i will say that i am attracted to myself

things bnha boys would say

aoyama: hehe i get butterflies when i think about myself

iida: instead!! of!! using!! spaces!! we!! should!! use!! exclamation!! points!! to!! put!! excitement!! into!! our!! lives!!

kaminari: hey if i died right now do you think i’d still have to do my exams in hell

ojiro: tbh im usually that person who has no idea whats going on

kirishima: if i punch myself and it hurts am i weak or am i strong?

koda: i dont have a nervous system. i am a nervous system

sato: if i eat magnets would i be more attractive

shoji: i wonder how many times ive blinked

sero: i wish i could duct tape my life together

tokoyami: *looks in the mirror* you again

todoroki: contrary to popular belief im actually ,,, soft and have feelings

bakugou: am i getting more angry or is everyone getting more fucking annoying

midoriya: just because im with uraraka-san doesnt mean i know how i did it

mineta: im very strong i can fight off maybe 20 snails, 21 on a good day

shinsou: tired isnt even a mood anymore its my personality

monoma: i came out to attack people and honestly im having such a good time right now!!1

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ONE insecurity: I’m socially awkward irl. I have this habit of talking too fast and saying things before thinking.

——TWO fears: embarrassing myself and romantic relationships😶

———THREE turn-ons: I don’t know?? I guess I’m attracted to someone who can put up with me, hold conversations with me, and accept me for who I am🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m bad at this😂

————FOUR life goals: Get my degree in ultrasound, lose a little more weight, be happier, and possibly have a family someday.

—————FIVE things I like: Days off, smoothies, milk, Tumblr, and alone time.

——————SIX weaknesses: ANIMALS, acts of kindness, sebaciel, any gifts, someone actually liking me😂, and sebaciel.

———————SEVEN things I love: My friends (especially Tumblr ones!), my chihuahua, my family, music, reading, asks, and sebaciel fanfics.

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Sometimes I don’t know if I’m ace/demi or just really driven and don’t care about romance/relationships right now. My brother called me driven and alluded to me not caring about relationships at all, but I don’t know if that’s true. I am driven and focused, but I do want to be in a relationship sometime, I just don’t know anyone I’m interested in now. I rarely feel attracted to people, but maybe if I weren’t so focused on things, I’d be more open to attraction?Am I shutting myself off from love?

I can’t fully answer that for you, but I’ll say you’re probably not shutting yourself off from love. Relationships can sometimes just happen randomly and fast, and its normal to have a ton, or any, crushes at a certain time. Sometimes moving somewhere new, or just getting older, might make you more interested in people. 

I personally didn’t have really any romantic feelings for anyone for a long time, and when I did get them, it was a very small amount of people, one or two, and I have just started my first relationship in my senior year of high school- and many people don’t get in a relationship until after graduating high school. 

One girl I know who thought she might just be very driven and ace turned out to figure out she was a lesbian later. 

However, you could be ace or demi too, which is perfectly ok as well! 

Sometimes love takes time to kick in, or you might just not have a great pool to pick from yet ;) Or, you could be someone who doesn’t have those sort of feelings. But in all honesty, don’t worry too much about it or attaching a label to yourself. It’s a good step to start questioning, and know that we are here to help you if you need it. Sexuality is complicated, and your labels can change, especially as teens things are hard to get perfectly ironed out.

If you really want a relationship, you can go try to find one. But if you aren’t entirely interested, don’t worry about it- there’s time for it later if you want to do it in the future, or, you don’t have to do it at all if you don’t want. So stay driven and focused for now if thats what you want and what makes you happy.

-Mod Rowan


I’m bisexual. There’s no such thing as being bisexual. Yes, there is. I know there is because that’s who I am. I’m attracted to both men and women, I’ve known this about myself for a really long time and I didn’t want to tell you because I was afraid you were gonna react exactly like you are. What do you want us to say? That you accept me for who I am.

