i will see him this month!

yeah anyway i’m livid about great comet! fortunately the tickets jena and i got line up with the dates he’ll be there, but if they didn’t??? if we had purchased tickets to great comet to see OAK as pierre, and they booted him like, what, a month early? god i’m so mad for people who bought tickets for shows even a couple days later than jena and i did, and i’m so mad for oak, and this whole thing is fucking bullshit and i’m really fucking MAD

i hate being home cause my abuser is literally at least 10 minutes away from me at all times, and possible even 1 minute from me if he’s at the pub next to my house.  I’m here for 2 months and there’s no way to avoid him for all that time so i know that at some point im gonna have to see him, but i don’t know when

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Oh my god I couldn't watch the livestream what did he say

I need to watch it again, but I think the most startling thing was him showing a bunch of angles of his bedroom and being able to see Phil’s mirror (the white framed one that was always in the corner of Phil’s videos at their last place) and Phil’s shoes (probably?) on Dan’s shoe organizer and confirmation that the floor Phil showed in the centipede pic was that flooring (and he said he saw the centipede when he was in bed). 

So it’s not really that Dan said anything, it’s just that he casually showed a lot of stuff after months of specifically saying he wanted his bedroom to be private. 

Want you back

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Cheryl x reader

Request: Hi, I was wondering if I could request a Cheryl Blossom imagine with male reader where they are about to perform and in the locker room, she hears the others talking about her ex and they are sad that he’s taken again but he’s super cute and like she hears he has a new girlfriend, she’s sad and jealous as she sees him and his new girlfriend at her performance and they get back together at the end? Thanks.

Cheryl breaking up with you took everyone by surprise.

People always thought you were the perfect couple but after the events of the summer she needed space.

So you gave it to her.

Months later you started seeing a new girl, it wasn’t serious but word always traveled fast in Riverdale.

Cheryl however didn’t hear the news until she and the rest of the Vixens were getting ready in the locker room before a pep rally.

“I can’t believe Y/N is off the market again,” Cheryl heard one of her teammates complain from the sinks as they were doing their makeup. .

“I know right, she’s not even that pretty, he’s so out of her league,” another Vixen spoke.

Cheryl rolled her eyes at their remarks and went back to stretching.

She missed you but she wouldn’t admit that.

During the performance she tried to keep her mind off of you, she had to focus on the routine.

Everything was fine until she saw you and the girl sitting in the stands.

You had your arm around her waist and she was resting her head on your shoulder as you watched the performance.

This broke Cheryl, she couldn’t tell if she was angry, jealous, upset or what.

All she knew was that she wanted you back.

A few days later she walked into the nearly empty student lounge after school to find you sitting alone on the couch working on homework.

“Hey Cheryl,” you greeted her not looking up from your book, but you could tell those cherry red heels standing in front of you anywhere.

“Y/N,” she said, “so… I hear you’re seeing someone again.”

“Oh yeah… it’s not really serious though, we’ve only been on a few dates,” you clarified still writing out notes on the paper in front of you, “you know how people in this town like to make something out of nothing.”

Cheryl didn’t speak but you knew she was there for a reason.

“I can practically hear you thinking Cheryl,” you joked finally looking up at her, “if you have something to say just say it.”

“I hate that you’re dating someone that’s not me,” she blurted out.

“Cheryl Blossom, are you jealous?” you smiled standing up from the couch.

Suddenly Cheryl was grabbing a fistful of your jacket and bringing you in for a rough kiss.

“What does that tell you,” she said smugly when she pulled away.

“That you miss me as much as I miss you,” you grinned.

This time you were the one to fervently initiate the kiss. 

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Have you drawn anything for bnha? I love your style and i think it would be story cute

Yeeees, I have:P  But I will uplode it later cus I have another fanarts to post as I didn’t use tumblr for a month:”D (and I also wanted to do a speedpaint lol)
I really love this manga!!;0; (and thank you!!;;-;;)
here is a lil sketch of Deku for u just cus hi’s a lil sweet kitten….

