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mcartist  asked:

Since it's Valentine's Day.(Have the RFA+V+Searan) I would love to ask if you could do MC and her brother spending Valentines together. The others couldn't spend time cause they were busy. So once they have some time to spare them look for you and see you are your brother hanging out. Yet you are siblings so you sorta close to each other and some things seem romantic. The others don't know you have a brother. So how would they react? If you can't do it, it's okay. Happy Valentine's Day!

OOooh scandalous~ 
(It’s the day after Valentine’s Day here because I live in Australia and we live in the future but I’d be happy do do this!)


✮ he was busy with some huge LOLOL event that was happening for valentine’s 
✮ he felt bad but you assured him that it was fine and you would just go see family or a friend or whatever 
✮ so when he leaves the house to get food and sees you with some guy??
✮ your brother was teasing you by pulling and twisting your hair 
✮ but to yoosung it looked like he was hella flirting 
✮ basically stomps up and flicks your brother’s hand away 
✮ ‘excuse me, why are you touching my girlfriend? huh?’ 
where did this confidence come from hmmmm
✮ your brother is confused because ‘omg is this the innocent yoosung MC was talking about???’
✮ you’re trying not to fall over from laughing 
✮ your brother looks absolutely horrified 
✮ “MC is mY siStEr! who are you, huh punk?’ 
✮ yoosung.exe has stopped working
✮ almost cries
✮ apologises 38918475 times he feels so bad 
✮ is pouting for the rest of the day and puts the LOLOL event on the back burner 


✎ she told you beforehand that valentine’s was going to be probably the busiest day for the cafe 
✎ but W O W 
✎ the cafe was packed and you hardly got to see jaehee 
✎ and your brother visited during your lunch break 
✎ so you two were just standing in a corner, trying to leave as much room for the actual customers that you could 
✎ things died down for a total of maybe five minutes 
✎ and jaehee looked around to find you and saw your brother squishing your cheeks together while you both laughed 
✎ she really wanted to go over there and judo kick someone’s ass but she still had customers 
✎ she was kinda angry for the rest of the day 
✎ until afterwards you walk up with your brother and introduce them 
✎ her face is redder than saeyoung’s hair 
✎ she refuses to admit anything 
✎ except when you’re back home she’s super affectionate 
✎ and at first you think it’s just valentine’s day love 
✎ but she’s super clingy and kind sheepish 
✎ so you ask what the deal is 
✎ and she begrudgingly admits that she saw you and your brother when you were messing around and didn’t realise it was your brother
✎ you have to try and maintain the giggles because she’s obviously embarrassed
✎ cute baehee 


✿ he was really busy rehearsing an upcoming musical 
✿ and the director was super strict and wasn’t letting anyone out for the day 
✿ during one of the breaks he picked up his phone and noticed that his fans were all tagging him in the same thing
✿ and he went to it and it’s a picture of you with some guy?!?!?!?!
✿ and he’s so scandalised 
✿ he immediately goes to the group chat and sees that you and saeyoung are online
✿ he basically spams the picture with multiple exclamations akin to ‘WTF MC’ 
✿ you’re freaking out because he’s just sending mindless messages now and won’t stop to listen 
✿ and saeyoung is just off his chair laughing because he obviously knows who it is (background check) 
✿ you send a selfie of you and your brother both with a ‘wtf’ face and the ‘boi’ hand at the camera 
✿ and zen finally stops 
✿ you send another picture but this one’s of you and your brother when you were babies 
✿ ‘hyun, this is my brother’ 
✿ ‘nice to meet THE zen’
✿ he’s so flustered 
✿ he sends sorry to the chat so many times that the original problem can’t even be found 
✿ when he comes home that night he brings a big bouquet of flowers and your favourite snacks 
✿ is super clingy 


₩ this nugget just doesn’t believe in valentine’s day 
₩ you’d told him how annoyed this makes you but he didn’t seem to care too much 
₩ so he was at work 
₩ you went to lunch at the cafe thing across from the C&R building because your brother was curious 
₩ y’all were just chilling, eating pastries and drinking milkshakes 
₩ and then jaehee came for her lunch break 
plot twist
₩ you say hi and your brother introduces himself (but not as your brother) 
₩ and she’s shook 
₩ she goes back and asks jumin if he knew you were at the cafe with some guy
₩ he glides down and stands at your table 
₩ you really nonchalantly say hello 
₩ he’s so confused 
₩ ‘would you like to explain yourself MC?’ 
₩ ???? ‘jumin what are you talking about? i’m just having lunch with my brother, we’re waiting for his girlfriend to come’ 
₩ it’s like you can see him deflate in embarrassment 
₩ he like flops down in the seat next to you 
₩ meets your brother 
₩ when you’re back at home you ask him why he was so salty at the start and he admitted that he thought you were on a date with some random guy because he wouldn’t celebrate valentine’s 
₩ you laugh and say you wouldn’t do that and shower him in affection
he made up for it ;)


⌨  he probably knows what your brother looks like from the background check but for the sake of story let’s just pretend he didn’t go that deep into your history 
⌨  he was super busy with work-related stuff and didn’t even realise it was valentine’s
⌨  he asked you to grab some groceries because he couldn’t
⌨  he’d noticed you’d been gone for a while so he hacked into the security cameras of and around the grocery store
⌨  saw you talking to some guy
⌨  he’s so confused because you haven’t just stopped for a little ‘oh hi I know you’ obligatory hello but you’re walking down the sidewalk with the store bags and talking
⌨  he sees him nudge you with his shoulder and he’s kinda pissed
⌨  he just waits until you’re back home. you’re alone 
⌨  he tries to act nonchalant about it, and like he doesn’t know anything– waiting until you bring it up 
⌨  it’s the end of the day and he crawls into the bed where you already are 
⌨  you bring up how it’s valentine’s day and that you missed him 
⌨  he feels guilty but he’s kinda frustrated from before and goes ‘it didn’t look like you missed me too much while walking down the street with some other guy’ 
⌨  he did not get the reaction he expected 
⌨  he expected you to be kinda shocked like ‘:o caught’ 
⌨  but you’re giggling and snorting 
⌨  ‘saeyoung… that was my brother; we ran into each other outside a store so he walked with me for a little while’ 
⌨  like jumin, he deflates 
⌨  he feels S O  B A D 
⌨  he gives you so many cuddles and just fully wraps himself around you 
⌨  swears he’ll make it up to you 
⌨  he definitely does 

I hope you all had a happy valentine’s day! CHEAP CHOCOLATE AND MYSTIC MESSENGER DLC’S WOOO ♡♡♡♡


Gard3n Witch Giveaway Time!

*This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Tumblr.*

Alright, lovelies, this giveaway contains things useful for the green witch just beginning her journey, or the well-seasoned witch simply looking for some fun trinkets from the PNW! Everything shown in picture #2 has been collected from my own property up here in chilly Western Washington. Anyway, the contents of the giveaway are broken down below by picture. The winner gets everything here (plus any little surprises I feel like including)!

Picture #1:

  • 1 Greenhouse seed starter tray.
  • 5 Seed packets (lavender, eggplant, chamomile, mixed garden bean, a really cool geometric broccoli)
  • 3 Self contained seed starter kits (tomato, strawberry, watermelon).

Picture #2:

  • 2 dried roses with leaves (light pink & dark red).
  • 1 vile of apple blossoms from last years apple crop.
  • A bundle of baby pine cones from an Alder tree!
  • A bundle of dried sage & rosemary.
  • Pale green moss.
  • 1 Cockatiel feather.
  • A mix of dried herbs from my garden (English thyme, sweet marjoram, pineapple mint).
  • A dried, pressed periwinkle flower.
  • Small bundle of dried dill blooms.
  • 4 dried daisy buds.


  • 1 Small pouch of Mugwart.
  • 1 Small pouch of Kava Kava.
  • 1 Small vile of activated charcoal.

Picture #4:

  • 1 Lemon Lavender candle.
  • 1 Small white candle with rune of your choice carved into it (I have Raidho carved into the one shown, but if you win, you can pick whatever rune you like).
  • 2 Boxes of cone incense (Lavender & Patchouli).

Picture #5 & 6:

  • 1 Jar of a lovely floral/herb mix! This mix contains lavender, pink rose, hibiscus, marjoram, tulip petals, rose hips, and a bay leaf. It has not been infused with intent, so it can be used for whatever purpose you see fit.


- Must be 18+.

- Must be a resident of the U.S. (I cannot ship internationally, due to the nature of the items I am shipping).

- Obviously, you’re gonna have to fork up your address for shipping purposes if you win.

- You CAN NOT re-blog this to any giveaway blogs! If you do, you’ll be barred from the contest. This is for the witchy community only! :)


- Re-blog to enter for your chance to win! Just ‘likes’ will not count. It must be re-blogged. And hey…I might even pick a runner up to send a mystery surprise to!

- You must be following me @thegard3nwitch to be eligible.

- Only one entry per person! Re-blogging this a million times will not get you a million entries, it will still only get you one entry (I do this just so that people don’t end up spamming their followers, because that’s not very nice :P)

- The giveaway will end at midnight on April 30th! I will be using an automated random generator app to select the winner, so everyone has a fair shot. The winner will be announced within a week of the giveaway’s conclusion.

- The winner will have 24 hours to respond once notified.

Alright guys, have fun!

**None of the dried herbs included are meant for ingestion. Even if they are edible, they have not been cleaned & processed up to health code regulations. Don’t eat them! I am not liable for you stomach aches if you do! Stay safe!