I definitely wasn’t born bisexual, I had to actively choose to acknowledge that I experienced attraction outside of men, whom I’ve always been taught to be attracted to. I had to examine that attraction too and make sure it was genuine before I made any decisions. Then I had to reconcile within myself that I was attracted to multiple folks. So while I am able to reflect and realize that even in my youth I experienced crushes on women, I wouldn’t necessarily say I was born that way. I can’t help being attracted to who I’m attracted to but I feel like saying ‘I was born like this’ discredits the journey of self exploration I had to take to get to this point.

Everyday Witchcraft: Burt's Bees Glamours and Affirmations

So I really like Burt’s Bees Chapstick.
And I use a lot of it.
My favorite one is the honey infused, which is fitting because of being an Aphrodite devotee and all, but I’ve developed this ritual when I apply my lip balm where I put it on, breathe in the scent, and then say “I speak sweetly. People listen and believe me.” This inspired me to come up with little mini spells for more of the scents, so here you go. Burt’s Bees’ spells on the go. Enjoy. :)

Honey: Use as a glamour to make you seem sweet and cute as a button as well as charming them with your speech. Useful when avoiding persecution or hiding your true intentions of world domination. 

Affirmation: I speak sweetly. People listen and believe me.

Wild Cherry: If you’re looking for a classy seductress vibe, wild cherry is your gal. Maybe blow some kisses at yourself in the mirror or lick your lips to lock in the feeling and get yourself in the flirting mood. 

Affirmation: I am fair and enchanting, my kiss makes people melt.

Pink Grapefruit: Use for cleansing and purifying yourself of an argument. Having a hard time keeping peace with your relatives about politics at the thanksgiving table when it would be better to stay quiet? Try this baby. 

Affirmation: I wash myself of this conflict. I am free from negativity.

Strawberry: Strawberry is associated with innocent love and wealth. The many fruits on the vine represent fertility as well, meaning strawberry is the perfect fruit for bringing overall success into your life and keeping it there. 

Affirmation: I have abundance. All I say and do brings me success and love.

Coconut Pear: Coconut represents absolute purity. In WWI some soldiers were given transfusions of coconut water when donor blood was low because it is sterile. Pears are a key love element, so if you’re wanting to attract real love, from people with good intentions (perhaps weeding out the creeps when internet dating) then this one’s for you. 

Affirmation: I am bathed in affection by those with pure intentions.

Raspberry: Raspberry represents health, fertility, communication and love. Use to facilitate healthy relationships and help you to maintain physical health along with a healthy lifestyle. If you can feel yourself getting stress sickness, use an affirmation like this to turn it around. 

Affirmation: My relationships and my body are healthy. I am free of pain.

Pineapple: Use for attracting wealth and success into your life. Pineapple is the fruit of the traveler, gifted to show hospitality and status. It’s rich inside can hardly be seen as anything but gold in fruit form. You can use this affirmation as a way to both convey status you may not yet have, as well as attract it. 

Affirmation: My voice is filled with opulence. Wealth is headed my way.

Mango: Mango is heavily associated with Buddha and enlightenment. Use this to bring focus back to your spiritual journey, and to help others on their own. 

Affirmation: I am free and enlightened. My words have the power of knowledge.

Blueberry: Use this for protection. Strong protection. Blueberry keeps danger away, confuses and causes distress to enemies who push the boundary. A word unleashed to your enemies under this protection will cause them distress and make them want to leave you alone. 

Affirmation: I am untouchable. I needn’t speak to intimidate my enemy.

Pomegranate: Use this one before doing divination to heighten psychic energy and help with seeing beyond the veil if that’s your thing. Pomegranates have significance in many religions as being highly spiritual and associated with heaven or the underworld. As a glamour, this could also help with giving off “I am a mysterious and powerful witch” vibes, so if you’re doing witchcraft work for non witchy people, such as divination, this could help set the mood. 

Affirmation: I am powerful with the energies of life and death. When divining I speak the truth.

