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Cooking with Bts:

Anon requested: Can you do a reaction to bts s/o and it being like amazing pls?

A/N: Omg I just noticed that you wanted it like the s/o cooks nice not cooking with bts and it turns out amazing. I am sorry, you can send it again if you’re not happy with this.


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The two loves of his life at the same time, can it get any more magical? It will probably be filled with gentle kisses and back hugs as he hold your hands to stir the food. Just picture the perfectest and the most romantic cooking session ever, that’s what cooking with Jin is like.


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“Oh my God that wasn’t supposed to go there?” he brushed his savory mistake off as he proceeded to hug you from the back and nuzzling his face in your neck. Yoongi won’t do much of the cooking but his hands are never leaving your skin.


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“because I don’t want my baby to get hurt that’s why” he smiled a knee weakening smile as he took the knife from your hands and started chopping off the veggies himself. There is occasional food testing with hobi when the spoon wasn’t the only thing you’re placing your lips on.

Rap Monster:

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He is glad the Lords haven’t blessed him with the ability to handle fire and kitchenware because today, you are at the center of Namjoon’s attention. They way your brows forrow in concentration or the way your hips sway as you move across counters. They all bring a smile to his face as he stays unusually quite, enjoying your small talks.


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“You have cream on your lips” he smiled mischievously happy with his twisted way of getting you to focus on him more. As much as the dinner preparation might be sexy, Jiminie will also not forget to add the element of usual humor to it.

V/ Taehyung:

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“you’re saying I can’t cook?” He teased working his way slowly to get you to release that giggle he falls head over heals for. It will be more fun than intimate tbh although when he slipped his hands down your thighs you started sweating over something other than the steamy food.


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Let’s admit it, he would prefer jumping right to desert. And although it all started in good humor and the two of you kept laughing at stuff, Jungkook got slowly more suggestive throughout the process, getting his hands all over you and bruising your neck with possession marks. It’s the classical from 1 to 100 transition.

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“I’m still saying that we play Seven Minutes In Heaven.”  Tony tried again.  Natasha groaned loudly, shooting daggers at Tony and fighting off the urge to kick him under the table.

“For the last time, no.  That won’t work.”

“It’ll totally work!”

“What if we figure out a way to get them to train at the same time?”  Steve offered.  “Have them be the only two in the training room.”  Everyone was quiet for a minute in thought.

“You can’t seriously think that that’ll work more than Seven Minutes In Heaven.”  Tony scoffed, crossing his arms.  This time Natasha actually did kick him, smiling innocently as he groaned and went to grab at his shin.

“That’s a great idea Steve.  Set it up.”

brainstorm hacks a datapad of perceptor’s and changes the password to “i < 3u” and makes the password hint some immense piece of mathematical bullshit that simplifies to that.

perceptor finds this datapad and is like ‘ damnit brainstorm’ but he just rolls his eyes and starts solving it. he ends up with “u > i/3″, and checks the math like 3 times and every time he gets the same thing. 

so then he finds brainstorm and starts yelling at them about ‘WHAT WERE YOU DOING’ and ‘WHERES THE MATH ERROR’ and brainstorm is just like ‘no it says “i < 3u” and perceptor gets about two-thirds of the way through yelling that ‘YOU HAVE TO ISOLATE THE VARIABLE’ before realizing that this whole endeavor was brainstorm sending a love note and cutting himself off to just say ‘oh…’ really quietly. 

he doesnt change the password back.


‘So this is the witch-vampire hybrid, pretty impressive’ I hear the famous Kol talking in my back, Rebekah and Klaus were going to present us because when I met them he was kind of … daggered. I turn around and I have to admit he handsome, at least he looks better than the las time I saw him, with a dagger in his chest.
'Kol, don’t flirt with her’ both, Klaus and Rebekah, say at the same time. I can’t help by laugh.

Requested ↴

samanthaofanarchy: Can you do an imagine where you are a witch/vampire hybrid, and you became friends with Klaus and Rebekah while the rest of their family was still daggered and when Klaus and Rebekah invite you to the Mikaelson Ball, they introduce you to Kol and you two hit it off and fall for each other (real love, not sire love, if ya know what I mean) 😊 Thanks! Sorry if it’s long! But I love your blog!

