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After series four, all of these articles started popping up about Benedict and Martin having a "frosty relationship," never interacting outside of the show, not having the warmth of people who have worked together for years, etc. It's strange that these rumors are only starting now and that no one working on the series has contradicted any of it. What is your take on this?

Hey Nonny,

Honestly? Same song and dance happens after every season. Like personally I hate the paps and the gossip rags, like ffs, they treat celebrities like these ethereal beings. Like my BEST FRIENDS ALL LIVE IN DIFFERENT CITIES. I don’t spend every fucking waking hour talking to them or driving 2 or 5 or 10 or 24 hours to see them every week. Like Ben and Martin have JOBS and FAMILIES and LIVES. Like, they’re doing normal adult things???? I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE NOT CONSIDERED HUMAN BEINGS?? Like, I ship freebatch ‘til the end of time, but good god, even I KNOW that they have actual LIVES and know that they are still friends when they’re not on set. Good god.

ANYWAY. That’s my gripe with rags. I don’t believe it for a second. I have eyes:


Their body language speaks volumes to me. Anyway, even if they did have a frosty relationship, that’s honestly none of anyone’s business but their own.


I will end the night of such wonderful asks in my ask-box with a little angsty Destiel I drew cuz now I ship it apparently. Don’t get me wrong, I still ship Megstiel real hard, but I ship this too. And there’s some reallly good Destiel fanart out there that I appreciate. ^_^

Listen Julie. 

I love Evak. I adore them! I loved all the little things we saw in this clip! It’s the stuff fan fic is made of. (literally I have read 50 fics this month and everything in that clip was in them) Will I reblog every post about 30 times? SURE WILL! So, no question. Me? Evak trash for life. Number 1 ship to end all ships. 


This was episode 6. That is episode 6 out of 10. The main is Sana. What I want, what I have wanted all season, was to see her be HER. WHAT I WANT, RIGHT NOW, IS TO SEE HER RESOLVE HER CONFLICTS! WHAT I WANT!!! IS TO SEE!!! HER !!!! HAVE!!! SOMEONE!!! REACH!!! OUT!!!! 

and I want answers. oh, BOY. DO I WANT SOME FUCKING ANSWERS. 6 episodes in and I’m still asking:

  • What really happened between Mikael and Even?
  • Why don’t Chris and Sana hang out?????????
  • Why does Sana know about Even’s attempted suicide but NOT about what caused it or Even’s episode?
  • Who punched Isak?
  • Why did her and Jamilla end their friendship on bad terms?
  • Who bullied Sana at her old school?
  • Did her parents know?
  • Did Elias?
  • Is that why he’s so overprotective?
  • When will Sana confront Yousef? Noora? Vilde? Sara?
  • Is Noora’s password being said out loud like that even relevant? 
  • What the fuck with the carrots?
  • Why isn’t Sana practicing her faith more? (why aren’t we seeing it???)
  • Who told Noora about Willhelm?
  • Why did Vilde completely turn her back on Sana?
  • What the fuck happened to Kossegruppa?
  • Where the fuck are Jonas and Mahdi???? 

I’m sure I have more questions but you get the point. There are only 4 episodes left in the FINAL season of Skam.

Get 👏 Yo 👏 Shit 👏 Together  👏 👏 👏

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not anymore. jikook is 110% platonic to me. loving boyfriends jikook??? idk her. i only know dad and son, brother and brother, str8 and str8 jikook. jikook have never once had romantic tension, my mind has cleared. i have been delusional this whole time, jikook are nothing more than best friends. jungkook is like jimins little brother #confirmed. jikook who??????
(im joking btw like i would never give up on actual husbands.)



It’s time
For Hellatus!
It’s time
For Hellatus!

Schedule’s clear since the finale
For you and me too
Oh the things that we’ve seen
So go back and start to watch the show again!
Make way!
To the sites!
And stay up 
all night
Lamenting over reruns

Hellatus will destroy us! Feel for our fandom!
Sanity precariously
left to discuss
We try our best to stay calm,
Writing and drawing ‘til dawn
But this new work cannot fully carry us!

