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Natalie Portman's 'Annihilation' Shows Off Creepy First Footage at CinemaCon

Annihilation made its way to CinemaCon on Tuesday, where moody footage debuted.

Portman’s character gets emotional when her husband (Oscar Isaac) returns home after 12 months, but he’s impassive, barely responding to her when she kisses him.

Readers of the adaptation of the acclaimed sci-fi novel from Jeff VanderMeer will know that when a person returns from their missions … they aren’t quite themselves.

She presses him for details of his mission.

“I don’t know where it was, or what it was,” he says.

He drinks from water, and she sees blood on his glass. Soon, he’s in an ambulance, spitting up blood as she attempts to comfort him, and government black-ops SUVs surround the ambulance, as does a chopper.

Cut to Portman’s character in some sort of quarantine, looking at her dying husband. She learns that there’s an area of the United States in which an unexplainable phenomenon is occurring. No one has come back, except for the husband - and now Portman’s character will join a mission to find out why. 

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So quick run down of life cause I am like, never on here anymore lol

First off, I started a new job at Petco. I am no longer at PetSmart. I work fulltime, training to be a dog groomer.

I am dating a guy named Uriah. I met him at PetSmart. He had been working there about 2-3 months before I started. We’ve been friends for a while, but at the beginning of the year started dating.

And the biggest news. I have now gotten top surgery. My doctor was Dr. Garramone. I flew from Phoenix Arizona to Davie Florida. Surgery date was March 23rd, 2017. I am still here in Florda, as my post op appointment is tomorrow, March 29th. It will be the first time my bandages are taken off and I will see my flat chest for the first time.

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That's the thing. People can be angry about the difference in their situations but I feel like a LOT of people are blaming harry for it and being bitter towards him. As if it's his fault Louis is in the situation he is in... I feel like many expected harry to only release music when Louis was free and that's not fair towards Harry. And people are demanding way too much of him. He's also an artist and besides he has contracts and obligations to uphold. Louis is working. Why shouldn't harry??

Harry literally stayed back, playing with his alien family, for 15 months. Babygate OBVIOUSLY lasted a lot more than it was meant to. What else could have he and Louis done? Stop their lives forever? And, by the way, the 7th is not here yet. Let’s wait to see what changes may take place in this short period of time. Because things seem hot to me right now. 

When I first started identifying as poly, I made a friend (S) on OkCupid. He and I hit it off immediately, but hanging out wasn’t possible - he lives in Nebraska. As much as I wanted to see him, affording a plane ticket wasn’t feasible with all of my bills at the time. We have kept in contact via text and Facebook, but circumstances in his personal life have kept him pretty busy for the past few months. We have been reconnecting in the last couple weeks and it has felt really, really good.

Back in September, my sister and my best friend and I decided that we were all going to meet in Los Angeles for RuPaul’s DragCon. My sister and I wanted to make our travels a road trip - we will be driving across the country and stopping and exploring along the way - and it just so happens that we will be driving through Nebraska on our way back. After almost two years of online correspondence, S and I will finally be meeting! I’m so, SO excited to see him in person and hug him and interact with him outside of random texts throughout the day. It’s going to be so fun.

S and I have always had little crushes on each other, something we discussed a bit last night. I’m not sure what we’d be able to do or be living so far from one another, but it will be nice to meet in person and just sort of see how things play out. If nothing else, meeting an online friend and making him a real-life friend is going to be the best. I have such a soft spot in my heart for him - he was one of the first people I came out to as polyamorous and he helped me through a lot when I was struggling in the beginning. It’s going to be nice to thank him in person and let him know exactly how much he helped me.

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I'm thinking about making this into a story but Reader and Bucky have been secretly dating one another and while Bucky goes on a solo mission but during that mission he gets captured and becomes the Winter Soldier again. During that time reader finds out she's pregnant and worries she'll never see Bucky again. After months Steve finds him and brings him back where upon seeing "readers" huge belly. Bucky knows it's his child and he falls to his knees kissing "readers" belly

Oooooo sounds like an interesting story!

Daddy Wednesday™ 

Low down on the boys

Case is headed towards TPR. DCFS wants them in a foster to adopt licensed home for over 6 months (before TPR happens). Current foster home is not an adoptive home. Older boy (actually 2 not 3 SURPRISE wrong age was given) has OT and ST here in our county and they don’t want him moved out if possible. I gave a tentative yes. Baby is developmentally on track, wasn’t born drug exposed (🎉), and apparently sleeps through the night (doubtful).

We will see.

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I still love/miss my ex. It's been months and he has a girlfriend now but I feel like I can't move on

cut off things with him!! if u guys r still talking try to spend some time away from him and see if that helps at all. focus on urself for some time and try to see that u can be happy without him!! spend lots of time with ur friends and make new memories to replace the old ones. and just remember that he’s not the one for u and that u can find someone better for u u know? i know moving on is hard but rly just give it time and be patient with urself and just keep trying and one day i promise it won’t be so hard anymore

      So here we are like seven months later, we finally get wrathguards back, and I’m astonished to find out that even after all this time and reworking, mine is still Daggorath. 

      Daggorath has been my wrathguard since I started playing the game almost five years ago and I was so glad to see it’s still him, I honestly might cry.

But here’s the thing with Harry being on snl!!! We’re not just going to hear a new single (maybe even two) we’ll get to hear what Harry sounds like live, what the general vibe of the album will be, how harry will act on stage, what style of clothing he’ll wear, how he’ll wear his hair, and!!! It’s so exciting!!! We’ll get to see him maybe even act in some skits, and take photos for promo, and laugh and smile and talk!!! We’ll hear him actually talk in months!!! Will I ever stop screaming!!! No!!!