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Just a little Harry something for you. :) ~S

Every summer since I was 4 was spent in Holmes Chapel with my grandmother. It’s not that my parents shipped me off. My grandmother begged them to send me. She loved having a home filled with kids. She reasoned that if they were going to insist on living in London, the least they could do was let her have a solid chunk of time with her grand-baby when I wasn’t in school.

Having me soon turned into having all my cousins. Our summers turned into a two and a half month long sleep over. Most of us were close to the same age. My aunt Kelly stayed in Holmes Chapel while all her other siblings moved away. Her kids still stayed most of the summer with our grandmother, but we spent a lot of time with their friends during our long summer days.

That’s how I met Harry. My cousin Mark is the same age as me and we often spent our days down by the creek swimming and laying in the grass fields with a group of his friends from school, Harry was among them. We were 7 the first time I met him. Back then, boys were still gross and thought of him as nothing beyond a friend. Every year I return and reconnected with old friends. We grew up but they always pulled me back into the group like I hadn’t been gone all year.

Then Harry left. He went to X-Factor and achieved his dreams. We were so happy for him. That first summer without him was weird. He was always such a bright light. He was the one that brought a lot of the life into our group. We still had a fun summer, but we missed him. It was that summer that I first realized how much I cared for him. I watched his career explode. I was so proud of him. I missed him.

It was two years later that I saw him again. We were 18 but my summers at Grams’ continued. Harry was home for a visit. He was only home for a week, but our friends made it count. He stopped by the next summer too and every summer since, even if it was only for a short visit. It was as if he knew, just as I did, that our summers were something special.

Now, I’m 22 and just graduated Uni. I know this will be my last full summer spent at my Grams. After this, I have to dive into the real world and get a job. A job won’t let me take two and a half months off every summer. I was sad to say goodbye to my summers. I didn’t know how often I would see my summertime friends or if I would ever see Harry again.

But fate was on my side this summer. Harry’s band was on a break, or Hiatus, as they called it and he was home for an extended visit. Most of our group of friends were home as well. It was almost as if there was an unspoken understanding that this was our last summer together. We knew after this, it wouldn’t be the same. We spent nights at the pub and days by the creek just like we did as kids. I also found myself spending a lot more time one on one with Harry. We usually only hung out as a group, but he would text me and invite me over for lunch or dinner without the others. I was thrilled to have his attention. My crush on him had only grown since we were 16.

A month of my summer had already slipped by and I was hoping the second month went a bit slower. I didn’t want it to end. The weather was beautiful. The quiet of the country lulled me into a peace I never fully felt when I was home in London. I opened my window and let the chilled evening air wash over me. I closed my eyes and listened to the buzz of the bugs in the field behind my Grandmother’s house. I drifted off to sleep with a light breeze on my face.

A noise outside my window woke me up. I sat up in bed and scooted away from the open window.

“Don’t be silly. You’re on the second level.” I scolded myself. I was just about to relax back into the early morning peace when a pair of hands gripped my window sill and deep male grunt accompanied them. I squealed and jumped for the mace I always kept next to my bed. My hands fumbled with the small bottle as I panicked. Suddenly, a curly mop of brown hair came into view as my intruder pulled himself further into my window.

“Harry?!” I whisper yelled. He had pulled himself enough into the window now that I could seen a cheeky grin across his face. “You asshole. You scared me half to death.” I shouted. He laughed before starting to slip backwards. I darted forward and caught his arm and heaved him the rest of the way inside and we landed on my bed in a tangle of limbs.

“Mornin’ love. Thanks for the hand.” He rasped, chuckling slightly as he rolled next to me in the bed.

“Seriously, Harry. What the hell are you doing. I almost maced you.” I growled. He laughed a fully belly laugh at this. “I’m serious, I had it ready until I saw your hair.”

“‘M glad you didn’t, love.” He chuckled. “Sorry for scaring ya. I saw your window open when I was out for my morning jog and I couldn’t resist stopping in for a visit.”

