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Soccer Mom [Steve Harrington x Reader]

Word Count: 1303

Warnings: A few curse words

Summary: Steve invites [Y/N] to come demo-dog hunting with him and Dustin.

A/N: It’s my first Steve Harrington x Reader so have mercy 🤗

Originally posted by nancywheeleers

This was the last thing I expected to happen on my Friday night in. My crush, Steve Harrington, had just showed up at my door holding a baseball bat full of nails with a middle schooler bouncing around behind him.

“We need your help,” Steve said as soon as I opened the door. 

“Hello to you to, Steve. What exactly do you need my help with?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows and crossing my arms.

“Monster hunting!” Dustin jumped in from behind Steve, a smiled plastered on his face.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked Dustin and Steve.

“It’s happening again,” Steve said. My eyes widened. Last year when the Upside Down was a threat to Hawkins, Steve, Jonathan, Nancy, and I had teamed up to kill the demogorgon in the Byer’s house.

“You were pretty bad-ass last time,” Steve pointed out, recalling when I beat the shit out of the demogorgon with my own nail bat. “We could use that again.” I smirked.

“One second,” I said, turning around and racing into the other room. I came back a few seconds later in a leather jacket, holding my nail bat. “Let’s go.” I walked out of the house feeling Steve’s eyes follow me.

Dustin led Steve and I through the woods until we ended up in an abandoned junkyard full of run down cars and spare parts.

“Oh yeah, this’ll do,” Steve said, heading towards the big bus in the middle.

“Hey guys!” We turned to see Max and Lucas on top of a hill, waving at us and parking their bike. The two kids ran over to the group.

“Ok, we need a plan to catch Dart,” Lucas said.

“Wait, who’s Dart?” I asked.

“My ex-pet that went crazy and the demogorgon dog that we’re trying to catch. Keep up,” Dustin quickly explained.

“Well if it’s a dog, it should like meat, right? We can lure it with meat,” I suggested.

“Where the hell are we supposed to get meat?” Dustin asked.

“The market, dipshit,” Steve snapped.

“Oh right,” Dustin got quieter, while I snickered. Steve winked at me, and I felt my cheeks heat up.

Later that night us five were hiding in the bus, the meat we had bought sitting outside. Dustin had begun to freak out, his nerves taking over.

“What if something goes wrong? What if-”

“Dude, get a grip!” Steve yelled, grabbing Dustin by the shoulders. “Nothing’s gonna happen, just get ready.” Steve handed him a lighter to defend himself, which Dustin stuffed in his pocket.

A faint Rrrrrrr could be heard from outside.

“It’s here,” Max said, her eyes filled with fear.
“It’s gonna be okay,” I told her.

“Stay here,” Steve said, grabbing his bat, heading outside.

“Steve!” I whispered, causing him to whip around. “You’re not going out there alone.” I grabbed my baseball bat from the corner and walked towards him. “Together, okay?”

“Okay.” A quiet “get a room” could be heard from Dustin in the back of the bus. I just rolled my  eyes and stepped out of the bus, right behind Steve. Both of us started to whistle, trying to draw the demo-dogs out.

“Come on, buddy,” Steve said.

“Dinnertime,” I whispered. “I taste better than that cat, I promise.”

“I can second that,” Steve flirted.

“Not the time, Harrington.”


We were walking towards the growls coming from inside the fog. The fog lightened up revealing a fully-grown Dart.

“Shit,” I whispered, stepping closer to it.

“STEVE, [Y/N]! WATCH OUT!” They heard Lucas scream from his hiding spot.

“Little busy here!” Steve replied, inching closer to Dart.  

“3 0’CLOCK!” Lucas screamed. Hearing that, my head whipped over to my right where I saw another demo-dog stalking towards us.

“Double shit,” I whispered.

“GUYS, ABORT! ABORT!” Dustin yelled. Steve turned around to look at Dustin for one second, but turned back around just in time to push him and I out of the way of Dart who pounced at us. As soon as we regained our balance, we were attacked left and right. Me and Steve kept swinging our nail bats, barely looking at where we were swinging.

“Hurry!” Max hollered. Steve and I made worried eye contact for a split second before sprinting back to the bus, the dogs right behind us.

“Come on!” The kids screamed, but Steve went down as one of the dogs grabbed one of his legs.

“Go!” He told me, but of course I would never leave him. I swung my bat as hard as I could, sending the demo-dog flying across the yard. The kids ran out and grabbed Steve and his bat, pulling him back into the bus, with me behind them to make sure they got in safe. As soon as everyone was in the bus, I slammed the doors shut, breathing heavily from fear.

“You ok?” I quickly asked Steve who looked a bit shaken. He nodded quickly. The dogs were ramming themselves against the locked doors, trying to get in. The bus was getting shaken from the dogs hitting it, resulting in screams of terror from the kids.

“They can’t get in!” I reminded them, hoping to calm them down, but a few of the dogs heads were sticking in through the door. Steve grabbed his bat and started hitting them. Dustin ran to his bag where he grabbed his walkie-talkie and started pleading for help.

“Is anybody there?” He asked. “Mike? Will? God?! Anyone?!” One large blow to the bus made everyone scream. “We’re at the old junk yard, and we are going to die!”

The roof of the bus was getting hit hard, and we could all see the dents caused by the blows. But what we didn’t realize was that one of the emergency exits at the top of the roof was open. One of the demo-dogs was on top of it, peering down at a frightened Max. As soon as she screamed, Steve and I rushed over screaming “out of the way,” pushing the kids behind us. We took out our bats and started swinging at the dog.

“You want some?!” Steve hollered. But the dog suddenly snapped its head in the opposite direction. It retreated and all the other growls and blows to the bus stopped. Nobody dared to make a sound as Steve and I stepped outside the bus to make sure it was clear.

“What happened?” Lucas asked firmly, stepping outside along with Dustin and Max.

“I don’t know,” Max replied.

“Do you think we scared them off?” Dustin asked.

“No,” I said, turning to the kids. “They’re going somewhere.”

“Head inside and gather the stuff, we’ll be right in there,” Steve told the kids. They all ran inside to gather the hunting supplies.

“Bad-ass once again,” Steve said to me flashing his charming smile.

“You really like those kids, don’t you?” I replied.

“They’re good kids,” Steve said.