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It's becoming painfully obvious that Louis is the only one answering any Larry questions - only because Harry hasn't been asked about it at all. I feel like there's a lot of uneven inquiring to Louis, and Harry hasn't had to comment at all despite Larry rumors on the rise. Is this because he's an awful liar and they're keeping it off him? Or is it Louis' promo team sucking as usual? I just find it odd the press is only asking half of the couple in question.

Louis is the only one answering because Louis’ team is the only one who wants this question raised. No one but Dan Wootton has asked this question.

If a girlfriend, a child, an ex-girlfriend, and seeing Harry publicly once in 19 months isn’t enough to show that Larry isn’t real, a denial will only inflame rumors. It’s an obtuse tactic, and shows a little desperation.

Harry didn’t deny Larry outright (only answering that Sweet Creature wasn’t about Louis) because his team knows that this topic is a double-edged sword. Denying Larry brings attention to it. Any good team would recognize this. Unless you want to be associated with this rumor– or with an ugly homophobia, by saying that fans “disrespect you” because they think you’re gay (I know that’s not what Louis said, but those are the headlines)– you leave the topic alone.

Harry didn’t do a Larry denial because Louis is with Syco, and Harry isn’t. Louis is contractually obligated to do this ugly U.K. promo, through the usual Syco mouthpieces, with the standard Syco tactics, because there is a legal reason he has to.

If he didn’t, the denial wouldn’t have come out on the same day as his solo release – because what would be the point of it? It has nothing to do with his single. It’s transparent to those of us who see it. If it’s an attempt to separate Harry and Louis, it just yokes them together that much more in the public consciousness, the same way that mentioning Eleanor’s name in every interview feels forced, awkward, and embarrassing.

look, to all the people disappointed that lofty and dom didn’t get together: i get it, me too. but i definitely don’t think this is the end of the dom/lofty relationship - they’ve been building it up for weeks, and i think it would be unlikely that this ep will be the last we see of it. 

tbh, while i love the idea of dom/lofty, because dom’s mum is right and he does deserve so much better, i think it might be good for the writers to pull it back a bit and work on developing dom’s self-confidence and lofty’s feelings before actually having them get together. 

dom’s not long been out of an incredibly damaging, painful relationship where he was abused physically and emotionally for months: it’s not going to be easy for him to enter another serious relationship right away, and not have there be any issues with trust or intimacy (given that he already had issues with those aspects of his relationships before isaac’s abuse). but like he said, lofty is sweet and kind and makes him feel safe - and he even joked about being a little bit in love with him. the feelings are definitely there on dom’s side, but obviously, lofty’s rejection is holding him back.

meanwhile, on lofty’s side, he’s only just recently been able to admit that he was in love with lenny out loud, though he’d clearly been struggling with the idea for a while, and he still hasn’t said anything to anyone else, not even dom. i get the feeling he’s still not fully able to articulate his feelings or his sexuality out loud - the deflective ‘does it matter?’ thing he did when dom said he was confused about lofty’s sexuality made it seem like he still has a lot of thinking to do about his identity. 

also, he might potentially be worried that dom only wants to be with him because he’s the ‘safe’ option - he’s perhaps the first man dom’s been interested in since isaac, and lofty might be worried that dom’s feelings may just be some form of gratitude for lofty being nothing like isaac (which we know isn’t the case - dom genuinely has developed feelings for him, but LOFTY doesn’t know this).

i also think that lofty’s actually pretty bad at dealing with his own emotions; he’s kind and attentive to other people’s feelings, and does his best to make sure everyone around him is happy, or comforted by him if they’re not. but when it comes to his own emotions, he seems curiously cut-off: despite dom asking him on what was essentially a date earlier, all dom’s glances and smiles, dom’s interest in asking personal questions, and the patients’ assumptions about their relationship, lofty still seems completely thrown when dom tries to kiss him. 

he definitely needs more time to grow into or admit any feelings he has for dom, but i think the signs are there that he does feel more for dom than friendship - dom is the first person he thinks of when he needs help escaping griselda, he goes out of his way to buy thoughtful presents (the jigsaw, the tickets) for dom, and seems closest to dom out of everyone on the ward. 

basically, i don’t think this is anywhere near the end of the road for dom/lofty - there’s (a lot of) hope yet!

