i will see this with my own eyes

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harry looks better with short hair☕

harry with short hair? truly iconic, amazing, incredible, brilliant and life chANGING!!


nothing will ever top the way harry’s hair looked on 16th sep 2014. phoenix harry was a religious experience, and i honestly don’t know what i did to deserve to see that with my own two eyes

his smile and his two front teeth??/?>?>

like… he just knows.. he knows he’s the king of the world (and my heart)

ummmmm,,,,,,,, stab me with a knife it’d hurt less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uh no i’m not crying that’s just some harry styles in my eyes hahaHAHA

:))))))))))))))))))))))))) (dats me screaming with my mouth closed)

i.. i don’t even know what to say anymore.. guess i’ll just throw myself off a fucking cliff??????

that’s it folks, it was nice knowing yall,, goodb ye cruel world

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So i was looking through Tumblr as usual and found a few Lapis redesigns, they’re very beautiful with color changes and additions, and that got me thinking. Many of you complain about Lapis’s design and i get it, she’s brighter than my future and doesn’t have those golden specks that you see on real Lapis Lazuli stones.

Is she a gem or a glow stick amiright?

But here’s something i realized, you know the Ruby crew, the group of Rubies that are surprisingly diverse.

One of the first things you notice is their different color tones, from the light Eyeball to the darkest Leggy, and people have speculated that the lighter a gem is the longer they have lived. Eyeball has seen the war, she witnessed Rose shatter Pink Diamond with her own eye, so it’s safe to say she’s been around longer than the rest of them. Leggy is the newbie, and as we can see, she’s the deepest red of them all. Knowing this, i believe the reason for Lapis being so neon (although they could have washed her down a bit to be easy on the eyes) is because she’s very old. Like eyeball, she’s had a front view of the war, and who knows how long they’ve been in existence before that.

Now, let’s move on to the gold specks that everyone loves to put in their fanart. Like her skin tone, many find it an issue that she’s purely blue, but that’s no mistake; our Lapis is not just any Lapis, she’s what i would call “expensive”. Here’s a Lapis Lazuli of higher value:

Do you see gold or grey? no? that’s because of it’s lack of pyrite and calcite, which makes it more valuable. From this, i can assume that this stone has a lower quality:

And this one? probably at the bottom of the barrel.

If i’m indeed correct, just imagine the variety of Lapis Lazulies on the show. I’d absolutely LOVE to see a freckled water witch, or a blue and grey cutie who might be seen as inferior but we’d fancy her nonetheless, or at least one with deep blue skin that the critics wish our Lapis had. I might be wrong and made this whole post for nothing, but i just had to get this off my chest so all of the confusion would hopefully clear up.

this is the last time i’ll talk about the jacket matter but since it’s pretty clear keith is NOT wearing his own jacket (unless my eyes are deceived) i’ll show you what are the other possibilities based on what we’ve seen with hoodies:

1) he’s wearing another blade of marmora suit, the ones that come with the hoodie

but in the keith’s drawing u can see his knuckles. meaning they’re not covered up. besides the sleeves were longer.

2) his space mall outfit

but here he’s wearing his normal jacket so…nope

3) the rebels outfit

now while this is possible, their hands are covered as well.

4) lance’s jacket

the sleeves’ lenght corresponds and so does the hoodie. i’d say that in one of the pics it looks like he’s wearing the hoodie on his head.

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this is gonna be kinda dark.. but what if the host was blind because of his own actions like he saw something he didnt want to see, something that scared him him so much that he tried to stop the visions so he tried stabbing his eyes out thinking it would stop the visions but instead it just made them worse so he has to keep the bandages on now because he cant heal himself and he doesnt wont to show weakness. if someone asks he just lies about it makes himself seem badass

oh…my god…
i NEED this to be canon. i fuckin need it

If you are the praying type please pray for this family.