Vanilla Bean: This is the big whammy of love spell ingredients. If you’re going out and just wanna find someone RIGHT NOW then vanilla is the powerful punch you’re looking for. The silky scent combined with charmed speech is a powerful seduction tool. It also makes you feel very confident and sexy on your own, so that’s great too. 

Affirmation: *blow a kiss* I seduce with the force of a sorceress.

a ROUGH translation of Minsung’s IG post

To be honest, I believe Korea is not used to queer people yet. Due to this, the people with many identities under the title of queer often hide, or fight, or even just dont pay any attention/dont care. This kid of truth is not only “true” but also ironically there are people trying to erase the identities of queer people.

I find it so unfortunate that people have to seek the agreement of others when it is simply people loving other people, and also for reasons that we are different it makes us lower members of society. To be honest there is no reason for me to have to upload this officially but only now do i carefully voice my thoughts. Thinking on the confusing days, I wish that the word “queer” did not even exist in the world. I wondered, “how great would it be if the "rules” for loving and the world was so free that we would not even need the word “queer”.“ Because of my struggles, and the many people who where curious about my queer identity, and the people who hated me for being different from others, and the many people who asked me questions in order to help understand and find their own identities, I am uploading this in order to give strength and hope to others. Many say that there is no right answer in the world. Yes that is right. To be honest even I am in a position where I cannot fully provide the answer that I am asexual and a romantic. So I have made the decision to not be trapped in their opinions/views. That does not mean i am ignoring this important part of my identity. Since I have focused on loving myself and my sexuality, I found that the harsh words of others no longer affect me. Yes. I am not attracted to the opposite sex. As of now I am also not attracted to those of the same sex. I do not feel the need to date and I really really do not like sex. That is who I am now, and this truth is fun to me and I like it. You can do it, people like me are also living well and happily. Do not turn your ears to those words of others. You are most important and precious.

EDIT: I didn’t know he changed his name to Minsung, sorry about that!!

manifestation tip:

once you attract something, you want keep it all up by doing acts of kindness and being grateful. every night i say to myself what i am grateful for from that day. i usually end up smiling and feeling warm inside, because positive emotion raises your vibration. always try to give just as much as you receive if not more. by the way this isn’t always material giving. say something nice or do a chore for a loved one. do it with love, not just because you want to attract more. before you know it gifts will continue to flow into your life from source energy. this also helps with keeping a positive attitude no matter how the day goes. you’ll always find something to be grateful for, and you will always have the wonderful feeling of helping/giving to someone else. ✨

The "Myth" of Black Love

Let me start off by saying that I got inspiration for this post from another post about the disillusionment of a black woman about dating within the black community, expressing that too many black men aren’t attracted to black women and ideally go for non black women. Which got me thinking that with all this recent promotion of black couples via social media, I feel like we can’t just focus on the pros of black love, but we must also bring to light the darker, behind the scenes reality for black women finding love among black men who directly and indirectly express their refusal to be with black women.

I get it, the praise for black love has to do with unifying the black community by saying, “See, black men and women DO love each other.” And yes, I believe it. I don’t believe the photos I see of black couples on social media are fake or anything, but can we also bring to light female black singles and how their singleness is affected by the presence of misogyny noir and anti blackness among black men? Dating in general is hard, but imagine how dating is as not only a black person, but a black woman who does not fit Eurocentric beauty standards (such as light skin, light eyes, loose hair, slim facial features, etc.) Often times I commonly see these types of “conventionally” attractive black women paired up with black men more so than mono-racial looking black women - I wonder why?

