i will seriously go down with this ship


spread this post to every bts fans, shipper, whatever or just kpop fan in general. REBLOG IT. this fan wars, gotta stop this.

so this jungkook “hickey” issue has been going around tumblr, twitter and whatever social networks that’s trending right now and i honestly think some of the bts shippers need to chill the f*ck down.

i know you have your own respective ship like vkook, jikook, yoonkook kookbts or whatsoever. you can ship whatever and whoever you want jungkook to be with. but please, respect other shipper’s ship too. you can ship your vkook while other can ship their jikook. 

there’s no need to start a war within the army circle by tagging vkook as jikook, jikook as vkook. stop. that’s so freaking childish. if you don’t like your bias to be shipped by other idol then why are you even on that tag in the first place? :)

logic right? if you don’t like your bias to be someone else. or seeing your bias with another idol/member on tumblr. simply don’t check the tag. and whatever about jungkook’s “hickeys” mark on his neck. that’s his own problem. you’re not his parents, friends, siblings or whoever to discuss about the hickey problem. who knows? he might injured his neck or something. but that doesn’t mean you should stop discussing. i mean, looking at the fans theories about whoever give kook a hickey is funny. but if you started a fan war by saying. “ its obviously from taehyung “ or “ its obviously jimin “ then simply shut up, thank you. just keep quiet and shut up and then shut down your computer. 

stop being annoying by tagging your otp with another otp because you know how it annoys other people. ok, you get annoyed people tagged vkook under jikook tag right? and you felt annoyed right? same goes to other shippers. whoever or whatever give jungkook that hickey. just let it be. stop making other people uncomfortable. or even mention bts on twitter. like, what the heck is your problem? stop yourself. 

unhappy with what i said? you can block me all you want. : ) sorry not sorry. though.

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I watched YOI after all the episodes was aired so...Could you please tell us more about what fandom thought about Otabek and his connection to Yuri??

I joined the fandom I think after Episode 9 aired so I was here for all The Beginning of otayuri. Here’s what I remember (if y’alls remember more, please add on!)

In the Ep 10 preview in Ep 9 everyone literally flipped the fuck out about Otabek and his motorcycle. He went from “look another cool guy” to the fandom darling in a matter of hours and it was wonderful. Everyone also enjoyed Yuri’s reaction to Otabek swinging by in his motorcycle and lots of people started shipping it. I seriously remember seeing fanart of Otabek and Yuri literally in a matter of hours too. We didn’t have much to go on but Otabek’s bad boy image and Yuri’s impressed expression was enough reason for us to ship them. 

In Ep 10, shit went down. This was one of the episodes that literally inspired hundreds of meta posts, fanfictions, fanarts, rants, shitpost, and basically everything in the fandom. Everyone started making memes like “find you a boy who’ll remember how your eyes look in five years” or started poking fun at how extra Otabek was. This was also the episode where Yuri’s “Fairy of Russia” and Otabek’s “Hero of Kazakhstan” nicknames became All The Rage. Everyone was also super weirded out but thankful at how absolutely calm Yuri is when it comes to Otabek and started screaming when they became best friends. We all felt that Yuri treated Otabek very differently from everyone else. ALSO THE COFFEE DATE KILLED EVERYONE. Smiling Yuri? SMILING OTABEK? We were 800% blesSED. We were all Mari and Minako right there and then.

In Ep 11, Otabek’s crush was revealed omg. The fandom didn’t expect Otabek to think about Yuri during his skate…BUT SIKE HE DID OMG. And then this was also the episode where the “thumbs up” + “davai” became code language in the fandom for “I love you” and is basically the sIGNATURE thing for otayuri. And Yuri’s smirk while watching Otabek was screamed about for days. 

In Ep. 12, everyone died and went to heaven when Otabek yelled “davai!” at Yuri and Yuri mirrored it with a thumbs up. Everyone also flipped THE FUCK OUT at how tenderly Otabek clapped and smiled at Yuri when he was skating. 

to eliza minnick/mibbins/elizona haters: 

I don’t get why you’re so hung over comparing calzona with this new ship that you have to be sour about eliza every moment you get. I get it. CALZONA WAS INCREDIBLE. Trust me I said I’d fucking go down with the ship and I DID GO DOWN IT WAS DEVASTATING and they will always be amazing rep for me and nothing can replace them. But this does not mean I beat up every new person Arizona intends to date/kiss. Stop comparing whoever it is to Callie because they are completely different people who bring out different characteristics of Arizona and it is unfair for you to decide what’s good or what’s not for AZ even before they get the chance to be something.

Also Marika is seriously TOO GOOD for you. She’s not shy about her support for the lgbt community- she promotes her own ship on her personal social media when she doesn’t have to, and you can tell that she is genuinely excited about her own ship, and that this is not just any other job to her. We NEED people like her to represent us (other than obviously, queer actors). We already have a shortage of rep on tv and now we have a budding one with so much potential in the hands of an incredible writer, portrayed by 2 actresses who aren’t shy about their support for us, and you want to shoot it down and ruin it before it even begins? Before you try and scream about them having ‘no chemistry’, ask yourself if you’d say the same if Callie never happened and if Eliza and AZ met in s5? All I’m saying is that change is indeed hard for everybody but GIVE THINGS A CHANCE and try to MOVE ON because some of us genuinely want nothing more but to have some rep on tv.

