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Katy Perry confirms Taylor Swift is a snake 🐍🐍🐍

She did something so horrible,” Swift says. “I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just straight-up enemies.’ And it wasn’t even about a guy! It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. And I’m surprisingly non-confrontational – you would not believe how much I hate conflict. So now I have to avoid her. It’s awkward, and I don’t like it.”

Taylor Swift is once again caught lying in order to play the victim.

shout out to m’gann m’orzz, who came from a species that wanted to destroy planets and kill/enslave all the inhabitants, for fighting for what was right and actively try to save people. 

shoutout to m’gann m’orzz for showing everyone that where you come from doesn’t have to define the person you are. 

shoutout to m’gann m’orzz for proving that she is a hero time and time again without just going around and saying “i’m a hero now!” like other characters on the show.

This is the beginning of a strained partnership.

Quick info on the scenario we had; it was a very small game(D&D 3.5) of three people. A Human Fighter, a Satyr Wizard(joined later and will not appear in the scene), and an Avoral Rouge. The Fighter had started the campaign capturing the Rouge for their impressive bounty and the Rouge convinced them to split the bounty to make it easier. The Rouge would later escape and get their cut, payment to avoid a promised butt-whooping should he cheat. They arrive in a small town with a very heplful guard.

Fighter: “I’m here to collect her bounty!” Points to Rouge, in cuffs on wrists and ankles*

Guard:*Recognizes Rouge from posters* “Oh I’m sorry our treasury doesn’t have enough money to pay you! Would you accept a third of the price?”

Fighter: *looks to Rouge, who gives him dirty look and quietly mutters ‘no way’* “I’m sorry no. Is there a larger town within traveling distance?

Guard: *nods and proceeds to give him directions*

Fighter: “Thank you” *Turns to leave*

Guard: “Wait! I noticed that she’s a flier and a notorious escape artist, don’t you want to make sure she can’t get away?”

Fighter: *Rolls to convince the Guard and fails* “I can handle her.”

Guard: “I doubt it. Look I’m very good at pinioning, it’ll be quick…” *pulls out large scissors from somewhere*

Rouge: *gets pissed* “You are NOT touching me with those scissors! *is ignored by the guard*

Fighter: *rolls to convince the Guard again, and succeeds minorly* "Look, maybe we can do something less drastic?”

The rouge ends up covered from head to shoulders in chains and tossed in the back of the wagon, unable to move. Much farther down the road…

Rouge: “……you can let me out now, he’s not following us…”

Fighter: “What if he sent a messenger ahead and they expect you in chains?”

rouge: “I hate you so much right now.”

doodle to random comic bc idk. it supposed to be 2 pages but…. eh …

but what if steve was missing. he’s been out on a mission a hundred miles away and then he just drops off the radar and disappears.

tony’s devastated. he’s been in love with steve for years and years and years, not that he’d ever tell steve that, because steve’s lovely and amazing and perfect and deserves so much better than a shitty messed up broken person like tony-

anyway tony and everyone else try everything they can think of to find him. tony hasn’t slept for days, hardly eaten, desperately hacking security systems worldwide to try and find just a trace of steve. but there’s nothing.

he’s got an old shirt of steve’s, worn soft and thin but smelling like steve. (tony Did Not steal it) and he’s drained and exhausted and heartsick and nothing’s working, and he finds himself curling into a ball on the couch in his workshop with steve’s shirt pressed to his face,

and then he’s sobbing, trying to stop himself but he just can’t, harsh wracking sobs that hurt his chest as they tear out of him, crying into steve’s shirt as he holds onto it with shaking hands.

he ends up falling asleep out of pure exhaustion.

anyway in the meantime steve has just been released from an interdimensional time void by stephen strange, and portalled right back to avengers tower. and he bursts in to find tony.

and tony’s lying there curled up in a little ball, asleep, his little face tearstreaked and exhausted and pressed into steve’s old t-shirt, his fingers all twisted up in it too as though he’s never going to let it go.

