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Do You Know Me?

Oh man. I’m hooked (HAHAHA…sorry). I wrote some Sidon x Link. Because I am weak for that stupid sweet sharkboy. This one is for @cinensis, who is aboard this ship with me and as thanks for his awesome support. ENJOY.

All fluff - cut for length, not for content.

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Link wakes up sweating and panting, the silken seaplant sheets a tangle around him. It’s hard to tell if he has made any sort of noise in his sleep, but his throat feels rough, like he’s been inhaling small pieces of rock. The private bedchamber Prince Sidon gave him is in one of the towers overlooking the square below, where he can see the profile of Mipha’s statue from the balcony, past the gossamer curtains.

“Once this whole thing is over maybe things can go back to how they used to be when we were young.”

That’s what she had said, in the memory he had had, and perhaps that should have given him some comfort, but…he had seen her again in his dream, and her image shattered into a thousand fragments. There was chaos and screaming, pain and darkness, and then…he had awoken before there was anything more.

Sleep is the worst time for Link. Sleep, when he can’t tell where pieces of memories end and the tricks of a broken mind take over.

Link rises and puts on his simple tunic - leaving the Zora Armor neatly on the chest where he had placed it after trying it on (even the perfect fit had frustrated him, though he did not show it) - and wanders out, down the stairs to the Domain sprawling below. He knows that on the morrow, he will be called to fight the monster plaguing them, once again take on the mantle of the Champion of Hyrule, and…

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i can actually sell MY BOOK to customers IN MY STORE.

and this weekend is a local authors event, so guess who’s gonna be sitting at a table this sunday at 2 pm with ten other local authors and signing copies of A BOOK SHE WROTE for people WHO DON’T EVEN KNOW ME.

the only way this would be better is if @stephanierabig was there, too, since she co-authored sink or swim with me and should be sharing this glory in person as is only right (omg steph my manager told me her goal is to sell all 30 copies by monday and we’ve already sold 3 ahhHHHHHHHHHHH).

I would turn the sink on and close my eyes, and I would pretend that I was underwater, like I was floating in a pool or something at the bottom.

It was all quiet, just floating there, and I couldn’t hear anything. 

No one could get to me.
No one could touch me.
I was safe.

You Don’t Deserve This

“You Don’t Deserve This”

I used to believe,
I deserved terrible things,
Because of something I did,
To deserve the misery they bring.

All I knew was sadness.
My heart was like a ship,
Sinking into the waters,
While the interior got ripped.

And still I believed,
I deserved all of this.
That this pain was justified,
That ignorance was bliss.

But the truth is, however,
That I did nothing cruel.
All this pain was given,
By the hands of other fools.

All of my suffering,
My torment; my woes,
Was handed down to me,
By my family and foes.

And now the years pass,
And at times I want to break,
But I’m proud to say I’m correcting,
All of their mistakes.
And all of my problems,
That were given on to me,
I don’t deserve any of them.
And they’re becoming distant memories.

kitchen tiles

a/n: I know this is super short, but I thought it was kinda cute. 

I strutted to the beat of the song, as I turned my back to the stereo having just pressed played. I waved my arms in the air and moved to the rhythm before I was back at the sink. My hips slowly swayed side to side as I muttered the lyrics, dipping my hands into the warm bubbly water.

“Isn’t she pretty, truly the angel’s best” I heard Shawn sing from behind as he entered the kitchen. I turned round and dried my hands on the cloth, smiling from ear to ear as he walked in with his guitar, strumming along to the song. “I can’t believe what God has done” he sung through the typical huge smile, making his way over to me. He tapped his foot and swayed forwards and backwards as he continued to play along, with me dancing circles around him. During the instrumental part, Shawn stopped playing the guitar and placed it down on the kitchen counter. Before I knew it, he pulled me closer to him, placing one hand on my waist as the other took my hand. Our feet made light patterns across the kitchen tiles, as if we were in a gigantic ball room as apposed to our average sized kitchen. He stuck his arm out so I could twirl under it, before pulling me back close to him so my head could crash against his chest.

I could feel the vibration against his chest when he sung once again, to the top of his voice. He gently pushed me off his body, holding both hands as his eyes connected with mine. “Life and love are the same” his face full with glee as he sung. He placed his hands at the sides of my face, bringing it in so his lips could touch mine. My heart skipped a beat the moment I felt him smile into the kiss, making it that extra bit special. As he pulled away, he tucked my hair behind my ears.

“(Y/N), it could not have been done, without you who conceived the one” he smiled as he looked down. “That’s so very lovely made from love” he sung softly. I smiled as I looked down too, placing my hands over his, as he embraced our small little bump.

I am failing so much today. I’m failing at being kind and I’m failing in school meaning I’ve handed in two terrible papers. And that was just today. Now I have an hour and 20 minutes to let go of that feeling so that I can start from scratch and do better at my new job. No pressure. No pressure at all.

My heart implant is too weak for Jaal romance lol

I do have an artifical heart valve and I just saw the Sara trailer. When THE KISS appeard I noticed the alarming feeling I’m about to faint XDD (this happens sometimes when my heart rate jumps suddenly). The game just came out in Poland and I’m saying my goodbyes to Tumblr because I’m about to sink into Andromeda. Let’s hope I’ll come back alive, haha.