As a mono-racial, dark skinned black woman who grew up in predominantly white spaces, from my own experiences on and offline, I can confidently say that a lot of black men don’t consider me to necessarily be their “ideal” type based off black and white standards of beauty, and I feel like black and white standards of beauty go hand in hand for obvious reasons having to do with cultural assimilation, a history of colonization, and so on. Which brings me right to another point I’d like to make about looks equating to superiority or inferiority. Sure, you can’t judge a book by the cover yet too often black men do so, falling prone to the stereotypes associated with non black ethnicities of women - so it’s not just about non black women meeting a Eurocentric standard of beauty easier than most black women. It’s also about how black men view them as less “controlling” than black women, therefore more agreeable and “nicer” JUST due to ethnicity and ethnicity alone. Mind you, I’m not saying black men who date outside their ethnicity all have agendas behind their attractions, BUT I am still iffy about their reasonings for “racial preferences.” I think now is a good time to quote myself from the post about the disillusioned black woman:

“And whenever I see a black woman who exclusively dates outside the black community I feel like it’s not for the same reasons black men often do it - for black women who either often or only date non black men I feel like I have more understanding for them because of the treatment they receive from black men who often have no issue with voicing how undesirable black women are to them. That gives black women more authority of their love lives by expanding their dating pool (since the lot of black women go for black mates) vs. black men who often go for non black women for superficial, anti black reasons rooted in sexism. So when a black woman says “I don’t date black dudes” I don’t see it as excusable but at the same time I understand her reasons for doing so more than a black man refusing to date black women. I feel like black women are often looking for genuine love, the kind of love too many black men can’t give them because of their racial baggage, while said black men are oftentimes looking for trophies to use to spite black women and make non black men “envy” them for “stealing” their women.”

You read it right. I do feel like a lot of black men aren’t capable of loving black women the way they need to be loved, which has to do with seeing their blackness in the same way that they see their own and not letting gender be the deciding factor concerning superiority vs. inferiority, especially if said black women don’t fit the Eurocentric standard of beauty. I will say that non black men aren’t the “golden ticket” of black women in order for them to find love - there’s undeniably issues of anti blackness and sexism in all communities. But at the same time since non black men aren’t hit the hardest by racism, since anti blackness is global, they do have less baggage from that and less pressure to socially conform in my eyes. Because really, I believe more non black men are attracted to black women more so than they let on, it’s just that their cultural ties such as pleasing family and community hold them back from acting on this attraction confidently.

We really do need to have a real conversation about misogyny noir alongside “black love.” Because part of the way black men are going to love black women unconditionally has to do with an awareness of their own social conditioning and their own perceptions of black womanhood.

Potter Bros, Detention Woes

What’s In A Namesake Pt.1

James Sirius: Move over, this seat is reserved for the most handsome wizard in the room-

James Sirius: Me.

Albus: No. You’re the reason we are in detention so you can pick another seat.

P. Longbottom: *looks up*

Albus: And who says you’re the most handsome wizard? *looks to Neville* For all we know it could be Professor Longbottom. He is pretty…. dashing.

P. Longbottom: I’ve known you since you were born Albus, it’s not going to work. Good try though.

Albus: Well that was a bust.

James Sirius: Hey Albus?

Albus: What?

James Sirius: Besides, no matter how dashing Professor Longbottom is, I am still the most attractive.

Albus: Why is that, James?

James Sirius: It’s in my name. I was named after the two most attractive men that have ever strutted down these halls….

Besides myself, of course -as we have established.

It was fate, obviously.

Albus: Hey James?

James Sirius: Yeah?

Albus: Well, if we are going by names, I was named after the two bravest men that our Dad has ever known.

He told me so himself.

P. Longbottom: *Violin Screech*

P. Longbottom: Time for a field trip!

anonymous asked:

Sorry, but there are bad LGBT+ people too and aroace Voldemort shouldn't be offensive. Also, making only evil characters cishet is both saying all cishets are bad and all LGBT+ are good by default and without a doubt. Voldemort is unable to love romantically, so he is aromantic. No one is saying that he should be the aro mascot. However, there are bad people in LGBT+ communities and they are still LGBT+. I myself am aro, and I say Voldemort, no matter how horrid he is, is by definition aro.

i’m not saying that bad people can’t be lgbt or whatever what i’m saying is that it’s actually pretty aphobic to interpret the line “Voldermort was unable to love” as “Voldemort did not experience sexual and/or romantic attraction”.

the point rowling was trying to make is that voldemort cared for none but himself. he was selfish and evil. he did not love anybody but himself. whether he was or wasn’t ace/aro is obviously up for interpretation but us just accepting that voldemort was a heartless, evil man who couldn’t love therefore he’s ace/aro is… pretty fucking disgusting of us?? and it would be pretty disgusting of rowling if that was her intention (which it obviously wasn’t)

if you want to headcanon voldemort as aromantic or whatever go ahead. i can’t stop you, but you’re playing into a stereotype of aromantic people being cold, heartless monsters who care for nobody but themselves by perpetuating that stereotype.