steve comes and looks down at him and loves him so much it hurts, and god, he’d thought he wasn’t ever coming back, that he’d never see tony again, and now he gets this second chance and he’s damned if he’s going to let it slip away.

so he puts his hand on tony’s back and rubs gently, and says ‘hey. miss me?’

and tony’s eyes fly open, red-rimmed and puffy, and he just stares disbelievingly up into steve’s face for a few seconds.

steve gives him a little wobbly smile. and tony bursts into tears and launches himself at steve’s chest and buries his face in steve’s neck and sobs fiercely at him, ‘don’t you dare - ever - ever do that - again, i hate you, i hate you,’ except he’s clinging on to steve and shaking and curling himself closer and it doesn’t really feel like he hates steve at all.

and steve peppers little kisses all over tony’s forehead and hair, whispering ‘i won’t - i couldn’t help - i love you, god, i love you, tony, i love you, i missed you so much.’

and then he kisses tony’s little wet face, and tony grabs his face and comes desperately towards him until their lips meet, and steve kisses him softly, pouring all his love and longing into it, kissing away the taste of tony’s tears.

(more ficlets on the ‘stevetony ficlet’ tag on my blog)

biting down

“What do you need right now?”

Kara dips her head down, shoulders raising and falling with such a weight, that oh, she wishes she could take for her sister. “I,” Kara shakes her head, runs a jerky hand through it that Alex takes, tugs her sister closer, “I don’t know Alex. I don’t-”

Kara’s arms around her aren’t as tight as she thought they’d be. Her hands hang off her back as Kara presses her face into her shoulder. “I’m so proud of you,” she repeats firmly into Kara’s hair, says it again when Kara turns her head away. Runs a hand down Kara’s back and settles it there when Kara’s arms finally wrap around her. 

(It’s still so, so loose.

A barely there pressure. As present as Kara’s stare.

Something about it chilling her down to her bones.)

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Ninjago confusion:
  • Lloyd: I just don't know...why am I the leader?
  • Jay: Hey yeah, why ARE you leader again?
  • Wu: Because he is the green ninja, and destined to lead you all.
  • Kai: Really? That's kind of weak, and I'm not just saying that because of my Red Ranger complex.
  • Cole: Honestly we've all taken the role of leader and saved the day time and time again, maybe we don't really HAVE a leader?
  • Jay: Also we were all his teachers once, now he's in charge? That's weird.
  • Wu: It is his destin-
  • Nya: Shut the fuck up old man, we're still mad at you for fighting Acronix alone!
  • Jay: Seriously, you're old and barely have powers, we're young and have SEVERAL powers...not...nearly as much as in season 1 for some reason, but its something!
  • Nya: And while we're questioning things, why can't I be Samurai X AND the water elemental? Hell, why do I have to be a ninja at all?
  • Wu: Uh, well you see-
  • Cole: And what idiotic strategy is fighting alone? There's literally over a DOZEN elemental masters in action, and you didn't call any of them, including us?
  • Skylor: Do I still have my powers or don't I? ITS CONFUSING!
  • Kai: Are we still a thing? Why haven't we pursued that?
  • Jay: What happened to my parents?
  • Kai: What happened to MY parents?
  • Moro: Why can't I come back as a ghost?
  • Garmadon: Why can't I come back period?
  • Misako: Why do the writers insist on acting like I'm in love with Wu, when it looks more like I'm his nursemaid?
  • Lloyd: How could I have even been born 10 years ago when logically my mom is just as old as you and couldn't logically bare a child?
  • Scales: Where the hell have I been?
  • Pythor: Why do I still think I can take over the world despite sucking so much?
  • Zane: If elemental powers are passed through bloodlines, how am I(a nindroid) an elemental?
  • Echo Zane: Does Zane still know I exist? Am I an elemental?
  • Pixal: Why can't Borg industries make me a new fucking body?
  • Borg: Why can't I make myself cybernetic legs like that chick in Arrow everybody hates for no good reason?
  • Master Chen: How is it I'm the most despicable and cunning villain so far, yet somehow look hilarious and stupid? Also vaguely racist.
  • Kai: And those are just SOME of the many questions we have.
  • Wu: All good questions that I will *ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*
  • Kai: Friggin dammit, not again.
Sons of Lawrence #16

Summary:  Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Crowley, Jo Harvelle, Mary Winchester,Balthazar, Michael, Gabriel
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 2,104
Warnings: Language, casual drug use, angst, someone gets stabbed.
Author’s Note: This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, explicit canon typical violence.
Miss the beginning?

