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BTS reaction to you sending them nudes out of nowhere


He would be so embarrassed and make sure no one saw what just came up on his phone. Jin would hurry to the bathroom so people couldn’t see his red face or his quickly forming boner. “Jagi! You can’t send those things to me at work! Just wait until I get home!” He’d reply.

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Yoongi would just smirk as he looked. He wasn’t really worried that anybody might have saw, either. He would lick his lips, look over the picture and let out a low grumble of sexual frustration because he couldn’t be there with you now. “You better be like that when I get home.”

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Hobi would smirk a little when he looked at the picture. He would go to the bathroom and send one right back to you as soon as he had a free moment. “Couldn’t wait until I got home? This should be enough until I get there.” He’d text back, thinking about all the things he’d do to you once he got home.

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He would be a little worried that someone saw the picture when it came up on his screen. He’d quickly look around and hide his phone screen. Once he knew it was clear he let out a frustrated yet turned on growl. “You know not to send me those things without warning. You’re getting punished when I get home.”

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Jimin would be immediately turned on. He’d have to rush off to the bathroom with no explanation what so ever, making people suspicious of him. He would stare at your pictures, then send multipel back of himself in the bathroom stall. “Why do you have to tease me like this? I want you. Now.”

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He would try to play it off as if nothing important showed up on his phone around the other members and staff. Once he got a moment, Tae would look at them for a long while as he bit his lip. “I can’t wait to have a taste of you.”

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He would be super embarrassed. Jungkook would try to hide his red face and quickly delete the picture before anyone else saw. But not before he got a long look at it first. “You better be ready for when I get home.” He’d quickly message back. When you would ask why his only reply was “You’ll see what happens when you tease me.”

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Tease (Derek Hale x Reader)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader
Request: Yes, by @g0back2bed

Warnings: smutttttttttttttttttttttttt, curse words probably
Word Count: 1,087


(I meaaaaaan look at himmmmm hes gonna kill me hes so hot ily baby marry me pls)

The buzzing coming from the front pocket of my pants would not stop. I knew what it was, my sexually frustrated girlfriend I had left at home was sending me messages non stop.

I had an important meeting to attend and I couldn’t pay attention with her constant bothering.

I looked around the room full of men who kept talking and talking, when I noticed none of them we’re looking at me I grabbed my phone and unlocked it; only to see several text messages from Y/N. I smiled a little, that girl never stopped until she got what she wanted.

Hey, when are you coming home?
I miss you, get here soon
Did you see where I left my panties from last night?
Derek come on, where did you put them
I’m getting cold down there.

I chuckled and quickly typed a reply

I may or may not have them here with me in my suit pocket.

You little bitch, I found them.
How did they get to the chandelier?

Can you please stop? You made me laugh and now my “business buddies” think I’m crazy

You know, you should be nicer to me, after all I am the reason you’re in a good mood every morning, and every night ;)

And I am the reason we’re not living under a bridge, so please let me work.

I finally locked my phone and placed it on the table, a good five minutes passed before it started buzzing again. Now, I had caught everyone’s attention and they all looked at me with piercing eyes. I cleared my throat before speaking.

“I’m sorry, it’s my doctor. I have an appointment later” it was the best excuse I could come up with, everyone waited for a second and remained silent. Then one of them nodded and the guy that was previously speaking continued talking.

When are you cumming home?? :(
I’m lonely and horny. That’s not a good combination
I know you hate it when I use a vibrator
But my pussy’s so wet
I remembered what we did last night, I’m pretty sure someone heard me
I mean who fucks their girlfriend on the rooftop of his company building?
Then we got home, and you couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom. You fucked me against the front door.
And in the kitchen counter. Then in the hallways, and finally our bed.
I’m getting so wet just by remembering
You want to know what I’m doing?

By this point, the meeting was long forgotten and I had a growing bulge inside my pants. I started typing a message but a voice caught my attention.

“Mr. Hale?” I looked up from my phone to meet several eyes looking at me.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that please?” I said trying to focus on what they were saying. After the guy finished his speech I gave a quick answer to his question and the meeting continued. I turned my attention to my phone again.

What are you doing?

Didn’t you have an “important meeting?

Shut up and tell me what you’re doing

I’m touching my pussy.
And I picture your fingers going in and out of me instead of mine
Wanna see?


Y/N has sent a picture
It’s very wet, you should be here
I just grabbed my vibrator
It’s on and it feels so good
I can’t wait until you get home and fuck me into oblivion
I want your cock inside of me. Filling me and stretching my tight little pussy

You want that?
You want my hard cock inside your pussy?
You want me to eat you out and put my fingers inside your pussy?


Tell me more. What else do you want?

I want your tongue


God my ass wants attention too

Show me

Y/N has sent a picture

Put your middle and index fingers inside your pussy and show me

Y/N has sent a picture
It feels so good, I can’t stop

Don’t stop, are you cuming?

I’m almost there
I want your cock inside my ass
And your tongue on my nipples
And your fingers in my pussy, playing with my clit
God, I want you.

Keep doing that. Keep touching yourself and think it’s me. I’m on my way

By this point I didn’t care about the stupid meeting, I had other priorities. I stood up from my chair and again, all eyes were on me.

“Is everything okay, Mr. Hale?” one man asked.

“Yes. I have to go, I have a hot girlfriend waiting for me at home” I smiled and walked out of the meeting room straight to the elevator. Once I got down to the garage I walked to my car and started the engine. The drive home was fast, since I was in such a hurry to get there. I took several shortcuts to avoid traffic and luckily I got home in under ten minutes.

When I stepped inside the house there wasn’t a single sound. I went to my bedroom and found it empty. The bed sheets were messy, and Y/N’s panties were laying on the ground, then I heard a soft moan coming from the bathroom. I took off my coat and threw it somewhere in the room.

I opened the door slowly, careful not to make a sound, 

Y/N was in the shower, water falling from the shower head to her beautiful naked body. Her back was resting against the wall, her eyes closed and head tilted upwards; bottom lip between her teeth. Hands playing with herself.

I started taking off my clothes, but my eyes never left her body. I was being extra careful, I didn’t want to be caught. Once I stripped myself, I took my hard shift and pumped it a few times. I opened the crystal door and walked into the shower. Y/N’s back was facing me, so I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her towards me. My hands traveling down to her pussy to continue what she had started.

“I didn’t think you’d actually come” she said resting her back against my chest.

“I had to come, I couldn’t leave you all hot, horny and lonely.” I said moving one of my fingers and sliding it into her pussy. “Now, let’s make some new memories for you to remember while I’m gone”

I just love you so fucking much

(Zach Dempsey mini-series part II)

Part I Part III

A/N: Here you have a second part, I think I’m going two more parts (like a mini series) so enjoy it :)

Warnings: English is not my first language.

Words: 1.793



It had been almost four months since Zach asked me out that wonderful day and I’m glad to say that I made the right decision because being with him was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time.

I already knew how kind he could be, but now it was something totally different, he made me feel like if there were no one else in this world but us, he always had a compliment for me in the mornings and the thing I liked the most was that he never tried to hide our relationship, in fact, there were times that it looked like he wanted everyone to know that we were together.

Nevertheless I didn’t like spending time with his friends, I have to say that Alex was my favourite and we used to talk in school, Justin was better than I expected, Monty thought he was better than everyone else and I didn’t even want to see Bryce, having him around made me feel uncomfortable.

Even though everything was ideal there was something around my head lately and it was the fact that we hadn’t done it yet. There had been so many opportunities, but we didn’t make it to the end.

We were taking things slowly and I loved it because that was one of the reasons why our relationship was drama free, bit when it came to that particular thing I couldn’t help but feel bad with myself because it was always him the one who avoided the situation and I knew he had been in other relationships and one night stands, so I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to have sex with me.

“Oh come on love” he begged pulling my hand backwards in his direction so I could face him “come to the party, you never come to any of them” he was making a puppy face, something he knew that always worked.

“Maybe because I don’t like parties and because you always get drunk” I answered trying to stay firm.

“I promise, if you come I won’t drink a single cup” he said lifting his hand, like he was doing an oath.

“I don’t know Zach… I don’t feel like going to a party” I stopped looking at him and I lowered my tone “but that doesn’t mean you can’t go and have fun”

If there were something I wanted to avoid that was being a possessive girlfriend, one who deprives his boyfriend of things if she’s not involved, I didn’t want to make Zach stop having fun because of my insecurities.

“I would have fun if you were there” I looked at him in the eyes again, with all the love I had to give him with just a look and he brought his lips to mine immediately.

“I’m going to be late for math” I mumble between kisses.

“Then I’ll see you later” he said before giving me another kiss in my lips and other in my forehead, he let my hand go and left for his next class.

I walked to math where I sat with Alex, which wasn’t a great help because neither him nor me were good in this class.

While we were doing the exercises the teacher had said, and I had to say I was trying really hard to understand something in that paper, Alex talked.

“Are you going to tell me what the matter is?” I lifted my head to look at him, I didn’t get what he was talking about “You’re awfully quiet today and what’s even worst, you’re trying to do this exercises, something is really wrong” I sighed, resting my back in the chair; I didn’t think it was so obvious.

“Normally I wouldn’t say this to anyone, I’m not that kind of person who talks about her private life, but since you know Zach longer than me, maybe you can help me with something” I lowered my voice so no one could hear us, even though we were sitting at the back of the class.

“I’m listening”

“The thing is… Zach and me, we haven’t… you know” I didn’t want to say it out loud, but he got what I was trying to say “and it’s always him the one who makes some excuse to avoid the situation and I’m losing my mind trying to find a reasonable answer”

“Have you asked him?” he said it as if it was the most obvious thing to do.

“Of course no, I don’t want to scare him or something. I mean, it’s Zach, why wouldn’t he want to do it? I know his history perfectly”

“Do you think he’s cheating on you?”

“What?!” I exclaimed in a whisper “Not until now, thank you Alex”

I didn’t want Alex’s words to get to me, but unfortunately it was too late, they were setting a camp in my head and taking control of my insecurities.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were trying to say that” I couldn’t be mad at Alex for suggesting that, I’m sure that’s the first thing you think about in a situation like this.

The bell rang and I got my things really quick to get out of there before Zach came to pick me up like he always did between classes.

I didn’t want to overreact because I hated when that happened, but I couldn’t help the feeling inside me telling me to go home, so I listened to it and I left without saying a word.

There were no one at home, so I went upstairs to my room and once I was there I let myself fall on my bed with my hands on my face, like if that could make reality disappear, I was making a big deal of this.

My phone rang again, it’s been ringing since I left, calls and messages form the same person, Zach. I hadn’t read the messages, but I could imagine he wanted to know where I was and what was going on and as much I wanted to avoid the situation I couldn’t do it forever, so I took my phone and I read the messages, replying to them just with “I’m home.”

I didn’t get an answer, but I knew why and when I heard someone knocking at my door I confirmed my doubts.

I went downstairs and opened, when I saw him I noticed how worried he was, but he didn’t say anything due to the expression on my face. I step aside so he could come inside and I closed the door, going to my room again followed by Zach this time.

When I heard he closing the door I turned to look at him, trying to prepare myself for what I was going to say.

“Zach… are you cheating on me?” I pushed my lips together after asking that, I didn’t want to cry for this.

“What?! Of course not, why would you think that?” he asked sorting the space between us and trying to grab my hand, which I moved away.

“Because I don’t know what to think, I’m losing my head trying to understand why every time we’re about to do something more than just make out you stop and make some excuse to leave” his expression was confusion, he was going to say something, but he closed his mouth again “If you don’t want me you just have to say it, but please… don’t make me fall more for you” my voice was cracking more and more by the second “Because I will suffer more when you leave” He sighed and looked me right in the eyes, putting his hands on my cheeks.

“In what world I wouldn’t want you?” he asked looking from my eyes to my lips and back to my eyes again, like if he was doing a big effort by not kissing me right now.

“Then why?”

“Because I love you” my heart stopped in that exact moment, he was the first of us to say those words “and I didn’t want you to think that you were like the rest, because you’re nothing like them”

I put my arms around his neck and I kissed him like I’ve never kissed him before. He brought his hands to my waist and kissed me back passionately making both of us breathless.

“I love you Zach” I said just a few inches from his lips just before he kissed me again.

I felt him smile widely while we were kissing due to my words and I couldn’t help but giggle and break the kiss.

With his arms around my waist he lifted me from the ground; I put my legs around his waist and laughed even more. He walked to my bed, tripping over my bag in the process and making us fall in the mattress.

“You were supposed to be the clumsy one” he said, still on top of me.

“We can share the title” I answered cupping his face between my hands and kissing him.

His kisses were different from the usual, this time they were more passionate and needed, which turned me on so much.

I put my hands on his shoulders, grabbing the neck of his letterman jacket with my hands and taking it off of him.

Then I slide my hands down his torso until I reached the end of his t-shirt and I got my hands under the fabric so I could touch his warm skin. He kissed his way through my lips to my neck making me moan a little and lifting his shirts quickly.

He sit himself straight to take the shirt off completely and I could look at his spectacular body, which a loved feeling on mine.

He put his hands in the sides of my head again, but before he kissed me again I enclosed my arms around his neck and made us roll on the mattress so I would be on top of him.

I looked at him, smiling like a fool when I saw his smile. I sorted the distance to kiss him, but this time slowly, just enjoying the friction between his lips with mine.

I stopped the kiss to look at him again, caressing the soft skin on his cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” he asked

“Nothing” I stopped for a second “I was just looking how lucky I am” I whispered.

He put his hands on my hips while he sat straight under my legs, in that position our faces were at the same height, but I can swear my heart was above the clouds.

“Oh god I just love you so fucking much” he said with a waspy voice before he sweetly kissed me again.

Monsta X reaction to their s/o being a very busy university student

requested by anon~

a/n: i hope you guys enjoy reading this! credits to the owners for these gifs :)


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Shownu; Being busy with university never really bothered Shownu though. Once you give him notice that you’ll be busy for a couple of weeks, this appa would totally be supporting you all throughout. He’d actually tell you to take some break or if ever you had any problem you can call him and ask him. Despite not being able to spend time with each other, Shownu would ask you for your schedule and would actually make time for you whenever you’re taking a break. He would also constantly send messages that would literally cheer you on and he would also call you from time to time, asking how you are or have you eaten or just take a break for awhile. Or he’d also be all ears when you have a rant or if you badly need him, he’d be there right away to make you relaxed and stress free.

  • appa nu (8:32 pm): Hey, [y/n]! I hope you’re doing well. Don’t forget to take a break, okay? I know you can do this and don’t forget to eat alright? I’ll call you in a bit. I love you and I miss you so so much! 
  • appa nu (9:15 pm): Baby, I bought some ice creams and some of your favorite dishes. Do you want me to go there and feed you? Don’t get too stressed okay?

Babe, how’s studying?”

“I haven’t been able to sleep for 2 straight days oppa and here I am, drinking my 6th coffee and I’ve never been so dead in my entire life.”

“You should take a break, babe. I’ll be there in a few and once I get there, you better be ready to take a break, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Alright. See you soon, I love you and you can do it! Fighting!”

“I love you too!”

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Wonho; By the minute Wonho knew that you’ll be busy starting today, he’d be sad. A sulky and pouty Wonho would actually appear. But then he would try to understand that you’re pursuing your dreams and all and that he needs to support you….. another but, he’d be super duper lonely. He would snap you tons of selfies and other stuff that he’s been doing with the boys. And he’d also call you from time to time, reminding you how much he loves you and how much he misses you and how much he’s there to support you with all his heart and soul (lol) and if ever you’re feeling lonely, he’s always available for you.

