i will ship the three of them forever


The holy trinity! The I am the main character(which we look alike)who Is in love with the delinquent who always fights and gets into trouble and what not. No but for reals though Sakamoto, kaoru & kikuhiko do look a like, and I happen to ship each one of them with the other guys in the pictures. All three animes has made me cry.(which is rare!) my heart feels broken now! 😭😭 I’ll forever ship these guys. And loves these shows. ❤️

Soft Ana, warm Ana, little ball of petals…

Bb boi got me through a crazy-ass mission earlier with only his wits and a Rakta Cernos. He needs a spa day.

(Why tea but no mouth, you say? (And a foot hoof soak when he’s always floating…) Well, uh… Volya’s probably just throwing “comforting” things at the wall hoping they’ll stick, yelling “I’m HELPING! ;A;” It’s… a nice gesture.)


Steven Universe OT3 (technically an OT4 but I consider Stevonnie their/his/her own person.): Stevonnie x Sadie x Lars

Stevonnie is the best, I mean I relate to them/her/him so much (because for one they/she/he is genderfluid/bigender which I strongly identify with and support as well as their personality is kind of like mine.) and the fact that he/her is so amazingly wonderful. As well as the fact that Steven x Connie are the best, mix them/him/her with the always wonderful Lars and Sadie who are just amazing in every way. 

Artist credit: *Wish I knew because of this beautiful work*

richie tozier is 100% the kind of kid to forget to bring a jacket when the kids all go out late at night

and eddie kaspbrak of course is wearing like three layers of jackets and sweaters bc he’s eddie

and richie would ask eddie to wear his jacket

eddie would say no and richie would be all ???? EDS??


but eddie would grab richie’s arms and pull them around his waist and they’d just hug!!!!!!! forever!!!!!!!

Privileged (8/?)

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“When the Ark gives coordinates to an old emergency supply depot Clarke, *yn* and Bellamy set out to find it. None of them expect the events that unfold next which reveals a side of Bellamy that *yn* never expected to see. *yn* is also reunited with the one person on the Ark she cares about most.” 

Warnings: Swearing, violence, angst, fluff

Notes: Based on 1x08 ‘Day Trip’ of the 100.

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“So, how are you feeling?” Jasper asked. 

*yn* flickered her gaze up from the jobi nuts in front of her to look at Jasper, not missing the warning glare Monty shot Jasper at his words. Instead of snapping *yn* just smirked as she shook her head slightly.

“As good as I can be considering I was stabbed with a poisonous knife.” She quipped as she turned her attention back to sorting the nuts into smaller packets. 

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jeller kisses

So, remember back when we had literally three Jeller kisses? And one of them was a DREAM?! And we watched them over and over and over, praying for the day we got another one?

Then…Kurt placed his palm on Jane’s chest and told her he knows her heart and my heart exploded with rainbows and unicorns and our ship were on their way… And now, Jeller are MARRIED. Husband and wife. Forever. And they’re gonna kiss all the time.

Let’s review how blessed we are as a fandom, shall we?

1. First kiss. The lovely, pure innocence of their first kiss. “A moment that was just us.” Followed by Sawyer’s “good timing” and Jeller’s perfect, adorable, sheepish laughs.

2. Locker room kiss. Months of pent-up desire, finally let go of in this beautiful, sweet, precious moment because Kurt just can’t hold himself back anymore. Also - FOREHEAD KISS.

3. Dream kiss. The dreamiest of kisses, so sweet and beautiful and happy and yet so so so sad because our Janie wakes up alone. But this is where she wants to be.

4. I know your heart. I actually just can’t even express how much I love this kiss. It is everything.

5. I love you too. This is where I want to be. HAPPINESS. PURE HAPPINESS.

6. All the kisses. So much kissing. And clothing removal and sexy times and threading his fingers through hers and sharing her pillow and being in loooooove forever.