“Yeah,” I replied, smiling. You know, you’re kinda like a soccer mom. All protective and stuff” Me and Steve both broke out into hysterical laughter.

“Nah, more like a crazy latina mother,” Steve added. The laughter died down, and we knew we had to talk about what was gonna come next.

“Do you think everything will turn out okay?” I asked, fear in their eyes.

“I hope so,” Steve said, cautiously reaching out for my hand. I took charge and gripped his tightly. We both turned to look at each other.

“I won’t let anything hurt you,” he said.

“I know. And if any dog tries to hurt you I’ll swing at it with my bad-ass bat until it’s dead three times over.” Steve snickered.

“Alright,” he said. “Let’s check on those kids.” Hand in hand we began to walk back towards the bus.

“Lead the way, soccer mom.”

Hi this is happening

Welcome to another Billdip Collab! This is Billdip; Summer Memories, which aims to collect a scrapbook type of output.

CONCEPT: Bill compiles polaroids of a summer spent with Dipper and turns it into one big scrapbook which he then gives to the twins on their birthday.

- any artist may join and submit art
- any artist may submit up to three polaroids (one is minimum, three is maximum)
- artworks must be in the following dimensions: 1:1, 16:9, or 4:5 and must be at least 800px800p, 1280px720p, or 800pX1000p in resolution
- the artwork format is like an actual polaroid, meaning backgrounds will be required. Highly detailed backgrounds are encouraged but not required. The characters in the polaroids may be smiling or posing for the picture or caught off-guard in a candid pose.
- although this is a Billdip prompt, your drawing doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic. Remember that the concept is that Bill compiled this scrapbook for Dipper, so it may be Dipper caught in an embarrassing situation with friends, or spending time alone with Bill
- you may draw triangle Bill or your own image of human Bill
- strictly no nsfw
- if you are submitting multiple artwork, try to make them as varied as possible instead of drawing three polaroids of characters in the same situation
- try to include Dipper in all the polaroids unless the situation calls for him to be out of the shot. If possible, include a supplemenary polaroid showing where Dipper is. (supplementary polaroids will be included in the three count)
- Do NOT submit a polaroid formatted submission, as in a pic with the white border. We will format your submissions into polaroids ourselves, so submit the original drawing only.
- Also, the cast will be aged up for the drawings. Dipper and Mabel should appear between 18-21 years old in the drawings. Other characters should be aged up accordingly.

- embarrassing moments
- night time memories
- summer time fun
- forest adventures
- heck if you want to make a polaroid about weirdmaggedon don’t let me stop you
- platonic Billdip or pure billdip is a-ok. Please do not draw other ships so as to avoid any conflict.

- Deadline of submission is July 31, 2017. We need approximately a month to compile all the works. The final output will be uploaded on August 31, the twins’ birthday. Submissions past July 31 will no longer be accepted.
- Submit a short caption accompanying each polaroid you submit! Limit it to one sentence if possible, and remember that the captions were written by Bill. Examples would be “Pine Tree makes the cutest screams when I pop out of nowhere” or “Knew there was a reason Shooting Star is the alpha twin!”
- Upload your work on any image sharing website such as imgur or imgbox or even mediafire if needed for max resolution. Send the link to me, @masterdipster as soon as possible.
- Submit your signature along with your artwork! These will all be compiled and put on the last page! Send them in .png format, like below

That’s all! If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to send me an ask. I can’t wait to see all the lovely art you come up with! Please reblog so more people can see this!

(also if you plan on joining just leave me a message, don’t worry, I won’t hold you to it, just let me know so I have an idea of how many are joining).

[It’s 1 in the morning and Max, Nikki and Neil are trying to escape again. After crossing a gorge via convenient dead tree, Nikki and Max are waiting for Neil to join them. It’s taking a while]

Max: For the love of fuck, would you hurry up?! This is taking too long, David’s going to notice we’re gone soon! Let’s GO!

Neil: (Inching his way across the tree bridge)  Give me a minute, okay? I’m not so good with heights!

Max: (Rolling his eyes) So go faster and it’ll be over with quicker. Nikki and I both did it and we’re fine. There’s nothing to be afraid of! Stop being a baby!

[There’s a sudden crunch, and the tree breaks, sending Neil to the bottom of the gorge with a short yell]

Nikki: (Scrambling to the edge of the gorge) NEIL!

Max: (Staring into the gorge in horror) NEIL?!

[There’s a moment of silence before Neil’s head appears from the bushes covering the gorge floor, covered in dirt and twigs but otherwise fine]

Neil: (Voice strained) Max?

Max: (Breathing a sigh of relief) Neil, thank God. Are you okay?

Neil: (Gingerly climbing out of the bushes) Yes. Max?

Max: Yeah?


Rogue One: Catalyst: Thoughts

- link to my other Rogue One blabberings -

Finally finished reading Rogue One: Catalyst by James Luceno, or as it’s also known by:

  • Lyra Erso: Badass;
  • Lyra Erso: They Could Have Easily Created Parallels Between You and Chirrut+Baze in the Film Instead of Ignoring Your Existence;
  • Lyra/Galen OTP Fever: How to Write a Strong, Balanced Couple While Still Giving Them Relationship Hurdles;
  • “I’m Thirsty for You and Your D, Galen,” Screams Krennic Into the Rain
    • with foreword by Galen Erso, “Who Is This? And What Does He Mean By My D?”
    • and annotated by Lyra Erso, *The dickbag is talking about the Death Star, honey.
  • Tarkin/Krennic: Hux/Kylo Ren Got Nothing On This Hate Couple
  • and finally: Jyn Erso Is A Normal Human Child: how this makes her future character arc 1000x more painful

NB: Have only seen the RO film and have now read this book. This is going to be long and about 90% quotes related to characterization.

General Impression:

  • Writing was okay. Not great, but not bad. (This is especially apparent since I’ve just started reading the RO novelization, and the difference in quality is pretty startling.) Nice quick read.
  • Lyra is fantastic.
  • Galen is pretty interesting.
  • Jyn is adorable and normal, and it breaks my heart.
  • Krennic is… wow, I just want to laugh because he’s so absurd but also a Terrible Human Being.
  • Tarkin is fascinating (see waaaay below for details).

