblr exo-l

  • will spam your dash with pics of exo, rants, and memes
  • enjoy writing and reading fanfics and just indulging in all of this amazing literature that is posted every 0.78 seconds
  • blessed
  • need help

lovin the size exo-l

  • probably wants chanyeol’s d more than they want air
  • horny 
  • wet whenever exo does anything
  • horny


  • amazing people that need to be appreciated in the kpop community 
  • creative people that are seriously amazing and talented
  • some of the best people that you will ever meet
  • we are one !!

               First off I can’t believe i’m still here. I’ve been through a lot in the past year , and there were times I was ready to leave RP for good. But thanks to the amazing people i’ve met here ( past & present ) I decided to keep going. When I first began this account I wasn’t confident in where it would lead me. I had an idea , a story & a character who I still hold dear to my heart. And as much as I doubted myself , people gave me a chance. They allowed Shou into their hearts and lives without a second thought. And even though I have gone multi , I still have the support of the amazing people I have met along the way. So I want to say thank you to those who stuck by my side. Old & new and those I have just met. Thank you for making me realize how much I love being here. How much I love writing and meeting new people every day. I may not be the quickest RP partner but you all want to talk to me anyways. I’m probably one of the luckiest people alive to have found the best people here. So Thank you once again for renewing my love of writing , and for giving me a reason to continue what I love everyday. I wouldn’t still be here without you. ♡♡♡♡

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I keep seeing "blogs Homestuck characters would have” and I'm going to set the record straight

 John: 2010 memes and tutorials on practical jokes. He posted a screamer once but a follower told him that was fucked up and he deleted it and never did again. Sends kind anon messages. Basically the leader of a whole friend group, seems to know everyone personally? He and Jane have running arguments about cake. 

Dave: aesthetic pictures of swords that he’s glitched beyond recognition, his own “art”, basically a tumblr funnyman along the lines of like, slimetony, but with more SBAHJ. Lots of weird niche memes, makes his own music and it’s actually really good. 

Rose: “Welcome to my twisted mind” is her header, no one can tell if she’s serious or not. “Here’s how to summon a demon” kind of tumblr witch. Probably the reason people in that world worry about the literal Stealing of Human Bones.

Jade: “I will take care of you with crystal energy” kind of tumblr witch. Lots of pictures of dogs and other cute animals! Didn’t really figure out that you don’t have to add comments to every post you see but it’s okay because she’s super sweet. Someone once sent mean messages to her and her friends and she took them down so brutally and effectively that they deleted. Everyone’s a little scared of her but they love her so much.

Roxy: Used to post a lot of positivity for others along with a lot of self-hate, later revamped and is all about positivity all around. Also sends kind messages. When she deletes things They Stay Gone. Despite Dave’s popularity her posts circulate the most and it’s not uncommon for them to go around 4 or 5 times on everyone’s dash per week. She’s just nice. Once someone yelled at her for her posts about booze and alcoholism way back and she did the internet version of sitting them down and talking earnestly about addiction. They apologized. She said it was okay but never do that again because no one owes you their life story. Running series of “jokes” with Jane about being married, eventually they start dating.

Jane: tumblr version of those surreal food bloggers. She posts tons of recipes but they’ve got kinda weird shit in the background like “obey” in tiny font on the pictures and the descriptions are vague. Basically food gothic. Also posts terrible jokes and puns, on occasion starts discourse in the utensil and cake mix fandoms. Also posts A TON of comedians, Parks & Rec gifs of Ron Swanson, and makes gifsets of her favorite black-and-white noir detective films. Posts selfies of herself in a mustache. Replies to anon hate with stuff like “Listen, buster, I have literally dealt with attempts on my life. I have received letter bombs from people angry with my family’s cake mix. You don’t scare me.” Once had a huge breakdown though. Everyone ships her and Roxy.

Dirk: Made a tumblr bot called, like, “halbotover9000″ or something, but it became sentient and started making callout posts for him and ruining his friendships. It went inactive for a while and everyone assumed he deleted the bot, but really he just passed it on to Equius. When it resurfaces there are just tons of posts about milk and horses.

Jake: He has no idea what he’s doing, how do you use tumblr, can everyone see these posts? Here’s a cool rock he found in the forest. Starts a whole Gigantic Tumblr Anger Thing, is totally oblivious until it all crashes down. Deletes his blog for a while and then makes a new one in which he barely interacts with anyone ever but he seems somewhat happier. Puts tags in the description like Jade, but more unintentional.

Aradia: Similar to Rose, but posts WAY more depression memes. Also her blog has a lot of archaeology stuff? Talks about time travel a lot, too. Really enthusiastic or totally apathetic there is no in-between. Has an elaborate ongoing roleplaying scenario with Vriska, Tavros, and Terezi. When Vriska hurt Tavros, she set a bunch of her followers (she calls them “ghosties”) on Vriska, which ended with Vriska doxxing her. She came back though, in a quasi-relationship with Equius, who she broke up with after discovering lesbianism. Now gay as hell.

Tavros: POKEMON! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! He posts a lot of stuff about the Peter Pan movies, books, musicals, etc. Reblogs posts about being disabled and also posts about self-esteem and how to build it. Is constantly being torn down by Vriska, eventually tells her to fuck off but not until WAY after the incident. He posts stuff about keeping animals, especially cows.

Sollux: Who are we kidding, he’s on reddit. He says it’s because it’s cooler but he’s really just sort of scared. 

Karkat: His blog is Emo™. He posts sad song lyrics, rom-com gifs, and FUCKTONS OF ANGRY POSTS ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE WHAT HE LIKES. All his writing is in all caps, people ask why. He says it’s because the world has earned his rage. Really the caps button got stuck a long time ago and he got used to it and now lower case looks weird.

Nepeta: Cat gifs cat gifs cat gifs!!!!! Volunteers at an animal shelter, posts about kitties looking to get adopted. Super sweet. Lowkey a furry and interacts on those “open rp” posts only to get made fun of, doesn’t really understand it. Gets a ton of anon hate for no reason? But she’s friends with Equius and Equius is………. uh…….. so eventually people leave her alone. She’s listed as a “cringey” blog sometimes but everyone who actually follows her thinks she’s adorable and is a little happier when they see her on their dash. 

Kanaya: Lesbian Blog. Inserts herself into tumblr drama all the time to mediate, mostly ends up making things worse. Got so mad at Eridan that he deleted his blog, is very proud of this. Posts pictures of herself with her chainsaw and elaborate topiaries. Fashion aesthetic. People reblog her selfies with “holy shit step on me” and “I’m too gay” and she loves it.

Terezi: get ready for that shitty leetspeak, it’s ya gal Terezi Pyrope here with so many gotdamn bright colors that your eyes will spin. You thought Dave had a bad theme? She’s got the worst one. Posts memes about everything. Roleplays with Nepeta sometimes and no one can tell if it’s sincere. Used to roleplay with Vriska but they had a horrible fight which ended in a way people don’t really know but afterwards she got someone to post a picture of her with bandages all around her eyes and the caption “1M BL1ND NOW YOU DUMB FUCKS”. People tried to call her out but damn she is. She is the law. Don’t try that shit on her she’ll destroy you.