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With the tension thick in the air, everyone took their seats at the table quickly. Dean sat in John’s chair and started the meeting in the same manner as his father; skull ring tapping on the table.

There was no point in beating around the bush. “Dad’s been put into a medically-induced coma,” Dean admitted, his voice weary from keeping his emotions under control. There were murmurs of confusion, so you elaborated further.

“With the bullet’s location, placing him in the coma was the only choice they had. It sounds like a death sentence, but believe me when I say that it’s John’s only chance of survival,” you added quickly, hoping to keep the gang from getting riled up.

Several men turned and glared at you darkly. “Where were you when he got shot?” demanded Balthazar, his accented-voice dangerously low.

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Thank You All

We have now been married for just over 3 days (and let me tell you – marriage is pretty awesome.)

I just wanted to stop in and say thank you to all of you who have been following along. I know planning a wedding and buying a house and moving took up a huge chunk of my time in the last 6-8 months and there has been irregular (largely absent) blogging on my part.

With our house all moved into and our wedding now captured in photographs and memories, I’m hoping to get back to blogging again.

I miss y'all.

But thank you to everyone who has been here. For those of you who remember the early days of Sweetheart’s appearance in my life to those of you who just jumped on at the end to hear the wedding bells. Thank you for your support and congratulations.

I’m so excited to be Mrs. Dr. LadyKay. ❤️

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Kala and Wolfgang having a pillow talk. while Wolfie tries to keep the whole truth to himself, Kala continues insisting on him about ‘when’. she asks ‘so when was it?’ Wolfgang raises eye brows and just smiles, acting like he has no clue of what she wants to know. Kala clings onto him ‘don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. tell me, when was it?’ Wolfgang gently strokes Kala’s arm ‘when was what?’ ‘that I became the first thought you have when you’re awake. the last thought you have before you fall asleep’.

Wolfgang pulls her closer to him, so that her body is on top of him. ‘why are keep asking this stuff? you can literally go inside my head right now, and find out the answer for that’ he runs his fingers through her hair, as Kala touches his wispy beard. ‘because I like when you say your thoughts out loud’.

but again, Wolfgang gives back smile instead of answer. Kala groans a bit ‘ugh. fine. I’ll guess then. fair enough?’ he nods. ‘was it…when I tried to stop you from going to your uncle’s place?’ Wolfgang shakes his head. ‘was it…when I first saw the snow in Berlin?’ he shakes it again. ‘was it a day when we’re in cafe and at the temple? wait, was it when we sang together in my dream?’ Wolfgang keeps smiling but says nothing. Kala’s face stiffens a bit ‘it’s not the wedding day, is it?’ He gives a short laugh. ‘well, stop smiling and tell me, when was it?’

Wolfgang opens his mouth as he plays with her hair ‘it was the day when…I had this craving for Indian food. so I went to Indian restaurant near the market, which is a few blocks from my apartment. back then…I was with this girl who wanted some kind of relationship with me…and I told her I wasn’t looking for any of it’ he stops for a moment recalling the memory of that day. ‘then? what happened?’ Kala asks. Wolfgang meets her gaze ‘you’.

then quickly looks elsewhere because he’s still not used to tell the whole truth to Kala ‘haven’t stopped thinking about you since then’. Kala doesn’t say anything, and Wolfgang can’t decipher her expression right now. he asks ‘is that a good enough answer for you?’ she kisses him deeply until they’re breathless. ‘it’s perfect’.