Lyra Erso

  • No one holds this bitch down.
    • “She had no recourse. She wasn’t built to hold things in; to be complacent or compliant.”
    • “Some of Orson’s remarks had made her wonder whether she and Galen were under surveillance, or even whether her personal comlink might be bugged. But she didn’t care either way. Orson may have drawn the line in the sand, but she would be the one to step over it.”

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lazuliandthediamonds  asked:

2 with Damian and Dick with brother love

Dick drew a hand across his brow and brought the batmobile to a stop in the bunker, the loud engine dying slowly when he cut it off. He let himself sit there, to let the exhaustion wash over him in a few minutes of brain-dead, numbing passivity before stepping out of the car and heading to the computer. 

The night was still young for Batman, even if patrol had ended. He had leads to follow up on, research to conduct, a new and extremely potent fear toxin to do tests on… and a boy who had been affected by it to check up on. 

Alfred had been keeping a watchful eye on Damian for the past few days. The first day had been the worst, so bad that Dick had been forced to hold the boy down on the cold bunker floor as Alfred sedated him. They had stood there in silence, breathing heavily, looking down at the limp body of the ten-year-old boy who but seconds before had been screaming bloody murder at invisible enemies. Alfred had been so shaken by the experience, he had been forced to excuse himself almost immediately. 

No matter how many times you’ve seen it, some things don’t get easier with time. Like seeing a young child in so much pain and suffering and being unable to do anything about it.

Damian’s condition had improved gradually, and Batman was able to return to patrol after a couple of days, leaving the butler with his angry ward. His angry ward who had insisted, while visibly shaking and still dealing with hallucinations, that he was perfectly well enough to join Batman on patrol. 

“’Perfectly well enough’, my ass,” Dick muttered as he studied a comparison chart of various fear toxins they had encountered thus far. 

Tt. You’re bleeding.”

Dick turned sharply to face the young, critical voice behind him, meeting Damian’s gaze. The boy jerked his chin at his mentor’s arm, and Dick remembered that it had been grazed by a rough piece of metal that had been strong enough to pierce the worn away kevlar. He grimaced, looking down at his bloody, bruised arm as the dull pain sparked in his nerves. 

“Yeah, tonight was a bit rough,” Dick said, ignoring his arm. “How are you holding up?”

“My condition has improved considerably,” the boy said, a bit stiffly, likely responding to the worry that betrayed Dick’s eyes and tone. 

“Good,” Dick nodded, leaning his elbows against his knees, staring down at bandaged, red-tinged fingers, playing with worn ends distractedly. “Good…”

The silence stretched out between Batman and Robin, both of them holding their breath, waiting for the other. 

“The… diagnostics are still running on that toxin, Damian,” Dick ventured, running a hand through his hair, determined to say something. “But I promise you, I will find an effective antidote. I’m sorry. I-I should have been able to prevent this.” 

He gave the boy a tired smile. 

“I’m a poor substitute for Bruce, I’m afraid.”

As soon as it had left his mouth, Dick knew it had been a mistake. Around Damian, he couldn’t afford to show the extent of his self-doubt, especially regarding his role as Batman. It was the only way they could function as Batman and Robin. Damian had so many insecurities already buried beneath his cold exterior of stubborn pride, he didn’t need to see Dick’s. He didn’t need to feel that burden on him. 

It wasn’t Damian’s job to reassure Dick of his worth or identity. 

He went to brush past the comment, to turn it into a lighthearted joke, to move on from it quickly, scrambling for the fake laughter that usually came so readily.

But instead, he found himself looking up in surprise as Damian stalked towards him, his jaw set in determination. 

Placing his small hands on the sides of Dick’s head, Damian leaned forward and planted a light kiss on his forehead. He held his lips there for a moment, his eyes closed, before letting go and stepping back again. The boy’s cheeks flushed when he met Dick’s wide eyes. 

“Where I grew up, a kiss on the forehead is a sign of great respect,” he explained quickly, before Dick could say anything. The boy hesitated slightly before continuing, his green eyes staring at the floor. “You… have proven your worth, Grayson. I am sure father would be very proud of you, were he here.”

“Thank you, Damian,” Dick said quietly. Determined to keep his voice from breaking. Yearning to tackle the boy and bring him into a long hug, but knowing that Damian had already stretched himself far beyond his comfort zone. 

I’ll take a kiss on the forehead, he thought, smiling at the boy gently.  

Damian clicked his tongue in annoyance, or embarrassment; Dick couldn’t tell which. 

“If you don’t find an antidote soon,” he warned him, “my respect will have been sorely misplaced. And I may as well have just kissed one of the bats in the cave.” 

“I’m sure we can arrange that,” Dick said sarcastically, laughing as a sulking scowl crossed Damian’s face.

Send me a number and a pairing, and I’ll do a short (100-300 words max) description.

Facing the Monster

David stayed down, his entire body trembling, every ache and pain that shot through his body begged him to stop, to stop trying.

He hugged himself, refusing to look up and meet the cold gaze of Cameron Campbell, the man that he’d looked up to for so long, who he’d thought of as his father, who had now taken everything David cared about from him. The campers, Gwen, all of them locked away in his basement near where David lay only meters away from the door, so so close yet too far away. Cameron was the only thing in his way, and David knew he was too weak to stop him. He knew his kind nature would come and stab him in the back one day, quite literally.

He didn’t have a mirror but he knew he was pale, he stared at the cold ground beneath him but he knew if he looked up he’d see blood, his own.

“Stay down, Davey,” Cameron’s voice echoed from where he loomed above David, no doubt preparing his blade for the final blow. “It’s funny, I remember something like this happening almost ten years ago,” he spoke with no remorse, even chuckled in amusement, “yes, when your friend Jasper fell down the cliff. When you were reaching out for him with your tiny, tiny hands… I should have killed you then, David, I would have had to dig a much smaller hole to bury a body of a child, now I’ll have to dig a bigger one I suppose,”

David wasn’t crying, much to his surprise. Maybe he was just in shock, maybe he had just accepted his fate. He was going to die.

What would happen to the children? What would Cameron do to them? To Gwen? Would he hurt them? Experiment on them? Enslave them? David couldn’t bear the thought, it hurt more than the stab wound in his back, it was like a slow, agonising stab to the heart.

No, he couldn’t die. Because dying would be selfish. And David wasn’t selfish.