Vriska: The literal worst. holy shit. Has done most of the terrible shit in the book. Scams people, doxxes them, sends SHITTONS of anon hate. Spams the block button on anyone who calls her out and then posts infinite shit about them. Pulls receipts. But she’s holy shit pretty and has a legion of loyal followers who are just as willing to attack people because she Can Do No Wrong. A few people know about her awful home life but she warned them not to spread it on pain of death. Ran a fortune-telling blog but it was Bad Shit. Spiders, so many spiders.

Equius: Fetish blog he doesn’t know is a fetish blog.

Gamzee: ………….part of the clown uprising???

Eridan: “Eridan Ampora. 13. Male. Bisexual but don’t let it fuckin fool you I don’t take shit. White. My family has money. Basically everything tumblr hates. Women are bitches haha amiright?” Constantly posts about how he can’t get a date, also posts… wow some terrible shit. Also history, for some reason? And selfies with his rifle collection. 

Feferi: ENDLESS CUTTLEFISH PICTURES. ENDLESS. SO MANY FISH PUNS! SHE TAKES PICTURES OF HER FISH AND GIVES THEM CUTE CAPTIONS. Was friends with Eridan for a while, eventually realized how terrible he was and left.


as you can tell there’s gonna be 12 reasons because ot12 feels okay let’s dO IT


  1. those high quality vocals
  2. you will be accepted for shipping anyone with baekhyun because he can be shipped with virtually anyone
  3. so. much. smut.
  4. they won’t care if you stan chanyeol on the side at this point
  5. you can laugh at him being bullied by kyungsoo and won’t be judged isn’t that fun
  6. someone to look up to for being great at eyeliner
  7. since so many people in the fandom stan him you’ll feel at home when you announce to the universe that your ovaries just died for the 138914109th time this week
  8. if you don’t own a dog congrats you do now
  9. and if you’re allergic to dogs this pup’s in exception
  10. that aegyo will never fail
  11. all those thoughts that go through your head when you’re trying to fall asleep will give you a sense of acceptance
  12. if you stan someone else that’s okay don’t we all just stan this pup at least a wee bit


  1. those fucking ears
  2. access to a gallery (literally) of derp pics
  3. you will have a free pass to killing your ovaries every time he dyes his hair some sort of dark color
  4. b u lg e
  5. appreciate that deep voice
  6. but then also appreciate that baby face oh my
  7. be ready for your dash to be spammed with pictures of his huge ass hands because those are a creation from god
  8. his dancing oml
  9. can we just appreciate those rapping skills like
  10. all chanyeol stans are understanding of each other and therefore you may embrace each other
  11. since chanyeol’s funny af the stans are funny af
  12. why wouldn’t you


  1. firstly let’s appreciate that hot piece of ass shit right there
  2. twerking machine
  3. t ho s e h ot a ss v oc a ls now that’s what i call talent
  4. can we also just appreciate the fact that he’s literally an angel sent from heaven made to just aijdwiuefhwire
  5. dino screaming is music to my ears
  6. literally one of the best derp faces out there how could you not love him that’s infinite meme material there
  7. he himself is a meme
  8. softest lil ball of fluff when he dropped his beef on exo showtime like thats what you need in a man
  9. jongdae in a onesie
  10. jongdae doing handstands 
  11. why is he so iofdeheiufhfsoksfj;lakd;
  12. honestly you will not regret stanning him or your money back


  1. you can stan the soft, fluffy, squishy, sent from god, absolutely adorable and seemingly harmless kyungsoo
  2. or you can stan the demonic lil hot ass bitch kyungsoo i’ll give you a choice okay
  3. but then you can just appreciate the fact that this tiny human will make you scream his name in that imaginary smut scene
  4. ever read kyungsoo smut
  5. you should
  6. you won’t be disappointed i promise not that i read it everyday ok
  7. honestly if you don’t stan kyungsoo at least 7% i’m disappointed’
  8. like no judge or anything but how could you not stan a beautiful human being like this 
  9. also when he makes cookies with his entire arm i just i
  10. also if you don’t get thirsty when u see his ass get your eyes checked
  11. we all need a lil bit of saintsoo in our lives
  12. if you stan him you won’t be able to go back okay


  1. if i was shallow i’d just say he’s a beauty but if you have eyes you know that
  2. not against people without eyes i don’t wanna offend you just know he’s a beautiful human
  3. but i’m not shallow so have you even heard his laugh it’s beautiful
  4. also stereotypical of me but his dancing is no joke
  5. especially with all that hip thrusting :;)
  6. also don’t be surprised if he got you pregnant through your eyes
  7. or your ears
  8. by the way stanning him will make you automatically make you make healthier choices for your diet
  9. i swear you’re gonna drink 10 glasses of water because he’ll make you that thirsty
  10. like bro you might as well just purchase a pool bc you’re gonna need it
  11. but really those vocals are just 
  12. if you aren’t satisfied come back and i’ll give you new ovaries because maybe yours aren’t working since you haven’t gotten pregnant through your ears yet


  1. he does this thing where he shows his beautiful teeth without even noticing and honestly it’s just a reason as to why you’re still breathing thank him
  2. did i mention his hot ass rapping sounds aggressive but then it also sounds super emotional and i just
  3. also that tall piece of fucking hot shit i need it
  4. if you stan him make sure you’re ready for all that bdsm smut oh yeah
  5. but then be ready for hardcore taoris stans up in your face like “hOT DAMN” but i honestly don’t mind them they’re beautiful
  6. he also does this thing where he’s unintentionally funny
  7. but in a funny way
  8. like he’s funny but also it makes you feel concerned for him
  9. just feel concerned for this boy
  10. he deserves your concern not gonna even lie
  11. did i mention his talent is just asdkaldkalf it’s amazing
  12. honestly every exo-l has a soft spot for kris’ deep ass voice like pleaaaase


  1. i was hesitant to write about my angel but then realized that he’s an angel that deserves to make everyone happy which is what he does
  2. honestly if you don’t think yixing is an angel of exo sent from the heavens above just know i’m crying 
  3. like this boy looks innocent but we all know he’s a sex machine
  4. have you seen the way he makes love to the floor
  5. honestly i wish i was a tile in the floor because i just i
  6. honestly sometimes he’s so oblivious to what’s happening because he’s just yixing i have to wonder if he’s high or smth
  7. but then i remember no yixing is just oblivious to everything except for when he’s on go fighting!
  8. he has this hidden charm but when you find it you won’t let go of it
  9. i (op) have been a xingmi for around six years and honestly yixing is just this kid that won’t let you go when you find that charm
  10. of course if you stan someone else don’t blame u but just know that yixing smut in your search history won’t forgive you
  11. also have i mentioned the way he just aldksjklfjaldfjqajadklfjalkdjalk you’ll get here i promise
  12. yixing smut is quality smut so if that isn’t enough to convince you then i don’t know what is at this point


  1. okay firstly hair. hair hair hair sent from heaven
  2. okay next he should be your beauty inspiration okay like even when he wakes up he looks better than 97% of girls with makeup on 
  3. the 3% that look better than him are him with makeup on oh sorry i meant he’s a man
  4. also when he sings he either sounds like an angel
  5. or sounds like an angry deer that just had her kids taken away from her there’s no inbetween
  6. also you better stan this hot piece of shit because he has that good good that isn’t gonna let it go
  7. also when you do stan him (because you will i promise) you’ll never stop receiving hunhan fics
  8. and honestly we know you won’t get sick of them until you do
  9. can i just say that he’s one of the most hard working guys out there and you should respect him for it
  10. also don’t be surprised if you suddenly have an obsession with bubble tea it’s a natural response
  11. can we just appreciate that all luhan smut is quality smut
  12. if you’re a new exo-l and stan luhan no surprise there because who wouldn’t lmao