Amnesia part 3

This is a direct continuation of ‘ Amnesia part 1’ and ‘ Amnesia part 2.



This is a brand new chapter so do check it out! ;)

I’ve done a minor edit on the last paragraph of ‘ Amnesia part 2’ to make it a smooth transition to this part. Also I’ve changed the gestational age of the baby’s birth to 8 months so she’s only borderline premature.

And again thanks to the lovely @jia911 for taking the time out from her busy schedule to proofread for me. You’re the best!! <3

Hope you enjoy! :)

Suddenly Amelia’s blue eyes opened and she looked straight at him.

Owen’s heart leapt with joy as a stray tear rolled down his cheek. He thought he would never see those eyes again. The powers above have answered his prayers after all!

’ Amelia’ Owen whispered , his voice full of emotion as he gently took her hands in his. ’ You’re awake! Thank God. Please don’t do this to me ever again,you hear me? I need you, our daughter needs you.’

Amelia just stared at him, with a frightened and confused expression on her face.

‘Our daughter?’ she croaked. ’ What are you talking about? Where am I?’

Owen’s heart sank to the bottom of his chest.

He hoped against hope that she was just playing one of her infamous games again- and that the next moment she would show her infectious dimpled smile and proclaim that she was just kidding.

But Amelia had this look of fear in her eyes which he had never seen before. She was scanning the room frantically, as if desperately searching for a familiar face.

‘ Amelia’ Owen whispered, placing his hand gently on her arm. ‘It’s me. Owen. Your husband. You’re in a hospital- you have been in a car accident.’

Amelia flinched a little at the contact, and looked at him, her blue eyes widened and darkened with fear.

‘ You’re lying, Hunt. You’re just a colleague, not my husband.’ she cried out in a hoarse voice, pushing his hand away.

She pressed the nurses call button and soon several nurses rushed into her room.

‘ Help!’ Amelia croaked, pointing at Owen. ‘Please just get him out of here!’

Owen sank further in the bedside chair, feeling his heart break. What the hell happened? This was not the wife he knew and loved.

‘ I think it’s best if you vacate the room now Dr. Hunt.’ one nurse suggested softly as the other nurses looked on sympathetically. ‘ She’s not in the right condition to see you now- maybe you can come back when she gets better.’

Owen left the room with his head bowed down in dejection as Amelia turned her head in the opposite direction, refusing to look at him.

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Tell us the kitchen ghost story? You've piqued my curiosity.

Ookay, lol. This is from before I was born, so I just know from second hand accounts.

So. My kitchen doesn’t have a door. When I was a kid, I thought that was really weird, and then I finally asked why no one replaced that door after whatever happened to the old one. Then my mom told me the story.

My mom’s husband died about six years before I was born, and she bought the house we live in with him. A few months after he died, my mom was with a friend drinking in the living room and suddenly they heard a noise in the kitchen. My mom went to see what it was, thinking something had fallen, and then the door closed.

My mom’s friend and my mom spent like half an hour trying to open the door, while weird noises just kept happening in the kitchen, especially from something in it that my mom’s husband had bought (I can’t remember what).

Finally, my mom’s friend asked the neighbor for help and he had to straight up break the door in order to get my mom out of the kitchen.

And my mom just never had the guts to put up another one.

Just a small reminder that Vanessa Ives, Sir Malcolm Murray, Victor Frankenstein, Ethan Chandler, Ferdinand Lyle and Sembene the badass butler were all characters with dark pasts with bad things that haunted all of them but did all they could to rectify those things. And they all deserved better.