Hyung, what are you doing?”

“I’m waiting for the message?”

“What message?”

“Her reply.”

  • fluffybunny (6:05 pm): hey, baby! I know you’re busy studying and other school-related stuff but I just wanted to say that I miss you so so much and I love you so so much! Fighting! Don’t ever give up, okay? I’ll always be here for you no matter what. I’ll facetime you once you’re free, alright? Lovelots :* xoxo

What did she say hyung?”


  • mybaby (6:08 pm): Aww, I love you and I miss you so so much babe! Don’t worry, I’ll be done after an hour or so. I won’t give up, I promise. Thank you babe! *insert smiley face*

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Kihyun; Kihyun would actually be clingy to be honest. You weren’t able to message him that often since you’d be at the library, making your thesis paper with your partner or something. But then once you’ll go to their dorm and take a break for a while, he’d be extremely clingy. Back hugging you and all and would even tell you that you’ve become a lot prettier despite looking like a zombie. And when you’re at home while burying yourself in a pile of schoolworks, he’d actually barge in and start cooking some dinner for you since he’s scared that you might starve yourself to death. But then, when you’re away from each other, he’d also send you some texts of encouragement and all.

Okay…. the axial parts are the head, neck and body while the appendicular skeleton consists of–”

“Babe, I’m home! Do you want some kimchi jiggae?”

“Yes, please.”

“Alright, just wait for a couple minutes okay? *gives you a kiss on the cheeks*”

  • cutiehyunnie (11:24 am): Baby, don’t forget to eat okay? I prepared some bento box for you and I placed it inside your bag. Don’t stress yourself out okay? I know that you’re the brightest woman that I’ve ever known and I know that you can ace them all! I love you and just text me when you’re done okay? You don’t need to reply. 
  • cutiehyunnie (4:46 pm): Yah! How come your room is so dirty? Aigoo, now I have to clean all of this. I’ll let you pass this time since you’re busy with university. Come home early, okay?

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Minhyuk; This boy would not leave you alone. He’d be at your place whenever you’re home. He’d be playing by himself while you’re busy studying in your room. But then you wouldn’t be able to concentrate since he’ll be bugging you like if you wanted to eat Chinese food or something. However, when you’re at school and you’re busy running the student government, he’d literally send you tons of pictures of him and messages and video messages and voice messages, everything that can send his message! And when you don’t reply, he’d still continue to send you messages. And you’ll actually have 100+ messages coming from him.

Babe, what do you want to eat?”

“Not now, Minhyuk.”


“Hey babe–”

“Minhyuk. Not. Now.”

“Okay okay…”


“Okay fine I want jjajangmyeon and tangsuyuk. Now shut up and let me review all these paperworks.”

  • minmoongie (2:30 pm): BABE I MISS U SO SO MUCH
  • minmoongie (2:33 pm): Babe, guess what? I just went out to buy some toothbrush and I saw some totoro onesie that you’ve wanted
  • minmoongie (2:33 pm): So I bought them for you as a reward for your hard work!
  • minmoongie (2:35 pm): Babe babe, have you eaten already? What do you want for dinner? I can order some chicken and send it to you? Babe, pls reply

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Hyungwon; He’d be sad. A sad pepe is a sad pepe. He would totally understand but he’d feel really lonely. So lonely. That a lonely pepe would be born. He wouldn’t be that clingy tho. He’d send you messages from time to time but then there would be times that he’d forget since he would probably fall asleep before sending the message. But then, when he’s able to send you a message, it’d be really flowery. Lol, it’d be a speech. And when he’s at your place, he’d wrap his arms around your waist and rest his chin on your shoulder while you continue doing your paperworks. 

  • pepe (8:46 am): Hey, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to reply to you last night since… I fell asleep hehe. Anyways, I hope that my princess was able to eat breakfast today. Don’t forget to shower okay? I want you to fresh and ready to face the world. And don’t forget anything so that you won’t be stressed out later and rush back home to get it, okay? I also hope that you’ll be able to eat your lunch and dinner later. Don’t forget to rest since I don’t want the love of my life to be tired just like me. Anyways, I love you very much and I can’t wait to see you this week! I hope you’ll still be as sexy and beautiful and wonderful like the last time! :*

Mmm, you’re studying mandarin? *insert hyungwon’s sleepy voice*”

“Yes, babe.”

“Do you want me to help you?”

“No thanks babe. Just sleep, okay? I’ll wake you up once I’m done.”

“Okay. *rests his head on your lap while you study*”

“You’re so warm, babe. *nuzzles his face onto your stomach*”

“I know, I’m hot.”

“Hot like me, yes?”

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Jooheon; He’d be really clingy. I mean more clingy compared to the other dudes. He’d constantly send you messages and even just random emojis, cute emojis that looked like him to be exact. Once he calls you, he’d be in full aegyo mode, like legit. Sometimes, he’d also whine when you’re not able to reply back or answer his calls but he’d also be pretty understanding to your situation since there are also times when he’s busy. When you’re able to rest for just a couple of minutes, he’d facetime you right away since he missed every single thing about you. He’d be all smiles when he sees you to be honest.

Omo, you look so cute with that sweater on babe!”

“It’s the same sweater that I wore yesterday tho.”

“But still, you still look cute hehehe!”

“Whatever babe. Anyways, I miss you.”

“Aww, I miss you more babe! Hey, are you free this Saturday? I want to go on a date with you.”

“I’m so sorry babe, I have a meeting the whole day for our department week.”

“How about dinner?”

“I guess it’s a date then.”

  • honey (3:21 am): (✿╹◡╹) don’t i look cute?
  • honey (3:22 am): (^ω^)i love you!
  • honey (3:25 am): ಠ_ಠ < he looks like changkyun lol

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I.M; Changkyun would literally be curious with what you’re getting busy with. If it’s about something science-y, he’d literally call you and let you study out loud since he also wants to learn. Sometimes, the random facts that would come out from his mouth would also be part of the test!! Since you’re busy with university, you could rarely message him but then Changkyun on the other hand, has a lot of time in his hand and would constantly send you some random facts and some meme photos of the boys (lol). But then he’d also send you some sweet messages tho.

  • i.am.changkyun. (10:23 am): Hey [y/n], did you know that the smallest penguin on the planet is only 16 inches tall?! Amazing right?!
  • i.am.changkyun. (10:26 am): Did you also know that there are more lifeforms living on your skin than there are people on the planet?
  • i.am.changkyun. sent a photo (11:45 am)
  • i.am.changkyun. (11:46 am): lololol just look at hyungwon hyung’s face as he devoured the whole turkey leg!!
  • i.am.changkyun. (8:56 pm): Hey, I know this is out of the blue but I love you and I’ve always believed in you. I miss you already. I can’t wait to hang out with you soon baby! Don’t stress yourself too hard okay? Or else I’ll be forced to stay there for two straight nights ;)

hey, what are you studying?

“the parts of the frog, why?”

can you read it out loud? I want to learn about it too!”

“Okay, fine. You’ve never fail to surprise me Changkyun.”


Characters: AJ Styles (With special appearance by OFC)

Summary: He finally understands the need to make noise.

Warnings: Dirty talk. Masturbation. Mentions of sexual acts. Daddy kink.

Angst/Fluff/Smut: Smut

Note: This is totally @llowkeys fault. 

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#34-Another Boy Comforts You After a Fight (Harry)

Warning: Harry being mean. 

“I can’t believe that you would say that, (Y/N)!” Harry snapped, slamming the door to your house behind him.

“I didn’t mean it like that, Harry,” You replied, slipping off your shoes.

“Regardless of how you meant it, it didn’t sound good. Do you ever think before you speak?” Harry angrily said.

“That’s not fair, Harry,” You murmured. “All I said was that I didn’t really enjoy the newest album.”

“And how do you think that sounds, to the media, and everyone else? Like you don’t care about our music. Like you don’t care about me.” Harry replied.

“I do care about you. You know I do. I care about your music, as well. You know that,” You quietly said.

“I don’t care, (Y/N)! You made me look bad. I swear, you’re such an idiot sometimes!” Harry shouted. You gasped, looking up from what you were doing.

“How can you say that to me?” You whispered.

“Easily. You are so selfish sometimes, (Y/N)!” Harry shouted. You slid your shoes back on, picked up your bag, and walked towards the door, opening it.

“I’m going for a drive. Don’t wait up for me,” You snapped, slamming the door behind you. You hurried towards your car, barely noticing the rain that had started to fall. You turned the key in your car, and drove away, wanting some time to think. You drove to the place you always went to think-a place that you hadn’t told anyone about, because you wanted some place that was solely yours. As you looked out the windshield at the water, and the lights reflecting off of it, you thought about your relationship with Harry. He’d been so on edge lately-snapping at you for the slightest things, seemingly frustrated with everything. You didn’t know if you wanted to continue your relationship, if Harry was going to take that he was under out on you. You sat there,  watching the river, not paying attention to the time that was passing. You ignored whenever Harry called, not ready to talk to him. The next time your phone rang, the screen lit up with Niall’s name, and you sighed, answering it.

“Hey, Niall,” You quietly said.

“(Y/N)? Thank God,” Niall gasped. “Where have you been? Do you know what time it is? Harry’s worried sick!”

“That’s rich,” You said, thinking about what Harry had said to you. Niall grew quiet, and you wondered for a moment if the call disconnected.

“What did he say?” Niall inquired.

“Nothing much, just that I’m ‘such an idiot sometimes’ and ‘selfish’.” You murmured.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N),” Niall quietly said. “He was out of line, saying those things. But I think you should go home. You don’t have to talk to him, but it is really late.”

You glanced at the clock, surprised to see that it was two thirty in the morning.

“Thank you, Niall,” You said. “I’m heading home now.”

“Text me when you get there?” Niall inquired.  

“I will. Thank you, Niall,” You replied.

“Anytime, (Y/N),” Niall said. “Drive safe.”

“I will.” You said, hanging up the phone. You started the car, and started to drive home. The streets were silent and empty, in the way they are only in the very early hours of the morning. You turned into the driveway, and hurried towards the door, unlocking it and stepping inside. The moment you did, you noticed Harry there, seated on the couch.

“(Y/N),” Harry whispered, his voice rough with tears. You ignored him, sending a text message to Niall to let him know you’d gotten home safely.

“What is it, Harry? Have you decided to yell at me more?” You inquired, kicking off your shoes.

“No. I owe you an apology,” Harry quietly said. You sighed, all the fight going out of you.

“I owe you one, too,” You murmured. “I shouldn’t have said I didn’t really like the new album. I do like the new album. I just….I didn’t want them to think of me as just a fan. That I was dating you because I was a fan, or whatnot. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, too. I shouldn’t have said that you’re selfish, or stupid.” Harry replied.

“I understand, Harry,” You quietly said. “You’re stressed. But….please, don’t do that again.”

“I won’t,” Harry said. “Come to bed?”

“Okay,” You replied. The two of you headed to your bedroom, quickly changing into pajamas and getting under the covers. Harry put his arms around you, holding you close.

“I love you, (Y/N),” Harry quietly said.

“I love you too, Harry,” You replied, feeling safe and at home.

-Written By Angel


Request from silexia: Can I request a fluffy smut Christian Yu scenario where his s/o is really worried about him overworking himself so she plans a trip to an island or something and he gets really happy? 

1am and Christian still hasn’t come home. He was still working on a new video. She messaged him one last time before going to bed.

Babe I can’t stay up any longer. I have to get up early tmr. Don’t stay out too late and get home safely xx

She put her phone on the bedside table and went to sleep. 

Christian is always working till late and usually she would wait for him but every now and then it’s far too late. The other night he didn’t come home until 4am and he only got about 4 hours of sleep before heading back to work again. She is proud of him for being so hardworking but sometimes she worries about his health and well being. She knows he doesn’t have proper meals and he is always drinking those energy drinks. 

When she woke up at 6am, she saw Christian fast asleep next to her. Even though, she wanted to wake him up and greet him a good morning, she couldn’t. She checked her phone and saw Christian’s reply. He sent her a reply at 2am.

I’m so sorry babe and you’re probably reading this in the morning but I needed to get to finish this part of the video before I head home. I’ll see you tomorrow for our dinner date. Love you so much!

Before heading out, she wrote on a message for Christian on a post-it note and placed it on his phone. 

You’re always working till late babe. Pls remember to eat properly and can’t wait for our date. I got you a surprise! xx


She got home around around 5pm and the dinner reservations was booked for 7pm. Christian promised he would be home around 5:30pm. She went to take a shower and got ready. She changed into a silk typed black maxi dress and put her hair up in a high ponytail. Christian always loved it when she had her tied back. While putting on her finishing touch of makeup, she heard the front door unlocked. It must be Christian. 

“Hey baby, you look beautiful,” he greeted her with a kiss. 

“Go take a shower quickly, I don’t want us to be late,” she told him. “Do you want me to pick out an outfit for you?” Christian nodded and went to the bathroom.

She picked out his favourite t-shirt, black jeans and his fancy jacket. She also threw in a mismatched pair of socks. She finished her makeup and picked out a pair of heels when she saw Christian walked out of the bathroom with nothing on but a towel wrapped around his lower waist.

“Why do you look so surprised? You have seen every part of me already, babe,” he teased her. 

“Just been a while since I’ve seen you this ‘exposed’”, she replied back to him.

“Really..why don’t I take off this towel and we can get started? Say a little snack before dinner?” he continued to tease her. Christian was now walking to her with his arms opened. 

“Noo..I spent so much time on my makeup and you’re going to ruin it. Plus we need to go to dinner. Go get change quickly, I’m hungry,” she told him.

Christian then went to get change as she went to get his surprise. Christian was putting on his cologne when she wrapped her arms around his waist. 

“I like this cologne smell. You should wear it more often,” she told him. “And..I got you something. Here’s your surprise”.

Christian turned around and she placed an envelope in his hands. 

“Aww babe. What’s the occasion?” he asked. 

“No occasion. Just wanted to get you something because you have been working so hard”.

Christian opened the envelope and took out its contents. It was two tickets to Bali. 

“Bali? You booked a trip to Bali?!”

She nodded. 

“I want you to get away from work a bit so I booked this trip for us. We’re going to go island hopping in Bali,” she told him.

“Oh my god. This is great! I have always wanted to go to Bali. But my work…”

“Ah work. I knew you were going to bring it up babe but don’t worry, I have talked to the guys and they will cover everything for when you’re gone”.

Christian looked at the tickets and saw the flight out was in two days.

“We leave in two days?! We better start packing, babe. Are you sure we have time to go to dinner?”

“Baby, we have plenty of time. We will be mainly on the beach so just bring your swimmers. I know, I am”.

Christian grinned at her and she knew that look. She was wearing a sexy dress, her hair was up and she just give him a present which he absolutely loved. So she knew the look that he gave her is for every time he’s turned on.

“Stop giving me that look! I know what you want and you’re not getting it. We are going to dinner first,” she exclaimed at him. “I made this reservation weeks ago so we are going”.

“Awww babe. We can spare 15 minutes, can’t we?”

She looked at him sternly and shook her head. Christian continued to pout and pulled her in a hug,

“I’m sure they will let us in if we are bit late. C’mon, let me show my thanks to my lovely girlfriend. Please..?”

She couldn’t resist him further so she cupped his face and gave him a long kiss.

“Try not to ruin to hair and make-up, okay?”

“I’m not making any promises, but I will try”.

“And if they don’t let us in, you’re going to pick what we have for dinner, okay?”

Christian nodded and began grabbing on her butt. He gave it a gentle squeeze.