Ultimately you are allowed to feel whatever you feel and dislike eliza minnick/mibbins/elizona, but you are not allowed to take this ship away from other people. I for one, loved Calzona and Callie Torres to the core of my bones but am also really excited (understatement) every time az and eliza have a scene because I think they have amazing chemistry and watching them on tv makes me happy. SO STOP IT STOP BEING SOUR AND LETS LOVE ALL THESE WLW CHARACTERS CUZ REAL LIFE IS HARD ENOUGH


NaLu and StarCo

Best friend ships hug

I TOTALLY LOVE THESE TWO ahhhhhh I’m sorry but I will go down with these shiiiips (◕‿◕✿)

the vampire diaries: a summary
  • season one: oh my god, why didn't i find this show sooner? the plot is amazing and there's so many interesting characters! this is actually the best tv-serie i have ever seen. also, how cute isn't stefan and elena together? i totally ship them. and wow i love damon and his iconic lines lmao. i know he's a bad person but i love him and i have no regrets. also how cute isn't human elena? so precious! bonnie's a witch? yOU go girl! caroline please, calm down
  • THAT PLOT TWIST ENDING THO THIS IS WHY THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOW. omg i'm so excited to see katherine i loved her in the flashbacks. i'm really excited for season two : )
  • season two: seriously, so glad i started to watch this show! i still love damon, no regrets. i know he's a horrible person but i still like him. and we finally get katherine! she's such a queen she's my absolute fave. and stelena! omg i love forwood. and vampire caroline?? sign me tf up.
  • this season has amazing storylines, i love the doppelgänger, sun and the moon curse and the mikaelson storyline.
  • i wish i would have found this show sooner, it's SO good. ITS MY FAVORITE SHOW ON THE PLANET I LOVE IT SO MUCH : )
  • season three: yet another amazing season with amazing storylines. i mean ripper stefan? yes. klaus mikaelson's accent tho. the love triangle is starting to take form! why did elena and damon kiss twice tho i'm disgusted, stelena is the true love.
  • ok overall this was a good season with good storylines expect for a few minor mistakes *cough* elena *cough* still super happy i decided to watch this show tho : )
  • season four: lmao omg does anyone know why season four only was 5 episodes long? i mean why would they only show 4x01-4x05 and then jump straight to season 5 lmao that makes no sense. :)
  • oh wait i remember why now its because elena acted like a dumbass
  • season five: the whole show is going downhill now. i mean there are some good storylines expect for the travelers which was boring and pointless af, delena, stefan suffering, bonnie being dead, more delena, katherine dying, forwood breaking up... you know when i think about it maybe it wasnt such a good season after all but at least we got klaroline and AU stelena. did i mention i have hated damon for two and a half seasons now can you believe i used to love him wHO WAS I
  • i dont regret watching this show tho, i mean it's messy but i still like it. : ) i guess
  • season six: what the fuck is going on in the writers room? this season had a lot of potential. i mean, no humanity caroline? sign me up. bonnie finally standing up for herself? thank you. kai parker? thank the lord for him. but nooo, barley got any chance to enjoy that because the season was filled with romantic steroline where stefan had no idea what the hell was going on 99% of the time and more delena that was useless the only thing that wasnt pointless about this season was that it yet again showed why damon and elena is terrible for each other. also a character loses their memories? wow i have NEVER seen that happen before.
  • i'm starting to give up on this show, it gets messier and messier its so bad haha. : )
  • season seven: so nina left? i feel so happy for her that she managed to get away from this trash. so what's in store for this season? lmao idk and idc i mean i'll watch the first few episode and give it a try but OH MY GOD WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED TOTAL BULLSHIT i'm not even going to bother watching this trash anymore its so boring where are the action wheres the season 1-2 vibes WHERES KEVIN
  • season eight: omg last season on tvd thank god it's ending!! i mean i'll watch this season obviously because it's the last one..... actually nvm scratch that idk what i expected this whole show is still trash and we're only six episodes in?? this is supposed to be the last season can you at least pretend that you can write a good show. AND STOP WITH THE RETCONS. lmao the vampire diaries?? yeah terrible show. terrible.
  • me when tvd has ended: wow I really miss tvd. it was one of my absolute favorite tv shows :(
Unsolicited Opinions on the Vampire Knight Fandom War/Therapeutic Ranting

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First of all, I’ll give full disclosure by saying I barely deserve to call myself part of the VK fandom as a whole or the Zeki family because I have been out of the loop since 2013 when that ending killed my soul. Also, grad school ate up all my time to spend emotionally stewing in my feels about this story over the past couple of years. But I’m going to post my thoughts on the current Vampire Knight fandom war anyway because after only a week back in it, I am seriously baffled by what is going on here. I’m going to try to break my ideas down I guess for anyone reading this but it is more rant than analysis, really. 

