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Matthew Daddario Quotes
  • "We call our shoes ‘sneakers,’ right? But they're not really sneaking."
  • "Can't wait till they invent phones with keyboards."
  • "I don't know this guy. He came to hang out so I complimented his hair."
  • "How many artichokes can you eat in one sitting?"
  • "No, go back to my idea!"
  • "Maybe, they'll throw the books out. Just not follow the books anymore."
  • "Hey guys did everyone floss today? You gotta floss every day. Otherwise, your dentist makes you feel bad."
  • "I play piano but I won't call it a talent."
  • "I'm the funniest person in the cast and that's simply because everybody else is so painfully unfunny."
  • "There is literally no memory left in my phone. I took fourteen thousand blue sky photos and I need all of them."
  • "Send him photos of fried chicken and crab cakes."
  • "I have a dentist appt tomorrow. I'm not gonna brush my teeth tonight. Also not going to shower. This is going to be painful for everyone."
  • "You are not trash, you are lovely!"
  • "Don't sign contracts in your blood. It's usually not required by any reputable party."
  • "He's slippin' out his little tongue eating snail treats off the ground."
  • "I will eat anywhere in the house. I'll eat cheese crackers in bed!"
  • "He looks down and sees this wonderful man. He hops down there and smooches that man right on the face. Right in front of everyone."
  • "...it's not fair that he is more handsome than me!!!"
  • "Don't do the hokey pokey around witches."
  • "They're never gonna release the deleted scenes to you guys because they're racy and inappropriate."
  • "This video is going on social media!"
  • "I'm ashamed to admit I lied about the selfies. The phone is 98% cow pictures and I can't delete them. I need a new phone. Forgive me."
  • "Thank god I started sandpapering my feet when I was four."
  • "Is Alec appreciating at an increased rate because of an increase in demand? Or is it the same rate as before."
  • "Note, some alpaca do not appreciate head pats."
  • "If humans lived in barns, we'd be smelly, too."
  • "Had to delete all my cow photos to make room for selfies, so I will say 'I appreciate you, cows.'"
  • "Wow. It's spelled Gollum. Wow. So disappointed. Hiding my own cell phone for the next two weeks."
  • "You're a little kitty cat. Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy kitty cat, kitty cat."
  • "Sometimes when I travel between dimensions, I think, man, I should really buy a sailboat."
  • "If I was running for President, my VP would be a well trained golden retriever."
  • "Who's not going to watch Hamlet in space? I mean, Space Hamlet!"
  • "I just think we should all acknowledge what is awesome about Harry!"
  • "I like eating food after dark."
  • "Generally, people avoid kissing their sister in a healthy life."
  • "If you don't like my zebra leggings, it's because you just don't understand zebra leggings."
  • "I think we should provide more showers for cows."
  • "If I'm having a bad day, I eat pizza."
  • "I hope Google uses the same algorithm to encrypt my email as my pocket does to tie knots with my headphones."
  • "I would own a farm. Not like growing crops but maybe have a few animals like cows, and maybe an alpaca or a llama. I would chop wood all day."
  • "Dog. #dog. Dog. Dog."
  • "Had fun tweeting with/at you guys. Phone is about to die. Gonna go get more double-A batteries."
  • "The jackhammer has been joined by his friend, the concrete saw. Rare that you get two music legends right outside your window like this."
  • "Interdimensional cat smuggling is severely punished. But you can make a killing on the black cat market."
  • "You should just give up on me like I did. So done with me right now I can't even."
  • "What am I fan of? No one's ever asked me this before! Oh man."
  • "I don't know why they say that. I think they're poking fun at me."
  • "Congrats. You deserve that sailboat."
  • "I don't know. I don't have any pet peeve. Yapping little dogs, I guess. Buttons that don't go up right."
  • "Donkeys look like rabbit horses."
  • "Everyone is all, 'follow your heart.' If that worked I'd be watching Shadowhunters in my spaceship."
  • "Am I making this up?"
  • "I don't condone it, but I understand it, and therefore, I will not pass judgment on it."
  • "I can eat a pound of pork rinds."
  • "I am your bird king!"
  • "Baby pigs or baby cows? They're both good options."
  • "I have deleted a single photo from my phone. I have room for one selfie. Living on the edge. If it happens, no second chances."
  • "She gets it at a Shadowhunter tailor where we get all our stuff. Are you serious?"
  • "My cell phone is not the most important thing in my life. It just feels that way."
  • "Kill her immediately. Problem solved."
  • "You're not me? Most people aren't, in my experience."
  • "Man I've spent a whole year talking about sailboats and I could have just jumped on this SHIP."
  • "Reminder not to cite 'game of thrones' as my motivation for getting into politics."
  • "To all the people who threaten to punch me in the face... Do I have to be concerned or is that a love thing?"
  • "Put this on?! Fit it on my body?!"
  • "I’m going to shave today. Nobody will recognize me and I’ll have to reintroduce myself to all my friends."
  • "Don't get me started on this question."
  • "Okay, quick question. What does it mean when someone says they are your 'trash?' Asking for a friend..."
  • "Wait, 'SexyBack' is by Justin Timberlake?"
  • "Everyone's smooching everyone and Alec just wants to do his job. That's why he's the best and deserves a big smooch."
Can I help you, kid?