“And if we make a mess on the bed, you’re changing the sheets, okay?”

Christian raised an eyebrow at you.

“Anything else, babe? I don’t want to be in the middle of things and you’re making more requests. I can’t concentrate properly if you do”.

She let out a giggle and shook her head.

“No more requests, babe”.

“Good. Now let’s see what type of lingerie you choose tonight”.

My North Star (pt 2)

Originally posted by cherry-jimin

A/N: again, not sure what I’m doing. Please give me feedback. Also in the future, I might write some parts from Jin’s POV :D

Genre: angst/fluff/romance

Characters: Jin x Reader, Hoseok x Reader

Summary: The one constant in your life, Jin, has been your best friend (and the love of you life) for as long as you can remember. That is, until the new girl comes into his life. 

Length: 2622 words

**italics = your thoughts

pt 1

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Masquerade. (Jimin x Reader x Hoseok) Part 2

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

Jimin x Reader x Hoseok

Fluff & Slight Smut

Office Au, Hosts Au

Summary: To secretly relieve your stress about your single life and your hard times at work, you cave and decide to give this mysteriously alluring club a chance. At Club Masquerade, you can indulge in your fantasies and indulge in who you really want to be without strings attached. So when you waltz in and realize you’re not exactly sure what you want, two of their best hosts swoop in and are more than willing to help you figure it out…

          But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets in your office.

Warning: Will STILL need lots of water for thirst. (Unless that’s just me again *fans self* lol)

Part 2 /4

Links: Part 1 | Part 2 Part 3 | Part 4

Originally posted by daria-bellum

Originally posted by jimin-nim

 [Roughly an hour before things went down at Club Masquerade]         

          “Dude, I’m totally the best.” Jimin stretched as he emerged from the break room to find Hoseok adjusting his black mask behind the darkness of the veil.

           Hoseok snorted. “Oh please. Who won host of the year multiple times?”

           "We BOTH did.“ Jimin shook his head. "The same amount of times in fact.”

           "You counted?“ Hoseok raised an eyebrow.

           Jimin shrugged. "Yeah, cause I’m going to break that tie this year ~”

           Hoseok rolled his eyes. “As if!”

           "You know, we also have the same number of clients too. If I get just ONE more client…“ Jimin mumbled and they both glanced at each other skeptically.

           They smirked knowingly.

           "Alright. Whoever comes through that door will decide who’s better.” Hoseok stated as he stepped out from the dark hallway.

           "You took the words right from my mouth.“ Jimin grinned as he crossed his arms confidently.

           Their heads turned immediately as the bell rang on cue and they spotted a gorgeous girl wearing a tight fitting yet elegant black dress and a silver mask. Their lips curled up as their eyes scanned their target and observed what they could from her actions before swooping in.

           "Game on.” They chuckled as they bumped fists before setting out in different directions to begin.

           This is Silver Mask girl.

           You stared at the text message you had sent to the two separate numbers nervously on Monday morning. You didn’t want to look too eager so you made a pact not to text J-Hope and Chims until the end of the weekend. However, as the seconds ticked by, you began to get anxious.

           What if they don’t answer back? What if they don’t even remember you?

           You had gotten to work super early to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for this first bold step, but now, being there in silence was driving you slowly insane. Your mind wandered to all of the what ifs–

           What if they were still asleep? What if they were with a client? What if this was all a ploy?

           "Ugh.“ You groaned as you slammed your head on your desk.

           "If you were just going to sleep during work hours, you should’ve just stayed home. I didn’t look forward to seeing your face first thing in the morning anyway.” Hoseok’s voice echoed and you exhaled, turning your head, still attached to your desk, to glare at him.

           However, he wasn’t even looking at you but staring at his phone with happy smile you weren’t used to seeing. Quickly, he typed something then stuffed his phone back into his pocket, his smile immediately fading. He was about to step into his office without another word when your phone rang loudly, jolting you straight up in your chair and causing him to flinch as he reached for the doorknob.

           "Turn that blasted thing off if you don’t want to get fired.“ he snarled.            

           "Yes, yes.” you answered carelessly as you swiped your phone in hopes of a reply.

           You beamed as your prayers were answered.

           Black Mask J-Hope: Good morning :) I was getting worried we scared you away when you didn’t message all weekend! I was hoping you got home safely after our time together.

           Immediately, you were brought back to your time with J-Hope. He was kind and gentle, easing you into the idea of Club Masquerade. It filled you with butterflies at the memory of it. Before you could reply, your phone beeped again.

           "SHUT THAT DARN THING OFF Y/N. It is too early for me to hear those incessant chirping noises!“ Hoseok bellowed from his office and you hurriedly turned your phone on silent.

           "My bad!” You called back, but your mood wasn’t going to be ruined now that one of the masks had replied.

           Black Mask J-Hope: When will I see you again?


           You covered your mouth to suppress the giddy giggles that were threatening to surface. Taking a deep breath, you hurried to reply to keep up the conversation.

           Y/N: When do you want to see me again?


           You mentally patted your back, happy that you thought of a flirtatious comeback.

           Black Mask J-Hope: Would you like to see me again?

           Y/N: Of course! I had a lot of fun last time.

           Black Mask J-Hope: I’m glad. I still have other things I want to do with you. Let’s have fun again!


           You blushed immediately and cautiously looked around to make sure no one else had arrived while you were focused on your messages.

           Y/N: I thought you were supposed to tell me when you were free?

           Black Mask J-Hope: Were you waiting for me to tell you?

           You: …Maybe…

           Black Mask J-Hope: Haha you’re cute

           You grinned at the welcome compliment. Suddenly, a new message popped up and your heart fluttered as your eyes caught the first part of the sentence. Looking side to side, you moved your phone to your lap before opening the new text.

           Red Mask Chims: It’s about damn time. I was thinking about you all fucking weekend.


           Your body heated up as you heard the message in Chims’s rough voice.

           "Oh, you’re here early?“ Jimin walked into the office wearing his wide angelic smile and you fumbled to hide your phone from this heavenly creature.

           You flashed him a smile that you prayed would be attractive and answered, "Yeah, I didn’t want to get yelled at first thing in the morning about being ‘tardy’ because Mr. Jung decided to get here early randomly again.”

           Jimin chuckled and set down a cup of coffee on your table. “Well, good thing you’re here so your coffee doesn’t get cold.”

           "You don’t have to get this for me every morning.“ You blushed as you kindly sipped on it.

           "I want to.” He smiled happily. “When you’re happy, I’m happy. Plus you’re really helping me adapt to this place well.”

           "I’m happy to help.“ Your lips curled up as you took a sip to hide the fact that you quite enjoyed Jimin’s positivity in the morning.

           "Oh right, I have my first meetings to attend this morning, right?” He walked around your table casually so that he was leaning against it, right next to your chair.

           You blinked at him curiously.

           "Can you talk me through it?“ he requested.

           "Oh yeah! Of course! Just a second. Let me get the files in the closet. I put them away on Friday for safe keeping.”            

           "Take your time.“ he chuckled as he whipped his phone out. "I’ll put my briefcase in the office and we’ll regroup here in a few seconds.”

           "Sounds good.“

           "Don’t stay away too long~” he giggled and you felt a blush forming on your cheeks at his playfulness as you hurried to the file closet.

           Once you were alone, you took your phone out to reply to Chims but your phone lit up again with a new message from him.

           Red Mask Chims: I would kill to touch your thighs again.


           You started coughing violently as the text caught you by surprise.

           Y/N: Good morning to you too

           Red Mask Chims: It’d be a good morning if I had you last night.


           “Oh my …” you whispered.

           "Where is she?“

           Hearing Hoseok’s voice startled you back to reality and you grabbed the files quickly. However, on your way out, the door flew open and you were face to face with your long time boss.

           "What, are you sleeping in the closet now?” he scoffed.

           "I just came to get the files I needed for Mr. Park’s meetings today.“ You waved them in front of his face indignantly and tried walk past him.

           But he slammed his hands on the door frames, blocking you from passing. You exhaled and crossed your arms.

           "How can I help you Mr. Jung?”

           He squinted his eyes and stared you down suspiciously. You felt yourself getting conscious under his gaze.

           "Wh-what…“ you stammered.

           "You put make-up on today.” he stepped away from the door.

           You furrowed your brows and slipped out hurriedly, afraid he had other tricks up his sleeve. “Yes…so?”

           "Finally realized you were ugly?“ he chuckled as he shut the door then he leaned closer. "Or do you have the hotts for Mr. Park?”

           You turned red and smacked him with the folders you had on hand. “Don’t say things like that!”

           He cackled as he slipped his hands into his pockets. “He’s too good for you Y/N. Don’t even delude yourself.”

           You hit Hoseok one last time angrily before spinning on your heels to get back to Jimin who was occupying your chair while pressing buttons on his phone.

           "Oh? Did you guys come from the closet together?“ Jimin teased as he spotted you and Hoseok walking back to the lobby.

           "As if.” You and Hoseok rolled your eyes.

           Hearing the other’s answer had you both glaring at each other, offended.

           Jimin laughed as he stared at the two of you. “You two have never dated?”

           Hoseok looked disgusted while you were just flabbergasted.

           "Absolutely not!“ you both chimed.

           Jimin cupped his chin cutely on your desk and smiled sweetly.

           "I’m glad to hear that then~”

           Your heart flipped at his comment and Hoseok chuckled before changing topics.

           "Anyway, Madam Secretary, I have some changes to what I need to say in my afternoon meetings. Once you’re done with Mr. Park, come see me in my office.“ Then he turned to Jimin. "I messaged you earlier, but you never got back to me.”

           "I’ll get to it, don’t worry.“ Jimin laughed then whispered to you. "He’s so needy.”

           "Yah.“ Hoseok grabbed your folder and bopped the top of Jimin’s head playfully as they both laughed.

           You smiled watching the unusual scene of your long time boss enjoying himself.

           "How long have you known each other?” you questioned.

           "Mmmm…we were roommates in college and in the same major.“ Jimin answered happily. "We’ve been inseparable since.”

           You grinned as you endearingly looked at both of them. Hoseok furrowed his brows and poked your forehead.

           "I don’t like the face you’re making.“ he commented.

           "I’m just happy you have friends, Mr. Jung.” You fake sobbed. “I was genuinely concerned.”

           "Yah!“ he yelled but his voice was drowned out by Jimin’s loud melodious laughter. You smirked victoriously at Hoseok who stared at you incredulously.

           "Oh, I like her Hoseok.” Jimin wiped a tear from his eye as he continued laughing. “We’ll get along so well, Y/N.”

           You beamed proudly as Hoseok shook his head.

           "Well get back to work.“ he exhaled as workers started piling in slowly.

           "Aye aye Boss!” Jimin answered heartily. “I love you my dear friend!”

           "Shut up Jimin!“ Hoseok growled, embarrassed as he shut the door.

           "He’s pretty cute at times, hm?” Jimin grinned, returning his gaze to you.

           You smiled, “Shall I get started?”

           "Oh!“ Jimin hurried off your chair. "Please, sit. You’re wearing heels.”

           "Oh no, it’s fi–“

           "I insist.” Jimin urged. “It’s not even my desk. I just took over like it was mine….”

           You chuckled and waved your hand nonchalantly. “You’re welcome to my desk at anytime.”

           Jimin smiled fondly as he gestured for you to sit, to which you obliged.

           "So…“ he sat at the edge of your desk and clasped his hands together attentively. "Hit me with information!”

           You grinned as you opened your folder.  

           During lunch, you happily sat on the rooftop, ready to continue your conversations with your mysterious masks. You had been in meetings all morning with Mr. Park so you were itching to check if they had said anything to you. It was all exhilarating, much like you were dating again.

           Grinning, you opened the message from Black Mask J-Hope.

           Black Mask J-Hope: We’re both free Wednesday. Same time, same place. But we agreed we’d get you an hour each this time around since we have different free slots. Is that good?

           Y/N: Yeah, it’s perfect. You guys must be busy, huh?

           Black Mask J-Hope: Jealous already?

           Y/N: Haha as if. I just don’t want to tire you out.

           Black Mask J-Hope: Trust me…I won’t ever get tired of seeing you.


           You smiled and clutched your phone happily.

           Black Mask J-Hope: And if anything, I won’t be the one that’s going to be tired.


           You bit your sandwich to stifle your scream.

           Y/N: Are you going to tire me out?

           Black Mask J-Hope: Well, you have an hour of us each this time. I’m going to make you too tired to make it to your second hour with Chims so I get to keep you all to myself. Prepare yourself.

           Y/N: Haha how come I’m not so convinced about you tiring me out?

           Black Mask J-Hope: I’m offended haha. Well, look forward to me proving you wrong on Wednesday.


           Suddenly a new message popped up and you checked it. You began violently coughing and chugged half of your water bottle.

           Red Mask Chims: J-Hope just told me you agreed to Wednesday. Tell me what you’re wearing.

           Y/N: Why?

           Red Mask Chims: So I can fucking think about how hott you’re going to look when I finally get my hands on you.

           Y/N: Well, I’ll have to get back to you on that when I get home.

           Red Mask Chims: If you want to send me some pictures when you do, that’ll be more than appreciated.

           Y/N: You really need to keep it in your pants.

           Red Mask Chims: Oh believe me, your resistance is really turning me on. It’s proving quite difficult.

           Y/N: You’re into really odd things, huh?

           Red Mask Chims: Curious, intrigued, judgmental, or wet?

           Y/N: Is this multiple choice?

           Red Mask Chims: I’d prefer if you were all of the above.

           Y/N: And if I was?

           Red Mask Chims: I can help you take care of yourself ;)


           You glanced around, your heart beating rapidly. It wasn’t like you were doing anything wrong but you wanted to be cautious of your surroundings. After checking that no one else was in the rooftop, you fanned yourself. You knew replying would be dangerous, but you didn’t want to just end the conversations. While you pondering over how to answer each of them, they both messaged you. Curiously, you opened them.

           Black Mask J-Hope: I can’t wait to kiss you again. I can’t wait to find other ways to kiss you that make you crawl on me dangerously.


           Red Mask Chims: I want you to paint my body with your red lips while I trace yours with my tongue.


           Something got caught in your throat and you packed up your lunch hurriedly.

           Abort mission.

            If their messages were going to get progressively raunchy, you needed to stop checking them or so help you for the rest of the day at work. And you knew, you needed to always be on your toes when it came to meetings with Mr. Jung. Your mind couldn’t be wandering and replaying the way each of them touched you, kissed you, and imagining how they’ll hold you again in two days. You knew they weren’t going to hold back anymore. Not now that they have you to themselves for an hour each. The real question was: would YOU be alright?

           Inhaling and exhaling to compose yourself, you returned to your desk. Jimin was chatting with some of your co-workers, eating lunch with them brightly. You smiled warmly as you fixed up your desk. Looking around curiously, you spotted movement in the office. Hoseok was pacing so you grabbed your files and knocked lightly.

           "Hm.“ he hummed and you stepped inside.

           He stared at you. "Yes?”

           "You want me to go over your documents again?“ You held up your files.

           He shook his head. "I’m fine. Leave me alone.”

           You watched him pace a few more times skeptically then spoke up. “But you never pace unless you’re worried.”

           He glared at you, “I’m not worried about work. Now get out!”

           You squinted your eyes as he looked at you seriously.

           "Girl friend?“ you smirked.

           He groaned and marched to you speedily. Opening the door, he shoved you out as you chuckled.

           "I’m right, aren’t I?” you bellowed.

           "Shut up!“ Hoseok yelled from behind the door.