Hellatus will ruin us! We’re self-destructing!
At least Comic Con is here, that is a plus.
We get to see our boys back
It helps with the show we lack
But ultimately, it ends ‘cause it’s

We’ve got thousands of brand new fanfictions!
Oh my God, I heard Misha shipped Diestel
And the art, there is none that compares!
What the hell is Bagelpocalypse?
But it’s not Kripke’s actual depiction
We’ve just gotta face
We can’t replace
Castiel’s longing angel stares

*At same time as verse below*
Hellatus – blessing for us – let’s take a small break
Twenty-three episodes see? That’s quite a lot
I need to catch up on sleep
Because I am in in too deep
To breathe before the end of the Hellatus!

*At same time as verse above*
There’s no question that this show’s alluring- Always intriguing never boring-
Everything about the show just plain impresses…
The dialogue, characters, Impala
And the boys no matter what you call ‘em
And it always leaves us with so many guesses!

We’ve got one minute clips of next season
We’ve got new seasons!
Let’s see new seasons!
And it drives us beyond our reason!
Will Gabe be back?! Will Gabe back?!
We’ve got interviews, photo shoots, tweeting.
Oh what’s happening?!
Will Dean be okay?
And what will Sam say?
And Cas anyways?
We can’t survive!

Hellatus, a curse for us, Where is our show now?!
We need to know how, the ending’s ominous.
Our fandom’s crazy for sure
New episodes, the sole cure!

With two great brothers
And angels galore
With demons, monsters,
hunters and more
It’s no wonder, that we do thunder
Cause this show is fabulous!
We’ll die
Cause Hellatus!

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: don’t talk to me about pain until you’ve shipped two characters for 8 years only to have them become canon for approximately 7 minutes in the exit episode of one half of the ship. and then two and half years later, after only ever seeing one on-screen kiss, finding out they have a child together and that the same half who exited may or may not be dead. but now both characters have left the show so we’re up to ten and half years of shipping a pairing who have shown they love each other, said they love each other but never really to each other, had a kid so are now canon for eternity and still haven’t actually been together beyond the fond farewell that happened off screen. yet for some damn reason there’s still the hope they will get a happy ending because if two characters ever deserved it it’s Ziva David and Anthony DiNozzo and despite how ludicrous it is I did not choose this ship, this ship chose me and I will go down with it kicking and screaming. because it’s Tiva. and it aint over ‘til it’s over.

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I Ship you with: Stiles mothafluffin Stilinski

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Let’s see. You had moved there freshman year and dragged him outta that Lydia phase. You were friends all the way til Sophomore year when he finally got the guts to do something. You spend a lot of nights with him researching, and by researching, I mean, you sitting around his living room while he researches. Everyone loves you, though it took quite a while for Malia to warm up.

Your first date was supposed to be a picnic, but you ended up camping out some place, watching for evidence in his jeep, but you had a good time, to be honest.

You’re best friends with: Isaac Lahey and Kira Yukimura

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You became friends with Isaac before he was bitten. You had met in the library and it took forever for him to warm up. You were the only one he opened up to for a long time about his father. To say this friendship annoyed Stiles was an understatement.

You became best friends with Kira fast after she arrived. You fell in love with her smol bean self (in a nohomo way) and spent countless nights just hanging out with her. If you weren’t with Stiles, you were with her.

Simple Plan - Taking One For The Team Starters

Opinion Overload

“So you think you got me figured out.”
“You know I’m dying to hear it.”
“I’m getting sick of all the sticks and stones you throw.”
“Get out of my face.”
“Quit bringing me down.”
“I’m doing things exactly like I want to.”
“What part of that don’t you understand?”
“And I don’t give a damn if you don’t approve.”
“Say something I haven’t heard yet.”
“It must be nice being perfect.”
“I won’t apologize for what I feel inside.”
“I won’t be pushed around. I won’t be backing down.”
“I’ll never change my ways.”


“Seems like everyone’s burning out.”
“You’re my favorite song.”
“You shine bright like lighters in the dark.”
“And you’re my clarity. The best part of me.”
“Don’t worry about tomorrow.”
“What we got’s unbreakable.”
“We’re good, we’re solid, we’re gold.”

Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching

“I wanna paint it on every wall. And shout it out up and down the halls.”
“’Cause I just can’t keep it bottled up inside.”
“I don’t care what people might think.”
“’Cause baby this ship ain’t gonna sink.”
“So kiss me like nobody’s watching.”
“It doesn’t matter what they say.”
“Just kiss me in the middle of the street.”
“To let the whole world see that there’s nobody else for me.”
“People around us are cynical.”
“True love is dead, well that’s a lie.”
“’Cause we’ll be together ‘til the end of time.”
“Listen to my heart, it’s beating like a drum.”