PS. I should see a psychologist before cardiologist tbh xD An adult woman (lol) shouldn’t be getting so excited about fictional charaters and their romances…

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bharatanatyamandballet  asked:

Do you really think Klance could be canon?!!

YES, but then again it all depends on what the writers/creators/producers wanna do. Except, there have been some subtle hints dropped around the place which I personally think is a big indicator to them possibly being something in the future. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed, wish upon shooting stars, and I won’t let this ship sink LOL

marry-me-markiplier  asked:

Hi! I really like your blog and I feel it'd be okay to reach out to you. My grades are sinking and no matter what I do, what help I get, it just doesn't help. I can't escape stress at home as things are changing, my parents aren't helping and they're putting me down more often than not and don't really pick up on the fact their words can hurt. When I try to say something about it, it's just giving them 'addittude.' I know you do a lot, if it isn't too much, can you send me some hope? Thank you.

(sorry the paper’s all bent, I accidentally deleted the photos and had to re-take them)

That means a lot that you feel able to reach out to me, thank you.

That’s not good, you can’t even de-stress at the one place you should be able to D: Do you have any friends you can talk to about this, maybe hang out at their house sometimes? You deserve to have a place to relax.

You might benefit from seeing a school counselor or therapist, as well. Since your parents are putting you down so often and won’t listen to your objections about it, it could help to talk to someone who *will* listen and help you through it. That’s really not cool though, your parents should at least listen to you.

As for your grades, I’d suggest talking with your teachers/professors. They may have ideas on how to help you raise your grades, seeing as how your home life seems to be part of the problem. Most educators want their students to succeed, and do try to help those who reach out. It’s worth a shot.

I hope your situation improves soon, I really do. If all else fails, do your best and explain to your teachers/professors what’s going on at home. They should expect more than what you’ve been able to do.

You can make it through this, I believe in you. Be sure to take care of yourself, okay? <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

anonymous asked:

What's the most annoying thing your roommate has done lol

well well well where do i start, i’m just going to make a general list and bold the most annoying

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First, when I moved in I was there for a solid four hours unpacking before she came out and said hello

she didn’t bring anything moving in so about 90% of the stuff is mine. 

For the first two weeks she would play her awful ass R&B music all the fucking time until like 2am until I told her she needed to stop. 

She also then thought it was okay to have her friends over washing their hair in our bathroom sink at 2am the night before I had a midterm and I’m trying to study in my room. She then still wouldn't kick them out after I told them I was going to bed. Also her friends are just as annoying as her and they all talk like drunk white girls 24/7

She is incredibly loud at night and for the longest time she would let her door slam. Oh did I mention she stays up ALL night. (I mean it I actually don’t know when she sleeps anymore because she’s up at 5am every night but up most of the time when i’m home. ) So this would happen all night. One time she was doing this shit and it woke me up and then I was so overtired I went to my midterm with 0 sleep. Pretty sure that’s why I failed it too because I was so messed up and tired that day. 

I’ve talked to her now on FIVE separate times like as a serious thing on all these this stuff like, not making yourself food at 5am or making popcorn at 3am. Or letting your door slam, also quite hours which she still fails to follow. But yet she still finds something new to do, so now at night I just yell at her from my room and tell her to shut up. Also her friends will knock at our door at 11am after St. Patty’s day when I’m hung af for a solid 5mins. ALSO SHE IS JUST SUPER LOUD i have never met a person so loud and inconsiderate. Also this bitch took my brownie and also once finished off my milk and stuck it back in the fridge empty. Also SHE BROKE MY POT LID AND LEFT THE GLASS ALL OVER THE FLOOR AND LEFT IT FOR ME TO PICK UP. 

I know you asked for the most annoying thing and the simple answer is her i have more but i’m tired and hate her. 

Author’s Notes, 11-30-2015:  “Anybody here like ‘The Flash’? <3 I am SO HOOKED. I’m up to speed on the show and can’t wait to write even more fic!”

Remember when I said I was just going to write as much H/C fic as I could to fill the gap I found in fandom?  And here I am writing (1) Barry having a conversation with the Speed Force (hint: it’s a feathered animal), (2) a correspondence between time travelers, and (3) a nervous bride and groom pre-wedding (hint: WA).  I’ve also got a veritable hoard of ideas ranging from speedster extinction to superpuppies and no plans on stopping any time soon.

I love this show so much.  I’m indescribably excited to show you some of these meta ideas, to debut new theories, to ground old ones in a more accessible form.  I’m eager to sink my teeth into some good ol’ H/C and whumpy stuff, but I’m also here for bonding fics, and friendship fics, and the occasional straight-up shenanigans fic.  I’m here for angst that makes your teeth ache but leaves you feeling fulfilled and fic that is, as one lovely reviewer once pointed out, “melancholic, but with a hopeful ending.”  I’m here to elaborate on rare emotions, difficult emotions, and complicated relationships.  I’m also here to find the beauty in ordinary things.

This journey only gets better with time.  I’m truly eager to keep moving forward and keep improving.  I’m nowhere near my peak and now it’s just fun building up strength and skill.  I love working like a sled dog. 

Your words were stone cold, but regardless I seized them by the rope, and allowed them to sink me. That is the worst thing about your love, it draws me in and echo it. Under my love for you, I am prepared to lose myself in ways you can’t imagine.

Since you love me I wonder, would you continue to weigh me down if you knew how your words were tearing apart the best parts of me?

—  Original