“You know Mr Campbell, I think I always knew..” David spoke softly but loud enough for Cameron to hear, “I just didn’t want to believe…”

“What are you talking about,”

Cameron sighed impatiently,

“Everyone warned me, but I was blinded… I wanted a hero, I wanted you to be my hero, I wanted to see the good in you, but now I know there is none. You’re heartless, a heartless fucking monster…”

“Watch your language there, Davey,” Cameron mocked with a laugh, “do you want to kiss your mother goodbye with that mouth?”

David didn’t answer, he heard approaching footsteps and knew that Cameron had grown bored of their conversation, and was just going to do what he came here to do.

David reaches slowly into his vest, so slowly so that it appeared he wasn’t moving at all, he wrapped his hand around the handle of his camping knife. He never thought he’d ever have to use it for anything other than cutting ropes.

“You did a hell of a good job running this shit hole of a camp, David, but I think it’s time you resign!”

David heard the swoosh of a blade cutting air and quickly rolled out of the way, the pain in his back was torture, but adrenaline blocked it out completely. He swung his own knife and sliced Cameron’s ankle, sending him to the ground.

“How about a promotion instead!” He growls breathlessly as he kicked the knife from Cameron’s hand and held his own with two trembling hands, barely able to believe what he was about to do, he cried out loudly and closed his eyes as he plunged his blade into Cameron’s chest, three times over. Cameron screamed and writhed in pain, but quickly he lost his strength, and laid still in a pool of blood. “.. because this camp seems to need a new owner,” David breathes, stumbling backwards to the basement door. He fumbled with the lock, hearing panicked voices on the other side. Max, Gwen, Nikki, all of them.

The door swung open and David’s legs gave way, sending him crashing to the floor at Max’s feet.

“Holy shit David?!” The ten year old fell to his knees, “there’s blood everywhere- get up! Did you try and take Cameron on yourself?! YOU IDIOT-!”

“I did it didn’t I…?” David asked breathlessly, “I didn’t let.. any of you down.. you’re safe..” he felt Max’s tiny hands around his arms, soon joined by more tiny hands belonging to the rest of the campers, trying to pull him to his feet, but he wasn’t getting up. He couldn’t.

“You killed Cameron,” Gwen gasped in disbelief, her voice sounded so distant, so far away, the world was spinning and fading, spinning and fading.

“David get up!” Max shouted repeatedly, David thought he could hear teariness in his voice. Did he know too? Did he know David would never get up.

Hello everyone! I’m opening again for some commissions!
I’m opening for 20 commission slots for June/July!

CLOSED! thank you very much!!

I can only do pencil lineart/sketchy type commissions, due lack of time, but I will really appreciare if you want to give me an hand! :°D Thank you!!!

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that deadman video is cursed and I’m feeling quite sick in the stomach.

t̞̤̻͇ͫ͑ͨ̒͊͒̇̅̀̚ū̜̱ͦͮ͌̕͢rͩͫ̎ͩͬ҉̬̞͇̕ͅͅṇ͙̤̻̤͔͑ ̣͕͕͉̂͐̉͢͠m͔̘͎͎ͧͭͥ̄ͮ̎̚͢ě̡͇̫͙̓̒́̋̎̍ ͓̣͕̬̞̘̰̿̏ö̡̰̲̻̭̋̃͌͋ͯ͊ͬ͠n̗͎̝̲̭͕͇̖ͧͮ̿ͥ̕ͅ ̫̠̯̯͓̓͊͛ͤ̚ͅd͓̲̼̾̍ͭ̍̑͐̒͒̕e̵̠͚̬̻͙͎̮͛̇ͬ̕a͔͓̻̬̳͖̭͓̺͗d͍͙̖̮ͨ̑̋̓͛͆͆ͧͅ ̧̛̪̑ͬͦ̋͗͌͞m̯̣̰͈̘͓̓ͧ̋ͮͭ͘͢a̯͕͎̱͇̅̄ͣ̇ͬͤn̪̣̠̯͓̊ͥ̈̿͑̀̒ͯ̚͘͘

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part D)

A/N: Part 5D filled with fluff as always. Epilogue is up next, and wow! Another chapter done and dusted, but fear not- there is still lots to come for these two cutie pies. ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C’)

You stood side stage, smiling as you watched Chris, Anthony, and Sebastian interact with their fans. It was such a joy to be there observing the panel, yet another thing you’d always wanted to do but never thought you would have the chance to. Like befriending Chris, dating Chris, being engaged to Chris, and soon- marrying Chris. You were definitely a lucky one in seven billion; you were slowly checking off everything on your bucket list, both realistic and unrealistic goals. Your gaze refocused on your soon-to-be husband and your smile widened because it was because of him that you were getting everything you’d ever dreamed of.

He carried a love for you so strong, and had so much faith in you that he’d do anything for you. If your dream was to fly to the moon, he’d build a rocket ship and sit alongside you on the journey. He’d told you that a thousand times, and every time you’d believe him. His offer was always genuine, as was his love, faith, trust, and pride. You were a being unlike any other and you possessed a talent he knew would become a world wide phenomenon. It wouldn’t be long until you checked off ‘become a screenwriter’ and 'win an Oscar’, but that was Chris’ words and not yours. You were sure it was going to be ten years at least, considering you were still a student and being recognized as just Chris Evans’ fiancée. Now that wasn’t a bad thing to be recognized as, you were proud to be just Chris Evans’ fiancée; if that was all you could achieve in this lifetime, you’d be absolutely contented and at peace with yourself.

“Chris.” You tuned back into the panel when you heard Max- the host- mention Chris’ name. “I think we owe you a congratulations.” The whole crowd erupted in applause and cheers; both you and Chris immediately smiled, knowing exactly where it was going. “You’re engaged, man. That’s-” The applause and cheers increased in excitement and volume. “Yeah!” Max egged it on, clapping. You chuckled when you saw Anthony and Sebastian do the same, nudging a blushing Chris and patting him on the back. “Congratulations, dude. That is awesome news, we are so happy for you.”

“Thanks,” Chris chuckled into the microphone, dropping his gaze as he grinned to hide his obvious excitement. He may not have enjoyed talking about his relationships before, but with you- he wanted to tell the whole world about you. He was secretly glad Anthony blurted out his engagement news because he didn’t think he could, or wanted to keep it a secret until you graduated. Now as you stood watching him, and seeing how happy he was when they mentioned the engagement- you were glad the world knew too. “It’s exciting, yeah. I’m very, very excited.”