  1. he’s literally an angel
  2. except for when he’s not lmao because sometimes he does this thing where he acts like a parent
  3. but when you see daddy junmyeon oH GOD
  4. also once you fall for that daddy junmyeon there’s no going back
  5. he does this really cute thing where he shows his support for people he likes except sometimes it can be
  6. a bit scary and you probably shouldn’t say anything because it’ll make you feel guilty
  7. also his dancing will give you life by killing you
  8. please appreciate junmyeon because he’s actually your wet dream even though you don’t know it
  9. if you stan junmyeon i’ll give you +12 points for being a junmyeon stan because they’re beautiful people
  10. he’s a sexy beast in dad’s clothing
  11. if you need a good laugh bc you’re having a shitty day he’s your man because like i
  12. we all have a soft spot for this sexy ass guy at water polo practice


  1. he’s not a brat he’S A BRAT
  2. you’ll never run out of quality hd pics of a hot ass
  3. if you stan him then you will be able to see a child which you can imagine is your own grow up before your eyes through your computer monitor
  4. also when you stan sehun you’ll have a new book of roasts you can use on that fake ass friend of yours you have
  5. borrow his sass to use against that clique that hates you at school or on the internet if you’re homeschooled 
  6. learn new colors existed by looking at his hair
  7. magically become a master debater because you signed so many online petitions about sehun
  8. honestly sehun smut is just getting better every day
  9. hot piece of shit right there
  10. also his dancing his just it gives me life okay
  11. i’m not saying sehun is a talented brat but that’s exactly what i’m saying
  12. like please this brat isn’t a brat he’s a bEAUTIFUL BRAT


  1. you know when you hate taking showers because it’s literally you just wasting earth’s resources for your own filthy reasons
  2. well
  3. you will now love caressing your body because it makes you feel like tao is scrubbing your back in the shower with you
  4. also he’s constantly getting hotter in every selca on instagram
  5. by the way the fact that he’s a sex beast it beautiful
  6. but the fact that he sounds like a little teenage girl is also a beautiful fact like get a man that can do both
  7. tao with surgical mask is best tao
  8. peacock oppa makes you feel thirsty alrighty
  9. also his rapping is just another thing he’s good at
  10. like when he raps be ready to be transported to another dimension (like in the elevator ritual i bet he’s scared of)
  11. like tao is just the realest bitch ever
  12. why wouldn’t you stan him just look at that fine ass grown man like he’s grown so much i’m so proud


  1. firstly he’s literally just a pile of cute fluff
  2. but then you also gotta remember that he’ll fucking beat your ass with all those martial arts he knows like don’t fuck with him
  3. honestly when he says a remotely cute word like marshmellow your ovaries will just die from that cuteness overload
  4. minseok + cute hats = therapy
  5. but don’t take him for being a fucking cutie pants no he’s also a sex machine like junmyeon but 
  6. xiudaddy comes out to play on stage 
  7. he’s unintentionally sexy that it should be illegal
  8. someone chain him up wait no that’ll just make you thirstier oh god
  9. honestly minseok is literally all of exo put in a blender and there here you have a minseok
  10. but the fact that he’s the oldest is just somewhat terrifying to everyone???
  11. also his vocals in particular are one of a kind like if you had a special ice cream (gosh why i want ice cream now damn it) and it was like chocolate flavoured but like made with akdjklajelksfjalkdjlasjld;a i’m dead thats him. 
  12. minseok is a chocolate flavoured ice cream okay good time to stop
RFA, V, and Saeran react to a crafty MC

° Yoosung °
“Oooo MC what’s that?”
“My newest project.”
-He tries to take it from you before you’ve put the last pieces on it like chill its almost done
“What is it?”
“Yoosung. It’s a flower crown.”
“Oooo! Can I try it on?”
-boi yes of course you’re too adorable to say no to look at those eyes
-oh right gotta be chill
“I mean I guess”
“Am I pretty now, MC?”
“Yoosung you’re always pretty”
“Aww thank you MC”
-Is blushing when that happens
-Always wants to wear what you make
-Tries desperately to help with buying supplies but college is expensive
-Always helps as best as he can
-Definitely tries to get you to make LOLOL related stuff
-This cinnamon roll I love him-

° Zen °

“Oh MC is this for me?”
-boi I just finished that jacket I swear to go~
“Uh, yeah sure, wow you look good in that”
“Well its your skills that make it”
“Aw Ze-”
“But I mean I always look good”
“Okay Zen you can take it off now”
-Always steals what you make so he can show off to all his coworkers
   -“My lovely MC made this, look how nice it is”
-Wants to get you to help make props and such for his work
-If you make flower crowns they’re gone within the hour and your phone died from all the spammed selfies

° Jaehee °
“MC what are you doing?”
-You jump out of your skin
“Oh my god don’t sneak up on me, I’m just making charms”
-(Bet your bottom) This girl constantly wants to help you
“Can I see?”
-Girl yes admire the work lololol-
“Sure thing, here’s the one I finished earlier”
“Uhm, thank you?”
“MC we should make charms for the RFA”
-She is so supportive -go girlfriend-
-Will always show off your creations in the café
-Just loves what you do

° Jumin °
-Watches you intently work at his desk for hours *picture we are number one when sportacus is in the cage being watched*
“MC we should make you a store for all this”
-you wot m8-
“Jumin that’s kind of a lot for just some jewelry”
“MC I’m serious, let me call Assistant Kang”
-he is forcibly removed from his phone
“Jumin its not necessary please don’t”
-Will always help buy your supplies, there’s no way to get out of it
-jumin please I can buy the $3 bouquets of flowers-
-Will wear flower crowns around the house for your enjoyment
“MC do you think that I look better with this crown or that crown?”
“Jumin can I please take your picture you look great”
-you never get his picture unless you’re also in it-
-Will bring your little pieces to keep at his desk at work
-Loves every piece you’ve made

° Seven/Saeyoung °

-Has known since you joined
-Loves when you give him a new charm for his phone
-Wears your bracelets all the time
-Praises all of the things
“MC is that a sweater for me?!”
“Dammit Saeyoung can’t you let me surprise you?”
-your wedding rings are ones you made, cmon that’s cute-
-Will ask for you to make his glasses cooler
-Eventually wants to challenge you to out craft him (he’s been practicing while you sleep)
“MC you won’t win this round”
(try me bitch)
“Okay show off your jacket in 3- 2- 1-”
-His has memes hand painted all over it
-The back of the denim jacket you did has a scene where you and seven are stargazing
“MC that’s too good what the heck”
-he starts crying and you’re facepalming-
-You wear each others creations all the time after that
“MC can you make a scarf for Vanderwood?”
“I could, what colors?”
-You knit Vanderwood’s scarf and Seven is ecstatic
-Vanderwood is unamused but wears it anyway because he’s nice (even though he doesn’t want to wear it)

