i will ship them despite of everything


“Please forgive us.”

The ones Obi-Wan Kenobi loved most.

He deserved better. *gross sobbing*

  • Winston Churchill: it's nice to finally meet you and America, Mister President.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: it surely is. It's nice to see both England and America interacting quite nicely with one another, despite how America explained England's personality to me...
  • Winston Churchill: oh I heard about America from England too! More swearing in my side, I'm sure. But now that I look at it, they're not so bad with one another- ...
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: um, Mister Churchill? Is everything okay-?
  • Winston Churchill: I ship them.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: what??
Masterlist - Reactions (2017)

Their s/o used to be a gymnast

You being a famous youtuber/blogger

You not eating properly bc of stress

Their s/o being the indoors type

Finding out you were a victim of physical abuse

Their s/o having social phobia and body dysmorphia

Their s/o’s military brother died

You passing out bc of dehydration

You getting a facial piercing

Their s/o suddenly being struck by intense pain

Hearing their s/o fart for the first time

You having a habit of biting your lips, making them bleed

Finding out who you think is the second most handsome member

You confessing to them while drunk 

Finding out their s/o is bisexual

Liking their new makeup artist

You speaking another language

Their secret s/o watching them from behind the scenes of a show

Accusing you of using them in a fight

Their s/o only really shows affection to their dog

Their s/o ignoring their texts/calls bc of Pokémon

Their idol crush covering The 1975′s “Falling for you” and looking at them

You being good at using a butterfly knife

You always leaving them cute sticky notes

Their s/o poking their face a lot

Their s/o being 5′5, but getting angry when called short

You having three jobs, and trying to get a fourth

You going bodies with someone #2

Your mum dying and you taking custody of your younger brother

Their usually reserved s/o initiating skinship around the members for the first time

Figuring out they’re in love

Their s/o never having received a lot of love

Their s/o drawing them a lot

Having to say goodbye when leaving for their mandatory military service

Their crush calling them beautiful, but meaning to say “I love you”

Continuation of another request, where you apologize for what happened

People shipping them with their secret idol s/o

Their idol s/o is bullied by another idol

Their s/o is someone who laugh at everything 

They’re on  a variety show and start developing a crush on another idol

Their s/o not moving when they sleep 

You making them food despite soon being due to give birth

You saved money to buy their parents something expensive (but useful)

You taking naps in odd positions

Their s/o being underweight, and wanting to continue being underweight

Their s/o shows up at a meet and greet as a surprise after not seeing them for a long time 

hey there anon

Now, while I know that katsudeku would most likely never become canon (and while it breaks my heart, im totally okay with it). BUT you know what. I’ve started to ship them ever since the start of the manga, it was during the well-known slug villain scene when king-of-explodo-kills got captured, it was just so beautiful for me. dekus’ will to save kacchan despite everything kacchan’s done to him, his shout of kacchan’s name as he desperately tried to save his friend, and the expression on Kacchans’ face, he just looked so vulnerable as if he was asking for help, he wanted to be saved it had a lot of impact on me and it was there and then that i told myself ‘that’s it, that’s my ship!’

sure, they may not be in talking terms as of now. but they’re slowly, very slowly, in their own pace, getting there. They’ve managed to change their perspective of each other and because of that, they’re trying to become better, stronger. Whether or not it’s intentional, they have both managed to make an impact on the others life: kacchan has realized that he isnt the only one who’s strong and talented, he’s managed to lessen his shouting and violence and is trying to get better, to not stop trying to give it his all.

deku on the other hand has viewed kacchan as someone worth looking up to and becoming a source of inspiration, he admires kacchan a lot and sees him as someone worth surpassing.

the thing is, while i do agree that kacchan has caused deku troubles (and i do hope that he apologizes one day) they were kids, and while that doesnt justify kacchan’s actions and behavior, what im trying to say here is that they were kids, they make mistakes and learn from it and would probably try to correct their mistakes, and i think that’s what’s happening with them.

katsudeku isnt as toxic and unhealthy as some people claim/make it to be. In the end, it’s just kacchan’s inflated ego (he’s a head full of pride) that’s preventing him from recognizing his care towards deku; i mean, if people reread the manga they’ll see katsuki isn’t that bad of a person at all, he can be caring and nice (though he can be very subtle about it), honestly kacchan isnt the nicest character nor is he the most honest. kacchan can be violent, but he doesnt take it to a point where in he’ll try to kill someone. He wants to be a hero, fighting bad guys excites him and just like deku, he looks up to All Might, and i believe some people tend to forget that. Katsuki is a very complex character whose personality isnt just that of a bully. he’s full of depth and character development (and i can’t help but love him and would want to protect him) and this is why i believe, deku never really took his bullying to a point where he’d actually jump off the roof and stop aiming to become a hero. katsuki might still call him deku, but i think the intensity and the reason is different now. remember that time when kacchan got kidnapped? when he said deku that time, it got to me. he wasnt angry or upset but he looked concernrd: kacchan knew they’d lost and if izuku tried to reach out to  save him, izuku will get dragged with him or worse get hurt. he wanted deku to stay back in order to protect him, and that just speaks volume to me.

and let’s not forget the fact that izuku still calls katsuki “kacchan” of all things, and katsuki lets him, sure he might shout and look pissed but he just lets it go, and i just love that.

i mean just look at this, when izuku found out that the villains were targeting katsuki, he was worried and he still cares for kacchan.