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this is my first time requesting from you but could you please write relationship headcanons for Mephisto. Especially ones where he goes from being friend with his s/o to being a together? Thank you

I apologize for this being like, months later, and also probably not very good. I kinda separated myself from the fandom for a bit, but I’m trying to get back into it. I hope these are okay.


  • He’s not the kind of guy who’s into serious relationships, but he is the kind of guy who goes into new situations just to see the outcome. Even if he doesn’t expect much from the relationship initially, after a long period of time, he may grow attached. If they die or leave him, he’ll act like they never mattered, even though he’s secretly sad.
  • He’s not very open with his emotions, and since he likes to keep an air of mystery, he’s always giving mixed signals. Dating him is like a game of Secret Santa: You never know what you’re going to get. As you get to know him better, you catch on to his patterns and are able to see past his facade. He doesn’t like this, but he admires your intelligence.
  • He’s actually very picky and hard to please. He’s not the kind of partner who believes the thought is what counts. He’s kind of a narcissist, so he feels like he deserves the best, and if you gave him something he disliked he’d probably throw it away in front of you. (If he really cared, he’d ask if you still have the receipt or re-gift it to someone else.)
  • He would be fully aware of his emotions towards you, but wouldn’t acknowledge them. Not to say that he’d repress them, but he would never expect much from any relationship with a human (or even another demon.) This ties in with all of the points from above; he keeps his emotions private, he sends mixed signals, and he’s a tad narcissistic. 

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And just about the time I am sitting here in awe of all of the support he’s getting after months of everyone flipping shit over him doing this to begin with :x  I suppose we will just have to wait & see what the future holds for our blond hero, won’t we?

Originally posted by usualotakugirl

Thank you so much, nonny ♥ Your love & enthusiasm is much appreciated ;)))

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What was going on in the twilight fandom to where you're getting flashbacks now?

rob was constantly put on a pedestal by his stans being all,  ‘he’s the actor of a generation!’ and ‘he’s going to be the greatest ever he’ll take over hollywood!’ when in reality the second the twilight movies were over and his pr obligations to the studio were over he became an extreme indie film actor whose public exposure drastically decreased to the point where you almost never see or hear about him if you’re not already paying attention (and even then it’s sporadic [i follow two rob update accounts and they post maybe once a month?])

his stans wanted something for him career-wise that he didn’t want and found out they were wrong the hard way

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I want homecoming to come NOW so I can see Tony be proud of Peter in the end and give him a hug and see him smile and be happy. How Sony gonna put me in my feels like this for the next 3 months!?

I know oh my god it’s getting harder and harder to be patient 😩😩

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Pisces sun, 7:25. thinking about this guy I've been seeing for 3 months. I want to be exclusive but he just wants to be friends even though he sleeps over every night, we share clothes, but everytime we go out he ignores me and when I go up to him for a kiss or to dance he gives me a quick peck and says stop cock blocking. but when it's just us it's amazing. no one has ever made me feel so alive

Nope nope drop him

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There is this guy who i was dating for a couple months... went out my way just for him and didn't love anyone but him. He was so insecure and thought i was seeing other guys just because he had heard rumors about me. He broke up with me cause i got off work late but he thought i was cheating on him.... i love him so much and there's not a day i don't wanna text him and just ask for another chance. I was pregnant too... but never told him. What should i do?

I couldn’t be dealing with a bf like that, with out trust you can’t love. It’s probably best to let go x

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i'm in college and there's this guy who is into me, though I don't know why we only met once. He's nice and really sweet but I don't really see a point in dating him because there's only a month left of school then I go back home.

I mean, if you only met once then you must not know him very well at all, unless you two just really got to know eachother, I would give him a number or something to contact you with and maybe get to know him but other than that I wouldn’t rush into a relationship personally 💖 best of luck babe!!

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seeing you talking about that justin and hailey kiss made me realize nobody thinks this way: what if it was pr? because one month ago he was with jayde and we saw his nudes i mean we know what happened right. what if it was pr just for everyone to stop talking about him and his nudes because he was with this girl and she seems in love with him and stuff idk man

Well,Justin was for sure helping Hailey.I mean, her  career really started after the kiss with Justin.No shade ,just tea.

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I literally had to go drive around to think about and wrap my head around the fact that we're getting new music and Dunkirk and performances and we're going to be seeing and hearing from him after over A YEAR. WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH THIS DOWNPOUR OF H IN A MATTER OF LIKE 3 DAYS AFTER SUCH A HROUGHT

A YEAR OF HIM BEING GHOST AND DISAPPEARING FOR SO LONG IS ABOUT TO BE SQUEEZED INTO ABOUT A MONTH-LONG PROCESS OF HS1 STUFF. There’s about to be an overload and, no matter how many times we say we’re ready, we won’t be… xx

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For the "Ask Me things": 2, 15, 25, 77, 96!

YAY! You asked me back! :D

2. What are you listening to right now?
I’m really listening to Allred’s latest EP right now, “Brave New World.” He’s actually a college of mine and studied together in college, so I’m happy to see him succeeding.

15. What’s your favorite band/singer? 
Right now, that would be “Less Than Jake,” but that can change every few months. XP

25. What is your favorite word? 
I dunno why, but “Ubiquitous” was the first thing that popped into my head. :P

77. What is your favorite quote and why? 
“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” -John Templeton

This rings true to me because I want to be important AND nice, so I strive to achieve both, but never sacrifice the last for the first. :)

96. Describe yourself in one word.
Ambitious. I wanna be a successful voice actor and music composer and am working hard to achieve that. There is no alternative career for me.