° Saeran °

“MC why are you cutting the stems off the flowers”
“Saeran you asked for a flower crown, I’m making you a flower crown”
“I never asked that” -boi yes you did-
-Asks you why you craft for so many hours
“Saeran I made this for you”
“MC why is it an ice cream cone?”
“Because you like ice cream, Saeran” -“why do you ask dumb questions-”
-Won’t admit it but he loves when he can watch you make stuff
-Whenever you make him anything he will wear it for a little bit to see you smile
-Give him charms and you’ll see them on his phone he loves them
-Won’t wear a flower crown unless he is holding your phone
-No pictures are allowed
-you try to sneak them-
-Loves helping you even if he won’t say so
-salty boi loves when you make him cutesy stuff that he says he won’t wear even when he does wear it-

° V °
“MC can I take your picture while you wear that?”
-flustered MC-
“Can I finish it first?”
“Of course”
-Will constantly take your picture
-Loves watching you being focused, loves when you make your concentrating face
-Will ask you to make him little things to wear like crowns and such
-Will teach you more about photography if you teach him about your crafts
-Loves to craft with you
-It’s a date option when it comes up-
-Just loves seeing you happy doing what you love
-Will hang his pictures of you crafting in his office/gallery
-Makes photosets of your crafts and those are his favorite
-Will always wear/use what you make him
-So much love from the blue cinnamon roll-

So I still haven’t figured out how to make it look crossed out (I’m dumb I’m sorry) but when there’s text between the dash lines just pretend its crossed out. Eventually I will know I just don’t yet okay? I’m gonna figure it out after school tomorrow.

rfa + rainy day headcanons


- not a huge fan of rain, cloudy skies make him feel down
- you two are both laying on his bed, him playing an app on his phone and you listening to music on yours
- its about to storm and you notice he’s looking more and more nervous when the sky starts to rumble
- “yoosung, are you scared of thunder?”
- he 100% is but is also 100% embarrassed about it so your question turns him bright red
- tries to deny it but when a loud BOOM shakes the windows he ducks his head under his covers
- when he peeks his head out you hug him really tight
- “im here with you so you don’t have to worry”
- his heart skips a beat when you say that but before he can respond, there’s another loud rumbling of thunder
- wraps his arms around your waist and buries his face in your neck
- he’s afraid but all he can think of now is how soft your skin is and how good you smell
- he focuses on listening to your soft breaths and heartbeat to calm himself down
- you sing to him until the storm passes
- when it does he kisses you and you’re surprised that he’s the one initiating it for once (he’s usually so shy-)
- he’s a blushing baby and he’s hopelessly in love with you
- he clings onto you for the rest of the night
- and he can barely sleep because all he can think of is how in love he is with you
- traces hearts on your back and plays with your hair while you’re sleeping


- was so excited to take you shopping in the city but when he sees how heavy it’s pouring outside his hopes are dashed
- really bitter about it because he was so excited
- you’re about to go out to pick up some groceries but he refuses to let you go in the weather
- “zen it’s fine I have a raincoat I just need to pick up some milk-”
- he says this weathers too ugly for a princess to be exposed to
- you appreciate the compliment but zen I’m not a child ive been in rain before like everybody else in the world has
- he won’t let up so you both end up binge watching Netflix together
- (insert whichever movies you’d like to watch with him here, I personally think he’d love the movie rent-)
- after you’re finished you both have fun in the kitchen
- you decide to make cookies and he’s making dinner
- he licks off the batter that’s on your cheek and it makes you turn bright red
- after eating together you end up falling asleep on the couch and he carries you to the bedroom


- you and jaehee both are fans of rain, as long as it’s not too crazy
- it’s a light drizzle on an autumn day and you two both go on a date to a new art museum
- you share your umbrella with her and hold hands when you’re walking there and it’s so romantic and gay you love it
- jaehee really takes a liking to the gallery and their works, telling you little tidbits of information about the artists
- takes lots of pictures with her phone when inside (she’s gotta get those Instagram shots)
- sneaks a lot of candid pics of you
- when you are examining a painting she looks at you and tells you that you’re prettier than any work of art in the entire gallery
- the compliment makes you blush and you lace your fingers with hers
- you two stop at a library on your way home and jaehee checks out some books
- when you get home you’re both sitting on the couch, she’s leaning her head against you as she reads
- she makes you some amazing coffee and you two sit there quietly enjoying each other’s company, and the soft rain can be heard outside the window


- he doesn’t really care for the weather
- when he finishes his paperwork and sees you staring out the window with that serene smile he just wants to pick you up and hug you
- you turn to him and say something about how nice the weather is
- he tells you that you look beautiful
- 5 minutes pass, and jumin is on the couch trying to read but you’re playing with Elizabeth 3rd on the ground and it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen
- you’re dangling some string in front of her and she’s jumping and you’re giggling
- he’s irritated that elizabeth’s not being as graceful as she usually is but he lets it slide because it’s you
- you pick her up gently and rub your nose and hers, speaking in babytalk to her
- low key he’s taking a million pictures of you and sending them to the group chat
- he prefaced the photo spam by saying “the two I love most in the world”
- jumin your photo taking skills are awful every picture is blurry
- he doesn’t care, he’s already made you two his lock screen


- you LOVE the rain and insist that he comes with you outside
- tries to make a dirty joke when you say “come play with me” but you’re not listening
- “wait mc it’s like midnight I didn’t think you were serious-”
- you tug on his jacket sleeve and run outside, you both end up at a park nearby
- his hair is a mess already
- when he sees our bright smile he can’t help it and he leans down and kisses you
- (kissing in the rain how romantic-)
- you pull away and he looks at you and smiles gently
- he’s about to say I love you but you interrupt him by quickly poking his cheek
- this is a game you are DEFINITELY not going to win with him
- he grins and begins to chase you and you laugh, trying to find a place to hide
- you crouch down behind the big plastic slide, your hair totally soaked but you are so determined to win
- you yelp in surprise when you feel his arms around your waist and he picks you up and spins you around
- on the walk home he’s giving you a piggyback ride so you don’t have to tire your legs out
- the mood has changed and you smile at him and begin telling him stories
- like that time you attempted suicide as a teenager and how you thought you would never make it to 18
- but now you’re here with the love of your life acting like a kid and everything feels right
- and you don’t feel that deep hole in your chest that you did in high school and you can finally sleep and you don’t feel confused at all about what to do
- you know that this is exactly where you belong and it’s the first time you’ve felt a true sense of security
- everything about you and him fills every empty space in your heart and it all fits right into place
- you fall asleep talking and wake up in his arms in bed

Okay so I’ve decided on this day, Cait’s blog birthday (and actual birthday), I would post my follow forever. Now, as you can see in the picture above, it isn’t just Caitlin. It’s my girls. I know I have like fifty thousand more muses, but these are my dctv ladies (excluding Felicity who comes and goes as a muse) so I decided to do a follow forever for all of them essentially. So anyway below the cut, you’ll find all the lovely people who make roleplaying these ladies, a delight. 