and here we have king-of-expolod-kills itching for a fight, he looks hella pissed and he knows izuku’s the one behind it yet he still let the nickname go, he just brushes it off, he doesnt get mad at deku.

i mean look at their genuine concern for the other… sure, this ship is a little bit problematic, but that’s what makes it interesting.

so i talk a lot about francy and why they’d be good together but i guess i should also make a post why they’re not good together – not because i want to ruin my own ship but tbh sometimes the angst is worth it (also this is a v long list i’m sorry)

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Dear, Bamily 

We just wanted to take the time out to thank everyone in the bamon fandom, it’s been a series of lows and highs over the past 8 years but we managed to stick together, support bamon and get them places most canon ships haven’t. We were nominated twice for a teen choice and once for MTV ship of the year and runner up in zimbo march madness in 2016. We have actors that love and support our ship despite TPTB advising them against it and that’s something we should all be happy and proud of. We remained loyal and with the help of the most creative side of the tvd fandom we were able to bring bamon to life in the way we WANT to. Everyone from our giffers, vidders, artists, editors and writers I can’t say enough how much we appreciate everything you gave and will continue to give us when tvd ends forever.

 We also wish the actors of our ship Kat Graham & Ian Somerhalder the best of luck in all of their future endeavors and THANK YOU for bamon!

Man the one thing that I really want out of this Lost Light arc is for Rodimus to just…fucking LOSE it.

Like legitimately fucking deck Megs and really let loose all of the shit that he’s had to repress ever since being placed on this ship via Optimas’ orders (and being made “co-captain” of all things!! Co-captain. On a privately owned ship.)

I just want him to go rampant and rage and shout about everything that was taken away from him since that day: about how HIS ship was taken by Getaway, about HIS crew abandoning him to die on the Necroworld, about how HIS competency as a captain was usurped by an outside power that really had no business interceding with his plans despite their former rank.

And then I want him to reestablish his control over the situation. I want him to have them remember all of the things that he’s accomplished and all the things he’s been through because CLEARLY the rest of them have forgotten.

I need this kid to have his confidence back and take back control.

And then I want him to punch Getaway in the dick.

anonymous asked:

The fandom has become so toxic, Matty. I don't even know how to stay here anymore without going berserk. Uttering a single word gets me such backlash it makes me weep. I've blocked and muted and everything in between. Nothing works. I don't know why I'm telling you this but please help me. I don't know what to do anymore.

Oh, anon. I’m so, so very sorry to hear this. Have a hug, first and foremost.

I’m nobody to tell you what to do but since you left this in my inbox, I cannot leave this unanswered. 

Trust me, we all have our moments. I did as well and I took a break because sometimes that’s the only thing you can do. So, you do you without any hesitation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - the thing is that the fandom is sentient. It’s something that I realized a while ago but this fandom is sentient. It holds so many people within itself, from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, and what not. Imagine every difference you can conceive and put it all together under one blanket. So many thousands of people with so many different energies. And all of it feeding the fandom. Nobody is a nobody. Every single one of us is important. Everything is symbiotic.

For me, fandom is a sentient being. When there is a great moment (think the teaser for 3x20) it thrives and lives spectacularly. When there are hard times (think entire season 5), it slumps and sighs in weariness. The fandom lives because of us. We hold the reins of its life, and as so many different people, it’s inevitable that the lows will come with the highs. It is also inevitable that there will be people who disagree with you, people who’ll never like you, people with whom you’d never mix. But there are also people who would. Those are the ones I focus on.

I love Oliver. I love Felicity. Together and as individuals. I love them because they are not perfect. I love them because they are flawed human beings who make mistakes and learn and persevere through situations that break people. They inspire me and I love them. 

I may not agree with the show sometimes. (I definitely don’t) 

I may think the story sucks sometimes (I definitely do) 

I may think the characters deserve better most times (I absolutely do) 

I may miss the old way (I really do) 

I may want to smack Oliver on his head or shake Felicity sometimes. (I do)

I may want to invade the Writers Room and change the scripts (a lot)

But that does not change the one basic fact underneath everything - I connect to Olicity. (Even when they’re going through the bad times, I connect to them)

And that’s the entire point, anon. All of us are here because, despite our numerous differences and stands, at some point, we connected to them. We are united by one simple thing - Olicity. 

It’s not just a ship or a phenomenon anymore. It’s a way of life. And life has a way of being harsh sometimes.

Everyone has a right to their opinion and they should - that’s what makes everything dynamic and stops us from being sheep. Sometimes it gets rough, sometimes it’s smooth. But the most important thing is that this fandom is here because of the connection each and every one of us feels to Oliver and Felicity.

I know sometimes things become very bleak. Sometimes I get upset too, it’s unnatural not to. Thankfully, I have friends I vent to in those moments and they smack sense into me. And with that sense, also comes a reminder. About not just the bad, but the good of this fandom.

This is the same fandom that unites with a fierceness that’s unbelievable when faced with adversaries. This is the same fandom that put everything else aside and got together for a week during MTV Ship of the Year to grab that victory for our babies. This is the same fandom where Person A may not like Person B but they’d slay any outsider raising a finger at them.

I agree it has it’s hard moments, but it has those moments too that will remain with us for the rest of our lives, experiences that we couldn’t have gone through anywhere else. I like to focus on those usually. As long as people know what they are here for, that Olicity is the core of this fandom, it’s all good. I am not here for everyone who agrees or disagrees with me. I am here for Oliver and Felicity and my connection to them. This is my happy place, not naturally, but because I try my damnedest to keep it so.