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Pairing: Bobbyxdaughter!reader
Word count: 2,146
Warnings: None that I saw.

Bobby had helped raise the Winchester boys. They were grown now. One thing he never expected was to be raising a kid again.

Let alone his own. That he didn’t even know about until that morning.

Early that morning, you had been dressed in your favorite pink dress. It made you feel like a princess. Your hair was in two french braids, one resting on each shoulder. At five years old, you were going to meet your father. That was what the nice lady told you. Other than your mother, you weren’t close to any of your relatives. Your aunt lived far away and was always busy. Your grandfather was old, and in no shape to raise a child. The nice lady, Marie, had taken the trip with you. In your little hand you had a light blue suit case. Of course half of that was taken up by a stuffed cat you had won at the fair. The rest of your belongings were to be shipped after you. What they hadn’t told you was that he didn’t even know you were coming.

Your mother hadn’t told you much about him. You knew that his name was Bobby, he liked ball caps, he had two sons, and that he was funny. You stared out the window as the black car pulled into what looked like a giant trash can to you. There were broken cars everywhere. As the car pulled up to the front of the house, you unbuckled and climbed out.

Without waiting for Marie, you ran up the steps and rang the doorbell. You stood straight, like you were taught, your hands clasped behind your back. A moment later, the door was open. The man that stood there gave you an odd look. You mimicked it. “Can I help you, kid?” He said, his voice scruffy.

“Hi. I’m Y/N.” You beamed, wondering why he was acting so funny.

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"Hey doll face! Just checking in and making sure everything's good and you're not stressing over anything. I'm bringing home some Chili Cheese Fries by the way, found this really cool place! Heard they're bomb. See ya in a few babe! ❤️" -Jaybird

All’s good here. I am just watching Dickiebird try and kiss up to Cait lol And chili cheese fries, eh? You sure know the way straight to my heart, Jay 

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When your personal trainer is also your bartender and the friend next to you gets a double large order of nacho cheese bacon fries. Fuuuuuuuck. I’m being good. I’ve avoided carbs, I’ve dunked my drinking and now only have vodka water with lime in moderation and I’ve been up at 5:30 AM three times this week to weight train before work. This. Is. Torture.


Could you do a fic based on the song Seventeen from Heathers? Idec what genre tbh. Love your writing <3<3

 A/N: So I’m back and I think I learned a lesson in that I shouldn’t share anything about myself, my personal life, or my frustrations on this blog. You guys follow me to read stuff and I know you don’t care so if I’m feeling bummed about something I shouldn’t try to vent about it here, so it won’t happen again. However though, in the future, for those that follow me I’d appreciated it if you don’t send rude messages. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything. Anyway, enough said. Here’s a fic.

“Uggggh!” the loud groan coming from the upstairs office snaps you awake. You wipe the drool from your mouth, and look around the room, realizing you’ve fallen asleep while eating chili fries on your boyfriend’s couch while he’s upstairs editing a video. You’ve gotten cheese on your baggy sweatshirt that is most certainly going to stain, and you groan in annoyance. Setting the chili cheese fries aside, you grab a beer and head upstairs to see what Dan had groaned about.

You knock slightly before pushing the door to the office open, and find Dan sitting at the computer, his head in his hands. You stroll up behind him and place a hand gently on his shoulder. “What’s up, babe?”