If you really think about it, 99% of MOGAI identities are useless.

By mogai identities I mean the ones like “cupioromantic/sexual” or “requiesromantic/sexual”.

Sexual/romantic identities are already too confusing to go around searching for another 15 labels just to feel “valid”. 

If you’re a lesbian it doesn’t mean that you always feel sexually attracted to girls, or that all girls look pretty for you, or that you find all men repulsive. It means that you only want to date girls. That’s all. Everyone has different experiences. No one feels love or sexual attraction the same way. 

If I go into a mogai sexual/romantic attraction masterlist, I could easily identify at least with 10 labels. 

Example: I could identify as “Idemromantic”( a romantic orientation that finds difficulty in distinguishing platonic and romantic attraction, but can usually figure it out by usuing other factors. ), because when I start falling in love with someone, I wonder if I just want to be their friend or if im really attracted to them. You know why I don’t go around labeling myself as Idemromantic? Because it’s not necessary. Why would I ever need to say im Idemromantic? It would only make me more confused about my identity, because feelings change, my relationships change. Maybe that girl I met last year made me confused when trying to figure out if i wanted something romantic with her or not. But this girl I met last month doesn’t make me feel like that. Should I stop identifying as idemromantic? am i still valid?

That’s what i’m trying to say. Most of mogai identities are based on how the person experiences sexual/romantic attraction, which, I must say, it’s pretty useless since every single person on this planet has different experiences and feelings. 

Sexual and romantic orientations are about who you love, not how you love.

Terms like gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and heterosexual exist because it helps to clarify which genders the person feels attracted to. If a guy asks me on a date I will thell him im not interested in it because im a lesbian, and that might clarify that I only want to date girls. If someone goes into a dating app and puts in their profile they’re pansexual, that helps to clarify they could date a person of any gender.

You don’t know how stressful it is to be a 13 y.o on tumblr watching everyone label themselves with at least 5 terms (regarding their sexual/romantic attraction). I was just coming to terms with my lesbian identity, but I felt like I should put more labels on me, because it was more “progressive”.

No one should go trough that. No one should feel pressured to label themselves in every aspect of their sexual and romantic life. 

Lesbian roller skating

So last weekend I went roller skating with my friends. The place we went had a wooden rink and carpet area with tables and a snack bar.
After an hour of skating around we decided to get some food.


So we came to the counter of the snack bar, and there was two cashiers, both I’m pretty sure went to our school. All my friends ordered got food and left me, like the amazing dickheads they are.

One of the cashiers was very attractive, she had long blond curls, and my gayness was like omfg cute girl help me. So she leaned over the counter to ask how she could help me and smiled sweetly at me. I walked closer, and me being the complete fail I am, I trip ON THE STUPID CARPET and reached my hands out to stable myself and my hands landed over hers. And she started giggling, and I was completely embarrassed.

I place my order, and hand her the money at the same time. And she says sure thing cutie with a wink, while handling me my bag of chips. By now I was like attractive girl just said I was cute wtf is going on!!

So then I embarrassingly penguin walk to my friends, who didn’t notice any of this or the fact that I’m attractive to females and I eat my chips

Moral of the story is, sometimes carpets are good to skate on and sometimes your friends leaving you results in flirting with cute girls.