So, do what makes you feel happiest here, anon. Take a break if that’s what makes you happy. Leave or stay if that does. Meet people or sit in your own corner, ignore what you don’t like or take a stand- it’s all on you. Choose your battles, as they say.

It’s like writing a story (and I’m using this analogy because this is who I am). There may be people who hate it, people who tell you they hate it, people who criticize everything harshly. But there are also people who believe and encourage and take the time to give you the best of their love. That’s who you focus on. That’s how you keep writing.

Have your own opinions. Stay strong to them. Respect what others say. They have a reason for the way they feel too. We don’t know where anyone comes from and being judgemental is the easy path, not the correct one.

Live and let live. Do you. Be happy. Try and make the most of the good bits.

Because we are in a relationship with Oliver and Felicity. And relationships are not easy, but then, 

anonymous asked:

I disagree with anon. There's hating a ship, then there's hating the character itself. Even without SS, Sakura was still largely hated across the fanbase for the most shallow of reasons. Some still blame her for Neji's death. I really doubt SS expected Sakura to get shafted to this point; from what I've seen, they are just as angry and sadden by this. At the same time, I'm aware that NH (not all shipper, if they are reading!) really only "supported" SS just to get Sakura out of the way. (1)

Honestly, I never meet Sakura hate so strong from that fandom. I remembered how the majority started acting all haughty with SS after The Last, then outright dropped SS when Gaiden came out. Some were even disappointed that Karin wasn’t outright confirmed the mother and called the manga a waste. For those NH who used to “support” SS, you would think they’ll have some sympathy for their “sister” shippers? (2)

The legit hate for Sakura is honestly so incredulous to me. The only fandom I’ve been in with character hate half as strong was Kingdom Hearts with Kairi. And even then the hate was half as strong, and only within fandom. The hate died down over the years. But Sakura? The fandom, SP, SJ, assistants, editors, hate her to this point? They are absolutely okay with erasing her importance within the manga? Okay with giving Hinata everything they hated in Sakura? The interview with Kishi (3)

comparing Sakura to a secondary character, overall downgrading her importance in the manga made me sad. But the reaction from NH succeed my disappointment in Kishi, and I only felt even more bitterness towards NH and Hinata. (4)

It’s why I can never like Hinata or NH, no matter how much they try and convince me. To be happy that they aren’t force to acknowledge Sakura as a heroine? Was NS that intimidating? Was Sakura that bad? I’m sorry that this small thing turned to a rant, but I felt if Sakura (and Team 7) was in a different fandom than this one. To have hate so strong that even her own creator hates her along with the franchise? To STILL blame her for Neji? I’m just so sad that this is what she is reduced to. (5)

I only wanted better for her, but with this fandom it’s like you have to go above and beyond for her just to get that fandom to like her even a little. On top of that, deal with a franchise that wants nothing to do with her either. Yet they will put Hinata on a pedestal and call her the heroine? The franchise legitimately putting her as a main cast, when she was barely a secondary in Part 2? How did she became relevant and shoved into our face as being better than Sakura? (End)


Granted, that was/is also a factor but it’s the SS that was the fuel to NH by some sort of sick alliance, and then trying to bury every shit Kishi threw at Sakura via Sasuke because of her proximity to Naruto and the possibility of her being with Naruto in the end. But these are old shannenigans.

Granted, Sakura was hated in the fandom because of the most stupid reasons, however when it came down to comparing her with Hinata, if it weren’t for a let’s say very ardent fan of Hinata’s everyone knew and acknowledged the fact that Sakura tops Hinata no matter what. It was basic knowledge 101.

But then Studio Pierrot came and started the stealing. Sakura is a medical ninja? Everyone is a medical ninja.

Sakura has a superior chakra control, even moreso than her powerhouses of teammates? Everyone gets it.

Sakura can tell via her medical ninjutsu where it hurts in the body or it’s a certain problem? Throw that away, make Hinata tell her via her Byakugan because lol Sakura surely must’ve forgotten to do that with only medical ninjutsu via water detection, in order to force down our throats a friendship that never really was there - at most, some respect showed by Sakura to Hinata, never the viceversa. 

Some still blame her for Neji’s death because things were written as such. That was the effect they wanted. While Sakura the medical ninja couldn’t be there when Naruto called for a medic-nin, have Hinata-hime-sama be there and offer him the emotional support he needed (although via Sakura was shown to us what he really needed, but anyway). Sakura was written off at that point to make place for Hinata, all while in the meantime Studio Pierrot via their shitty interventions was already stealing everything from Sakura and giving it to Hinata. SS-ers saw that, they were here with us as well. We were already screaming about the damage control Sakura was taking because of Hinata but most of them didn’t care, as long as it took NaruSaku out of the way…

And dear boy I know I screamed right and left about this because I saw the bullshit they’re trying to pull. I don’t know exactly for how long you’re around the fandom anon, but as I said before, I came from a NH and SS background that went along with NS given the development. And also besides that, what made me distance from NH mostly was their hate for Sakura. I was a NH shipper that happened to like Sakura very much. And so, being accustomed to how these pairings function, I saw the impending shit that was about to come, and screamed about it, but who was going to listen? I was a NaruSaku, to hell with me, despite me saying multiple times that before being a NaruSaku or any other type of shipper, I am a Sakura fan. 

