i will say it now again


Dally stared down at his little girl in annoyance, he was beginning to lose his patience… he had told her five times already to go to bed, but she was more concerned with playing her dolls. 

“For fu-” Dally held his tongue, he clenched his teeth as he took a deep breath.

“You were about to say a swear.” She looked up at her daddy with a reprimanding finger. “You’re in big trouble mister.” 

“How many times have I told you to go to bed, huh Payge?” He bent down to her level and took the dolls from out of her hands. “Now you get your little butt up and march yourself off to bed, now, I will not ask you again, you dig?” 

“Argh!” She growled, she stamped her little feet on the ground before taking off toward the direction of her room. 

“Thank you!” He called, bending down so he could pack away her toys. 

“You’re not welcome!” She made sure to make eye contact with him so he knew that she was angry. “You’re not my friend anymore.”

And with those words she stomped the rest of the way to her room and slammed the door shut.

“Jesus fucking Christ.” Dallas muttered to himself. “I don’t like little kids… I do not like ‘em…. I just… God!” 


used to have extra room in these, guess i might need some new clothes now though (Submission) You can say that again, got a massive muffin top going on there bud. Go up more than a few sizes. 

Imagine Cartoonz telling bad Dad Jokes..

Delirious: Man I’m hungry right now
Cartoonz: Hi Hungry, I’m Dad!

Cartoonz: Pull my finger!
Bryce: *gives him a dirty look*

Cartoonz: What did baby corn say to mama corn?
Ohm: Where’s popcorn?
Cartoonz: *squints at him*
*western music starts playing*

Cartoonz: Hold on I have something in my shoe.
Ohm: I’m pretty its a foot.
*tumble weed rolls across the ground*

Cartoonz: What’s your best Dad joke?
Ohm: You.

Bryce and Delirious: *high five*

ASTRO reaction to you calling them “oppa / hyung” for the first time


“say it again! please!” Loves it

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“So finally after months I’m yours completely? I’m so happy”

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“I’m your oppa/hyung now! hehe, now you have to love me~”

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(my feels)


“finally! I was getting tired waiting, haha I’m joking I’d wait forever~”

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“Now that you accepted I’m yours, lets go and oppa/hyung will treat you”

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“wahh, I’m so shy right now~ I love you jagi”

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do you think touken will happen romantically??? also i dont understand why people say kaneki is living for touka's sake and completely disregard literally everything we know about kaneki's relationship with hide. do you think hide will at least be mentioned soon??

I don’t know, I try not to take sides in ships. 

People are saying that Kaneki is living for Touka’s sake because they have no idea where Hide is right now. It’s hard to remember a character’s importance in a narrative when they’ve been gone for 100 chapters. While I’m sure Ishida has a reason for this, the fact that characters offscreen suddenly feel less important is inevitable besides that. 

That being said, Kaneki’s relationship with Hide was important in him finding the will to live again. However, Kaneki did not specifically decide to live because Brain Ghost Hide told him to. Rather, Kaneki finally realized that Hide wasn’t trying to sacrifice himself to look cool as Kaneki was. Rather, Hide wanted them both to live on together when he made that action back in the sewers. Realizing this, Kaneki wanted to live so he could respect Hide’s wishes from back then.

Kaneki even says though, the person who conjured up Hide in his head, the voice always belonged to him.

Right now though, Kaneki’s become sidetracked again from his moment of revelation with Arima. He’s trying to live on for the sake of everybody, Touka and Hide. I genuinely don’t think he sees either of them as more special in his mind right now. Kaneki has them all in his “people I want to protect” box. His development will come when he finally accepts that he wants to live for himself and stops trying to live for the sake of everybody else. 

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After once again being disappointed with no trailer, Im now convinced that zero of Henriks posts have anything to do with Skam. In fact those pics he posted of the cast last week, yep those were all from last year. That leaked photo of H & T filming, that was just 2 crazy fans who dressed up like them because they were having such bad withdrawals. In fact I'll go as far as saying Henrik wasnt even a part of Skam, I think Henrik is just really good at photoshop and added himself into every scene.

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Are you able to fall asleep at night knowing that when Emma gave Hook the ring back, she couldn't look him in the eye? Or his face when she just walks away? He's just so shocked it hurts me.