           You turned to find the co-workers and Jimin looking at you. Grinning, you shrugged and went back to your table. A few minutes later, Jimin sat at the front of your desk suavely.

           "I missed you at lunch. Where’d you go?” he questioned sweetly.

           You blushed at his sincerity. “I needed some fresh air so I was at the rooftop for lunch today.”

           "Oh cool!“ his eyes widened. "I didn’t know we had a rooftop! You have to take me one day!”

           You smiled and nodded, “Of course.”

           "We’ll have lunch together there.“

           You blinked, "What?”

           He grinned as he grabbed your hand and hooked your pinkies together. “You promised to have lunch with me on the rooftop. No take backs.”

           You stared at him skip back to his office with your mouth wide open. What had just happened?

           You were dozing off at your desk when there was a loud knocking in front of you.

           "Yah! Sleepyhead.“

           The firm sound of Mr. Jung’s voice snapped you back from your sleepiness.

           "You need to be on your toes today, Y/N.” He looked at you intently. “Here. I can’t have you half-asleep. This meeting is everything to this branch.”

           You straightened up and nodded as he offered you his coffee cup. Surprised at his kindness, you took a sip and gagged as you found that it was already room temperature. Hoseok snorted, pleased.

           "Awake now?“

           "How long has that been out?” You glared at him, irritated.

           "Mmm since this morning?“ he smiled, faking innocence.

           You grabbed the cup and chucked it into your garbage can angrily. "Let’s go, Mr. Jung.”

           He laughed as you walked past him, visibly annoyed.


           "Shut up.” you snarled.

           "Good. Maybe your anger will make you look intimidating for once. Then you’ll be useful to me.“ He patted your head and took larger strides so that now he was in front of you.

           You exhaled and trudged after him, sending daggers to the back of his head with your eyes.

           Wednesday couldn’t come fast enough.

            Wednesday did eventually roll around and there you stood at the entrance of Club Masquerade. With your heart bouncing in your chest, you fixed your silver mask once again, and felt more confident in the tight off-shoulder maroon dress you were wearing. This time, you were excited. Work had been ten times more bearable with something to look forward to. You loved your job of course, but you didn’t have much outside of it so this was liberating in so many aspects. Unlike the first time simply a few days ago, you heartily opened the doors, welcoming the echoing of the front door bell.

           "Welcome to Club Masquerade!” the receptionist grinned happily. “I’m glad to see you’re back!”

           You smiled and bowed.          

           Suddenly, an arm snaked around your waist.

           "I’ll be taking her.“ J-Hope chuckled and the receptionist winked at you.

           "Have fun ~”

           You blushed as J-Hope pulled you closer as he led you.

           "I’m happy you were able to make it.“ He smiled warmly. "I don’t think I could’ve taken another day without having you in my arms.”

           You smiled.

           "Want some tea first?“ he questioned.

           You pondered then nodded. "Yeah, sure.”

           He smiled and led you to a table in the far end of the dining hall. You glanced around curiously.

           "Why did you take me so far?“

           "I wanted to show you the view.” He pulled open the curtains to reveal a beautiful garden surrounding a gorgeous sculpture at the center of a fountain.

           You gasped in awe and J-Hope pulled the seat out for you, gesturing you to sit down.

           "It’s beautiful.“ You commented as you took a seat.

           "So are you.” he grinned as he kissed your cheek, and you scrunched your face.

           "Too cheesy, huh?“

           You laughed. "A bit.”

           "What tea do you want? I’ll go make it for you.“

           "Actually, I just had some questions…if that’s okay.” You bit your lip.

           "Of course. We can do whatever you want. I’m yours for the next hour.“

           "Oh right. I didn’t get that buzzer thing.” You realized.

           "Chims will have it when he comes to get you.“ J-Hope sat down and gave you his full attention. "So how can I help you?”

           "Well… um…in your logo or your catchphrase whatever…what exactly does it mean 'indulge in who you want to be’?“ You questioned.

           "Mmm I guess it can be interpreted in many ways. But I’d like to think we give people a chance to learn about who they are… mostly sexually but I guess even that says a lot about a person.” he answered nonchalantly.

           You blushed. “So I’m not the only one who…doesn’t know?”

           J-Hope laughed, “Many people that come here do want to explore a different side of themselves. However, you’re definitely one-of-a-kind to be honest. You’re completely a blank canvas, but I think that’s what makes you so attractive.”

           He caressed your cheek sweetly. “You’re looking for something and I’m going to help you find it.”

           You smiled and nodded.

           He slid his thumb across your lip. “You know I won’t hurt you right?”

           "I know.“ you answered genuinely.

           "Good.” he tilted your chin up as he kissed you sweetly.

           You stared into each other’s eyes. You had been waiting to feel his lips on yours again for days and it still took your breath away like you remembered.

           "Next question?“

           "Who do you think I’m going to be once I indulge?” you whispered, staring down at his lips hovering over yours.

           "I think you’re going to be someone who’s going to drive me crazy.“ he breathed as he captured your lips again.

           "Let’s go.” you spoke onto his lips, not wanting to waste time anymore.

           J-Hope chuckled at your eagerness, “As you wish.”

           He outstretched his hand and you took it without hesitation. In no time, you were back in his lounge room.

           "Get comfortable and relax.“ He reminded as he locked the door.

           The click of the lock sent shivers down your spine.

           "Help me with my coat.” You requested as you turned your back to him, wanting to surprise him with what was underneath.

           You had been waiting too long for their contact that it seemed like your courage was unusually high today.

           "Of course.“ J-Hope smiled, taking the hint.

           He wrapped his arms around you from behind as he pulled the tie holding your coat shut. Then slowly, he kissed your neck as he pulled your trench coat off your shoulders. As your skin got exposed to the cold air, he warmed it with his lips. Immediately, your body reacted and you tilted your neck to give him more access. He removed your coat and chucked it to the side then pulled your waist back into him as he continued to trail down your shoulder. You sighed and melted into him.

           "Did you wear this for me, baby?” he whispered. “You look so beautiful.”

           Your heart welled up at his pet name and you nodded as you felt his hands caress your curves gently. He was worshipping your body gently and your heart raced.

           "Relax.“ he urged. "Trust yourself to me.”

           Your body obeyed and your mind went blank as you just focused on his hands and his mouth.

           "I told you I’d tire you out, didn’t I?“ he chuckled as he slid a hand across your stomach, pressing your back against him.

           "You said you’d prove me wrong.” You smiled, feeling flirtatious and empowered as you felt his growing need behind you.

           "And I intend to keep that.“ He nipped at your earlobe playfully.

           "Seems like you’re holding back.” You turned yourself around to face him.

           "I want to make you comfortable.“ He looked at you fondly. "Would you like me turn it up a notch?”

           "Yes.“ you breathed. "You’re driving me crazy.”

           He chuckled, “You’re too cute.”

           Then he carefully pulled your hair over to one side then connected his mouth to your neck once again, flicking his tongue out. You gasped.

           "Seems like you like neck kisses.“ he chuckled then whispered into your ear. "I’ll find your sensitive spot and drive you crazy.”

           You blushed but had no time to retort because he proceeded to carry out his mission. You sighed and pulled him closer to you as you felt his tongue swirl at the skin behind your jaw and right below your ear.

           "Found it.“ he breathed and he sucked on that spot. You began panting.

           "Right there.” you exhaled as he continued kissing it.

           After what felt like a heavenly eternity of him just pleasuring you so easily with his lips on your neck, he muttered against your skin.

           "Can I mark you?“

           You swallowed, hazy from lust already. "Please.”

           Immediately, he sucked harder and nipped at it. Your head was spinning and all he was doing was forming a hickey. You knew you were in trouble.  

           "Do what you want.“ he whispered into your ear. "Don’t hold back.”

           You moaned as you pried his face away from your neck and crashed your lips together. Happily, he reciprocated, his hands holding your hips steady. You broke the kiss, out of breath. He chuckled.

           "Tired already?“

           "Of course not.” You exhaled.

           He smiled as he traced your neck lovingly and rubbed the newly formed hickey. “It’s so pretty and it shows you’re mine.”

           Your heartbeat quickened at the thought of being marked.

           "Need water?“ he questioned.

           "Sure.” You took this opportunity to sit on the couch and really watch him.

           Black Mask was tall, slender, with a good build. When you were touching his chest, you knew he worked out more than his clothes revealed. You licked your lips at the thought.

           "Here you go.“ He handed you a cup and you chugged it down in one shot.


           "Turned on.“ You blurted out your thought, and you hurriedly covered your mouth.

           "Oh?” he smirked as he scooted closer. “What do you want me to do about it?”

           You stared at him and smiled meekly. “Can I really not hold back?”

           "Please don’t.“ he gazed you genuinely. "Be completely yourself, that’s all I want from you.”

           "What if I scare myself?“

           "Indulge in it. Don’t be scared of who you are, and know that at least one person won’t be either.” he moved a piece of hair out of your face.

           "One person?“

           "Me.” he commented in a hushed tone as he kissed you sweetly, and your walls immediately came crashing down.

           "Okay.“ you breathed as he leaned closer to you.

           "You ready?” he questioned as he laid a careful hand on your lap.

           "Ready.“ You whispered, even though you didn’t actually know what you should be ready for.

           However, you immediately found your answer as he captured your lips and swiped his tongue on your bottom lip, the way it drove you crazy last time. You were filled with a mix of emotions. Your heart melted at the thought that he remembered such a small detail. But you also wanted to shut your thoughts up to enjoy the way his hand was drawing soft circles on your thighs while he kissed you languidly, as if he was learning the way your lips felt and memorizing it. Your hands found its way around his neck and pulled him closer. He now moved his hand down the side of your thigh then caressed your arms, giving you butterflies as he did so.

           You kissed each other tenderly and it encouraged you to roam your hands down to his chest nervously. Your hands hovered; you were unsure if it was okay to touch him or not. As if reading your hesitation, his hand grabbed yours and placed it on his own chest. He broke the kiss but didn’t distance himself from your face.

           "I told you…” he stared at you.“You can touch me whenever and wherever you want.”

           You nodded as he moved his hand that was holding yours across his chest.

           "I like it.“ he whispered.

           "I’m afraid I’ll do something you won’t like.”

           He kissed your nose. “I’ll like anything you do to me. I promise. I’m taking care of you, but you don’t have to be as gentle with me, okay?”


           He cupped your face and kissed your forehead. "Stop worrying and just figure out what you like and don’t like, hm?”

           You looked at him worriedly and he began peppering your face with kisses, causing you to giggle.

           "Ah!“ you laughed as he pushed you down.

           After your laughter died down, you stared at each other.

           "Are you relaxed now?” he grinned and you nodded, reaching out for his tie.

           He obliged as you tugged him down and you returned to kissing each other. This time, your hands wandered around his torso and combed through his hair. You wanted to fill your senses with him. Your body needed him and for once, you let it do the talking. Lifting yourself up to deepen the kiss, he cupped your face and slowly traced your neck down to your shoulders with his soft fingers. You mirrored his tongue and swiped his bottom lip, earning a deep hum of pleasure from him. Smiling into the kiss proudly, you continued to glide your tongue onto his lip every so often. But then suddenly, he slipped his tongue inside your mouth. Immediately your body pushed itself up and straddled him, kissing him deeply and fiercely. Compliantly, he held your hip with one hand as the other grazed your curves.

           He broke the kiss and soon latched himself onto your collarbones, making you gasp at your unexpected sensitivity. You pressed your chest further into his face shamelessly and he squeezed your thigh while he kissed the top of your breasts, exposed by the cut of your dress. Panting, you felt him squeeze your thigh again and the other hand traveled up to your chest carefully. You shivered as you felt his touch stroking up your exposed thighs, only to pull down your skirt mannerly, since it was riding up while you were straddling him.

           You chuckled at his behavior and he grinned.

           "I’m a gentleman.“

           "Mhm.” You hummed as you grazed your nose against his neck. As much as you wanted him to pleasure you, you also had a growing desire to drive him crazy, so you nuzzled your face into his neck and pressed a kiss against it. You felt him sigh into your touch and it increased your confidence.

           "Ugh baby that feels good.“ he hummed and you flicked your tongue out, enjoying the way he complimented you.

           "Looks like someone else is going to be tired.” you smirked as you slowly unbuttoned his shirt a bit to get better contact with his neck.

           "Looks like someone wants me badly.“ he retorted as he pulled you towards him to place a chaste kiss on your lips.

           "Don’t you want me badly?” you batted your eyes flirtatiously.

           His lips curled up, “You want to feel how badly I want you?”

           You hadn’t expected his response but you weren’t sure whether you wanted to refuse or accept it. Slowly, his hand found yours and he guided you down his chest and past his belt, neither of you breaking the intense eye contact as he did so.

           "Feel it.“ he whispered, staring into your eyes to read your reaction. "If you want to.”

           "I want to.“ you hissed and palmed him through his pants.

           He raised his hips up at the pleasurable contact and immediately pulled you into a passionate kiss while you explored his growing need.

           "Fuck.” he whispered breathlessly against your mouth. “I didn’t expect you to do that.”

           You stared him down with lidded eyes as you continued to massage him. “I want you.”

           He smiled as he pushed your hair behind you and left butterfly kisses across your exposed chest, clouding your mind of any coherent thoughts. Pulling down the sleeves hugging your shoulders, he continued teasing you with kisses, getting close to exposing your breasts but not satisfying your need.

           "What do you want me to do to you?“ he smiled up at you.

           You sighed and crashed your lips down on to his, feeling him grow harder in your hands as you did so.

           "Mark me again.” You answered.

           "As you wish.“

           Once again, you were on your back but this time, his lips latched against your neck harshly.

           "J-Hope.” You breathed.

           "Hmm?“ he hummed as he continued sucking at your skin.

           "I want you.” you repeated, your heart racing and your mind reeling.

           He popped his lips and pressed a soft kiss on the black and blue on your neck. Carefully, he sat up and you curiously did so too. Smiling warmly, he fixed up your sleeves and your hair.

           "Silver.“ he called.


           He placed a hand on your cheek tenderly. “If next time, you still want me to claim you fully then I will.”

           You furrowed your brows, but he kissed you sweetly.

           "I want you to be sure it’s me.“ He placed his forehead on yours. "I want you to be comfortable and not have any regrets, okay?”

           You moved forward and pressed your lips on his gratefully, then you embraced him. Chuckling, he wrapped his arms around you.

           "Thank you.“ You spoke, grateful he didn’t take advantage of your moment of vulnerability, blinded by lust.

           "Told you you could trust me.” he kissed your temple as you melted into his hug.

           This felt nice too.

           Suddenly a knock was heard at the door and J-Hope exhaled.

           "Time moves too quickly.“

           You nodded, still comfortable on his chest. He laughed as he stroked your hair.

           "I’ll have to give you away now.”

           You breathed as you sat back, composing yourself.

           "He’ll be here in a few minutes to get you, okay?“ J-Hope squeezed your hand then stood up, collecting your coat. "I have to grab my next client.”

           "Aren’t you using this room?“

           J-Hope smiled as he handed you your jacket, "I’m in a different room for this one.”

           You blushed, wondering what kind of room it was.

           "Have fun.“

           He kissed your cheek and soon disappeared.

           Once he was gone, you threw yourself on the couch and thrashed about, embarrassed.

           What did you think you were saying?!

           You scolded and mentally argued with yourself. Your actions surprised you greatly. But you were also proud that you were secretly dangerous. Your resistance wasn’t as strong as you had expected, but you were happy to find that you were at least somewhat seductive.