You know what I want? An extra episode. Just one. One where we see Lyle, Malcolm, Ethan and Victor at the house a few months after everything has died down. Jekyll is gone, so is Dracula and Lily. Dorian is hiding away, maybe in another country, waiting for the turn of the century before he shows his face in England again. I want everyone knowing that Victor is struggling with his heroin addiction and for him to be staying at the house so he doesn’t feel so alone anymore and so everyone can keep an eye on him. I want everyone to be assuring Ethan that Sembene and the people he killed when he wasn’t in control was not his fault and for Victor and Lyle to be pouring over legends, myths, chemicals and science texts to make a serum that could calm-maybe even prevent-his urges and make it less painful for him. I want Malcom to be shown dealing with his grief over losing his entire family, but knowing that he has a new one sitting in this room with him because of Vanessa. And I want Lyle to be shown struggling with the guilt of thinking that he could’ve done more to help, more to prepare the others so that maybe, just maybe, they would’ve been able to save Vanessa in time.

Penny Dreadful has fucked me up. I’m so attached to these characters and their happiness

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If your ex came back to you, would you take him back? I'm currently recovering from a heartbreak and it's been almost 2 months since we've spoken and I've made progress but my ex dm'd me yesterday. I don't know if I should open it but seeing that made my heart hurt a little and I'm confused about my feelings now. I still love him and what we had but I'm not sure if running back to it would be a good idea...

I don’t think I would go back because in the time frame that we’ve been broken up I’ve learned so much. I learned that I was making up excuses as to why he was hurting me just because I loved him and was afraid to lose him. I also learned that I’m worth more than what he’d given me and I deserve so much more. But I totally get what you’re feeling, not gonna lie I’d probably be a little happy to see a message from him but it’s over and done with I don’t want any of whatever that was. Also I don’t personally know how your relationship was I just know do what you feel right but don’t go in and hurt yourself.

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My.ex boyfriend used to make fun of one of my hyperfixations because he didn't understand that it meant a lot to me and I punched him in the face after like two months of him constantly bagging on it. I'll punch people in the face if you need me to. I gotchu fam.

ahshajab thank u, my dude

like i can understand ppl are free to have opinions, i’m an opinionated person myself but if i see a friend or mutual who likes smth (especially if it’s a harmless hyperfixation or special interest) i try my best not to post too much negative stuff about it; no mindless edgy trashing at the very least ?? like even in real life, if me and my friends don’t share common ground on an interest, we just talk abt other things and don’t make the other feel like shit lmao

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☕️ Viktuuri are not Yuri's parents nor will they ever be

Agree! I am a firm believer in found families. I had an awkward as fuck convo with my mom last month where I was sobbing into the phone where I was like, “i miss my family: housemate1, housemate2, Dr. P.” and then there was this awkward silence. 

I’d like to think that Yuri, young cosmopolitan man and person whose network of people that truly care for him was broadened considerably, has a familial relationship with Victor and Yuuri. BUT I see it as being anything but parental…More like relationship you had with you cool older cousin who brings a flask to xmas, gives you joints, and vinyl records. but uh. YOI verse equiv…So that cool older cousin that gives you Katsudon, and gold medal winning choreography. 

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I am now 18 and finishing grade 12, but have been seeing this SD since january in which i was 17. so i am quite young.... just to provide a little more context, our meets would consist of meeting at the four seasons every week for two and a half months and he would give me a very large allowence because he has a young girl fetish or something?? (he has asked me to call him a pedofile during sex)

(2nd ask) anyways the last time i saw him was in the beginning of march and we have made plans a few times since… but they have always fell through, mostly on his end. he messaged me last weekend to come see him but i was on my period and cancelled. I am so confused as i have asked him why he doesnt want to meet, but he says he is just really busy and still would love to see me; other than that his answers are very ambiguous or he doesnt answer at all. ugh. I am really attached to him and just so confused. I am pretty dramatic too with him as I have never done this kind of thing before, much less have even had an actual relationship. I have been told to move on from him but i just cannot. So here I am, asking for advice on something that is probably not all that good of a situation but I cannot let it go. Now I ask: why would he be texting for all this time but not wanting to see me? do you think he is actually really busy, or has found someon