I’m a little caught up with myself lately. Won’t you take my most sincere apology? I’d stretch these arms just to hold you tight, but even I know that it wouldn’t do us any good. There’s so much more out there. There’s a million new things to learn within a day. You’re an artist, right? You’re into the night, right? You love this tiny blue dot, right? There’s so much more than love. There’s so much more than just us. I’m a little caught up with myself lately. Won’t you hold your head high for us? I’d stretch this heart an extra mile just to hear you laugh a little louder, just to see you smile a little bigger, and just to tell you that you’re more than enough for anyone to love. There’s better people out there for you to meet. There’s better people out there for you to fall in love with. You’re a painting, right? You’re made from watercolors, right? A burgundy rose waiting to be dipped into the horizon– you’re a sunrise waiting to happen. We’re a little caught up in the fleeting moments of just more than another us. We’re a little too good to be true, so it comes with a price. We’re alike, so I know what’s best for us. We’ve got plenty of time to explore each other, so we should analyze our reality. Long distance relationships are a test that we shouldn’t be taking– not in our current conditions at least. I’m a little distressed about myself. You’re still figuring out the world and who you are as a soul that loves to paint with just more than colors. We need to learn a little more. What is love to you? I’ve asked this many time before. Your answer is always me. That’s the thing, there’s plenty of right answers, but I’m just not one of them. How can I love you if I don’t know the first thing about it? Failed relationships are like dull pencils that we’ll want to sharpen every second– you were never boring, you were interesting to the shoreline and back. That’s the thing, isn’t it? I would give you the world if I knew how to. I would give you a meaningful promise if I knew how to. I could love you for an eternity composed of my heart twisted into your chest if I knew how to let go of the past. I should, but I still haven’t figured out how to do such a feat. I’m still stuck in my feelings like how you’re stuck onto me. I’m still lost at sea with crew members composed of younger versions of myself. How can I love you if I’m still figuring out how to love myself? How can I devote my passion to you if I’m still in trouble when I hear her name? How can I ruin you just for another shot at love? I wouldn’t do that to you. Alas, maybe I already have. Love is such a simple word. Four letters and the crowd cheers. Three words and there’s world peace. Afraid to open up and longing to be more of myself– I had to tell you every truth about who I am to myself and who I am to you. We’re always spinning ourselves to bed, we were smiling and hoping. You’re so much like me that it’s scary. They say that opposites attract, so how do we explain this? I guess we’re stuck in a fairy tale again and this is just another page. You’re a chapter that I can’t flip past, you’re a positive thing in my life and I don’t think I’m ready to accept that. I’ve got much to learn and maybe this was just a part of it. I’m a little caught up and into you– and this is the part where I have to pick what’s best for us. And the fact that you’re just like me… means that you already get it. You’re already in my head and you’ve made yourself comfy. So I guess an I love you will never start to sound like an apology between us.

“I love you.”
—  This is for you and only you.
The Serpent Queen

Jughead x Reader

In which the reader is the one to go to Jughead’s trailer after the Jubilee and sees him put on the Southside Serpent jacket, and what ensues afterward.

Warnings: There is some straight up SIN ya’ll I said I wouldn’t write smut again but then things happened and now I’m here okay? Okay (although this is probably still just a once in a blue moon thing I have to be in the right kinda mood ya feel?)

Word Count: 3,060

A/N: I needed an ending to this scene and I can’t wait until season two so I wrote one myself.


The murder is solved, the town slowly healing, the thoughts of anything bad are being to the back of all of our heads, at least for tonight. After the Jubilee we all decide to go to Pop’s for milkshakes, and as we sit there in the moonlight we laugh at the jokes Jughead makes or just silly stuff that we see come up on Twitter.

We have way too many milkshakes, and Jughead’s arm wrapped around my shoulders, my hands around his knee that was up on the booth, and nothing seems to hurt us. As the clock strikes midnight we decided to finally get some privacy.

His trailer is empty, after all.

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Dear self,

2017 a year full of contradictions. A year of change. A year with a few ups and and too many downs. Some stories came to an end and new stories are about to begin. But hey..It’s called life.