He jumps, startled, and looks up at you with tired eyes, watery eyes. “I don’t know what the fuck to do. I hate this video. But I spent so long on it I don’t want to waste all that time.”

You move behind him and begin rubbing his neck, “Why don’t you take a break? I’ll make some brownies and we can watch some tv or a bad movie together. Then you can come back to it later and see if you feel better.”

He sighs heavily, leaning his head against you. “I’m a fucking mess. I feel like I’m damaged or losing my mind or something.”

“Well, you’ve been at this for eight hours, which will do things to you. But Dan, seriously, you’re saying this to the girl who just fell asleep with chili cheese fries in her hands and is now walking around in a stained sweatshirt with drool crusted to her mouth. We’re both damaged. But we can be damaged together and then we’re good.”

He chuckles, turning and wrapping his arms around you. “You’ll bake brownies?”

“Only if you help.”

 He nods against you. “I wanna be with you tonight.”

You lean down and kiss the top of his head, squeezing him tighter to you. “You will be. Just forget about this for now. Spend the night with me and come back to it in the morning. I guarantee you’ll feel better.”

The Signs As Quotes From My Friends

Aries -And now my life is shit :D

Taurus - Take Alaska as a souvenir. please.

Gemini - I’ll be a bitch if you want me to be ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Cancer -Folo ur meme drems (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Leo - I got my dick stuck in Swiss cheese send help.

Virgo - I’m flipping you off in my mind.


Scorpio - Y’all are boner killing chicken fried fucks.

Sagittarius - Do birds ever get lonely?

Capricorn - t r i g g e r e d.

Aquarius - Dab for me at my funeral.

Pisces - Would I eat Justin Timberlake’s old hair? Probably.

Tahini & Feta Loaded Sweet Potato Fries.

Can we all intone these four precious words in unison like some kind of entranced bliss-fed cult: LOADED SWEET POTATO FRIES. I know. It just sends you into near catatonic states of excitement, doesn’t it? And what if I told you that they were also baked? And topped with a tahini garlic sauce so full of calcium it’s actually good for you? What then? Would you pass out? MAYBE!

But don’t pass out. Just get your hands on all those fresh summer herbs and some sweet orange yammers and some creamy feta cheese and go to town with these babies.

Get the full recipe via this week’s Intuitive Eating with Kale & Caramel for Sonima, starting here!

One of the coolest things about this fundraiser is that it originated with a young man on the street, who chose to tell a stranger about the love and appreciation he had for his school principal. His name is Vidal, and I had a chance to reconnect with him during my visit to Mott Hall Bridges Academy. He could not possibly be a more polite or charismatic young man.

“I want to own my own restaurant,” he told me. “When I was little, I used to watch my mom cook. Then I started cooking for myself when I was nine. I’d get the ingredients myself at the corner store and make something for my brothers. I just thought it was a good thing for an older brother to do. I can make curry chicken, jerk chicken, curry goat, fried rice, macaroni and cheese, and all kinds of stuff.”
“What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment?”
“Getting publicity for my school.”



The fundraiser inspired by Vidal has been an overwhelming blessing for his school, and has raised over $570,000 to help provide much needed programs for his classmates. If you’d like to help expand upon its success, you can do so by contributing here: https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/let-s-send-kids-to-harvard

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I like your writing yay😊😊 Can you please continue just saying please ily ☺😊

Author’s Note: I never thought about making a part two but here it is.

To my previous Anon: this still counts as ‘the end of the weekend’ right?

#JustSaying (Part Deux) Here’s Part One


“Where’s your boyfriend?” I ask [Y/N] as she slides down the booth. It’s a tradition for us to meet at this diner every Friday and since she started seeing her boyfriend she’s been bringing him along.

“We broke up” she says bluntly as the waiter hands her a menu. I don’t know why the wait staff even bother us with that anymore. Every week we order the same thing. [Y/N] gets a strawberry milkshake and an order of curly fries while I get a double cheese burger with extra pickles.

“Oh” I try to act surprise but I’m not. Lets be honest, her relationship with ‘Mr. Netflix for books’ wasn’t going anywhere fast.