The look on his face when she hands the ring back and he goes to take it from her. It’s heartbreaking. He’s having such a rough time with everything lately and he’s just screwed up again and now this is happening to him and… no wonder his instinct to run kicks in. It’s a well-intentioned ‘I’m gonna try and do what she says’ that he takes a little too literally, but damn… yeah, after that, I’d want to run too. 

And of course I so do not blame Emma for not being able to look him in the eye when she handed him back the ring. These two were in such tough positions, and like @seastarved pointed out in her post about the scene, it was such a realistic experience. You could feel for both of them and where they were coming from and why this moment ended up being what it did - they were so caught up in their own feelings, that they just couldn’t express what they wanted in the right ways and it just…

That scene resonates on such a deep, personal level for me, I think. It’s so painful but so truthful at the same time and… ugh… yeah, I’ve been thinking about it a lot since Sunday night.

im a sobbing mess right now, watching the wedding episodes again and when aaron says: 

“I never thought i would have this with anyone, and i never thought i would have it with you “  

And i think what he meant by that is that he has never loved anyone  as much as Robert and has never been happier with anyone else , but with Robert he is , Robert is it for him <3 

im crying because of this okay :’( <3 they really are soulmates, and sometimes it just makes me cry, because its just so beautiful :’)

You’ve thrown me right into
Your fire and watched me drown
With your green-blueish eyes.
Waiting for me to say a word,

To tell me I’ve said too much;
It was too much again and throw
Me back again, dripping into my 
Fearful past, as if I was nothing.

But hell may send me to heaven now,
I’ve had enough on my pure white shirt,
To walk through these flames.
To ever let you hurt me again. 

And you’ve thrown me right into
Your sea and tried to drown me
With your bare red hands.
So I’ve drowned, quit saying a word,

Sorry for this ending, but 
Hurt people hurt.
—  MS

(Written and submitted by @amorsemsacrificio)

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What if Steve has a serious aversion to water and almost drowns during a mission before Bucky saves him? (Ps love your writing! 💞)

Thank you so very much! <3

Steve wakes up in a fit, crying. But then there’s hands on his face and a nose pressing against his own. 

“Stevie,” Bucky says, wiping away Steve’s tears, “sweetheart, you’re okay. Baby doll, I’m here, love.” 

Steve stares up at him. His bottom lip trembled. He’d been on a mission and nearly drowned, until Bucky saved him. And now, that night, he keeps reliving it - the cold, icy feeling of being utterly helpless. Like he losing it all over again. 


Bucky swoops down and kisses him, “it’s me, darlin’. I’m here, I got you.” 

Steve whimpers and clings onto Bucky, burying his face in the brunette’s chest. They are curled up on their bed, covered in thick blankets and yet the warmth does nothing to slow his racing heart. 

“I’m scared,” Steve whispers, looking up at Bucky with doe eyes. 

“I’m here,” Bucky kisses his forehead, “I promise. I’ll be here to protect you, all the time. Okay?” 

Steve nods and sniffs, tucking himself into Bucky’s arms again, knowing that if the nightmares came back, Bucky would be there to protect him. 

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So.... hello I've be following your blog for almost 2 years and finally worked up the nerve to say it's beautiful, uplifting, humour and very inspirational (makes me want to try playing the Sims again). Love your characters and the way your brain works. And also wanted to ask what ever happened to Freddy and what is he up to? Is even more known now for his work now? Sorry if this is long but I love getting to know more about your characters.

omg dsdskah first of all ilyyyyy for sending nice things like this but most importantly how haven’t you blocked me yet ;-;;;;;;;;;;;;;..

seconddddd zsdkjhsdkf.. i love you even more for asking me about Freddy and that you even care about him when i’ve only showed him like twice. he’s still my precious pure babyyyyy. the only thing stopping me from posting him is finding a home/world for him and Benji because they’re suppose to be roommates. realistically they should already be settled in somewhere or at the very least in the process of looking for something that can accommodate both of their needs. 