In 2017 I discovered myself in different ways. I learned that it’s true what they say; what’s meant for me will always find me. What’s not will always pass me by.

I’ve learned that letting go is more complicated than I thought it would be, but I needed time so that’s what I gave myself.

I realized sometimes laughing at yourself and at certain situations you’re in is necessary. Laugh! Laugh so much until you cry and let it all out. Your heart will feel so much lighter.

I learned that my worth has nothing to do with how other people treat me. In fact it says everything about the state they’re in. It’s okay to cut them off and move on. However, I wish them love and light to guide them through whatever it is they’re dealing with. Trust me, they need it.

I realized my sensitivity is my power. It attracts the right people and situations but it also warns me for the shitty ones. Trust your instincts. Trust your intuition. They’re your compass and your radar.

Whenever I feel lost a new path to finding myself always appears. I learned that whatever life throws at me I am more than capable to deal with it. Even if it’s in my own dramatic and theatrical way. (I’m a Leo after all!) Knowing I can always trust myself gives me so much comfort and confidence.

I found out self love will always be a work in progress. I will always have my self respect and self worth to help me love myself better.

2017 is the year I fell more in love with the moon and stars. With angels and the universe. You can’t imagine how mesmerizing it is to see how everything aligns and how things have a way of falling into place when you feel you’re at your worst. The signs are endless. My advice is look up, look around and most definitely look within.
Everything you’re seeking is right there.

I trust that 2018 will lead me (closer) to where I need to be in life. I will leave behind what no longer works or holds me back. “Not everyone or everything deserves a seat at the table” I once read somewhere and I think that’s the right way to look at life and the people in it.

Last but not least; I thank God for always having my back. For always protecting and guiding me even though I don’t belong to a certain religion/group. Knowing He hears and sees me gives me all the comfort I could ask for.

I take past years’ beautiful and valuable lessons with me to 2018. May 2018 be a year filled with light, guidance, good health, love and peace. Have a blessed year ahead filled with beautiful and magical moments.
Happy New Year ♡

—  Nora A // A Letter To Myself

“Asexuality is a useless label, why use it?”

I could stop “identifying” as asexual right now, but that wouldn’t change the material reality that I am not attracted to people of any gender and therefore, am by definition, asexual.

I could stop “labelling” my orientation right now and just say “I’m not interested in people of any gender, and never have been”, but that won’t stop straight society making condescending remarks like- “you’ll find someone eventually”, or “you’ll grow out of it” or “maybe you should get your hormones checked”.

I could say “I have no orientation” or “I’m not gay or straight”, but people would still act like I’m just trying to be trendy or different.

I could call myself “straight” or let people assume I am, but that won’t make me any more attracted to men.

Ultimately dumping the label will change nothing. I’ll still be a woman who isn’t attracted to men… and straight people will still take issue with that. But at least using it gives comfort in knowing there are people out there like me and that I have the vocabulary to describe my experiences. 

💗🤔💗“If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” 💗🤔 💗Spell Jar

So, I have a friend who has had a really hard time with love… It’s relationship after relationship and nothing ever comes of it. Often he’ll find himself in a situation where either the person was a total dirtbag or he felt he had nothing to offer them.

You know this spell is for you if you find yourself craving love from others, but have a hard time with self love. 

What do you need?

A little jar or sachet

Some rose quartz or regular quartz if you have it. 

A candle in red, pink, or white (or all three) 

Some glitter if you’d like

Literally any herbal love correspondence will work…. I made a mixture of rose petals, calendula, Himalayan pink salt, lavender, patchouli, basil, sarsparilla, cinnamon, and jasmine

Okay, I have at least some of that stuff, what do I do now?