“It’s barely 5:30 in the morning Harry. It’s hardly visiting hours. And how did you manage to get up to the second level like that?” I huffed, falling back into my bed. Harry shrugged, like scaling a two story building was no big deal. He kicked off his shoes and lifted his shirt off before snuggling into the bed next to me.

“What are you doing Harry?” I asked as he pulled the covers over us and pulled me closer to him.

“You’re right, love. It’s too early for visiting. Let’s nap.” He pulled me to his chest and started to tangle our legs together. I pulled back.

“Harry, I don’t have pants on.” I protested, only just realizing that I was wearing a big shirt and boy cut underwear.

“I have no problem with that.” Harry laughed out. “But it if makes you feel better…” He trailed off as he reached under the covers and wiggled around a little before pulling his joggers out and tossing them on the floor. “Now I don’t have pants on either.” He reached for me again and tangled our legs together.

“Harry…” I halfheartedly protested again.

“Shhhh, I’m sleeping, Y/N.” Harry mumbled into my hair before stroking his hand down my hair and along my back. I sighed against his bare chest before giving in. His hand traced up and down my back in the most soothing way that I soon found myself drifting back to sleep.

Noises of the others in the house moving around woke me the second time. I felt warm puffs of air against my neck and a weight of someone’s arm over my stomach. Harry was in my bed. I fought a smile as I snuggled my back closer to him. His arm tightened against me as he stirred. I rolled over and snuggled into the space between his shoulder and neck. He mumbled softly against my hair before pulling me tighter against him.

His smell was intoxicating. It made me wonder what he tasted like. My lips were resting against his pulse point and all I had to do was open my mouth and taste him. I hesitated before sliding my hand up his chest and over his neck. He responded by dipping his hand under my shirt and up my bare back. Taking this as a green light, I pushed myself slightly forward and let my lips press firmly against his neck. 

He froze for a second before rubbing my back again, only firmer. I parted my lips and let my tongue dart against his neck before pulling it back. I could taste the lingering sweat from his early morning jog and something else that was entirely just Harry. I felt his breath catch before I continued my assault on his neck. I moved up with small kisses and. licks until I reached his ear. I let my tongue dart out and run from his earlobe to the top. I was pretty sure he stopped breathing at this point and his hands had stopped moving. He was gripping hard and pulling me closer to him.

He rolled us over and smashed his lips to mine. There was no gentle lead up with soft pecks. He dove right in, running his tongue along my lips before pushing it to meet mine. His body pressed mine to the mattress. I moaned into the kiss and arched my back up, pushing my chest harder against his. He had one hand buried in my hair, holding my head in place as he kissed me. His other hand gripped my hip. I felt him roll his hips and grind against me. We both moaned at the contact. His kiss intensified as his hips found a rhythm against mine. Breathy moans and grunts came from both of us as he slid his hand under my shirt and up my rib cage. Just before he reached the swell of my breast, a sharp knock on my bedroom door stopped our movements entirely.

Harry’s lips were still pressed to mine but were frozen.

“Y/N?” My grandmother called. “We are all going out to breakfast. Get up and dressed.” I dropped my head back against the pillows and took a few deep breaths before responding. Harry’s face dropped to my neck as he did the same.

“Ok Grams. I will be down in a few minutes.” I called back, my voice cracking a bit at the end.

“Ok dear. We are leaving in 20 minutes, so get moving.” She said in a cheerful voice. “Oh, and Harry, dear, you’re welcome to join us too.” She added with a chuckle. My eyes got huge as Harry pulled his head up and looked at the door. We both held back giggles.

“Thanks, Grams, I think I will.” He called back, before we both burst into laughter.

“How did she know you were here?” I asked, gasping for breath.

“Great. Glad to hear it. Oh, and Harry, next time you can just knock on the door instead of scaling the wall like that. That wasn’t very safe, my boy.” Grams called before walking away, leaving Harry and I in embarrassed giggles.

“Busted.” I said between giggles. Harry pushed himself up onto his elbows and looked into my eyes. My giggles slowly disappeared as I saw his eyes change from the silly laughs to something more serious. He dipped his head down and captured my lips once more. This time, softer. After a few passes of his lips against mine, he pulled back and smiled at me.