So you see, here it’s a mix of many elements at the middle, and sadly they did have a major contribution to this, sorry to say it. Not all of them, ofc, but…

And it was never a sister ship with them… It was an alliance against NaruSaku. That was the immediate threat to them. Everyone knew that Kishi wouldn’t have the balls to end it with NaruSasu because of the controversy (despite drawing them in also), so the next best thing was NaruSaku - especially given the story’s construction mechanisms - everything was pointing at NaruSaku, no matter how much some still want to deny it. It’s basic storytelling 101 in a piece of literature (more or less).

Hell, they even changed the story triangle. There was one always inside team 7, and now in his newest interview Kishi mentions one that was nonexistent between Naruto, Sakura and Hinata. He literally took all the things that NH were fantasizing about and used them as “logical explanation” when his own story was contradicting him.

And yes, for some stupid reason people hated Sakura because Kishimoto pulled at the heart strings of people with poor orphan Naruto, but God forbid someone points Naruto’s horrible behavior, they must be linched - which Sakura does at the beginning of the story. Naruto was after all a pretty stupid kid that did stupid things. Yes, he had ulterior motives, but does that excuse his behavior? If we cannot excuse the behavior of one, why excuse his, know what I mean? 

And also people aren’t used to look at the broader picture because somehow … reasons. Yes, Sakura told him all those things, but at the same time supported him and his stupid dream with her love for Sasuke and her “horrible” behavior still did much more than Hinata with her love for Naruto.  But then people come with the excuse that she was shy. So we can excuse Hinata of her shyness for NOT helping Naruto when he most needed it, but we cannot excuse Sakura for expressing her pissed self at Naruto whenever he did something stupid DESPITE ACTIVELY doing stuff for him? Hmm, I smell double standards.

And yes, it’s funny how when they take stuff from Sakura and add them to Hinata everyone is okay, because it’s Hinata. This only once more shows the double standards and hipocrisy that lies deep within the collective counsciousness of this very fandom.

And, after all, it’s not the fandom’s fault as much as it is Kishi’s and how he never put his finger on something for certain, out of God knows what reasons… I can only speculate, but some are for certain - he doesn’t have a backbone.

From defending fiercely your heroine to actively replacing her… pfft. Laughable.

If he would’ve had a backbone he would’ve finished the story properly. You know how they say “Stand for what you believe in, even if you stand alone”.

Something he tried pushing with Naruto, too bad he failed miserably.

I wanted better for her too, and actually trusted Kishi he will do better. I created theories about where he’d be going with her, things that eventually come to fruition (her seal, chakra nature and some others), but the thing that disgusted me the most about this was seeing some things that were clearly going to go to Sakura, being used for Hinata, dare I say some ideas I layed down in my theories, being used now, via other means.

At first I thought it’s me being crazy, they couldn’t possibly use that… and then the latest chapter of Boruto comes and they use for him what the NS fandom creates for Shinachiku. 

To answer your question - yes, NaruSaku was that intimidating. That intimidating that they cannot erase 15 years of development, that they now try to steal ideas from the NS fans to burrow us as deep as possible because otherwise we won’t shut up, that bad of an intimidation, that they make it so defiant to NaruSaku fans, so that we’ll eventually shut up and stop being the thorns in their back.

Well, too bad. We’re here and we’re staying. They can steal how much they want. The records showing that we were there with ideas and whatnot long before them it’s here.

For someone who writes about Gods and whatnot, Kishi and his editors should know about the Akashic records. They’re imprinted in the human collective counsciousness, and no matter how much they want to silence and erase Sakura and NaruSaku, they can’t.

And this only pushed me to continue my initial analysis on Sakura’s character. Ohoo, it’s going to be so much fun to demask all the bullshit mechanism behind their actions. SO MUCH FUN!

Anyway, I turned this into a rant and went into deeper stuff myself, I should probably end it here. But yeah, this thing is a mess. A salad, to be more exact. ;)

do u ever think about how pure and unconditional vmin’s friendship is? like they’ve literally had each other’s backs since day one and they are just so good to each other in the best ways possible. like despite the teasing and playful arguing, their friendship roots so deeply from encouragement, admiration and just the pure love that they give each other and with all that, they have built such a strong home base for one another and it’s so hard for me to comprehend and grasp because it’s probably one of the purest and most loving things i have ever witnessed. they are each other’s support systems and homes and it’s so clear how much they care for each other and how mutual their love for each other is. like they have the kind of friendship where they sit so comfortably in each other’s lives because they have this mutual understanding of what they are to each other hence the iconic soulmate moment that occurred and neither of them will ever have doubts about feeling any less because when it comes to being in each other’s lives, they are always on the same wavelength. they are so important to each other and so mutually attached to the hip that it’s so odd to think they didn’t know of each other all those years before? it’s moments like ‘my savior’ or ‘i hope our friendship lasts forever’ or ‘jimin and friends’ or ‘i only have you’ that make me believe vmin are a forever thing because even they can’t imagine their lives without each other now.

Well this accidentally made me found my OT3 in captive prince…

Bad news: You won’t see solely exclusive lamen in my art / ideas

Good news: since my OT3 is just my OTP+a third person you don’t have to fear that I’ll slide away from the main couple as it can have happened in past fandoms.

eternalsterekbitches  asked:

Not gonna lie I literally think mishima wanted to make some of his characters queer. Seriously Cana flirts wit every girl but won't wit a guy Lucy is definitely pan since she's always having heart eyes for both guys and girls Rouge and Sting both (1)

Want each other. Gratsu are secretly dating and so are Laxus and Freed. Seriously if it weren’t for the backlash Mashima would’ve definitely made these characters queer. 