“For those who don’t know who Chris is engaged to, her name is Y/N Y/L/N. I had the pleasure of meeting her backstage,” Max said and Chris nodded, smiling as he threw a quick glance at you; you smiled and gave him a small wave. “And she is lovely, I genuinely enjoyed talking to her.” Chris’ smile widened because he had the same first impression when he met you at the airport. “She’s also very mature for her young age of twenty, I’d even say she’s more mature than you.”

“Max, buddy. You realize she’s watching this right?” Chris laughed, drawing laughter from the whole room. “Yeah, she is. She’s got a very old soul, she’s very old school type of girl. And I love it, it’s one of my favorite things about her.”

“Why’s that?” Max quizzed.

“I just feel like it allows us to have a similar mindset, of what we want in our relationship and in life in general. We don’t have a lot of big disagreements, we argue about stupid things like- who’s the better baseball team. God, I tell you- if she doesn’t ditch her Yankees cap soon,” he glanced over at you and you chuckled, tugging at said Yankees cap.

“The Yankees are the best team,” Sebastian piped up, earning a few cheers and jeers from the audience. “She’s keeping the hat, and I’m sending her a lifetime supply of Yankees merchandise as a wedding gift.” You and Chris laughed. “I’m not kidding, Chris. I will, so prepare yourself.”

“Whatever,” Chris chuckled then continued with his previous statement. “Anyway, as I was saying. It’s hard to find someone who wants the same thing, or just a long term thing in general. I feel like people, especially at her age, they just want something fun and casual. Which yeah, it’s great until you get to my age and find yourself still alone.” The crowd voiced their agreements. “We both agree that relationships these days are moving at a speed we’re not familiar with, or particularly fond of. With modern technology and the evolution that comes with each new generation, there’s a shift in the dynamics of what a relationship should be like. I- we both like to keep things- y'know, traditional. Get married, have kids- the works. It’s nice to meet someone who wants the same thing, it’s refreshing. She’s…” He looked over at you, smiling, “she’s just perfect and I love her.”

The whole crowd lost it at that, letting a wave of “awwww” cascade through the room. Chris grinned as he turned back to the supportive audience. It was nice to be able to share what he thought of you, and his love for you with other people. Yes, he was an incredibly private person who hated talking about his love life. But that was then, he was different now. Now he could’ve talked about you for hours with any fan, or at any interview. He could proudly and assertively tell the world that he was engaged to the most amazing and beautiful girl he’d ever met, as well as help them fall in-love with you as he had.

“Do you think she’ll join us on stage if we ask very nicely?” Max quizzed, and all four guys looked over at you with inviting grins; you shook your head at them with widened eyes. “If you don’t know who we’re looking at, we’re looking at Y/N who is standing side stage. What do you say, guys? Would you like to meet Captain America’s fiancé?”

You felt the butterflies in your stomach get trampled by a herd of elephants when you heard the crowd start cheering, and chanting your name. You shook your head at Chris, who was chuckling. He saw you start to turn and leave, and quickly jumped up and ran to grab you by the waist. He pulled your back into his front and whispered into you ear, “remember on the plane when you said, 'I’ll be there for you if things get too overwhelming’?” You winced, wishing you hadn’t said that; you knew when you said it it would bite you in the butt later. “Things are getting a little overwhelming out there and I’d love it if you joined me,” he told you as he spun you around and took your hand.

“Chris, I don’t want to go out there,” you steadied your stance, fighting against his pull. “Please don’t make me go out there.” You begged then chuckled softly when he did. “There are so many people out there, majority of them are fan girls who probably hate me for marrying their celebrity crush. I can’t go out there, they’re only being nice now because you’re here. I don’t want to say something or do something that will make them attack me when you’re not around.”

“Stop being so paranoid,” he laughed. “I’m always going to be here for you, Y/N. And it’s time you learn how to deal with big crowds, you’re going to have to do that when you enter the Hollywood industry.” You sighed because you knew he was right. “Come on, nothing you do or say will make them hate you. If their celebrity crush adores you then-” he smiled when he saw you smile, “you bet your cute little butt that they’re going to adore you too.”

“Don’t let go of my hand,” you ordered in a tone that told him you were going to join them on stage. Chris chuckled and nodded, entwining his fingers with yours. He walked, gently tugging you alongside him. “Oh my God,” you breathed when you walked into view; the crowd cheered. “I hate you so much.” You murmured to Chris without taking the nervous smile from your face.

“Give the love of my life a hand, everybody,” Chris instructed then kissed the side of your head as the crowd did as he asked. You chuckled softly, taking everything in before you lifted a hand to give the crowd a small wave. “Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?” Chris quizzed, then shared a love-sick smile with you.

Another wave of “awwww” cascaded around the room, which quickly turned into laughter when Anthony called out, “oh, get a room,” in a teasing tone. You and Chris turned to him, laughing softly. Both Anthony and Sebastian, as well as everyone in the room, fell in-love with the two of you. It was so obvious you were irrevocably and irretrievably in-love with the other, so much so that the hatred and the jealousy that some in the crowd possessed faded. Chris was meant to be with you, and you him; one could reject that notion, but there was simply no denying it.

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Hey guys I might finally have time for some new commissions sometime soon! I’ll try to keep it simple and only do busts with a very moderate amount of detail and paint so the price will be quite moderate as well (max 150€). Send me a note if you’re interested (don’t worry nothing final yet). And if you’ve asked about commissions before just remind me and you’ll get priority.

More info coming soon (◕‿◕)✿

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Can you do a Max x reader where the campers slowly get kidnapped and Max doesn’t notice until the reader gets kidnapped

Love, love, loved this request! I hope I did it a justice!

Triggers: Cursing (featuring my least favorite curse word), dark themes. 

The day had started out normal enough. Max didn’t really feel as if anything was truly off. He had rolled off his cot and grabbed a cup of coffee from the tent’s pot. Neil was always up before him and would leave at least one cup’s worth left brewing so Max could have it when he woke up.

He had sat, sipping his bitter coffee and trying to coax himself into actually getting up and facing the day. It wouldn’t be too bad, he supposed. David had said yesterday the activities were going to be a bit lax today, due to Gwen not feeling well. After finishing his first cup, he slid on his hoodie, tucked Mr.Honey Nuts under the bed, and made his way out of the tent and towards the mess hall.