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Runway Model

Summary: You are an international model, and after mentioning your love for BTS, you were offered a job in their next music video.
Member: Taehyung x Reader (appearance by other members)
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,807 Words

I would love to be a model who got to work with the boys. It would be soooo cool. I actually wanted to be a model as my first career when I was a kid LOL. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by jeonsshi

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), over here!” The paparazzi yelled all around you. You turned, smiling and waving at all the cameras and reporters around you. You were walking off the runway, happy that it was finally the last day of Paris Fashion Week. You loved walking the runway and working, but it was stressful too. You hated having to diet and work out so much to fit the standards of the modeling world. But it was worth it at the end of the day. If it wasn’t for the hard work, you wouldn’t be the international supermodel that you were. That was why smiling at the cameras came so easily to you; because it was your dream come true. But a vacation would be pretty nice at this moment.

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anonymous asked:

I can't resist, but top 5 Mordeson moments???? ;D

♥♥♥Omg! Another hard one~! *ahahahaha

Like, I had to sit down, look @ a list of episodes and really think about what I wanted to include for my top 5 OTP moments~! And with that being said, I decided to leave out OT3 moments and only focus on interaction that happens between Benson and Mordecai exclusively~! Oh yeah, and I also decided to leave out stuff that borders on Head Canon territory and conjectures (e.g. how Mordecai knew Benson had a clock in his room during “Saving Time” *lmao) 

So, now that that’s out of the way- let’s get down to business~! Starting with #5 and counting down to #1~! ♥♥♥

5) The Temple Scene from “Sandwich of Death”

Like, even though this might be considered an OT3 moment, throughout the entire temple scene Mordecai takes on quite a protective role when it comes to Benson~! Case in point:

Maybe it’s b/c he knows that Rigby isn’t strong or tall enough to be a proper bodyguard for Benson, but still- they spent most of this episode practically glued to each other and as a Mordeson fangirl, I can’t help but admit that I was more than a little pleased *lmao

I’m glad that things ended well and Benson got better by the end of the episode, but still- so much OTP interaction and physical contact~! Ah! So awesome~! *lmao ♥♥♥

[The rest is under a Read-more to spare everyone’s dash]

[Also- like the last top 5 post I made- this one is pretty gif and image heavy so be warned]

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Is it weird that I'm sitting here giggling at my own tags?

Some of the culprits are as follows:

And that’s the end of the list because the script hit the 5000-tag limit at “the” alphabetically.

Note: I don’t know about any miraculous way of gaining followers on Tumblr. The best way of getting a lot of followers is to create a great blog and work hard on it! However, here are so tips that might help you along the way.

1. Write nice messages to people you follow where you tell them how much you like their blog and ask them if they could please take a look at your blog. I always check out blogs who ask about this, but I never check out blogs who just asks me to follow them. Be nice! If one of your favourite bloggers who has a lot of followers starts following and reblogging you a lot, chances are their followers will notice and check out your blog.

2. Be active. Reblog a lot of pictures but don’t spam people with 50 posts in a row (I often notice people unfollowing me if I post more than 5 posts right after one another). Put up a queue, it will mean that more people see your posts on their dashboard because people are logged on at different hours of the day. It will also keep your blog constantly active without people getting annoyed because you’re clogging their dash. I’m currently reblogging 40 posts per 24 hours, and would recommend at least 20 if you’re looking to gain followers.

 3. Your username is your trademark, so keep it short and easy to remember. You might notice that a lot of the more popular bloggers have short usernames consisting of only letters. I might not take someone very seriously if their username is something like stab—my-heart-because-i-love-you compared to something that’s easy to remember like my own username (bamhbies).

4. Make people interested in you as a person. Share your opinions, your personality, pictures of yourself etc. If you’re a fashion blogger you could post outfit pictures, if you’re in a relationship you could share pictures of you and your partner etc. What makes your blog different from all of the other blogs is that it belongs to YOU!

5. Keep to one particular style of posts, whether it’s fashion, indie, black and white etc. This increases the chance of other people with the same style following you. Because I have a very pink blog I’m mainly following people who post a lot of pink, and I don’t have any interest in following people who post 10% pink, 10% Harry Potter, 10% black and white etc. because that means I’ll have to scroll through a lot of posts I’m not interested in to find the ones I want to reblog. A lot of people just wants a place to post whatever they feel like posting which is totally understandable, but it’s much easier to gain followers if you stick to one style. 

6. Make your own edits. By making your own edits you’re offering your followers something they won’t find anywhere else. You’ll also be the source of the edits and people often click the source if they see an edit they like. An example is my pink text edits which I think have gained me a lot of followers because a lot of them have thousands of notes, meaning my username shows up as the source every time the post is on someone’s dashboard. You could also post your own pictures if you’re into photography, write your own text posts if you have something funny or interesting to contribute with etc.

7. Choose a clean and tidy design that suits your blog style. First impression can mean everything for people who are looking at your blog and choosing whether or not to follow it. Sometimes I’ll enter a blog and think “Ugh, ugly design” and automatically close it.

8. Self-promotion is hated by some people and tolerated by others. I don’t have any problem with people self-promoting (I remove all self-promoting when I reblog because it looks messy though), so if you can handle the occasional OH MY GOD YOU’RE SO ANNOYING message from someone who doesn’t have anything else to be annoyed over then you could try self-promoting on posts every now and then (e.g. putting “following back similars”, “indie/bambi☆” etc. on every post you reblog).

9. Check out the follow 4 follow, follow back etc. tags. Sometimes posts like “Reblog this if you follow back” will have thousands of notes (like this one) and you can see if any of the blogs that have reblogged it suits your taste and follow a bunch of them to gain followers yourself. You could also participate in promos, blog rates etc. but in my experience they’re not worth it because your followers will find all the promos on their dashboard annoying and might stop following you. However if someone is offering screenshots/blog rates if you vote for them or do something else that doesn’t mean you have to post anything on your own blog, it could be worth it.

10. The most important thing is to get your name out there and be active! You’re not gonna end up with 500 followers if you’re online for two minutes everyday to reblog a couple of pictures. The more places your name is popping up (whether it’s because someone reblogged you, an edit you made is becoming popular, someone published a message you sent them etc.), the bigger the chance that people will click on your username and start following you.

I know I said I was done with doing this, but Jack’s 8 million vlog really made me want to try again.

@therealjacksepticeye, there’s still a problem in the community that’s been here for a little while now - the problem is people making jokes about becoming deaf because of your videos. (These jokes include saying a video made them deaf, or they were deaf for a short while because they had the volume on full, or that they don’t know how they’re not deaf because they have the volume on full, and that you make people go deaf “but it’s fine because we love him anyway”)

I spoke out about this a while back when I saw you reblogging one of these jokes (it was a picture/gif of you shouting caption “Jacksepticeye noises that will make you go deaf”). It hurt to see that not only were these jokes coming back, but they were getting some support from you as well as other members of the community. I will admit right here and now that I’ve not seen another on your blog since, but they’re still floating around and I’ve had to unfollow a lot of people to keep from being hurt by my dash.

Jokes like these are what made me leave the community back in the Spring of 2015, and I’ll be very honest here when I say that they made my depression much worse, and I did consider suicide at one point whilst still in the community. I don’t want to feel like that again, nor do I want anyone else to feel like that again. 

Since speaking out about it, I’ve received a lot of support from others, and have even been contacted by other Deaf/deaf/HoH people, both in the community and out of it, thanking me for saying something that they were to scared to say. I know I’m not the only one who’s being hurt by these jokes, and I’m honestly only still trying at this point for those other people. I want them to be safe and happy in the wonderful community you’ve built - and these jokes are making that hard for them.