Goddess - Jay Park

Originally posted by andupinda

Request from @belushtful : Can I request a jay park smut scenario where his mixed(black and white) girlfriend is missing him while she is at home and he is at Aomg making music so later that night they you know. Also the girlfriend is teasing him

Genre: cotton candy fluff smut

Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Word Count: 1547

Contains: romantic smut, (slight) daddy! Jay, fluff

Song: Ride Me - Jay Park

Comments: this turned way cuter than I meant it to be, but I hope you like it because I’m crying at this. Also im sorry if it gets choppy, i was writing this and watching teen mom at the same time, so my attention was going back and forth lmao.


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Nct 127 + Hansol,Kun & Ten's reaction to seeing their s/o in a wedding dress

without Mark & Haechan

Request: Can you do a reaction when NCT 127 + Hansol , Ten and kun your boyfriends and saw you in your friend’s wedding dress ( i hope you understand me I can’t speak English well )

A/N: your english is perfectly fine !! this was fun to do , enjoy reading hehe ,, also i left the two younger members out of this because i felt like it’s still too young ?? haha i hope you don’t mind !!



He’d blush instantly , as he can’t help but to think of what you’d look like in the future when you’re wearing a wedding dress too , but with/for him .

Would also probably secretly snap a few photos of you in the wedding dress , and stares at it at least twice a day because it can instantly bring a smile to his face .

how cute honestly

Originally posted by taesyong


Would be stunned by your beauty at first , unable to say a single word as he stared at you with his mouth agape - he couldn’t believe that he was together with someone so beautiful , and the thought of seeing you in a wedding dress one day with him as your groom , made him feel blessed and happy .

He’d compliment you after he comes out of his trance , probably also smiling to himself as the image of you in the dress will be etched in his mind forever .

“ You look … wonderful ”

“ Aw really ? Thanks baby ”

“ You’re so beautiful i love you so much ”

Originally posted by neoculturedaily


Had mentally prepared himself the day before you told him that you had to accompany your friend to choose her wedding dress , as he knows that he’d be stunned and enchanted by your beauty too . But as soon as you stepped out of the fitting room , he couldn’t stop himself , as he clapped his hands unknowingly , his eyes glued to you .

Would smile as he observed you walk around in the dress , then giggling as he let his thoughts run wild - imagining you wearing the same dress on your wedding day , as the both of you gave each other a peck on the lips .

Originally posted by woojaeibsul


Would try to act all normal and ‘cool’ as he kept a straight face as you stepped out , but his smile and eyes showed otherwise , as he was lost in you and what you were wearing that made you even more beautiful . Can’t help but smile to himself , as he starts thinking about what they future may bring for the both of you , and importantly , how you’d look like on the wedding day .

Like Hansol , he’d compliment you too , and made sure you knew that you looked good .

“ This is prettiest scene i’ve ever seen in my entire life ”

“ Aw babe , why are you like this ”

“ It’s true though , you look so good .

Originally posted by taeyongd


Wouldn’t hesitate to show off his laughter/smiles and reaction as soon as he saw you , and would also shower you with compliments non stop , making you feel loved and blessed to have such a sweet boyfriend .

Would also lowkey hint to you about the future , as he can’t help but to think about it the more he stared at you in the wedding dress .

” Baby i’m sure you’ll look ever better than you are in ours next time “

” What ‘ours’ ? “

” Our wedding , of course “

Originally posted by chocosicheng


Like Yuta , he’d smile instantly and compliment you , and would probably also suggest taking a photo of you in it , so that he could set it as his lockscreen , staring at your beauty every day . Would also immediately hug you and have you in his arms , as he gives you a sweet smile , telling and giving you sweet words .

” You look extremely stunning in this dress wow “

” i love you “

” i love you even more “

Originally posted by pourup


Like Hansol, he’d be speechless and just stare at you in awe as you walked out of the fitting room , unable to take in the amount of beauty that was standing in front of him . But would smile to himself after , as he clapped his hands lightly and pat your head , complimenting you .

” you look great “

” as soon as you stepped out of the fitting room , my eyes never once left you , you’re too beautiful babe “

Originally posted by nakamotens


Smiles brightly to himself and has his phone camera prepared to snap and spam pictures . Acts like a fanboy and would start jumping in his seat , clapping his hands like a seal as he took in every detail of how beautiful you look .

Would probably also post the pictures up on social media after , captions like ,

” can’t wait for the day i see her in a wedding dress , on our wedding 💜 “

” isn’t she just gorgeous ? “

Originally posted by pourup


A mix of Yuta and Taeyong . He’d giggle and smile to himself as he watched you try on the different wedding dresses , but also tries to keep a straight face in front of you , not wanting you to find out that he was fanboying and squealing on the inside .

But would still compliment you and give you small peck on the forehead , making sure that you were loved .

” i’m in love with an angel “

” aw jaehyun “

” you look great “

Originally posted by why-jaehyun


He didn’t expect you to look so good in the wedding dress , which explained why he was in shocked too , his eyes not leaving your body once as his mouth was wide open - it was hard for him to believe that one day you were going to be wearing another one of these , as he’d watch you walk down the aisle .

Compliments you , but does it in a cute manner , as he makes sure that you know that he loves you .

” hehe my baobei looks good today “

” really ? “

” of course , my princess “

Originally posted by nct-trash

Live Stream ♡ Christian Yu

Originally posted by highgrnder

“Ah.. Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.. what a gorgeous girl.”

Christian was live streaming once again and I was currently at a shoot getting my necessities together before leaving. I received the Instagram notification and decided to see what my soon to be man had to offer. 

A lot of people figured we were together because of what we post via Instagram, and Twitter. We were just two individuals obviously in love with each other but too afraid to take action. We acted like a couple, that’s for sure. I met Christian when Dabin was searching for a certain someone for his ‘RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW’ music video, and he just so happened to be paired up with my very best friend. 

“Who is Y/N?” Christian repeated from a fan who commented.

“She’s a friend of mine. Such an appealing girl.. ridiculously stunning, and over all just a great catch.”

You’d have to be stupid to not realize how intrigued he was. Not a day goes by of him not expressing his genuine feelings to poor little Dabin about you.

“I’ve hung out with her plenty of times, and not a second goes by where I’m not completely fantasized by her damn beauty of a smile. I swear she’s got to be Santa’s little present to me or something,” Christian grinned before placing his chin on his balanced fist. 

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Dating Jackson 👅💯

Originally posted by got7official

Dating Jackson



-he’s clingy and cute

-constantly holding your arm

-loves cuddling

-calls you just to hear your voice

-“give me a hug if you love me”

-he buys you clothes

-matching sweaters, hats, shoes, and even jeans

-coming over late at night just to sleep in your bed

-he treats you like you’re the most wonderful thing

-the most precious treasure to ever exist

-gives you a piggyback ride if there’s a long walk

-Wang puppy when he wants attention

-will literally sit on your lap in public if he wants your attention

-does anything to make you laugh

-always embarrassing himself

-his members are honestly sick of hearing him talk about how much he loves you

-hypes up every thing you do

-“my baby is slaying those sweat pants!!!” *screams *

-always taking your picture

-constantly telling you what he loves about you

-hypes up things you’re insecure about because he loves things you think are your imperfections.

-is cheesy with you

-you can’t take him in public, he’s too loud

-PDA is a thing with him, even though he’s shy

-he just wants to show you affection publicly

-really pressures you to work out

-“I want you to be around forever”

-he wants you to be as healthy as possible

-sharing lunch together

-dates outside on sunny days

-calls you every single night

-if you don’t answer he’ll call again, then try on another phone

-“why didn’t you answer?”
You: “I was asleep”

“That seems suspect but whatever”

-he just wants to love you so well

-spams your phone

-wants to impress you

-“hey baby do I look taller today?”

-“feel my muscles babe I’m ripped”


-arguments with Jackson can start easily

-he can be insecure

-it’ll probably start with him giving you the silent treatment

-you can probably tell if he isn’t talking to you he’s upset.

-his temper isn’t over the top but it’s easy to trigger him

-he won’t say anything hurtful

-mostly he’ll just say that you don’t care about how he feels

-if you explain how he’s wrong well he will apologize right then
-big Wang puppy eyes
-just forgive him

-if you yell at him he won’t respond well


-get ready for something special

-big gifts

-over the top

-he’ll plan a romantic day together

-a drive to the ocean side

-a picnic on the beach

-camping under the stars

-cuddling you while whispering how happy he is to be your boyfriend

🙏Jackson is A+ boyfriend material. He will treat you the way a boyfriend should. He’ll be romantic and thoughtful and give you the world 🙏 -admin Jazzi 🥔

Hamilton High School AU!

A/N: I’m so excited for this! With every person’s headcanon there’s a little something about me too!

Request: no one asked for this, but did that stop me from writing it? No

Let’s start with Aaron because he is me

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Craiglist (or whatever similar site) Masterpost

I finally found this really informative post, been searching this for weeks. This is from an awesome longtime SB with really great advice posts @itsnecolbitch, whom already deactivated her account few months ago. Enjoy!!

Are you ready to give craigslist a try? Here are some ads that I have used in the past that worked for me. Pick any of them to choose from.

1. Undeniable Moments- (Insert City Here)

Would you like for me to spice up your night? Lets go out to dinner and lets have a great time. I have went on a few dates but I felt not only something was missing but also my time being wasted. Have you ever felt that way before? Would you like to meet a woman who is exciting and that you hit it off with mutually?

I would like to be spoiled.

2. It’s Never Too Late For Happy Hour- (Insert City Here)

You’re in the middle of a hectic project and you would like to go out for an evening or two. You are in fear of going alone. You don’t have to be afraid anymore as this is when I come to the picture. Your personal social butterfly is here to rescue you. Do you accept this challenge?

3. 777, Jackpot- (Insert City Here)

I am an attractive young lady. My goal is to meet a gentleman and I just hope that chivalry still exists. He must be well traveled as i love to talk about different destinations. I am interested in art, golf, and trying the best restaurants that (insert city) has to offer.