On his way, he passed Y/N’s tent. And, as always, they walked out just in time to be in step with him.

“Good morning!” They cheered at him, voice slightly thick with sleep.

Unlike him, they never took time to actually wake up, just getting up and going. It had taken him awhile to figure out exactly what their schedule was, but now he could almost always walk them to the mess hall in the mornings. They were a creature of habit.

“Yeah?” He said, inquisitively, an eyebrow raising, “What’s so good about it? The day has hardly started yet.”

Y/N just smiled as they walked up the steps of the building where others had already gathered to eat, they opened the door for him, allowing him to pass as they started to speak, “And in what little time I’ve been awake, the day has had no mishaps!”

Just as those words left their mouth, a sudden yell across the mess hall gathering the pair’s attention as Nikki was currently cackling, David standing brushing what looked to be her breakfast off his face. The safest assumption was that it had been catapulted at him.

Max gave Y/N a pointed look as they went through the line, the latter simply shrugging.

“Well, mo mishaps for me, so far.”

He just rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help but laugh slightly as the two sat at the table.

Y/N turned their attention to Nikki, but couldn’t help but frown as they realized Max hadn’t gotten breakfast. They would make sure he ate something at lunch.

“Already attacking David, Nikki? Couldn’t you at least wait until after he announced a disappointing activity?”

Nikki shrugged, spooning some more of what may have been oatmeal into her mouth before she spoke. It almost seemed as if she was determined to speak with her mouth full.

“You can’t blame me. I was hopelessly bored. I need to be stimulated at least once every five minutes or chaos ensue. chaos ensues.”

Y/N seemed slightly amused with this answer, but they turned to Max, mouth open and questioning in their eyes. However, before they could ask whatever it was they wanted an answer to, David had started the daily announcements.  daily announcements.

“Alright campers! Today we’re going to do some bonding exercises! Let’s all meet up outside and get into groups for some fun!”

There was some mutual groaning, but everyone began to clamber outside anyway.

Max too grumbled, raising up and leaving before Y/N could get a word in.

They simply brushed off their discomfort, grabbing their tray and Nikki’s, since she had left hers.

They couldn’t stop the nagging curiosity though. Neil was usually with Nikki in the morning, he would leave after making Max coffee. He was usually the thing keeping her occupied, that or Harrison. But, neither were anywhere to be seen.


David’s idea of “bonding exercises”  ended up being an array of schoolyard games.

Everyone had complained at first, but it ended up being quite enjoyable. Everyone got fairly into the games and even Max was having a good time being loud and getting to act like a child.

That wasn’t too say everyone wasn’t still messing around.

Their game of telephone had been particularly funny. It started with David whispering to Y/N the simple phrase, “Campe Diem!”

However, everyone seemed to agree that it needed to tweaked and changed, and by the time it got to Max, he proudly smirked and stated, “Cunts and Dicks”. David had paled greatly and, while everyone laughed hysterically, quickly changed the game.

They went through a game of Red Rover, Freeze Tag, and even did some actual Trust Falls. (Everyone learned not to trust Nurf.)

By now, most of the day had passed. Surprisingly enough, everyone seemed too distracted to realize it.

“Okay, campers!” David started, seeming to be a bit distracted. He kept going to check on Gwen, and as the day had progressed, he had appeared to get skittish. “We’ve got one more game! We’re going to play Hide n’ Seek, but you have to have a partner! If you two get found, you have to race to the flagpole. Whoever gets there last, will join the seeker side, and their partner will get to hide again! Now, do I have any volunteers for seek-”

Before he could finish, Nikki was waving her hands around frantically.

“Oh! Oh! Me!” She dropped to the ground, “I can sniff hiders out like a bloodhound!”

Like that, it was decided. A few people grouped off, but Y/N appeared to be a bit lost.

“Hey, Y/N,” Max interrupted their slight crisis, distracting them for a moment, “Wanna pair up? I’ve got some wicked hiding places. I bet we could lay low until the game ends.”

Y/N just hummed softly, “I dunno, I was supposed to be with Preston, he said he wanted to talk about his new show… But, I don’t see him.”

They looked around a moment longer, “Maybe he paired up with Nerris and they’re already hiding?”

It seemed they were more talking to themselves, but they just shook it off, facing Max.

“That sounds great! I already have a plan!”


After the sound of a horn hit the air, campers went scrambling in all directions. Nikki’s loud counting following after them.

Y/N tugged Max’s hand as they made their way to the hiding place they had in mind. Their worries seemed to drain away at the prospect of winning a game, and the dropped down underneath a picnic table, surprisingly close to the starting point.

Max gave them a mock accusing look, “You’re not planning on getting us found, are you?”

Y/N sputtered, shaking their head defensively as their real plot to take out the competition was unveiled much sooner than they thought it would.

“I would never!” They said, quite convincingly, had it not been for the pitch of their voice and the shiftiness of their gaze.

Max just snorted, willing to play along with them. Before he could retort, a thump above them startled the two. Y/N’s head crashing into the bottom of the table with a yelp. Nurf’s head suddenly hung over the edge of the table.

“Found you, losers! Get running!”

Max didn’t bother pointing out that he had obviously been found within the first few seconds if he was already seeking, because Y/N had already taken off running in front of him.

He simply shook his head, shoving his hands into his pockets and making his way to the flagpole. With no real prize at risk, he didn’t see any reason to not let them win.

He was fully expecting to see their gloating face when he got back… But they weren’t there.

“Congratulations, Max! You beat Y/N! Now go hide again before you can get caught!”

Max scowled on instinct, shaking his head in disbelief.

“That’s not possible. They were way ahead of me…” He trailed off, he couldn’t have passed them.

It clicked then. The dwindling numbers per group. Y/N not having someone claim them as a partner before Max got to them. Nikki’s boredom this morning. Max turned in a full circle, surveying the surrounding area.

“David… When was the last time you did a head count… Or even bothered to check on the fucking campers.”

A look of confusion crossed the counselor’s face.

“Well, probably this morning! All these games have kept everyone in the same place, so there isn’t any need to worry about-”

Max took off in the direction of the counselor cabin before David could finish. The counselor had to have noticed kids weren’t participating. The kids had ganged up on him before and all hidden to not take part in activities, so maybe that was it. But, he seemed uneasy, he had to know subconsciously something was wrong.