And soon to come…in who-knows-what order:


- emotional/angsty kissing somewhere/sometime during their mission to save the team

- happy/dreamy kissing in their NYC apartment

- kissing on their undercover flirty mission!

In conclusion, I love Jeller kisses and I look forward to many, many more. Forever and ever.

A reunited family

Lafayette x Reader

Could you do a Lafayette x reader where Laf is coming back from the U.S. and seeing his kids again for the first time in a long time?

“Madam? A letter from your husband has arrived,” a servant said, entering the room. Your children shot up from where they were playing and rushed over to you.

“A letter from Papa!”

“Read it mother, read it!”

“Is he coming home?”

Laughing at your three little ones you took the letter from the servant and opened it up, scanning the content.


My beautiful wife,

I don’t have much time to write, but I have amazing news! The war is won, and I will be returning home.

My ship leaves on November 10th. Expect me to be home a two weeks before Christmas.

Tell my children that I love them, and I will see them soon. I love you all.

Yours forever,



He was coming home! Your husband was coming home, after all this time!

“He’s coming home! Your father is coming home!” you cried to your children, grabbing them into a group hug. They cheered, jumping up and down.

You glanced at the letter again and then paled. Two weeks before Christmas. That was three days from now.

“He’ll be here in three days! That’s not too much time at all. We need to prepare!” you call to your household. The servants who had been celebrating the return of their master immediately sprang into action.

“Papa’s coming home, Papa’s coming home, Papa’s coming home!” your children chanted as they ran around the room.

‘Yes, at last,’ you smiled to yourself. ‘Papa’s coming home.’


“Do you see him?” your daughter Marie asks you, standing on her toes. You shook your head, glancing around the dock again. Your youngest son, Louis sat on your hip trying to look around.

You wondered if he would remember what his father looks like. You wondered if Lafayette would look the same as you remembered him.

“Mon amour! Y/N!” you heard someone shouting at you from a distance. “Over here darling!”

You turned to see a curly haired man jumping up and down waving at you.

“Lafayette!” you cried. Grabbing your children’s hands you pushed through a throng of people, making your way to your husband.

When your little family came to him, you all jumped into his arms, nearly sending him to the ground.

He laughed, tears coming from his eyes as he kissed your children’s faces. Your eldest son, Georges wrapped his arms around Lafayette’s waist and wouldn’t let go.

“Oh my children. My beautiful children, I’ve missed you so much.”

You smiled and cried happy tears as you watched your little family embrace each other.

The children broke away from their father and turned to you. Lafayette smiled and pulled you into a loving hug.

“Oh my beautiful, beautiful wife. I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered into your ears.

“I’ve missed you too,” you sobbed. “I love you Lafayette.”

“I love you too.”

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for the send a pairing, could you do Veronica and Heather C?

asghjahsgjahjsjhg okay just for the record i dont rly ship them together but i can absolutely see them dating in a heather c lives au and theyre terrible together its great

  • proposes - neither they dont get married,,, they stay GFs forever and refuse to admit theyre actually that serious about each other
  • shops for groceries - heather drinks diet shakes and eats protien bars and veronica only knows how to make mac and cheese and they both fight over whos going to go buy those three things every week until finally they just go together
  • kills the spiders - veronica but only becus heather refuses to ruin her shoes
  • comes home drunk at 3am - BOTH they go party together all night then come home drunk and make out 
  • remembers to feed the fish - their fish died weeks ago and neither has noticed 
  • initiates duets - veronica does and then heather always one ups her until she gives up and just listens to heather sing (she wont admit thats all she wanted in the first place) 
  • falls asleep first - veronica “12 hour depression nap” sawyer again 
  • plans spontaneous trips - heather,, shes not a homebody at all, she needs to get out and see the world and god damn if her girl isn’t coming with her 
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - veronica but she gets hit in the face with a pillow instead of ever receiving pancakes 
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes - heather,,, veronica is constantly getting both nudes and regular selfies from her and is asked to judge them,, if she doesnt lay the compliments on thick enough she sleeps on the couch that night 
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt -  again its veronica she pretends to be a tough gorl but heather could genuinely kick your ass with both words and fists 
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - veronica and she always convinces heather to buy her whatever she wants and then eats it all herself in like 3 bites
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - they both do their sarcasm together is through the fucking roof 
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - AGAIN YOU KNOW
  • wears the least clothing around the house - Heather partly becus shes gay and wants her gf to comliment her and also becus shes a bitch and kinda does it as like a powerplay asdasdadsa like ‘im superior becus i know how hot i am’ 
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - NEITHER if one tries to make it sappy the other will call them a nerd 