“After all these wasted nights.”
“I can’t pretend that I’m doing fine.”
“I’ve played it back a thousand times.”
“We can never go back to the way it was.”
“We’re drifting apart and it’s killing us.”
“I didn’t mean to let you down, mess it up.”
“We both knew it couldn’t last forever.”
“I guess we crumbled under all the pressure.”
“I did my best for what it’s worth.”
“And I gave you all this heart could give.”
“There was a time you’d scream my name.”
“Now all we do is just complain.”
“Well maybe I’m the one to blame.”
“It’s such a shame.”
“How did we end up this way?”
“Is this what you wanted?”

Singing In The Rain

“I’m reading through the Sunday paper and it’s all bad news.”
“I’m looking for a smile on the streets but it’s just no use.”
“I jump into my car, turn the key, but it just won’t start.”
“I got a text from my ex.”
“It’s official she just broke my heart.”
“Storm clouds are circling around.”
“But I won’t let that shit drag me down.”
“So I’ll be singing in the rain.”
“I’ve got a song in my heart and I’m bulletproof.”
“There’s nothing in the world that’s gonna kill this mood.”
“No matter what life wants to throw my way, I’ll be singing in the rain.”
“I went to a fortune teller and she said I’m doomed.”
“But what the hell does she know?”
“Why she trying to break my groove?”
“All of life’s colors turn to grey.”
“Then you turn around and you smile my way.”
“Suddenly all my problems disappear on cue.”
“All because of you.”

Everything Sucks

“It used to be fun, now it’s bringing me down.”
“It’s like everything sucks ‘cause you’re not around.”
“Drive to the beach to watch the sunset.”
“It’s pointless. I don’t even like that.”
“Don’t wanna watch another movie.”
“My favorite song means nothing to me.”
“I try to medicate. I try to numb the pain.”
“No matter what I do it’s all in vain.”
“My heart was full of love. Now all I do is hate.”
“I fall apart when you’re so far away.”
“Please come back to me.”
“I never ever should have let you run out of town.”
“All my friends are asking me why I’ve been acting crazy.”
“We used to go out ‘til the morning.”
“But now the party’s kinda boring.”
“Went back to where we had our first date, but now I hate the way the food tastes.”
“Please I’m on my knees.”

I Refuse

“Stop being such a freak.”
“Nobody wants you here.”
“That’s what they said to me.”
“There’s something wrong with you.”
“Why don’t you disappear?”
“Why should we all be stereotypes?”
“Why don’t we all just stand up and fight?”
“In my blood, in my veins, in my heart, I know what’s right for me.”
“So I refuse to apologize for who I am.”
“And I refuse to ever let somebody say I can’t.”
“So I refuse to let the words you say get to me.”
“And I refuse to keep on suffering quietly.”
“I refuse.”
“You’ll never make it far.”
“You’re just a hopeless case.”
“How can I make it clear?”
“You’re just a big mistake.”
“You don’t control me.”
“This is my life.”
“When will you wake up and open your eyes?”
“You won’t decide my fate.”
“I can do anything.”

I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed

“I gotta tell you the truth.”
“I’m full of broken pieces, and all my nights are sleepless.”
“I don’t mean to intrude.”
“This secret can you keep it?”
“Won’t give up even if it takes me all night, takes my whole life.”
“Just won’t feel right until I have you.”
“When will I learn?”
“Tell me what to do.”
“I don’t wanna go to bed.”
“I don’t wanna go to bed without you.”
“Let’s get this out of the way.”
“Why should we wait forever?”
“We’re meant to be together.”
“You don’t remember my name, but I still want you the same.”
“Love at first sight left me tongue-tied.”
“Every dream, every nightmare’s about you.”


“I found your picture looking through a book.”
“It was the one I took when we were driving on Sunset.”
“Descendants playing on a mix CD that you just made for me.”
“You wrote “for when you miss me” on it.”
“I can’t stop myself when I listen. I always sing along.”
“And I just can’t take it.”
“I wish that I could forget you even exist, and find a way to be without you.”
“Cause I miss you and I hate feeling like this.”
“It’s making me sick, feeling nostalgic.”
“There’s still a hole from when you borrowed it.”
“You used to sleep in it ‘cause it reminded you of me.”
“Can’t stop myself when I’m thinking. I only see your face.”
“Maybe someday my heart will be over it.”
“Maybe someday I’ll be okay.”

