i will send you so much love

alright first off i would like to say THANK YOU ALL!!

your support of me, whether you’ve been here for the year and a half or for the past two minutes, has meant the absolute world to me. you are all incredible shining humans and every ask, like, and reblog honestly matters so much because this is my work and i put so much time and effort into it, i love you all and my ask box and messages are always open

next order of business is the celebration:

i am going to open for business for ships and speedy personalized headcanons

the rules are as follows:

  • you must be following me
  • like and reblog this post
  • you must specify which you want
  • send an ask with the following info:
    • if for a ship: any personal info you want to share about looks and a description of yourself and what you like/dislike, your personality, also if you know who you want to be shipped with then say it in the ask, otherwise i will ship you with one of the boys (extra info about this under cut)
    • if for a personalized headcanon: these are pretty much just hcs, but they will be short and can be as specific as you want, they can be about you or just a general reader, AUs are welcome (extra info under cut)
  • it can be for peter parker, tom holland, harrison osterfield, harry holland, and sam holland (although i’m not super familiar with sam so don’t kill me if it’s not perfect)
  • the most important rule: you have to give yourself a big hug and say i love you

(examples + tags are under the cut)

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'we can cuddle' with Eggsy pleasee xx

[Sweet! You know how much I love Eggsy ;.; You guys are so awesome btw, thanks for all the support and prompts I am gonna be busy for 10000 years :) (send more!!!!) As always, I start one thing and end up somewhere so different hahahah. BUUUUT you know, at least I’m consistent :D Kinda short, hope you like it!!!<3 Changed the wording a bit, to make it more Eggsy like, so hope you don’t mind. Also kinda sick still, so sorry if theres some shit up in there lol looooveeeee you guys :3

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader with a small cameo by Merlin ;)

Words: 1.3K Kinda on the short side? 

Warnings: A little bit of smut references, but nothing actually dirty. Cursing as always!

Read on Ao3!]

Saying the day was long was about the biggest understatement of the century. The day was long, and then some… and then add a little bit more and you were pretty much there. It was one of those days that started way too early, didn’t have nearly enough coffee and that made time feel slowed at how painfully long it was. We’re talking it-feels-like-you’ve-been-up-for-nearly-50-hours long and what-day-is-it? long.

But the job needed to be done, and more importantly Eggsy needed you. 

He couldn’t go into that mansion alone… That and there was no way in hell you were going to let him even if he wanted to. You two were a team; A pair, an unstoppable power couple, or something just as cheesy. Where he went, you followed. 

That’s just who you two were. How it’s been since you started this insane relationship, and it sure as shit wasn’t about to change today… or was it yesterday. You really didn’t know anymore, but the point was all the same.

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Hello everyone~~ I thought I’d make a lil post now that this blog is a year old (actually a year and three months…) As you all know I’m incredibly indecisive and I’ve changed this blog so much over the past year so thank you for sticking around <333 I’m now finally comfortable and happy with the blog and stress free since there’s no weight on my shoulders to post any fics. Thank you all again for the love, even if it’s just a little visit to my page or a like here and there. It means so much <333 

I send love to all my beautiful mutuals and all of ya’ll that follow, LOVE YOU I can’t explain in words how grateful I am <3333

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Some cheesy thank yous and rambles under the cut:

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Listen idk where im goin with this but ballet!stan 👌👀💯 could be au but all im thinkin is that the losers don't know about it (stan missing out on outings for training and rehearsals and he's too nervous and embarrassed to tell them) they probs find out when georgie begs his parents into letting him see "the fairy tale dancers i see on tv", they agree on the condition that bill and the losers go with him and losers are stunned and in awe when they realise who the lead is (BTW I LOVE UR BLOG)

I adoooore this so much thank you so much for sending me it!! Sorry i took so long to reply work is mad and i wanted to make sure i did as much research as possible because ive never actually seen a ballet before! I hope you like it!!!!

based largely around this performance

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yaz, i dont open up easily. not even to the people i hold dearest to me and i feel so heavy. ive been carrying around so much darkness for so long ive stopped dreaming about the light. sometimes i want to put down this heavy and lay my head down, but the people i love are not perfect and sometimes they say things that make me feel as though my darkness isnt safe and welcome around them. can i lay my head down hear for a bit before i pick it back up and keep going? i promise ill be quiet

you’re always welcome here. i’m sorry you feel this darkness around you. i don’t know how much light i have but i’m sending whatever i can find your way. don’t hold all this inside of you. your heart’s not a burden, and it deserves to feel less heavy. the people around you should be understanding. there’s a quote by ram dass that goes “we’re all just walking each other home”. so let the people who truly love you walk you home. be honest with how you feel. someday they’ll need the same from you, and you’ll be there. it’s what the worlds all about at the end of the day. i hope you get home soon. sending all my love. be good to your heart.