It would mean a great deal if you saw this and responded in any way, because it would really improve things. Me and others with hearing disabilities would be able to feel accepted and happy here again - instead of feeling like jokes, or like we’re broken. 

I know I’ve spammed this a lot, but you’ve got the biggest voice in this community - people listen to what you have to say, and will take it on board. I’m just a person with a handful of people that are willing to listen to me - you’re a person with 8 million people willing to listen to you. You have the power to make a positive change. I really hope you see this and take the opportunity to make that change.

You’re a good person - I know that.
There’s nothing about you that I don’t trust. I trust that you want people to be happy and safe, and that you don’t want to hurt or offend anyone.

I’m going to link to my other two posts about this, simply because I don’t want to leave out or forget anything - but this post is already getting to be too long.
[First Post] [Second Post]

I really hope you see this.
Thank you.

Mamrie Hart is getting close to 1 million subscribers (currently at 869k) so I wanted to create a video with you guys to show her about how much this fabulous woman deserves, not only a drink or two, but our love!

I did the exact same videos for Dan and Phil (he even liked and commented on it!!) and I’ve linked them so you can take a watch as to what I was thinking. Of course, hopefully my editing skills have improved in two years.

Want to get involved? ((The rules/instructions are under the cut so not to spam everyone’s dash))

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Love You More

Song fic prompt. 2837 words. Hartbig, sfw, and okay fine I’ll call it nsff because of the trouble I seemed to cause last time… ;) Everyone go listen to this song, it’s gorgeous.


Love You More

‘Cause I’ve been away too long
and every day I missed you more.
You look like you did before,
only prettier.
And every day I missed you more,
and more and more and more and more.

Hannah wishes the cab would go faster.

It’s like the LA traffic was moving even more impossibly slower than usual. The buildings don’t rush by fast enough and they’re stopping too often and too long at lights and for other cars and for pedestrians.

Don’t they get that she has somewhere to be?

“Hey dude,” Hannah leans forward to speak to the driver. “Don’t suppose there’s a quicker back route is there? I’m supposed to be somewhere really soon.”

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Fiend Follows FiveEver!!

There’s so many good feelings floating around, and even sickly I want to share to make anyone’s days a little brighter. :) (Although typing is a bit of a challenge, lol)

Let’s do this, shall we?

Can’t be that hard, can it?

(she said hopefully but with a withering, sinking feeling in her heart.)

This year has been pretty amazing. I’ve gained so many followers to my little corner of Dragon Age hell and I can’t even tell you how much you all mean to me, even the silent watchers like our lovely Scout Jim. :] I had…oh, I dunno, maybe 30 only a few months ago and suddenly I’m pushing 400. I was just writing for myself and suddenly I’ve got so many of you who hang on every word and it makes my little heart happy (I’m about to cry just typing this, no, Madison, stop!!).

To start this off properly, I must begin my thank yous where it all started.

Thank you to @eternalshiva, @fatally-procrastinating, @elfrooted, @carpe-cullen, @blustersquall, @eeveevie and @digital-goddess for inspiring me with their own fantastic fics to get me back into the writing game in the first place. :]

But an even bigger thank you to everyone who encouraged me to stay. :D

@demonicdivas You put up with my shit all the time and calm me down when Keram and Rylen just anger me to tears. It’s the least I can do to Beta for you. You deal with my shifting passions and general ranting and I couldn’t ask for a better friend to throw ideas. One of two things always happens: 1) we get excited, or 2) we cry. Funny, right?

@scumbag-solas For being my very worst instigator and smut compadre! When it comes to Cullen, I know where to go. We can throw art at each other, and be ridiculous and god damn, I value that so much. Em and M after dark is probably my favorite tag. Shenanigans happen there, and here’s to many more!

@slothquisitor I feel like you’re my number one fan, and your enthusiasm keeps me going, oh my god. I love you so much ship mate, and I’m glad I’ve got someone I can go crazy about it to! (Rylen and Keram 4EVA, put that on my grave, lol). I imagine you with like a foam finger, honestly, and even if I wrote for no one else, I would keep writing stories just for you. <3

@thesecondsealwrites Good friend, rock appreciator, and heartbreaker (Cullen and Essa? Oh lordy, go read it!), you’ve been so encouraging both as a reblogger and just a blogger. I’ve said it several times, I think, but I need to, just once more, I strive to be a writer like you. Great story, great imagery, always good about updates. Guys, Pony Seal over here is the writer you deserve. Haha. If you aren’t already, go follow her, like seriously. She’s a gem.

And to everyone else that reblogs my fics and leave such wonderful messages for me! You make my heart so happy!

Okay, now to some nittier, grittier, thank yous.

First of all, a thank you to all the “normal friends” who put up with my Dragon Age shit. These are the guys I know irl and for some reason they haven’t unfollowed me even though I flood their dashes with pictures of Cullen’s stupid face. I raise my glass to you guys!

@theteddylupinexperience The bestest cuz a gal could ask for!

@raven-of-ice-and-sword Awh lookit you, mah bby bruderrrrr!

@mckenna-corinne God, how many years has it been, Prongs? 15? 16??

@sir-alvin I see more of your stuff on Instagram, but I’m glad you’re doing so well! And with a beautiful fiance too! So happy for you. :D

@kikilicious-and-kitties She’s only here because she’s my brother’s girlfriend, but I try to give her fluffy cats to make the dash flooding better, lol.

@creepingdeath1992 I did in fact get your message, and I hope all is well. :]

A big thanks and I love yous to the Salt Squad Supreme, though nowadays we go by the Farquaad Star Squad. :D I love talking to you guys, and you give me a wonderful outlet to bitch about absolutely anything…or fangirl over art with Em, or SWTOR with Shau Shau. :]

@scumbag-solas | @nix-shiva (formerly known as dragonagesomethingsomething) | @stiria-shiva (formerly known as fuckboy-solas) | @shortchangeher0 (formerly known as thedreadwhitewolf) | @renatafortuna (you and I are the only ones that don’t have s names, yo. O.o) | Always and forever you guys. <3 Seriously, though! (RENI WE MISS YOUUUU)

A shout out and thanks to lovely people:

@dragon—-effect For spamming my blog almost every day! I get so excited and happy when I see you because you write the best tags and comments

@fenharels-thighs For tagging me in things and for being ever so friendly! You’re a laugh and I hope you carry on being awesome!

@xsnowfallx For being my Hawkeye buddy, cool art, and tagging and support and just commere let me love you!

@surlysara For ever thinking I was too scary to talk to? Like, what? And now we laugh about art and I think there was underwear in there somewhere? You support me and I love you for it and I like dropping by for a chat now and again. :D Gone are the days of the kinda horrible fanmail, but now we PM whenever we please. I love that.

@kikiauske For supporting my madness and not kinkshaming what was likely the most shameful smut I’ve ever written. Haha. You made me feel better about it.

@burn1ngpag3s the new Star Wars friend Ahh? Ahhhh?? *wiggles eyebrows*

@artsyfartsybells For being the person that gave me confidence in my smut!! Ever since that message, oh man, it made my day, my life, my year, and I still remember it. I might’ve cut that stuff out if it wasn’t for you. :] So thank you, ever so much for your support.