Yikes okay well he literally is a pedophile, you were a minor when the relationship started. I don’t really think it matters why he isn’t wanting to see you, because that’s the best possible thing that could have happened in this situation. In my opinion, he’s probably lost interest now that you’re 18. He probably found a new minor to statutory rape. Which is a major bummer for the new girl, but you need to let him go. He’s literally a sexual predator, so I know you have feelings for him, but it’s a good thing he doesn’t want to see you.

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I think pants is keeping Stephen with his daughter.... She looks that type of a woman. She looks kind of evelish.

Same. I think she’s making it extremely difficult for him to spend enough time with Mavi. 

I get that he wants his daughter raised in the USA, and I get that he wants her to go to school there too, but she’s 4 YEARS OLD. I’m sure that Vancouver has more than enough schools for 4-year-olds both public and private that offer a good education, probably better than the US too. 

If she really loved and supported him and wanted her daughter to see more of her father than the 2 days a week he gets to spend with her, then she’d stay with him in VC while they’re shooting and not go back to the USA after spending a month or 2 with him. It’s not like she has a job to go back to. 

From what I’ve heard, Neil McDonough’s wife and 5 kids lived with him in VC while he was filming season 4 of Arrow… and most of his kids are school age. 

Now that’s what a loving wife would do for the husband who puts bread on the table because she sure as hell doesn’t work and only stays in the US to party with her friends. 

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can you maybe write something about fionn? maybe that you're a famous singer & a model, a best friend of harry's and he introduces fionn to you? and you just hit it off immediately? just a little thought! have a good day lovely! xx

So I changed Y/N into an actress, I hope that’s okay!

I walked into the crowded club where Harry’s birthday party was being held.  

I had met him about a year ago when I was promoting my new movie on The Late Late Show while he was doing his one week residency promoting his debut album. It was the first time I had met him and we hit it off immediately. Harry was so charming and sweet, it was hard not to be enamored with him. We had stayed in touch over the last few months and I even got to see him perform a few times. We would flirt here and there but nothing romantic ever happened between us. Of course that didn’t stop the rumors from fans and media though.

He was celebrating his birthday at a club in LA he had rented out. It was very exclusive; invitation only. As I walked out of the car that drove me hear, lights flashed in my eyes as paparazzi yelled questions at me.

“Y/N! Y/N! Are you still dating Harry?”

“Y/N! Is it true you’ve moved in with Harry?”

I ignored their absurd questions as security helped clear a pathway for me.

Once I was in the club, the music blared in my ears. The club was completely packed to capacity. It looked like Harry had invited everyone he had ever met. I saw a few familiar faces as I squeezed my way through the bar.

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so, i don't know if this is the right place to post this, but i'm sort of losing my mind right now and i don't have any idea what to do. basically... i think i might have accidentally fallen in love with a friend of mine. he has a girlfriend that he loves a lot, and i care a lot abt him so i wouldn't dare do anything abt it. i told him how i felt a few months back in an attempt to get over how i felt, since i was seeing him everyday, but the feeling still hasn't faded despite (1/?) sadboi anon


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Hi! Just stopping by to say that I love your dream daddy art, and Damien is my fave too! Can you imagine him at a con? He'd make the best con buddy, omg. He would go all out on his cosplays and probably be in character too. And probably embarrass Lucien by participating in the masquerade cosplay competition XD

Thank you :D

Also, yes! Or I could see Damien go to one of those Victorian Fairs and get into arguments with other people for having stuff that isn’t entirely period appropriate. Lucien would go along grumpily (but in the end he’d do anything for his dad). Damien wins literally any costume contest he enters and he is famous in the community for his quality costumes!