What you’ll learn about me is that I am an elegant individual with a sense of style.

Please be at least 35-55, as I prefer my men older.

4. Lonely Lunches & Dull Dinners- (Insert City Here)

I enjoy to be your oasis, you can forget the issues of everyday life in. I will be happy to experience times of adventure with you, and discover new worlds with you. When we are together, I’ll make you the center of your universe. I will be devoted to satisfying your desires. Just let the rhythm flow through your mind, body and spirit.

I’m not opposed to refreshing yet exciting experiences that make me grow as a person and evolve my professional possibilities. My primary goal is to find a gentleman who is sincere, honest and charitable.

5. Fountain Of Youth- (Insert City Here)

My ideal gentleman is someone who is financially secure as well as intelligent, older and knows how to keep a woman happy. If you are interested in leading more about this exciting opportunity let’s go out for drinks.

6. Discrete Daddy Wanted- (Insert City Here)

A little bit about myself, I am nice, have a bubbly personality, not to mention, I am a spicy, sassy, sweet, sexy petite mixed creature. I would like to be taken care of. Does it sound like you? If so, please email me. Gracias!

7. Establish An Agreement- (Insert City Here)

I enjoy the company of ambitious, successful, gentlemen. I thrive when expectations are clear and well defined in the beginning letting the rest take care of itself as it all unfolds.

I am seeking a gentleman who desires the benefits of companionship, without the entanglements of a traditional relationship. I would like to be spoiled and pampered.

8. The Ambiance- (Insert City Here)

People tell me I have an exotic look. Natural beauty by day, and dressed to the nines at night. I love the finest things life has to offer and will not settle for less. I am ready for fun and ultimately looking for one person to share my life with. I am attracted to powerful men. Honesty and loyalty are very important to me. I love black tie events, the opera, movies, both domestic and international travel, exotic/luxury cars, golfing, skiing and shopping. I believe in chivalry, romance, and sensuality.

I know what I want and when I find it, I will be off the market.

I spend my free time searching for the man of my dreams. He is worldly, educated, classy, fun, and sexy. A man that enjoys taking care of himself and the woman he is crazy about. A man that loves to travel, both planned and spontaneous.

9. Intelligence Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac- (Insert City Here)

Don’t open the bottle of wine just yet. Just wait. Aren’t you missing something? No, I’m not talking about the appetizers or the main dish. You are missing, me.

My world is rich and diverse. My standards are high. I reserve the right to say no to invitations when appropriate.

I am most definitely not opposed to seeking an arrangement with a gentleman who is diplomatic, refined, exceptional and a philanthropic. You be will be impressed with my confidence along with my presence. I can’t wait to meet you.

10. Dinner With A Beautiful Woman- (Insert City Here)

I am a woman who enjoys having a man truly be a man and a provider. I like spending my time with a mature individual who knows how to treat a woman, and he knows how to make the most of each moment we spend together.

I am seeking a successful man who is interested in exploring a relationship that is mutually beneficial. I want to meet an individual who is open to new things and enjoying quality time.

After you have posted your ad, it’s time to play the waiting game.

You’ve got a response! What’s next? If it sounds intriguing, you can either do two things:

1. Send a personalized email about yourself and what you are looking for OR you can use my example spam message but of course you would have to reword it and it goes like this:

“Thank you so much for responding to my ad. I would love to get to know you better and hopefully you’ll give me the opportunity to do so. I hope you don’t mind my age as I am _____ years old, however I do consider myself as a young face with an old soul, therefore, I am comfortable in any setting. If you don’t mind me asking what exactly is your occupation because I do consider myself as an entrepreneur. I can’t wait to hear back from you.”

After you send that and he replies again, that means you are in there for scheduling a date. Remember to agree to meet at a public place.

Bonus tips: You are allowed to post at least 5 ads a day, so please post, never feel discouraged when they flag it.

1. Be very firm when they ask you what exactly you are looking for. When they ask, do not be shy. Tell him exactly this: At this time, I am looking for a gentleman who isn’t opposed to exploring a relationship that is rather mutually beneficial to as I have done something like this before and the experience was great to where I would like to try again. If he doesn’t know what that means, do not delete his email. Explain to him that in other words you are seeking a sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement.

Good luck ladies!

tinder's a shit show (trixya) (1/?) - ornacia

(A/N: hey all. this little thing is the product of exam stress, boredom, and my inevitable relapse into full-on rpdr fanfiction addiction. i’ve never written anything for this fandom before so apologies if it’s not the best. i might continue it if the response is good but if not, it was a lot of fun either way!)

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Okay so it has been established that the lions are sentient like they’ll go running off to rescue their paladins etc. And as we all know Keith is a impulsive baby who needs rescuing a lot and so Red is the one to be shown as the most sentient. So now I’m just picturing Keith lying on Red, ranting about Lance and how his stupid eyes are so pretty and his hair looks so soft and how he looks so good when arguing. And then I’m picturing Red recording these rants and then one day when both boys are in the hangers with their lions, the recordings play. Keith looks like he’s about to faint and Lance looks torn between laughing or kissing him. Then Blue joins in. And then there are these two mortified paladins, yelling at the Lions of Voltron, faces bright red and refusing to look at each other. And then they run away and both Blue and Red find this unacceptable.

So then the next time Keith is in the hanger with his lion Red traps him under a paw or something. And Keith yells a lot and naturally Lance hears him and comes to find him. He frees Keith and then leans against Blue like “haha you needed me to come save you.” Keith glares at him but is blushing because “omfg what if Red plays those recordings again?” And so they just stand there and then (of course) Blue lifts her foot and Lance falls on his ass. 

Keith is in hysterics until Red pushes him over and he falls on Lance. They blush a lot and then confess. When they leave, to go make out, Blue and Red high five each other. They keep the recordings though. Next time everyone is in the hanger and it’s not an emergency, the recordings play. Hunk and Allura think it’s the most adorable thing ever. Coran is just chill about it. Pidge and Shiro are ready to tease Keith and Lance about this forever….right after they stop yelling at their lions about betrayal…

anonymous asked:


Yessss!! Tbh I find Eremin is so underrated in the fandom and everyone sees it either as a bromance or platonic only. Which is cool! But I personally think it’s pretty damn canon if I say so myself. 

What’s there not to love? There’s the ocean dream, the recent chapters, just everything about it is beautiful! I screamed at the Eremin hug!! I will NEVER get over there is a canon Eremin hug! 

I love how Eren never gave up on Armin and even climbed a fuckin roof after Levi kicked him down just to try and reason with the corporal! Even bringing up the ocean!  

This part right here killllled me. Eren dramatically reaching out to Armin as he’s being pulled away. Like he didn’t want to leave Armin there! I cried, I’ll be honest QnQ

Eremin was my first boy x boy ship and I fell in love with it the day I found out it was a ship. I also managed to drag my bestie into Eremin hell with me! Here, I will tell you how my bestie and I got into Eremin. 

So I had just finished watching AoT and was so into it. I didn’t really ship Eren or Armin with anyone and Bailey (my bestie) was telling me how she didn’t really like the main gay ship. Not saying it but I’m pretty sure we all know what it is. So I was sitting there thinking what to ship and it came to my mind Eren and Armin. At first, I wasn’t sure how Bailey was going to react so I sort of sneakily read fanfics and looked a fanart. That’s when I said, “What about Eren x Armin?” She paused, looked at me and smiled. “I could see it! Yeah, that is adorable!” Since that day we spammed each other with Eremin pictures like, “LOOK!!” 

Anyways, as the chapters went on, I didn’t even know how it could get any gayer between those two. Like no really. The recent chapter with Eren defending Armin AND comforting him… my heart couldn’t take it. And the eyes thing! Eren knowing he wasn’t free until he looked into Armin’s eyes! 

I actually have a headcanon that during chapter 50 when Eren looked at Armin and into Armin’s eyes (plus Mikasa’s thanks for the scarf), that’s what gave him the strength to stand up and punch the Smiley Titan.

Let’s not forget this part! Armin helping Eren up! It’s so special, their hands glow!! No one can say when they held hands it glowed, am I right?! Sorry, now I am just freaking out cause I hope they animate this! Like I will cry if they don’t!

I’m fangirling all over again someone help me! You have no idea how happy I am to get this ask! When the new season comes out, I will get motivated to write Eremin again! You watch, I will be popping out an Eremin story each day! They are my gay babies and I love them! 

I don’t want to make this too long cause I have so many other parts to add but you get the point! Eremin is amazing and cute! I will go down with this ship and I love every one of my fellow Eremin shippers! Bless everyone in the Eremin fandom for making amazing artwork and writing incredible fanfics! You guys give me life and I love it! 

Eremin may be a small fandom but we are still kicking!