Yesterday I heard devastating news in my town about a young mom with three small children who was diagnosed with colon cancer in December and whom has now entered hospice for the final stages of this brutal disease. I’ve thought about myself and how I’ve fretted these past few months about being betrayed in a relationship and how long I’ve sat here feeling sorry for myself and feeling like some sort of victim. As this woman bravely faces the end of her life it has woken me up to my own gratitude. I am grateful for this life no matter how imperfect or disappointing it can be. I am grateful for the people in my life; the friends and family and strangers who show me kindness, support, love and authenticity. I am grateful for my eyes that allow me to see this beautiful world and these legs to carry me on my travels. I am grateful for the path before me because I know as long as I’m living it is full of hope.


Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, fleeting OCs,

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: mention of bullying, implied smut (very very light)     

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Summer

I could share some thoughts with you I had pre writing this fic, but I’d rather let you read it and form your own opinions and maybe share my thought process later if any of you should be interested.

Betaed by my sassy sweet lil sis @mysupernaturalfics

You had been tossing and turning all night long. Usually this day of the year was spent crying your eyes out, knowing that you would hardly see him again until next summer, but this year you had spend it thinking about the life you had and the life you could have.

Jensen Ackles had been your friend and protector all through life. In middle school you were the girl that liked to sit and draw rather than go play sports with your classmates. In high school you prefered to sit alone in the cafeteria in listening to music, sketching in your notebook, while he was the boy that was always surrounded by a huge group of people. He was a popular kid, but not mean because of it.

Actually, you were sure he was the sole reason why you got through your school years without ever really being bullied. Having him wink at you as he passed your table, where you always sat drawing and listening to music, keeping away from the noise that was high school. He stopped and talked to you by your lockers or teamed up with you in the classes you were in together whenever the teacher demanded you to do group work. You weren’t sure if he knew what he was doing, keeping you safe by interacting with you, or if it was simply just who he was.  

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We both took a seat in the living room, waiting for the other to speak. It was Jeremy that opened his mouth first in the end.

“I’m sorry for just coming here out of the blue, Pip. I really am.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Sorry… I can really see elements of myself in your looks and personality, you know? You definitely have my temper, it seems,” he chuckled. “I really feel guilty for not being there to see you grow up.”

“Yeah, well that’s your own problem. I have someone else to call Dad and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.” I rolled my eyes.

Jeremy sighed.

“I can understand that. You know, I always knew that your mom and Luke would end up being together in the end. How many siblings do you have?”

“Four. Three sisters and a brother.”

To Me: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Inspiration: Billy Joel’s ‘She’s Always A Woman’

Featuring: Emily Prentiss x Female Reader, BAU Agent

Setting: Season 7

Rating: Mature        Warning: Unhealthy relationships, Smut, Religion

A/N: This song got stuck in my head and all I could think about was how it fit EMILY to a tee. I own none of the characters/ lyrics / images. Here is my first piece featuring the gorgeous and fierce Agent Prentiss. The reader is a little hopeless guys, I wanted to make her a challenge. I hope you enjoy. xoxo Stu

She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
She hides like a child
But she’s always a woman to me 

You and Rossi were talking video games in the conference room on that Tuesday morning. JJ was hovering by the doorway, she had Spencer and Garcia going over ideas for Henry’s birthday party. You were proud of Spencer, being such an active Godfather. Emily was running late, nursing her coffee, her lip stick staining the lid. You inadvertently lick your lips as you notice hers. Finally, Hotch entered the conference room at a hustle, nodding to Garcia.

The bubbly blonde took her usual place by the giant screen. “Alright, we have three dead in the forest of Vermont. Victims are all female, white and brunette, ages are harder to pin-point. The dumpsite was discovered by a leadership retreat; the company that owns the land wants it out of the press as long as possible. No local missing persons match the victims, and the local officials need all the help they can get.” Garcia said without taking a breath.

“Garcia, what do you have on C.O.D.?” Reid inquired.