I think you’re giving Mashima entirely too much credit. Remember, this is the same man that created Master Bob, who epitomises everything wrong with anime and manga culture’s depiction of gay men. Mashima just does what every shonen author does: he throws in hints of yaoi and yuri to people that might find that stuff hot. (I’m not going to call it queerbaiting or treat it anything like it: this is pure fetish fuel aimed at attracting fujoshi/fadanshi… anyone of that kind.)

Mashima even seems to have a bit of a homophobic undertone running through the series. Not only will he not allow Freed any dignity regarding his feelings for Laxus, he’s turned Freed into a joke and made Laxus so unreceptive that we know without question that Freed doesn’t stand a chance. Stingue actually was a plausible couple by Fairy Tail’s standards, and then we suddenly got the StingueYu love triangle thrown in out of nowhere, followed closely by Rogerva. It would’ve been easy to just leave Sting and Rogue alone and leave things to interpretation, but Mashima had to make sure that we knew StingYu and Rogerva were his new preferred ships of the day by splitting up Sting and Rogue to spend more time with Yukino and Minerva, while still milking Stingue’s popularity on the side.

To make things more blatant, Sting and Rogue are referred to as the twin dragons, denoting that sense of “it’s fine that they’re that close, it’s nothing suspicious: they’re family”. He does the same thing with Wendy and Chelia by calling them the sky sisters, just to make sure we know there’s no funny business here. They consider each other family. You’ll never, however, see a man and a woman so close they call themselves siblings in the same way. It’s a copout.

Cana and Lucy… well, Cana’s definitely not afraid of her sexuality, but you’ll only see her (or Lucy) attracted to a woman for comedy’s sake, or because it’s something that a viewer might at any point like to see. It’s not going to be addressed in any detail, and you can tell that Mashima is pandering entirely to the fans in regards to his characters because Cana is a virgin, despite appearing to be so sex positive.

The only confirmed gay couple we do have are Kyouka and Seilah, and given everything we’ve seen from them I wouldn’t be rushing to consider them shining stars of positive representation. Kinda says something when the only outright confirmed gay characters we have are a joke and actual demons

Given how blatantly and enthusiastically straight ships are shoved down our throat in Fairy Tail, even when they’re unnecessary, I wouldn’t be rushing to consider Mashima an ally.  

Disclaimer: Before I mindlessly babble; I understand the importance of validating asexuality and the dire need for representation. I hope that you do get what you deserve from this show in the future. I am well aware of the fact and understand that it’s not fair to you guys. I also understand that maybe some of you assume that because the term asexuality is an umbrella of various subcategories - that maybe you assume that the writers are being careless. In my opinion, I don’t think so. But, It’s only the first season - the sixth episode. I also want to make it known that: Asexuals are capable of getting into relationships and of loving. Although, I’m aware of each subcategory.. I just don’t know where exactly Jughead fitted in the past and where he will now. (I assume the writers are new to this sexuality and the concept behind it, as well.) I’m sure you guys also know that a vast majority of asexuals adjust and fall into their bliss while still showing love without sexual attraction & desires. As somebody who has a girlfriend that has thoroughly researched the comics, I feel as though this was bound to happen regardless of his sexuality. (He marries someone in the comics) I wish everyone would stop hating on each-other and each-other’s ships over something that could STILL happen. For all we know, self-analysis and realization is apart of his future. We all must go through the forest to find the river and maybe Betty is his forest. (asexuality - his river)

As for me and my rant: I am so happy for Jughead and Betty. I think they’re undeniable. In Chinese philosophy the Yin & Yang symbol represents “how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.” Betty is Jughead’s light through darkness, as is he to her. He represents the dark-haired-misunderstood-mysterious-bad-boy-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks. She represents the peppy-always-perfect-but-slowly-coming-undone-ball-of-sunshine. I think in retrospect he has always and will always care about Betty. Nothing is more beautiful than falling into somebody that doesn’t understand but is willing to try. Nothing is more beautiful than having someone by your side while things are going terribly. Nothing is more beautiful than the realization that you are not alone. I love how they melt into one another. I love how he cares about every little thing to do with her. I love how he called it “their moment.” I love everything that they are and despite feeling like everyone is incredibly judgmental over the ship. I think they’re exactly where they need to be right now.

Richonne Party 7x12

Tuesday: Favorite Richonne Moment(s)

I broke mine down into three parts… don’t hate me.  I couldn’t help it.  After all, I am complete trash.

PRE CANON - 5x16 “Conquer”

I LOVE THIS MOMENT.  Though very small and minuscule compared to all of their other powerful and emotionally beautiful moments.  BUT I LOVE THIS Y’ALL.  It says so much.  To me, at least.  It shows Rick’s humility.  He’s being apologetic.  Which are two words I wouldn’t necessarily use to describe him lol.  But they DO describe him whenever he’s around Michonne.  This was HUGE for him.  Huge.  Handing over a gun?? By choice?? Rick?? But he is! And he does! To Michonne.  There aren’t many people he’d be vulnerable enough to surrender to… And what I love the most, is when she lets him keep it.  She knows and understands what must be done.  She trusts him.  She loves him.