The one thing he’d done regularly through the day was check on Gwen. He would leave. He would leave for mere moments just to see her.

But this game had required he stay at the flagpole. Which meant he hadn’t checked Gwen in a while, and, as Max confirmed his suspicions by throwing open their cabin door, she was gone too.

He stepped in, heart pounding as his brain screamed to get back to David, that there was safety in numbers, but his eyes were drawn to a piece of paper that been stabbed into the desk with a kitchen knife.

I warned you. Now, I’m back.

His eyebrows scrunched in confusion just as the cabin door slammed shut. Max whirled around, coming face to face with none other than Cameron Campbell.

The man had a wicked glint in his eyes.

“Ah, little Maxwell. If I remember correctly, you’re the brat that made David ignore his responsibilities. You’re the reason I got thrown into Super Guantanamo. But! That’s okay, because I got out! And I’m back now.”

Max felt frozen, all sassy remarks stuck in his throat as his eyes darted around the cabin. As Cameron took a step forward, he took a step back.

“Fuck off! What did you do with the other?! With Y/N?!”

The man chuckled, his signature smile sending chills down Max’s back.

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough.”

With that, he lunged forward, knocking Max to the ground. He had attempted to dart past him, but it ended in a slight scuffle. The younger ended up pinned, extremely dizzy as Cameron’s glinting eyes met his own.

“David is gonna pay for turning his back on Cameron Campbell.”

With those words came a sudden pressure across Max’s face, a rag pressed roughly over his mouth and nose. The boy tried to struggle against the weight on top of him. But, it was no use, and slowly but surely, his vision faded to black as panic flooded his veins.

Before you guys ask, yes there is going to be a part two of this! Let me know what you thought!

Mad Max.💡
Kickstarter update: we’ve reached 50% of our goal! Thanks so much to everyone who’ve helped it come this far. Christmas is coming soon, gift your loved ones a painted portrait. If you send in your photos soon enough after the campaign is funded I might be able to send you the digital file before Christmas day!


Hey guys! After hearing that Hero is ending its first volume so soon, @toglidethroughlife (Lexi), @faded-hero (Badrieh) and I (Max), wanted to host a Hero week to say thanks to PB for the first volume, its characters, and to show how much we love it and are excited for Volume 2!

Hero Week will take place November 20 - 26, 2017, a week and a half after the scheduled finale. Just tag me, Badrieh, and Lexi in your posts so we can reblog it, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #Heroweek so everyone else can see your great contributions!

If there are any questions about Heroweek just send a message to @kenjkats @toglidethroughlife or @faded-hero:D

Themes per day: 

There’s a lot to celebrate and a lot of ways we can do it, so our schedule is full of prompts for you Hero fans!

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BTS when you call them in fear because there are noises coming from your kitchen.

BTS when  they are at practice and you call them in fear because you hear noises from your kitchen but you’re supposed to be alone at home.


(serious af) “Someone’s in my kitchen, you said? Ok, if that person touches anything, he or she is dead. That idiot should run.”

(sorry not sorry)


“Baby, last time you said that, you just wanted me to come home. And the other time, it was Jin filming surprise Eat Jin.” (Comes home anyways because he loves you and just can’t say no to you.)


“Ok, jagi. Stay cool and hide somewhere. Jeon Cena will hurry and chase the robber away.” (Doesn’t really think there is a robber since he knows the cat loves to climb around in the kitchen, but still runs home, just in case.)


  • *freaks out*
  • *calls police, FBI, Jeon Cena, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris*
  • *freaks out again*
  • (You end up trying to calm him down)



Instantly worried af, tells you to not move. He would also call the police and try to calm you down.

“Everythings fine, darling. Remember that time, when I tripped over…. ”


Outside: “Euh… Stay at your room, don’t make a sound. I’m on my way.” (tries to be manly)

Inside: “How the hell am I supposed to tell her that I accidently locked the dog in the kitchen?”


On the outside, he would stay calm so you wouldn’t freak out more. But on the inside he would be a mess, scared that there was a robber in your kitchen and you will get hurt. “Stay calm, jagi, I’ll be there soon. I’ll call the police, just in case.”

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So, this was my reaction. Pls don’t forget that you can always request a reaction for Monsta X, Got7, BTS, Exo (max 5 members)! Just  message me until I figured this whole ask box thingy out haha X’D Have a nice day ^^ (Also, I’m planning on doing selca ships. If you like, you could send me a selca per message right away, any group.)

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Friends to Lovers Pt. 9

(A/N) I’m so sorry this one is late! My cousin married and we had an after party yesterday ‘-’ … I’m really sorry!
By the way, Negan will be uploaded tomorrow!

Warnings: Fighting, Swearing, Feelings



If anyone else wants to be tagged, just say so :)

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Four announced me as the winner and got some guys to carry Xavier to the infirmary. I wanted to follow him but Four held me back. After all I still had some fights to win.
After the fourth phase I was the only transfer left, together with three Dauntless born.
They all were bedding which one of them would win, completely ignoring me. Well, now my desire to win just shot higher than ever before.
And somehow I managed to win. I can barely remember my last two fights. The only thing I definitely know is that I dropped dead after I won against the last Dauntless born.
What I think I also know is that Eric caught me before I could hit the floor.

I woke up in the infirmary, Xavier and Lucy beside me. They told me everything they knew, which wasn’t much since they only woke up, about an hour ago.
Either way, they knew that it was time for dinner and urged me to hurry, since they didn’t want to miss the results. Huffing I walked behind them, listening to them chatting.

We entered the cafeteria and Xavier and Lucy walked over to the queue, waiting to get food. I wanted to sit for a while snice my feet hurt quiet a lot. Xavier promised me to get my portion for me, but soon he came back with only one plate in his hand.
“This old witch didn’t allow me to take yours with me.” He sat down beside me and continued swearing under his breath while Lucy sat opposite from me. “No worries Xav. I’ll get it myself…in a few minutes…or hours.” Xavier chuckled at this and hugged my shoulder.
We continued to chat, trying to get rid of this anxious feeling in our stomachs, and slowly, it was working. We talked about everything that came to our minds, completely forgetting that there was a possibility that one of us, or even all of us, have to leave Dauntless real soon. After a few minutes we were interrupted by the old lady that always smiled at me.
“Hey, sweetie. Here’s your food.” She winked at me and went back to the counter, where another old lady was waiting with a sour look on her face. That must be the witch. Sending her a silent thanks, I began eating my food.
I didn’t get very far, Max walked onto one of the stairs, flanked by Eric and Four, and the whole hall silenced, focused on him.
“Initiates! All of you’ve been brave, but some weren’t brave enough. Everyone below the red line has to leave till tomorrow morning. My respect goes out to the rest of you!”
As soon as Max was finished with his speech, the score board appeared on the wall behind him, showing us who has to leave.