           Then you realized that Red Mask Chims would definitely happily snap the strings of your sanity and your palms began sweating nervously. Will you give yourself to him? Or will you be able to resist?

           How were you going to survive an hour with him?

           As if on cue, the door creaked open and Chims was leaning against the entrance with his arms crossed, smirking.

           "Ready to go?”

           You swallowed and nodded, grabbing your coat. Once you got to him, Chims pulled you by the waist and connected his lips on yours hungrily.

           "God, you’re wearing something hotter than I imagined.“ He fiddled with your sleeves. "Too bad, clothes have to stay on. I’d like to take a peek at what this dress is hiding.”

           You felt your cheeks warm, then you observed his eyes studying your body carefully, and you felt the atmosphere change. Grabbing your wrist, he shut the door and led you to a different door. You bit your lip as anticipation bubbled inside you, but worried about the unknown intensity looming in the air. He pushed you into the room and immediately your eyes widened as you found yourself in basically a tight, dark closet.

           Before you could ask any questions, Chims lunged onto you, pressing your back against the wall as he grazed your lip with his teeth. His body pressed against you and you were extra sensitive from your encounter with J-Hope so you reciprocated the contact enthusiastically.

           "What’re we doing here?“ you breathed.

           "I can hear the beautiful sounds you’re going to make for me better in a small room.” he chuckled as his fingers smoothed over across your chest. “And with darkness, all your other senses are heightened.”

           You shuddered as you felt his hands roam your exposed skin freely. Suddenly, you felt his hot breath on your face.

           "I’m going to make you moan my name.“ he whispered and before you could react, his lips captured yours. You groaned as his tongue skillfully played with yours and he wrapped his arms around your body.

           "Jump.” he ordered and your body immediately obeyed, wrapping your legs around his.

           "Good girl.“ he smiled into the kiss and pressed his hips into you sensually.

           You gasped and broke the kiss but he bit your lip, full of desire.

           "Nobody fucking marks what’s mine.” he growled as he went back to locking lips with you, despite your panting for air.

           It was all a whirlwind. It must’ve not been five minutes into the hour and you were already in a questionable position with Chims, making out intensely. Not to mention, you couldn’t see anything and every breath, every groan, every sound your lips made, echoed and surrounded you in the tiny space. It was stimulating. All your other senses were truly heightened with the loss of your vision and you felt more. You were overwhelmed and exhilarated. You were competing in a battle of tongues while he continued to grind into you. Your heart slammed into your chest as you deepened the kiss.

           "So wet.“

           His whisper vibrated around the room and you gulped, feeling your body on fire. Suddenly, he latched his mouth onto the top of your boobs.

           "Oh –” you gasped and arched your back as he sucked at it expertly.

           "He may have marked you first, but I’m going to paint your body.“ he hissed. "You’re mine only.”

           "I technically–“ you breathed. "belong to both of you right now.”

           "Then I’ll make sure he knows who has more ownership. That I pleasured you more.“ Chims growled as he moved to the other side of your neck while you caught your breath. "Seeing as how you’re still wet though, you two didn’t get far.”

           He bucked into you again, making you moan at the contact and he continued to work at your skin.

           "Who do you belong to, hm?“

           You didn’t answer as you tried to collect yourself. This was dangerous. He rolled his lips forward again at your silence and you inhaled sharply.

           "Who do you need right now?”

           "Ch-chims.“ you breathed as he nipped at a new part of your neck.

           "Yes baby girl. Keep saying my name.” he chimed as he continued to mark your body.


           "Mm.” he hummed into your skin.

           Suddenly, he dug his fingers into your thigh and began stroking them firmly. “Down.”

           You placed your feet on the ground and felt unsteady. However, his strong arms pinned you back against the wall and he hovered his lips over yours temptingly. You were expecting him to kiss you but he didn’t. He simply traced your shoulders languidly, and your whole body was fervent. Tension filled the little room as you debated whether to just kiss him. Would he get angry? Would he enjoy it?

           It was driving you insane.

           He brushed his lips against yours slowly, teasing you and a switch flipped inside you. You pushed him onto the other wall and attacked his mouth roughly.

           "I’ve had enough of your shit, Chims.“ You cursed before sticking your tongue into his mouth.

           His hands traveled down to your ass and he gave it a light squeeze as you two continued to make out. Then you thought of continuing your experiment that you started with J-Hope and see if it worked on Chims as well. You broke the kiss.

           "What the fuck?” Chims hissed angrily at the sudden loss of contact, but you smirked and flicked your tongue out against his neck.

           Immediately, he growled with pleasure.

           "Fuck baby girl. Do that again.“

           So you obeyed and began working your way all over his neck.

           "Take off my shirt.” Chims ordered and your fingers fumbled to unbutton it completely in the dark. He discarded it to the side, and he pulled you into his bare chest, capturing your lips with evident desire. Your hands roamed the newly exposed skin and your imagination ran wild.

           "Let me feel your tongue again baby girl.“

           Encouraged, you sucked on his neck as you played with the waistband of his pants.

           "Unless you’re going to do something with my dick, don’t tease me like this.” he hissed but it made you want to make him angrier for some reason.

           "You’re hott when you’re angry.“ You bit his bottom lip as you tugged at his pants playfully.

           "You haven’t seen me angry yet.” he grabbed your hands and pushed you against the wall again.  

           He pinned your hands as he slowly kissed you. Your hands wanted to touch him but he was restraining you, so you couldn’t push him or pull him closer. All you could do was oblige to his sense of rhythm, which was too slow for you.

           "Faster.“ you breathed in between kisses.

           "If only I was inside you.” he stated as he continued kissing you leisurely, working his tongue into yours. “Can you imagine how this would feel then?”

           He glided his tongue across yours and sped up then he traced the roof of your mouth skillfully. Your knees buckled as the image flashed through your mind, but his strong hold on your arms kept you in place. You felt him smirk against your lips, your stumble not going unnoticed.

           "Wanna know?“ he whispered.

           Your head reeled but you fought to keep control. He took your silence as a refusal and didn’t push. He simply kissed you roughly now, making you weak with the way he played with his tongue inside your mouth.

           "Keep them up.” he ordered as he released his grip on your hands and your breathing labored, wondering what he was going to do next.

           Without warning he cupped your breasts in his palms and began massaging them as he kissed your neck.

           "Chims.“ You moaned.

           Your hands reached out for him and your nails dug into his bare back as he found your nipples and begin rubbing them despite your clothes. You panted and lolled your head back at the immense pleasure.

           "I told you to keep your hands up.” he grunted but you pushed him to the opposite wall once again, and latched your mouth into his neck, wanting him to be as breathless as you.

           "Ah.“ he groaned as your finger worked its way down his chest to his pants. "What did I tell you–”

           Your finger kept going, tracing his bulge through his pants and you heard him hiss.

           "Fuck. Do that again.“

           You slid your finger back up and he grabbed your hand, roughly covering his hardness with your palm. He kissed you fervently as he moved your hand on him the way he wanted you to, and you felt his kiss getting sloppy as you continued palming him with his guidance. His grip loosened on your hand and you found it wandering to the thickness of his thighs. You had noticed before how much they filled his pants tightly and you bore witness to its strength at the beginning of the session. Now you felt his taut muscles and imagined how they would look like bare. He growled into your mouth and pulled you flush against your chest, both of you were sweating and skin-to-skin.

           Suddenly, there was a flash of red and buzzing heard from the corner of the room. Neither of you moved from your position. Both of you were out of breath and your lips were tempted to make contact again. You willed yourself to step back, steadying your breathing slowly.

           He grabbed his discarded shirt, clearly knowing his way around in the dark. You found him near your ear in no time.

           "If you need help with your problem, you can call me. I’m sure hearing you will help me with mine.” he whispered.

           You were sure your entire face was red when you stepped out of the room. Chims threw your coat over you with a cheeky grin.

           "I marked you up real good. Better put some ice on that or invest in turtlenecks.“ he winked then checked his phone. "You can see yourself out right? My next client is already in the room.”

           Your eyes widened as he knocked on the adjacent door and was pulled in rapidly and enthusiastically by slender arms.

           "Had fun I see?“ J-Hope appeared behind you and you shyly retreated into your coat.

           He laughed knowingly as he tugged at it. "Let me see.”

           "Noo…“ you felt weird showing him your neck when you didn’t even know how bad it was.

           J-Hope grabbed your hand, "Come with me.”

           You blinked but allowed him to lead you into a different door.

           "This is the break room.“ he explained as he opened the refrigerator in the room. "Take a seat.”

           Timidly, you did so. He wrapped ice in a towel as you watched him curiously. You hadn’t removed your coat, still using it to hide shyly. He chuckled as he pulled a chair in front of you.

           "You need to put this away.“ he pulled your coat out of your grasp and you winced.

           "Is it …bad?”

           J-Hope smiled wryly then pressed the ice on your neck. You shivered at the drastic temperature change.

           "It’s bad isn’t it?“ you murmured.

           "It’s not the worst he’s done.” J-Hope hummed. “You want to see?”

           You hesitated, not sure if you were going to be horrified or astounded.

           "Relax.“ J-Hope laughed as he pulled out his phone to show you. "It’s really not bad.”

           You exhaled in relief. “I thought I would look like I got mauled by the way he was doing it.”

           J-Hope cracked up, “Well that’s certainly his style.”

           You smiled.

           "But when he’s in the dark room, he can’t really see if he did it or not.“ J-Hope winked. "So you’re safe until next time he ravages you.”

           You blushed then mumbled. “Which ones did you make?”

           He chuckled and poked at both sections of your neck that lay underneath your ear.

           "Your sensitive spot. So I’ll know for next time.“

           He adjusted the ice and grabbed your hand so you could hold onto it.

           "When you get home, put ice on it again. I know some people apply a layer of toothpaste or use a frozen spoon so it heals quickly.” he explained. “Turtlenecks or scarves work too. Make-up is a bit dangerous cause it’ll wear off in my opinion. But hey, I’m no expert.”

           You chuckled and nodded.

           "Here is your jacket back.“ He threw it over your shoulders and looked at his watch. "I have to train the new hosts so I have to head out. Sit for about 5 more minutes with the ice, alternating between both sides for 2 and a half minutes each. Then get home safely, okay?”

           You nodded and smiled gratefully. “Thanks for this, J-Hope.”

           "Anything for you.“ He rubbed your arm and walked out of the break room.

           You exhaled and slammed your head onto the table, staring at the reflection of your neck on your phone.

           How were you going to explain this to your bosses and co-workers tomorrow?

Part 3 


Hello. Long time no see, well a month is a long time in fandom to be sure. I’m going to return, and I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their support. It really meant so much to me. I read every single one of the messages I got and I’m sorry I didn’t get round to replying, but never think they were ignored, they certainly weren’t I’m feeling much better. I’ve taken the time to get myself away from things that were hurting, blocking and ignoring here and working past offline worries. I’ve relaxed chatting to my dear friends on twitter and popping up on the odd message here. Thanks guys for helping me and putting up with me when I was low. You’re the best.

I’ve drawn quite a few bits of art while away and come Monday (I’m not home till then) I’ll get back to posting them here and catching up on what I’ve missed. I missed everyone and their art and fics so much ♥

Barnes’ Books - chapter 3

I’m enjoying this, but writing it this fast (I’m also being a mum today and so on obviously!) does I’m sure mean it’s all a load of tripe and full of errors too. Sorry! x

Barnes’ Books masterlist

I guess I’m expecting a phone call that night, or the next morning, so I’m on edge. After I left the message, I fed Steve, locked up and went home, but I couldn’t sleep well, kept waking up, thinking I’d heard the phone ring. It didn’t though, laying silent and useless.

The next morning I went back to the hospital, glad for the first time that I was out of work and could be there for James.  He looked pale against the hospital sheets, and the nurse told me he’d had a bad night with the pain. They planned to operate that afternoon, all being well. I held James’ hand, and told him that I’d called his grandson, and that I was sure he’d be here soon. He’d just been given another dose of pain meds and wasn’t really with it, so it was hard to judge if calling Jamie had been the right thing to do. I wittered on for a bit, telling him that I’d feed Steve, but I think he got a bit confused with all the drugs, started laughing and telling me that Steve had a big appetite, that I’d better cook extra spaghetti sauce. When he started to drift off again, I patted his hand, told him I’d look after the shop, and left.

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Forever and Always

Chanyeol’s POV:

      I knew something was wrong instantly when I texted Y/N. Her messages were short and plain, no added personality to them per usual. The way she was talking hinted something was up. Joke after joke, her response was the same and I’m pretty hilarious so who wouldn’t laugh. Specifically her. 

      Criticism is all I heard during rehearsal because I couldn’t concentrate. Everyone knows I’m not the best dancer when I’m trying so you can imagine how awful I am when I’m struggling to pay attention. Copying whatever move Lay makes doesn’t do me any good either. Chen would call me out every time I so much as laid an eye on one of the dancers to shadow their motions. 

      All I want to do is check my phone and see if Y/N has responded. She’s been ignoring my last couple messages for the past hour and I’m hoping she isn’t annoyed with me. Most likely, she’s taking her daily nap. I would call and wake her up to make sure she’s okay, but I’m not allowed to have my phone out or I’ll get in trouble with the managers. I’m in enough trouble with my fellow members for not being able to pay attention. 

      After practice is finally completed, I rush towards my bag, digging through the bottom to search for my phone. My other members give me weird looks since I’m never so excited to leave the studio. Hoping for some messages from Y/N replying that she;s okay, I’m let down when there are none. Zero messages. 

      A vision in my mind shows her either being hurt or being so upset that she turned her phone off. Y/N is rarely not on her phone so this is a big deal. Slinging my duffel bag over my shoulder, I sprint out the door to the van waiting to escort me home. Once safely buckled in my seat like my driver insists, I dial Y/N’s number, sighing when the call goes to voicemail. 

      Once I get home, what scares me the most is the closed bedroom door facing me. Pressing my ear to the wood, I tune into the sounds from inside. Sniffing and quiet sobs. They’re coming from my baby. With gentle touch, I turn the doorknob, sliding into the room. 

      I can identify Y/N’s body under the thick blankets, the soft fabric shielding her from life itself. The room is pitch black except for the opening where I slid in. The blinds are shut, objects are littered throughout the room as if Y/N had gone on a rampage. These are the bad days where she can’t control her emotions. Can control her tears, her anger, or her depression. 

      Words aren’t needed at the moment. Taking hesitant steps, I place my bag at the end of the bed before prying back the covers. I stand and the sight of my baby so upset hurts me. Curled into a small ball, her arms are tucked tightly against her chest as if she’s feeling some sort of physical pain. Her eyes are rimmed red and her cheeks are puffy as a result from crying so much. 

      Climbing into the sheets wet from tears, I cover Y/N’s body protectively with mine. Lacing my arms around her to stop her pain. Shifting, Y/N turns around to throw her arms around me, muttering non coherent words in my ear. Beginning to sing her, Y/N’s form relaxes and her breathing slows. She always says my voice soothes her, no matter how upset she is. Her short breathes turn into snores. I keep her pressed to me, tightening my arms. Hoping she knows I’m here forever and always.

-Admin Minnie


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5 Kinds of Romanticized Crushes That Will Mess You Up

I think “crushing” on someone is a natural thing, and in the right place and the right time, it can lead to something great. Most of the time it’ll pass, as it’s meant to, and we can look back and laugh at the ridiculous amount of time spent mentally replaying the one failed conversation that we still twitch about in the shower. Crushes happen, and they almost never equate to a magical romance materializing out of thin air.