CANON - 6x10 “The Next World”

Okay so we ALL know this moment.  It changed/ruined our entire lives I’m pretty sure.  But allow me to express how much I love their individual moments of absolute joy.  In the first gif, Michonne has her moment.  You can see it on her face. She has stood beside this man for ages; through hell and more.  And in the process, has fallen in love with him.  And finally, they share this happy and long awaited moment. Now the second one… y’all, it made me burst into tears.  Not tears of “FANGIRL SHIPPING FEELS”… No, I cried because of a much deeper reason.  Andrew Lincoln’s face.  Rick’s genuine smile.  This man has been through the RINGER.  Well, everyone has obviously– it’s the apocalypse, but his sorrows go to a different level somehow.  To me, at least.  And finally… it’s almost as if despite everything, it was all worth it.  Because he has her and she has him.

POST CANON - 6x11 “Knots Untie” 

AAAHHHHH! I’M STILL NOT OVER THIS MOMENT.  STILL.  After a year!  It’s ironic, my third and possibly favoritest Richonne moment goes to my baby boy, Carl.  After all, he is the whole reason Rick brought Michonne into the prison in the first place.  Carl is the reason, she became one of them.  He initiated this ship.  Carl did!  He’s the Captain.  And I love how Rick saw it as a priority to tell him about his recent relationship with Michonne.  “This is different” Rick assures him.  THIS IS DIFFERENT HE SAYS.  And then… this perfect and cheeky boy responds in the best and most appropriate way: “It’s cool.”  With a similar smile, Rick and Michonne shared the night before.  #GrimesFam2.0

Okay real talk for a minute

This is about Naruhina & Sasusaku and no I am not bashing either or saying why ones better than the other I’m just explaining why I’m so happy with both of them and equally glad that both happened

Both Naruto and Sasuke were starved as love as children, Naruto’s parents died when he was young and Sasuke’s whole clan was slaughtered by his older brother under orders of the council. Both of them went through hardships and had difficulties in life, both of them had pain and suffered. Both of them deserved someone who loved them unconditionally throughout everything, and that’s where Hinata and Sakura came in.

Of course at the beginning Hinata simply admired Naruto for being everything she wasn’t and despite being rejected by everyone (similar to how she was with her entire clan rejecting her as the heiress and at times even a Hyuga) and told he couldn’t do it; he kept trying and she admired him for that. Eventually that turned into a crush which became love; a love that was unwavering and selfless despite the pain of it at times, physically and emotionally due to the Pain attack where she threw herself in the way to do her best to save Naruto despite knowing there was a big chance she would die and emotionally for the years of him being dense and referencing The Last when she saw him with the scarf his mother gave him and decided it best not to tell him of her love for him thinking it would be an inconvenience if she got in the way of whoever gave him the scarf at the time when she didn’t know it was from his mother. Despite her pain and tears in the park her only words were along the lines of “I’m glad you’re happy, Naruto.” Putting aside her desires to be with him so he would be happy even if it caused her pain. All Hinata ever wanted was to stand beside Naruto, that motivating her to be a better ninja. She wanted to care for him and protect him, like he had protected everyone else, to be his shield, to give him the love he deserved. No matter if he even wanted that love romantically or just as a friend, she would have been content with either. As Kishimoto stated, Hinata was the first person to acknowledge Naruto and not see him as a problem or nuisance, but instead admired and believed in him; that’s how Kishi and the NaruHina fandom knew they were meant to be.

Sasuke on the other hand while having fangirls for days, was traumatized by the massacre of his clan and vengeful for what happened causing him to turn to a dark path. While he was adored for his looks and abilities he was never truly loved by anyone. It wasn’t until Sakura came around that he had someone to love him in the sense he needed to be loved. Sure Naruto understood him and was his best friend and they will always have each other’s backs as brothers (come on guys they’re literally reincarnations of brothers) but just as that, plus their constant rivalry even to this day despite it being diluted will always get in the way of them truly being able to be what the other needs emotionally at times. The affection and adoration that only someone who cares about you romantically can give was were Sakura came in. Sure she liked him for shallow reasons at first but she was driven to get to know him after they were put on a team together and began to care more about him in which turned her shallow crush into an unconditional love. Her only care was bringing Sasuke back, to bring him back to the light, to get strong for him, to love him and try to make up for the wrongs that were done to him in life. To help protect his image despite everything. Even when she thought the only way to bring him peace was to kill him she took it upon herself to do that even though it would have taken away her ultimate dream to be with him. As Kakashi said, she loved him to the point it was killing her. She was never angered by his choices, she only wanted to help save him from the wrong ones. That love never wavered either, it was always there despite all of Sasuke’s wrongdoings. Always waiting with open arms when he decided if ever to take it. Sasuke and Sakura have a lot of ups and downs but they have a dynamic like no other, the sort of people you’d ever think would be right for one another but oh lord when it happened they were nothing but perfect for each other.

Sakura and Hinata’s love for their men were put on pedestals, because they were both the purest and truest form of love a person can have for another. The way you wish and hope someone could love you.

I’m so glad that Naruto and Sasuke, children who were starved of love and without a family, found two women who would and have given them all the love in their hearts despite everything. Who have given them homes and families. Who stand beside them to this day and will defend them just like they did when they were pre-teens and teens. Women who will (and have) love them despite their flaws and shortcomings. The women who could give them the love they so desperately needed since the beginning.