“I have wanted to kiss you since we were 10.” He spoke against my lips.

“Well, it seems you have a lot of catching up to do then.” I whispered. I arched up and captured his lips again. I pulled away a few moments later. “But we better wait until after breakfast to start.” I gasped. He nodded before rolling off of me.

“Later.” He winked before scooping up his clothes. A few minutes later, we sheepishly walked down the stairs to face my all knowing Grandmother.

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I know you probably get this a lot, but do you think Jen and Colin would leave the show at the same time? Like, do you think the two of them have a had a talk about it and plan to stand together and give CS the happy ending they deserve.

I think that if all things were equal and it was up to one of them to return for a finite amount of time to ensure that the characters were given the proper send off that both Jen and Colin would consider the characters and story and would want to protect that and would come back if they could. 

However, both are people with bigger concerns, Jen has her life in LA to get back to and a burgeoning directing career,  Coiln has his family to think of and probably a dream to do a lot more acting wise so I think, like for anyone, those are the most important factors. They will do what’s best for them, as they should.

That being said, I think both love their characters and want to see it end the right way. And, yes, I think they’ve talked about it, because I believe Colin is still under contract for a potential S7 and Jen’s contract expires in April, so Colin is probably very interested on whether she has a desire to return, since what she decides to do (beyond what is dictated by the network in terms of renewal) affects him greatly since their storylines are so tied together.   

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Anger/angry (idk if two different forms of the same word r allowed lmao)

“Don’t you want to know if I kissed him back,” he says.

“No,” says Ben.

“Doesn’t it make you angry?” he asks.

“No,” says Ben.

“Yes, it does.”

“What if it didn’t,” says Ben.

“Didn’t he fuck you?” he says.

Ben’s mouth twists. “I jerked him off,” he says. It sounds sullen. “A couple times. Like, six years ago.”

(from the art school au, poe/hux/ren)


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“I’m really sorry, guys, but…I’ve already agreed to a date with Pietro…” you trailed off, rubbing your arms and sending an apologetic smile towards Bucky and Sam. They had both barreled into the kitchen, asking at the same time if you’d like to go on a date with one of them. 

“What?” The looks on their faces made you giggle. Had they really not seen the way you and Pietro kept dancing around one another? Well, to be honest, until Wanda made you realize you had feelings for Pietro, you hadn’t even noticed yourself. 

“You two didn’t see that coming?” Pietro asked as he wrapped his arms around you from behind. You tried not to continue laughing, you really did - but their faces were a mix of astonishment and anger and it was just hilarious to you. 

“Sorry, it’s just - your faces right now! But, guys, really, I’m sorry but I like Pietro - a lot, actually. If things don’t work out between Pietro and I, though -,”

“Which they will,” Pietro butted in, tightening his hold on you. Before you could say anything more, he was dragging you off. “They definitely will!”

“Pietro! You’re being rude!”

“They were rude first.”

“Oh?” you asked, eyebrow raised and a hand on your hip. “And how were they rude first?”

“By always staring at you for too long. Only I have that right,” he teased and you laughed, trying to shake away the hands that were snaking up your sides.

So I’m DMing Hoard of the Dragon Queen for a small group of friends and my best friend has a half-elf rogue who might possibly be the most ineffective rogue ever created. The last time we played, the rogue fell down two flights of stairs and rolled into a patch of Violet Fungus, which almost killed him immediately (I had to send in my PC to carry him out). Later that session, the same character fell off a short cliff into a pile of garbage and took two other PCs with him, disturbing a nest of Troglodytes. The friend whose character is is has started drawing comics of his rogue screwing up and my tiefling druid swooping in and saving him

So yeah I’m a little strapped for cash at the moment so I’m willing to part ways with some of my girls here and send them off to a home that’ll have them. Yukiko is unopened while the others are like new, and only been out the box like three times max. 

I’m looking at $30 for each and $55 if you want two from the same series! Shipping will be included if you’re in the US. If anyone is interested shoot me a message. I’m only taking paypal.