i will smish you

swmtk  asked:

Hi Lyns, how are you? I have a question, have you thought about selling your artworks on RedBubble too? Because unlike S6 people can also purchase cases for Samsung and generally non-apple products which sounds really great. Also you get 20 percent of the sales (I believe you can change the percentage however you want, but then the prices also go up). I just thought I'd be really cool if you did, because I'd love to have your art on my media as you're so so amazing <33 I hope you have a nice day

Hello Love! *smishes* I’m doing great, thanks! I hope you are as well. I haven’t really thought about this until now, and wow, if I’d only known before now that Redbubble would be so much easier to use than Soc6…

Hi, bb! Thank you so much, I’m so happy you like them! So I’m not actually sure about the print prices but I’ve added a few of my more recent pieces to my Redbubble store in case you’re still interested. <3

My Redbubble is now open for business! If there’s anything in particular that anyone would like me to add to the shop, please let me know! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*