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I think the biggest issue when it comes to shippers (especially on tumblr) is that for the most part, the media has given this false sense of power towards fans whether that’s through fanservice or making them believe that if they can just hate on something ENOUGH that they will get their way. Some of you are seriously wild when it comes to this Karamel ship and even going as far as trying to hate on Chris Wood, the actor, for it. I get that there are toxic and abusive ships out there being portrayed on television but it feels like half of you expect this to be a two hour Disney film. Like, a season won’t even be over yet and a lot of shippers or ‘fans’ will make their minds up about something that is it.

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i can re-read your stories all day long ❤ i love how you describe everything & i just love love your writing. seriously the only reason i use my account is to read what you post & im very addicted to it. your writing helps me calm down when something is going wrong in my day & i appreciate that you take the time and effort to write these amazing beautiful stories. it helps a lot ! thank you so much !

Oh my god you are so lovely. Thank you so much! I am so happy my writing can help you relax, that’s what it’s all about right? Sharing something with other people who share similar interests in hopes that you can make them as happy as this ship. Makes me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

ME: They are this amazing people that act like two out of this world puppies and they love each other and will go down with this ship and you have to watch this with me otherwise you won’t get cookies.
MY BOYFRIEND: Why the hell are you talking about caramels and ships? This conversation doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.
Seriously, how come my boyfriend doesn’t understand my rambling about the OTP of all OTP’s? We are together for two years now, seriously I don’t understand how I let this happen…

Imagine Person A of your OTP listening to Person B passionately talk about something they love before stopping and apologizing for being annoying but Person A just smiles and tells them to go on, that they were listening while silently cursing whoever thought it was a good idea to bring their precious angel’s spirits down and telling them that they were being annoying about something they loved.

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relationship status: single
favourite colour: blue?  no - yellooooooow (no seriously, probably purple)
lipstick or chapstick: tinted chapstick
last song i listened to: Intersteller piano theme
last movie i watched: Black Hawk Down
top three tv shows: Babylon 5, Invasion (the Florida alien one), Community
top three characters: Shiro, Minato Namikaze, Tifa Lockheart
top three ships: Steve Rogers/Maria Hill, Cloud/Tifa and y’all already know my shiro ships so I’m going to put Boromir/Eowyn (movie verse only)
books i’m currently reading: The Tale of Murasaki, The Victorian Book of the Dead and Zen in the Art of Writing

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Lipstick or chapstick: Never used either seriously before, but I heard chapsticks are more useful….

Last movie I watched: Kong Island 

Last song you listened to: Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! At The Disco 

Top 3 shows: Owari no Seraph (of course), Sherlock (though it’s slipping down the ranks) and Descendants of the Sun (a classic) 

Top 3 characters: HIRAGI SHINYA EVERYONE ELSE CAN GO HOME. I also like my sweet summer son Makoto, and since I’ve been into overwatch recently, my healer girl Mercy deserves a spot 

Top 3 ships: I don’t highkey ship anyone these days, but there are many lowkey ships like Gurenshin, Shidge etc.

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Things I love about Warehouse 13

• Awesome (acting father-daughter) relationship ship between two lead characters
• Openly gay character (whose character isn’t focused around him being gay)
• Passes the Bechdel test
• Strong independent characters with really interesting back stories
• Supernatural shit goes down a lot
• Lots of nerdy jokes
• HG Wells is a bi sexual women
• Crossovers with A Town Called Eureka
• Attractive people
• Seriously supernatural shit is going on in every episode.
• Ridiculous supernatural
• It’s on Netflix now too

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Could you please do the ship thing for me? I love The Pacific, but I'm curious to see who from Band of Brothers you'd pick because I can never decide. Okay, let's see, I'm not the quiet type but I don't start fights. I'll laugh in the background while my friends debate over whatever, and I'm always ready to tell some crazy story when someone is feeling down. I can admit I'm horrible at taking care of myself, but I like knowing that my friends are safe & happy. Oh, and I need cuddles to survive.

I am so sorry this is late friend! 

I ship you with Malarkey!! 

Seriously, your entire description screams Malarkey to me. You both love to laugh, and are easy going, but you take care of your own. Self care is an area where you both struggle but you get through it together, and remind each other to take care of yourselves. Not to mention, Malarkey is a highkey cuddle monster, with strong made-for-cuddling arms. 

dating would include: 

  • lots of cuddles, where he wraps his arms around you and you lay your head in the crook of his shoulder (he buries his nose in your hair) 
  • you winning all the arguments bc he highkey hates to see you upset 
  • long hot showers together (sometimes sexy *wink wink* sometimes just to be warm and close) 
  • snowball fights in which he is the Snow Assassin, popping out of friggin nowhere and hitting you square in the face every time 
  • lots of Friend Nights where you invite all the guys over for drinks and games