“Oh, yeah, the icky stuff,” Garcia pouted, “Best guess so far is, they were crushed to death? The M.E. has a lot of work ahead of them, the bodies had been there from 3 months to two days, respectively.”

“What are we talking about here?” Emily pressed, “Boulders? A compacter? An Acme Anvil?” You smiled despite yourself, her humor was dark.

“Nothing is ruled out at this time,” Hodge added.

“It would take approximately 4000 newtons of force to crush a human femur bone. To crush the whole body it would need consistent pressure ranging from 2300 newtons approximately 520 lbs of pressure for the skull to up to 19000 newtons the maximum force human bone can withstand. Obviously death would occur without that much force, but these crime scene photos show overkill. This was not something the unsub could have done alone, he would need help mechanical or otherwise.” Reid shared.

“If he decimates his victims, how is he transporting them to this dumpsite?” You interject. “Wouldn’t that be a mess? He would need a lot of planning.”

“Is the cause of death just a forensic counter-measure?” Rossi noted, “To obscure the identities of the victims? What is he doing with them before then?”

“With Morgan on vacation, we need to be on our toes.” Hotch closed the briefing, “Wheels up in 20, its a quick flight.”

You watched Emily gather her tablet and notes. Her hair a curtain hiding her from complete view. She was graceful, confident and you were still completely in love with her.

The case dragged on, more bodies, more evidence to shift through. You and Garcia had finally pinned down who the victims were; all seven were soccer moms-types missing from different states of New England. So far the unsub hadn’t found a victim in the same state twice. But with the discovery of his dumpsite, he knew the FBI and the BAU were on to him.

Hotch had sent you and Rossi to Maine to speak with the latest victim’s family. It was a terribly long drive for such a small distance to cover. The files in your lap kept calling out to you, but your mind needed external stimulation, even insight.

“Rossi, do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or more of a Casanova?”

“Well, kid, way to hurt a guy while he’s down.” Rossi chided. Rossi had just got back from burying his first wife. “I like to think of myself as a little bit of both.” He seemed thoughtful, “But with the work, Casanova is the only thing I can offer, ya know?”

You nodded, appreciating the honesty.

“Can I ask where this is coming from?” Rossi asked knowingly.

“I am debating on who I want to be.” You admit. “There are needs and there are wants. Sometimes they don’t fit the same person. I NEED to move on, but my heart won’t let me.”

“Y/N, you are a tough one. You can get over her, but you have to make the decision to do so. Stop with the moping, maybe?” Rossi was summarizing, the emotional stuff wasn’t usual what he had to talk with you about.

“Maybe.” You agree, with an embarrassed smirk.

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the way bellamy said ‘i got you for that’ in such a small voice and the little shake of his head, he knows she’s saying goodbye in her own way and bob morley is such a fantastic actor that you can see in his eyes how he’s basically begging her not to leave him again. those three words that have a deeper meaning behind them, you can take it in whatever context you’d like but to me he’s basically saying ‘you can’t rule with just the heart and you’re my head so i need you in order to do this’

I find myself wanting to make things more accessible or explain things in layman’s terms to people constantly, so they can see otherwise boring-seeming scientific/academic things in a new light and go cultivate their own interest in it. Not everybody has time (or will, or ability) to read papers or go through textbooks, especially without strong prior interest fueling them. But I know that there are countless topics many people would enjoy thinking about if snobbery hadn’t barred them from learning.

I can only speak as a working-class person from the UK, but I know I turned my nose up at so many things before kind nerds with passion in their eyes explained to me in very simple terms why the thing is actually cool to them.

Obviously academia has its place, and not everybody has to know or care about everything, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was acceptable to just ask about things you know nothing about, and nobody would make you feel shitty? Rather than the current culture of expectation that you’ll go and form a degree-level opinion independently, before you get to even have a conversation with another human?

At the same time, I don’t want to patronise anybody, and straight-up asking “do you know about X?”, “do you find X confusing?”, and “would you like to know about X without any obligation or testing on it later?” aren’t really socially acceptable approaches.