“Yeah, the girls talked me out of seeing him” It takes a lot of willpower not to start fist pumping to express my excitement. Or to pull out my phone to type a reminder to send the each of the girls a muffin basket to show my gratitude.

Our usual waitress comes by to take our orders.

“You deserve better than him, [Y/N]” I tell her while gently rubbing her back. And by better than him, I mean me.

“You guys say that about every guy I date but I don’t think there’s anyone better out there that want to date me” She sighs and rests her head on my shoulder.

“I’m sure there are plenty of guys out there who want to date you, guys who have a real job and don’t make you pay for dates" Guys who play bass guitar and get along with her St Bernard, Cujo.

[Y/N] laughs “If there’s anything positive about my breakup it’s that I’ve saved $100 by not having to pay for dates.”

I turn my head to smile at her as the waitress puts down our food.

In between bites of food we discuss all the important topics of the day.

Whether Teresa Guidice will still be on Real Housewives of New Jersey when she gets out of prison. The blind otter at the Vancouver Aquarium. Michigan State football. Why Alex Gerard goes to the hair salon every single day.

I pay our bill while [Y/N] is in the washroom. As we’re in the parking lot walking to our cars, I realize that with my luck [Y/N] will probably have a new loser boyfriend the next time we meet up at the diner.

"Hey [Y/N],” She stops walking and looks up at me expectantly “do you want to do something else after this? We could go to the movies or go down the boardwalk or the beach…” I trail off trying to gage her interest in the idea but she has on her poker face.

[Y/N] raises her eyebrow “Calum Thomas Hood, it sounds like you’re asking me on a date”

“Well then it is exactly what it sounds like.” I tell [Y/N] confidently.

“You know I’d go anywhere with you, Calum” She giggles and I drape my arm across her shoulder leading her to the direction of the shops.


My friend, [Y/N] and I are walking down the aisles of Costco shopping for the housewarming party she was helping me plan.

“[Y/N], do we really need all this food?” I ask her as she puts a container of seven layer dip in the shopping cart.

“Well yeah” She says grabbing some flannel pajamas off the display. Somehow this shopping trip turned from buying stuff for my new apartment to buying random crap [Y/N] needs.

I glance down at our almost full cart. “How many people are going to be there that we need 150 two bite brownies?”

“Okay, well you and I are going to eat like 90 of them in the days leading up to the party and then that leaves 60 for the fifteen people that are coming.” [Y/N] replies, grabbing some contact solution before making our way to the check out.

I watch as the family next to us buys eight jugs of milk. How are they going to finish that before it expires? “We’ve been out this whole time and you haven’t even said anything about your boyfriend” I’d hate to ruin the moment by bringing him up but I feel like that’s the sort of things friends talk about. Friends.

[Y/N] shrugs her shoulders “I don’t have a boyfriend anymore”. Okay that is definitely something friends are supposed to tell each other.

“What happened?” I can actually list a multitude of reasons why they would break up. First, he cheats at poker, secondly, he thinks that “people only have pockets on their jackets for the look” and wants to invent a jacket with fake pockets, third-

[Y/N] snaps me out of my mental monologue. “His mom walked in on us when we were about to you know…” [Y/N] makes hand gestures that make it look like she’s trying to make a shadow puppet using the fluorescent Costco lighting. “I couldn’t his mom in the eye after that happened so I broke it off”.

The cashier finishes scanning our items and I’ve managed to spend $200 on this housewarming party; even without [Y/N]’s pack of 32 C batteries and three litres of shampoo.

The next obvious step in our Costco adventure is to brave the twenty person long line in order to buy ice cream sundaes.

“Who knows maybe I’ll meet someone at your housewarming party.” I scoff at [Y/N]’s suggestion. “Invite any cute guys?” I’m pretty sure [Y/N] and I have different ideas about the kind of guys she should date.

“I don’t know [Y/N] there might be one guy there that you’ll like but you’ve already met him.” I try to be subtle as  a guy walks past me holding six whole pizzas.

Her eyes widen “Really?”

“Yup.” I tell her confidently as we move up to twenty fifth in line.

[Y/N] bats her eyelashes at me. “Well I hope he’s tall with hazel eyes and a fantastic sense of rhythm and hair the color of the caramel syrup I’m getting on my sundae.”


