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“I know there’s a light, the only shining in our hearts. Standing here, in this place where freedom lives. I know there’s a light, don’t let it fade out, it’s our heart. Let it go. We are not defeated, we’re not losing, in these flames of war. We’re rising up!”  


You remember this? My dad and I used to build model airplanes. And this, this was my absolute favorite. Tenth birthday. This is a Nieuport 28. It’s the same plane Quentin Roosevelt flew in World War I. When you were about two years old, you got your hands on this, and you broke off one of the wings. I spent about an hour with a hot glue gun trying to fix it. It ended up in about 20 pieces instead of 2. Quentin, sometimes trying to fix something only makes it worse.


today is my birthday and I’m riding high💋

Okay, but guys

This is REQUIRED READING for a class I’m taking where we are studying comic adaptations of Shakespeare

and like, I just can’t get over it.

(Romeo, Rock Idol and son of Lord Montague)

(Lady Montague, mother of Romeo)

(Mercutio, friend of Romeo and kinsman of Prince Escalus)


And seriously. I know it’s so easy to interpret Romeo as the lovesick damsel in distress, like seriously. the guy can be the BIGGEST drama queen in the original play but god Dude do they ever

play it up here

Long story short. Romeo is the biggest drama queen and I’m losing it over this adaptation. It takes place in modern day Tokyo between yakuza families. I can’t take it seriously and it is the BEST.

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