@jasnahkholin-elsecaller AKA @therutherfordwife (right? Oh, Maker, I hope I got that) For being so nice and happy and pleasant and grateful and oh my goodness, did you guys know that she likes my stories?? You were so excited when you won my giveaway and it just made me so unbelievably happy. I never would have believed I’d have a fan like you! You mean the world and I wish I could do more!

@cullenstairshenanigans You name says enough, I thank you for that, lol, but also your writing, your enthusiasm and good luck with your beautiful baby! Try to get plenty of sleep, but also, baby kisses. :] 

@more-aoe For posting such awesome fics and giving me interesting points of view and unique pairings to consider. Stay awesome, my friend.

@cantkeepmyeyesoff For being so nice and willing to give us amazing screenshots that noobs like me couldn’t get otherwise

@thegillyfox Fir being the sweetest thing, a pleasure to talk to (even if I’m just literally bad at responding) and for her awesome art!

@optimistic-jamie For sharing the love of a certain Starkhaven Templar. ;]

@rutherfart For cool art and fun times. Starkhaven Brigade, ho!

@farashe For tagging me in things and being a lovely person

@adriyelchan For your love on my stories! I just wanna squeeze you!

@hawkelings For being my place for Chantry Boys and rivalmancing Sebastian and loving Anders! ;D

@aletheaquihote For all the worst best ideas. (her giveaway fic is going to be a DELIGHT)

@maepricot For always having the sweetest things to say!

@thereluctantinquisitor For cool art, and an Inquisitor that’s too attractive for this world, like sheesh!

@bluvixen For supporting and feeding all my addictions whether its Dragon Age, Fallout 4 or Star Wars. I couldn’t ask for a better and more sinister friend

Shout out to fantastic artists! I am blessed with the things on my dash!

@darkspawndoodles | @feralise | @luluchenofdarnassus (also the sweetest!) | @triaelf9 | @cocotingo | @lilyrutherfordblog | @greendelle | @therealmcgee | @serenity-fails | @sometrashland | @hija-ck or @hijadraws (don’t know which to tag so, both?) | @sanzosin | @siriusdraws | @barelysirius (yes, both) | @artsyneurotic@izzlerizzle (my god you feed all my addictions when I need them) | @lyndraws | @mianzuart | @cheekywithcullen (where do I even PUT you?? You brighten my day with your reaction gifs, AND your art!!) | @cccrystalclear | @danji-doodle | @yamisnuffles | @greyallison | @theminttu | @razzmatash | @froschkuss | @frank-a-lank | @ellustration | @sload | @gemwillyart | @destinyapostasy | @kekecocoa | @slugette | @coffeependulum | @marllowe | @cute-ellyna | @askbroodyelf |

Thank you guys for always reblogging like literally everything, I love you guys!

@malice-dourden (oh nooo!! Y U NO TAG??) | @besides-fuckboi-broke-my-phone (I LOVE YOUR BLOG NAME ALSO) | @weskeriskewlio (I smile every time I see you!) |

And a big thank you to mutuals. I see you and I love you, like for real!

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Incarcerus: Chapter 1

summary: AU. Vampire and bail bondsperson Emma Swan is drawn into a supernatural murder mystery that entangles her with strange forces, dark secrets, a far-too-charming, handsome, and enigmatic fellow vampire named Killian Jones, and the ultimate questions of how to start a blog on Fangd, get a parking spot in Boston, and avert an immortal war. She is confident love is nowhere in the plan.
rating: T
status: WIP
available: FF.net and AO3
notes: I decided to go ahead and post it. This is my new project, and as usual, I would probably not expect the speediest updates on it, but oh well. I can’t stay away from multi-chapters too long, apparently. Alas.

 I am a vampire.

 It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

 In fact, and you probably saw this pun coming a mile off:

 It usually kind of sucks.

Emma sat staring at the computer screen until her eyes crossed, she leaned back in her chair with an aggravated noise, and deleted the text, only to find nothing more scintillating to take its place. Then she was left performing the frustrated writer’s gaze upon the abyss of blank-white doom, which was even worse, so she typed it back in again, tried to think of synonyms with more syllables, made a louder noise of aggravation, and deleted them for the second time. This was pointless anyway. Nobody was going to read this blog even if she started it, those that did weren’t liable to be happy with her for it, and she had not a single scrap of penetrating or original insight to help anyone who might find themselves thrust unpleasantly into this new situation, which was the reason she’d had this whole godforsaken idea in the first place. They didn’t exactly hand out “So Now You’re a Vampire, How To Not Fuck Up Your Afterlife” how-to guides, and considering the hash she’d made of her previous one, she was probably the least qualified individual to think about offering advice on this one. Still, though. She’d had a moment of believing she could be useful; they came along every so often, long after the last one had died of loneliness. That she could try to build a support group for people who did what sensible people did in this day and age, when their entire life turned upside down and they had no idea how to deal with it: Google that shit and complain about their problems online, just like everyone else. Connect over similar interests. If in this case it happened to be the fact that you were now an immortal blood-drinking unholy creature of night and terror instead of some ordinary hobby like TV shows or collector cars or pictures of cats doing dumb things, not that different. But she’d just been deluding herself. As usual.

After a moment, Emma closed the browser window, then clicked her dash through a refresh. Figuring out what to name a social media site for supernaturals had taken, possibly fittingly, a truly legendary effort. At first it had just been Fangbook, until the werewolves objected that this was discriminatory, and attempted to start Furbook in revenge, which had not worked out for them; it was remembered as the MySpace of the equation, and besides, it sounded like the home of disturbing niche porn. Fangstagram was, for obvious reasons, out, as vampires and cameras generally rendered each other obsolete, and a Twitter full of actual wolves might be even worse than the regular one. Their manifold networking difficulties had finally arrived at a compromise in the form of their current vehicle: Fangd. To avoid a second go-round of the nomenclatorial dilemma, it had been pointed out that both vampires and werewolves had fangs, and besides, it sounded cool. Currently, it was mostly used for chat posts, arranging feeds, perusing heavily filtered photos of buff shirtless werewolves, and the inevitable casual hookups section, as well as worthless shit to buy (all products promising to increase a vampire’s tolerance to sunlight were to be filed in the same category as penis-enhancement-pill spam emails).

As far as Emma had found, admittance to the supernatural set seemed to function along the same rules as your first day at high school: asking for help marked you out as the newbie, and in this case, the cool kids snacking on you might not be at all a figure of speech. So everyone, even if they didn’t, acted like they knew exactly what they were doing. And the high school comparison could be depressingly apt, considering that all-powerful immortals with hundreds of years of age and experience at their disposal could still hold the pettiest of ridiculous grudges. The “blood feud” and “perpetual enemies” things were way overblown, but stuff did happen. Another reason Emma had wanted to start the blog. Immortal did not by any stretch of the imagination mean indestructible, and plenty of clueless newcomers got caught in the crossfire of the power struggles. Then there were the simply stupid ones. You couldn’t be killed by the same things as before, no, but you could still Darwin Award yourself out of the running.

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Don't You DARE (Jack J Imagine)

Request: “Jack J and me have been together for a while and one day he was doing a video with one of the guys and they were playing truth or dare and he gets dared to break up with me over the phone and I was so surprised and hurt and heartbroken that I didn’t let him explain I just ignored all his texts and calls and avoid him completely until one day he gets a hold of me and makes it to me?”

Ok sure! I would like to thank the anon who requested this, so I hope you like it!