Boyfriend Bambam
  • Meme couple
  • Dabs and whips constantly
  • Never shuts up
  • Wants your attention 25/8
  • Gets all pouty when you don’t give him your attention
  • Once you do, he’ll give you a bunch of kisses and tight bear hugs
  • Carnival dates!
  • Would win you a huge stuffed bear
  • Is scared of all the rides that you guys go on
  • So you’d have to hold the baby’s hand throughout every ride
  • Grabbing some food together
  • Corn dogs, hot dogs, funnel cakes, popcorn, large drinks for you to share
  • Bambam would want to feed you everything
  • You can’t refuse or else he’ll show off his non-resisting puppy face
  • Matching heart necklaces
  • That would actually be Bambam’s Valentine’s Day gift to you
  • Because he’s cheesy, romantic, and adorable all wrapped into one
  • Loud and noisy af
  • Always begging for you to come snuggle with him
  • If you don’t, he’ll hunt you down and carry you to his room and tickle you
  • Because tickle fights are one of his favorite things to do with you
  • Besides embracing you in his arms and placing wet kisses all over your face
  • Especially your lips
  • He loves your lips
  • He could kiss them all day
  • Which he already does nonstop
  • Tries to act like a bad boy to impress you
  • Even though it never works
  • He’s a dweeb pfft
  • But you love that dweeb nonetheless
  • He would want to take you out on dates every single day
  • You want a break from all these dates but “Sleep” doesn’t seem to be in Bambam’s dictionary
  • He would drag you to every place that he wants to go to for dates
  • “Y/N, hurry up~ We’re almost to the place.”
  • “The place” actually turns out to be some fancy Thai restaurant
  • You would be shook at the place and how nice it is
  • Then you would ask how Bambam could even afford this place bc damn it was expensive as hell
  • He would just laugh and say that the price doesn’t matter, it’s worth spending a day with you, his one true love (how cheesy)
  • Always tells you jokes to make you laugh
  • He loves your laugh, he thinks it’s the most cutest thing he has ever heard in his entire life
  • He’s also a really cheesy babe
  • Would tell you cheesy pickup lines to be romantic
  • Even though it’s cringy af but you find it adorable that he’s trying so hard
  • Smug sometimes
  • Also a teasing shit
  • Girl group dances
  • He would dance to “Touch My Body” by Sistar for your entertainment
  • Comedy movie dates
  • Cuddling on the couch and eating candy while watching the movie
  • Laying your head on his chest while he drapes his arm over your shoulder
  • Clingy Bambam 75% of the time
  • Okay, more like 90% of the time
  • Gets jealous over every guy that talks to you
  • He would get all pouty and ask you if you think the other guy is better than you
  • You find it cute that he’s jealous but you tell him to stop being so insecure and that you love him and only him
  • Leading him to be flustered
  • He would jump onto you and place wet smooches all over your face and say “I Love You” x100
  • Overprotective Bambam
  • He would be like a father figure sort of
  • Okay well more like a big brother
  • Even though he’s your boyfriend so that would be weird if he was your brother/father
  • Would dedicate a Chris Brown song to you
  • A romantic song ofc
  • Even make up a choreography to the song and dance for you
  • Soft pecks on the lips
  • Which would soon turn heated
  • Lowkey kinky
  • Idk if I wanna head into nsfw things…???
  • Tbh let’s save that for next time ohohoho ;))
  • SnapChat spams
  • His Instagram page would mostly be just pictures of you or of you and him together
  • He loves you so much, you basically own all of his social media profiles
  • Would comment cute stuff on all of your IG updates
  • “Look at my baby, omo!~ You’re so beautiful, I’m so lucky to have you, princess”
  • Spams your PM’s with cute snaps of him and cheesy yet romantic texts
  • The kissy face emoji would be his favorite emoji
  • He sends it to you all the time
  • Showers you with kisses before bed
  • Spams you with good night texts
  • Would want to be the one to say “I Love You” last
  • You guys would get into a huge fight over the phone, constantly saying “I Love You”
  • Until you finally give in, letting Bambam be the one to say it last
  • Only because you love it when he tells you he loves you
  • Because it’s absolutely true <3

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to ask but do you know any japanese? I want to interact with the jp fandom on pixiv but I dont trust google translate, how do you say "your art is really good"?

I’m not fluent, so feel free to correct me or add onto this!

Here are some basic compliments, a lot of people just say things along these lines;

First of all– here’s 30 ways to call something cute (The most common compliment):
Very cute
Too cute
It’s too cute!
んあーかわいいー (Add as many ー’s as you want)
N~aa~ cute~
Pretty cute

Terribly cute!
(Note: ヤバい [yobai] is slang, feel free to omit it. Read more about it here.)

This is amazing

[character/ship] is so cute!

[character][ちゃん // くん // さん // さま] 可愛い~
[character][chan//kun//san//sama] is cute~
(example: トールちゃん可愛い~ // Tohru-chan is cute~]

(Alternatively, you could just spam ♡♡♡♡♡♡ to get your point across.)

うわー!これは絶対に完璧です! 大好きです! よくやった!
Wow! This is absolutely perfect! I love it! Well done!

The pose and the thighs and the eyes and hair!! The best!! 
[This is basically just gushing]

If you see cute artwork of Miss Kobayashi and Tohru being a domestic couple, you could say this;
Marry each other!!!!!! (This was commented on my own art haha)

トールちゃん とカンナちゃんと小林さんの親子っぽさがすごく好き、です!
I like Tohru-chan’s and Kanna-chan’s and Kobayashi-san’s parent-child relationship a lot! (If Kanna is acting like their baby.)

A character who isn’t Tohru in a maid’s outfit;
Maid-outfits are the best!

One of the dragons drawn as their dragon-form;
I want to ride this dragon!

On pictures of Kanna (Since she’s everyone’s daughter)

you’ll be seeing this a lot in the comments– マジやばくね
This was translated as “That’s wicked” in the anime, but it’s really slangy and I dunno how to directly translate it. There’s a better explanation for it here. Just comment that on a Kanna pic and you’ll be in on the Japanese fandom’s inside-joke.

People also compliment her legs sometimes? (If they’re in the image.)
Good leg! [So if you like her legs a lot for some reason, say that? Weirdo.]

Kanna-chan is cute

Complimenting R-18 work:

Very sexy!

or otherwise you could just spam this 1000000 times like everyone else does

I’m serious, 90% of comments on R-18 artwork are just reaction images.

I’m too lazy to add more. I hope this helps!


What if one day Thomas leaves a single macaroni noodle on Alex’s desk. Just one. And he does it the next day. And the next. And with each passing day he adds more and more noodles until finally Alex walks in one day and goes to sit at his desk but there is macaroni everywhere. Every square inch of his desk has macaroni on it. It’s in his drawers. Stuffed into the reloading tubes of his mechanical pencils. Draped across his computer. Shoved into the spiral part of all his notebooks. And Alex just looks up and Thomas is just sitting there with this smart ass look on his face. Like I know what I did. Fight me.

That day Alex was suspended for a month and Thomas was sent to the hospital. Thomas takes a picture of himself and the hospital Mac and cheese. Alex goes on a three day rant. John needs a fucking break

Laf gets a package in the mail. He opens it and in it lies a postcard addressed to Alex. It’s a picture of Thomas at one of those stupid tourist attractions. The one he is at is the World’s Biggest Bowl of Macaroni and Cheese.

Alex is furious and sends Thomas a postcard of himself throwing a bowl of Mac and cheese into a fire and flipping the camera off

Thomas steals a business card from off of Alex’s desk and writes down his personal phone number. He then proceeds to spam him with images of himself eating macaroni and cheese. Alex blocks the unknown number in a furious rage.

In the midst of the Mac and cheese there’s “Hey baby I’ll be the cheese to your Mac ;]” and Alex literally screams

And the next day Alex comes into work and Thomas is sitting on his desk and the second Alex walks in Thomas immediately winks and does a smug grin and Alex turns bright red in fury and embarrassment

And it’s the single greatest day of Thomas’s life, to make Alex, the man that never shuts up speechless

And Alex is just sputtering in outrage and Thomas just smirks and walks by, bumping his hip

And because of this satisfaction, Thomas stops. Alex is relieved but also a little disappointed. But mostly relieved. Thomas notices that Alex is now slightly more relaxed, so you know what Thomas does? He calls a press conference. That’s right, a press conference. The entire office is gathered in the conference room and Thomas stands there in front of the room in front of a smart board, which is turned off. And he grins around at everyone and says, “I’d like to dedicate this presentation to my coworker Alex Hannigan, who is the best person I have ever worked with.” And Alex blushes furiously and is so flattered and embarrassed he can’t speak. And Thomas just grins sweetly at him as he taps the board to start the slideshow. And do you know what the slideshow is? Who do course. It’s a 214-slide-Long PowerPoint presentation consisting of nothing but mac and cheese. The first 18 slides describe the history and origin of mac and cheese. And then the photos begin. The entire google forum of mac and cheese stock photos are seen. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of them. There are videos too, from multiple places from YouTube as well as some personal ones that Thomas himself had taken. Alex is the angriest he has ever been in his entire life. After three hours and the slideshow is finally over, Thomas receives a three month work suspension. But he thinks it was worth it.

And Alex straight up leaves. Just straight up walks out of the goddamn room. And Thomas is just fucking giggling. But then Alex comes in the day Thomas gets back, and he has noise cancelling headphones. And Thomas isn’t even teasing, he just says hi and and Alex doesn’t even look at him. And he doesn’t know why, but he’s really upset??  And throughout the day he tries to get Alex’s attention. Like he throws pens and paper balls and even a macaroni noodle and Alex doesn’t respond. He doesn’t even look over. And Thomas is lowkey heart broken. Like, he’s relied on this little work rivalry to get him through the day and suddenly it’s gone

Holt Family Reunion (because I have a lot of feelings)