Fall - Sherlolly

I never fully realized this until today. Every time Sherlock falls, Molly is there to catch him.

During The Fall in TRF, she’s the person he goes to, asking for help.

Then again in HLV, when he’s shot, Molly (the mind palace version) guides him and helps him survive.

Now coming to The Final Problem, he falls ( is already) in love with Molly and I’m sure even now she’s there to catch him.

Looks like there’s a very strong connection between Fall and these two darlings. IDK what to say except squee and melt into a puddle. Also, these scenes all happen in the season finales.

PS- Pics and Gifs are not mine. Credits to the owners (Sorry I don’t know whose these belong to and please let me know if it’s yours, I’ll give proper credit)

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Can I just say that Jaide has fr glo'd up like her body looking right, her highlight poppin and her eyebrows are on fleek like 🤧🤧🤧 when is Wes bitch ass gonna wife her


lmao Jaide really has been on the sideline glowing up all by herself and saying fuck everyone. i’ve always mentioned that she’s been the late bloomer compared to her siblings and like now that she’s filling out and becoming more curvier it’s like:

“who the fuckkkk???”

but lmaoo plsss.. summer break is coming soon which means the kids will have some time to relax a little so maybe i can show them hanging out again like before. Juju is secretly texting Jaide on the side with all the details and letting her know Crys is cancelled.

so i know we’ve already talked about it but i just wanna say it again because i think about louis and all that he is and he’s just so…. so…. important and it makes me mad because i don’t think people realize how important he is sometimes?

because you’ve got these songwriters or whoever coming out of the woodwork now, saying that “oh, yeah, that louis! haha such an arrogant, messy kid…. thought he was SO much better than what we were offering.” but you know what? everything 1D was offered was the bare minimum and would have stunted the band’s growth. everything about 1D was set up to fulfill the boyband formula and then ultimately fail, but louis tomlinson pushed against that. of course it was a team effort, and the success of 1D is due to all of them, but louis, by the band and other people’s own admission (however bitter it may be) spearheaded that. so from where i’m standing, louis was vital in keeping the 1D heartbeat alive. he gave them the depth they were looking, not just with his vocal abilities – because 1D would be 2-dimensional without him – but he fought to give them liberties that the people in charge of them wanted to squander. he was trusted with the futures of four boys (not including his own, which is a big responsibility itself) and handled it all so gracefully. maybe not imperfectly, but tactfully and smartly. the evidence is in the fact that you’ve got hundreds of thousands of people (im)patiently waiting for 1D’s return. he took care of his band, he takes care of his fans, he handles his business with fight and determination. and not to be dramatic, but i don’t know where any of us would be without him.

these people are always going to say whatever they want about him. “he’s a dick,” “he’s a brat,” “he’s (this),” “he’s (that)”…. that’s how they’re always gonna see him, and i hate it but the satisfaction i get when i realize that, for these people, acknowledging louis for who he is and what he’s done for the band would mean acknowledging what an intelligent, brilliant, business-wise person he is/was with barely any corporate experience under his belt…. and how acknowledging that would mean realizing that the 1D empire is the way it is, in large part because of him and what /he/ did… man. yeah, all these people can shut up and keep his name out of their mouths for sure, but i feel pretty content knowing how bitter they are at the fact that this kid knew what he was doing, had the guts to stand up to them for what he and his band wanted, AND got to see the fruit of his labor. 

louis is so important, and i 1000% believe (and am waiting for the day) he’ll come out on top, and rule his kingdom with the same compassion and power and strength that he does now. it’s going to be amazing. 

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Omg i just realized yoriko last saw kaneki and touka together in touka's apartment when she brought her food and assumed they are dating, but now if yoriko and touka with kaneki meet again, she cant deny it now if yoriko would say that they are still together/dating.