But the darker problem with “crushing” is that it occasionally turns a real live person into a trophy, a sort of non-independent rubber statue imprisoned on a pedestal, and if you ever finally reached it, you’d either squeeze it too hard or please it too much. In both cases, both people lose.

Relationships are hard work, and absolutely require more than the initial illusion of fleeting chemicals in our easily tricked brains. That rush of first feelings is overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot in the grander scheme: and we could save ourselves a lot of trouble if we took up Taylor Swift to “count to ten, take it in, this is life before you know who you’re gonna be.”

Here are five types of romanticized crushes that require a heavy dose of self-awareness. I apologize in advance for the snark: I’m only so impassioned here because I’ve seen how badly it can get out of control.

1) Hate Crush (aka Freudian Defense Mechanism)

What it looks like: You like someone, but you hate that you like them, so there’s a lot of passive-aggressive, mean-spirited, hyper-critical gas-lighting aimed their way. This looks cute in movies, but is often awful and humiliating to an actual human being with, you know, their own thoughts and dreams.

Problems: This can be irreversibly destructive if you drag someone long enough through your daily catharsis. I understand the psychology behind this—we resent what we can’t have or we just hate it when we feel so vulnerable with someone—but displacing anger out of confusion when you can’t “have someone” is a really dark, desperate issue that might require real help, immediately.

2) Aspirational Crush (aka I Love The Idea of You)

What it looks like: That really good-looking teacher or singer or authority figure looks great from far away, like a Monet or the brand new ottoman on Craigslist, and this positional power is the sole force of attraction. The way he speaks! The way she leads! The way he knows how to open his jacket button when he sits down!

Problems: When you fall for a hologram and find the real person, it’s like a great movie trailer for a mediocre movie: except you can only blame yourself. Getting to know someone takes time and work, and so does making peace with their flaws. A person’s accomplishments only tell half their story. Part of love is about knowing how to live with the prickly, icky underside of a person, and to stay past inconvenience when the image is shattered.

3) Parasocial Crush (aka Pathological Celebrity Crush)

What it looks like: A celebrity crush is usually harmless and even a ton of fun. Fandoms are the closest thing to virtual high-fives; I’m part of a few and the camaraderie is second only to the military. But all this becomes downright insane when social media fandom-entitlement demands that celebrities (who have personal lives outside the fictional characters they portray) must be super-personal and respond to every tweet and do special favors, often by comments starting with, “I’ve never asked this of anyone famous before, but you owe me, because I made you.” Followed by the reliably manipulative, “You must be too big-time since you won’t talk to nobodies like me.”

Problems: The problem is everything. It’s unhealthy. Please stop it. If they reply, awesome. If they don’t, they never owed you that. If that sounds cruel, then I hope one day you can answer the millions of messages you get from strangers while constantly in fear that you’ll never satisfy a single one of them when you do. Admittedly, a parasocial crush has worked exactly once, which means no, statistically none of us are the exceptions.

4) You-Owe-Me Crush (aka The Friend-Zone)

What it looks like: “So I opened the door for her, right? And she wouldn’t give me her phone number and home address and mailbox keys and her Netflix password!”

Problems: Look, I think some standards are too high and unreasonable (and really, some of us don’t have a right for such high standards if we haven’t done much of anything in life, and we should become someone worth catching before we go “hunting”). But besides the fact that no one should have to change their standards to settle for less, the main thing is that friendship is usually better. And there’s no such thing as a friend-zone. Maybe “biding your time” is a good strategy to wait for old age to strike down your awful co-worker. But for a date? It’s mostly creepy. Being “forever single” isn’t a free pass for pity. Now imagine, if you could actually be friends with someone without the expectation of their naked body in exchange, and if you stayed friends with them even if they dated someone else. No one should ever be encased in a “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass” chamber. Romance isn’t something that can be forced by “nice-guy-ing” your way in (if you think so, you ain’t no nice guy). If romance happens, I hope it’s because it was explored with honest motives and a non-slimy transparency. And if you’re rejected: I’m truly sorry, but I hope it doesn’t turn you into a resentful, entitled, sour-grapes monster. I’ve been there, and even I hated that guy.

5) Apocalyptic Crush (aka Totally-Bad-For-You)

What it looks like: You know that he or she is bad for you. You know where this is going. Everyone has warned you. I even managed to package your future-regret into this juice bottle and you tasted it and you know how bad this will get. I know you hate this lecture for the third time and—hey, where are you going? Heed my warning across this long hallway as you walk towards your imminent destruction! I warned you with my pointing finger of danger!

Problems: I have a lot of sympathy for this, because there’s this wild rebellious streak in all of us that wants to strike out against conformity. But I guess it depends on what you mean by those words. Crushing on a person who only brings out the worst in you isn’t very rebellious. That’s actually conforming. Finding a person who loves you and respects you and gets to know you for who you are? That’s pretty wild. I’m not so much warning you as encouraging you, You can do way better. And you can.


Out Of Nothing At All - Chapter Eighteen

“Oh fuuuck Spencer…… ” your breath was coming in long moans, your back arching off the bed as your hands tangled in his messy curls, pressing his head and therefore his mouth closer to you.

His tongue increased its movements between your legs, his fingers joining in slipping inside of you and thrusting in and out, slowly at first and then faster and faster as your whines got louder and more intense.

You were nearly there…. so nearly there, just a bit harder, a bit more pressure and you’d come. You needed this orgasm so badly, the tension between your thighs building to an almost painful point.

“You taste so good Y/N,” he pulled away slightly, his breath warm and tickly on your clit.

“Oh god…. Don’t stop.” Glancing down you saw him smirking at your moans, his tongue swiping over his already wet lips.

“So you want me to continue then?” his eyebrows raised suggestively at you as he curled his long fingers inside your slit. 

“YES….. Fuck…. ”

Lowering his mouth back down Spencer sucked hard, pulling your sensitive bud between his lips.

“Oh god….”

“Y/N?……. Y/N….. Wake up….. ”


That same voice that had been teasing you moments ago was stood by your bed, dragging yourself from your dream.


Forcing your eyes open you rolled over in your bed, feeling the stickiness between your thighs… Ugh.

“Sorry but your alarms been going off for the past five minutes. Can you not hear it?”

Well now you could. You reached out and hit the alarm on your bedside table off. Spencer was stood there already dressed for work, cup of coffee in hand.

“Balls…. Sorry. I’ll get up.”

“Okay. We’ve got plenty of time still. Just…… You’re normally up by now is all. Everything okay?”

Please leave…. Please get out of the bedroom.

“Yep…. Just struggled to sleep last night that’s all.”

You’d struggled to sleep because you’d been trying for two hours to find a position in which you could masturbate without getting hand or wrist cramp. This past week you’d been so ridiculously horny you were sure you were going to start staining seats at work. Everything was turning you on…. EVERYTHING. Spencer bending over, Spencer drinking coffee, driving over speed humps on the road, JJ in the tight little skirt she’d worn two days ago. Even Rossi… He’d started speaking Italian to Kate, telling her some kind of joke and just….. Fuuuck.

You’d read that some women got incredibly horny during their pregnancy and apparently you were one of them. It was ridiculous. But this stupid bump was in the way and you couldn’t do anything for more than a few seconds without getting a pain in your hand. The angle was too awkward. 

And the water pressure in your house was terrible, so the shower head was totally out of the question too. This was the second day in a row that you’d had a…..wet dream. The first one had been much worse and you’d woken up with the spare pillow between your legs, actually humping it.

Thank god Reid hadn’t walked in then.

Or… What if he did? Maybe he would have offered to take that pillows place? Hmmm.


You’d ride that sooo ha….

Stop it!

Get up. Shower. Clean yourself up and go to work. Do NOT think about Spencers mouth.

That sexy little tongue poking out between his lips. Or how he caught his bottom lip with his teeth.


Work was uneventful, you spending most of the day hiding out in Penelope’s bat cave. The team didn’t have a case so you were doing a lot of filing. Boring, boring filing.

“So…. How’s things between you and the genius?” Penelope asked as casually as she could.

“Reid? Fine, I guess, we’ve been getting on really well. I still wish I could punch him in the face sometimes, especially when he uses all the coffee and doesn’t replace it, but yeah. So far, so good.”

It had been a few weeks since the “visit” with your mom. You’d told Pen about how he’d told her off, Penny loving every second of it. She adored it when Reid got pissy with people, providing it wasn’t her of course.

You HADN’T told her about that awkward moment in the motel room. The….. kiss. You hadn’t told anyone. You and Spencer hadn’t even spoken about it, waking up the next day and just continuing about your routine as normal. You’d been waiting to see if he’d bring it up first but he hadn’t…. And you didn’t want to bring it up because… Well, what was there to say? What did it even mean?

The door to Pen’s office opened and Spencer walked in.

“Y/N….. Erm, I might not be home until quite late tonight. An old friend is in town and they messaged asking me if I wanted to meet up. Will you be okay by yourself?”

“Yeah sure…. I’ll bother this lovely lady here if I need company. Just let me know when you’re on you’re way back so I don’t have another heart attack and think someone’s breaking in like last time you went out with Morgan, okay.”

“Okay. See you later.”

He grinned, leaving the room and pulling the door shut behind him. Turning to Penny you could see she was looking at you strangely.

“What’s that look for?” you asked her.

“You realise that when he walked in, you looked him up and down and then bent forward, pushing your boobs together. Classic ‘look at what I’ve got for you’ move. Which you just did for Spencer.”

“I did not!” You hadn’t, had you?

“You totally did. And now you’re blushing. What the hell Y/N?”

Awww shit. You shifted on your chair uncomfortably.

“Oh my god! You like him!”

“I don’t… I swear I don’t. It’s just….. Ugh. Pregnancy hormones. It’s like the baby wants me to make another one…. ”

“Ahhh yes. You’ve reached the ‘I want to fuck everything and anything but can’t’ stage. I remember JJ going through that. She spent a lot of time in here hiding when that happened.“

“Yes! It’s sooo not fair. And at least JJ had Will to help her out.”

“Well….. You do kinda have someone.”

“Pen I love you to pieces but I really don’t think you’d appreciate me sitting on your face right now.”

She threw one of her tiny stuffed animals at you, laughing. “Not me silly. The person who put the baby there in the first place!”


“No freaking way.”

“If you asked him…… You know he would.”

“I’m not asking the father of my unborn child to get me off. That’s not how it normally works.”

“Oddly enough Y/N, it IS how it normally works….. ”

Oh yeah.


But no.

Work finished you made the trip home by yourself, swinging by your local take out for some Chinese food. Once home you ate by yourself before taking a long bath. You’d intended on starting your new book, but five pages in you could feel your eyes starting to droop.

You woke up an hour or so later, the bath water now cold. Checking your phone quickly you saw it was 9:30pm. No messages from Spencer which was strange. Since he’d found out about the pregnancy, he’d barely gone two hours without checking up on you. And the last time you’d spoke had been at six, just before you left HQ for the day.

“Any idea what time you’ll be back?” You shot off a quick message. Not wanting to sound like a nagging wife, just wanting an idea as to whether you should lock up now and go to bed.

You finished up in the bath pulling your pajamas on and drying your hair, before going back downstairs to see what was on the TV.

Still nothing from Reid. Okay, give it until 11pm maybe. Although it really wasn’t normal for him to go this long. Had something happened? Maybe Morgan knew where he was? You texted him quickly, you know, just wanting to make sure Spencer was safe.

A reply a few moments later. “Baby girl, he’s with Austin. That hot bartender friend of his. He said he’d told you? Everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine. I’d just forgotten that’s all. Baby brain. ”


Hot bartender?


A memory came back from nearly eight months ago.

“I prefer not to have random hook ups. I have an arrangement with someone who I see every few months when they come into town.”


So you were here carrying HIS child, and feeling helplessly turned on…. And he was with some girl, getting his end away?

No fucking way.

You picked up your phone, calling him. He answered on the third ring.

“Y/N…. Is everything okay? Is the baby okay?”

“The baby is fine Spencer. I was just wondering if you were planning on coming home tonight? You’ve not replied to any of my messages. Where are you anyway?” you tried to keep your voice as smooth and calm as possible. He hadn’t told you where he was going, let’s see if he’d be honest.

“Just at a friends….. I won’t be too much longer I don’t think. Why? W-What’s up?”

Ahhh, the nervous stutter.

“What friend Spencer…. Anyone I know?”

You could hear muffled noises, and a shuffling sound, “No one you know…”

“Spencer…. Come back to bed sexy.” A female voice rang out in the distant background.

“Come back to bed…. SEXY?!?!”

He coughed loudly… “Erm…..”

“Does she know you’ve got a baby on the way…. Sexy? I hope you’re remembering the condom with her. Or shall I expect a little half brother or sister in nine months?” Wow, you knew you were being a bitch but you couldn’t stop it.

He sighed loudly, “Look, could you please just…stop? I’m kinda in the middle of something and you’re being unreasonable. I’ll be home soon, ok?”

“Yeah, sure sounds like you’re in the middle of something. Sounds like you’re in the middle of someone actually. Dr Spencer Reid, man whore. Who knew eh?”

“I-I’m not…we’re not…I mean…oh for fuck’s sake, Y/N! I’m not even going to explain. Just…I’ll come home.”

“Don’t bother Spencer. Stay with your little slut…” Ending the call quickly, you threw your phone down. How fucking dare he!

Seething, you locked up before grabbing your phone and going to bed, throwing yourself down onto the mattress.

How dare he be out fucking some random girl when you were stuck here, pregnant with his child. Lying on the bed, you tossed and turned trying to get comfortable. Ten minutes later you heard a loud slam and an angry voice calling your name, followed by feet pounding up the stairs.

Your bedroom door flew open, Spencer stood there, his hair a messy birds nest and his clothes in dissaray.

You pulled yourself up into a sitting position, glaring at the man stood in front of you. “I thought I told you not to bother coming home”

“I know you didn’t actually mean that, you’re just angry with me for whatever reason that I hope you’re gonna explain to me right now.” He stood with his arms crossed over his chest.

“I’m angry that you didn’t have the decency to tell me where you were actually going or what you were actually doing…. Or perhaps I should say who you were doing.”

“I don’t know what you think that was but I’m not going into any detail I just…I just fail to see why I suddenly need to tell you where I’m going and with whom.”

“What I think that was? Oh come on Spencer…. Come back to bed sexy….don’t tell me you were just reading her a fucking bed time story. And as for why you should tell me where you’re going. Perhaps because I’ve got your child inside of my womb. Christ for someone so smart you’re a fucking dick sometimes.”

“What went on is none of your business and it has nothing to do with our child! I went out for a couple of hours for some private time like I told you I would. How does that make me a dick?!” His eyes narrowed at you.

“It has everything to do with our child when you’re out fucking some random girl… Is she gonna be our daughter’s step mommy Reid? Is that it? And don’t even try to tell me that’s not what you’ve been doing. Your fly is still down and your shirt’s buttoned up wrong.”

Watching him quickly glancing down and seeing his mistake would have been amusing if it wasn’t for the situation.

“I-I…ok fine! I had sex. Big fucking deal! She’s not some random girl, and she’s certainly not a slut like you suggested over the phone. Me and her get together every now and then to enjoy each other’s company. Come to think of it I actually told about her, ages ago.”

“Yes, you did tell me. But I kinda of presumed that, what with you having a baby on the way, you’d be able to keep your dick in your pants. It’s not like I can go around fucking any guy I want to can I?” you scoffed, rolling your eyes at him and mimicking his choice of words nastily. “Enjoying each others company, is that what we did Reid? Enjoyed each others company that one night.”