right now they’re in Angel City but that world has become increasingly laggy for me so i have to find another “city-type” environment for them. i lowkey want them to be based in NY though because they each spend time back and forth between there and LA, Brooklyn is Freddy’s hometown and there’s nothing really keeping Benji in Cali anymore that he can’t do elsewhere or hop on a flight real fast if he needs to visit. Freddy is actually subletting his studio in NY to one of his friends, however, the lease will be up soon so he’s gonna have to figure out additional living arrangements anyway and Benji feels it’s time to move out of Wes’ home soooo yeah i’m thinking NY ^_^

as far as Freddy’s line of work.. he’s pretty popular behind the lens at this point but genuinely didn’t start coming into his own success until about age 23, he’s 26 now. he’s a street life/fashion photographer and his preferred specialty is working with musicians as their personal photojournalist. he’ll often travel on the road with the artist and photograph them, their entourage and any behind the scenes and/or onstage work they might do. this usually will last ongoing for about a month or two or however long the artist is on tour for and then he’s back home working on his other side jobs which include various publications, still life and other personal projects he might be experimenting with.

“amabee is a sexy bee”

thank you @iq10000masta thank you so much you clearly know that he’s my ultimate avocado husbando and you just had to say that and now i can never get over with it and it’s stuck in my head forever wow I HATE LOve u

again, shoutout to @photoshopronpa‘s amabee

Enough with this writing about cheating and getting back together. I just went through a daunting experience with my best friend. Her boyfriend cheated on her (with some girl in our class) and like 1) even if it isn’t happening directly to you but you’re still involved it hurts and 2) why in writing do we always just let them get back together? Because we want a happy ending that the real world can’t provide us with? Honestly, after experiencing this first hand your love’s either got to be super strong or almost not at all for you to get back with that person. How can you ever trust them again? I now find it hard and unrealistic for them to end like that but…that’s just me. I’m not saying I won’t write requests like that but it isn’t really realistic…

Sorry but not sorry for the rant! 

They (kids) had already taken multiplayer photos. Realized dream. Then Neymar arrived. They at the height of the excitement … “Neymar, do you play ball with us?”
I replied: “No, now he’s going to rest because tomorrow he has a game. Another thing, remember what we agreed, if you enter the field Uncle (security) will drive everybody out.” Then Neymar turns and says: “You want to play ball?”
A: “Siiiiiiiimmmmm”.
He: “Then come!” There, their lives will never be the same again.
Isn’t he the cutest person in the world? 😍💕

okay so i got some bad news. my laptop is broken and needs to be sent to have repairs done which means i can’t access any of my fics or post my new chapter of ‘somebody told me you loved me again’ right now BUT within a week or so it should be up and i can once again become somewhat relevant again.

also, i’m in my last week of university and can i take a moment to say that i did it. i got through the hardest and most mental health destroying academic year i have ever done. i’ve never struggled so hard yet simultaenously wanted to keep going so badly.

so y'know, silver linings and all that…

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Do you think we're going to see the Queen again this season? Her last interaction with Snow felt a bit unsatisfying imo. Their conflict is so important in this story and I was expecting something that would more clearly say that things are balanced out now, with Snow accepting her past and forgiving the Queen. But all that happened was the Queen apologising and Snow nodding and it looks like some things are still left unaddressed between them.What do you think?Do you expect the Queen to be back?

Oh, I expect to see so much more Queen! We have three versions now. There is always flashback Queen. Then we have banished Queen somewhere in the wish verse… and split Queen’s story may not be over either. They’ve lots of options. This was about Regina’s story with the Evil Queen, but there’s Emma and Snow’s story left. She’s connected to everyone. She’ll be back in some form or other. Plus, there are spoilers… we just don’t know which Queen it’s gonna be.

holy shit someone help me

was there ever a point where angus says something like “I love the Director, she gave me a home.” because i fucking have had that stuck in my head like it really really happened at some point aND EVEN DREW A PICTURE TO GO WITH IT but i went back through some episodes and i can’t find it so now i feel like its some fucking fever dream i had?????????? like please help me, did this or did it not happen i am in hell once again

I've been MIA asf

Mostly being busy and then being on vacation and now busy again!

Also I feel like I don’t have anything cool to say right now and every time I go to make a post I’m like “….ehhhhhhhhhhh better not.”

But I will delight you with a roommate post that’s like same shit different day

And then I will tell you a story about how twice today I was made to feel old for no gotzamn reason