Yoriko finding out Touka got some:

its not the left hand so she’ll still be able to do that

Miss T’s 450+ Followers Forever

Hello everyone! Believe it or not, but this blog now has over 450 followers. I still cannot really believe it myself, and am positively flabbergasted. So I believe it is about time that I show some gratitude. I am gratefull for each and every single follower on this blog. However there are of course a few special people I wanna mention.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Fandom

@loveisforchildren-percivalgraves: Mados is one of the first Graves I rped with. Your Graves, my dear, is amazing. I have said it time and time again, and I will say it time and time again: Your Graves portrayal is perfection. I absolutely love the story line we are having! I love, how Graves’ wits, sarcasm, humor and snarky attitude drive Gellert up a wall. I love the hate/love dynamic they have. I absolutely adore you, my friend, and every time you reply, you brighten my day.

@allforthegreatergood: Allgoody, who would have guessed that you are the reason I actually started to ship Grindelcest? Your Grindelwald is a wonderfull fuel to mine, and he seems to be so much more composed and calm then my crazy weirdo. Really, I believe Gellert needs your Grindelwald to balance him. I love our small and long roleplays, I love how we have moments where we just break the fourth wall out of nowhere. Our rps go from drama to comedy, and I love that!

@theamericanjewitch: Tina and Gellert in a soulmate au? Well, we made it work, and I am still amazed that we did so. Your Tina is amazingly written, authentic, and you yourself are a wonderfull person, Amihex. I really enjoy all our interactions, and I love how Tina can actually stand her ground around Grindelwald. That’s pretty amazing. She is such a though lady, and I love it.

@amagizoologistscase: You are one of the best Newt roleplayers there is. Your Newt is just adorable and sweet. I really enjoy the vampire au we are having. And I love how there is this slight romance going on between Grindelwald and Newt. It is adorable. And you are lovely too.

@teapotauror: You were the first one, who tried out a dark!Tina AU, and we keep working on it. Our replies are a bit smaller, but I love them. Your Tina really is a sweetheart. She may work for Grindelwald, but you can still see she has her morals, which is great. I love, how Gellert is trying to wrapp her around his fingers, and I am curious to see as to how this is gonna develop.

@asksmuttytheseus: One of my german followers and the person, where we both are like Who needs a plot??? Joking aside, I absolutely love you and the way you are portraying Theseus. I think, you are right when you say Theseus is pushing himself, while Gellert is just a douchebag. It is a very funny dynamic. What I also find good: The openness you have while writing makes this crackish plots really funny and enjoyable to write. I used to have problems with writing smutt, but I never have problems when it comes to you.

@deathlesshallows: You and I may only follow each other for a few weeks, days, but you have left an enormous impression on me! Your Grindelwald completes Gellert in another way then allgoody’s does. The entire dynamic is more like a servant and his master. Basically two people, plotting the end of the world. That is very great to do. Your writing style is A+, and you are a lovely person to talk to.

People I adore in this fandom and wanna have more threads with

@nxwtonscamandxr, @percival-grave-s, @wasitopened, @paradoxicalphoeonix, @piousboy, @nootnootandthesaurusscamander, @rolcplaycr, @thegravemistergraves

Harry Potter Fandom

@bittenchildremus: I think, I should actually mention you first, Bitty. You were one of the first people that approached me when I took Gellert as my muse. You ‘introduced’ me to Mados. You helped me to get a feel for Gellert, and you made many awesome edits for me (like the one on the top of this post). You are a wonderfull person to talk to and plot with. I adore all your OCs you create on @fireofmanyhearts, with my personal favourites being Magnus and Ethan. I love how you portray Remus, and I really enjoy the AU we are having with him being his evil helper.

@riddlemostpowerful: Grace, your Tom Riddle is gold! I absolutely love how you portray him. Not only do you have him be a powerhungry, young man, but you also add a few small quirks, which turn him into a real human. Because of you, I shop Riddlewald so hard! I love the dynamic between the mentor and the student. I love how Tom turns into a blushing, little idiot whenever something odd happens. I love plotting with you and talking with you. Your Tom Riddle and you yourself are really close to my heart.