Jack’s POV

“Hey guys!” Gilinsky starts. He stares at the plastic camera mounted in front of us. “I’m Jack,”

“And I’m Jack!” I tune in.

“Today we decided to do a Truth or Dare for our channel this week!” he says.

“Its been so long since we’ve uploaded a video here on JackandJackVideos, so here’s a new one!” I say enthusiastically. 

The boy seated beside me rubbed his hands in anticipation. “So we both tweeted out some truth and dares and we got so many…” 

“…and we picked some here and there.” I finish off for him.

“But, there is a twist.” Gilinsky spoke, a mischievous twang in his voice. “We pick them for each other.”

“Yeah,” I restate. “So we fed through all the tweets that you guys sent us. We were briefly trending world wide!” I looked up and shot the lens a big smile, showing appreciation to the fans who did this.

“So, should we get started?" 

I nod and pull out the notes saved on my phone. “Rock, paper, scissors to who goes first?” I suggest.

Jack positioned his fist on top of his flat hand. He raised it up so the camera could catch what we’re doing. “1, 2, 3, shoot,” Our fists make slapping sound on our flat hands. I choose scissors and he chooses paper, making me the winner of that round.

"Okay Jack, you ready for this?” I say, challenging. Gilinsky nods. I recite the first tweet that caught my eye. “So this one comes from Jenny aka jammyxxmagcon on Twitter. She says, ‘I dare you to go to the nearest window and pull your pants to show your fine ass’.” I look at Jack once I was done. “You game?” I ask. 

 ”Hell yeah,” he gets from his seat, locating a near window.

 I took the camera from the tripod to follow Jack to the window. He pulls down both his pants and underwear and presses his butt cheeks against the cold glass. I snicker and point the camera at an angle to it would catch all the action. 

 After a few seconds, Jack removes his butt off the window and pulled his pants back up. We sit back on the ledge of his bed and I set the camera back on the stand. “That was embarrassing.” Jack says blandly. “But it’s my turn to torture you,” 

 I let in a big puff and nodded. 

 ”Okay, Jack,” he says slowly, building the anticipation growing in my stomach. He angled his phone so I would see his list. “This comes from quinncakes567. She says, ‘I dare Johnson to prank call Andrea and say he’s breaking up with her’.” 

 I think about that one. My face makes a contours to a sour look. Andrea was really touchy with relationships and we promised each other that we would come up with a mutual agreement to if we break up or not.

 ”Yo, dude, are you gonna do it or not?” 

 ”Yeah…” I say. I press Andrea’s contact. The picture was of when we both in LA on the top of a cliff.

 ”Ready man?” Jack put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I take a deep breath and press the red call button. The phone rings twice before she picks up. 

“Hey babe, what’s up?" 

 ”N-nothing,” I fake stutter. Jack hold back a laugh be biting at his nail.

 ”Really, what’s up?” 

 ”Okay Andrea, I will be straightforward on this,” I intentionally quiver my voice. “I sorta…”

"Jack you’re scaring me.” She says, her voice close to breaking.


 ”Did you cheat on me?” She asks. It broke my heart she would assume that. 

“Mmhmm…” I mumble. 

 ”N-n-no, Jack, p-please tell me you are lying.” She breaths, sobs evident in her voice. It broke my heart more. “I’m sorry. I’m not.”

I just heard sobs on the other line. I opened my mouth, but the lie hung dead. I tapped my screen twice to see the red button turn grey. She hung up.

“What happened?” Jack asked, peering over my shoulder. 

“N-no… She can’t believe that stupid prank was true.” I steam. “I’M SO FUCKING STUPID!”

I quickly type at her contact. 

It was only a prank

Andrea, it was a dare please pick up


I text her over and over. 

“Turn off the camera!” I command. “She actually believes that I wanna break up!” Jack obeys and reaches over to press the stop button on the camera, making a buzzing noise.

“Can you drive me to her house?” I plea at the boy beside me. 

He just nods and I run to his car before he gets there. I was frantic. I knew Andrea came from bumpy relationships before she dated me. I would hate for this one to end badly too.

Jack unlocks the door and I swiftly slide in and I tap on the dash repeatedly. “Hurry up!” I didn’t own a car yet, so Jack has been my mini chauffeur. 




I keep on spamming her in texts. She has to respond.

Andrea’s POV 

How could he? How fucking could he?

He broke my heart. 

Not just my heart but the rest of the hope I ever had in boys. 

I continue to sob in my pillow as I have been for ten minutes. My phone beeped once again, an incoming text from Jack. I tuck the piece of plastic under my pillow to muffle the sound.

Doesn’t he know that all my relationships end badly? The first one ended with him forgetting my birthday and then ditching me for the rest of my life. The second one ended when he called me a whore because I smiled at his brother. His fucking brother! And the third and one, before Jack, was he just saw me as a good fuck.

I sink in deeper into my endless layers of blankets, shutting my eyes in hope to stop crying. The mascara is now rimmed around my eyes like a badger. I took a wobbly breath in, but instead of hearing peace and quiet, three loud bangs came to my door with a loud, strong voice booming from the other side.

“Andie, open the door NOW!” It was Jack. He came. He shouldn’t of. I push away the blankets that lay warmly on top of me and slowly stride to the door. 

I unlock the door with shaky hands, and grip the door knob. I twist the cool brass metal and the door creeps open. 

Behind that door stands a puffy-faced Jack carrying his illuminated phone. I glance down to the phone to see the text conversation between Jack and I.

“Babe, I’m so sorry. It was a dare—”

I cut him off. “Why?”

He looks at me with his round eyes. 

“Why would you think that a stupid dare was more important than my feelings.” I say coldly.

“It was for a video,” he starts.

“Video my ass Jack!” I raise my voice. “That doesn’t make up for the hell you put me in!”

“Hell?” he scoffs. "It was barely ten minutes.”

“I don’t care!” I push him on the chest to make him back away. He doesn’t budge. I push him a second time and he stumbles back by a mere inch.

I push him a third time, but once my hands hit his chest, he grips my wrists.

"Let go!” I squirm, still fuming. “Stop!”

“Andrea, you need to calm down,” he says gently. He knew my soft spot. I stopped squirming and my loosened his grip, but didn’t let go. 

He pulled he into a hug and I gave in. I hesitantly put my head on hid shoulder, showing my affection. 

“No pranks, m’kay?” He says, making vibrations.

“M’kay.” I repeat.

Andrea I hope you like it! It was sorta bad, I know, but I tried my best. I don’t really know how to write angst/sad types of things. 


bye lovlies!



              +350 CELEBRATION & FOLLOW FOREVER!

I’ve been in this fandom for two months and woah, I would have never expected to meet so many wonderful people and amazing writers! Not only did I have the chance to create absolutely stunning plots and threads, but I’ve also found really good friends that I hold oh so close to my heart. Okay, I don’t want to be too lovey dovey for now so this is a general THANK YOU to all the people who have decided to follow me and thus give me a chance! I’m really thankful and happy to know that so many people are interested in me and in my little fox - You all made me oh so awfully happy
So yeah, I hope we’ll have the chance to keep on enjoying each other’s company for a very, very long time. ❤

1 - Also, yes, I got lazy with the graphic, I’m sorry.
2 - The list doesn’t have a specific order, really.
3 - Woah, the list became huge - SORRY.

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