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Have a seat and enjoy the pure amazing hell, the good kind of hell, that is Tony Stark and Loki. <3

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I really think after this entire framework debacle there will be repercussions on all characters, especially Fitz. He'll probably have a hard time realising it's his fault that mace is dead, and he'll feel worse taking the opinion that he helped create the framework, and a lot of this is his fault. I just have this awful feeling that fitzsimmons will break up (only for a little bit) and daisy might feel a bit weird around Fitz after the whole evilness and slap thing. #Pray for the aos fandom!

I had this beautiful response and then my browser closed and all was lost :( Anyways, here goes round two!

I definitely agree that there will be (major) repercussions, especially for Fitz. Now, to what extent we get to see these repercussions and the recovery process of dealing with them that we get to see, that’s a whole other ballpark. My personal thoughts are that we won’t see much of it - which is such a negative because it is something I think we need to see - simply due to limited amount of time to deal with everything (which I would argue to the powers that be, make some time, darn it!)

As for Fitz, I do think this Framework mess will 100% completely mess with him. But, I think there needs to be a distinction made (and I have a feeling that some of the characters will really emphasize to him), Mace’s death, by absolutely NO means, was his fault. It was not his actions that lead to it…even if he had physically done the deed himself, I really think it’s important to remember that his avatar killing someone is not the real Fitz (or anything Real Fitz would do). Any deaths (such as Agens’ or Mace’s) falls solely on AIDA. Fitz did not kill Mace, AIDA’s corrupt actions and manipulations of Fitz are at fault. Framework Fitz was manipulated and cohered against his will to be molded into this poor attempt for our Fitz and it is not his fault. Additionally, the technology he made in the real world was never intended for this, and again, I think this will be repeated to him often (though I think he will still have difficulties accepting it)!

In regards to Fitzsimmons, call me an optimist, but I just really don’t see them splitting up, even temporarily. From a show perspective, I don’t think it’s very wise since a) it took forever for them to get together and it was a Big Deal that they did, and b) this ship is a focal point, could be argued as the heartbeat, of the show, and just diminishing it after this would not be cool for the fans (especially after putting us through Space BF and AIDA/Fritz). It’s just not a smart move knowing how popular this item is for the show! From a narrative perspective, we’ve witnessed three, nearly four full seasons of Fitzsimmons growing up. We saw how strong their platonic relationship is/was, and now we know how strong their romantic relationship is, that I just don’t think this will tear them apart. After all of the crud they went through to get to this point and after all of the tough growing up they have had to do (and I think that their communication skills have improved a bit), I really think that this will be something that they work through together. Will it be a walk in the park? Absolutely not…it’s going to be painful and maybe even a little frustrating, but I really don’t see them splitting up (this portion sounded so much better in my last response, I wish you all could have read it -_-)!

As for Daisy and Fitz, I do think we might see some awkwardness, but I’m again going to be an optimist and say that I think they’ll be okay. I am really rooting for some season two parallel, but I think Daisy knows, even if it takes a little bit of time for her to not mentally have this bit of trepidation around him, that it was not him doing it, it was all AIDA!

I hope my rambly response was at least a little bit of comfort to you!

dear friends...

Just a little heads up, because sometimes it needs to be said.

I don’t hate you. I don’t think you’re a bad RPer. I don’t roll my eyes every time I see you on the dash. Whatever it is you think I do when you come online, it isn’t true.