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heya ! how are you ? gettibg better ?? Do you sleep/eat correctly ? :0 so ! um, actually i really like Jaws, and i was wondering, if i could draw a little ccomic about him and my persona ? im pretty sure if i was his friend, i would be like the annoyibg hyper cuddling little sis lol, but just wanted to be sure before ! and if yes, i'll send it to you before posting it ! byu ♡

Hey! I’m doing well, feeling pretty good and getting as much sleep and food as I can healthily intake! And oh my goodness of course! Thank you for being so considerate and asking me first! I love when people draw up stuff with my bois it makes me stupid levels of happy. Feel free to draw up the comic, and please tag me when you post it so I can reblog it!! 


My mom (a nct stan) send me a video of herself whispering “stan nct, stan talent” in my step father’s ear while he was sleeping. The video lasted six minutes and finished when my step father woke up and said “I love you but for these kind of things I want to be single again”. Later that day I called my mother and she told me, proudly that my step father was giving a try to kpop just because she told him.

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Ah hello my love!! I wanted to quickly drop by and tell you that I love you. Thank you for always being so positive when others try to bring you down (but know that you’re not alone in this, I’m here if you need to vent), thank you for posting such amazing and quality edits, and thank you for being you. You’re the best and ilysm! I hope you have a wonderful day/night. Much love! 💗💕

!!!!!!!! yoURE THE BEST OKAY YOU DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO BOTHER MSGING ME BUT U DID & ILY OK kajshdf tysm for taking the time in sending everyone sweet little messages love- i only hope good things will come ur way :+) ily& have a beautiful day 

Just Friends Last Chapter

I cant Blieve this is the last chapter of Jus Friends, My royals, i love you so much i cant describe it!!! also, if you have any question about this fanfic, please send it to me, i will answer all of them!! I plan on creating a playlist of the songs that inspired this fanfic, you guys tell me on my inbox!! i plan on writing more fics so, keep an eye on my tumblr!!!!

Word count:1171

Pairing:Logicality and Prinxiety (Logan/Patton) ( Roman/Virgil)

Warining: Gunshot, mention of depression

Tag list: @novagalaxy4real @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @lamp-calm-sanders @bobatea-boi @penstarz96 thank you for asking me to be part of the tag list, i love you !

Previous chapter


Today was Monday, for every teen and some teachers, Mondays are the worst, but not for Logan, Roman, Virgil and Patton, those lovebirds where excited to see each other, even though Logan and Patton had their ‘triumph dinner’.

Today, Pat could feel today was not going to be like usual, today was going to be different, he could feel it.

LATER THAT DAY*************

It was almost time to go, just one more class and Patton would go and hang out with the boys and eat ice cream!!! But first he had to go and pee….


Out of nowhere, Pat heard a bang, not a regular bang, but…… “A gunshot” suddenly, the lock down siren started, alerting everyone that this was the real deal, He had to get to the nearest place, but that was the bathroom, so he ran as fast as he could to get there.

When he entered, he saw two of his kids and he rushed them inside.

“Mr. P, what’s going on?” one student asked Pat as they

“I don’t know, each get into a stall and don’t speak ok, and don’t come out for any circumstances ok” Pat told the kids.

All three of them got into a bathroom stall and stayed quiet, when a loud bang was heard again, this time, it was the bathroom door.


Pat couldn’t believe it, this had to be a lie, and it can’t be him again, by mistake, he let out the littlest of whimpers, he heard it, Pat’s heart was racing in his chest, this was it.

“Well, if it isn’t Pat, baby, you thought you could get rid of me, well think again” He told Pat in the most menacing voices he could have heard.

“Why are you doing this, and why here” Pat said as the tears flew out from his eyes.

“Remember I told you baby, you can run, but you can never hide” suddenly, Pat felt a sharp pain in the shoulder area, tears spur out from his eyes, the last thing he saw where his kids hitting him in the head and calling the ambulance, when suddenly, total darkness took over Patton.