“What do you want me to say?! Would you prefer I said me and her occasionally have steaming hot sex? What are you really angry about anyways? Does it really bother you that I got laid or are you just upset that you can’t right now? Because I empathise, I do, but you don’t get to decide that I can’t have a sex life!”

Steaming hot sex……ugh. And the annoying thing; it probably was.

“Why would I be upset that you got laid Spencer? You’re right, you can go out and bang anyone you want to. And by that right, so can I. You know I bet if I look online, they’ll be a ton a men, probably within a ten mile radius of here that have a pregnancy fetish. I’ll make contact with one of them shall I? Oh wait…. I distinctly remember someone saying weeks ago that it would be ‘inappropriate for me to date someone else, when I had your child inside of me’. So if it’s inappropriate for me, then why is it okay for you? If I can’t do it, then you fucking well shouldn’t be allowed to either. You should have to suffer as much I am!!! ”

“Because I don’t have a child inside of me that’s gonna get poked if I have sex with someone! Can we please just stop arguing about this? You know I don’t have sex often…can you please just let me have this one thing and stop trying to make me feel bad and embarrassed about it?”

No, you couldn’t.

“Poked? Reid, you know better than anyone that that wouldn’t happen. Plenty of women have sex during pregnancy, hell it’s even recommended as a labour inducer. And the reason you don’t have sex very often….. Because you never ask for it! Spencer you could have it from any woman you wanted, so stop pulling the shy, awkward, nerd act. It’s fine… I’ll let you have this one thing. Go back… Fuck her again, bang her so hard, until she’s screaming your name. Maybe I’ll go and see what Aaron is up to. Or Derek. If it’s okay for you then it’s okay for me. I shouldn’t have to sit here horny as FUCK!”

“Well it sure as hell would be a bit odd to have another man’s genitals that close to our baby now wouldn’t it?! And don’t you worry I don’t need to go back to make her scream my name because frankly, she already did. Just stop trying to wind me up and tell me what you actually want to hear from me so I can go to bed! Oh and if you’re so horny then…I don’t know…help yourself maybe?”

“Do you not think I’ve haven’t already tried!! I’m a freaking expert at taking care of myself normally, but I have this HUGE unattractive baby bump in the way. I can’t get myself off and you’re out getting yourself and someone else off. If I’m not allowed to get another man to help me do it, then what exactly am I meant to do? I feel like I could fucking explode. That’s why I’m angry Spencer.”

A huge smirk played over his mouth as something clicked in his head.

“Oh so THAT’s what this is about. You know I recall someone telling me to just ask for it…in other words, I don’t understand why you’ve been beating around to bush for the past 20 mins when the solution to your problem seems very simple…”

“Yeah it is…. I’ll call Derek. That’s what you mean right?”

You knew exactly what he was getting at but that was NOT going to happen.

“Sure, in fact let me call him for you so you don’t need to worry about explaining the situation. I’m sure he’ll be VERY comfortable with this.”

“I’m sure he will. In fact, screw Derek. Let’s go straight for the big boss man. You know, you seemed so sure there was something going on between us in the first place. Might as well make that a reality right.” You reached for your phone, clicking over to your phonebook.

“Ok, stop STOP! If anyone’s fucking you it should be me, and it’s going to be me if you’re serious about needing to get off.”

“Not when you’re still shagging someone else it’s not. And who says I’d want to fuck you again anyway!”

“Oh please, by now it’s crystal clear that the only reason you’re mad at me is because you wish I was fucking you instead of her. You wish you could feel my tongue right between your thighs, slowly teasing your clit, my fingers inside of you….if I’m wrong then look into my eyes and tell me.”

Oh fuck…….Hearing him say those things just took you straight back to that night. For someone so sweet and innocent acting most of the time, the boy sure had a filthy mouth in the bed room.

You couldn’t look him in the eyes. Because it was true.

“Get out of my room Spencer. This conversation is over.”

“You can’t do it, can you? You can’t tell me you don’t want to feel me inside of you, don’t want me to make you come…”


“Tell me you don’t want me then and I will, because I don’t think you can.” He stood there his arms folded across his chest. When did he get this confident? And how did he know? 

“Fine… You’re right.”

 What was even the point anymore?

 “I’m horny as fuck and haven’t been able to stop thinking about having your mouth on me, your hands on me. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you making me come. The past two nights, I’ve dreamt about having your mouth between my legs. In fact this morning, that’s what I was dreaming off when you woke me up. Happy now?” You glared at him, annoyed that you’d had to confess. 

“So what’s the problem then Y/N. You’re horny, I’m more than willing. It’s not like we haven’t before. And it was great then, you know it will be great now.”

It would. 

“I’m not fucking you when you’ve got someone else on the side.”

“And if I end my little arrangement?”

Why would he even do that? 

You shrugged, trying not to think of the possibilities if he did. 

“I’ll go back to her hotel room right now. I’ll be back in a few.”

“Wait…. What?” You watched as he turned and left your room.

Calling after him. “Spencer… Why are you going back there. SPENCER…Come back….. REID!”

Jongin - Come Home (M)

Jongin x (Y/N) scenario

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Oral sex, vanilla sex

Word count: 4552

Saturday mornings always bring tired eyes and lazy Netflix binges tangled in a blanket on the sofa. At least, they have for the past month. I don’t have anything better to do anyway. My roommate won’t be back from her home-stay for another 6 months. I’ve nearly forgotten the scent of her floral perfume wafting through the apartment as she scurries around getting ready for work. She hates her job, but keeps a smile on her face regardless. Despite frequently working overtime and off-duty business calls, not to mention lowkey harassment from a coworker (something she doesn’t trust will be properly dealt with if she notifies her lackadaisical boss), she remains optimistic. She’s like a ticking bomb. Though she doesn’t like to admit it, I know that she has a limit. It’s only so long until she explodes, and I’m not ready to see such a mess sprawled out before me.

But honestly, as I sit flipping through an endless scroll of B-movies I can’t be bothered to waste brain cells sitting through, all I can think about is one person, and it certainly isn’t my optimistic roommate. Letting the remote go limp in my hand for a moment, I grab at my phone lazily perched on my hip. No new messages. Damn. How long has it been anyway? 3 days? He could at least drop a text to say “Good morning” or “Sweet dreams” or “I love you~”. Even a “Thinking of you” would do. But he’s been completely silent for far too long (3 days can seem like a long time when you’re completely and utterly in love with someone who isn’t near you). It’s not like we promised to talk everyday, but considering that he’s 92093842347 miles away from where I am, I would be willing to hear even just a small peep from him at least once a day. He must be busy, I tell myself, setting my phone aside again as I begin to harass the remote buttons. “God damn it, there has to be something to watch on here!” And yet there isn’t. Either I’ve watched everything already or there’s nothing interesting left. So I pull up YouTube instead. Perhaps a few random tutorials and Story Times down the road, I’ll actually find something to binge on. As soon as I open the screen, however, one thumbnail catches my eye and I feel a pang in my chest. ‘170425 EXO’rDIUM in NY - Acoustic Medley’. I try to hide my frown, if not only to trick my spirits into staying light. My fingers move on their own, and I’m sucked into the melodic harmony of all the members singing Call My Baby and Love, Love, Love, and other songs he’s sung to me while I fall asleep nestled in his warm embrace. He looks so content, sitting there among his near brothers, lifting the mic to his lips when it’s his turn to sing, gazing out at all the fans who adore him so passionately. And it’s almost the same look he gives me when he comes home sometimes after work and holds me in his arms, something we aren’t able to do as much as we’d like. I know that I’m the only one who gets that extra special look, that look of “this is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met in my life”. I give him the same one.

Kim Jongin is warm-hearted to a fault. Literally anyone who meets him could tell you that he’s always a gentleman, and he’s always polite, but he also knows how to joke around. He’s the epitome of the perfect sweetheart. It’s no wonder he has young girls worshiping him around the world. But, of course, what they see on the screen, even what they are sometimes lucky enough to see in person, is only a part of the man we know as Kim Jongin. Behind closed doors he’s so much more. He shows me aspects of his personality that he’d never show anyone else. There’s so much to know about Jongin. There’s so much to understand, and adore, and protect. Although he’s undoubtedly tough, he also has a certain fragility about him, which only makes me care for him more deeply.

I just want him to come home. A month is a long time to be deprived of seeing the one person you love above all else. He’s been really good about replying to my texts of encouragement and also the ones that say things like “Oh my god, when the fuck are you getting home, I’m about to die!!!” Although I know he’s busy and probably isn’t supposed to be on his phone. I get his messages and have to remind myself that it’s not, in fact, 4am where he is when he sends them. I can only imagine how the time difference affects him. Poor baby works too hard anyway. We’d tried calling each other once only to have to keep it short because he was getting ready to go to rehearsal at 8am while it was 9pm in Korea. Before we’d even had a chance to talk heart-to-heart, his manager called him away. He promised he’d call another time or maybe even Facetime, but his schedule got more detailed as the days went by. Even before the tour, they were so preoccupied with preparations that he decided it was best to just stay at the company for the time being until after their return. Hence why we haven’t seen each other for a month. EXO’s schedules get especially rigorous during comebacks and tours. I feverishly worry for him, for all of them.

The video ends and I scold myself when I realize a tear has trickled from my eye. “Come home…” I murmur, my voice cracking. My phone buzzes and my hand has never flown so fast to pick it up. A big smile graces my lips when I look at the screen.

'Sorry, we got really busy. It’s times like these when I really, really miss you… xoxo, Nini <3’


The tour comes to an end. EXO is finally coming home. I’ve spent the entire day preparing dinner, creating a nice romantic atmosphere. The dining room has been expertly transformed into a more fancy setting with a table for two all dressed up with a brand new tablecloth and candle, and a little vase of lavender. I’m thoroughly impressed with myself, though I don’t like to brag. I collapse onto the couch when everything is ready, dinner only needing to be put into the oven. Holding my phone above my face, I open my texts, reading over the last message Jongin sent me. 'Omg omg omg can you believe I’m coming home to you today?!’ which was a more giddy response than usual. This is the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other in at least a year. We’ve grown accustomed to being able to be together at least twice a week. Sometimes we get lucky and EXO’s manager will secretly let me come to practice on the condition that Jongin won’t get too distracted.

'When does your plane land?’ I type, looking at the time to see that it reads 1:23pm (I got too excited and prepared everything way too early in advance, but oh well). I would go to the airport, but I’ve been warned that because somehow no one has figured out about mine and Jongin’s relationship yet during the two years we’ve been together, it’s risky to show up and have people suspect anything. We aren’t ready to reveal anything just yet, partly because I’m not famous or anything, so both of us want to protect my privacy for as long as we can. There’s no way I want to touch the surface of sasaeng territory.

My phone buzzes almost immediately. '6 more hours… >.<’ I giggle at the cute little emoji. Even when he’s not with me, he still manages to make my heart flutter just as much. I send back a crying emoji and tell him to get some sleep (if the boys will let him). And then I go to take a shower. Dinner and ambiance aren’t the only surprises I’ve conjured up. A cute little pink parcel with a silk bow tied around the handles sits waiting at the end of my bed. I’ll slip that new gem on later tonight after dinner when he least expects it…

6 hours pass by agonizingly slow. Even Netflix isn’t helping to make time fly quicker. Every now and then I’ll get a cute little text from Jongin saying he wants to call, but the guys won’t shut up so hearing each other would be difficult. I tell him it’s fine. We talked on the phone just yesterday anyway, and we got a good hour in. He says he wants to hear my voice. I reply that he will soon~

We text for a little while and then he says he’ll get some shut eye so he’ll have energy when he gets home to me. His manager has generously arranged for him to be allowed to see me first thing when they arrive. The clock ticks mockingly above the mantel piece. It’s only 4 now… 3 hours to go. It’s never felt so long. If time keeps acting like this, I’m never going to let Jongin go on tour again… But that would be selfish and how would I even be able to pull off something like that? Still, Jongin has me missing him like there’s no tomorrow.

Finally, the clock reads 8pm. 'We’re landing!’ he texts and sends an excited gif to go along with it. I chuckle to myself and jump up from the couch where I’ve been wasting time on nothing in particular.

I push the braised chicken into the oven and turn on the timer. After quickly checking to make sure that everything is in place, I go to the bedroom to make sure everything looks neat and the lingerie I bought is out of sight in case he happens to go into the bedroom for some reason. It’s a strapless black and red lace piece with garters and stockings and everything. There are even tiny pink bows down the bodice. Best of all, it fits me perfectly in all the right places~ I’ve only ever gotten one set of lingerie in the past, but after using it twice, I figured it was time for something fresh that Jongin has never seen me in before. This certainly was a contrast to the rather plain white one I had before. I was much shier then and I’d never worn anything so scandalous in my entire life. Jongin had told me then that he didn’t care if it was the plainest one in the whole world. “You look stunning in anything~” I blush remembering those words, just imagining our night steadily approaching.

I slip into a cute little dress and finished up dinner just as I get a text from him. 'On my way over~ ;)’ My stomach does flips in anticipation. Seeing his face in person for the first time in what seems like forever, hearing that voice that sounds like melted caramel, feeling his arms tightly wrapped around my figure as if our bodies are perfectly molded together, breathing in his familiar scent, kissing him with all the passion I’ve saved up while he’s been gone, these are the things that have me practically sprinting around the apartment in excitement. He’s minutes away and yet those minutes feel like 6 hours all over again.

Suddenly, a soft knock comes at my door. Without even meaning to, I hold my breath. Taking one last look in the mirror to make sure I appeared just right, I speed over to the door and collect myself before turning the knob and opening it to see him standing there, smiling bright with a bouquet of lilies in his hand. I stare at him, starry-eyed. He stares right back, his smile never faltering as we both drink in each other’s presence. He hands me the bouquet, a bashful look on his face, and my heart skips as I breath in their sweet aroma. Where did he find the time…? Breathlessly, I speak first. “Jongin…you’re home…” And then he suddenly rushes forward and scoops me into his arms, twirling me around in the air as I hold on, giggling with pure joy. He kicks the door shut and immediately attaches his lips to mine. I wrap my arms around his neck as he massages my waist with his thumbs.

“God, I missed you so fucking much…” he says in almost a whisper, his forehead pressed against mine. I smiled blissfully and caress his cheek with my hand.

“Honey, you can’t even imagine know how much I missed you.” He smirks, pecking my nose.

“I think I can guess~”

He practically gapes at the setup I’ve prepared. “Woah, you actually cooked for once?” I playfully shove him and tell him to “just sit and enjoy it because now might be the only time you get something like this from me.” He laughs and we sit, and over dinner, he tells me all about the tour and how the boys drove him nuts, but it was okay because being with them was always worth it. He tells me the story about how Sehun, Junmyeon and Jongdae got lost on their first day in New York and they had to pretend that they totally meant to be in some shoe store when really it was the only familiar thing to them in the vicinity. And he tells me about how after one show, he a few others got drinks in their rooms and he had a little too much. “The guys told me the next morning that I had been crying and acting like a total baby, rambling on about how I didn’t deserve you and how you were probably going to find somebody else way better than me and then what was I going to do because you’re my world and…” He trails off, seeing the look on my face. “Babe, what’s wrong?” I reach across the table for his hand and give it a tight squeeze. I want to hold him when I hear him say those things. What you say when you’re drunk is often what you’re actually thinking in the back of your mind, even if you don’t realize it.