@tobelovedistobedestroyed-albus: Okay, Mados, let’s face it. I am cheating here a bit. I don’t care, I have to give your Albus a seperate mentioning: He is perfect! He and Gellert play off in such a lovely way. There is always an air of melancholie around them, and it is breaking my heart, which is good. I love how we find ways to make headcanons specifically for this pair. It brings these two lovers and friends so much alive.

@askyoungdumbledore: We both know, it took some time for us to start roleplaying. You are actually my first Albus, and I absolutely love this exchange student thing we have. It is really well-thought out, and it allows us to explore something unexpected.

@siiriusblxck: We may be slow with our roleplay, but I love you nonetheless. I really enjoy the dynamic we settled with. Having Sirius being stripped of his will, is a very drastic move, but I love this vulnerability. I am actually glad that I could dare this with you, since the power dynamic in our rps towards Sirius is bad for him. Like really badly. All in all, I really enjoy reading all your threads, and I am very glad that I could approach you.

@jazzandmagic: Bella, you are one of my oldest and longest roleplayers. I know, we actually rped in another fandom, but I still hope that we find a way to rp on here as well. All in all, you have a lovely Hermione, and she is very enjoyable. I also enjoy chatting with you.

People I adore in this fandom and wanna have more threads with:

@she–knows-it-all, @pxtionmaster, @rxgulussblxck, @areyouinthebeyond, @princelydoe,​

Mixed Blogs aka all the other Fandoms and Personal Blogs I have things to say about

@mylittlecuriosityrp: Okay, let’s face it: Everybody who followed me on @misstantabis knows your name had to pop up eventually. Ace, what can I say to you that I have not yet said before? You are the first blog, that ever followed me. You are the person, that helped me the most in many, many ways: When it came to writing, when it came to learn how the Tumblr community works. You are the person I had the most heartships and troubles with. We have known each other for a year, I think, and we grew a lot because of this. You are one of my closest friends on her, my greatest inspiration and idol, and I am immensely gratefull to have you. The way you write all your horses is lovely, and I am so glad that after all our countless story lines we still have something to continue. I look forwards to see what will come in the future. <3

@royal-lotus-fire: Everybody needs a person, which makes them smile from time to time. Lotus, you are that person for me. Your randomness and your sweetness brightens my day. We may no longer roleplay as much as we used to, but I still love all the stuff you tagg me in, all the random asks you send me. You are my ray of sunshine. :)

@themadandthebroken: I know it has been quite around us, but be assured I have not forgotten you. I absolutely loved and still do each and every roleplay we are having. I love your muses, and I love how we plot soulcrushing angst to ruin our ships.

@mr-henry-lascelles: You were the blog that introduced me properly to Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and I love you for that. Not only did you gave me a great, small fandom, but you also created one of the greatest AUs with me and my favourite, platonic ship up date. Seriously, nothing beats Olalla and Lascelles, plotting crazy schemes to avoid Captain Dance, and embarass him nonstopp. XD

@funkzpiel: I theoretically could have also placed you under the Fantastic Beast section, however I chose to sort you here since you are a personal blog. Funky, you are another one of my big writing inspirations. You encouraged me to actually write a ton of what I jokingly call my garbage stories (since it is smutt with little plott). I love to talk with you, and I really hope that our friendship can grow.

Other blogs I love seeing on my dash:

@ohveda, @wolfinthethorns, @fantastic-beasts-smut, @nasturtian, @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins, @mischiefandnightmares, @venerablehypocrite

Blogs I no longer interact with, but whom I connect with very fond memories:

@theplottingtrio, @eldenisimo, @delightfullyevil, @butter-cream-bites, @dave-and-associates,

A few posts about the Manchester bombing have come up in my feed, I looked into it a bit more and I found that people are complaining about/hating on Ariana for suspending (or potentially cancelling) her tour. I’m just gonna say it, I’m not a fan of Ariana Grande, I never have been, but how dare people hating on her for suspending her tour. I can’t even IMAGINE what she must be going through right now, after everything that happened, I wouldn’t even blame her if the poor girl never went on tour again. People seriously need to get their priorities straight…. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and family affected by this, and to Ariana as well.