Logan was horrified to hear the news, he couldn’t believe Pat was shot, his thoughts when blurry, he wasn’t thinking logically, when he saw the guy who shot him, he ran up to him and knocked him out cold while the cops told him back, he killed Pat, how could he be calm.

Thomas walked up to Lo and said “Logan, calm down please” Lo stubborn said “HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BE CALM THOMAS, PATTON IS DEAD, HE’S DEAD AND I CANT DO ANYTHING” and with that, Lo broke into tears, the whole school was a mess, Pats students where a mess, Ro and Verge where hugging each other trying to be calm about this situation, and Lo, well, he was the most devastated with this, Pat was the first person to wake up the feeling of love, but now he could possibly die and if that happened, Lo wanted to go too.

Thomas got off the phone and walked to Lo.

“The hospital just called, they removed the bullet in time, but he entered a state of coma, and the doctors aren’t sure when he will wake up” Lo broke down in tears, Pat was still alive, even in that state, he was still alive.

“I need to go, I have to see him” Lo got up fast, just to be stopped by Ro and Verge.

“You can’t drive in this condition, we’ll take you” The three of them got into Verges car and drove off.


“Hi Ma’am, I’m looking for Patton Taylor” Ro said as verge was calming Lo down.

“Yes, Mr. Taylor is in room 532, but only family can enter sir” the receptionist told him.

“Ok, his husband is here, and he would like to see him” Ro said as he pointed towards Logan.

“Very well sir” She said as she instructed a nurse to accompany Logan to his room.

The walk was the longest walk he has ever had, once they arrived, Lo was shocked at the state of Patton, tubes where connected to him, the iv, everything, he looked pale, almost dead.

“I will leave you sir” The nurse told him.

Logan was crying hard, it hurts to see his Patton like this “Patton, my dear, I know you can hear me baby, wake up, for me, please” Logan clutched his hand and cried for almost half an hour.

His poor Patton was like this, he wished that it would have been him instead of the sweetest guy in the planet.


Days have turned into Weeks, Weeks have turned into a month, and the doctors decided to disconnect Pat.

Logan was depressed during this month, and when he got the call, he broke down in tears, he was with his love every day, it concerned Roman and Verge, their friend was hurting, and they couldn’t do anything about it……

The day has come, Roman, Virgil and Logan were in the room, they left them alone to say their goodbyes, and Roman and Virgil were next to Logan while he said his last words to Patton.

“Patton, I just want to say thank you, you opened my eyes to what love is, you opened my heart to feelings I never thought I would have, it just looks like yesterday you entered the teachers’ lounge and i saw your beautiful face and that amazing smile of yours, remember when we planned to get Roman and Virgil together, it was the first time you visited me, And you remember when you entered your room while I was changing” Logan laughed remembering what Patton’s face was, Roman and Virgil where crying next to Logan.

“Also our first and only date we had, you looked so beautiful my love, the kiss you give me was amazing, but know we say goodbye my darling, I will never forget you ok, you will be in my memory every day, I hope that we reunite in another lifetime, and in that lifetime, we are going to grow old, we are going to love each other like crazy, I will always love you Patton, I will see you in another life, I really regret not asking you to be my boyfriend,  we are just friends Patton, but I love you” Logan kissed Patton’s forehead, when he was about to let go of his hand, he felt Patton squeeze his hand, Lo quickly turned around and saw Patton’s beautiful eyes staring at him.

“I love you too Logan” Logan couldn’t believe Patton had woken up, Verge hugged Ro as he cried.

“My dear, you woke up” lo felt to his knees while crying

“The timeline you described is this one ok” Pat said as he held Logan’s hand.

“Oh, and we are more than just friends”

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✨🌒✨You are made of stardust and galaxies and I love you. Send this to your ten favourite people on this website. 💫🌔🌟 you deserve this!

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! OMGGGG!! YOU’RE SO SWEET!!! 😢😢💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💖 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ll do my best!!!! 💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Ok I have a head canon if y'all would like to hear it: The MTMTE crew (and other cybertronians in general) have no taste of spice. They taste sweetness (candy), regular energon, medical grade energon, alcoholic energon, etc, but nothing spicy. So when they're all on Earth (in holomatter avatars), Rodimus hears about a spicy-hot chicken wings competition and enters, along with Drift, Swerve, and some others. They are all mistaken. They've made a mistake. They know what spicy is now. Send help lol

Oh yeah I’m always up to hear about my peeps headcanons!!