And I’m sorry you feel that way.

Let me tell you a little about me:  I have threads that I am IN LOVE WITH. We all do. Threads that I will respond to RIGHT AWAY. I have threads that I adore and wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I have partners who I can talk to at all hours of the night, and then I have partners who I can say hi to every once in a while.

It doesn’t mean that I value them any less; it’s just the nature of my hobby.

I have limited time to rp, and I literally try to RP with everyone. Sometimes you’re going to wait five minutes for a reply; sometimes you might wait a month (depending on the length). Sometimes I am quick to answer a meme, and sometimes I get overwhelmed and delete my inbox.

Sometimes I reblog a meme and I’m like, “ehhhhh no I don’t want to answer those at all.”

Sometimes I write EVERY STARTER on a starter call, and sometimes I only do two or three.

Sometimes I’m crappy at sending memes, sometimes I’m crappy at answering IMs, and sometimes I avoid them altogether.

Sometimes I have muse for our thread, and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I lose muse for a verse, a ship, or it takes me FOREVER to get you that starter.

I have responsibilities in real life that cannot wait for me to finish your thread. I have things I need to do at any given point in the day that may prohibit me from doing anything more than a handful of roleplay things each day.

I’m slow. I’m picky. I’m human.

And I’m so sorry if that doesn’t fit with what you want in a partner, but I don’t see that changing.

I hope that we can work around it, but if not – then I wish you all the best in your hobby. I sincerely hope you find the type of partner you’re looking for, and that you continue rocking the shit out of your roleplay experience.


DHMIS OT3: RGB x Paige x Tony

Because come on who doesn’t love two psychopaths and an ambiguously evil man together plus they are just two perfect, and a merge of my two favorite things The Property Of Hate and Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. Both of which I love more than anything plus I mean come on the interactions would be compelling and you never know what could happen with these three always a surprise and just a compelling OT3 in general 

Art credit goes to the always and forever spectacular: http://modmad.tumblr.com/ 


First OT3 post: Mrs Bunnyears and her boys.

Don’t know the official name of this pairing but I do know I ship it, I mean sure do I have tons of OTP’s yeah but this besides my other Bob’s Burgers OT3 is one of my only OT3′s. Plus I mean the three of them do have chemistry and a history of being kind of friends so it’s not to far fetched for a possible relationship to bloom out of all of that plus I just like their interactions and as I said chemistry. 

(Credit for the art goes to the always amazing:  http://dontsassmetumbler.tumblr.com/ and http://chinstache.tumblr.com/ and thttp://the-wharfening.tumblr.com/  )

The Hylia/Demise Ship of Feels

After he is unsealed at the end of Skyward Sword, this is the first thing Demise says:

The goddess lowered herself to mortal existence to keep me imprisoned. How pathetic. This bag of flesh pales in comparison to the magnificence of her previous form.

Demise mentions Hylia right off the bat, almost as if she’s been at the forefront of his mind the entire time he was sealed away.  

He continues:

The humans I’ve known were weak things. Hardly more than insects, shivering under rocks and ready to flee at a mere glance of me. When last I walked this world, they did little more than scream and cling to their goddess, mewling and praying… Counting on her to protect them.

So Demise wants Hylia all to himself, I get it.

He then taunts Link, saying:

You can spend what little time your world has left cowering and crying, as befits your kind. But if you truly desire to raise your blade against the world I would build, come for me. I’ve waited eons to return. I can spare a few more moments to let you decide.

That’s awfully considerate of him. Also, Demise’s mention of “the world I would build” is interesting in its implication that his goal is not destruction, but creation (or possibly reconstruction).

Before he fights Link, however, he expands on his plans a bit more:

And when you do fall, know that your world and everything in it is mine to dominate… Mine to subjugate… Mine to rule! When I finish with you, you can take solace in knowing your friends and kin will soon follow, as I wipe all who oppose me from the face of this world! I will take the Triforce for my own… And the world shall be under my foot for eternity!