“You deserve me more than anyone, love. I’m not going to find anybody else. Why would I need to find anybody else? I love you, Jongin. I can’t imagine loving another person quite like how I’m in love with you…” I gaze into those gorgeous chocolate pools, a serious yet soft expression on my face. He gets all shy then and grins like a little boy. I love the small moments like these. They’re never awkward, although when we do stuff like this in front of the members, most of their reactions go something like “gEt a rOom!” and “jUNMYEON JONGIN AND (Y/N) ARE DOING THAT MUSHY THING AGAIN-” or “help! the cheesiness in slowly killing me!” (of course Junmyeon and Yixing are in the corner, cooing at us like doting parents).

After I’ve put the dishes away, I tell Jongin to wait in the living room while I change into something a little more comfortable. Unlike the last time, I feel not a tinge of embarrassment while putting on my lingerie because I know Jongin genuinely loves this kind of surprise and would never want me to be ashamed of showing him my body. And the hungry look he gets in his eyes when we do these things is honestly the hottest look in the universe, way more so than what he displays on the stage. Once everything is in place, I sneak back out into the living room. He sits on the sofa with his back towards me. 'The perfect opportunity’ I think, tiptoeing over to him. I lean down and cover his eyes with my hands, getting close to his ear and murmuring in a husky tone, “Guess who~” I can feel his entire body tense. I remove my hands and make my way around the sofa to stand in front of him, letting my hair fall loosely around my shoulders. His jaw hangs as he looks me over.

“Is that new?” he asks, and I can hear a tinge of excitement in his voice. I nod, swiveling my hips a little. He smiles. “Do a little turn so I can see it better.” I do this, and when I’m facing him again and I can see that he’s swallowing hard, starting to imagine things.

“Do you like it?” He stands up and stalks over to me, pressing his body against mine with his hands squeezing my hips.

“Do I like it?…” His lips come dangerously close to my ear as his breath tickles the sensitive skin around it. “I love it…” I lean into him as his hand travels a little farther and grabs my ass, pulling me closer. Our lips collide and his tongue soon slithers out to fight with mine. This. This is what I had desperately waited for during those 2 months. After not having it for so long, I never knew it could already feel this good.

Suddenly, he hoists me up and I wrap my legs around his waist, our lips never parting for more than a second so that he can adjust my position to be more comfortable. He then makes his way towards the bedroom. My heart pounds with excitement. I can barely contain myself and I know he can tell. My fingers become tangled in his hair as he pushes the door shut with his foot and sets me on the bed, immediately crawling over me. I let my hands wander up his shirt to feel his toned stomach as he attacks my jaw and neck and collar bones with his kisses, leaving a few marks in their wake. He’s already got me sighing, wanting as much as I can get. As he moves to my shoulders, he pulls one of my legs to his hip with the hand that isn’t propping him up. His fingers tease down my thigh over and over and my entire body begins to tingle. Jongin pulls away for a moment to that I can assist in discarding his shirt. “Thank you, that was really in the way,” I breathe, my fingers returning to his exposed skin right away. He places a hand over mine and guides it against his stomach. His eyes bear into mine all the while, as if daring me to go further. Not just yet…

With my other hand, I reach up to grab his shoulder, pulling him down and rolling on top of him. I straddle his hips, carefully dragging my lips from his chest to his neck where I leave my own marks. They’ll fade before he needs to be seen in public again. The boys will have a couple of days off anyway. A small groan leaves Jongin’s throat and I chuckle. “Already?” As I scatter his collarbones with small but noticeable love bites, he writhes underneath my touch as my hands inch closer and closer to his growing erection hidden behind the fabric of his skinny jeans. I pull myself up to admire my work and that’s when he turns the tables and again I’m beneath him. His eyes are full of beastly hunger. I can see it dripping through his skin almost and it immediately ignites something within me. He scours my laced intimate and cocks his head, rolling his tongue against the inside of his cheek in thought. He traces his thumb over a bit of the delicate material just above my breast. “As much as I could drunk on seeing you in this,” he says in a deep voice that’s already getting me heated. “I’m afraid it’s going to have to come off right this minute.” My tongue darts out over my lips as I reach up and gently drag my finger across his jaw.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” I say, my voice laced with honey. “Take it off of me~”

He wastes no time in doing so. He promptly rips the lingerie from me and absorbs my body in all it’s naked glory. “Fuck, you’re so gorgeous~” he coos, kissing my breasts, and then my stomach, and then my hips. “How is that a person can be this beautiful no matter what?” I gently grab a fistful of his hair as he props up my legs and teases my inner thighs with his butterfly kisses. “I’m the one who gets all of this,” he murmurs, getting dangerously near to my gradually aching womanhood. “Tell me how you want me to make you feel good, baby~” His lips press against my thigh again. “Here?”

“Yes…” I breathe. He kisses a little closer to my core.

“Here?” The heat within me only grows. I nod.

“Yes~” His lips inch closer.

“How about here?” A soft whimper emerges from my mouth. I need him already! He finally kisses my womanhood, which is becoming wetter by the moment. “And what about this spot…right here?” His tongue flicks out and I slightly arch my back, squeezing the fistful of his hair a little tighter.

“Yes, Jongin!” I moan. He laughs breathlessly.

“So that’s the spot, hmm?” His tongue teases it again. My lips purse. “Should I keep doing it like this for a bit?” He gives a long lick right up to the tip of my folds. I nod enthusiastically. I hear him do that smug grin he always does when he’s about to do something really “good”. All of a sudden, his tongue begins to swirl around my core, pumping in and out, swirling, in and out, more spirals. I’m a writhing mess, but his hands on my waist keep me grounded. I can tell he enjoys seeing me so vulnerable under his touch. As I’m approaching my high, he incorporates his fingers and I whine a bit at the sudden contact. One finger, then two, then three. I’m almost there. I can feel a knot twisting in my stomach, slowly growing more intense. My back arches off the mattress and that’s when he ceases his actions. I give a little noise of discomfort at the suddenly cold air hitting my womanhood. “Don’t worry, baby, you won’t be upset for long.” He crawls up over top of me again and takes me hand in his, leading it to the button on his pants. He gives a small smile, a mischievous one. My whole body is throbbing with want. I quickly unbutton his pants and he kicks them off of the bed. He’s getting impatient, too, just like I am. Now he’s just in his boxers. I eye them for a moment and then look back up at him, my hand moving to the bulge pressed against the fabric. As I start to palm him, his brows furrow with pleasure and his eyes shut momentarily.

“Look at me, Jongin,” I command sweetly, going a bit fast. He kisses me roughly and then he can’t stand it anymore. I grabs my hand and pins it above my head, tearing his boxers off and letting his member spring free. My mouth opens silently as I anticipate what’s going to happen next. “Don’t go easy on me, hmm?” I say, letting my free hand slowly travel up his tones bicep.

“Oh, I won’t, so get ready.” He positions his cock at my entrance. Before I can even prepare myself, he’s pushing into me. I squeeze my eyes shut. It’s been a little while since we’ve done this, but luckily I’m wet enough so that it’s not all that painful. “Are you okay?” he asks, his tone suddenly laced with concern. I tighten my grip on his arm and nod.

“I’m fine, keep going…” He slows his pace when inserting and finally I’ve taken all of him. He pauses to let me adjust. “Okay,” I signal. Jongin starts thrusting at a leisurely pace, making sure I’m not uncomfortable. He’s such a sweetheart, no matter what. I look at him with an arched eyebrow. “I thought you weren’t going to go easy,”

“Yeah, but if you-”

“Jongin…” He knows what that means. I nod as one final reassurance that I can handle him. He inhales and all of a sudden his pace picks up. I hold back my moans for a bit, but soon he’s pounding into me and I can’t help out. I let out a loud whine and the smug grin returns as he starts to pant. My hand wanders over every inch of his body that I can reach, but he teases and places it with my other hand so that I’m completely pinned underneath him. My torso twists with pleasure as he abuses my womanhood in only the best of ways. Low grunts and groans simmer in his throat. A few moans of “(y/n)” lathered in sex emerge from his lips. The noises coming from me become more frequent, too, more needy. His name slips out every so often in the form of a cry whenever he hits a particular spot.

The room is filled with the sounds of skin slapping against skin and feverish breathing and whines and pleasureful moans of ecstasy. In that moment, I’m so thankful that the walls have been somewhat soundproofed so the people in the apartment next door won’t be able to hear as much. Jongin buries his face in the crook of my neck, his steamy breath trickling over my skin. I’m getting close and so is he. “Cum on my stomach, baby,” I tell him, hardly any strength left to speak. He groans in response, picking up the speed a bit. My back arches to meet his chest as his thrusts become uncontrollable and lose their rhythm. My orgasm explodes within me and I swear I’ve never felt anything so beautiful in my life. White strings of release flow out onto him as Jongin rides out my high. His breathing get more staggered. He inhales sharply and pulls out quickly before his release quirts out onto my exposed stomach. He lets out a loud groan as he strokes himself off, leaning his head back in pure paradise as he calls out my name. Once he’s finished, he collapses on his side next to me, both of us completely out of winded.

“I should have come home sooner,” he pants, turning my head to face him. He plants a passionate kiss on my lips, taking my bottom lip between his teeth.

“That’s what I’m saying.”

Once we’ve composed ourselves, he sits up and goes into the bathroom. I hear the bathtub running and a smile comes to my face. He appears again with a towel in his hand and gently helps me to wipe away the excess on my stomach. I give him a look and confirms my thoughts with the same one. 'We’ve never done it in the bath before,’ I think to myself. Oh well, there’s a first time for everything~

Misplaced || Grayson Dolan

  SUMMARY - She looses her phone at the restaurant, and with Grayson’s help, she finds it – along with a date. 

WARNING - PG - none complete flufffffff 

WORD COUNT - 1,400 words bro

AUTHOR’S NOTE - this was a request by a lovely anon hope u enjoy this goes out to u man. i really love the idea of this one lol.



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They’re Not You (Part 3)

Steve Rogers x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: As a SHIELD agent, you spent a lot of time working with Steve Rogers and became best pals. When he decided he wanted find a place in Brooklyn, you offered to let him move into the spare bedroom of your apartment. After he confesses his love to you and the two of you start spending your nights in each other’s beds, how long can you keep it a secret from the team? And just how much do you mean to Steve?

Character(s): reader, Steve Rogers, a bit of Natasha, Bucky, and Coulson

Warnings: none, fluff, stealth suit

Word Count: 4448

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anonymous asked:

my first request here, tell me if I'm doing something wrong. A headcanon where MC has a deadbeat parent whom they still love because lol she's too pure and kind for this world and the rfa+v+saeran see how excited MC is when she tells them her parent is coming to visit them. but it turns out that they only wanted to see her to ask for some money. MC gets really heart-broken after the short visit. Thanks! :)

how about a short little scenario instead?? :D:D:D i hope this is alright~

Eyeing the empty wallet lying lifelessly across the coupon covered desk, she sighed in frustration, fists tightening around her blanket. How was she going to pay the bills this time? Maybe moving away from her parents wasn’t that much of a good idea after all… though, at the time, it did seem like the only option that could improve their financial situation. How many years has it been since she’d seen them? Two? Three? No, probably riding closer to 5 years actually. After she left, they didn’t contact her no matter how many times she tried. Never replying messages, calls… they weren’t even home when she tried to visit. She loved her parents a lot - even more than she loved herself, and it hurt her to know that they were avoiding her. Was she that much of a hindrance?

The cool breeze of the night flowed through her open window, temporarily relieving the stuffiness of her apartment bedroom. Mom, dad, when will I ever get to see you again? I miss you two so much… A tear slipped out of the corner of her eyes as her heart ached with loneliness. The next morning was routinely, at least, until she got text from an unknown number reading a short, simple message:

[Your father and I would like to see you today, when and where can we meet?]

She almost dropped her phone. She couldn’t believe it because after so many years she was finally going to see her parents. Tears of joy sprung to her eyes as she held back her squeal of excitement. This was the best birthday gift she could ever ask for.

Letting the RFA know was even better - they told her that they’d take care of everything as their gift to her. From the dinner reservations to her outfit to even being able to leave work early for this long awaited rendezvous… they were seriously the best people MC had ever met, and she swore that she would repay them big time by making the next party 100 times better than the last.


“Mom, Dad!” MC was too excited to see the nervousness spread across her parents faces as she invited them to take a seat. “How have you two been? I’ve missed the both of you so much! I’ll tell you everything- ah, wait, no, let’s order first, you must be starving. Don’t hold back, I just got my paycheck so-”

“MC… I’m sorry, but we need to leave soon.” her mom tightened her grip around MC’s wrist, “We… all we’re here for today is… well, you see-”

“That’s enough. I’ll say it if you can’t. Look, we just need some money, so hand it over before those guys chase us down.” her dad gestured towards the restaurant door. Two gruff looking men flipped off the security guard for not allowing them in, swearing to return. MC’s stomach dropped as her father’s words seeped deep into her mind. 

So that was all they wanted. They didn’t want to see her at all. They just… they just wanted money.

The pit in her stomach grew larger, threatening to swallow her up, but she held it back and forced a smile. She looked into her mother’s troubled eyes, realizing that they wouldn’t have contacted her if they didn’t have a choice. If they weren’t desperate, she wouldn’t have gotten to see their face - not in five years, not in forever. Maybe she should be thankful, but in that moment, the pain in her heart drowned any and every reasoning she had to make herself feel better.

“Okay. I understand.” She reached into her wallet and pulled out the cash she earned from this month’s hard work. Without a minute’s hesitation, her parents dashed out of the restaurant upon receiving whatever sum of money MC had handed to them. Perhaps never to return.


She asked for the check and payed the bill for the opened wine with her credit card even though she feared that it would be rejected. In a way, she felt like she was betraying the RFA, wasting all their efforts for tonight’s dinner. But they’d understand, right? That she had no choice but to save her parents, that she would have no choice but to return the dress Zen bought for her just so that she’d have enough to pay back for the wine. Of course, she hadn’t even thought of explaining how much she hurt and needed to cry and it didn’t make it any better when she found all of them at her apartment with smiles beaming on their faces, waiting to hear her gush about the night.

But it was easy to see through her, the way her hand clenched over her heart as if letting go would trigger it to fall apart let the cat out of the bag faster than she had intended to.

“MC, what’s wrong?” Zen stood up, approaching her with a puzzled look.

“M- My parents… they only came to see me because they needed money. I didn’t even get to eat with them. I’m horrible. I wasted everything you guys did for me-” her heart felt like it was about to break if she went on. Oh, how she didn’t deserve to have their care and love - it was all that floated around in her mind.

Without another word, Zen pulled her in for a hug, soothing her hiccups with light pats on the back. Jaehee and Saeran left to get MC a cup of water, it hit way too close to home for them to listen any further without bursting out in anger.

“It’s okay MC, we got your back remember?” Yoosung cautiously looked at MC through her tear filled eyes, offering a small smile of comfort.

“Yes, and if it’s about money, I can solve the problem.” Jumin added this in a rather emotionless tone, but he meant it. He’d do anything to see MC happy.

“And I’ll make sure those loan sharks never hurt your parents! I’m 707 Defender of-” he stopped short when he felt a someone squeezing his shoulder.

“Don’t worry MC, we’ll fix this. We’re the RFA after all.” V’s soothing voice allowed MC to calm down. As Zen wiped the tears from her face when he released his embrace, he allowed her to see all of them and their supportive smiles. Her parents were important, but she had failed to realize that these seven people wanted nothing more than to see her smile, happy and healthy. They asked of nothing in return because they loved her for her.

A cheeky smile from MC would work like magic. In an instant, the looks on their faces could change into something brighter than the sun because…

“That’s what family’s for, right?”

who said the last thing? you can decide <3

~Cherry L.

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