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In honor of Marcus May -- Marcus x Hermione - University AU. "Please help me study for anatomy. Coach won't let me play next semester if I don't pass all my classes." (Okay, not in love with that sentence, but I mean, you get the general gist of it?)

Oh-my-GOD!! My hero! I actually WANTED to write something for the Marcus May, and have been thinking about it FOR SO LONG and YOU JUST SAVED ME.

(I’m gonna butcher your sentence, forgive me -my courage comes from you saying you aren’t in love with it)

*cracks knuckles*


He waited for her to notice him.

She didn’t, so he cleared his throat loudly, and spoke again.

“Hi, can I sit here?”

She nodded, distractedly. Mumbling a “Yeah, sure.”

Marcus sighed. She wasn’t making this easy. He cleared his throat again, now you are overdoing it, Flint, he thought. She flicked a gaze towards him, her eyes lingering on him only a fraction of a second and she turned back to her work again. He sighed inwardly, considering to give up already. She would never notice him.

She seemed to only notice her friends, anyway. He was sure she dated none of them. She still came to every game, and Marcus remembered how he had been jealous of Potter when she ran to him after a game.

Too bad that he found out Potter was not interested in girls after he made the younger kid hate him.

He realised he had forgotten to open the books he randomly selected to pretend he was studying when she lifted her gaze toward him then looked at his books pointedly. He coughed with embarrassment and she looked at him again, a shy blush on her cheeks. Marcus almost fell from his seat.

He had never thought of himself particularly smart, nor handsome for that matter. Girls liked him, enough, he thought, since he was a great football player. He doubted Hermione Granger cared about that. He doubted she even knew his name.

“Anatomy?” she asked suddenly, surprising him.

She was talking to him. It had been too long since he got this stupid over a girl.

“So what?” he barked.


She blushed, then her brows furrowed and her eyes sparked with anger. She huffed a breath and turned back to the pile of books in front of her.

“Sorry!” he said, feeling like an absolute imbecile. Lie, his mind supplied helpfully. “It’s just that, I’m gonna fail the class.”

She didn’t say anything for few seconds but didn’t seem as angry as before. “The coach said I can’t play next semester if I failed,” he added for good measure. The coach, of course, had not said such things.

He didn’t even take Anatomy. He prayed she didn’t know.

Hermione smirked, her eyes still on her workload. “Uh-huh.”

“Maybe you could help me study?”

She lifted her eyes, looking at him with a smirk.

“Help you study anatomy?” Hermione clarified, and she was, ugh -so hot!

“Yes,” he said, dazed.

She laughed, not loudly, but her face flushed with amusements and her eyes were sparkling making Marcus’ blood boil.

“Sure, pick me up at eight.”

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Hi, absolutely love your art and may or may have not cried over it multiple times*cough* uh- how would you feel abt a thing called bnhastuck?

Awwwwwwwww thank you!!!!!! And @syblatortue has been drawing some of the kids as trolls now and again and I still haven’t stopped crying over how great every and each design is so I guess you might say I’m not adverse to it lmao

Anon said: kiri and kami need a good snuggle

So does most part of the UA student body, tbh… most teachers too, actually. Most pro heroes as well. Yep. 

Anon said: Do you follow any Haikyuu!! or My Hero Acedemia Fandom blogs on tumblr, if so which ones (Luv ur work)

Most of what I follow are more or less fandom blogs honestly haha I don’t think I can list all of them but I do follow stuff like @dailyhaikyuu or @dailybnha or @fymyheroacademia ??? I follow @daily-bakugou and @mina-ashido-love and @haikyuus and @foreverhaikyuu and @heroacacaps and @heroaca-anime and @bakushima and @bokuukuro and…uh. Yeah. Anyway it’s a lot of them.

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