Perfectly Perfect

“You might not think you’re a supermodel but you look like one to me.”
“I’d rather have your picture on my phone than on the cover of a magazine.”
“It’s hard to think that a girl/boy like you could have any insecurities.”
“It’s funny how all the things you would change are all things that are cute to me.”
“And I know you don’t believe me, and you think that I’m a fool, but I don’t care.”
“Maybe you’ll never see in you what I see.”
“I’m not crazy.”
“You’re perfectly perfect to me.”
“You brush it off every time I tell you your smile lights up the room.”
“I’m guessing that you don’t even notice the whole world notices you.”
“You think you’re clumsy, I think you’re cool.”
“You say you’re typical, I think you rule.”
“Sometimes I wonder if you’ll ever believe that I wrote this song for you.”
“Someday you’re gonna see you’re beautiful this way.”
“You don’t have to try.”
“’Cause just the way you are is sweeter than anything.”
“Maybe I’m a fool, but it’s always been you.”
“’Cause no one ever makes me smile the way you do.”

I Don’t Wanna Be Sad

“I don’t wanna be sad no more.”
“It’s been 28 days since I’ve seen the sunshine, ‘cause I just can’t seem to lift this cloud away.”
“I swear all the tears I’ve cried can fill an ocean.”
“I’ve been swimming in a sea of misery.”
“I can’t find the strength to leave this bed.”
“I’m locked up in my cuckoo head.”
“I feel so low, and I can’t let go.”
“I’ve got all the symptoms, all the signs.”
“I tell my friends I’ll be just fine, but truth be told it’s getting old.”
“And I know, some days will be bad.”
“I tried every pill the doctor would prescribe me.”
“I’ve put myself through weeks of therapy.”
“I tried meditation, yoga, and pilates.”
“It’s like happiness just wasn’t meant for me.”
“But I’m through, I’m done, I’ve had enough.”
“I’ll ditch this funk.”
“Just watch me now ‘cause I won’t back down.”
“I’ve got a badass personality, so I just need to set it free.”
“It starts today.”
“I’m on my way.”

P.S. I Hate You

“Dear (name), I think I’m better off without you.”
“Like a Polaroid picture, I can still see you in my mind.”
“I said I was yours. You said you were mine.”
“We started a fire, a fire like no one’s ever seen before.”
“There was something about you.”
“But then you beat my heart up. Left it black and blue.”
“Now I wish I never met you.”
“I kinda miss ya, and making out all night like we used to.”
“We were good together, nut now the things you’ve done we can’t undo.”
“So don’t write me back.”
“P.S. I hate you.”
“You can spare me the fake tears.”
“We don’t even need one last goodbye.”
“I’ll see you in ten years. Or better yet, let’s make that forty-five.”
“We’re done and it’s over.”
“And now the fairytale is up in flames.”
“I hope it was worth it. I hope he/she was worth it.”
“And if there’s one thing in this life I know is true, it’s that I wish I’d never met you.”
“I hope one day you fall in love with someone new, and just when you think it’s true, he/she breaks your heart in two. Just like you did to me.”

Problem Child

“Here we are again. Awake at 5 AM.”
“I didn’t mean a word I said.
“Can we just pretend I can take it back?”
“Change the way the story ends.”
“Things were simple then.”
“Didn’t always hurt this way.”
“I would fall asleep, you would carry me.”
“You would take my fears away.”
“Am I messed up? Forever flawed? Beyond repair? But forever yours.”
“All my life, all I ever did was try and try.”
“I never meant to be your problem child.”
“I don’t know why I always found a way to make you cry.”
“When you look at me I wonder if you see all the things you thought I could be, or all the crazy nights, all the stupid fights, all the tears that filled our eyes.”