I actually really love this. I’m not sure if the bots can eat in their holoforms, pretty sure they still need energon.

Which is why I love this so much!! Can you imagine how fun it would be if they could eat human food?? Introducing them to all sorts of good food!

Sweet, spicy, sour, even drinks! It would be cool to figure out the bot’s likes and dislikes when it comes to food.

Kind of makes you wonder what they’d like eh??

But yeah this is funny and cute, thanks for sharing doll ❤

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stepichu  asked:

we don't talk enough so I'm sending you another one. Who's your favourite superhero? (And why if you have a reason)

Nightwing. My goodness do I love Dick Grayson and I think it shows in pretty much everything I write. The reason is probably because he’s someone I can relate to on a lot of levels. He’s a big brother, and even though I’m the middle child, with how my family turned out, I really was the one watching out for my little siblings. Because no one really watched out for me, and I felt that starkly. I didn’t want the same thing for my sisters.

And Dick, he’s all about family and friends and loved ones, and he just cares so deeply. A lot of what I write actually reflects him caring and loving and hurting and a lot of it’s a reflection of me, as much as I try not to make it. But I’ve found a character that I can resonate with and project onto and when I read about how strong he is despite being a human with some extra training trying his best to save others, it makes me want to feel that strong, too.

He just makes me feel.

Also, the way comic artists draw how he moves takes my breath away. That’s always a wonderful feeling and definitely adds to why he’s my favorite.

I’m gonna add a second one, too. Spider-Man. He’s always been the superhero that I’ve known. Back when I was a kid, besides Batman and Superman, Peter Parker was the only superhero I knew of that I could find any sort of comfort in what I knew. My mom wasn’t big on me reading comics or watching superhero movies (”That’s for Tyler, Camryn. Go play barbies with your sisters.”) so I mostly read books because I didn’t want to play barbies. I wanted to lose myself in worlds that I didn’t understand yet, and find characters that I could relate to, and Spider-Man was like the only one that I really knew anything about. 

And lately, with all the Homecoming stuff and me getting into comics, I’ve learned to love him as a character that struggles and struggles and struggles, starting when he was a little kid watching his parents leave out the door and never come back, to now in the comics when he’s an adult as still trying to figure out where his mess of a life is going. Man, I just. It’s Spider-Man, ya know?

(Also, yes, we don’t talk enough! But that seems to be a common problem with me while I’m living in Italy. Time ones, man. It’s like literally almost time for bed.)

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just finished the thunder underneath his ribs and HOLY SHIT. that was, hands down, one of the best fics i've ever read. ever. i don't have an ao3 account so i couldn't leave a comment - sending you a message instead. "I’m not okay, John thinks sometimes, wonderingly, but the declaration only feels detached, as though it’s been torn away, and it really belongs to someone else." = the best description of this feeling i've ever come across. the entire fic is beautiful and haunting. thank you!!!

<3333 thank you so much dear!!! i love this fic and i’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you for taking the time to send me this message. much appreciated :D 

Hi Taylor!
My name is Kate :) I’m not sure if you will ever see this but I just wanted to say thank you for being in my life. Your music has gotten me through so much and I will forever be greatful for that. I don’t know who I would be without midnight dance parties to all of your albums and I hope you know how amazing and inspiring you are💕 Sending you the biggest hug😌
Love love love,

furryjackal  asked:

When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity :)

Eeeep, thank you so much, dear! *___* sorry it took me so long to reply, buuut… here’s my list, at last! :D

  1. Nutella milkshake. I know I already mentioned Nutella in a similar post before, but… yeah. I just love anything containing Nutella, okay?
  2. Singing in the car :D
  3. Being able to get my students to actually listen to my lessons AND get them entertained at the same time. Recently one of my students told me that my lessons were “way more interesting than those of her History teacher” and I was so flattered I couldn’t even :D too bad not all my students seem to think the same… lookin’ at you, you lil’ asshole who keeps saying that “art is not important” and that I should “give everyone in the class a B grade by default at very least”
  4. Being healthy. Which is something I’m sorely missing right now. Two weeks ago I lost my voice due to a cold… and, as soon as I managed to get *some* of it back, I caught a flu ò__ò So I’m now left with no voice again AND with a flu. All while I’m in my “training year” at work, aka when I’m NOT supposed to miss ANY day of work or else I’ll lose my job. Yayyyy .___.’
  5. Chilling at home. Which is yet another thing I’m sorely missing right now ;___;