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I own black sclera lenses that make your entire eye black, like 2-D's eyes. How would he react the first time he he sees his s/o wearing these contacts? My guess is that he automatically assumes Murdoc is to blame and is a panicky mess! Thanks for your time and keep up the awesome work!💞

(You’re very welcome and I will ♥)

“This morning I finally got my new lenses and I’m so happy with them! I’m going to prank 2d with it and I’ve already got it all planned out. I’ll stand behind him, cal his name and when he turns around, he’ll be scared shitless!”, I tell enthusiastically. Noodle raises an eyebrow and giggles. “I can’t wait to hear how it went”, she says.

Later that day, I walk up to Stu’s room, wearing my lenses. He’s playing around on his keyboard a bit and doesn’t seem to notice me yet. “D…”, I whine. He looks up from his keyboard and smiles at me, but before he can even say anything, his smile quickly disappears. He throws his keyboard aside and rushes up to me. “O my god, y/n, wha’ happened?!”, he asks worried as he cups my face with his hands. “Oh, it’s-…” Before I can say anything else, he cuts me off. “It was Murdoc, wasn’ it? He always does this!” I notice that his breathing is getting heavier and I see the panic in his eyes. “God y/n, wha’ did he do to ya?” I look into his eyes (black holes of nothingness). “Stu, it’s fine…” “No, it’s not fine! Y/n, there is no good excuse for this! Wha’eva he did is unacceptable!” I put my hands on his cheeks and kiss him to get him to stop talking. “Stu, they’re fake”, I whisper against his lips. I finally feel him relax and he wraps his arms around me, kissing me back for a while, but then pulling away. “I should’ve known…”, he chuckles and our lips connect again.

“I see you’re expecting!”   Matthew Picaso stopped on the sidewalk in front of the Beaker house.  “My wife just had a baby!”

Circe really didn’t care about Matthew’s new baby. She could barely bring herself to care about her own. But she was still looking for a test subject replacement and couldn’t afford to let an opportunity to find one slip by.   “Oh really? That’s amazing!  Tell me about the baby!”

Matthew went on and on about the baby’s weight, how long it was, the color of it’s eyes,  even what color it’s first poops were. 

Circe was struggling not to hurl… or roll her eyes… or yawn… sometimes all three.  “oh.. um.. .wow.  Do you have a doctor for her yet?  I’m a doctor.”

She wasn’t exactly looking for a newborn….  She’d passed that stage of her experiments a long time ago. But…. ‘opportunities were what you made them.’

“Oh yeah, of course, on the military base.”  Matthew beamed- always proud of his chosen profession.

‘well shoot’  there went that idea. 

“People round here have been saying you have a science lab?”   Matthew brought a new topic around. 

Circe smiled gleefully, sensing an opening. She leaned forward, speaking in a conspiritorial whisper.  “I do testing,  for your military,  top secret.”  she winked.

Matthew didn’t even question it.  But his eyes lit up like a kid on christmas morning.  “Oooooooh I didn’t know that.  Could I see your lab sometime?”

Circe could barely hide her glee.  “Of course!  Maybe I’ll even let you …. participate!”

Kobe:  what fresh hell is this?

Egyptian darkness

One Sabbath morning, I preached from the text, ‘My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?’ and though I did not say so, yet I preached my own experience. I heard my own chains clank while I tried to preach to my fellow-prisoners in the dark; but I could not tell why I was brought into such an awful horror of darkness, for which I condemned myself.

On the following Monday evening, a man came to see me who bore all the marks of despair upon his countenance. His hair seemed to stand up right, and his eyes were ready to start from their sockets. He said to me, after a little parleying, ‘I never before, in my life, heard any man speak who seemed to know my heart. Mine is a terrible case; but on Sunday morning you painted me to the life, and preached as if you had been inside my soul.’ By God’s grace I saved that man from suicide, and led him into gospel light and liberty; but I know I could not have done it if I had not myself been confined in the dungeon in which he lay.