I will never argue with another on their preferred ships; but ships aside, if you truly loved Naruto and Sasuke as characters and loved the series not just for the ships, no matter who your preferred ships are I can guarantee those who truly love and care for the characters and not their ships are at the very least content that their boys have a partner who have always loved them unconditionally and always will be there for them to give them that love and sense of home.

euthanatos  asked:

I ship Arenea with Ignis. I think that within the 10 year gap they started some relationship. I way this because of their dialog in the game.

If this did happen, I wouldn’t be opposed to this either, euthanatos. c: I ship everything and anything within good reason, but I can definitely see Ignis and Aranea working out really well! Ignis deserves to be happy, and Aranea, despite giving off that badass and tough girl appearance, is a genuinely protective and caring person. I mean, she started up a search and rescue team during the ten years after the darkness settled, so she devoted her ten years to just finding those lost and hoping to get them back home safely.

Pretty sure there would be a good chance that she was really good at finding Ignis whenever he wandered off on hunts on his own. Highly-skilled tracker as apart of her search and rescue work, being one of those to make sure that Ignis didn’t get into trouble due to his vision when starting out. She’d watch from the skies above or even follow after on foot behind him or at his side. Maybe even Ignis helped with the search and rescue too as part of his job as a hunter. He mentioned he can see remnants of light, but sometimes a person who lacks one sense has a bit more of an advancement in their other senses. It might be possible that Ignis can pick up on the sound of someone better than Aranea and her crew, so he definitely helps them out whenever he’s around.

I mean, despite Aranea’s usual snarky banter with the others (my favorite being Gladio’s lance comment and Aranea just shutting him down instantly – an intentional comment or not), she and Ignis have an almost teasing dialogue about Aranea being a lady that Ignis wants to treat with respect and Aranea teasing ‘four-eyes’ about keeping up with the others. Ignis and Aranea have the most pleasant dialogue too during Chapter 7, with Ignis calling Aranea a friend despite them only being in a party together for about a night or so. It was really cute, and I think even she was pleased to know that she found friends in Ignis and the others.

Because of this, I can image imagine that Aranea would want to be a bit more protective of Ignis too along with the others during the ten years of darkness. The guys became more estranged after Noctis’s disappearance, so company is valued to the others with how empty they felt with their friend missing. Gladio probably had Iris and an unnamed fiance (as referenced in the game) and Prompto might have been closer to Cindy despite her being married to work. But Ignis? He devoted his life to Noctis and making sure he could complete his tasks and his duty. Without Noctis, Ignis didn’t have any other family besides the other guys. Perhaps he found solace in Aranea’s company, and she found a reason to come back safe and sound and, you know, not need her own search and rescue team at some point.

Romantic, non-romantic, either way I can definitely see that Ignis and Aranea got along with each other during the ten years. They make a fun duo of sass, class, and badass(ery). :D

anonymous asked:

Lexark getting married

Strand stood on the large back deck of the Abigail, the ship that had saved all of them when the world fell apart.  

This day had been weeks in the making. They wanted it to be on the day that celebrated when they had first met. It was like they found each other. Ever since that day they had been inseparable. 

Elyza took a long look in the mirror below deck. She could hear the murmurs of the small group above and the light music Ofelia was playing through the Abigail’s sound system. Everything was going to be perfect. Elyza smiled and nodded to her own reflection. Nothing was going to compare to seeing Alicia walk toward her. It would be in those moments that she surrender who she thought she was going to be for who she knew she was meant to be. 

Elyza walked up the metals stairs and onto the deck. Everyone stood up when she appeared and smiled at her. The only two people from their group that were missing, Alicia and Nick, would be coming up at any time. 

Alicia had debated who would walked her down the aisle. Truthfully, when everything happened Alicia thought she wouldn’t ever have to make the choice. When the moment came she knew that it should be her brother. No matter what they had lived this life together, good and bad it was something that brought them together. 

Elyza walked up to stand next to Strand. The man put his hand on Elyza’s back and gave it a light pat. “Is the theme of this wedding ‘blood and guts’?” He joked quietly. 

“More like ‘burning love’.” Elyza smirked back as Strand gave Elyza one last friendly pat. The music faded for a second before strings started to play wistfully through the speakers. 

Elyza felt her chest tighten and her palms sweat. Alicia would be coming up those stairs and Elyza would have to stop herself from rushing down the aisle and pulling her into a deep kiss. That would come later. 

Nick’s head appeared first. His normal mop of messy brown hair pulled back into a semi-sleek bun. 

Then Alicia stepped up onto the deck and Elyza’s breathing hitched. Alicia would have been wearing a sack or trash bag and Elyza would have thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. It wasn’t about what she was wearing or how her hair or make-up looked, it was the person that was now staring right back at Elyza with tears in her eyes. 

Alicia and Nick got to the end of the aisle. Elyza held out her hand for Alicia and gave Nick a grateful smile. The man returned the smile as he let his sister go. He took his place next to Madison who was trying not to make it obvious she was dabbing her eyes with a napkin. 

“Thank you all for joining us for this joyous occasion.” Strand began, his deep, rich voice seemed to fill even the depths of the waters that surrounded them. Alicia and Elyza kept glancing at each other and smirking. 

“Although, you really didn’t have much of a choice, we are on a boat in the middle of the ocean.” 

The group gave a light laugh at Strand’s joke. 

“I’ll try and keep this serious and somewhat short. I know the happy couple will be ready to take the suite on the ship for their honeymoon.” Strand winked at the girls. 