I’m hanging out at [Y/N]’s apartment after the movies as she packs up her boyfriend’s things. Normally I’d leave her alone to do this but she specifically said she didn’t want to be alone right now.

So here I am. Lying on her couch and reading her ornithology textbook from last semester

“Do you think she’s pretty? Prettier than me?”[Y/N] asks throwing like seven pairs of shoes into a box with “Cheater” scrawled on the side with red Sharpie. 

“I don’t know, [Y/N], I only saw the back of her head"I tell her focusing back on the chapter explaining the evolution of birds. The textbook is quite funny, well not the actual content in the books but rather the speech bubbles [Y/N] has drawn next to the pictures with captions that are just thinly veiled Mean Girl quotes.

"Did she have a nice head shape?” [Y/N] inquires pulling out piles of clothes, hangers and all, and stuffing them into the now overflowing box.

“What?” I ask pulling myself away from the chapter on Flightless Birds. Which is a shame because the Emu just telling the Cassowary: “Oh my god you can’t just go around asking the Asian ostrich why they went extinct”.

“You said you only saw the back of her head, did she have a nice head shape” [Y/N] probably decided she didn’t want to waste her velvet flocked hangers on her ex-boyfriend so now she’s taking them off one by one.

“Um… I guess. I didn’t see any alarming deformities.” I know the correct answer would be ‘no, you’re way hotter, her hair was super greasy’ or something along those lines but I’ve never been good at lying to [Y/N]. Seriously though, how did [Y/N]’s ex get two girlfriends and I can’t even get one.

“How did you not think this was a possibility? Didn’t you say he was always telling you he was hanging out at the mall for like hours on end?” Normal people who aren’t cheating don’t do shady things like that.

“I don’t know, I thought that maybe, just maybe, he got a job that he was super embarrassed about.” [Y/N] seals the box up with tape. “Well that’s everything.”

“When’s he coming to get his stuff.” I ask her, moving on to speech bubble of Stellar Jays telling one of their own that sharing a bird feeder with a Chickadee was totally off limits according to the rules of feminism.

“Tonight at seven.” [Y/N] sits down next to me on the couch. It’s not really a couch, its more like a love seat, which means our thighs are touching.

I reluctantly put down her ornithology textbook and get up. “Well I guess I better-“

“Or you could stay.” She looks up at me hopefully “we could order delivery from that Italian place that’s nearby and watch the Islanders-Avalanche game.”

Well that just sounds like an offer I can’t refuse.

“I guess I’ll stay. Even if it means me sitting through three hours of you gushing over how tall and blonde Gabriel Landeskog is.” I tell her sitting back down with [Y/N] snuggles into my side.

[Y/N] shrugs “What can I say, I have a type.”


I am at [Y/N]’s house putting the finishing touches on my signature dish. In other words, I was putting the sushi I got onto a non-paper and non-styrofoam surface. I also lit some candles I found in the bathroom cabinet. At the time I didn’t realize it but it turns out they were scented. I hope [Y/N] likes the smell of ‘Snow dusted woods’ with her chopped scallop roll.

"Oops,” I said dropping a piece of salmon sashimi on [Y/N]’s kitchen floor. Before I could bend down to pick it up, and totally not rinse it off in the sink and put it back on the platter, her cat Kovu (yeah like from Lion King 2) snatches it up and carries it over to his bed to devour.

Definitely not letting [Y/N] know about this.

After I throw out the takeout containers I hear [Y/N]’s front door open and the sound of [Y/N] humming ‘Mrs. All-American’ following.

”Michael what are you doing here?” [Y/N] asks as I squeeze soy sauce out of the packets.

I point at the banner I put up earlier “[Y/N]’s Post Break Up Extravaganza” She reads. She’s still in her work clothes, she looks so cute.

“You’re celebrating my breakup?” [Y/N] looks like she’s tired of my shit but we both know she loves me.

“Its a big accomplishment” I know I’ve never had to break up with anyone who was ‘Instagram famous’

“You don’t know how hard it was, he had just started incorporating calisthenics into his workout."Y/N eyes the sushi I’ve arranged on the platter. She’s obviously hungry but we need to get something out of the way before we make our breath reek of fish.

"Well we’re also celebrating that I can finally go up to you and do this.” I pull her close to my body and press my lips against hers. [Y/N] moans and tangles her fingers in my crimson hair, deepens our kiss.