The hall erupted in cheers and before I could get a good look at the board I was picked up by people and soon was surfing on the crowd. From up there I had the perfect look at the scores.
I was in first place. I seriously in first place! I couldn’t believe it. Xavier was third and Lucy was seventh. We were all through. I couldn’t believe it! It was too good to be true.
Four grinned at me from the stairs and in Eric’s eyes I could see something that resembled pride. I couldn’t help but smile at him. This moment was perfect. But like always, someone had to ruin it.
I was laughing on top of the crowd when I suddenly hit the floor.
Before I knew what was going on, Tyler sat on top of me, throwing punches at my face.
The crowd stepped back, no one making a move to help me, I had to help myself.

With the last of my strength I took hold of his wrists and rolled over so that I was on top of him.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” I struggled to keep hold on his wrists without him throwing me off. “I’ll kill you, you fucking bitch! And that faggot too!” With one pull his arms were free and he knocked me off him. I tried to get up but he was quicker, throwing me down again with a punch.
Apparently he would really kill me. Well, nice way to go.
“That’s enough!” Eric was suddenly beside me, keeping Tyler from getting to me. Four and Max were there too. They took over and Eric came to my side, helping me up. Taking my chin between his thumb and index finger he inspected my face and wiped the blood from my nose. I tried to turn my head away, but his grip became stronger.
“Go pack your bag Tyler! You’re out!” Max pushed him away and with one more, dirty look my way, Tyler vanished into the crowd. Eric let me go and I turned away from him.
Max turned around and stared at me. After a few moments he offered me his hand. I took it and shook it. “You’ve done well soldier.” He nodded and left, Eric and Four right behind him.
After that the crowd began cheering again, but this time, I managed to stay on the ground.
After a few people patted me on the back, I finally saw Xavier and Lucy waiting for me at the exit.
“You guys shouldn’t have waited for me.” I finally reached them and slung my arms around their neck, glad that they were still here. “We love you too, but we are tired, let’s go.” Xavier took my hand and began dragging me after him. Lucy walked behind us, laughing at me, trying to match his walking speed. When it came to sleep, no one should mess with Xavier.
We were almost at the entry to the dorm, when a voice made us stop.
“Initiate! I need to talk to you!” Eric stood behind us, his arms were crossed above his chest.
“Which one?” I raised an eyebrow and Eric rolled his eyes, signing that I should follow him. Without checking if I really did, he turned around and walked away. Slowly turning to Xavier and Lucy, I was about to continue to the dorm, but both of them blocked the way, showing me that I should follow Eric. Huffing, I did so.
“What can I do for you, Sir?” I rounded the corner and saw Eric waiting for me.
“Why so formal all of a sudden?” He raised an eyebrow, leaning against the wall. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sir.” I tried to keep a poker face, and I think it was working.
“Look, if it’s still about what I said a few weeks ago, I’m-“
“Hell yeah it’s about what you said a few weeks ago! What did you think?! That I would just forget it and we could continue on and pretend you never left me alone and those words never left your mouth? No, Eric. It doesn’t work like this. I don’t know what I expected when I chose Dauntless and I don’t know what I expected when I slept in your apartment. I probably hoped that everything would be okay again, but scars don’t simply vanish. Neither the ones on my back, nor the ones you left me with on my inside. As much as I don’t want to admit it, you broke me. And here I thought that I finally found friends again, I thought that I could lead a normal life. Away from my father, reunited with you. But you don’t want that. Well, at least it doesn’t look like you want it.” I turned around, walking away, and he didn’t try to stop me. “Oh, and if you ever, and I mean ever again mistreat Xavier or Lucy, or call them something that I don’t like hearing, I won’t go easy on you. I don’t care if you are a leader or if I will be factionless after I attacked you. It will be worth it, so watch your mouth.” I kept on walking after giving him a piece of mind regarding my friends.
“(Y/N)! You did well.” He smiled at me, not his usual smirk. A genuine smile. I stared at him, but soon averted my eyes and walked back to my friends.

8 $ commissions or donate-how-much-you-can and receive drawing/sketch (will be donated to boyfriend’s family)

As my followers probably know, about a month ago, my boyfriend and his family suffered a great loss: the death of his father in Finland, where he was working. He died in his sleep.

He was a very kind man, rough at times, mostly because he didn’t want to show weakness so he could be strong for everyone else, even though he was close to losing his mental sanity at times. These people only knew hard times, but at least they had each other. Up until now.

Apart from the emotional suffering, they were left in a horrible situation, financially speaking. My boyfriend was born with Ventricular septal defect (VSD) and his family had to pay for his medication, and later for his heart surgeries at age 7. They had to sell their house in order to pay for everything. 

They had to work hard to pay their debt, and up to this day they are still paying. Now his mother is left without her main source of support, her husband. His mother earns a ~255 $ salary, which is not enough to sustain the family: herself, and her two children, my boyfriend and his 10 year old sister.

My mother promised to help with a little donation, but she’s not a very generous woman, and a difficult person, so I think I will try to help by myself.

I therefore want to open commissions. Most of the money will be donated to his family, to help pay for the funeral, repatriation (costing 5000 euros- a fortune, basically)

I will do 8 $ commissions that will have my trademark “sketchy” lineart, and color added. Additional characters will be 8$ as well, considering the relatively low price I start with anyway. Also, if you want to donate, any sum helps, and I’ll do drawings/sketches for anything you donate as thanks.

I’ll draw a headshot or waist up by default, with a blank background. If you want something else please specify, though I’d rather keep this format- these are really busy days and full body drawings take way longer, for me at least.


Just send me a message stating what you’re interested in. I will reply as soon as possible and will probably finish each drawing in max. ~3 days, since the funeral is on Sunday, March 12. 

Thank you.

😈Halloween Drabbles 2017

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