I Dream About You

“Some people dream about money and fame, and taking rides on private planes, but they don’t know you like I know you.”
“Some people dream about looking good, like movie stars in Hollywood, but they don’t know you like I know you.”
“They don’t understand.”
“They think I’m a fool.”
“If only they could see I dream about you.”
“Heaven only knows I do.”
“Every single night it’s true.”
“People want to drive fancy cars, maybe one day reach the stars, but they don’t know you like I know you.”
“I would rather spend all my days reminiscing about yesterday when I was standing right beside you.”
“You don’t understand.”
“You think I’m a fool.”
“If only you could see.”
“I never want to wake up.”
“I dream about you.”

Day 14: 30 Day Spider-Man Challenge

Moment that makes you cry 


His fucking DEATH

Wtf Bendis you made me cry so hard!!!! (but he got brought back so whatever.) Okay let’s break it down

So, Death of Spider-Man starts out with this neato work of art

And that right there is enough to bring tears to my eyes. But, it’s the journey that gets you, because Peter remains Peter til the very end

He doesn’t care about his own life; he cares about theirs. Like he always does

He wants Aunt May protected at all times

He makes sure his comrades are okay (he needs their help, but still)

And, I think the part that really got to me, is that he stays true to his Peter style




Then, in comes Mary Jane, and he gives us what we love

the ultimate ship kisses. Your heart breaks knowing what’s going to come…because…you see

their expressions.

But, Peter being Peter only cares about one thing

Saving them….being responsible. A vow he made to the one person he couldn’t save….

Even in his moment of death, he voices his only regret.

Ultimate Spider-Man (2009) issue 160 will always be the issue that characterizes Peter Parker for who he truly is.


I can’t stress that enough. But, for those stressing out, DON’T! Because it will ALL be worth it, in the end. Til then, here’s two of my good friends, Dano and Becky, from last year’s AN. They’re, without a doubt, the best Naruto and Sasuke. Here’s to another fantastic weekend! Til next time!

Models/Cosplayers: Danielle White (Sasuke), Sterling Hamilton (Naruto)
Photo: Alphanumeric Productions

a shipping phrase correction

This is probably something I should get over but…I can’t. I just can’t. ‘Cause it’s inaccurate and the meaning behind ’til the end of the line isn’t right compared to to the end of the line. It bugs me. I had to do this. Every time I see ‘til the end of the line/til the end of the line/till the end of the line my eye twitches.

I turned on subtitles for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I went to when Bucky says it to Steve. 

Then I went to when Steve says it to Bucky.

See! It’s to the end of the line! Not til/’til/till. When you listen to the two phrases they mean very different things.

‘Til the end of the line = I’m with you until the end and that’s when we’ll go our separate ways.

To the end of the line = I’m with you to the end. No matter what.

You see what I’m saying? I swear they’re different!!!

I know it’s not that serious and I probably need to lighten up but I caaaaaan’t

(credit to gif maker. I couldn’t find the original, sorry.)

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I think that as a bisexual guy, what disgusts me the most about Larries is the fact that they think they are doing the world and the lgbt community justice when in reality they are just fetishizing gay guys. It's an obsession, not activism. +

+They are doing nothing but queerbaiting, spreading stereotypes, reducing people’s lives down to their relationship and sexual orientation ~ the exact OPPOSITE of what the community wants. Not everything in our lives revolves around us being gay+ +

+They act like they are helping a gay+ man when really, they don’t give a shit about gay people. The community won the U.K. Equal Rights Act of 2014 and has lesbian soccer players on a successful team but all they cared about was Louis dropping gay hints and flirting with Cristiano Ronaldo. I go to their blogs and they care more about if H/L are wearing matching colors than they do about a trans woman being burned alive. Ffs honestly can’t win for losing. It’s either you’re hated or a fetish+

+They try to get Harry to fly the AIMH flag instead of something better like the pansexuality visibility pride flag because it’s not them being part of a community and representing us that matters. It’s their fuckin ship and it is so damn annoying. I’ve seen Larries get mad at Caitlyn Jenner for having an easy transition but glorifying it and talking about how hard it was for her when they are doing the same thing!! It’s HL this and that and how oppressed they are when lgbt teens are getting+

+abused for not being straight. Like ??? Where is all of their investigating when you need it? Why are they willing to fight til death for a grown rich ass white guy and ignore the fact that people brag about wanting to slit Laverne Cox’s throat everday?? I am just so sick of people having biased ass activism. Don’t be a feminist if you only care about white women and don’t be a fucking “safe space” activist if you only care about pretty little british guys in your ship. End rant.