[Y/N] pulls aways from our kiss smiling. “Well that’s certainly worth celebrating.”

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” I tell her nuzzling my head into her neck and running my hands down her back. With my cheek pressed against the side of her neck I can feel the effect our kiss has on her body: her pulse is racing and her breath is shallow.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Kovu strut off, he’s clearly seen his fill of PDA for today.

“Mikey, as much as I like making out in the kitchen. The sushi you put out looks really good.”

I laugh and let [Y/N] escape from my arms before she faints.


Blacksburg, Virginia

(In this instance I am the customer and I have placed an online order. I ordered a Sandwich and asked them to take off the Jalapeno cheese because it is too spicy, and paid a little extra to add onion rings on it. I open my order to find it has the cheese melted onto it and 2 measly little onion rings that don’t even cover half the sandwich. I decide to give them a call.)

Worker: Hi, thank you for calling [restaurant]. Is this for Delivery or Take Out?

Me: Hi, I’m terribly sorry to call you, but I just made an order online for a sandwich, and it just arrived. I asked for no cheese and paid for onion rings to be added on. But it has the cheese and the onion rings don’t even cover half the sandwich and are really small. I hate to make a fuss but-

Worker: No, no! It’s no problem, that is unacceptable. Give me a moment.

(He puts me on hold for a little while.)

Worker: Ok, I have them remaking your order right now! It should take about 30 to 45 minutes. Did you ask for extra onions, or onion rings?

Me: Ok, thank you! Do you need the other sandwich back or would you like some sort of proof about the sandwich being how I said? I promise I am not trying to steal or get free food! And it was onion rings.

Worker: No, no need for that. Did you say onion rings, or extra onions?

Me: I paid the extra fee for onion rings to be added on. I’m so sorry for being so picky.

Worker: It’s no problem at all. You’re order will be there in 30-45 minutes and we will comp you your meal and send you some extra fries as well.

Me: Oh! you don’t need to do that!

Worker: It’s quite alright. Have a good night!

(About 30 minutes later my order arrives again. I open it up to find that they have made an absolutely beautiful sandwich… but that it still has the Jalapeno Cheese melted over the top so I can’t just take it off. So I call back, very reluctantly.)

Female Worker: Hi, thank you for calling [restaurant] Delivery or Take Out?

Me: Um. I actually was hoping to speak to [Worker] about an order I just made?

Female Worker: *confused* …O…k… Hold on a second.

(I wait a few moments on hold)

Worker: Hello?

Me: Hi, Yes.. um… I called about my sandwich that you remade and-

Worker: Oh! It’s on it’s way! The Delivery guy left just a few minutes ago.

Me: Actually it arrived and.. um… I’m so so sorry… It um… It still has the Jalapeno Cheese melted on it… You don’t need to remake it or anything, I just wanted to call and thank you for remaking it for me. You don’t need to remake it again I’ll jus-

Worker: *Sounding annoyed* They messed it up again?! Hold on a second.

(I try to catch him and tell him there is no need to worry and they don’t need to remake it but he puts me on hold again. A few minutes go by.)

Worker: I am sorry about that, I have no idea what is wrong with the kitchen tonight. I can’t believe they messed it up again! For your trouble we will be remaking your sandwich and sending you a gift card.

Me: Oh No no no no no! You don’t need to do that! Really! I’m sorry for being so picky, I just wanted to tell you thank you for remaking it! There is no need for all of that or-

Worker: Hush, you should have gotten what you paid for the first time, and certainly the second time. Your sandwich and gift card should be arriving in about 25 minutes. You have a good evening now!

Me: You too but you really don’t need to-

(He hung up on me. 25 minutes later the delivery guy arrived with my sandwich and a gift card for $20 and a little note apologizing for the inconsistency. To the Worker I am very grateful that he took the time to make sure I got my order. And to the kitchen staff I am so sorry for being a bother. :( But that is amazing customer service and I only hope people will read this and see how being polite instead of yelling and getting upset can do wonders.)

mama-jiru  asked:

You send lots of snapchats of your lunches, and I was just wondering if you'd be willing to post a recipe or two if/when you have the time? (I understand you're very busy so obviously no pressure.) They always look so yummy and healthy!

…I- I just ate a bacon burger with fries.