When they finally find Pidge’s family it’s very heartwarming and it honestly makes everyone feel so much better? Like they get to actually see how Voltron is helping the universe and each of them kinda files that memory away as something that will get them through the hard time. It’s messy full of tears and laughter because one of the first things her dad says is “am I seeing double, why are there two matts? Wait, katie? KATIE? Oh my god katie” and then they just all collapse in a pile of hugs and tears. It takes them almost twenty minutes to stop crying and over an hour to separate from their hug on the floor. This mission resulted in a lot of aliens being rescued and most of them were injured in some way, but because there were so many aliens they couldn’t put them all in the healing pods. But almost all the aliens who saw the reunion insist on allowing matt and sam to go first so they can be strong enough to be with pidge. So the first set of healing pods contains pidge’s family. During this time, the remaining aliens and paladins try to organize how they will get everyone home. Some aliens planets have been destroyed and allura updates them on what planets have been rescued. Then they start talking about the people in the pods about where they come from, other aliens tell the home planets of the ones currently healing. But then they get to matt and sam holt. Allura says, oh earth okay, they’ll need their own pod because no one is near them. And pidge is like. What? You want to send them home in a pod? A POD?!? Hell no, I am taking them home Myself, you are not just sending them in a pod. And allura is like, “be rational, voltron is needed you can’t just take time off from being a paladin”. And pidge just Snaps. They’re like “What?! How dare you! You of all people should know! I have MY family back just because you can’t get yours doesn’t mean you will stop me from reuniting mine. My mom thinks all of us are Dead!!” “please pidge calm down” “NO I WILL NOT CALM DOWN, and if you don’t swear that you will open up a wormhole for me and the green lion to take my family back to earth, I will destroy this entire castle with the touch of a button. You think I won’t do it? I am doing you a FAVOR by promising to come back, if you try stop me, I will ruin you forever.” Allura looks over at the other paladins, like a little help here, but the Pidge Protection Squad is out in full force, and all she gets are hard stares. She agrees to send the green lion to earth, but when she says she’s doubling the patrols of the other paladins everyone else is like ??? no???? We’re going back to Earth. We don’t know what the hell the garrison told our families, but they most likely think we are dead, THEY THINK WE ARE DEAD. We are going and seeing them and there’s nothing you can do to stop us. Finally Allura turns to Coran like, help me please. And he just calmly takes her to the side and says, “I know what you’re just trying to do what is best, and you are not the bad guy in this situation, but it would be best to let them see their families one last time. You know as well as I do that they could die up here. You know we would have given anything to say goodbye to Altea, at least they have the chance to say goodbye to Earth.” Finally Allura gives in and says, okay you’ll all go in the green lion because it has the cloaking device and is the smallest, I’ll keep the castle near your moon so it stays hidden. Now first they go to the Holt family’s house because duh, out of everyone they deserve to be reunited first. But when they get there, there’s no sign of Mama Holt? And the house is a mess? Like someone went through it? And all the electronics are missing? What the heck, where is mom? Their neighbor almost has a heart attack when they see Katie, why is she here, didn’t she know? The neighbor very shakily tells them that their mother was arrested for treason. Apparently she had been caught sneaking around on a military base of some kind. Pidge has to be physically restrained to stop them from killing the neighbor yelling that they were a liar. When she finally calms down, they thank the neighbor and go back to the green lion, contacting allura… “we need Voltron”. On the way back to the castle pidge can’t stop talking, they keep saying “She knew, she knew something was wrong, she knew the garrison was lying but she didn’t want to believe me, why does she believe me now, why did she do that. Iverson didn’t arrest me because he would then have to admit that a little girl managed to hack in, but mom, mom is an adult, she could be executed, oh my god, what if she’s dead, what if she’s dead! How, I just, I just got my family back, how can they do this. We are going to obliterate the garrison, I don’t care if you think that’s excessive. They are corrupt and lying and dicks (language) I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT LANGUAGE SHIRO I WILL CUT YOU” Finally they get back to the castle and everyone gets their lions, it’s show time.

It was a normal day at this government facility, hidden, calm, no one was expecting a HUGE FREAKING ROBOT WITH A SWORD TO DROP FROM THE SKY AND TEAR OFF THE ROOF SCREAMING GIVE ME MRS. HOLT OR WE WILL DESTROY YOU. Everyone is frozen in fear, what the actual crap, someone finally snaps out of it when the robot throws some of the roof a mile down the road. Everyone is frantically looking for a Mrs. Holt, who the hell is Mrs. Holt where is she SOMEONE FIND HER IMMEDIATELY! But they are too late. The sword rips through the guard shack in it’s search to find Mrs. Holt. Suddenly, a middle age woman, wearing ripped prison clothes, stands up on the rubble and says “Katie? Katie is that you?” The paladins are ripped apart by the storms of emotions that come from the green lion. Everyone is crying and they can hear the Holts just saying mom over and over again. One second they’re voltron the next, the green lion is on the ground near her and three people are tumbling out of the mouth, running to meet Mama Holt. “Oh my god, my baby, my beautiful baby, you’re alive, you’re alive I knew they were lying, I’m so sorry, I thought I’d never see you again–oh my god Sam?! Matt! OH MYGOD YOU’RE ALIVE, YOU’RE ALIVE. Don’t you ever leave me again, I love you so much, where have you been, you’re alive, you’re alive, am I dreaming, oh my god” The other lions start to fly to other sides of the world, the yellow one goes to Hawaii, the black one heads to japan, the blue one starts to head to cuba when he realizes that the red one, is just staying there. Red and Blue head to Cuba together.

Each reunion is filled with screams and tears and hugs. Almost everyone doesn’t believe the paladins story, until they show the lions and the bayards. For the first time in what feels like years, they get to eat real food: manapua, saimin, nachos, yuca fingers, sushi, PIZZA, spam, rice. A shock comes to them a few hours later when Allura calls to them and says, Okay, get ready to say goodbye. Almost immediately she has 4 very angry mothers yelling at her over the coms “I JUST GOT THEM BACK -what? You want them back? I HAVENT SEEN MY SON IN OVER A YEAR - auwe, no. you one lolo if you think I’m gonna let him leave, half of the family is still stuck in traffic trying to get here! No, a’ole pilikia no no - bsolutely not! Showing up here with a lion and a boyfriend (he’s not my boyfriend) be quiet lance, I am talking . I swear you go to space and now you have no manners, no he is staying here for at least a few days - Have you even been feeding them? They are so skinny. (we have to eat this weird green goo) YOU’VE BEEN FEEDING MY FAMILY GOO? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU-why don’t you come down here and try rip my child from my cold dead hands, I don’t care if she can throw shiro who’s shiro- SHE THREW MY BABY? NOPE I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE A GROWN MAN, YOU ARE NOT LEAVING, YOU ARE GROUNDED MISTER, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!-” this goes on for almost 20 minutes of different moms and dads and uncles and aunties yelling over one another about how they need at least a few days with their family. Finally allura and coran agree to 4 days on earth as long as the paladins are always ready to leave immediately if there is a distress call and Allura and Coran get to spend a day with each family.

Lance and Hunk almost immediately volunteer to bring the alteans down from the castle… it is very suspicious. However when they show up a few hours later with their lions full of nonperishable earth food it makes sense. No seriously, Hunk brought almost 70 pounds of rice with him and like 100 cans of spam and Lance brought almost every spice you could think of, their families were horrified when they realized they had had the same exact thing for almost every meal for months. All the paladins make frequent trips up to the castle, to bring family members to see it and to bring more food and clothes. They don’t know how long they’ll be paladins, but there is no way in hell they are leaving without some very essential items this time. Like their super soft blanket, another pair of shoes, a bucket filled with face cream, pictures of their family. In fact, by the second day, almost everyone has moved their entire room up into the castle. It’s like moving in for college, with the parents helping to decorate their child’s room and making sure they have everything. All this time pidge is working almost non stop to try create at least 4 long range communicators so the paladins can keep in touch with their family because she refuses to let them believe they are dead again. Shiro is enjoying tea with his mother and for the first time in a long time actually feels relaxed. Keith on the other hand is kinda overwhelmed by how many people there are in Lance’s house, but now he understands why Lance is loud and uncomfortable with the silence of space. Also Keith might fall in love with Mama Lance’s hugs, he’s never felt this warm and loved. Lance is so happy that he cries, multiple times, and is almost always in the middle of group hugs, and he easily falls back into the role of brother, uncle, and mama’s boy, he never wants to leave. Hunk spends almost all the time at the beach with his family. The sand beneath his feet, the tradewinds playing with his hair, the salty breeze, the sun warm on his skin, and the soothing sounds of a improv jam sesh with his uncles is everything he’s wanted.

The alteans are very surprised at how different each paladins’ family is. Hunk’s is large but relaxed. Shiro’s is small and peaceful. Lance’s is loud and chaotic. Pidge’s is quiet and silly. But the one thing that each family has is it exudes love and caring and accepting of the alteans.

Nothing is harder than the last day when everyone has to say goodbye. Allura and Coran go up to the castle first, giving the paladins their privacy. It hurts because everyone over age 13 knows that this might be the last time they see their family member. The parents hold onto their children softly crying because they are just kids, why do they have to fight in a war. Keith goes back next, visiting his desert home to pack everything up with him… and also possibly breaking into the garrison to steal back the stuff from Lance, pidge, and Hunk’s old room. His lion is actually filled by the time he’s flying up to the castle. Lance’s family insisted on giving him tons of food. Shiro heads back next. He and his mom go to a temple to pray and there is a tearful goodbye, especially when she says she is proud of him. His lion is filled with rice, seaweed, tea, noodles, fresh vegetables, plus small sprouts so he can grow them on the ship, and some family heirlooms his mom insisted on him taking to keep him safe. Pidge goes next, they managed to make a device that will allow the paladins to keep in touch with their family as long as they are in a nearby galaxy, it isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing. The last hug is long and warm and when pidge goes into their lion she let’s out a half sob because it’s filled to the brim with peanut butter and spare electrical parts. They have to stop themselves from running back out to her family. They make quick pit stops to each of the paladins families giving them the communicators and instructions on how to use them. The sleepless nights were totally worth it when all the parents give her thankful hugs with tears in their eyes. Hunk and Lance leave at the same time, they both know that if they don’t go together, neither of them will leave. Hunk’s last day is a huge luau with his entire extended family, most of his old classmates, and the whole neighborhood. His lion is filled with all the leftovers, more rice and spam, tons of fresh and dried fruits, and an 8 string ukulele so he can have the sound of home with him. His whole family sings Aloha ‘Oe to him as he walks into his lion and he cries freely. Lance’s spends his last day hugging every family member as much as possible. He takes tons of selfies with everyone, including all the pets. He has a long talk with his war vet grandpa about how he’s scared of not being good enough, but is reassured when his badass of grandpa says he was the same way. It’s a tearful goodbye and everyone hugs Blue together as he walks in. His lion is filled with tons of family pictures, a disk with a video from each family member and of course hella food and spices. He’s able to fly off with a smile on his face because he knows his family won’t forget him and he won’t forget his family.

