i will ship the three of them forever


The holy trinity! The I am the main character(which we look alike)who Is in love with the delinquent who always fights and gets into trouble and what not. No but for reals though Sakamoto, kaoru & kikuhiko do look a like, and I happen to ship each one of them with the other guys in the pictures. All three animes has made me cry.(which is rare!) my heart feels broken now! 😭😭 I’ll forever ship these guys. And loves these shows. ❤️

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I JUST HAVE ONE QUESTION FOR YOU. Kidding, it's like, three, lmao. Do you ship, 1) Jercy 2) Jasico and 3) Solackson???? Just, honestly very curious. Maybe all four boys together??? Just wonderin'

Jercy as friends. I just feel they’re both too into their gfs for more lol. But I’ve written one shots for them like forever ago. I used to like jasico (and valdangelo) before solangelo became a thing. Lastly, idek how solackson became a thing and I can’t see it happening but I know there are people that ship it so I’m not judging.

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Ship meme: 2!

2. Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life:

  • Helga/Arnold, Hey Arnold!: This ship was the reason I started posting fanfiction on the internet which is why I live on the internet now, and also made me a much better writer. And also, I LOVE THEM.
  • Jack/David, Newsies: I met most of my very best friends through this fandom (*pokes you*), so. Also, friends/partners to lovers is, as I mentioned, my jam.
  • Boostle, DC Comics: MY ULTIMATE OTP FOREVER. FRIENDS/PARTNERS TO LOVERS. When I die, carve “Wake me when Boostle is canon” on my headstone.

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2, 11, 16 & 26!

2. Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life.

ooh. most IMPORTANT. hmm…

Mulder/Scully (possibly my first ship, I kept an embarrassing spiral notebook with one of my friends where we wrote notes to each other about the show and ship, we were such nerds! i hope that spiral has been destroyed…)
Loki/Tony Stark (i shipped this for what seems like forever, not so much anymore, not really into the fandom at all anymore BUT I made SO many nice friends via this ship)
Celegorm/Curufin (my only real OTP)

11. Talk about your favorite first kiss.

I think the only pair that I ship that’s canon is Mulder/Scully. So. Uh. That.I don’t even remember what episode it is that they first kiss in? I know that Mulder DOES tell her he loves her in canon. Ugh. Those two. Such angst!

16.Talk about a ship you initially disliked.

darkpilot. i disliked that a lot of he initial fic I found/read and art I saw was non-con and I’m not really into that, but I’ve changed my mind as canon has been released. (also @mob-lake beat me down with amazing headcanons so there’s that too)

26. Have you noticed a pattern in your shipping? Is there a romantic dynamic you’re more drawn to?

oooh lord. sort of. I’m a fan of angst and unresolved issues and broken realtionships that started off good and end badly with no resolution. I like breakups. (whether in canon or not) And I like endings that aren’t happy. I like endings that are heartbreaking and real. I like a dose of hard reality in my AUs and I like characters that can give me that. (see ships: benpoe, gingerpilot, kylux, skysolo, obikin, anidala, rebelcaptain, galennic, russingon, tyelcurvo, (anything from tolkien lbr), etc etc)


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top 3 shows: Just three? I live for tv shows! I’ll go with Doctor Who (forever), Teen Wolf, Stranger things (atm but I change my mind often) 
top 3 characters: again, just three???  eleventh doctor, scott mccall, leia organa ??? but my babies are sooo many
top 3 ships: stydia, han/leia, gallavich (idk I haven’t watched shameless in a while but I lived for them, I loved them) but again, I have so many ships

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I just spent three hours at school with my reception students watching Helsa shipping videos….
I asked them why, and they said that Hans deserves to be happy too. He was mean, but meanies shouldn’t be left to be meanies alone or bullied, otherwise they’ll be mean forever.

They’re three to six years old, and adorable.

Rowan and Aelin’s theme song

Sarah J Maas says she considers ‘whispering wind’ by James Horner to be Rowan and Aelin’s theme song because it inspired many of their scenes and emotional development together (and yes, i have posted about it three times in the last two minutes because its making me so emotional its that good)

Seriously, i don’t know how you can listen to it and not fall in love with them. Just listen to it once and think of their scenes together. It so perfectly describes them and makes them even more beautiful and emotional, I get teary eyed listening to it.

It encaptures their journey so far, and how they feel about each other. It is both sad and happy at the same time, i love it so much.

Rowaelin forever. 

reasons to ship elsanna #391 watched frozen with my fam today for the first time in forever (well, first time ever for two of them) and when Elsa is crying and clinging on to Anna’s frozen limbs my mum just yelled “TRUE LOVES KISS” in anticipation and i mean the apple doesn’t fall far from the three i guess

the nice thing about stydia is that it has overprepared me for all other tv shows. like, i’m now fully expecting for all of my otps to take 6 seasons to get together, so if it takes any less time than that i’m actually so relieved and excited??? like, i know everyone’s like “olicity was such a slow burn ship, it took them forever to get together,” but i honestly watched that show and was like, “whaaat? it only took three seasons??? nice.”

on the other hand i see all these people with potentially canon ships like “this is our season! they’re going to kiss!” and i’m like “but it’s only been two seasons how the heck do you expect them to get together that quickly”