1.) Light your candles

2.) Combine the herbs (You can do it with a mortar and pestle if you want, or you can just put them in your jar/sachet/etc.. and shake it) 

3.) Add that glitter and as you shake it to combine with the other herbs say to yourself something like…

“I’m not good at love, I’ll admit that. But I deserve it. I deserve someone who loves me unconditionally. Someone who is healthy for me. Someone that sees the good in me and encourages me. Bring that person to me. But, as you bring that person into my life, also bring me the strength to love myself. I need to love myself so I can feel worthy. I need to love myself because I am worthy. I need to love myself because if I can’t love myself, how in the hell am I going to love somebody else?” 

4.) Then blow out your candles and use the wet wax to seal your jar (if you’re using a glass container) 

Now, when you’re finished making it all fancy, sit it by your bedside (or if you have a sachet, tie it tight and put it under your bed pillow) and each night look at it and say something you love about yourself. 

The positive energy you direct towards yourself charges this little jar.

anonymous asked:

what's wrong with the split attraction model? i've found it sort of useful for defining my orientation (panromantic gray-asexual), but maybe i'm not thinking about it critically enough. i'm not trying to be hostile or confrontational, btw (hopefully i was already getting yhat across but i am very bad at judging tone in both online and irl conversation)

okay so i typed out this whole long, introspective response and accidentally refreshed the page and i lost everything i wanted to say. so i’m super annoyed at myself right now - of course not at you anon, you don’t sound confrontational at all and i really wanted to answer this question properly and i’m sorry you have to settle for this mess of a response because i’m so irritated with myself. so here’s an much more poorly written version of what i wanted to say about the split attraction model:

  • born out of a misunderstanding of sexuality; the myth that the -sexual suffix in bisexual, heterosexual, etc. refers to sexual attraction and/or the act of sex when it refers to the gender(s) that one is attracted to.
  • along with this, sexualizes lgbp identities by insisting that our sexualities are inherently sexual because of the -sexual suffix.
  • encourages people to identify as things like “bihet” and “heteroromantic lesbian”, and to use h*m*sexual/h*m*romantic freely without realizing that these terms have been used to medicalized and pathologize (is that a word?) gay people’s attraction.
  • through dicing up attraction, encourages internalized homophobia/biphobia (e.g. someone who calls themselves “heterosexual h*m*romantic” might really be bisexual); the split attraction model gives people the tools to construct an orientation around internalized homophobia/biphobia rather than confront it (x).
  • encourages people who are not lgbt to freely call themselves q*eer just because they believe they are not “normal” when they label themselves as lithsexual, placiosexual, or something along those lines.
  • seeks to contain attraction when in reality attraction is incredibly complex and it is oftentimes not helpful to try to categorize each and every aspect of it; fails to recognize attraction is different for everyone and attempting to micromanage sexuality (and gender) is incredibly counterproductive and confusing for young lgbt people.
  • seeks to categorize what is the “normal” amount of sexual/romantic attraction when there really is no way for that to be quantified.
  • similarly, implants a false allo-ace dichotomy that is in no way indicative of oppression in society.
  • allows cis straight people to not only deny their cishet privilege, but encourages them to call themselves q*eer due to the conjured idea that not feeling a specific type of attraction makes one oppressed.
  • similarly, leads people to believe that the general public not having knowledge about their very precise “sexuality” is oppression.

that is all i can think to say about this issue at the moment. i know this is actually really incoherent and i’m sorry about that. i hope this isn’t too obnoxious or difficult to read, and if it is you can always send me another message and i will try to do better (because i’m still metaphorically punching myself in the face).

When I saw this post by Christian Today on Facebook, my first thought was “wow”

I can relate to this so much as a person who struggles with same-sex attraction (SSA) and used to be an LGBT activist.

Calling myself bisexual instead of just saying that I have SSA (on the rare occasion that I do talk about it) ties me to a movement in our society that is not of God. As a Christian, I should distance myself from that.

I no longer call myself bisexual because my temptations are not my identity. They do not define me. We are not defined by our sin. My identity is in Christ and I am a daughter of the King. When I use secular labels like that, I emphasize something that I should not be emphasizing. What I should be doing is pointing people to God and talking about the journey that I’ve made to following His will.

This is just something to think about.