Bonus: When they all get back to the castle they realize that the food storage room can’t fit all the food they have and have to clear out one of the extra bedrooms to store the food there. They literally have enough food for years. And everyone realizes how much they needed this. The things that were holding them back from fully devoting themselves to Voltron had been solved and the alteans now understand the paladins so much more.

Bonus Bonus: It was at this time that the alteans realize how freaking young the paladins are because now pidge has set up a clock/calendar that is synced up to earth time. Each of them say when their birthdays are so they can celebrate and Allura almost faints when pidge says their 16th birthday is coming up. Like what is this infant doing here what. This leads to a very interesting conversation where they realize that Shiro is still considered a baby by altean standards. Coran has to sit down when they explain that the oldest human to ever live only lived to 128 years, which is still child years for alteans.

Select your gem; Vernon’s Route? [Yes/No]

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Humor 

Word Count: 4644

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, various Seventeen members

Summary: Inspired by Mystic Messenger. You find a dating app way better than tinder, and slip face first into the diamond life, specifically with the gem that is Hansol Vernon Chwe. 

It started much like any student would do to pass time in their perpetually mundane lives. Finagle around the internet for a couple hours, and anyone can end up finding some pretty weird stuff. My best friend offhandedly mentioned some phone app a few days ago, saying that it helped her get over her last breakup. I admit that she was slightly crazy as she described the contents of said program, and I accepted her insistence with a grain of salt. I had no idea how an app could correlate to her last relationship, so that’s how I spent my restless Friday night, downloading an app.

Slip into the Diamond Life. Weird. My phone started to glitch uncontrollably, and I felt a strange vibration pattern from its weight, bothering my palm as it shook in my grasp. The screen glowed an eerily pleasant shade of lilac and rose, and I felt a strange sense of foreboding, as if I was getting into something that’d probably consume me in the best possible way. An address book popped on the side screen, and in faded sky script, the notification gestured to a list of users.

Select your gem.

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Title: Baby Blues (pt.2 snippet)

Words: 1,106
Rating: T for Teen (death mention)
Pairing: Bea x Mae, Gregg x Angus
Summery: The time has finally arrived, and though Bea and Mae should be happy and supportive for their friends–especially at a time where they had now became fathers–it’s kind of hard to be so supportive if you had to drive an hour’s length to a city at five in the morning. Also, Bea could’ve sworn that Mae didn’t really care for babies….why is she in a good mood, of all people?

Author’s comments: SO here is another part of the snippet I had worked on, which takes place a little bit after my first ‘Baby Blues’ snippet… This part is in Bea’s point of view, which was pretty interesting to write about too… Hopefully I can get to write everyone’s different point of view with future snippets or the like. For now, enjoy part two!


Honorable mentions: @j4m-ch4n (who not only wanted to see my stories, but also helped me for writing the summeries on my works lol). @cryssalia (who is still an inspiration to me, and I just love their works in general (owo)b ).

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Baby Boy


Hello!! Im gonna just say thank you again for likes and reblogs and follows! I’m still in shock that Greedy got more than 100 notes. I’m still working on Part 2 so it’ll be awhile till I post it but I thought why not write a quick Monsta X story???? Im not exactly sure what to call it but i wrote it and its here and its ready to be read! I hope you enjoy it!

Genre: Wonho x Reader. Fluff. Super Fluffy.

Rated: Mature?

Warnings: Mentioning of cyber-bullying. Bad words.

 Word Count: 1766

You never were really one to use cute nicknames, even when you started dating your best friend, Wonho. He would constantly call you cute names like princess, doll face, baby girl, you name it, he said it. Before you guys had gotten together he would call you ‘baby’ and 'beautiful’, it was just who he was. You on the other hand wouldn’t, scratch that, couldn’t call him anything other than Wonho, Hoseok, and the occasional 'babe’ but even that was hard for you. You didn’t know why but anytime you tried, it just wouldn’t feel right and you felt you were too far into your relationship to randomly start calling him cute names.

 So when you pressed post on your picture captioned “My baby boy.” you couldn’t help but grimace at yourself. You couldn’t change it though, the minute you posted something, you were spammed with likes. The picture of Wonho snuggled into your side, reaching 200 likes in the 13 seconds. Being the girlfriend of a Kpop star had its perks but it also had its down sides. You let out a small sigh as you caught a glimpse of a few hateful comments but ignored them, already used to the familiar tightening in your chest. You shook off the feeling and laughed at some of the stupider comments like “You fugly botch.” and “Your eyebrows are uneven.” knowing full well that your eyebrows were pretty fucking perfect.

You were laughing at some other comments and before you knew it, you had spent an hour and a half stalking commenters on your post. As you looked through some girl’s feed a notification popped up. You wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for the fact that it was a dm and that is was from Wonho. 

He had sent you a screenshot of the picture you posted and written out:

baby boy huh?????? I like it ;)

You felt your face get hot at his words and quickly closed out of the message, leaving him on read. You immediately regretted posting the photo as you convinced yourself that he was going to tease you about it till the end of time.

 Wonho always found it adorable that your were too shy to use anything other than his name. He never actually had an issue with it but he enjoyed bugging you about it just to get you to call him something simple like 'babe’. He loved how red your face would get and he never grew tired of it; just like how you never seemed to get used to his cute name-calling.

 As you lay back on the bed, trying to think of ways to avoid his imminent teasing, you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of your new nickname for him. It wasn’t like you were actually going to start calling him baby boy but it was still nice to say in your head. Although Wonho was older than you, you knew the nickname was perfect for him. He was always under you, touching and calling out for you like if he were a child and you were his mother.

 You swiftly got up from the bed, wearing nothing but a large t-shirt, and made your way to the kitchen deciding to make dinner for yourself since Wonho wasn’t going to be him for about another hour.

 As you finished pouring your ramen into a bowl when you heard the front door close.

 "Wonho! Are you home?“ Your voice rang through the apartment.

 When you didn’t hear a response, you got nervous. Of course it had to be him, you thought. No one would break into the 6th apartment on the 4th floor randomly.

 You made your way towards the living room, stepping between the couches.

 "What the hell?” You whispered to yourself. You thought you were going crazy as you turned your back to face the large window to the left of you.

 Suddenly you felt two hands wrap around your waist from behind. You let out a yelp and jumped slightly.

 "Hey baby girl.“ He laughed into your hair as you calmed yourself down.

 "Pabo!! That’s not funny. I nearly had a heart attack.” You turned to face him and reached up to smack his chest but he quickly caught your hand.

“Ah I’m sorry babe… It’s just so funny to see you get all worked up.” He said and pressed a light kiss to your hand.

 You pouted and pulled away from him to walk back to the kitchen trying not to cuss him out for being such a jerk. He quickly followed after you and frowned when he saw the single bowl of noodles.

 "Did you make me any?“ He questioned as you snatched a soda from the fridge. You ignored him and continued to grab things for your meal.

 "Hey! I’m talking to you.” He said blocking you from grabbing your chopsticks.

 You glared up at him and pushed him out of the way harshly. He stumbled to the side and you heard an angry huff come from the back of his throat. This brought a smile to your face but you didn’t let him see it. You quickly grabbed the chopsticks, your drink, and the soup before waddling out of the kitchen.

 "Oh come on don’t ignore me! You can’t stay mad at your baby boy for too long can you?“ You could hear the smirk in his voice as you stopped midway to the kitchen table.

 The sound of him walking out of the kitchen made you quickly set your stuff down on the table before running to the bedroom and shutting the door closed. You heard his laugh and the sound of him shuffling down the hall before you climbed into the bed and covered yourself in blankets, trying to hide yourself from him and his taunting.

 The sound of the bedroom door opening made you squeeze your eyes tightly. You held your breath as you felt the dip of the bed and heard his light breathing. His hands pulling back the large blankets to reveal you wrapped up in even more blankets. A small laugh escaped him as his hands wrapped around you and pulled you into him.

 You kept your eyes closed until he pulled the material away from your face. Your eyes and the tops of your red cheeks being the only thing he could see. You looked up at him and he let out a small 'aw’ before you pulled back.

 "I’m ignoring you. Go away.” You said, your voice muffled.

 "Y/n.“ He sounded more serious than before and this made you look up at him but when you saw the smile his face held, you rolled onto your stomach and let out a muffled groan.

 "Go ahead! Tease me! Tell me how much of an embarrassment I am. I hate myself already. My self-esteem is lower than the average persons already so lets see if we can get it to go down even further! Come on I can take it!” You unwrap yourself from the bundle of blankets aggressively and sit up criss cross applesauce. You lift your chin and shut your eyes expecting to be hit with a bunch of harmless jokes and ridicules.

 Obviously you were joking but you still wanted to get the teasing over with so you could get over the regretful statement and get back to eating your ramen.

 Instead of laughter, there was just silence. You slowly opened your eyes to see him staring at you with an amused twinkle in his eyes.

 "Are you done now?“ He asks crossing his arms.

 You let out a huff. You were annoyed with yourself and Wonho. Frustrated, you allowed your body to slump toward into his, your cheek landing on his chest as you breathed in the familiar scent of him.

 "I just don’t get how it’s so easy for you to call me all these cute names?!” You sigh into his chest. “It’s not fair! When I try, it feels forced and awkward.”