That’s a bit harsh. In his defense, though, this is exactly what Hylia did when she went to war with him in the first place. The only thing we know about this war is that Demise “rose from the ground” in an attempt to challenge Hylia, and in retaliation she blasted the surface of the land and put her chosen people onto a flying island to keep them safe while everyone else burned. Skyloft is visually dominated by a huge statue of her likeness, meaning that everyone (including the Hylians) is literally under her feet.

The player is encouraged to believe that Hylia’s sacrifice – becoming mortal in order to seal Demise – was noble, but this is not necessarily the case. There seems to be a limited amount of divine energy in the world, which is perhaps why Zelda’s divinity would need to be consumed by Demise in order for his strength to be restored. It stands to reason that what Hylia did was to have artificially forced a blockage in the flow of divine energy between her and Demise, which would obviously affect her as well; she must be continually reincarnated in order for him to be continually imprisoned.

Link is therefore party to an epic rivalry between the solar sky goddess, an avatar of static order, and the geothermal earth god, an avatar of dynamic chaos. Each wants their chosen people to live freely in the world. In Hylia’s case, the chosen are the Hylians, and their guardians are the dragons who live aboveground in the air. In Demise’s case, the chosen are presumably the lost race whose ruins cover the land, and their guardians are the great creatures who live underground in the temples. Each desires the Triforce in order to shape the world according to their wishes, but Hylia has somehow managed to establish a monopoly over it, sealing it within her own sanctuary. This does not make Demise “evil” any more than it makes Hylia “good.”

What’s intriguing is that Demise and Hylia seem to be drawn to each other despite themselves. While Demise waits for Link to prepare himself for battle, he transports himself to the sky, where he stands quiet and alone as he contemplates the clouds. After the endgame credits roll, Zelda tells Link that she has always wanted to live on the earth and walk with stable ground underneath her, and that she’s not going to return to the floating island. In other words, Demise admires the sky while Hylia longs for the earth.

Moreover, after Demise is defeated, he does not say that he curses Link and Zelda, but rather that the three of them are cursed to constantly meet each other on the battlefield. His rage is not directed at the two of them, but rather at the gods themselves, who presumably ordained this conflict, possibly as a means of periodically cleansing the land through the fires of war. If Demise loves fighting and destruction so much, why would he be so angry about this fate?  

In conclusion, Demise and Hylia are tragic and perfect and I ship them forever.

yo but has anyone considered a modern rey/finn/poe au because if not you’re all missing out.

- environmentalist college student rey who pretty much owns the agricultural department with the time she spends there, she’d attend protests regularly with her boyfriends in tow
- finn plays football & majors in history & social work with a minor in english
- poe’s an air force veteran that works at an autobody shop run by han & leia, he owns an overly chubby corgi dubbed bb-8 because why the hell not
- the three unofficially live together at poe’s apartment & sneak up onto the roof to go stargazing
- finn goes to the agricultural department between classes to check up on rey & on occasions brings her lunch
- poe picks them both up after classes
- rey & poe attend all of finn’s games & take turns wearing his jersey & varsity jacket
- rey being able to pick up & twirl finn around after games before poe crushes them into a group hug
- cuddle piles that result in limbs all over the place
- just dance battles at three in the morning whenever poe has nightmares caused by ptsd
- the three workout together & go jogging in the afternoons with bb-8

I love it when i get new followers with les mis urls cause theyve probably found me like ooh! Another les mis fan! Fresh les mis content! No kiddo, ive been around forever, i watched enjonine vs enjoltaire, i was a fan when there were 56 courferre fics on ao3 and id written one of them, i helped make courferre the second biggest les mis ship (before that it was always combeferre/eponine), im partly the reason everyone hcs That combeferre (tall, indian, glasses, messy yet stylish hair, secret biker) i have no fresh new les mis content, just every so often i draw a character and go ‘i love a man’ then retreat into my cave again