“In this world there isn’t much good. You fight to survive everyday. There are no days off or timeouts. We live with the ground crumbling beneath our feet.” Strand reached out and took both girl’s hands in his own. 

“These two have chosen love to help them through this. They have chosen each other, despite everything that has tried to pull them apart. They have showed all of us here that life is truly more than just surviving. This union reminds us, inspires us, gives us hope that we will live past today. We can overcome the darkness if we look for happiness. Together they will be able to lift each other up when times get rough. Alicia and Elyza are the forever we all search for all our lives. Now it is my pleasure to bring them together in marriage.” 

Elyza’s throat was tight and unshed tears clouded her vision. 

“Elyza Lex, will you take this woman no matter what this world throws your way? Will you trust her, respect her, and love her with every breath you have?” Strand spoke the words Elyza had written for him to say. 

“I do.” Elyza smiled softly at Alicia, who had tears streaming down her cheeks. 

“Alicia, will you take this woman as your partner for life? Will you help her when times are bad, love her with every part of herself, and trust her with your very life as you walk through this world together?” Strand spoke from the paper Alicia had handed him before the ceremony. 

“I do.” Alicia’s voice was tight with emotion and she barely got the two words out. 

“I hereby announce that now and forever you are bound together in marriage. Two lives as one now and always. You may now seal this vow with a kiss.” Strand smiled and let go of Elyza and Alicia’s hands so they could wrap themselves together in a tight embrace and loving kiss. 

The crowd around them cheered. Elyza was sure they wasn’t a dry eye on the boat. 

If this was going to be the end of the world, she would do everything in her power to see Alicia smile for every day they had left. Anything she needed Elyza would provide. She had promised Madison and now in front of everyone she had vowed that Alicia was her life. She was her everything. 

Sometimes as a SM/WW fan I just sit and quietly reflect on the lessons of compassion, understanding, tolerance and patience, that the power couple have taught me.

I normally do this when I’m someone has done something disgraceful, but these days (since embracing my love for SM/WW.. thanks to finding you guys) I’ve been doing it a lot. mainly because of all the clois fan attacks. 

it’s not enough that they have had their ship at for front for decades now, they have to go and ruin anything that may mean Kal isn’t with Lois. I get being invested in a ship, (I’m invest in SM/WW) but to attack others for not liking the same things as you is just disgraceful (for you and your ship)

But hey it’s fine, We lasted this long and we keep on going cause another thing I learned from  SM/WW more specifically Diana… never give on what you love. much like how she didn’t give up on Kal in the New 52.

I just want to point out that Lois despite everything is a bully. I don’t hate her or like her but she is  bully

The shippers reflect their ship and behave from what their ship taught them. 

skyward-sheik  asked:

yo i assume you have played botw so pls do tell me, whos ur fave of the sheikah villagers? personally, im fond of paya hehe (bonus if u have some hcs about link and zelda visiting them!!)


seriously i love paya so much. paya is my thing. i love this girl. paya is the best thing to ever grace kakariko village. i just love everything about her and can’t stop teasing her whenever i visit. she’s so relatable too, in love with link and shipping him with zeldo anyway


  • they visit impa for a reunion and zelda gets all emotional and shit and it’s very lovely and nice
  • paya and zelda get along really well despite the………. link……. between them……….. and spend the day chatting and having tea and talking about girl stuff 
  • paya and impa get zelda some sheikah clothing for her to wear and she looks g o r g e o u s in it
  • they end up playing with the kids and link shows off his cooking skills to zelda when he helps cottla with her food. (zelda instantly thinks ‘husband’)
  • one day link just shows up with his zora armor and tells zelda to follow him because he has something to show her. he jumps into the river behind impa’s house and she’s like ‘?????????????????????’ until he swims up the waterfall like a salmon and zelda is confused and impressed at the same time and he glides back with the biggest grin on his face. not sure why this has to be in kakariko village but i couldn’t stop thinking of it.
I ship them hardcore tho 😍
  • Derek Morgan: It sucks, doesn't it?
  • Penelope Garcia: What?
  • Derek Morgan: Just knowing that we couldn't have done any of this without you.
  • Penelope Garcia: [scoffing laugh] Yeah, pretty much.
  • Derek Morgan: I'm proud of you, Penelope. Despite everything that happened, you came back... and you got the job done.
  • Penelope Garcia: The sight of blood used to make me run away. And two nights ago I ran towards it.
  • Derek Morgan: It means you're changing into someone stronger than you realize. You cared enough to risk your own life to try and save someone else.
  • Penelope Garcia: Yeah, but... what's the difference between being strong and being jaded? I'm scared, Derek. I don't want to lose who I am just so I can do this job.
  • Derek Morgan: We are in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I know you see that, don't you?
  • Penelope Garcia: Yeah.
  • Derek Morgan: Then we have nothing to worry about. It's who you are, baby girl. You see the beauty in everything and everyone no matter where you go. That part of you is never gonna change, and I won't let it.
  • Penelope Garcia: I don't need you to protect me.
  • Derek Morgan: Tough. I think I'm gonna stay on the job a little while longer.
  • Penelope Garcia: Yeah?
  • Derek Morgan: Mm-hmm.
  • Penelope Garcia: How much longer?
  • Derek Morgan: Every day of my life.
  • Penelope Garcia: I kind of love you, Derek Morgan.
  • Derek Morgan: I kinda love you, Penelope Garcia.