 He lets out a chuckle and runs his hand over your exposed leg, pulling you into his lap.

“Maybe it feels awkward because you are making it awkward.” He shrugs. “I actually find it super cute when you get embarrassed about it.”

 You let out a strangled groan against his t-shirt and pull away from him. He doesn’t let go of you as your eyes lock.

 "Stop worrying about it princess. I don’t care whether on not you call me anything other than my name. I’ve always used nicknames for everyone, it’s just a quirk. Like how you’re crazy good at being adorable, it’s just a natural thing.“ Wonho chuckles and brushes his thumb against your cheek making your cheeks get red once again.

 He smiles wide at your reaction towards him and shakes his head before leaning in and leaving a small kiss on your lips. You sigh and lean further into the kiss. His hands now squeezing at your thighs making you wrap your hand around the base of his neck. He deepens the kiss but as he does so, you are reminded of your ramen when your stomach growls quietly. You disconnect your lips from his and look at his now red lips and cheeks letting out a small giggle.

 You quickly climb off of him and jump off of the bed. "Where are you going baby?” He asks with a frown.

 "To go eat my noodles.“ You say simply and walk out of the room towards the kitchen table.

 "Don’t you want to share with your baby boy?” He laughs as he follows you out of the bedroom.

 "Wonho.“ You warn.

 "Don’t you mean baby boy?” He teases from behind you.

 You quickly turn around and watch the smirk wipe off of his face as he sees the glare you serve him. He spins on his heels and runs back towards the bedroom but you jump onto his back. You litter the back of his head and shoulders with light punches and slaps as he tries to apologise.

 "I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry i couldn’t help it!“ He laughs as both of you land on the bed.

 "I hate you.” You mumble and try to get off of him.

 "No you don’t.“ Wonho chuckles and pulls you into a small kiss.

 The two of you forgetting about the ramen and spend the rest of the night in bed, Wonho trying to convince you that you don’t really hate him.

Call Me Noona (Lay x Reader)

 Ciao, my loves~ I’m going to get right to the point on this one: it’s a requested dominant!reader fic, so yeah. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’m excited. You should be excited. Let’s do this shit! (Warning: I have no idea how sex clubs work in real life. I only know what I’ve seen in the media lol) Hope you enjoy!

P.S. You all love Lay so much, don’t you? He’s my most requested member!

Originally posted by taendelion

It was no mystery you worked at a sex club and for what reason. Because you had that pride of yours, you made sure to tell everyone just why exactly you were wearing the skimpy lingerie and serving crusty business men drinks. 

Money of course. 

 You’d just entered your second year of university and you’d clearly not anticipated the cost, which led you to being a hostess at a sex club. Although you were definitely hesitant at first, the pay was immaculate and since you were still under twenty one, you were put on a pedestal in the club. So to say. 

 The other woman were fiercely protective of you, playfully calling you their baby and so on. You’re not one to refuse being babied, so you went along with it, grateful for the way they looked out for you. It was convenient when some greasy man would try to put the moves on you and one of your busty mother figures would ‘accidentally’ step on his toe with her five inch stilettos.  

 Not only did you think the pay was incredible, but the job itself was easy enough. Just like the famous geishas in Japan (although not as elegant), a man couldn’t force himself sexually on you, you had to give consent first. Usually though, notifying the bouncer was necessary because most didn’t understand that no meant no. They thought no meant yes and that buzz off meant take me I’m yours. Of course, you’d said yes a few times and didn’t regret it. But most of the men you were with were young, single, and kindly enough, making your time with them a little more bearable. 

 Your manager bustled throughout the sparkling club, telling girls to adjust their push-up bra or thong with just a look. Important and wealthier than usual guests were going to be arriving that night, so she was making sure everything was spick and spam, not a single hair or high heel out of place. She finally came over to you a gentle smile on her face, “Since you’ve been here for almost a year _____, the girls and I thought you’d like to wear something…a bit more you.“ 

 She handed you a small -and of course glittery- bag and encouragingly pushed you towards the dressing room, making you suspicious as to what the girls had schemed over behind your back.

 With a sigh, you closed one of the curtained changing rooms and stripped off your old, sexy lingerie, secretly grateful to get out of that uncomfortable bra. You pulled the tissue paper from the bag haphazardly, expecting something cringe worthy like a crotchless thong or see through bra.  

 You were genuinely surprised when you pulled out the cute, white ensemble. It was modest, in terms of looks, and rather flattering. The silky bra was simple, with a delicate pink bow in the middle, and accentuating your cleavage just enough to tease a man. You nearly jumped for joy when you saw that the bottom piece was not a thong, but regular underwear. Still sexy and alluring, but cute at the same time.
You twirled in the mirror, giddy to see your butt cheeks were hardly exposed and walked out of the changing room. Everyone was waiting outside the changing room, their delighted coos and squeals making you blush happily.

 It was said every hostess had her own ‘appeal’, so to say. One girl was ‘quiet’, while another was ‘angelic’; you on the other were supposed to be 'innocent, cute, and youthful with a hint of spicyness’. At least that’s what your manager ecstatically described your appeal as. 

 Speaking of which your manager pulled you to the side, her voice only within your ears’ reach, drowned out to other’s by the thumping music that started because guests were beginning to filter in. She placed her hands on your shoulders, ”_____,“ she was speaking in her mom voice, “A few very, very important guests are going to be arriving soon, and I have a special assignment for you. She pulled out a picture from her bra, handing it to you,
“This is Zhang Yixing, your personal guest for the night. He wanted to be waited on by someone exactly like you, so this is why you’re only going to be entertaining him tonight.” Your studied the picture, taking in his chiseled jaw and kind brown eyes…you gasped, suddenly realizing you knew him. You looked up at your concerned manager, panicking, “I can’t wait on this person, I know him!”

 Your managers perfectly kept eyebrows furrowed, “What? How?" 

 You looked over your shoulder, checking to see if he walked in yet, "He went to the same university as me, graduated just this year. I can’t wait on him, I had classes with him for Christ’s sake!" 

 Your manager gave you that look, the look your mom gives you when your in trouble, "I don’t care if you’ve played beer pong with him at some god forsaken frat party, you’re going to attend to him,” her frown softened seeing your distress face, “I doubt he’ll even remember you _____. He’s young, famous, and wealthy, and you know you need that money if you want to keep attending school." 

 You took a shaking breath, resigning yourself, "I know." 

 Your managers lovely brown eyes suddenly lit up as she looked behind you, "Oh! He’s here _____, look!" 

 The photo of Zhang Yoxing did no justice to the god-like man that walked through the door. He was all suit and tie, dark hair perfect, and lips looking perfectly bite-able. He was unabashedly checking every girl out, his tongue tracing his bottom lip as his eyes flicked up and down the perfect bodies of your friends. You gulped, suddenly intimidated by how gorgeous and confident he was. 

 You spun to your manager, "You’re sure he requested someone like me? Because it sure looks like he’d prefer someone a bit more…flashy." 

 "I’m telling you ____-ah, he requested someone exactly like you." 

 You fanned yourself, suddenly embarrassed by how flustered you were getting, "I’m not in the greatest shape right now. I don’t think I can do this." 

 Your manager looked excited as she pushed you out onto the main floor, "This is what he wanted though! Someone all cute and blushy like you. Now get out there and win yourself some moola!" 

 "B-but!…,” you stuttered, but it was too late to go back now. You gulped once again, fixing your hair nervously as you began to approach his table, the most expensive in the whole joint, hidden behind a heavy velvet curtain in its own little corner. He was accompanied by other young money who were just as attractive to be honest, but you were on a mission and only had one man to please: Zhang Yixing. 

 You didn’t realize how your face was still pink as you tapped on his shoulder lightly, “E-excuse me? Mr. Zhang?" 

 He turned around and his lips parted slightly, his tongue licking tantalizingly over his bottom lip again, "Hello there, gorgeous.”

 You gave a shy smile, “My name is _____, and I’ll be taking care of you this evening." 

 Suddenly around the table, one of Yixing’s friends smirked, his eyes flicking up and down your body, "Wow, Yixing. Looks like you’re the lucky one tonight. If I’d known she was so pretty, I would’ve booked her myself.”

 Yixing rolled his eyes, giving you a sincere smile, “Don’t mind Baekhyun, he’s just jealous because he doesn’t have someone as cute as you.”

 You smiled, finding yourself genuinely pleased at his complement, “Thank you for being so kind, Mr. Zhang-”

 "Please,“ he interjected, taking one of your hands and guiding you down onto the dark patent leather seat beside him, "Just Yixing is fine, ____.”

 The way he said your name sent a shiver trembling up your spin, “Is there anything I can get for you?" 

 He smirked, his hand still holding one of yours. He stroked the back of your hand gently with his thumb, "No. Just you is fine." 

 You smiled, scooting a bit closer to his side, playing coy, "You sure? I just want you to be,” you reached over and straightened his tie for him, “As comfortable as possible. Let me know at once if you need anything." 

 His lips parted in surprise, but he smiled, his dimples showing up cutely, "Oh, I’ll make sure to let you know, ____-ah." 

 You noticed his head tilting down toward yours slightly, but you turned away suddenly, shocked that you were nervous to kiss him, "Um, I…" 

 You froze when you felt him turn your face to his again, his hand gently grasping your chin with eyes full of understanding, "You don’t have to be ashamed _____,” his lips were just a hairs breath away when he chuckled, “I knew it was you all along." 

 You couldn’t breath, but managed to mumble against his soft mouth, "What do you mean?” You could feel your lips graze his with every word. 

 He was lightly tracing your bra strap on your shoulder, his dark eyes watching his finger ghost of your skin, “I mean, that I know you’re the same _____ that I took classes with. The cute underclassman who was always at the top of the class and giving me a run for my money for the top spot." 