I tell you the story, brethren, because you sometimes may not understand your own experience, and the perfect people may condemn you for having it; but what know they of God’s servants? You and I have to suffer much for the sake of the people of our charge … You may be in Egyptian darkness, and you may wonder why such a horror chills your bones ; but you may be altogether in the pursuit of your calling, and be led of the Spirit to a position of sympathy with desponding minds.  Charles Spurgeon

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Um... shine bright like a diamond? Arceus help her, she may look unconcerned but this bitch has a straight up *clipboard*. Plumeria is reporting for judgement... and appearing much more chill about this than she actually is.

“Hmph….The Skull Admin herself….” Nyx puts her pen away, only to pull a handkerchief out to cover her mouth and nose. 

“Hmm… Why my opinion matters to Skull is but a mystery to me…but very well.” 

She clears her throat. “Your features are very beautiful, but those eyes tell of violence and time well spent on frivolous things….But how you hold yourself is much how I hold my own. So respect must be given on that end.”

“And…I am a woman who does take care of herself, so it is refreshing to see another take such care of what few good features she does have. …In short, I admire you makeup.” she chuckled into the fabric, hiding her lipstick.

“But….The way you dress could be improved. But seeing how Skull dresscodes go…I see it could be fitting….And such wild hair….I’d prefer it if it was formal in some manner….”

“Hmm….” Her gaze pierced into Plumeria’s eyes. Seeming to analyze the girl long and hard. 

“I will give you a 7 Skull Admin Plumeria….Consider it a gift.”

Can we talk about the concept of humans adopting other sentient aliens as equal members of their families?

Like, in the posts I’ve seen so far, there’s mostly talks of humans adopting dangerous alien critters as pets but what about humans adopting sentient aliens?

“Human-George, just leave that be, they’re just a runt.” - “… No.” - “Human-George, you can’t - put them down! What are you doing?” - “Krlunk, I’m not leaving a child behind on this forsaken moon to die.” - “But they’re just a runt, not worth raising. The broodbirther and the feeders must have left it behind when they migrated 5 sols ago.” - “Are they going to come back?” - “No, Human-George, Twargs migrate for long periods of time, and we can’t spare the time to go after them.” - “Then I’ll take them with me.” “- “What?” - “I’ll take this little champion here with me and I will raise them as my own.” - “You- you can’t just do that! You can’t just spill your pack-bonding instincts- Human George!!! Get back here!” - “Don’t listen to Krlunk, kid, I won’t leave you here alone. Doesn’t matter how many appendages you have. You hungry? Thought so, let’s go get you some grub.” - (in the distance) “Human-George! The extra rations are coming out of your pay!!!” - “See if I care, Krlunk. Go eat paperwork or so.”

Imagine human patchwork families with little aliens raised and loved alonside their own, imagine some human trying to explain to crewmates how they have a Twarg sibling and a Sh’ilean sister even though their parents look very much human, imagine humans parents trying their very best to provide their alien child with the best possible care.

Also imagine it the other way around. Humans getting adopted by aliens and bonding with them just as much as they would with their own kind, either through deeds or just love. Humans building their own families in a wild mix of colours and number of appendages or eyes.

“So this is my human side of the family, see, these are my human parents.” - “Is that your larval form in their arms, Hooman-Cassandra?” - “Sort of, yeah, and this is my Gran’hroo mother and all of her children.” - “How can you have a Gran’hoo relative? I thought your kind could only come from a bonded pair of hoomans?” - “Oh, I used to live on the same mining colony as her when I was a child and I’d play with her children, spent most of my days in their house and one day I called her ‘Acraï’ - ‘mother’ in Gran’hoo language - by accident. It kind of stuck. She took me in when my parents temporarily left for another space station and I wanted to finish my education where I’d started it. When I left for my first space journey, she gave a clan insignia and called me her daughter so yeah… this is my Mom, my Dad, and my Acraï and they’re all my parents.”