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Ichinose Guren || 一瀬グレン
[28.08] Happy Birthday to my sexy Lt. Colonel Guren !!

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I absolutely love your art!! I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how you draw your eyes because they're amazing! (P.S. I especially love your Kuroo and Tsukishima art <3 )

thank you very much!!

i don’t think there’s a lot i can say about how i draw eyes, so i made gifs for you, i hope that helps a little too??

first, the sketch:

i quickly draw the basic shape, then lower the opacity before i do the lines on a separate layer:

i just keep adding or removing lines until it looks right to me and then slap on a light version of the colour i want the eyes to be, use darker shades of a similar colour to add depth, add some glow-y effect and light on separate layers and that’s pretty much it ;;;;;;;

I hit a big milestone today and I just wanted to take a moment to stop and say something since a new giveaway just isn’t going to be possible at this time. 

I started this blog under a friend’s recommendation who was enjoying her Cullen blog (love you @drysia​) while trying to deal with the feelings left in me after finishing dragon age inquisition the first time and this stupid elf man. I never intended to interact with people much; fandom was this big scary thing and I just wanted to post stuff and fly under the radar. It’s kind of how I have always been. 

But something about this pushed me out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t be happier. Since I have been here I’ve made lifelong friends and people I will never forget and will continue to talk to outside of this website. I broke myself out of a year+ art block to start producing my own content and began to write my own long fic after years of never thinking it was possible for me to do. The days where I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed became less and less frequent as I excitedly got up to see what my friends posted on my dashboard. 

And there’s no way I could have done it without all of your guys support. Whether you’re here in solavellan hell with me, or just here for the art or stories. You put up with my shitposts; dance au solas and love mayo and daddy machoke and for that you all deserve accolades. 

I’ve said it before but I have the best followers and I’m so grateful anyone even pays attention to my stuff let alone want to support me over it. Whether you show up in my notes frequently or prefer to be a silent consumer of my work just know that you are appreciated. :) 

Stay awesome folks, ilu all. 

call me dramatic but im just so worried for jin I cant concentrate at work, keep checking twitter for more info about jin eventhough bighit had told us that he’s fine and is now resting in the dorm but I just lost my desire in enjoying isac and i know the other boys are still there playing and we need to support him (through telepathy maybe) but idk.. jin.. i can’t stop worrying him I just want this day to end quick and see jin smiling again


video game meme: [2/7] video games → tomb raider: the last revelation (1999) 



He’s an underappreciated mentor to Harry!

He’s judged by others cause he’s not exactly a wizard…but too small for a giant…

Uh, and he cares a lot about other creatures, big or small, just like I care about all my partners in crime!