 You felt tears prick at your eyes as you turned beet red, wanting nothing more than to crawl into a hole and die, but you managed to choke out, "I’m sorry. Please don’t tell anyone, this is the only way I can make enough money to pay for university-”

 Yixing cut you off, pressing his lips onto yours. You could taste the salt of your tears as he kissed them away, “Don’t worry, by the end of tonight, you won’t be needing this job anymore.”

 You looked at him confusedly, “What are you-" 

 You gasped as he pulled you close for another searing kiss, his tongue begging for entrance as his hands scorched your skin wherever they touched. You finally granted him entrance, which he eagerly accepted, letting his tongue caress every inch of your mouth. He tasted like everything that was right and when your tongues twined and smoothed against each other, you felt truly aroused for the first time.  

 He knotted his fingers in the ends of your hair, his teeth tugging at your bottom lip just enough to tease you. Yes, you were supposed to be sweet, innocent, or whatever bullshit they called it, but in bed, you liked to be completely in control of the situation. As payback for the lip biting, you slipped your hand up his thigh, ghosting over the halfway aroused tent in his pants, making him groan in frustration. 

 You mumbled against his kiss, "Looks as though you’re wanting a little more than some kiss tonight, Yixing.”

 You teasingly unzipped his dress pants, letting your fingers barely graze his now fully erect dick. He gritted his teeth, “Please, _____,” he was practically sweating now, “Is there anywhere more private we can go?" 

 You smiled sweetly, zipping his pants back up and patting his bump playfully, "Of course,” you stood up and took his warm hand, “I did say I’d get you anything remember?" 

 You led him upstairs to your private customer room, letting him walk through the door before snapping it close. Your personal sex room was simple, but romantic at the same time. A king-sized bed was the centerpiece of the room, draped with the softest silk sheets the club could buy. A single nightstand stood to the side, in the drawer contained what you referred to as the 'essentials’: condoms and lube. You liked your room, but you clearly liked it more when Yixing was in it. 

 He looked like a lost puppy standing in the middle of the room, his erection still standing proud. You didn’t notice it before, but even restrained by his pants, you could tell he had both length and girth. With a smirk you walked up to him, draping your arms around his neck as you brought your lips to his. While distracting him with your kiss, you lightly slid his suit jacket from his shoulders, smiling slightly on hearing his relieved sigh. You pulled away from him, his dark eyes looking down at you confusedly, but you just grinned and climbed onto the bed, making sure he got a full view of your ass as you made your way to the headboard.

Yixing smirked, his eyes glazing over with arousal as he reached a hand up to undo his tie. Your own smirk dropped as you watched him let the tie snake off his shoulders as he took his time unbuttoning his shirt. You hardly realized you were doing it, but you were grasping the sheets in an iron grip as you watched him give you a little strip show. You moaned when he bit his own lip, looking at you from under his lashes as he unbuckled his belt. Each clink setting you on edge. You wanted nothing more than to ravish him right then and there. He looked completely fuckable to be brutally honest: slightly mussed dark hair, bruised lips, a light dusting of sweat to accentuate his chiseled body, and his painfully erect dick just hanging out there for you to take. 

 You lifted up a finger and beckoned him closer, your voice breathy but commanding, "Come here, Yixing.”

 To your surprise he obeyed, crawling onto the bed with you in all his naked glory. You were thrilled to bits he wasn’t against your bedroom dominating personality like the men you’d been with in the past were. In fact, by the way he’d shivered, you couldn’t help but think he even liked it. 

 He leaned down and kissed your ribs one by one, making his way down to your hips, his tongue dragging along your skin. You let your hand fall to his dark head and stroked his silky hair as he settled between your legs, your new panties already on the floor before you realized it.  

 You drew his strong jaw with your finger, lifting his chin so that he looked you in the eye. Your tongue traced your bottom lip as you captured his gaze, wanting his full attention on your every word, “Eat me out, Yixing. Make me feel good and I’ll reward you." 

 Yixing was more than happy to do as he was told as he dipped his tongue into your folds immediately. You moaned as he lapped at your already soaked heat, his lips sucking at your most sensitive bundle of nerves. He’d yet to even penetrate you and you were already a melty puddle of goo.  

 You threaded your fingers through hair when he suddenly pushed his tongue into your heat, stroking your insides with his wet muscle. You cried out when he began to hum, his hands squeezing your trembling thighs as you felt the tip of his nose push against your clit repeatedly as he thrust his tongue into your hole. You began to stutter his name awfully, feeling your climax approaching, "Y-Yixing!…Wait!" 

 He pulled back his face full of confusion, "Have I done something wrong ______? Did I hurt you?" 

 You answered by pushing him onto his back, attacking his lips as you tasted your sweetness on them. You straddled his waist, his member pulsing with need against your thigh. He groaned at just the slightest touch of your fingers, his eyes squeezing shut in pleasure. You scooted back, taking a hold of his erection with delicate fingers. Yixing let out the cutest of moans the moment your lips touched the head, tonguing the slit with a smirk. As soon as you took his whole member into your mouth, he let out a strangled groan, his hands racing to your hair. As you bobbed your head up and down at a savory pace, you let your tongue lick up the underside of his dick, tasting the precum that’d been leaking there this whole time. Your own hands slid up and raked down his defined abs before settling on the base of his dick, to pump his member teasingly. 

 His voice rose an octave and you knew he was about to come, but you wouldn’t allow that, you were having too much fun. You gazed up at him, loving how simply distraught he looked in the dimly lit room. His voice trembled with need as he tugged at your waist, ”_____, please!…“ 

 You took his hand off you gently, reaching behind your back to unclasp your bra, sending it sailing onto the floor with the other articles of clothing that had been shed hastily. He tried to prop himself up onto his elbows, but you pressed his chest back into the mattress, straddling his waist in the process. You let your fingers trail across the skin of his shoulders and down his arms until you laced both your hands with his, "Yixing, baby, that was only just a taste of what you’ll be getting tonight.”

 While you’d been sucking him off, your core had become aroused again, dripping lewdly down your thighs and onto the sheets. It surprised you when you felt and saw it because you’d never been so aroused before. You leaned down and kissed over Yixing’s strong jaw, leaving dainty butterfly kisses all over the sensitive skin of his neck, causing him to hiss when you would nip playfully. 

While you were distracting him with your kisses, you’d managed to line your entrance with his member, anticipating the delicious feeling of his thick member inside of you. Biting your lip in want, you slowly slid yourself onto him, his voice cracked as the pleasure hit him too. The two of you sat there for a minute, relishing the feeling of your joined bodies and how perfectly they fit together.

 Lifting yourself up, you teasingly sunk back down onto him, gasping his name. He struggled to free his hands from where you’d pinned them with your own, but as soon as he saw the look in your eyes, he knew that tonight someone else was in charge. You rolled your hips as you simultaneously bounced up and down on his member, your walls squeezing him perfectly. He moaned loudly when you bent down to kiss and suck at his chest, leaving small hickeys in your wake. Although you had him pinned, Yixing still managed to not let you do all the work as he rolled his perfect hips up into you, creating a dance-like rhythm. 

 He moaned, tossing his head back, “Ah! ______!…” You hushed him, leaning down until you were at his neck, “Tonight, I want you to call me Noona.”
If he’d forgotten that he was older than you, he didn’t seem to mind because as soon as you brought your full attention to sliding on his member, he was calling for his Noona. 

 Yixing looked up at you pleadingly, his dark eyes wild with lust, “Faster, Noona!” You complied, turned on by how desperate he was for you to fuck him into oblivion. As you sped up your pace, his erect member smoothly bent with every swivel of your hips, pushing against your g-spot deliciously. You could feel your end approaching and could tell Yixing was about to blow any time now, so you began to bounce on his hips more haphazardly, slamming down in his member aggressively. 

 He cried out as you pummeled him harder, “Please let me come inside you Noona!" 

 You gasped for breath, but still managed to tease him, "You want to come inside of me, _____? Do you love your Noona that much?" 

 Although his gaze was hooded with lust, you saw something real underneath it, "I love her more than anything." 

 At that point you were shell-shocked, releasing his hands and letting him take a hold of your hips and thrust up into you like a depraved animal. His grip on your hips would leave bruises, but for now you were completely content to let him do all the work for once. You orgasmed first, crying his name loudly and clenching tightly around his member, causing him to simultaneously orgasm as well. You milked the hot seed that shot powerfully into you, coating your walls one spurt after another. Yixing groaned after each shot of cum, feeling you tighten around him.  

 You leaned down and kissed his lips gently, your eyes softened with adoration, "Yixing?…" 

 You slid out of him as he pulled you down to his side, his arms wrapping around you comfortingly, ”_____, I really mean what I said earlier.“ 

 You pressed your forehead to his, your noses bumping cutely with each other as you gave a genuinely shy smiled, "Really?”

 He barely breathed as he spoke again, “Yeah. I really love you.” You blushed happily, burying your face into his neck, “So much for the whole rule about falling in love with your client." 

 He propped himself on his elbow and strokes strands of your soft hair, "Too bad you won’t be needing to follow those rules anymore." 

 You quirked an eyebrow, "What do you mean?" 

 "Let me take you away from all of this,” he whispered, his hand cupping your cheek, “I’ll help you pay for university. I mean I know you’re probably to proud to accept my money, but-" 

 You kissed his lips, grinning at his surprised face, "Are you kidding me? I want nothing more than to be able to not walk around in lingerie for a bunch of crusty businessmen." 

 He chuckled, a bright and heart-lifting sound, "You sure? I mean, you’re awfully good at what you do.”  

 You swatted at him playfully, “You would know too.”